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					                 Za Boha a Národ                                                                                          For God and Nation

                                                   Slovensk¥ Katolícky Sokol
                                          Periodical Postage Paid at original entry of Passaic, N.J., 07055 and additional mailing offices.
VOLUME XCIX                                                         PASSAIC, N.J., OCTOBER 6, 2010                                                                     NUMBER 4922

Report of General Counsel Concerning
National Fraternal Congress of America
                      by John D. Pogorelec, Esq.
   The 124th Annual Meeting of National Fraternal Congress is to
the National Fraternal Congress of provide advocacy, information,
America was held in Chicago, Illi- and operational products and ser-
nois, from September 9th to Sep- vices that help member societies
tember 11th, 2010. There were a make meaningful contributions to
total of 353 participants represent- individuals, communities, and so-
ing 61 Fraternal Benefit Societies c i e t i e s .
and 14 State Fraternal Congresses.     Welcome by Chicago Mayor
Attending on behalf of the Slovak       The convention was greeted by
Catholic Sokol were the following: Chicago’s Mayor, Richard M.
Larry M. Glugosh, Supreme Presi- Daley. As many of you have read,
dent; Steven M. Pogorelec, F.I.C., Mayor Daley has served six terms
Supreme Secretary; Albert J. as mayor. He announced recently
Suess, Sales Manager; and the un- that he would not seek a seventh
dersigned.                           term. Mayor Daley was credited
        Mission and Vision           with unifying Chicago geographi-
   The 124-year-old National Fra- cally, ethnically, and racially. He
ternal Congress of America unites praised the fraternal benefit system
69 not-for-profit fraternal benefit and the work that fraternals do to
societies operating in all 50 States promote charitable activities, edu-
and the District of Columbia, cation, and providing economic
Canada, Great Britain, the Philip- opportunity for its membership.          Supreme Secretary Steven M. Pogorelec, F.I.C., second from the left, is shown congratulating the new
pines, and the countries of Croatia Mayor Daley thanked the members         Chair of the Board of The American Fraternal Alliance, Mark D. Theisen of the Woodmen of the
and Norway. The Association rep- of the Congress for selecting Chi-         World/Omaha Woodmen Life Insurance Society at the alliance’s 124th annual meeting held in Chi-
resents 9.3 million people and cago as its site for the 124th an-           cago. Flanking the two are other representatives of our organization at the annual meeting, our Sales
37,000 local chapters which makes nual meeting and pledged his              and Marketing Director Albert J. Suess, Jr. and our General Counsel, Attorney John D. Pogorelec.
it one of America’s largest mem- administration’s support of all
ber networks and a powerful force the programs and activities pro-          return on investment to taxpayers      United States. Both fraternals had    ning prior to the merger; urgency
for good, here at home and around moted by the fraternal benefit so-        throughout our charitable and vol-     almost identical common bonds,        and commitment of the societies
the world. Fraternal benefit soci- cieties in the Chicago area.             unteer activities and by guilding      there was a long-term working re-     involved; communication and
eties provide their members with                Major Emphasis              social capital that strengthens com-   lationship between the two sides;     transparency; and finally, imple-
leadership, social, educational,        This Congress highlighted the       munities across the country.           and the geographical overlap of the   mentation - that is, execution after
spiritual, scholarship, financial, following major areas: 1) Business            Mechanics of a Merger             membership presented an opportu-      the merger. There are different
and volunteer service opportuni- opportunities in a changing world;            The program highlighted the         nity for governance, operational,     types of merger models which in-
ties. The mission statement of the 2) Building a sales force; 3) Ben-       merger which occurred between          and membership advantages. The        clude a limited integration; a domi-
                                     efits that add value to membership     two Catholic fraternals, creating      speakers emphasized that the key      nant company; mutual best of both;
                                     beyond life insurance; 4) Mechan-      the fifth largest fraternal in the     to success involved extensive plan-   and transformation to a new com-
                                     ics of a merger; 5) Federal tax ex-                                                                                 pany. There are merger costs in-
                                     emption. 6) Political action com-                                                                                   volved; however, the savings out-
                                     mittees; 7) Investment strategies;                                                                                  weigh the initial outlay of ex-
                                     8) Name change of a society; 9)                                                                                     penses. This presentation was quite
                                     Community service activity; and                                                                                     informative and, as all of you are
                                     10) Attracting and profiting from                                                                                   aware, there have been preliminary
                                     the next generation of customers.                                                                                   discussions with other societies,
                                                   Name Change                                                                                           but no definitive action has been
                                        After 125 years, the membership                                                                                  taken until there is discussion and
                                     of the congress voted unanimously                                                                                   approval by the Board of Directors
                                     to adopt a new name: The Ameri-                                                                                     and the membership.
                                     can Fraternal Alliance. The new                                                                                               Advocacy in the
                                     name does not change who                                                                                                      Political World
                                     fraternalists are and what they do.                                                                                    An interesting program was pre-
                                     The American Fraternal Alliance                                                                                     sented by one of the speakers
                                     name does give fraternal benefit                                                                                    showing how members of frater-
                                     societies the opportunity to create                                                                                 nal benefit societies can exercise
                                     brand awareness for the fraternal                                                                                   political influence to support the
                                     system that does not currently ex-                                                                                  tax-exemption presently enjoyed
                                     ist. The challenge is to make sure     Representing our organization at the 124th annual meeting of the             by fraternal benefit societies. In
                                     the name carries with it the brand     National Fraternal Congress of America, the trade organization of            addition to registering to vote,
                                     identity that says fraternals are      the fratenal benefit system in the United States and Canada were, l-         other recommendations included
                                     credible, trustworthy, and relevant    r, Supreme President Larry M. Glugosh, Supreme Secretary Steven              contributions to a campaign, get-
                                     financial service providers and that   M. Pogorelec, F.I.C. and General Counsel, Attorney John D.                   ting others to contribute to that
                                     the non-profit, mutual aid charters    Pogorelec. At the annual meeting, the name of the organization was           campaign, volunteering on behalf
                                     are a valuable and irreplaceable       changed to The American Fraternal Alliance.                                         (Continued on page 3)
Page 2                                                                        THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010

                                                                                                                                                          Passaic, N.J. beginning with
                                                                                                                                                          10:30 a.m. Mass followed by lun-
                                                                                                                                                          cheon and meeting the parish
                                           From the Desk of the Supreme Secretary                                                                                     FRI.NOV.5
                                                                                                                                                          ■ Slovak Heritage Association of
                                                                                                                                                          the Laurel Highlands cultural

                                                          My Fraternal View                                                                               evening at the Am-Slo Club, 85
                                                                                                                                                          Lenhard St., Johnstown, Pa. be-
                                                                                                                                                          ginning at 6:30 p.m., admission
                                                                by Steven M. Pogorelec, F.I.C.                                                            $5.00 at the door.
                                                                                                                                                          ■ Harvest Dinner at Transfigura-
                                                                                                                                                          tion Parish Hall(formerly SS. Cyril
  A NEW CHAPTER IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN                                 living their insurance certificate. Statistics say that this will be more      and Methodius), 12608 Madison
  FRATERNALS                                                               common in the future. And we are pleased that in our organiza-                 Ave., Lakewood, Oh. serving
                                                                                                                                                          12:30 - 4 p.m., adults $10.00,
        Several weeks ago I, along with our Supreme President,             tion, we count a good number of individuals age 100 and older.
                                                                                                                                                          children $5.00, call Mary Dubber,
  General Counsel, Director of Sales and Marketing, participated           On the other hand, there is the individual who purchases a life
  in the 124th Annual Meeting of the National Fraternal Con-               insurance policy, makes one premium payment, and is killed in
                                                                                                                                                          ■ Annual Benedictine Abbey
  gress of America in Chicago, Ill. This annual gathering of rep-          an automobile accident. In short, when you have life insurance
                                                                                                                                                          benefit at Assumption Parish,
  resentatives of the nation’s fraternals provides a forum devoted         protection, it is there regardless of what or when something hap-
  to topics of interest related to the fraternal benefit system. Our       pens. As a member of our organization, you need to know that                   9183 Broadview Rd., Broadview
  organization has been a member of this fraternal network for             even in our current economic crisis, we are a sound financial                  Heights, Oh., Mass at 12:15 p.m.,
  many years and the annual meeting offers an opportunity for              institution ready to serve all your insurance needs with our quality           reception and dinner program to
  us to address issues and concerns related to the fraternal ben-          products.                                                                      follow in the parish center; call
  efit system. While each fraternal is unique, all of us encounter               As you know, we are currently in the midst of our SCS                    Marie Golias (216)228-8179.
  the same challenges and share common difficulties. As a trade            Heritage Campaign. Have you taken the time yet to read all                     ■ Fraternal Societies of Greater
  association, the 124-year-old N.F.C.A. unites 69 not-for-profit          the details of this guaranteed issue offer? A special feature of               Pittsburgh 4th annual benefit
                                                                                                                                                          “Kidz bowling 4 kidz” at Princess
  fraternal benefit societies with a combined membership of 9.3            this campaign is the reduction of premium for a member and
                                                                                                                                                          Lanes, Whitehall, Pa.beginning
  million members operating in all 50 states and Canada. In short,         his/her family members. This special reduction of premium for
                                                                                                                                                          at 11:30 a.m., call Karen Pintar
  it serves as the voice of fraternalism.                                  family members is to encourage more 100% Sokol families.
                                                                                                                                                          800-843-7675          or    email
        One of the decisions made at this year’s Annual Meeting            We extended the program to December 15th to take advan-
  was to change the name of the organization from the National             tage of this special benefit for our members. After that, the
  Fraternal Congress of America to “American Fraternal Alliance.”          premiums return to their original rates for you and your family.               ■ 20th annual Slovak Heritage
  The name change was a unanimous decision of the delegates.               So don’t delay, take advantage of this fraternal benefit. I thank              Festival hosted by the Pitt Stu-
  While there will be a new name, the same purposes remain -               all those who to date have already taken advantage of this                     dent Slovak Club & Slovak Stud-
  to educate, establish performance standards, and provide guid-           benefit and have increased their own insurance coverage with                   ies Program, University of Pitts-
  ance on best practices and governance to member societies.               us or have enrolled their family members at the campaign’s                     burgh, Cathedral of Learning
  And in addition it is also to lead the evolution of the fraternal        competitive rates.                                                             Commons Room, Oakland, Pitts-
  benefit system.                                                                Again, I am sure that you would agree that life insurance                burgh, Pa. 1-5 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                          ■ Annual Czech & Slovak Din-
        Let us remember that the backbone of our organization,             is not a great conversation topic. However, I know that you
                                                                                                                                                          ner Party at Sokol Detroit in
  as well as all fraternals is the promotion of life insurance and         would also agree that the protection that only life insurance
                                                                                                                                                          Dearborn, Mich.; bus departs 9
  annuity products to protect our members in time of need. This            can provide along with the many fraternal benefits that only a
                                                                                                                                                          a.m. from Lakefront Bus Depot,
  has been our organization’s mission for the past 105 years               fraternal such as ours can offer is indeed of great importance
  and will be for many years to come.                                      for all of us regardless of age.                                               W.130th and Brookpark, Cleve-
        Unfortunately, the mention of life insurance in a conversa-              Finally, this past weekend I had the opportunity to be in                land, Oh., $51.00 per person in-
  tion often leads our listener to suggest we change the subject.          Toronto along with our Supreme President to present the 2010                   cludes dinner, bus ride, cultural
  However, we all need to remember that life insurance is seri-            Slovak Catholic Sokol Fraternalist of the Year award to Brother                program; for information call Jo-
  ous business, something each of us needs to address. Whether             John E. Jasenec our long-time President of Group 19. Brother                   seph Kocab (216)883-4760.
  we are married or single, aged 25, 35, 55 or 65, each of us              Jasenec is certainly worthy of this honor and distinction, he
  needs the protection that only life insurance coverage can pro-          has spent his whole life promoting the work of our organiza-
  vide.                                                                    tion in the U.S. and in Canada. He has been a mentor and                            OUR NEXT ISSUE
        Sharing risk and the law of averages still form the basis of       model fraternalist for generations of young Sokols and Sokolky.                      IS OCTOBER 20
  the insurance business. According to the most recent mortality           He is known and respected throughout our organization and I                          In keeping with our bi-
  tables, a 40-year-old male has a projected life span of another 42       am grateful to have had the opportunity to know him and have                      weekly publishing sched-
  years( 46.3 years for a female). On average, a 40-year old can           always respected his efforts. Again, congratulations Brother                      ule, the next issue of the
  look forward to living to age 82(86 for a female). However, each         John on this well-deserved recognition, and thank you for all                     Slovak Catholic Falcon will
  year at least three out of a thousand 40-year olds die. While this       that you do.                                                                      be that of Wednesday, Oc-
  is a small percentage, it does increase dramatically as the person             Until next time, have a great week, good health to all and                  tober 20th. Deadline for all
  gets older. In addition, there are extremes to longevity on both         may the good Lord bless you and yours. Peace be with you                          photos and information
  ends. We sometimes read about an individual who turns 100 out-           and Zdar Boh!                                                                     for this issue will be
                                                                                                                                                             Thursday, October 14th.
                                     Routes 51 & 70 at Cedar Brook         Church, Yonkers, N.Y., Pontifical      Cyril and Methodius Church Hall,           Thanking you for your con-
                                     Golf Course, Uniontown, Pa. be-       Mass at 5 p.m., dinner to follow       218 Ackerman Ave., Clifton, N.J.           tinued cooperation in this
    SOKOL                            ginning at 3 p.m., call Anna Mae
                                                                           at the Polish Community Center,
                                                                           for information call (914)963-
                                                                                                                  beginning at 12:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                             matter, I remain
                                                                                                                                                                      Zdar Boh!
                                     ■ Group 11 annual meeting at          0720.                                  ■ Group 1 annual meeting at St.                     Daniel F. Tanzone
     Calendar                        SS. Cyril and Methodius Parish,                 SUN.OCT.17                   Mary’s Assumption Parish, cor-                      Editor
                                     13th Ave. & 2nd St., N.E., Min-       ■ Assembly 162 meeting at SS.          ner Market and Monroe Sts.,
          SUN.OCT.10                 neapolis, Minn., Mass at 9 a.m.
■ Annual Chicken Barbeque Din-       meeting and luncheon to follow.
ner at Seton Cafeteria of St. John             MON.OCT.11
the Evangelist Parish, corner        ■ Wreath 111 monthly meeting
William and Church Sts., Pittston,   at the American Slovak Club,
Pa. 12 noon - 3 p.m., call (570)     27th and Broadway, Lorain, Oh.
654-0053.                            beginning at 6:30 p.m., celebrat-
■ Annual Festival of St. Agnes -     ing Octoberfest German heritage
St. John Nepomucene Parish,          and cuisine.
Fourth & Brown Streets, Philadel-    ■ Assembly 16 meeting at the
phia, Pa. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.      Slovak Catholic Sokol Club, 2912
Mass at 10:30 a.m., call (215)       East Carson St., South Side,
627-0340.                            Pittsburgh, Pa., board of directors
■ Group 5 annual meeting at St.      meeting begins at 6 p.m. with the
Mary’s Catholic Church, 1702         Assembly meeting beginning at
Market Ave. South, Canton, Oh.       7:30 p.m.
beginning at 9:30 a.m.                         SAT.OCT.16
■ Group 6 annual meeting at the      ■ Centennial celebration of the
Main Course Restaurant off           dedication of Most Holy Trinity          For additional information contact the Home Office at 800 886-7656 or the Sales Office at 888-381-5431
                                                                                    THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010                                                                           Page 3

