Council Offices / Swyddfa’r Cyngor
               Station Road / Ffordd yr Orsaf
                      Barmouth / Abermaw
                      Gwynedd LL42 1LU

         Minutes of a meeting of Barmouth Town Council held in the
                               Dragon Theatre
                  at 7p.m. on Tuesday, 22nd February 2011.
Councillor P Hill (in the chair), Councillor J Brookes, Councillor D Fisher, Councillor M
James, Councillor V McArdell, Councillor D Clay, Councillor R Williams, Councillor S
Slater. Councillor S Baynes, Councillor B Goddard

In attendance:
J.Hughes (Clerk)
Eryl Jones Williams (Reporter)
Mr W Huntley, Mr B Wood, Barmouth Football Club

The representatives of Barmouth Football Club who wished to address the Council had
approached the Chairman prior to the meeting. Though this request had been received too
late to be placed on the Agenda, there were no objections and Mr Huntley and Mr Wood
addressed the Council as follows:-

Barmouth Football Club is the oldest in the world. A Management Committee was set up 2-
3 years ago to provide a way of bringing sport to the people in general and to get youths off
the street to play football. The Committee have been trying to think of ways to develop the
club and are looking for support to help their strategy. They are in negotiation with
Gwynedd Council over land at Wern Mynach for Gwynedd Council to take over the
responsibility for the whole area. They are hoping to develop the training ground and car
park. There are three main issues:-
    1. The lease
    2. The junior pitch is not up to standard and due to the increasing number of juniors
        wanting to play football, the Committee want to create an academy pitch which would
        be larger than the junior pitch.
    3. The Committee want to take over the responsibility of the tennis court area to create a
        multi sport centre where other sports could be played e.g basketball and tennis etc.
        There would also be a fitness centre and special facilities for various sports. They
        want to develop the Football Club into a multi sports centre for all citizens of
        Barmouth to use.
Primary school children are regular players at the Football Club. They have 142 regular
players. The problem is that there is a lack of space and they are desperate for more space.
The Leisure Centre staff have agreed to commit their free time to help support and supervise.
There would be no activities after 8pm and the Committee would work with local residents
and take their views very seriously.
The Committee is looking to Gwynedd Council for funding. The cost is approximately
£27,000. They have set up a members club and have raised £3,000 . The Members Club will
continue to raise money towards maintenance after the centre is completed and will hold
fund-raising events. They are hopeful that the Welsh F.A will support them. The Lease is
well under way to completion and they can then apply for grants etc. They will be going
ahead with the academy pitch but have not progressed with the tennis court application as
they have just expressed an interest.
Councillor Brooks asked about Planning Permission i.e change of use. It was thought that
this may not be necessary as it was already used as a sports facility but this was being looked
 The Council was asked for their support in the matter and it was agreed to place the subject
on the agenda for the March Council meeting.

The Chairman thanked Messrs Huntley and Wood for a professional and interesting

       Councillor P Bunce, Councillor T Roberts.

       Councillor Lark Davies – Planning Application, Hope Villa

3.     MINUTES
       Minutes of the previous meeting held on 25th January 2011 were approved and signed         .


       Councillor Clay reported that a following the visit of Chief Inspector Mark Armstrong at the
       January meeting, a letter had been sent to the Chief Constable, North Wales Police. His
       response would be discussed under agenda item 8.

       Public Shelter: there was no response as yet.

       Mawdach Rotary Club: The event would take place over two days. The information was
       tabled. It would take place in the town and on the estuary. They will be providing an
       invoice for costings.

       Grit Bins: A letter had been received from Mr Thomas. There has been in excess of 100
       requests for extra grit bins to date. There is a maximum that can be supplied. The Councils
       request for bins will be considered but we will not know if they will be provided until next
       winter. A copy of Gwynedd Councils letter will be sent to Mr Allday.

       Precept: The request for the precept money has been sent to Gwynedd Council.

       Merionnydd Access Group : A letter setting out the requirements to request funding has
       been sent.

       Chamber Items: These are to go to the sale room by 7th March. The Eisteddfod chairs are
       going to the school. Councillor McArdel has put the photographs into 2 albums but she will
       need to take some more photo’s in order to bring the record up to date and some dates will
       need amending. Councillor Hill will bring the Chain of Office to the next meeting and Mr
       Kevin McArdel will take the photo’s.

       Furniture: There has been no luck selling the furniture on e-bay with a £250 reserve. It was
       AGREED to remove the reserve and re-advertise. If the furniture has not been sold by the
       date on which the Council vacates the premises it will have to remain in situ.
      Contents of Clerk’s Office: The Clerk had made a list of contents. Two Councillors would
      check the contents to ascertain what to keep and what to dispose of. The Clerk would e-mail
      One Voice Wales to ascertain how long the various records needed to be retained.


