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					                                                                   Agenda Item No 7

                               TRUST BOARD MEETING
                              REPORT SUMMARY SHEET
Title of report:

Chief Executive’s Report – July 2008 Trust Board meeting

Executive Summary:
   1. New Chair for South Tees
   2. Patient Safety – Safety First Campaign
   3. Protected Mealtimes
   4. Healthcare Associated Infections
   5. Excellence in Practice Awards
   6. Performance
   7. Finance
   8. Sexual Health Services
   9. Fuel Strike
   10. Holistic Cancer Care Centre
   11. New Consultants
   12. New Nurse Colposcopists
Meeting Date:

Tuesday 1 July 2008

Prepared by (name and title):

Mr Simon Pleydell (Chief Executive) and Mrs Amanda Marksby (Communications Lead)

Financial Implications:

Strategic/Performance Implications:


Required from Trust Board:

Approval from the Trust Board


Writers: S Pleydell and A Marksby                                                  1
Chief Executive’s report to May 08 Trust Board Meeting
Filed: Desktop/CEs report 08
                                                                            Agenda Item No 7

                               SOUTH TEES HOSPITALS NHS TRUST

                                CHIEF EXECUTIVE’S REPORT TO THE
                                  1 JULY TRUST BOARD MEETING


    I am sure Board colleagues will join me in congratulating Deborah Jenkins MBE on her
    recent appointment as the new chair of South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust.

    Deborah, who lives in lives in Barnard Castle, is replacing the current chair Glenys
    Marriott who announced her retirement earlier this year after being in post since March

    She is currently a non-executive director on the NHS North East Strategic Health
    Authority and chief executive of the Derwent Initiative, a national charity which promotes
    an inter-agency response to sexual offending.

    Deborah is also vice chair of the Mental Health Act Commission, and runs her own
    company, Kindling Limited, which delivers project creation, consultancy and facilitation,
    exploring better ways of working together.

    I am delighted to welcome Deborah to South Tees at a very positive time in the trust’s


    I am pleased to share with the Board that we have signed up as partners in the ‘Safety
    First’ campaign. The Chief Medical Officer’s report ‘Safety First’ set out a number of
    actions to improve patient safety and increase healthcare quality across England.

    A key recommendation was to develop and implement a high profile campaign to ensure
    that all staff responsible for patient care fully understand patient safety must become
    their first priority.

    The initiative is supported by the NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement, the
    National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) and the Health Foundation. However, it is unique
    in its approach and is being developed - and led - by a team of dedicated and passionate
    clinicians and managers across England, united in their experience of improving patient
    safety in their own organisations and teams.

    The campaign cause is to make the safety of patients everyone’s highest priority and to
    achieve no avoidable death and no avoidable harm.

    It will be rolled out using existing conferences this summer, including the NHS
    Confederation conference in June 2008. Our involvement includes:

        Sign-up to the campaign
        My personal commitment to the staff which will go out in the July Briefing
        Use of the global trigger tools to audit case notes (which is already happening)
        Agreeing to focus on one clinical intervention
        Posting our results
Writers: S Pleydell and A Marksby                                                           2
Chief Executive’s report to May 08 Trust Board Meeting
Filed: Desktop/CEs report 08

    In June, the trust introduced ‘protected mealtimes’ for patients across both the James
    Cook and Friarage Hospitals to ensure they get the help and encouragement they need
    to eat and drink properly while in hospital.

    The vast majority of patients now have their evening meal undisturbed by ward activities
    such as doctors’ rounds, routine tests, bed-making, cleaning and maintenance, with
    visiting also discouraged.

    Nutritional care is an important part of treatment and the reduction in ward activity has
    also allowed the nursing on-hand to provide vital support, ensuring patients benefit from
    good nutrition, eat their meals and drink properly.

    The protected mealtimes philosophy is an initiative of the Better Hospital Food
    programme and is supported by the Department of Health, the British Dietetic
    Association and the Royal College of Physicians.


    The top priority for us this year is to build on the work going on across the trust to reduce
    healthcare associated infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile. A significant
    challenge is to have no more than 28 cases of MRSA bacteraemia over 2008/2009, and
    in May we reported one case, taking our year to-date reported total to five cases.

    Nationally, there is an expectation to reduce the rates of Clostridium difficile infections in
    all patients over two-years of age and for North east, infection rates will need to reduce
    by 42.6% by 2010/11 to meet the national target.

    While local targets are still being discussed for 2008/09, our challenge is to reduce our
    rates from a baseline of 413 cases to having no more than 237 cases by the end of
    March 2011.


    Congratulations and well done to the winners of this year’s excellence in practice awards
    and thank you to everyone who took part. The awards are an ideal opportunity to
    celebrate the dedication and commitment of staff across the trust who are working hard
    to improve services for patients. The winners were:

    The winner of the excellence and innovation team award
    Glynis Peat, clinical matron orthopaedics and spinal injuries and trauma team for their
    project improving the experience for patients who experience a fractured neck of femur
    The special commendation for the excellence and innovation team award
    Elaine Wood and the Friarage theatre team for their project image intensifying by theatre

    The winner of the excellence and innovation individual award
    Angela Burton, foundation programme lecturer, academic division for introduction of a
    foundation programme lecturer

    The special commendation for the excellence and innovation individual award
    Lynn Kell, women and children division for improvement in pre-assessment processes,
    gynaecology, James Cook
Writers: S Pleydell and A Marksby                                                               3
Chief Executive’s report to May 08 Trust Board Meeting
Filed: Desktop/CEs report 08
    The winner of the best health service research project
    Mr Tobian Muir, trauma and orthopaedics for electro chemotherapy treatment of
    metastatic cancer