                                                                                                 National Fraternal Congress of America
       Introducing Our                                                                (Continued from page 1)          fraternals to pay a general excise
                                                                                                                       tax. Fortunately, this was opposed
                                                                                                                                                               2011. A new tagline and logo must
                                                                                                                                                               be developed, and the legal and
                                                                               of candidates, and getting others to
       Newest Members                                                          volunteer in order to elect repre-
                                                                               sentatives who understand the fra-
                                                                                                                       by the National Fraternal Congress
                                                                                                                       of America through its representa-
                                                                                                                                                               trademark process, along with se-
                                                                                                                                                               curing a new website and abating
                                                                               ternal benefit system and why the       tives, and the legislation was de-      all internal and external docu-
                                                                               tax-exemption should be contin-         feated. It was important to offer       ments, must be completed. Addi-
                                                                               ued. It was emphasized that things      panels to convince their represen-      tionally, state fraternal congresses
                                                                               happen because individuals make         tatives in Congress to continue to      will be required to change their
                                                                               it happen. For example, our home        support the tax-exemption issue.        names to state fraternal alliances.
                                                                               office in Passaic, New Jersey,          The future success of the fraternal               During this Congress,
                                                                               which is located in the Eighth Con-     benefit system depends upon the         there were plenty of networking
                                                                               gressional District of New Jersey,      contribution of each member and         opportunities to reconnect and
                                                                               and our Congressman is Bill             the key to success depends upon         make new connections in a short
                                                                               Pascrell, Jr., who is a member of       the grass root participation of all     period of time. While our society
                                                                               the select Committee on Homeland        members in the present political        may not be the largest, it is my
                                                                               Security as well as the powerful        environment.                            opinion that we have the strongest
                                                                               Ways and Means Committee. Con-                      Conclusion                  fraternal programs offered to our
                                                                               gressman Pascrell has been a great         In addition to the informative       membership. This can only con-
                                                                               supporter of the Slovak Catholic        sessions, a community service ac-       tinue with the support of our mem-
                                                                               Sokol and regularly attends local       tivity was conducted by members         bership. During the last conven-
                                                                               and well as national functions. He      of the National Fraternal Congress      tion, we made changes in our by-
                                                                               makes it a point of coming to our       to renovate two Chicago Saint           laws to attract new membership.
                                                                               home office and brings our offices      Vincent dePaul thrift stores. This      Our hope was that by loosening the
                                                                               up-to-date on any recent develop-       included painting walls, waxing         restrictions in our by-laws, mem-
Arabella Elizabeth Lynch, born                                                                                         floors, assembling shelves, and         bership in our society would be
                                        Cody Jackson, born February            ments which affect fraternal ben-
March 21, 2010, is the daugh-                                                                                          pulling weeds. This type of activ-      attractive to everyone. This has not
                                        11, 2010, is the son of Kevin and      efit societies. Many of you are fa-
ter of Brad T. and Jessica Preite                                                                                      ity embraces the spirit of fraternal-   happened; however, you as a mem-
Lynch of Pittsburgh, Pa. She            Rachel Tompko Jackson of               miliar with Congressman Pascrell,
                                        Avoca, Pa. He was enrolled as          and the membership of the Slovak        ism by helping to make the two          ber can MAKE it happen by en-
was enrolled as a member of                                                                                            local thrift stores sparkle in their    rolling a new member as soon as
Wreath 15 in Perryopolis, Pa.           a member of Assembly 59 in             Catholic Sokol in his district sup-
                                        Wilkes-Barre, Pa.                      port him because he is a powerful       communities. Additionally, presen-      possible. Zdar Boh!
                                                                               representative and understands the      tations were made to the
                                                                               need for regulation and legislation     Fraternalist of the Year as well as
                                                                               consistent with the interests of fra-   the Fraternal F.I.C. of the Year.         As fraternalists, let’s
                                                                               ternal benefit societies. I am sure     There was a 9/11 memorial service
                                                                                                                       conducted, and the delegates were         do our part to insure
                                             BABY SPOONS                       throughout our organization many
                                                                                                                       entertained by the Jesse White          the success of this year’s
                                                                               of our members also have the sup-
                                                                               port of all congressional represen-     Tumblers. As I observed these tum-
                                                       AUGUST                                                          blers, it reminded me of our gym-
                                                                               tatives. This information should be                                             Make a Difference Day
                                        Assembly         Name                                                          nasts and their participation at our
                                                                               sent to our Supreme Secretary so
                                        No.                                    that when called upon, the Slovak       respects Slets.                         on Saturday, October 23
                                         16               Jack Reichl          Catholic Sokol can probably say            The name change from the Na-
                                         25               Cameron McManus      that it has the support of Congress-    tional Fraternal Congress of
                                         36               Sophia Mahner        man Pascrell and other congres-         America to The American Frater-
                                        108               KeIlan Draper        sional leaders.                         nal Alliance came about after
                                        162               Daniel O'Sullivan                  Taxation                  months of work detailing the rea-
                                        167               Whitney Helm            Since my last report to you, there   sons for a new name. As the Presi-
                                                                               has been no action from the Sen-        dent of the National Fraternal Con-
Savannah Josephine Lynch,
born April 21, 2010, is the                                                    ate Finance Committee as well as        gress states, “The new name does
                                        Wreath                                                                         not change who we are and what
daughter of Jason E. and                111               Addison Salkiewicz   the House Ways and Means Com-
Elaina Curry Lynch of Mt.                                                      mittee concerning the tax-exemp-        we do. After all, it’s what’s under
Pleasant, Pa. She was enrolled                                                 tion status of fraternal benefit so-    the hood - not the hood ornament -
as a member of Wreath 15 in                                                    cieties. For example, recently          that’s important.” The name
Perryopolis, Pa.                                                               Hawaii attempted to appeal the fra-     change will not occur overnight,
                                                                               ternal tax-exemption and require        and the target date is January 1,

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                         Proprietor and Publisher                              All smiles from the above fraternalists who enjoyed the gala banquet of the 124th annual meeting of
               SLOVAK CATHOLIC SOKOL                                           the National Fraternal Congress of America held at the Chicago Marriott Downtown on Saturday,
                       P.O. Box 899                                            September 11. Shown on the photo from the left are Joseph Resendes, F.I.C., LUTCF, vice president
           205 Madison Street, Passaic, N.J. 07055                             and secretary of the Luso-American Life Insurance Society of Dublin, Ca. and his wife, Lidia; Su-
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                                                                               John D. Pogorelec and his wife, Phyllis.
          WEB SITE –
 Page 4                                                                        THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010

                                       REFLECTOR ...                                                                                                 The Word
                                                      Jottings from Sokol                                                                            of God ...
                                                      and Slovak life
                                                                                                                             Gospel for the Twenty-Eighth Sunday
Cleveland’s Slovak Institute                               interesting depository of Slovakianna and deserves                    of the Year – October 6th
needs our continued support                                the continued support of the American Slovak com-
                                                           munity.                                                                               Luke 17:11-19
      Since 1952, the Slovak Institute located at St.
Andrew Svorad Benedictine Abbey in Cleveland, Oh.                                                                       A reading from the holy Gospel
has been a repository of Slovak cultural artifacts, lit-   Annual Benedictine Abbey benefit on                          according to Luke
erature and the fine arts. It houses a great collection    November 7 in Broadview Heights, Oh.
of various Slovak publications, magazines, books and             The Benedictine Monks of Cleveland’s St. An-           As Jesus continued his journey
commemorative journals celebrating various historic        drew Svorad Abbey will present their annual Abbey Ben-       to Jerusalem,
events in the life of the American Slovak community        efit Dinner on Sunday, November 7 at Assumption of           he traveled through Samaria and Galilee.
over the past 125 years. Its collection includes cop-      the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Broadview Heights,         As he was entering a village,
ies of Slovak newspapers printed in the United States      Oh. “Come Follow Me” - Dedicated Commitment in               ten lepers met him.
in the final decades of the nineteenth and early years     Service to the Lord is this year’s theme. The benefit will   They stood at a distance from him
of the twentieth centuries. The Slovak Institute en-       celebrate the ordination anniversaries of the Rev. Albert    and raised their voices, saying,
deavors to save for posterity and historic research        Marflak, O.S.B., 35 years; the Rev. Gerard Gonda,            "Jesus, Master! Have pity on us!"
such volumes. In order to save these, the Slovak In-       O.S.B., 30 years; the Rev. Bede Kotlinski, O.S.B., 25        And when he saw them, he said,
stitute is currently engaged in a project to microfilm     years; as well as the anniversary of religious profession    "Go show yourselves to the priests."
these publications, books and journals. The collec-        of the Rev. Michael Brunovsky, O.S.B., 25 years; and         As they were going they were cleansed.
tion includes historical material which is estimated       Brother Mario Parisi, O.S.B., 10 years. All of the           And one of them,
to cover approximately 120,000 to 250,000 pages. It        jubilarians enjoy membership in our Sokol Assembly           realizing he had been healed, returned,
is the largest activity of this kind in the American       303 located at the abbey.                                    glorifying God in a loud voice;
Slovak community. The collection continues to grow               A Mass of thanksgiving will be celebrated at           and he fell at the feet of Jesus
and the microfilm project is of utmost importance          12:15 p.m. at the Church of the Assumption located           and thanked him.
because many of the original works have not be pre-        at 9183 Broadview Road in Broadview Heights. A               He was a Samaritan.
served properly and their physical condition is wors-      reception, banquet and program will follow at the            Jesus said in reply,
ening. The microfilm project will insure that this rich    parish center. Main speaker at the dinner will be the        "Ten were cleansed,
depository of Slovakianna will be preserved for fu-        Rt. Rev. Christopher Schwartz, O.S.B., current abbot         were they not?
ture research and study.                                   of St. Andrew Svorad Abbey.                                  Where are the other nine?
      The Slovak Institute would like to make copies             Entertainment will be provided by Damion               Has none but this foreigner returned
of these microfilms and distribute them as follows:        Fontaine and Scott Brotherton with their program             to give thanks to God?"
the United States Library of Congress in Washing-          entitled: “Frank, Dean and Then Some.” Catering will         Then he said to him,
ton, D.C., the Slovak National Library in Martin,          be provided by Bill Hricovec of Tom’s Country Place.         "Stand up and go;
Slovakia as well as those other research libraries that    A silent Slovak auction will also be held. The benefit       your faith has saved you."
will guarantee their storage for future researching        concludes at 4 p.m. with the monks singing the tradi-
historians and generations to come of American Slo-        tional Benedictine anthem - the Ultima. Tickets for                                                     The Gospel of the Lord.
vaks. In addition to the American Slovak collection,       the benefit are $65.00. Additional sponsorships, in-
the Slovak Institute also houses an extensive collec-      cluding $100.00 “Honor-a-Monk” contributions are
tion of Slovak-Canadian newspapers, magazines and          also available. For reservations and additional infor-
books published after World War II published by a          mation contact Rev. Albert Marflak, O.S.B. at tel.               Gospel for the Twenty-Ninth Sunday
number of Slovaks in exile.                                (216)7215300, ext.0. Deadline for reservations is                   of the Year – October 17th
      To date, the Institute has received a number of      October 25.
donations of the collections of prominent Slovak                 Support for the annual benefit is a very impor-
Americans including Rev. Mikulas Sprinc, Dr.               tant part of the monks’ present and future ministry.                                   Luke 18:1-18
Frantisek Hrusovsky, Jozef Cincik, Anton Brchnel,          Area Sokol members are invited to turn out for the
Rev. Rudolf Dilong, O.F.M., Konstantin Culen,              benefit to honor this year’s jubilarians who have dedi-      A reading from the holy Gospel
Stefan Hassik, Dr. Jozef Mikus, Rev. Louis Baska,          cated their lives in service. Since 1922, the monks of       according to Luke
O.S.B., William P. Mihalovic, Msgr. Francis J.             St. Andrew Svorad Abbey have continued the age-
Dubosh, Sister Methodia Machalica, O.S.B., Dr. Vic-        less legacy of St. Benedict whose motto ora et               Jesus told his disciples a parable
tor S. Mamatej, Dr. Ludovit Pavlo and many others.         labora(to pray and to work) has inspired generations         about the necessity for them
The Slovak Institute is currently in need of funds to      of the faithful.                                             to pray always without becoming weary.
support its microfilm project. Tax deductible dona-                                                                     He said,
                                                                                                                        "There was a judge in a certain town
tions are welcome. Make check payable to Slovak            Annual fund-raiser in support of                             who neither feared God
Institute and send same to The Slovak Institute, 10510     the Lucina Folklore Ensemble set
Buckeye Road, Cleveland, OH. 44104. The institute                                                                       nor respected any human being.
                                                                 The Lucina Slovak Folklore Ensemble of Cleve-          And a widow in that town
is open daily, Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 3
                                                           land will host its annual fun-raiser in support of the       used to come to him and say,
p.m. Visitors are always welcome. The Slovak Insti-
                                                           Lucinka Dancers on Saturday, November 13 at the              'Render a just decision for me
tute offers a number of items for sale including a map
of Slovakia with all villages and towns listed; Christ-    Half-Time Sport Bar & Eatery(formerly known as               against my adversary.'
mas cards in Slovak along with Oplatky during the          Roosters), located at 7106 Biddulph Road in Brook-           For a long time the judge was unwilling,
Christmas season, books and journals. For additional       lyn, Ohio, tel. (216)588-0007. Cost is $20.00 for            but eventually he thought,
information or a list of the Institute’s offerings call    adults, 21 and older, $10.00 for those ages 13 to 20,        While it is true that I neither fear God
(216)721-5300, ext. 294, fax 216 791-8268 or e-mail:       and $5.00 for children ages 12 and younger. This             nor respect any human being, Its most recent offering is      includes all you can eat: Delicious Wings; all you can       because this widow keeps bothering me
the recently published “Cleveland Slovaks” which is        drink: domestic draft beer, wine and soda. In addi-          I shall deliver a just decision for her
                                                           tion, there will be Slovak food and more. For tickets        lest she finally come and strike me.
part of the Images of America series of monographs
                                                           contact Christine Matis-Hearn at (440)655-8244.              The Lord said,
which celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns,
                                                                 Area Sokols are invited to turnout for this an-        "Pay attention to what the dishonest
and cities across the country. The book on the Cleve-
                                                           nual benefit in support of the Lucinka dancers, the          judge says.
land Slovaks is one of their best. The 128-page book
                                                           youngest of the Lucina performers. These children            Will not God then secure the rights
by John T. Sabol and Lisa A. Alzo is available from
the Slovak Institute at a cost of $21.99 plus $3.00        help to promote the music and dance traditions of            of his chosen ones
for postage and handling.                                  Slovakia. These talented youngsters will perform at          who call out to him day and night?
      Currently, our well-known Slovak fraternalist,       the benefit. There will be many gift baskets to win as       Will he be slow to answer them?
Andrew F. Hudak, Jr. serves as the director of the         well as a fifty-fifty raffle during the evening. An en-      I tell you,
Slovak Institute. Joseph Hornack serves as his very        joyable evening is assured. For additional informa-          he will see to it that
capable assistant. A group of very faithful volunteers     tion on the Lucina Slovak Folklore Ensemble, which           justice is done for them speedily.
                                                           has been active for more than a quarter of a century,        But when the Son of Man comes,
assist them and include Virginia Parobek, Edward
                                                           check their website at The enthusi-          will he find faith on earth?
Kovach, Frank Stipkala, Jozef Valencik and Marga-
                                                           asm of the ensemble, along with their talent and dedi-
ret Brewster. The Slovak Institute is a unique and
                                                           cation is very inspiring and is worthy of our support.                                                  The Gospel of the Lord.
                                                                                   THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010                                                                          Page 5