      The Chairman had nothing to report.


      C10M/0142/00/LL – erection of detached dormer bungalow for holiday unit use.
      Plot adjacent to Nant y Derw, Ffordd Bro Mynach, Barmouth

      C11/0059/00/AM – Outline application to erect three storey dwelling. Land adjacent
      to Hope Villa, Gloddfa Road, Barmouth


      C10M/0104/00/LL Conversion of workshop to accommodation unit for person with
      special needs. Workshop to rear of Comber House, Marine Parade, Gwynedd

      C09M/0060/00/LL – Erection of three detached dwellings. Plots 31/32 (rear of
      No.38) Ffordd Pentre Mynach, Barmouth

      C10M/0124/00/LL Alterations and extensions to accommodation for disadvantaged
      groups with disabilities to include removal of static caravan and erection of detached
      accommodation unit. Ceilwart Bungalow, North Promenade, Barmouth

      C10M/0132/00/LL Creation of First Floor for one residential flat. Siloam Chapel,
      Beach Road, Barmouth


8.    GWYNEDD COUNCIL REPORT (Councillor T Roberts)

      Policing: In the absence of Councillor Roberts, Councillor Clay reported that a letter
      had been written to Gwynedd Council regarding the future of policing in North
      Wales. The main issue is the Council’s concerns regarding the visible effect of
      policing due to the changes. There was a specific request to look at the strategic
      centre in Bangor and the concerns over the distance of rural communities from the
      strategic centre. A request had been made for a permanent station in Pwllheli. The
      Council were very keen for a deputation to meet with the Chief Constable to discuss
      the issues as soon as possible. A response had been received on 9th February which
      Councillor Clay would arrange to circulate to all Councillors. The Clerk agreed to
      scan the letter and send by e-mail.
      It was stated that the police would be going ahead with the original plans on 5th May
      and there would be a separate review on the buildings which has not yet started.
      Communities First have confirmed that they will be moving into the Police Station.
      The Police Hubs are going ahead and the next step will be a property review. People
      are advised to report every single issue as the more reports are received, the better the
      chance of keeping a police presence.

      Bus Shelter: Councillor Roberts had discussed concerns about the repair of the bus
      shelter with Gwynedd Council. He had informed them that they were responsible for
      the repairs to the shelter. Councillor James read out a letter from the area supervisor
      confirming this.


      There is still £4000.00 set aside in the precept for the public shelter. If it is not to be
      replaced then the money must be spent elsewhere. Councillor James has checked the
      state of the benches around the town and most are in good condition. The present
      public shelter needs to be demolished and the consensus is that a new shelter is not
      wanted. If new benches are being considered instead, then the Council should
      consider that new benches are going into the railway station within the next couple of
      weeks and the Council will need to consider where to put any other new ones.
      Councillor Clay said that the Council could make a formal resolution to move the
      money into the precept for 2011/2912.
      Councillor Brookes proposed that if there are enough benches within the town then
      the Council could space more benches along the promenade wall, following the palm
      trees. This would improve the promenade.
      Councillors Clay and Davies said that they would like to retain a shelter. A possible
      site would be on the “black patch”. Councillor Brookes stated that wherever a shelter
      is situated it is going to be vandalised, it is unfortunately a sign of the times.
      Councillor Fisher stated that the shelter should be removed as no-one wanted it.
      Councillor Brookes suggested that 6 new benches be purchased, leaving £100 for
      maintenance. This was AGREED. The money is to be carried over into next
      years precept.


      This matter had been covered under agenda item 9.


      Dragon Theatre; Councillor Baynes had been to the Dragon theatre meeting. The purchase
      of the theatre is going ahead. A Limited Company will be formed on the 5 th April. They
      will be advertising for a replacement handyman.
      The Tea Dance and the dancers now have to provide their own tea. Bob has agreed to take
      £15 or 50% of the takings in order to make the tea dance viable.
      The insurance has increased significantly due to the change to a limited company.

      BRIG: The station has been painted by Arriva Trains and is now looking very good.

      Arts Committee:       Councillor Slater had attended the Arts Committee meeting.
      Confirmation of grant money has been received from the Arts Council.
         Barmouth Allotment Group: Councillor Slater had also attended the inaugural meeting of
         the Barmouth Allotment Group. This has affiliated to the National Organisation and they
         have 28 members. They also wish to take over the tennis court land and Councillor Slater
         presented plans to the Council. The group are asking for the Council’s support and are
         requesting a letter confirming this. They did ask about Network Rail land but believe that
         soil testing would be required. A request for this land had initially been refused but
         Councillor Slater said she would look into it again. The site is now becoming a dumping
         ground and would benefit from being utilised as allotments. Councillor Hill suggested
         writing to network Rail saying that the Council would support the land being used for
         allotments. The Clerk will write to Network Rail requesting a meeting to discuss the matter.


