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Save Money on Groceries

Saving Money is one hard task. There are lots of things to be considered, primarily on how to budget your
cash on hand that would somehow, if not manage to have excess left money, be exact of what it should be
used for. Budgeting is really a pain in the neck. Allocation of electric bills, water bills, phone bills, etc. is
just few of the many things being considered on how to utilize your cash wisely. Food is no exception.
Being the most important of all house responsibility, we prioritize on how to budget our money, reducing
the money spent without sacrificing the food allocation. We mainly buy necessities in groceries. It would be
of help if you list down goods you have to buy together with their prices (if possible) so as to ensure
yourself that the budget allotted for food is exact or there is a shortage. If so, you could trim down your list
or think of a better replacement. To furthermore avoid shopping shortages, here are some tips.

•    List goods that should always be found in the kitchen. Examples of which are coffee, milk, sugar, soy
sauce, vinegar, salt, onion, garlic. These goods are necessary, so they are always being bought.

•     Plan your weekly meals ahead of time. This would avoid you overspending on goods invaluable or
missing some ingredients that are needed. This would not just clear your worries but it would also save your

•   Don’t buy branded goods; instead choose a product that has the same quality of those expensive goods.
You’ll get the same benefit without spending more.

•    Buy goods that have dual purpose. A good example of which is mayonnaise. You can use it as a
sandwich spread or make macaroni salad instead. In a way, you could enjoy eating both without spending
too much.

•     Buy less expensive cuts of meat. List recipes that the cuts won’t matter. At least, you won’t be
sacrificing the taste of the food and at the same time you’ll have the chance to buy a larger quantity.

•    Pay in cash. You might be tempted to buy unnecessary goods. This would avoid you from going over
your card limit.

•    Try to be inventive and creative at the same time. Leftovers could be precooked in a way that it would
look appealing again to your appetite.

•    Bring some snacks whenever you travel. This could be a good reliever for your hunger along the way
and chances of being tempted to stop in a mini store; if not be impossible, at least be lessen.
•    Keep a list of prices of goods you always buy. At least, with those products you’re sure of how much
you’ll be spending and you could do just a small amount on goods you wish to buy.

•     Shop only once or twice a month. In that way, less time will be spent on going to a grocery store and at
the same time, chances of overspending will be minimized.

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