Thoughts from our Supreme Chaplain
October, the Month dedicated
to the Most Holy Rosary
                    by Rev. Andrew S. Hvozdovic
   Our Lady of the Rosary, also       to “Feast of the Holy Rosary.” This
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary or        feast was extended by Pope Clem-
Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary,     ent XII to the whole of the Latin
is the title of the Blessed Virgin    Rite of the
Mary in relation to the method of     Church, insert-
prayer known as the rosary, whose     ing it into the
origin has been attributed to a       Roman Catho-
Marian apparition to Saint            lic calendar of
Dominic in 1208 in the church of      saints in 1716,
Prouille.                             and assigning it
   In 1571, Pope Pius V instituted    to the first Sun-
“Our Lady of Victory” as an an-       day in October.
nual feast to commemorate the vic-    Pope Pius X
tory of Lepanto. The victory was      changed the date to October 7 in
attributed to the Blessed Virgin      1913, as part of his effort to restore
                                                                               CELEBRATING SLOVAK HERITAGE IN THE GARDEN STATE - A record crowd of more than
Mary, as a rosary procession had      celebration of the liturgy of the
                                                                               10,000 participated in this year’s 33rd New Jersey Slovak Heritage Festival on Sunday, September 26
been offered on that day in Saint     Sundays. In 1969, Pope Paul VI
                                                                               at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, N.J. The festival opened with a concelebrated Slovak Mass
Peter’s Square in Rome for the suc-   changed the name of the feast to
                                                                               with Archbishop Bernard Bober of Kosice, Slovakia, Bishop Peter A. Libasche of Rockville Centre,
cess of the mission of the Holy       “Our Lady of the Rosary.”
League to hold back Muslim forces        Prior to the battle of Lepanto, in    N.Y. and area clergy participating. Festival co-chairpersons, Attorney John G. Duch and Nina Holy
from overrunning Western Europe.      thanks for the victory of the Battle     are shown with the participants above. Additional photos and story in the next issue.
In 1573, Pope Gregory XIII            of Muret, Simon de Montfort, fifth
changed the title of this feast-day   Earl of Leicester built the first        Slovak cultural concert                  Slovak Harvest Festival on Nov. 7 in Trenton, N.J.
                                      shrine dedicated to Our Lady of
                                      Victory. The statue of the Infant of
                                                                               in Johnstown, Pa.                             The annual Slovak Harvest Festival Dozinkova zabava of St.
                                                                                  The Slovak Heritage Associa-         Michael the Archangel Slovak parish in Trenton, N.J. is set for Satur-
                                      Prague is housed in the great                                                    day, November 6. Festivities begin with Mass celebrated in Slovak to
                                                                               tion of the Laurel Highlands will
                                      church of Our Lady of Victory lo-                                                satisfy the Sunday obligation at 7 p.m. in the church located at 1130
                                                                               present a cultural evening titled
                                      cated in the Czech capital. Devo-                                                Brunswick Avenue. The reception follows in the parish hall. Dinner will
                                                                               “Slovak Treasures: Culture & Mu-
                                      tion to the Holy Rosary has also                                                 be served at 8:30 p.m. Music for dancing and listening pleasure until 1
                                                                               sic,” on Friday, November 5th at
                                      been popular in Slovakia, a tradi-                                               a.m. will be provided by the In Check ensemble.
                                                                               the Am-Slo Club located at 85
                                      tion brought to our shores and cul-                                                    The festival recalls the wonderful harvest traditions enjoyed in vil-
                                      tivated in our Slovak churches over      Lenhart Street in Johnstown, Pa.
                                                                               Festivities begin at 6:30 p.m. and      lage life in Slovakia. An enjoyable evening is assured. Tickets for the
                                      the years. The famous Slovak                                                     festival, which includes dinner, are available at $30.00 per person. Chil-
                                      hymn O Maria Ruzencova has re-           admission is just $5.00 at the door.
                                                                               In addition, there will be plenty of    dren up to age 15 are welcome free of charge. For reservations call Gabik
                                      sounded in our churches in this                                                  at (267)394-1976 or Milan at (609) 203-3548.
                                      country for more than a century.         Slovak food and beverages avail-
                                         Our Lady of the Rosary is the         able throughout the evening.
                                      patron saint of several places
                                                                                  The evening will include a slide         Order Christmas Oplatky from Jankola Library
                                                                               and talk show, along with a colorful      Oplatky, the traditional Slovak         For more information or to
                                      around the world and Mariadel
                                                                               display of traditional Slovak dress     Christmas wafers enjoyed at the        place an order, contact Sister
                                      Rosario is a common female Span-
                                                                               kroj from the various villages and      Christmas eve supper as well as on     Catherine Laboure, SS.C.M., di-
                                      ish name (colloquially abbreviated
                                                                               regions of Slovakia from the collec-    Christmas day are available from       rector of Jankola Library at tel.
                                      to Rosario or Charo). Rosario can
                                      also be used as a male first name,       tion of the well-known Slovak           Jankola Library conducted by the       (570) 275-5606, Extension 140
                                      particularly in Italian.                 American cultural enthusiast, Helene    Sisters of SS. Cyril and Methodius.    or write to Jankola Library and
                                                                               Baine Cincebeaux. In addition, there    Orders will be accepted from No-       Slovak Museum, 580 Railroad
                                                                               will be a concert of Slovak songs       vember 1 until December 17, 2010.      Street, Villa Sacred Heart,
        Slovak Cultural Leader Welcomed                                        by the internationally acclaimed        The Oplatky, five per packet, ther-    Danville, PA 17821-1698. A book
                                                                               singer, Jozef Ivaska who resides in     mal-sealed and securely packaged       list is also available providing the
               at the Home Office                                              Vienna and performs throughout          can be obtained for a donation of      titles of all works available re-
                                                                               central Europe. Group 9 Sokols and      $3.00. In addition, shipping and       lated to Slovak language, music
                                                                               Sokolky are cordially invited to par-   processing has a minimum cost of       and history. The Sisters of SS.
                                                                               ticipate in what looks to be a very     $5.50 and upwards. Customized          Cyril and Methodius are pleased
                                                                               entertaining and colorful evening       requests can be packaged to meet       to provide these items through
                                                                               celebrating our Slovak heritage.        individuals’ needs.                    Jankola Library.

                                                                                  Welcome to the Slovak Catholic Sokol
                                                                                  Introducing Our New Members
                                                                                  Enrolled During the Month of August 2010
                                                                                  WREATH             MEMBER                         CITY/STATE                    RECOMMENDER
                                                                                  S-108              Kellan James Draper            Youngstown, OH                Edith M. Babik
                                                                                  S-108              Elizabeth Ashton Fabian        Youngstown, OH                Peter T. Fabian
                                                                                  S-108              Sarah Ashley Fabian            Youngstown. OH                Peter T. Fabian
                                                                                  S-167              Whitney Marie Helm             Barberton, OH                 Lawrence S. Hornacek
                                                                                  S-312              Blair Ann Hrudowsky            Passaic, NJ                   Mary Ann Hrudowsky
Supreme Secretary Steven M. Pogorelec, F.I.C., is shown welcom-                   S-036              Sophia Kathleen Mahmer         Detroit, MI                   Susan A. Sandor
ing Dr. Vilma Privarova, chairperson of the Slovak government’s                   S-025              Cameron David Mc Manus         Perryopolis, PA               Michael T. Matras
Office for Slovaks Living Abroad during her visit to the home office              S-162              Daniel Steven O'Sullivan       Clifton, NJ                   Steven M. Pogorelec
on September 23. Brother Pogorelec is shown presenting Dr.                        S-016              Jack Thomas Reichi             Pittsburgh, PA                Albert J. Suess Jr.
Privarova with a copy of our organization’s Centennial Book. Look-                S-048              James V. Rispo                 Philadelphia, PA              Robert E. Leso
ing on during the presentation are Editor Daniel F. Tanzone and                   V-015              Braylin Reese Salisbury        Perryopolis, PA               Michael T. Matras
Nina Holy, secretary-treasurer of the Slovak League of America and                V-0l5              Madelyn Grace Salisbury        Perryopolis, PA               Michael T. Matras
co-chairperson of this year’s New Jersey Slovak Heritage Festival.                V-111              Addison Nicole Salkiewicz      Lorain, OH                    Anna Zuffa
The Office for Slovaks Living Abroad coordinates an array of cul-                 V-015              Ashley Rae Secrest             Perryopolis, PA               Michael T. Matras
tural exchange programs promoting Slovak heritage activities in                   S-025              Brady Scott Secrest            Perryopolis, PA               Michael T. Matras
cooperation with various Slovak organizations and communities liv-                S-025              Brian S. Secrest               Perryopolis, PA               Michael T. Matras
ing outside Slovakia. Ms. Privarva, whose office is located in                    V-015              Emily Renee Secrest            Perryopolis, PA               Michael T. Matras
Bratislava, was visiting the United States in conjunction with this               S-108              John Joseph Vranches Jr        Youngstown, OH                Frank Polchak Jr.
year’s 33rd New Jersey Slovak Heritage Festival and the visit of                  S-108              Julie Marie Vranches           Youngstown, OH                Frank Polchak Jr.
Slovakia’s President Ivan Gasparovic.
Page 6                                                                                  THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010