         Councillor Slater had spoken to George Watson to clarify what was happening with the
         tennis court land. He was under the impression that it was now in the hands of the Town
         Council and the Council should write a formal request if they were interested in taking it
         over. It would be likely to include the pavilion. The County Council would not consider
         handing over just the tennis courts, they would only consider handing over the whole of the
         area. Councillor James was concerned that the Town Council would then be responsible for
         looking after the pavilion and the walls etc. The rent obtained from allotments is only £35
         per year per allotment so there would be an issue around funding. There has also been a
         formal letter of complaint sent to Councillor Elfyn Llwyd against change of use for the tennis
         courts. Councillor Hill stated that the Town Council would have to decide whether or not
         they wanted to take on the responsibility as the whole matter is complex and expensive.
         Councillor Brookes said that we should find out if change of use for recreational use would
         be needed. Councillor Slater suggested a meeting be held with all interested parties,
         including the Football Club. It was suggested that all relevant parties be invited to the next
         meeting to make clear exactly what the Town Council would be taking on.

         It was AGREED that the Clerk would write to Mr John Roberts in the property department
         of Gwynedd Council asking him to answer the following questions before any meeting is to
         take place:-

      1. What are the terms of the Lease?
      2. Please identify the boundaries of the land (please provide plan).
      3. What is the situation regarding the current Lease or Agreement with Barmouth Bowling
      4. What arrangements are in place regarding the commitments and obligations in respect of the
      5. Are any other agreements in place with any other parties?
      6. If the Council decide against proceeding with obtaining the Lease, what are the long term
          plans for the land?
      7. Are there any covenants, restrictive or otherwise, incumbent on the land?
      8. Would there be any financial contribution from Gwynedd council?
      9. Would change of use be needed if the land were to be utilised for any other purpose other
          than playing tennis?
      10. Would Planning Permission be needed if the land were to be used for allotments or a multi
          use sports facility?
      11. If the tennis courts were to be used for netball, hockey etc would change of use be needed or
          would this fall under the remit of recreational use?
      12. Is there any restriction as to timescale?
      13. If the Council were to take on the lease and then had to hand it back for any reason, is there a
          “get out” clause in respect of the land and could it revert back to the ownership of Gwynedd
      A response is to be requested before the next Council meeting


         Covered under agenda item 4.

14.      POPPY PARTY

         This was carried over to the March meeting when Councillor Roberts would be

15.      FINANCE

         Monthly Management Report - NOTED
         It was agreed to transfer £100 into the Mayors Account
         It was agreed that the money not utilised for the hire of the Clerk’s office be used for
         the purchase of a filing cabinet for the Clerk’s use in the Dragon Theatre
         The overspend in December for street lighting maintenance could be off-set from the
         underspend on new lighting. It was agreed to transfer £500 into maintenance.
         £100 to be given to the Sunshine Club for their tea party in May


         Report NOTED

         They will be moving premises by the end of March to the Police Station

             a) Outgoing December Letters/email

                 b) Current Received
                 Gwynedd Council – Works Programme Feb 2011 - noted
                 Gwynedd Council – Bus Shelter, Jubilee Road – being dealt with by
                 Councillor Roberts
                 Barmouth Police Station – Firework Display letter of thanks - noted
                 Kidney Wales Foundation – request to organise “Walk for Life” – passed to
                 Walking Group
                 Citizens Advice Bureau – acknowledgment of donation/request for publicity
                 Chief Constable North Wales Police – Response to letter of 26th Jan
                 WPS Insurance – New account manager - noted
                 One Voice Wales – Section 137 Expenditure Limit for 2011-12 noted
                 Dragon Theatre – Invoice – payment agreed
                 Harry Allday – Re: Llwyn, Church Road – forwarded to Gwynedd Council.
                 Reply to H Allday.
                 Stonewest Construction – Invoice for Danish Oil – payment agreed
                 Bridge Security Systems – Invoice for Maintenance – sent to Council in error
                 – forwarded to Communities First
             Miss Jane Parry – request for old railway photo’s – reply sent – see
             Community First website
             Neil Wattis – Parking Bronaber Terrace – noted. Reply to be sent
             North Wales Air Ambulance – letter of thanks for donation - noted
             M.K. Enterprises – Benches Catalogue – Tabled - noted
             E-Mail Faye Williams – promemade lights –reply, removed due to health &
             safety reasons

      February Payments
      Clerks wages                              £175.00
      Alan Mercer (Caretaker)                   £ 83.00
      Councillor L Davies                       £120.00
      (reimbursement for xmas trees)
      Dragon Theatre rent                       £ 33.00
      Stonewest Construction                    £155.00




      22nd March 2011 in The Dragon Theatre

Signed: ………………………………………………………………Chairman                                  22.02.2011

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