    The special commendation for best health service research project
    Andrea Harris and Kathryn Almond, haematology day unit, James Cook and the
    Friarage, division of speciality medicine for their project Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture. A
    novel treatment for vasomotor symptoms (hot flushes) associated with hormone
    treatment for prostrate cancer

    The winner of the chairs award for prevention, infection and control
    Sue Robb, Suzanne Curtis and Emma Wright, clinical support services for providing a
    badge to clinical support services staff inviting patients to ask staff whether they have
    cleaned their hands prior to treating them

    The winner of the excellence in practice poster display
    Kerry Gargett, sister ward 15, division of acute medicine for the poster titled pain

    Two teams received the special commendation for excellence in practice poster
    Cytology team, division of pathology for their project titled the implementation of liquid
    based cytology at South Tees.
    Craig Rabbetts and Trevor Knowles, division of surgery for their poster titled corneal

    The next excellence in practice awards will take place in autumn 2009. For further
    information contact Margaret McQuade service improvement facilitator on extension
    54199 or email


    Progress against the 18-week target, where the longest patients will wait from being
    referred by their GP and starting their treatment will be 18 weeks, has been excellent
    over the last three months with South Tees exceeding the national December 2008
    targets early. However this does remain a challenging target for us.

    In May 91.9% of admitted patients (against an internal trajectory of 85.6%) and 96.7% of
    non-admitted patients (against an internal trajectory of 90.6%) completed their care

    Staff continued to work hard to meet our performance targets and achieved both the 26-
    week inpatient target and 13-week outpatient target with no reported breaches.

    Another big challenge to face this organisation is meeting an extended range of cancer
    targets, which will be performance managed. For the April cancer targets we achieved
    100% compliance against the 31-day target from diagnosis to treatment and the 62-day
    target to ensure there is a maximum of two months from urgent referral to treatment for
    all cancers. The trust also achieved 100% compliance against the two-week target.

    The number of patients waiting over six weeks for diagnostic tests once again has
    improved in May to four (compared to a figure of 27 in April), although our target is to
    have no patients waiting.
Writers: S Pleydell and A Marksby                                                           4
Chief Executive’s report to May 08 Trust Board Meeting
Filed: Desktop/CEs report 08
    In genitourinary medicine (GUM) 99% of patients were offered an appointment within 48
    hours (against a PCT commissioning target of 100%) with 78% of patients seen within
    two days, which is again an improvement from last month.

    The trust also hit the 98% target of patients being treated, admitted or discharged within
    four hours of arriving, achieving 98.9%.


    The financial position shows a surplus of £1.5m which is marginally behind plan. This is
    a reasonable position at this stage of the financial year in so far as new trust
    developments will start to come into play that will increase capacity, reduce costs and
    increase income. Likewise, efficiency savings will materialise over the financial year.

    The major concern relates to non-pay inflation in a number of areas of spend such as
    clinical supplies, medical and surgical equipment and utilities which we will need to
    monitor closely in the coming months.


    The national support team for sexual health held a two-day visit to Teesside in June to
    review the facilities, service provision, governance arrangements and long-term planning
    for the delivery of sexual health services in primary and secondary care.

    Two meetings took place - one hosted by North Tees Primary Care Trust and the second
    hosted by Middlesbrough Primary Care Trust – and informal feedback identified a
    number of areas of good performance for the trust together with some areas where
    recommendations for further improvement could be made.

    A formal report is expected shortly and a detailed action plan will be developed and
    implemented in conjunction with colleagues in primary care and commissioning.


    The strike by fuel tanker drivers in June required the trust to assess its capability to
    respond to a potential prolonged reduction in fuel availability. We worked closely with
    colleagues in health services across Teesside and North Yorkshire to ensure a co-
    ordinated health response to the planning arrangements put in place by the Local
    Resilience Forum led by the Local Authority.

    A number of issues were identified which will be incorporated into the trust’s long-term
    approach to business resilience and contingency planning.


    The Holistic Cancer Care Centre, which is a local charity based at The James Cook
    University Hospital, celebrates its fifth birthday today and a special celebration to mark
    its anniversary is being held with staff and patients. The popular centre has grown from
    strength to strength, working alongside conventional treatment to provide complementary
    therapies free of charge to cancer patients and their main carer.

Writers: S Pleydell and A Marksby                                                           5
Chief Executive’s report to May 08 Trust Board Meeting
Filed: Desktop/CEs report 08

    I would like to welcome Dr Adel Badr - a locum consultant cardiothoracic anaesthetist
    with the trust since February - who has now taken up a substantive consultant post at the
    James Cook hospital last month (June).

    A number of new consultants are also due to start later in the year including:

    James Cook
    Dr Neil M G Swanson - consultant in cardiology – September 2008
    Miss Joanne Cresswell, consultant urological surgeon – September 2008
    Mr Douglas Aitken, consultant general and colorectal surgeon – October 2008
    Dr Simon Milburn, consultant in radiology – October 2008

    Dr Krishnamoorthy Srikanth (Dr Krish), consultant anaesthetist – October 2008


    Congratulations also to Nicola Liddell and Suzanne Daley who have both recently
    qualified as BSCCP nurse colposcopists after completing a formal structured in-house
    training programme and objective structured clinical examination, which has traditionally
    been seen as an exam devised for doctors.

    These appointments enable more women to be examined and treated by female
    practitioners in an outpatient setting, allowing the medical colposcopists to prioritise their
    clinical expertise where it is required.


Writers: S Pleydell and A Marksby                                                               6
Chief Executive’s report to May 08 Trust Board Meeting
Filed: Desktop/CEs report 08

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