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					                                                                    EURONEXT DERIVATIVES MARKETS

Brussels market

New Series

The following new series have been introduced on 24-11-2010

    Contract         Expiry Date           Strike
     AGE             17-Dec-10              3.40
     AGE              21-Jan-11             3.40
     AGE              18-Feb-11             3.40
     AGE              18-Feb-11             3.80

The following new series will be introduced as per 25-11-2010:

    Contract         Expiry Date          Strike
     AGE             17-Dec-10              2.40
     AGE             17-Dec-10              2.80
     AGE             17-Dec-10              3.20
     AGE              21-Jan-11             2.40
     AGE              21-Jan-11             2.80
     AGE              18-Feb-11             2.40
     AGE              18-Feb-11             2.80
     AGE             18-Mar-11              2.80
     AGE             18-Mar-11              3.20
     AGE             18-Mar-11              3.40
     AGE              17-Jun-11             2.80
     AGE              17-Jun-11             3.20
     AGE              17-Jun-11             3.40
     AGE              16-Sep-11             2.80
     AGE              16-Sep-11             3.20
     AGE              16-Sep-11             3.40
     BAR              18-Feb-11            38.00
     DEL              18-Feb-11            50.00
     FRB             17-Dec-10              1.40
     FRB              21-Jan-11             1.40
     FRB              18-Feb-11             1.40

If further information is required, please contact Market Services +31 20 550 5050.

NYSE Euronext Market Services

                                         Web site: www.euronext.com/derivatives
The Euronext Derivatives Markets ("Liffe") comprise the markets for derivatives operated by Euronext Amsterdam, Euronext
Brussels, Euronext Lisbon, Euronext Paris and LIFFE Administration and Management, referred to respectively as the
Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, Paris and London markets. Euronext is part of the NYSE Euronext group.

Euronext N.V. | PO Box 19163 | 1000 GD Amsterdam | The Netherlands

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