                                                                                            CLIFTON, NJ                     Plans finalized for annual Children’s
Make sure your lodge is represented                                                         Assembly 162                    Christmas party in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Group Annual Meetings Set                                                               The next monthly meeting of
                                                                                     our Assembly is scheduled for Sun-        One of the best attended and           day and Thursday evening at the
   Group 1 “Msgr. Stephen J.                    Zdar Boh!                            day, October 17 in SS. Cyril and       most successful fraternal events          Sokol Club October 13th thru Octo-
Krasula” - This year’s annual meet-             Kathy Figard                         Methodius Church Hall, located at      hosted by Assembly 16 and Wreath          ber 28th . Those who wish to regis-
ing is scheduled for Sunday, Octo-              President                            218 Ackerman Avenue beginning          22 in Pittsburgh, Pa. is the annual       ter by phone are asked to call Joan
ber 24 at St. Mary’s Assumption                 Karen Hutnick                        at 12:30 p.m. All members are in-      Children’s Christmas Party. This          Yanosick at tel. (412)881-8502.
Parish located at the corner of Mon-            Secretary                            vited to attend.                       year’s party is set for Saturday,         Again, because of limited occu-
roe and Market Streets in Passaic,                                                      On our meeting agenda will be       December 11 at the Slovak Catho-          pancy, the first 200 children to be
N.J. Hosting this year’s annual meet-         Group 6 “Msgr. Andrew Hlinka”          final plans for our participation in   lic Sokol Club, 2912 East Carson          registered will be able to attend.
ing will be Assembly 1 and Wreath          - This year’s annual meeting and din-     the upcoming annual meeting of         Street, South Side, Pittsburgh.              As is our fraternal outreach tradi-
2. The annual meeting will open with       ner is set for Sunday, October 10 at      Group 1 scheduled for Sunday, Oc-      Doors open at 12 noon and the fes-        tion, we ask that those planning to
Mass celebrated at 10:30 a.m. in           3 p.m. at the Main Course Restau-         tober 24 at St. Mary’s Assumption      tivities begin at 1 p.m.                  attend the party consider bringing
church. The liturgy will be                rant located off from Routes 51 and       Parish in Passaic, N.J. We will also      Due to the fact that our city’s fire   along non-perishable food items
concelebrated by the pastor, the Rev.      71 at Cedar Brook Golf Course in          discuss plans for our traditional      codes limits the number of guests at      which will be given to our local food
Msgr. John J. Demkovich and the            Uniontown, Pa. Directions to the res-     children’s Christmas party which       the Sokol Club, we are limited to just    pantry to assist the needy in our com-
Rev. Richard D. Baker, Group 1             taurant are from Route 70 to Route        is scheduled for Sunday, Decem-        200 children who may attend. Chil-        munity. Thanking you for your co-
chaplain. Following the liturgy, the       51 south; make a left hand turn at        ber 19 in our church hall. Other       dren are invited to participate who       operation in this matter and looking
annual meeting will be called to or-       the second traffic light and continue     items of interest to our members       are between the ages of 0 and 12 and      forward to another enjoyable Sokol
der in the parish social hall. A lun-      on that road until you see the en-        will also be on our meeting agenda.    must have a Sokol insurance policy.       fraternal event, I remain
cheon will be served. Plans for our        trance to Cedar Brook Golf Course         An enjoyable afternoon has been        Early registration is advised. The
                                                                                                                                                                               Zdar Boh!
various fraternal and sporting activi-     which will be on your left. We hope       planned and we hope to see a good      first 200 youngsters to be registered
                                                                                                                                                                               Joan Yanosick
ties will be finalized. This year marks    to see representatives from all our       turnout of our members at our          will be able to participate.Parents
                                                                                                                            need to register their children. Reg-              Chairperson
the centennial of the founding of          Assemblies and Wreaths as we plan         meeting.
Group 1. In 1910, Group 1 was the          our upcoming fraternal activities.                  Zdar Boh!                    istrations will be held every Wednes-
first to be organized in our organi-       Since dinner will be served, reser-                 John D. Pogorelec, Jr.                                                  Stamp ministry assists
zation. We hope to have representa-        vations are necessary. Kindly call tel.             President                    Flea market and Slovak                    Cyrilites in Danville, Pa.
tion from all our Assemblies and           (724)736-4032. Deadline for reser-                  David Bulwin                 food sale in Reading, Pa.                    Members are reminded than
Wreaths at this year’s annual meet-        vations is October 3rd.                             Recording Secretary             SS. Cyril and Methodius parish         cancelled stamps aid the retired
ing. Looking forward to seeing a                 Zdar Boh!                                                                  located at the corner of 6th and          and infirm Sisters of SS. Cyril and
good turnout on October 24, we re-               Anna Mae Warnick                                                           Laurels Streets in Reading, Pa. is        Methodius at their Motherhouse
main                                             President                                   CORRECTION
                                                                                                                            hosting a Flea Market and Slovak          Villa Sacred Heart in Danville, Pa.
       Zdar Boh!                                 Elaine Andras                          In the article “Participation”
                                                                                      by Supreme Assistant Physical         Food Sale on Saturday, October            John Hmelnicky of Perry Hall, Md.
       John D. Pogorelec, Esq.                   Secretary                                                                  30th in the church hall from 9 a.m.       has been active in this project for
                                                                                      Director Roger J. Manyak ap-
       President                                                                                                            to 2 p.m. The public is invited.          a number of years now. He contin-
                                                                                      pearing in our September 22,
       Daniel F. Tanzone                      Group 11 “St. John Nepomucene”                                                There will be plenty of homemade          ues a wonderful tradition begun by
                                                                                      2010 issue, the dates of the
       Secretary                           - The annual meeting of Group 11 is                                              Slovak culinary specialities avail-       his late father, Andrew Hmelnicky,
                                                                                      45th International Slet were in-
                                           scheduled for Sunday, October 10 in                                              able for takeout. Father Charles          a founder of Assembly 235 in
   Group 5 “Jan Holly”” - This             Minneapolis, Minn. Hosting this            correctly listed. The 45th Inter-
                                                                                      national Slet, scheduled for          Sperlak, pastor of the parish, ex-        Exeter, Pa.
year’s annual meeting is scheduled         year’s meeting will be Assembly 34                                               tends a cordial invitation to area           Members should send their can-
for Sunday, October 10 at St. Mary’s       and Wreath 47. Our program begins          Kutztown University in
                                                                                                                            Sokol members to participate in the       celled stamps to: Sister M. Marga-
Catholic Parish, 1602 Market Av-           with attendance at the 9 a.m. Mass         Kutztown, Pa. will be held
                                                                                                                            annual fund-raiser.                       ret, SS.C.M., Villa Sacred Heart,
enue South in Canton, Oh. Registra-        at the Church of SS. Cyril and             there July 11-16, 2011. Our
                                                                                                                                     Zdar Boh!                        Danville, PA 17821-1698. The
tion begins at 9:15 a.m. and the meet-     Methodius, located at 13th Avenue          apologies.
                                                                                                                                     Marge Danowski                   stamps are much appreciated.
ing will be called to order at 9:30        and 2nd Street, N.E. The liturgy will
a.m. We will break to attend Mass          be celebrated for the living and de-
in church. Following the liturgy, we       ceased members of Group 11. Our
will return to the parish hall for a       meeting will be called to order at 10                                                 In Memoriam
luncheon followed by the conclusion        a.m. in Father Dargay Memorial Hall
of our meeting agenda. We ask that         of the parish. Coffee and rolls will                    The Slovak Catholic Sokol extends sincere sympathy to
all delegates consider bringing along      be available before the meeting. A                          the bereaved families of our deceased members
non-perishable food items which            luncheon will be served following
will be donated to the local charity.      our business meeting. Plans for our
                                                                                                                       August 2010
As is our tradition, we will also have     fraternal activities in 2011 will be           Assembly/Wreath          Member                                 Age                Date of Death
our arts and crafts display. We ask        discussed including our young                  Assembly 1               Keith Kurnath, Passaic, NJ              37                July 24, 2010
our members to consider bringing           people’s participation in next sum-            Assembly 9               John B. Galya, Bridgeport, CT           89                July 14, 2010
along their artistic treasures to be       mer 45th Slet. All delegates from              Assembly 11              Olga Miskovic, Chicago, IL              86                July 20, 2010
displayed at the meeting. Directions:      Minneapolis and Duluth, Minn. as               Assembly 16              John J. Prelich, Pittsburgh, PA         90                August 11, 2010
I-77 south to Canton to exit               well as Superior, Wis. and Ironwood,           Assembly 25              John B. Cossel, Perryopolis, PA         84                July 26, 2010
103(route 800); follow ramp straight       Mich. are requested to register with           Assembly 28              William A. Dix, East Douglas, MA        46                May 2010
to the light; turn right; go to the stop   the Group secretary at tel. (763)789-          Assembly 48              Michael J. Sedor, Philadelphia, PA      54                August 5, 2010
sign; then turn left and proceed north     9196 by October 3, 2010. We look               Assembly 48              George J. Bucha, Philadelphia, PA       80                August 16. 2010
on Cleveland Avenue; just after the        forward to seeing all our lodges rep-          Assembly 57              Eleanor M. White, Allentown, PA         82                August 7, 2010
RR tracks, turn right at the light; con-   resented at this year’s meeting.               Assembly 59              Loretta Banas, Wilkes-Barre, PA         72                July 10, 2010
tinue around the bend to the left and            Zdar Boh!                                Assembly 78              Stanley W. Gorzelic, Bethlehem, PA      88                July 28, 2010
the church will be on the right hand             David J. Genosky                         Assembly 78              Irene Zahurak Fields, Bethlehem, PA     84                September 7, 2008
side. If there are any questions, feel           President                                Assembly 86              Thomas A. Lapsansky, Port Griffith, PA 65                 May 23, 2010
free to call the secretary at (330)877-          James T. Genosky                         Assembly 127             Nicholas Mascetta, Monessen, PA         44                August 9, 2010
9138.                                            Secretary                                Assembly 162             Edward Sproch, Clifton, NJ              85                August 12, 2010
                                                                                          Assembly 162             Andrew A. Walter, Clifton, NJ           63                June 8, 2010
                                                                                          Assembly 179             Chester Skoronski, North Braddock, PA 85                  May 28, 1998
   Harvest dinner set for Nov. 7 in Lakewood, Oh.                                         Assembly 206             William J. Baloga, Jr., Ambridge, PA    58                July 2, 2010
      The recently designated Transfiguration Parish of Lakewood, Ohio,                   Assembly 219             Helen Lukacik, Yonkers, NY              93                July 22, 2010
using the facilities of the former SS. Cyril and Methodius Slovak par-                    Assembly 272             Richard I. Moore, Nanty Glo, PA         92                July 26, 2010
ish, will host its first Harvest Pork Chop Dinner and raffle in the parish                Assembly 257             Peter J. Pudela, Chicago, IL            81                August 2, 2010
hall located at 12608 Madison Avenue on Sunday, November 7. Pork                          Assembly 305             Margaret Marcinko, Los Angeles, CA      91                February 19, 2010
                            chops along with all the harvest trimmings will               Assembly 312             Helen Spak, Passaic, NJ                 90                January 20, 2010
                            be served from 12:30 to 4 p.m.                                Assembly 312             Paul J. Vankulich, Passaic, NJ          89                August 18, 2010
                                  Donations include $10.00 for adults and                 Wreath 1                 Frances A. Motasky, Bridgeport, CT      93                June 2, 2010
                            $5.00 for children ages 12 and younger. Res-                  Wreath 2                 Mildred (Pastor) Bognar, Passaic, NJ    86                June 21, 2010
                            ervations are recommended. For reservations                   Wreath 39                Margaret Verrilli, Bridgeport, CT       89                May 12, 2010
                            call any of the following: Mary Dubber                        Wreath 13                Veronica Komada, Philadelphia, PA       79                July 25, 2010
                            (216)228-0654, Paul Namitka (216)228-1134                     Wreath 81                Jerome Hajduch, Whiting, IN             79                August 3, 2010
                            or Sean Koltiska (440)666-9046. Group 5                       Wreath 93                Dennis E. Polega, Milwaukee, WI         59                August 1, 2010
                            Sokol members are invited to turn out for an                  Wreath 93                John Diapa, Jr., Milwaukee, WI          83                July 21, 2010
enjoyable fall activity, the first sponsored by the newly designated par-                 Wreath 153               William Leota, Parma, OH                68                June 3, 2010
ish. SS. Cyril and Methodius is the only parish founded by Slovaks to                     Wreath 155               Mary M. Mistishen, Reading, PA          85                July 21, 2010
survive in the recent reorganization of the Cleveland Diocese.                            Wreath 157               StellaV. Marezyk, Nesquehoning, PA      97                July 15, 2010
                                                                                   THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010                                                                            Page 7

                                                                                                                                   once a year in one of the alliance’s member countries. The
                                                                                                                                   last such session took place in Portugal, while Spain will
   What’s making headlines in our ancestral homeland                                                                               take over from Slovakia in 2011.

                                          ep.                                                                                      Slovaks appreciate the Euro more
                                     ch R                            Poland
                            Cze                                                                                                    than other Eurozone members
                                                                                                                                        Slovaks view the common European currency more
                                                                                                                                   positively than people in other eurozone countries, with 64
                                                                                                                                   percent of Slovaks welcoming it compared to the eurozone

                                                                                                                                   average of 38 percent.

                                                                                                                                        The findings come from a recent “Transatlantic Trends”

                                                                                                                                   survey carried out in 11 EU countries, the United States
                          Au                                                                                                       and Turkey in June involving 1,000 respondents in each
                                     ia                                                                                            country.
                                                                                                                                        About 68 percent of Slovaks access the influence of
                                                                                     ary                                           Slovakia’s EU membership on the economy positively.
  News and Views from Slovakia...                                             Hung                                                      Also according to the poll, Slovaks started to pay more
                                                                                                                                   attention to the foreign policy of the United States after Presi-
                                                                                                                                   dent Barack Obama took office in January 2009. The previ-
Eva Simkova named new director                                    ambitions of Iceland and development of bilateral relations
                                                                                                                                   ous support of 19 percent rose to 71 percent. While the so-
of the Slovak Land Fund                                           - particularly trade and commerce.
                                                                       On September 19, the Slovak president spoke with his        called “Obama-mania” has been falling in most European
     Former state secretary at the ministry of the economy                                                                         countries this year, it still exists in Slovakia, with the US
                                                                  counterpart Olafur Ragnar Grimsson about accession ne-
Eva Simkova(formerly liberal ANO, now Most-Hid nomi-                                                                               president enjoying 76-percent support.
                                                                  gotiations between Iceland and the EU.
nee), will become the new director of the Slovak Land                                                                                   The survey also shows that attitudes toward NATO
                                                                       This was the first-ever official visit of a Slovak presi-
Fund(SPF).                                                        dent to Iceland. The aim was to intensify the bilateral dia-     have improved. While 52 percent of Slovaks viewed the
     Most-Hid’s proposal to name her to the position was          logue in the sphere of trade and commerce, research and          NATO membership as important for security last year, it
okayed by the Coalition Council at its session late on Sep-       development, as well as to show support for Iceland’s am-        rose to 64 percent this year. Thus, Slovakia became one of
tember 14. Simkova is expected to be approved by the cabi-        bitions to join the EU. Specifically, Slovakia is interested     the countries with the highest proportion of such opinions
net next week.                                                    in broadening cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry         with the 11 EU countries, after the Netherlands, Great Brit-
     “Ms. Simkova is an expert and a real slogger. This alone     research and in the use of geotherma energy, as 90 percent       ain, Portugal and Romania.
means a lot,” the chairman of the co-ruling Freedom and           of Icelandic households are heated with geothermal energy.
Solidarity(SaS) Richard Sulik said about Simkova before                                                                            Unemployment rate dropped to
     Besides having worked at the economy ministry dur-           Government postpones                                             12.19 percent in August
ing the second government led by Mikulas Dzurinda(2002-           changes in Education Act                                             Slovakia’s unemployment rate dropped slightly(by 0.14
6), Simkova was also part of Slovakia’s negotiating team               The government has suspended discussion on an               percentage points) month-on-month to 12.19 percent in
before the country entered the European Union in May 2004.        amendment to the Education Act intended to make English          August, the Labor, Social Affairs and the Family Office
                                                                  a compulsory subject in elementary schools beginning in                               (Continued on page 8)
Salaries in July rose the                                         Grade 3, officials said on September 13.
fastest in market services                                             “Discussions were suspended because we will have to
                                                                  once again review potential risks in connection with the
     According to figures released by the Statistics Office
                                                                  introduction of compulsory instruction of the language,”
on September 9, average nominal salaries in July rose fast-
                                                                  said Education Minister Eugen Jurzyca following the cabi-
est in selected market services - by 6.4 percent year-on-         net session.
year. Other annual increases in July were: in accommoda-               “We want to be sure that we can handle it at the pro-
tions - 5.8 percent; in restaurants and pubs - 5.3 percent;       fessional and qualifications level,” said Prime Minister Iveta
and in industry - 5.1 percent.                                    Radicova. According to her, Jurzyca will ensure that this
     Real salaries rose on an annual basis in selected mar-       measure is actually feasible - “so that it won’t wind up in
ket services - by 5.2 percent; in accommodations - 4.6 per-       such a way that our poorly-qualified teachers of English
cent; in restaurants and pubs - 4.2 percent; and in both in-      will produce poor results.”
dustry and wholesale by 4 percent.
                                                                       The original plan was to have first graders learning
     In at the first seven months of 2010, meanwhile, the
                                                                  English. It was altered so that the language should now be
highest average nominal monthly salary was paid in infor-
                                                                  compulsorily taught beginning in grade 3 of elementary
mation and communication services ($1,800). In industry it
                                                                  schools beginning in September 2011.
was $1,050, while in selected market services it stood at
     Compared to the same period last year, nominal sala-         NATO Command arrives for
ries went up mainly in industry - by 6 percent; in wholesale      military session in the high Tatras
- by 5.2 percent; and in restaurants and pubs - by 5 percent.           NATO officials were greeted with all pomp and cer-
     In the January-July period, real salaries rose fastest in    emony in Slovakia on September 17, where they attended a
industry - by 5.1 percent; in wholesale - by 4.3 percent; and     session of the NATO military committee, the alliance’s most
in restaurants and pubs - by 4.1 percent.                         senior body, later in the day, said a Defense Ministry spokes-
Gasparovic meets Iceland’s                                              De to the bad weather, the group was forced to land at
                                                                  Kosice airport, from there, the officials were transported to
Prime Minister and Speaker                                        the venue, Vysoke Tatry - a village in the High Tatra moun-
     Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic in Iceland on Sep-          tains.
tember 20 met Parliamentary Speaker Asta Ragheidur                      Slovak Prime Minister Iveta Radicova was among the
Johannesdottir and said that the was pleased to meet the
                                                                  speakers addressing the visitors that afternoon.
speaker of the oldest European Parliament in person.
                                                                        The NATO officials stayed in Vysoke Tatry until Sun-
     As a EU member, Gasparovic said that Slovakia could
                                                                  day, September 19, when they wrapped up their visit in
offer its experience with joining the EU, so Iceland “would                                                                        Among the great architectural treasures found in
                                                                  Slovakia by planting trees as part of Slovakia’s effort to
not have to learn from its own mistakes like we did.” The                                                                          Slovakia are its traditional wooden churches, most found
                                                                  restore the Tatra mountains.
Slovak President conveyed full support to the ambitions of              Headed by Chairman of the NATO Military Commit-            in the eastern part of the country and reflect the Byzan-
Iceland - a longstanding member of EFTA(European Free             tee Giampalo de Paola, the chiefs-of-staffs of 28 member         tine Catholic traditions of the country. One of the most
Trade Association) - to join the EU.                              countries discussed issues related to the alliance’s transfor-   prominent of the wooden churches is dedicated to Saint
     Iceland’s Parliamentary Chair was also interested in         mation, the future of operations conducted under its com-        Michael the Archangel in the village of Rusky Potok.
how the Roma(gypsy) problem is being addressed in                 mand as well as other major topics. More than 450 foreign        The church, which serves the area’s Greek Catholics was
Slovakia. According to Gasparovic, all Slovak governments         visitors participated in the meeting and for many it was their   completed in 1740 and is located at the village’s highest
paid great attention to the issue and invested significant re-    first visit to Slovakia’s majestic High Tatras.                  point. The church was recently restored at the cost of
sources into tackling it, but “the lack of interest of the Roma                                                                    more than $250,000 and rededicated by the Most Rev.
                                                                        The conference required the observance of stringent
community itself in education and the lack of desire to                                                                            Jan Babyak, S.J., the Metropolitan Archbishop of Presov.
                                                                  security measures. There were restrictions on traffic as well.
change their situation remains the greatest obstacle.”                                                                             The tiny village with a population of just about 100 resi-
                                                                  “We took security measures that would affect residents of
     The Icelandic branch of Amnesty International orga-                                                                           dents is located in northeastern Slovakia not far from
                                                                  Vysoke Tatry as little as possible,” said the Defense Minis-
nized a protect against the “violation of human rights in                                                                          Svidnik. The church is one of 50 such wooden churches
                                                                  try spokesperson.
Slovakia” regarding Roma children in front of the Iceland               The NATO military committee holds an away session          in Slovakia recognized as cultural treasures by
Parliament in Reykjavik on the same day, with Reykjavik                                                                            UNESCO. The photos above feature the church’s exte-
Mayor Jon Gnarr among the protestters.                                                                                             rior as well as the interior with the traditional iconosta-
     Gasparovic also met Prime Minister Johanna                   Selected stories are provided by TASR-Slovakia, the              sis decorated with sacred pictures or icons that sepa-
Sigurdardottir, with whom he discussed the integration            Slovak Republic’s official News Agency.                          rates the sanctuary from the nave of the church.
Page 8                                                                           THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010

