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					      August              September                 October               November               December
*August book             *September book         *October book         *November book          *December book
                                                 *October—A            *In November book       *December—A
                                                 Kindergarten Sight                            Kindergarten Sight
                                                 Word Reader                                   Word Reader
     At School               Apple Happy           Bats book            Turkey Time            A Gingerbread
      (sight words            Apples! Apples!       Bat Facts            Fall is Here!            Cookie
      we, will)                Apples!               “Three Blind           (sight word           My Gingerbread
     I ride the Bus          I Like Apples           Bats”                 here)                   Man
     I See (sight            “The”                 The Bat Story        Leaves fall            Do you Know?
      words I, see)            kindergarten          A Fireman              Down (sight             Gingerbread
     Pencil Happy             sight word              (sight word a)        word the)               Man book
     Color flip books         reader                Jack-O’Happy         Number Hunt            At Christmas
     School is Fun           “The Plane”           A Pumpkin            I Like Nuts!             Time
     We Like School          “The Wheels on        Trick or Treat       Counting               Christmas Tree
     My Number                the Bus”                (sight word go)       Acorns—from             Cutie
      Book                    “You can Go”          My Fire Book           the Mailbox           Holiday toys
     I’m Glad I’m Me          (sight word           People who Help        Teacher’s             I see Christmas
     Totline Color            you)                    (community            Helper                Rudolph,
      Books: Red,             Round is a              helpers—sight       The Fall Basket          Rudolph
      Yellow, Blue,            Pancake                 words he, she)        (sight word in)       Brown
      Green, Orange,          My Bears              The Spider           Pilgrim, Pilgrim         Reindeer,
      Purple, Brown,         Totline Shape         Ghosts                (Brown Bear            Brown Reindeer
      Black, White            Books: Circle,        Totline Fall          style)                 (Brown Bear
     I see Colors            Square,                book                 Thanksgiving           style)
     The Little              Triangle,                                    Dinner (sight         See Santa?
      Engine That             Rectangle                                    word on)              My Ride with
      Could                  The Shape                                   Here is                Santa
     I have the              Family                                       Thanksgiving
      Balloons (color        Shape Buttons                               Leaves, Leaves
      words)                                                              on the Tree
                                                                          Turkey’s On
     Brown Bear,            Chicka Chicka                                                      I See Winter
      Brown Bear              Boom, Boom
     Teddy Bear,            ABC book
      Teddy Bear
     Panda Bear,
      Panda Bear,
      What do you

      January              February                  March                 April              May/June
*January book           *February book         *March book          *April book             *May mini-book
   How Many            Groundhog             The Kite in the      Yellow                The Itsy Bitsy
    Penguins?           Here is a Little       Wind                  Daffodils              Monkey
   Four Little          Groundhog             Happy Kite           My Week of            At The Zoo
    Penguins            100 Animals           Rainbow mini-         Flowers               Where’s the
   My Penguin          Valentines mini-       book                 A Flower               Monkey?
    Can—flip book        book                  All About Birds       Garden                Bugs (sight
   Penguin Pals        Hearts (sight         The Cat in the       Seeds (s ights         word some)
   Polar Bear,          word with)             Hat                   word they)            Bugs! Bugs!
    Polar Bear,         Hearts On             Spring (sight        The Itsy Bitsy         Bugs!
    What do You          (sight word on)        word has)             Seedling              Ladybug count
    Hear?               How Many              Spring book          Your Garden            and graph book
   Totline Winter       Hearts (color         Counting              (sight word           Butterfly,
    book                 words and             Totline Spring        your)                  Butterfly 123
                         counting)              book                 Easter                 (patterning
                        Valentine book        Shamrocks            I’m a Little           book)
                                                (sight words          Chicken               The Butterfly
                                                there, were)         How Many              Very Hungry
                                               Have you Seen         Eggs?                  Catterpillar
                                                my Pot of Gold?      Bunnies
                                               Lots O’Green         I have the Jelly
                                               Lucky                 Beans
                                                Shamrock             How Many?
   Five Little         Happy Teeth           At the Farm                                 Who Lives in
    Snowmen             Loose Tooth            (sight words                                 the Ocean?
   The Snowman          Book                   what, that)                                  (sight word
   Mr. Snowman          Teeth ABC          Moms and Their        the)
   S is for              book                Babies               On a Beach
    Snowman              There’s a          Oh No! Mrs.           (sight word a)
   Snowflakes            Whole in Your       Wishy Washy
   The Snowman           Smile               book                 In the Water
    (sight word          Brushing My        On the Farm           (sight words I,
    for)                  Teeth              Red Barn, Red         can)
   I like Snowmen                            Barn (brown
   Snowman                                   bear style)          I see a Fish
    Counting book                            We are Going          (sight words I,
   Do you See My                             to the Farm           see, a and color
    Mittens?                                 What lives on a       words)
   Our Mittens                               Farm?
   The Mitten                                                     Down by the
    Book                                                            Bay
   The Mitten in
    the Snow                                                       I love to Go to
                                                                    the Beach
   Mitten Counting
   Mitten ABC’s                                                   Sea, Sea, What
                                                                    do you See?

                                                                   Slippery Fish
   In Winter            Presidents         Weather              I Like Ice
    (sight word do)      The Pledge of       booklet               Cream
   What can we         Allegiance      Weather Little      The Sun
    Do in the          One Penny        book                Summer (sight
    Snow? (sight                                             word would)
    word said)                                               What Can
   Our Friend,                                               Dinosaurs
    Martin Luther                                             Do?—A Mailbox
    King                                                      Letter of the
   Five Senses                                               Week book
                                                            Dinosaurs—
                                                              (sight words
                                                              does, may)
                                                             Animals that
                                                              Sleep at Night
                                                              (sight words
                                                              not, at)
                                                             Forest Animals
                                                             Where are We?
                                                              Animal Habitat
                                                              book (sight
                                                              words where,

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