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					The Spanish Conquest -
 It’s not going be good
 for the Aztecs or Inca
“A thing like a ball of stone flies
out of their bellies and flashes
sparks and rains… If the ball
hits a tree, it blows away in
splinters, as though a magician
had blown it away from inside.”
“Their battle dress and arms
are all made of iron”

                      “Their skin is white, as
                      though made of chalk”

  “Their dogs are great
  monsters with flat ears and
  long tongues which hang out”
 “It appears that our
Lord has returned to
   his country. Go
  hence and receive
   him with glory”
             -Aztec ruler Montezuma
No, they’re
 not Gods!!
Who conquered the Aztecs???
1) Hernando Cortez (1521)
2) Used 550 men, 16 horses, 14 cannon
  Who conquered the Inca???

1) Francisco Pizarro (1532)
2) With just 150 men
at first, later more came
    How??? (for both cultures)
#1 Disease! Spanish brought Smallpox,
Measles. Killed off many Aztec/Inca warriors
and leaders. How come the Spanish weren’t
killed also?
#2 Superior firearms and technology (Guns,
iron armor, crossbows)
#3 Spanish arrived just after wars that
weakened the two empires

#4 Aztec at first thought Cortez was a God

#5 Aztecs fought only to capture; Spanish
fought to kill

God! Gold!   Glory!
What happened afterwards?
1) Many Aztec & Inca forced into
slavery, had to accept Christianity
2) In some areas over 90% of the native
population died
3) Today about 20 million Inca
descendants still speak the language,
and celebrate the religion
4) Today Mexico’s culture has strong
Aztec roots (ex: Mexican flag)

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