                   News and Views from Slovakia...                                                                               Radicova: Slovakia plans
                  (Continued from page 7)                       was defeated.                                                    withdrawal of KFOR mission
(UPSVaR) announced on September 20.                                   Fico, for his part, observed that Slovakia’s government          Slovakia will gradually withdraw its soldiers from the
     A total of 370,671 job-seekers were registered at job      should reopen discussions on a loan for Greece. He did not       KFOR peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, Prime Minister
centers in August. Even though their number was 3,758           rule out that Smer-SD will initiate debate on this issue in      Iveta Radicova confirmed during her one day visit to the
fewer than in July, the same figure rose by 8,100 in annual     parliament.                                                      Slovak contingent based in a military facility in Sajkovac.
terms.                                                                Rado Bato, spokesman for Premier Iveta Radicova                  “The original contract signed by Slovakia is valid un-
     The average length of time that unemployed people          (SDKU-DS), told TASR that he does not see any reason for         til the autumn of this year. Hence, we’ve met our
were registered at labor offices reached 13.57 months in        reopening the issue. “Mr. Fico could have voted on the loan      obligations,”said Radicova, adding that the drawdown will
August a year-on-year increase of 2.5 months.                   for Greece. He failed to exploit it,” he said.(The run-up to     be taking place until November 2010. “There’s an exact
                                                                the June 12 election and the Greek debt issue coincided, so      schedule for the withdrawal of the Slovak unit, “ she said.
                                                                Fico enabled the other European states to provide the loan
Seasonal work contributes to                                    but left it up to the new government as to whether to actu-
                                                                                                                                       The prime minister rejected the notion that the Slovak
                                                                                                                                 unit is to be withdrawn because Slovakia refused to recog-
short-term decline in joblessness                               ally participate - ed. note).                                    nize the independence of Kosovo.
      Seasonal work, according to analysts, contributed to            “I only want to say that the Greek government is now             “The contract concerning our activities in the area had
unemployment easing in August. “Unemployment benefited          doing all that is necessary to heal its economy and kickstart    been signed before the issue of recognizing Kosovo’s inde-
from seasonal works as typical in the summer and have off-      the right processes in the future,” Kanellos said in an effort   pendence arose,” she stressed, adding that Slovakia has been
set the lay-offs in companies,” said Postova Banka analyst      to encourage the Slovak government to contribute to the          involved in the mission for 11 years. When asked whether
Eva Sadovska on September 20.                                   eurozone loan.                                                   the current government will recognize Kosovo’s indepen-
      Analysts described the August drop in Slovak unem-                                                                         dence or not, Radicova replied that the answer hinges on
ployment to 12.19 percent from 12.33 percent a month ear-       Schmognerova: 20-percent VAT                                     the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo.
lier as “gradual” and say that the drop in unemployment is
expected to continue in the coming months as part of
                                                                on food is European rarity                                             “If this dialogue takes place, we’ve never said that our
                                                                       Increasing the value-added tax from 19 to 20 percent      stance is immutable,” she said. According to the Chief of
Slovakia’s economic recovery. “But we don’t expect the                                                                           the General Staff Lubomir Bulik, Slovakia won’t have a
registered jobless rate to fall markedly below 12 percent       doesn’t have to bring as much money into the state coffers
                                                                as it is expected by the new government, former vice presi-      single serviceman in the area by November 30.
by year’s end,” she said.
      Slovenska Sporitelna analyst Michal Musak notes cor-      dent of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Devel-
porate wariness in respect to further economic developments     opment (EBRD) Brigita Schmognerova has told TASR in              Equestrian statue of Svatopluk
in Europe. “The most important medium-term hope for the         an interview.                                                    is to remain in place
Slovak labor market is whether and to what extent as many              “It’ll definitely effect consumption, which will be             Parliamentary Chairman Richard Sulik, who earlier this
sectors as possible exploit their stronger competitive ad-      lower. It’s necessary to look at the VAT increase in a more      year initiated a commission to judge the wisdom of having
vantage gained from euro adoption,” said Volksbank ana-         comprehensive way and not only via the current calcula-          the “King” Svatopluk equestrian statue in the courtyard of
lyst Vladimir Vano.                                             tion on how much income it could bring to the budget. The        Bratislava Castle, announced his decision on September 22
      Given that the Slovak economy is intertwined with         scenario of trans-border shopping in Poland, the Czech Re-       to leave the statue in place.
Germany’s, Unicredit Bank analyst David Derenik warns           public or Hungary can flourish and the expectations of                 Sulik said that the statue will remain in place at least
of uncertainty flowing from that country and possible sec-      higher incomes may not pan out,” said the former finance         until the completion of the castle’s ongoing refurbishment -
ond deceleration at the end of the year. “Firms are stepping    minister (1998-2002).                                            a process which could be set back by the commission - rec-
into the labor market warily and after the first wave of in-           According to Schmognerova, the upcoming price in-         ommended transfer of the statue to another site on the
dustry hiring in the first half of 2010 they are once again     crease can have negative social effects too. “Look at the        castle’s grounds, plus the statue could be damaged while
biding their time. Key in the months ahead will be develop-     fact that the 20-percent VAT on food or children’s clothing      being moved.
ments in new industry orders.                                   is a European rarity. In Great Britain, for example, there’s a         “For the time being, I don’t see any point in moving
                                                                zero-VAT burden on food and children’s clothes,” she             the statue,” said Sulik, adding that he expects the heated
Miklos: we want deficit of                                             Representatives of four Coalition parties agreed at the
                                                                                                                                 debate over the equestrian statue to die down even though
                                                                                                                                 his decision will not be universally accepted.
4.9 percent of GDP in 2011                                      beginning of September to temporarily increase the VAT                 The statue will be left in place on the condition that
      The goal of the Finance Ministry is to bring the pub-     tax from its current 19 to 20 percent. This change will be       the double-barred cross on the ruler’s shield(reminiscent of
lic-finance deficit down to 4.9 percent of the GDP in 2011,     applied until such time as the deficit falls under 3 percent     the wartime Hlinka Guard) will be altered by sculptor Jan
said Finance Minister Ivan Miklos (SDKU-DS) at a press          of the Gross Domestic Product, which is predicted to hap-        Kulich to adhere to the Slovak double-barred cross(also ap-
conference on September 2.                                      pen in 2013.                                                     pearing on the Slovak flag) and the text that Svatopluk was
      If the new government doesn’t cut the deficit by the             The reduced rate on books and medication will be main-    a ruler of ancient Slovaks will be replaced with `Svatopluk’
planned 2.5 percentage points, it would only fall from the      tained at 10 percent. Schmognerova would welcome more            and the years of his reign.
current 8 percent to 7.4 percent. According to Miklos, the      items with a reduced VAT rate, however. “It’s high time to             (Svatopluk is described as a Slovak ruler, when in fact
deficit should drop to 3.9 percent in 2012 and to 3 percent     reassess the issue of a unified VAT rate,” she commented.        a separate Slovak identity didn’t emerge until about two
in 2013, allowing Slovakia to meet the European budgetary                                                                        centuries after his death. - ed. note)
rules.                                                          TASR to introduce plethora of                                          Dusan Jarjabek, Smer-SD MP instrumental in seeing
      According to Miklos, public finances are currently in
a state of decline due to the spending and misappropria-        new projects by the end of the year                              the Svatopluk statue installed at Bratislava Castle, expressed
                                                                      The autumn range of products offered by the News           his pleasure that the statue simply remains in place. “Other
tions of the former government. Miklos said that former                                                                          things are a matter of copyrights and historians which I do
finance minister Jan Pociatek(Smer-SD) lied about the real      Agency of the Slovak Republic(TASR) will feature an ar-
                                                                ray of thematic and technological novelties.                     not want to meddle into,” he said.
state of the budget and didn’t include items into the deficit                                                                          He noted however that ancient Slovaks clearly did ex-
that should have been there - such as financial aid to state          Topics from the regions will be boosted, with new fea-
                                                                tures also set to appear in the domestic, international, eco-    ist and had their own king. It is therefore a shame that indi-
companies in the red, which reached 0.6 percent of the GDP                                                                       viduals take exception to the inscription on the statue’s
in 2009.                                                        nomic, so-called `Easy’ and photo news services. The agency
                                                                also continues to work on a brand new news service.              pedestal mentioning ancient Slovaks. “Not only us, but also
      This is why, according to the minister, the public-fi-                                                                     our children were taught about them in one way or another,”
nance deficit reached 8 percent of the GDP last year and is           “We plan to demonstrate that we’re an innovative leader
                                                                on the agency news service market, that we’re useful both        he said.
expected to touch 7.8 percent in 2010. Meanwhile, the ini-
tial result for 2009 should have been 6.8 percent of the GDP,   for clients and the public, and that aside from high-quality
and it should have dropped to 5.5 percent this year. “De-       and swift news coverage we also offer numerous informa-          Government: VAT rate to rise to
tailed analyses that we carried out show that the public-       tion benefits,” said the agency’s general director Jaroslav      20 percent beginning in 2011
finance deficits in 2009 and 2010 are much worse than the       Reznik.                                                                The basic VAT tax rate will rise on a temporary basis
former government of Robert Fico declared before the elec-            “We’ll bring the opinions of global leaders in our `Per-   from the current 19 percent flat rate to 20 percent as of next
tions,” he pointed out.                                         sonalities: Faces and Thoughts’ project. A new project called    year, while the 6 percent VAT rate for produce sold from
      As far as measures to consolidate public finances are     `Slovakia’s Towns and Villages’ will significantly boost re-     farms will be abolished, the government decided on Sep-
concerned, Miklos admitted that an increase in VAT (value-      gional news coverage. The `Databases’ project will reveal        tember 22.
added tax) still can’t be ruled out.                            the richness of the agency’s information sources and ar-               The VAT increase is part of the government package
                                                                chives,” said Reznik.                                            designed to restore the health of public finances. The pub-
                                                                      “The sports service will receive an extra boost with an
Kanellos: Slovakia was only                                     unusual project called `Sport Slang’, along with the `Leg-
                                                                                                                                 lic-finance deficit is expected to reach almost 8 percent of
                                                                                                                                 the Gross Domestic Product this year. The VAT rate will
country to refuse loan for Greece                               ends’ and `How Stars Are Born’ projects. The `Easy’ ser-         return to 19 percent after the public deficit is squeezed be-
     The European Union countries should jointly proceed        vice will be bolstered by the expansion of the Music Calen-      low 3 percent of the GDP, which is forecast for 2013 at the
in approving a loan for Greece - meanwhile Slovakia is the      dar to include unique songs that will be available for listen-   moment.
only EU country to have said “no” to this aid, Greek Am-        ing, the `Easy’ photos will bring in more photographs. A               It is expected that the 1 percentage point increase in
bassador to Slovakia Nicolaos Kanellos told reporters on        new foreign-language service will be launched by TASR            the VAT will increase tax revenues by $210 million in 2011,
September 16                                                    by the end of the year,” he added.                               $225 million in 2012 and $240 million in 2013.
     “As for Greece, we adhere to European rules and                  The public-service TASR entered the second stage                 In total, the 2011 deficit should be reduced by $2 bil-
wish that all members of the European Union would fol-          of a wholesale revamping this year. TASR’s transforma-           lion, which measures aimed at revenues projected to con-
low the same policy,” sad Kanellos after a luncheon with        tion into a modern, flexible and credible institution was        tribute nearly one billion dollars of the aforementioned fig-
Chairman of Smer-Sd Robert Fico, who had backed the             presented by Reznik in his `Building a Strong Band’ ini-         ure.
loan as premier prior to the June elections in which he         tiative.
THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010   Page 9
Page 10   THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010
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                                                                   THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010

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Page 14                                      THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010

            Slovak Catholic Sokol Heritage Campaign
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    17              100.80                35.10                  9.50                   5.14                2.86
    18              104.40                36.90                  9.72                   5.25                2.97
    19              108.00                37.80                  9.96                   5.37                3.09
    20              111.60                38.70                 10.20                   5.49                3.12
    21              115.20                40.50                 10.45                   5.61                3.22
    22              119.70                41.40                 10.72                   5.73                3.35
    23              124.20                43.20                 10.99                   5.86                3.48
    24              127.80                44.10                 11.27                   5.99                3.61
    25              132.30                45.90                 11.57                   6.12                3.76
    26              136.80                47.70                 11.87                   6.25                3.91
    27              142.20                49.50                 12.19                   6.39                4.07
    28              146.70                51.30                 12.52                   6.53                4.24
    29              152.10                53.10                 12.85                   6.70                4.41
    30              157.50                54.90                 13.21                   6.93                4.59
    31              162.90                56.70                 13.57                   7.17                4.79
    32              169.20                58.50                 13.95                   7.41                4.99
    33              174.60                60.30                 14.35                   7.67                5.21
    34              180.90                63.00                 14.76                   7.94                5.44
    35              187.20                64.80                 15.19                   8.21                5.68
    36              194.40                67.50                 15.63                   8.50                5.92
    37              200.70                70.20                 16.09                   8.79                6.19
    38              207.90                72.00                 16.56                   9.09                6.47
    39              215.10                74.70                 17,05                   9.41                6.76
    40              222.30                77.40                 17.56                   9.74                7.07
    41              230.40                80.10                 18.08                  10.08                7.40
    42              237.60                82.80                 18.63                  10.43                7.75
    43              245.70                86.40                 19.19                  10.80                8.12
    44              254.70                89.10                 19.78                  11.18                8.51
    45              262.80                91.80                 20.38                  11.57                8.93
    46              271.80                95.40                 20.99                  11.98                9.36
    47              280.80                98.10                 21.63                  12.41                9.83
    48              289.80               101.70                 22.28                  12.84               10.32
    49              299.70               105.30                 22.96                  13.30               10.85
    50              309.60               108.90                 23.67                  13.78               11.41
    51              319.50               112.50                 24.39                  14.28               12.01
    52              329.40               116.10                 25.15                  14.85               12.70
    53              340.20               119.70                 25.93                  15.46               13.44
    54              351.00               124.20                 26.72                  16.08               14.23
    55              361.80               127.80                 27.55                  16.74               15.09
    56              372.60               131.40                 28.39                  17.42               16.00
    57              384.30               135.90                 29.26                  18.13               16.99
    58              395.10               139.50                 30.14                  18.88               18.06
    59              406.80               144.00                 31.06                  19.66               19.23
    60              418.50               148.50                 32.01                  20.50               20.50
    61              430.20               153.00                 33.11                  21.38               21.89
    62              442.80               157.50                 34.24                  22.31               23.42
                                                                             THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010                                                                   Page 15

                   Slovak Catholic Sokol Heritage Campaign
                   Life Insurance Coverage For Your Lifetime
                                                                                Rates Per Thounsand
     Issue                                                                                                              First Year Premium
     Age                Single Premium Life                     3 Payment Life               10 Payment Life                 20 Payment Life            Life Paid-Up at 80
                                                                                            Premium Payments                Premium Payments            Premium Payments
                            Only 1 Payment                    3 Annual Payments                For 10 Years                    For 20 Years                Till Age 80

     63                              454.50                          162.00                            35.41                            23.30                      25.12
     64                              467.10                          166.50                            36.62                            24.35                      26.99
     65                              478.80                          171.00                            37.86                            25.45                      29.08
     66                              491.40                          176.40                            39.16                            26.64                      31.44
     67                              504.00                          180.90                            40.52                            27.92                      34.12
     68                              516.60                          186.30                            41.94                            29.30                      37.20
     69                              529.20                          190.80                            43.45                            30.78                      40.79
     70                              541.80                          196.20                            45.05                            32.41                      45.05
     71                              555.30                          201.60                            46.75                                -                          -
     72                              568.80                          207.00                            48.57                                -                          -
     73                              582.30                          213.30                            50.50                                -                          -
     74                              594.90                          218.70                            52.56                                -                          -
     75                              608.40                          225.00                            54.79                                -                          -
     76                              621.90                          230.40                            57.20                                -                          -
     77                              634.50                          236.70                            59.84                                -                          -
     78                              648.00                          243.90                            62.72                                -                          -
     79                              660.60                          250.20                            65.89                                -                          -
     80                              673.20                          257.40                            69.35                                -                          -

                Sokol Birthdays
          OCTOBER 7                    sembly 71, Edwardsville, Pa.                                 “SCS HERITAGE” Application
   Matthew D. Duska, Villa-               Andrea (Chuba) Kealey Har-
nova, Pa., member of Assembly          risburg Pa., a member of Assem-                        Slovak Catholic Sokol Fraternal Benefit Offer
64, Erie, Pa.                          bly 59, Wilkes-Barre Pa.
   Michael G. Spisak, Johns-              Stephanie Marie Malyszka,                                 Purchase one of our Permanent Life Insurance Products
town, Pa., a member of Wreath          Congers, N.Y., a member of As-                                   and receive the following as a Fraternal Benefit
14, Johnstown, Pa                      sembly 219, Yonkers, N.Y.
          OCTOBER 8                       Theresa Miklos, Edison, N.J., a        1.   The right to obtain a Guaranteed Issue Permanent Life Insurance Certificate for yourself or an
   Robert Cupper, Belle Vernon,        member of Assembly 162, Clifton,               Immediate Family member; and
Pa., a member of Assembly 127,         N.J.                                      2.   A 50% reduction for the 1st year premium if the certificate chosen is a 10 Payment Life, 20
Monessen, Pa.                             Maria Mitro, Millis, Mass.,a                Payment Life or a Paid Up at Age 80. A 10% Reduction on a Single Premium Life or a 3 Payment
   Msgr. Michael J. Chaback,           member of Assembly 314, Bos-                   Life plan.
S.T.D., Northampton, Pa., Chap-        ton, Mass.
lain of Group 10 and a member of          Andrea Singlar, Hillsbo-
Assembly 78, Bethlehem, Pa.            rouqh, N.J., a member of Assem-           Existing Member Name: ____________________________________________________________
          OCTOBER 9                    bly 219, Yonkers, N.Y.
   John J. Rokovich, Allenport,           Rev. George Torok, Sparkill,           Certificate #: ______________
Pa., a member of Assembly 127,         N.Y., a member of Assembly 182,
Monessen, Pa.                          New York City.                            Applicant Name Full Name: _________________________________________________________
         OCTOBER 10                       Elizabeth Zaharek, Tor-
   Elizabeth A. Cholewa,               rington, Conn., President of              Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Shillington, Pa., a member of          Wreath 86, Torrington, Conn.
Wreath 155, Reading, Pa.                        OCTOBER 16                                  _______________________________________________________________________
   Eric Soppi, Uniontown, Oh., a          Dorothy Guzowski, Reading,
member of Assembly 167,                Pa., a member of Wreath 155,              Current Age: _______ (Applicant Qualifying ages are 0 – 80)
Barberton, Oh.                         Reading, Pa.
         OCTOBER 11                             OCTOBER 17                       Date: ________________      Applicant Signature:________________________________________
   Jan Slovak, Little Ferry, N.J.,        Colleen Koval, Hudson, Pa., a
a member of Assembly 162,              member of Assembly 59, Wilkes-            Date: ________________ Existing Member’s Signature: _________________________________
Clifton, N.J., and a member of         Barre, Pa.
our home office staff.                          OCTOBER 18                       SHAPP-10
         OCTOBER 12                       Carol Ann Baron, Monon-             ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄
   Keith R. Hildebrand, Can-           gahela, Pa., a member of Assem-                  OCTOBER 19
field, Oh., a member of Assem-         bly 127, Monessen, Pa.                   Joseph Bruno, Sinking Spring,
bly 108, Youngstown, Oh.                  James J. Dzuricky, Erie, Pa.,       Pa., a member of Assembly 261,           Keep Your Slovak Catholic Sokol
         OCTOBER 13                    a member of Assembly 64, Erie,         Reading, Pa.                              Home Office Numbers Handy
   Joseph M. Biros, Bratislava,        Pa.                                       William P. Barber, Forty Font,
Slovakia a member of Assembly             Carl E. Gregor, Farmington,         Pa., a member of Assembly 59,      TOLL FREE NUMBER – 1-800-886-7656
59, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.                  Mich., a member of Assembly 127,       Wilkes-Barre, Pa.                  HOME OFFICE        – (973) 777-2605 or 777-2606
   David A. Bulwin, Clifton, N.J.,     Monessen, Pa.                             Mary Campbell, Philadelphia,
recording secretary of Assembly           Tyler John Kopchak, Park            Pa., a member of Wreath 13, Phila- DIRECTOR OF SALES
162, Clifton, N.J.                     Ridge, N.J., a member of Assem-        delphia, Pa.                       AND MARKETING     – 1-888-381-5431 or (412) 381-5431
   Anna Marie Ondick, Ran-             bly 1, Passaic, N.J.                      Madeleine Cardamone, Har-       UNDERWRITING       – (973) 777-4704
dleman, NC., a member of Wreath           Joseph A. Majersky, Erie, Pa., a    vest, Ala., a member of Assembly
14, Johnstown, Pa.                     member of Assembly 64, Erie, Pa.       188, Lansford, Pa.                 EDITOR             – (973) 777-4010
           OCTOBER 15                     Marlene Morris, Chillicothe,           Margaret A. Dzimiera,
   Steven Bavolar,Scarsdale,           Oh., a member of Assembly 127,         Hollidaysburg, Pa., a member of    FAX NUMBER         – (973) 779-8245
N.Y., a member of Assembly 182,        Monessen, Pa.                          Assembly 127, Monessen, Pa.        E-MAIL             –
New York City,                            Glenn P. Smertka, Monessen,            James J. Hildebrand, Youngs-
   Msgr. John J. Bendik, Ph.D.,        Pa., a member of Assembly 127,         town, Oh., a member of Assembly    WEB SITE           –
Pittston, Pa., a member of As-         Monessen, Pa.                          108, Youngstown, Oh.
Page 16                                                                             THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010

Center of Slovak fraternal and religious activity
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church Celebrates
its 100th Anniversary in Torrington, Conn.
   Several interesting and informa-      Henry J. Mansell served as the          ing a parish. In 1908, Assembly 23
tive activities led up to the official   principal celebrant of the centen-      of the Slovak Catholic Sokol was
observance of the 100th anniver-         nial liturgy. Today, Sacred Heart is    founded and actively worked to
sary of the founding of Sacred           part of the cluster of Catholic         establish a Slovak parish. Follow-
Heart of Jesus Parish in Torrington,     churches in Torrington served by        ing his appointment to Bridgeport
Conn. One was a heritage day cel-        the Rev. Christopher Tiano as pas-      in 1907, the Rev. Matthew Jankola
ebration recalling the Slovak tra-       tor and the Rev. John Lavorgna,         began regular visitations to cel-
ditions of the parish. It included an    associate. The two were among the       ebrate Mass and offer the sacra-
extensive exhibit of memorabilia         concelebrants of the centennial lit-    ments to the Slovaks. He encour-
and historic documents and news-         urgy along with the retired pastor      aged the group in their efforts.
paper clippings recalling the            of Sacred Heart and chaplain of            Bishop Nilan officially estab-
parish’s rich history. On that occa-     Group 2, the Rev. A. Leo Spodnik.       lished the parish under the patron-
sion, which included a reception         During the liturgy, Father Tiano        age of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in
where parishioners enjoyed Slo-          paid tribute to Father Spodnik,         1910. On May 30, 1910, the Rev.
vak culinary specialities and lis-       whose six-year pastorate included       Gaspar J. Panik was ordained a
tened to Slovak music, many of the       the splendid renovation of the          priest. On June 15 of that year, he
members of the parish donned the         Spanish-style church. Following         was appointed the first pastor the    Some of the parishioners who donned their family’s traditional Slo-
traditional Slovak dress of their an-    his retirement, Sacred Heart then       date on the which the parish was      vak kroj to celebrate Sacred Heart’s centennial are shown on the
cestors known as kroj. Each vil-         became part of the Torrington clus-     officially established. He cel-       above photo with the priests who serve Sacred Heart Parish. Shown
lage and region of Slovakia had          ter of Catholic churches. In his        ebrated Mass and offered the sac-     front row are, l-r, Dorothy Pukas, Betty Neri, Toni Landor. Back
particular traditions related to their   homily, Archbishop Mansell paid         raments initially in St. Francis      row, l-r, Bernard Lach, Rev. John Lavorgna, associate pastor; the
dress. Many of those who partici-        tribute to the great spiritual impact   Chapel and later in St. Peter’s       Rev. Christopher Tiano, pastor and John Bittner.
pated wore the handmade kroj             Sacred Heart has had on genera-         Church basement. Bishop Nilan         assignment before retirement, Father       ish has very generously supported
which their ancestors brought with       tions of the faithful during the past   blessed the cornerstone of the new    Leo brought a vitality and enthusi-        various projects on behalf of the
them to Torrington. Many of those        century. “Think of all the first com-   church on May 30, 1911. The           asm hardly seen in a man his age.          Church in Slovakia and in particu-
who wore their ancestral dress in-       munions we’ve celebrated at Sa-         church of Spanish mission style       During his pastorate, the monumen-         lar the annual SS. Cyril and
cluded members of Wreath 86 and          cred Heart...all the confirmations      was completed on September 1,         tal restoration of the church took         Methodius Appeal of the Slovak
Assembly 23. Both these lodges           we celebrated here,” the arch-          1911. Father Panik actively en-       place, a tribute to his artistic genius,   Catholic Federation. Our local
have been active in the parish           bishop noted. “Think of all the         couraged our local Sokol lodges       pastoral insight and personal              Sokols and Sokolky are active in
throughout its history. Following        marriages...the ordinations.” He        and was elected as the third Su-      warmth. He remained as pastor un-          all the ministries of the parish.
the heritage celebration, several in-    also recalled the struggles and sac-    preme Chaplain of the Slovak          til 1997 when the parish became a             On the occasion of the centen-
teresting stories appeared the local     rifices made by the Slovak immi-        Catholic Sokol, serving from 1910     part of the cluster of churches.           nial of Sacred Heart Church, we
press including one by Ronald            grants who began a new life in          until 1912. He remained as pastor         Over the years, the parish has         offer prayerful congratulations to
DeRosa in the Register Citizen. In       Torrington and wanted to preserve       until 1916 when he succeeded Fa-      given the Church numerous voca-            the members of this faith commu-
the article it noted that Rita           their most precious possession -        ther Jankola at SS. Cyril and         tions to the priesthood and reli-          nity. May God continue bless them
Rosenbeck had found an old 1939          their faith. The Archbishop             Methodius Parish in Bridgeport.       gious life.                                and may our Cyrilo-Methodian
obituary from her grandfather,           thanked the present parishioners        On May 8, 1916, he was succeeded          Since then, the faith community        heritage of faith continue to enrich
Michael Lucas at the exhibit. She        for their dedication to their faith     as pastor by his cousin, the Rev.     of Sacred Heart continues to thrive.       the cluster of Catholic churches in
said “I was suprised to see it”, not-    and heritage. Following the im-         Stephen A. Panik. Under Father        Our Slovak faith traditions con-           Torrington. We pray that Sacred
ing that she didn’t expect to see her    pressive liturgy, a special reception   Stephen Panik’s leadership, the       tinue. The parish is home to our           Heart’s second century of minis-
grandfather’s obituary among the         was held in honor of the Arch-          cornerstone of Sacred Heart           local fraternal lodges. Since the          try will be as fruitful as its first.
historical documents. She said she       bishop. During the reception, John      School was blessed on July 4,         arrival of Father Spodnik, the par-        Congratulations and Zdar Boh!
learned that her grandfather was a       Bittner, on behalf of the parishio-     1922. The school open in the fall
founder of Sacred Heart a century        ners, presented Archbishop              of 1923 under the direction of the
ago, something she was told but          Mansell with a handmade crystal         Sisters of SS. Cyril and Methodius.                             Your beneficiaries
hardly appreciated until the ex-         vase from Slovakia as a remem-          The first graduation took place in        When was the last time you looked at your designated benefi-
hibit. Another parishioner, Rita         brance of his visit to Sacred Heart.    June 1924. In 1931, a convent was       ciaries on your valuable Sokol insurance policy? How impor-
Kozak recalled the many Slovak                   Impressive History              dedicated to house the sisters who      tant is it? Just think about how much your life has changed.
faith traditions which have been so         The first Slovaks began settling     previously used some of the class-      Have you married, divorced, had children, maybe you lost a
much a part of the life of the par-      in Torrington in the early 1890s.       rooms as their temporary living         loved one? This is an item you should consider annually. If you
ish over the past century.               In 1892, they organized the St.         quarters. The school served the         do need to make changes to any of your policies, contact the
   The principal celebration of the      Joseph’s Society whose mission          parish until it was closed in 1982.     Home Office at 800-886-7656.
centennial took place on Sunday,         was to estabish a Slovak parish.        Father Panik completed his fruit-
June 20. The occasion came very          The society became Branch 98 of         ful pastorate at Sacred Heart in
near the June 15, 1910 date when         the First Catholic Slovak Union.        1933 when he succeeded his cousin
the parish was officially estab-         During these years, the Slovaks         at SS. Cyril and Methodius in
                                                                                                                         (Editor’s note: We have noticed a number of returned
lished by the Bishop of Hartford,        worshiped at St. Francis Church.        Bridgeport. He enjoyed an active        copies of our Falcon due to incorrect addresses of our
John Nilan. The present Arch-            By 1905, their numbers were suf-        ministry promoting many religious       members. We ask that when individuals move, that they
bishop of Hartford, the Most Rev.        ficient to begin steps in establish-    and civic projects. He too was an       complete the form below for a change of address or
                                                                                 active Sokol and chosen as patron
                                                                                 of Group 2.                             call the home office. We thank you for your continued
                                                                                    On February 10, 1933, the Rev.       cooperation)
                                                                                 John J. Zihala was appointed the
                                                                                 parish’s third pastor. Despite the      CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR REQUEST
                                                                                 depression years, the good people
                                                                                 of Sacred Heart cooperated with
                                                                                                                          FOR SLOVAK CATHOLIC FALCON
                                                                                 their new pastor. In 1935, a large             P.O.BOX 899 ● 205 MADISON STREET
                                                                                 bell was cast, christened and                          PASSAIC, N.J. 07055
                                                                                 placed in the church belfrey. By
                                                                                 1945, the parish debt was paid off        ❑ NEW ❑ CHANGE ❑ CANCELLATION
                                                                                 and many improvements were              Certificate No._____________________________________
                                                                                 made to the parish plant. A new
                                                                                 organ and chimes were purchased
                                                                                 and in 1958, major renovtions were      Name______________________________________________
                                                                                 made to the school. In 1960, a new
                                                                                 rectory was bilt. Father Vitka          New Address_____________________________________
                                                                                 served the parish until his death
                                                                                 in 1969 when the Rev. Stephen G.        City_________________State____________ Zip_________
John Bittner presented a doll from his mother’s Slovak doll collec-              Vitka was appointed pastor. Father
tion to Catherine Rossi during the reception celebrating the 100th               Vitka remained as pastor until his
                                                                                 retirement in 1991. That year, he       Old Address_____________________________________
anniversary of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Torrington, Conn.
Looking on are Catherine’s mother, Bonnie Rossi and her grand-                   was succeeded by the Rev. A. Leo
                                                                                 Spodnik. While it was his final         City____________________State____________Zip_________
mother, Toni Landor, who are officers of Wreath 86.
                               THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010                    Page 17

Scenes of the Annual Sokol Family Day Picnic Hosted
            by Assembly 25 & Wreath 15
      Slovak Catholic Sokol Pavilion + Perryopolis, Pa. + Sunday, August 15
Page 18   THE FALCON, OCTOBER 6, 2010
                                                              SLOVENSKY KATOLÍCKY SOKOL, 6. OKTÓBRA 2010                                                                            Page 19

                                                                                 Základn¥ kame∞                                  Turista so zlomenou nohou
                                                                                Slovenského domu                                   pre¢il v Tatrách tri dni
                                                                                  (Pokra™ovanie zo str. 20)          A¢ na tretí de∞ sa horsk¥m zá-         jeho priatel«ku, ktorá s ním strá-
                                                                              nav£tívili slovensk¥ prezident         chranárom podarilo nájst« pol«-        vila noc, no potom sa rozhodla
                                                                              Ivan Ga£parovi™ a vtedaj£í pre-        ského turistu, ktor¥ si 25. sep-       íst« sama pre pomoc. Záchra-
                                                                              zident László Szólyom. Otázka          tembra zlomil nohu pri zostupe         nárom v£ak vôbec nepomohla.
                                                                              Slovenského domu sa dokonca            z Ke¢marského £títu. Bola s            Úplne stratila orientáciu, nakol«-
                                                                              dostala aj na pôdu Európskeho          ním síce jeho priatel«ka, tá v£ak      ko bola hustá hmla. Záchranári
                                                                              parlamentu, kde s ∞ou vystúpili        nedokázala záchranárom opí-            preto pokra™ovali v hl«adaní zra-
                                                                              slovensk¥ poslanci.                    sat«, kde sa nachádzajú. Ked«          neného cel¥ de∞ a a¢ na tretí
                                                                                 Za™iatok stavby sa oneskoril        sama zi£la pre záchranárov,            de∞ sa im podarilo ho nájst«, ked«
                                                                              o dva roky. Slováci plánovali za-      nevedela opät« nájst« miesto,          za™uli jeho krik. Bol úplne inde
                                                                              ™iatok stavby na za™iatok sep-         kde priatel«a nechala.                 ako opisovala jeho priatel«ka.
                                                                              tembra 2008. Kúpili pozemok a             Turista sa po£mykol spadol          Záchranári dali zranenému prvú
                                                                              mali vypracovan¥ architektonick¥       asi 30 metrov a pri páde si zlo-       pomoc a previezli ho do nemoc-
                                                                              návrh nového domu. Potom v£ak          mil nohu. Jeho priatel«ka zavo-        nice. Bol pri vedomí, ale zna™ne
                                                                              obecné zastupitel«stvo za™alo          lala záchranárov, tí v£ak neve-        podchladen¥.
Predsední™ka Úradu pre Slovákov ¢ijúcich v zahrani™í so sídlom v Bratislave
23. septembra nav£tívila hlavn¥ úrad Slovenské katolíckeho sokola. Po™as
                                                                              klást« jednu preká¢ku za druhou.       deli, kde ich majú hl«adat«.              Celá akcia v mimoriadne ne-
prehliadky múzea sa zapísala do náv£tevnej knihy. Na snímke sú (zl«ava):      Zbierali podpisy proti budove,            Hl«adali ich v Malom ke¢-           priaznivom po™así bola náro™ná
hlavn¥ tajomník ‹tefan M. Pogorelec, predsední™ka ÚS›Z Vilma Prívarová,       rôznymi spôsobmi sa sna¢ili po-        marskom £títe a na Huncov-             aj pre záchranárov. Po™as troch
redaktor Daniel F. Tanzone, tajomní™ka Slovenskej ligy v Amerike Nina Holá    staveniu domu zabránit« a nat«a-       skom £títe. Okruh bol pomerne          dní ich pátralo spolu 88. Dvaja
a ™estn¥ tajomník Slovenskej ligy Ján A. Hol¥.                                hovali ™as. Na pôvodne vybra-          vel«k¥. Na druh¥ de∞ ráno stretli      z nich sa zranili.
                                                                              nom mieste zakázali budovu
          Do¢inková zábava v Trentone, NJ                                     stavat«, preto¢e to bolo v blízkosti
     V sobotu 6. novembra bude v hale Kostola sv. Michala, 1130               obytn¥ch domov. Slováci nako-          Prezident Ga£parovi™ by zru£il mad«arsk¥
Brunswick Ave., v Trentone, NJ do¢inková zábava. O 7.00 hodine                niec získali pozemok pri hlavnej
bude slovenská sv. om£a. O 8.00 hodine za™ne zábava, ktorá                    ceste na okraji Mlynkov.
                                                                                                                         aj slovensk¥ zákon o ob™ianstve
bude trvat« do 2.00 hodiny ráno. Ve™era bude podávaná od 8.30
do 10.00 hodiny. Do tanca bude hrat« skupina In Check. Vstupné                                                         Prezident Ga£poravi™ tvrdí,          prakticky po¢iadat« o ob™ian-
je $30.00, mláde¢ do 15 rokov má vstup zdarma. Predaj lístkov
                                                                                  Katarínska zábava                  ¢e slovenská reakcia na ma-            stvo Mad«arskej republiky, ak
na tel. ™. 267-394-1976; 609-203-3548.                                              v New Yorku                      d«arsk¥ zákon o ob™ianstve je          splní e£te niektoré dodatkové
                                                                                V sobotu 13. novembra o 7.00         prirodzená. Zru£il by v£ak ma-         povinnosti, ktoré tento zákon
Festival slovenského dedi™stva v Pittsburghu                                  hodine ve™er bude v osadnej            d«arsk¥ zákon o dvojakom ob-           priná£a," zdôraznil.
    University of Pittsburgh, Pitt Student Slovak Club v spolupráci           hale slovenského Kostola sv.           ™ianstve a tie¢ novelu zákona             Na otázku, ™i sa nazdáva,
so Slovak Studies Foundation usporiadajú 20. Festival slovenského             Jána Nepomuckého na 411 East,          o £tátnom ob™ianstve, ktorá            ¢e mad«arská republika bude
dedi™stva v nedel«u 7. novembra. Bude sa konat« v Cathedral of                66th Street v New Yorku Ka-            bola reakciou slovensk¥ch zá-          v tomto prípade ústretová, od-
Learning Commons Room na University of Pittsburgh v Oakland                   tarínska zábava. Do tanca bude         konodarcov na tento zákon.             povedal: "Musíme skú£at«.
section v Pittsburghu, PA. Za™iatok bude o 1.00 hodine a trvat« bude          hrat« skupina Kontakty.                  Uviedol to 3. októbra v dis-         Mám obavy, ¢e k tomuto zá-
do 5.00 hodiny. Prítomní si budú mat« mo¢nost« prezriet« v¥stavu o              Vstúpné je $25.00 za osobu.          kusnej relácii STV O pät« minút        konu budú e£te vel«ké debatné
Slovensku. Otvorené budú predajné stánky s v¥robkami dovezen¥mi               V cene je zapo™ítaná ve™era.           dvanást«. "To má jedinú ro-            diskusie."
zo Slovenska. Na predaj budú aj slovenské jedlá. V kultúrnom                  Rezervácie lístkov: Milan a            zumnú logiku," zdôraznil s                V súvislosti s novelou zá-
programe sa predstavia slovenské folklórne tane™né a spevácke                 Henrieta Dait, tel. ™. 201-641-        t¥m, ¢e nevidí dôvod, pre™o by         kona o £tátnom jazyku z dielne
súbory. Bli¢£ie informácie: Christine Metil, tel. ™. 412-624-5906.            8922; Jozef Bilik, tel. ™. 718-463-
                                                                                                                     sa malo "vy£pi™kovat« napätie          ministerstva kultúry, v ktorej
                                                                                                                     v oblasti, ktorá do budúcnosti         zostali sankcie pre úrady, ale
          Vytopen¥m farmárom hrozí krach                                                                             nemusí byt« ani dominantná.            nie pre be¢n¥ch l«udí, prezi-
  Na poliach blato a nad ním           kde zasiat« p£enicu, na poliach        Viete, ¢e...                             Prezident v£ak zárove∞ pri-          dent vyjadril svoj názor, ¢e tie-
dvojmetrová burina. Obilné s¥p-        po septembrov¥ch siln¥ch da¢-          ...americk¥ herec Tony Curtis          znal, ¢e zo slovenskej strany          to sankcie sú potrebné. "Je to
ky zívajú prázdnotou a na ú™-          d«och vystúpila podzemná voda.         mal slovenské korene? Her-             sa nedalo robit« ni™ iné, pre-         normálny zákon, ktor¥ hovorí
toch zostatok pát tisíc eur. Tak       Niektoré pol«nohspodárske pod-         cova mama Helena Kleinová              to¢e mad«arsk¥ zákon je podl«a         o £tátnom jazyku a re£pektuje
vyzerá situácia u pol«nohospo-         niky stratili a¢ 80 percent úrody      pochádzala z Val«kova pri Pol-         jeho slov náborom v£etk¥ch,            v£etky národnosti, ktoré u nás
dárov, cez chotáre ktor¥ch sa          obilnín. Úroda bola taká nízka,        tári. Do Ameriky odi£la v roku         ktorí ¢ili v Uhorsku, nie v Ma-        mô¢u svojim jazykom hovorit«,"
prevalila v septembri vel«ká           ¢e ju musia na famrách £etrit«         1923. Tony Curtis zomrel 29.           d«arsku.                               zdôraznil s t¥m, ¢e pokuty sa
voda. Tá vystúpila na povrch,          pre dobytok, na predaj im nezo-        septembra vo veku 85 rokov.              "¤i¢e, ka¢d¥ Uhor si mô¢e            nebudú t¥kat« jednotlivcov.
ked« sa po da¢d«och zdvihli hla-       stáva ni™.
diny riek. Je najvy££í ™as siat«          Vel«ké £kody vznikli aj po™as
oziminy, a do polí sa nie a nie        povodní, ked« £tát rozhodol, ¢e
dostat«. Farmári sú zúfalí – na-       vodu z rieky Trnávka v Trebi-
miesto zakladania úrody pre-           £ove treba vypustit« na polia.
pú£t«ajú l«udí. Na kolená padajú       Ked« prebúrali hrázu, voda úpl-
u¢ aj najstar£ie firmy. Nemajú         ne zni™ila úrodu.

                               ISSN: 0897-8107

                           Úradn¥ ™asopis
      Zalo¢en¥ 15. apríla 1911 – Vychádza ka¢dú druhú stredu
                         Majitel« a vydavatel«:
                      SLOVAK CATHOLIC SOKOL

                      Daniel F. Tanzone, redaktor
                                                                              Pozornost« ú™astníkov 33. Festivalu slovenského dedi™stva, ktor¥ sa konal v nedel«u 26. septembra v PNC Bank
                     Telefónne ™íslo: (973) 777-4010                          Arts Center v Holmdel, NJ, upútali svojím vystúpením po™as kultúrneho programu deti zo slovenskej £koly spolku
      V£etky ™lánky, príspevky a správy treba posielat« na adresu:            Domovina pri Kostole sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Cliftone, NJ. Za svoje milé a dobre pripravené predstavenie si získali
                                                                              od prítomn¥ch vel«k¥ potlesk. Ich vystúpenie zaujali aj predsední™ku Úradu Slovákov ¢ijúcich v zahrani™í so sídlom
            Editor, Slovak Catholic Sokol, P.O. Box 899
                                                                              v Bratislave Vilmu Prívarovú (na snímke v poslednom rade v strede), ktorá bola prítomná na festivale. Vyjadrila
          205 Madison Street, Passaic, New Jersey 07055                       det«om a rodi™om, ktorí deti na vystúpenie pripravili, pochvalu a uznanie.
                  Za Boha a národ                                                                                   For God and Nation

                                          SLOVAK CATHOLIC FALCON

RO¤NÍK XCIX                                                                  PASSAIC, NJ, 6. OKTÓBRA 2010                                                                ¤ÍSLO 4922

                                                                                                                        Správy zo Slovenska
                                                                                                                 ◆ Koncom septembra odi£lo 92          cent, niektoré komodity zdra¢eli
                                                                                                                 vojakov plnit« úlohy do operácie      skoro o tridsat« percent.
                                                                                                                 UNFICYP na Cypre. Medzi no-           ◆ ‹tát by do konca marca budú-
                                                                                                                 v¥mi príslu£níkmi misie je aj de-     ceho roku mal prepustit« pribli¢ne
                                                                                                                 sat« ¢ien. V sú™asnosti na Cypre      850 zamestnancov colnej sprá-
                                                                                                                 pôsobí 196 príslu£níkov ozbro-        vy. Opatrenie súvisí s plánova-
                                                                                                                 jen¥ch síl SR. V misii sa dosial«     n¥m zní¢ením v¥davkov na chod
                                                                                                                 vystriedlo 1 797 príslu£níkov Oz-     ministerstiev. Úsporné opatrenia
                                                                                                                 brojen¥ch síl SR, z toho 72 ¢ien.     sa dotknú aj d«al£ích minister-
                                                                                                                 ◆ Rastúce slovenské automo-           stiev, v¥nimkou sú policajti, ha-
                                                                                                                 bilky t«ahajú z krízov¥ch ™ísiel      si™i a u™itelia. Prepú£t«anie £tá-
                                                                                                                 desiatky d«al£ích spolo™ností.        tom platen¥ch pracovníkov je
                                                                                                                 Podniky, ktoré dodávajú sú™iast-      sú™ast«ou balíka na ozdravenie
                                                                                                                 ky na nové autá, u¢ hlásia v¥raz-     verejn¥ch financií, ktor¥ z v䙣ej
                                                                                                                 né o¢ivenie.                          ™asti predpokladá £krtanie v¥-
                                                                                                                 ◆ Slovenská televízna akadémia        davkov vlády.
                                                                                                                 rozhodla o návrhu slovenského         ◆ Preú£t«anie £tátnych úradníkov
                                                                                                                 filmu na cenu Akadémie filmo-         sa bude t¥kat« aj ‹tátnej pois-
                                                                                                                 v¥ch umení a vied v kategórii cu-     t«ovne, kde prepustia 855 l«udí, z
                                                                                                                 dzojazi™n¥ film. Slovensk¥m kan-      Ministerstva vnútra odíde 902 l«u-
                                                                                                                 didátom na najprestí¢nej£ie fil-      dí, Ministerstva hospodárstva 47
                                                                                                                 mové ocenenie Oscar v kate-           l«udí a Ministerstva práce 66 l«udí.
V piatok 24. septembra sa v New Yorku na Slovenskej misii pri Spojen¥ch národoch konala recepcia na              górii Najlep£í cudzojazy™n¥ film      Podl«a údajov, ktoré médiám pos-
po™est« prezidenta SR, ktorí bol v USA na pracovnej náv£teve. Pozvaní boli ™estní konzuli Slovenskej republiky
                                                                                                                 sa stala snímka re¢iséra Jaro-        kytli jednotlivé rezorty o prácu
v USA a zástupcovia Slovenskej ligy. Na snímke sú (zl«ava): ™len V¥konného v¥boru SLvA Ján Duch, redaktor
                                                                                                                 slava Vojteka Hranica. Film mu-       príde a¢ 2 720 l«udí.
SKS a predseda SLvA Daniel F. Tanzone, tajomní™ká SLvA Nina Holá, prezident SR. Ivan Ga£parovi™ a
vel«vyslanec SR pri Spojen¥ch národoch Milo£ Koterec.
                                                                                                                 sel byt« do Los Angeles doru™en¥      ◆ Slovenskí vinohradníci a vinári
                                                                                                                 do 1. októbra.                        pova¢ujú tohoro™nú úrodu hroz-
           Dvojro™nú Sa£ku z Kremnice                                        Polo¢ili základn¥                   ◆ Na slovensk¥ch základn¥ch a         na za katastrofálnu. Po l«adov-
                                                                            kame∞ Slovenského                    stredn¥ch £kolách v tomto £kol-       coch a prívalov¥ch da¢d«och zos-
             operovali v New Yorku                                                                               skom roku u™í 6 600 u™itel«ov         tali vinice na stovkách hektárov
                                                                             domu v Mlynkoch                     angli™tiny. V £tátnych základn¥ch     bez úrody a tam, kde strapce do-
   Na Slovensku jej lekári ne-       l«udia pomohli vyzbierat« penia-
                                                                             Dlhoro™n¥ spor Slovákov v           £kolách sa cudzí jazyk u™í 345        zrievali, bolo hrozno vel«mi kyslé.
dokázali pomôct«. Dvojro™ná          ze na finan™ne náro™nú operá-
                                                                           Mad«arskej obci Mlynky o Slo-         203 ¢iakov. Z toho 297 470 sa         Vinohradníci tvria, ¢e tak¥ ne-
Sa£ka Vagnerová z Kremnice           ciu sa rozniesla po celom Slo-
                                                                           vensk¥ dom sa skon™il. Presne         u™í anli™tinu, 93 500 nem™inu,        priazniv¥ ro™ník neza¢ili za pos-
nemala e£te ani dva roky ked«        vensku a aj v USA. Bola úspe£-
                                                                           dva a pol roka po tom, ako            20 375 ru£tinu, 3 428 francúz-        ledn¥ch £tyridsat« rokov.
jej zistili nádorové ochorenie –     ná a do New Yorku na operáciu
                                                                           obecné zastupitel«stvo v Mlyn-        £tinu a 490 £paniel™inu.              ◆ Slovensk¥ film Pokoj v du£i
neuroblastóm. Podstúpila 11          mohli s diev™atkom odletiet« aj
                                                                           koch rozhodlo o vyst«ahovaní          ◆ Vysoká nezamestnanost« na           re¢iséra Vladimíra Balka získal
chemoterapií. Je rodi™ia sa          jej rodi™ia.
                                                                           slovenskej samosprávy z ich           Slovensku sa prejavuje po™te          hlavnú cenu na medzinárodnom
                                        Sa£ke vyoperovali zhubn¥
                                                                           pôvodného domu, sa za™al              kandidátov na jednu pracovnú          filmovom festivale v Kansas City.
                                     nádor 9. augusta. Pri zlo¢itej
                                                                           kone™ne stavat« nov¥ dom              pozíciu. Oproti obdobiu pred krí-     Najlep£ie filmy vyhodnotila 3. ok-
                                     operácii sa lekárom nepodarilo                                              zou sa ich po™et zv¥£il pät«ná-       tóbra odborná porota 10. ro™níka
                                                                           Slovákov. Ten síce nebude stát«
                                     vybrat« cel¥ nádor, malá ™ast«                                              sobne. Najv䙣í je záujem o prá-      festivalu, ktor¥ sa v d∞och 1. a¢
                                                                           na takom lukratívnom mieste,
                                     e£te zostala. Nemohli ju u¢ ne-                                             cu, na ktorú sta™í základné vzde-     7. októbra konal v najv䙣om
                                                                           ako si Slováci predstavovali, po
                                     chat« dlh£ie uspatú. Lekári v£ak                                            lanie. Vypl¥va to z údajov pra-       meste £tátu Missouri. Film Pokoj
                                                                           dlhom ™ase neistoty a nat«aho-
                                     boli po operácii nadmieru spo-                                              covného portálu A¢       v du£i bol nato™en¥ v roku 2009
                                                                           vania sa s mad«arsk¥mi úadmi
                                     kojní. Sa£ka je teraz na lie™be                                             98 l«udí sa podl«a neho v júni hlá-   a rozpráva príbeh mu¢a, ktor¥ sa
                                                                           v£ak budú mat« vlastné repre-
                                     chemoterapiou.                                                              silo na jedno miesto, kde je pot-     z väzenia vracia do rodnej de-
                                                                           zenta™né priestory. V polovici
                                        Náklady na Sa£kinu ope-                                                  rebné základné vzdelanie.             diny v horách.
                                                                           septembra polo¢ili základn¥
                                     ráciu vy™íslili lekári na 200-tisíc                                         ◆ Dru¢stvo Okrasa v ¤adci vy-         ◆ Zv¥£enie spotrebnej dane z
                                                                           kame∞ novej budovy. Ak v£etko
                                     dolárov. Rodina predala, ™o sa                                              expeduje od 20. októbra 100-          piva o takmer 50 percent na Slo-
                                                                           pôjde podl«a plánu, do domu by
                                     dalo a spolu s vyzbieran¥mi pe-                                             tisíc viano™n¥ch ozdôb pre USA.       vensku vá¢ne ohrozuje nielen
                                                                           sa mohli nast«ahovat« v auguste
                                     niazmi sa im podarilo získat«                                               Americk¥ odberca má záujem            cel¥ pivovarnícky priemysel, ale
        Sa£ka po operácii                                                  na budúci rok.                        hlavne o ru™ne fúkané a mal«o-
                                     v䙣iu ™ast«. Ch¥ba im v£ak                                                                                       bude mat« zárove∞ aj dosah na
obrátili na lekárov New Yorku.                                               Pôvodn¥ Slovensk¥ dom sa            vané gule.
                                     e£te 70 tisíc dolárov.                                                                                            mno¢stvo d«al£ích pracovn¥ch
Ked« si prezreli jej záznamy,                                              v prvej polovici roku 2008 stal
                                        Bli¢£ie informácie o Sa£ke,                                              ◆ ‹tatistick¥ úrad Slovenskej         miest v súvisiacich odvetviach.
rodi™om odpovedali, ¢e ich                                                 symbolom vyostrenia vzt«ahov                                                Pivovarníctvo a na∞ nadviazané
                                     popis priebehu operácie, po-                                                republiky zverejnil nelichotivé
dcérku mô¢u operovat«.                                                     medzi Slovenskom a Mad«ar-                                                  odvetvia v¥roby sladu, pol«no-
                                     opera™ná doba a priebeh jej zo-                                             ™ísla rastu cien agrov¥robkov.
  Rodi™ia si v£ak finan™ne ná-                                             skom. Do bitky o dom sa zapojili      Analytici predpokladajú, ¢e zdra-     hospodárstvo, obchod a d«al£ie
                                     tavovania a pobytu v nemocnici
ro™nú cestu a operáciu nemohli                                             najvy££í ústavní ™initelia na         ¢enie bude e£te v䙣ie. V au-         slu¢by dnes na Slovensku dá-
                                     v New Yorku je popísan¥ na in-
dovolit«. Obrátili sa preto na ve-                                         oboch stranách Dunaja. Mlynky         guste rástli ceny medziro™ne v        vajú prácu takmer 21.000 za-
                                     terntovej stránke:
rejnost«. Prosba rodi™ov, aby im                                               (Pokra™ovanie na str. 19)         priemere o viac ako dvadsat« per-     mestnancom.

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