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					Dorothy and the Dolphin

Value: Forgiveness

“Oh yeah, well you are the stupidest sister in the world!†Angelo yelled at his sister Dorothy so loud his
voice began to crack.

“I am not stupid, Angelo!†Dorothy shouted back her face red with anger. “I hate you, I hate you, I
hate you.†And she stormed out of the game room and ran upstairs to her room and slammed the door so
loud the neighbors heard it and then she threw herself on the bed and cried. She hated fighting with Angelo
but she was so mad right now, she didn’t know what she might do. To forget the fight, she turned on her
TV in her room and her favorite cartoon TV show, Donald the Dolphin was on. Soon she was distracted by
the silly, mostly ridiculous things that cartoon characters get to do.

“It must be easy to be a cartoon character.†She heard herself mutter feeling that she might be drifting
off to sleep.

“Its time for Shakey the Shark to blow up!†The shrill cartoon voice of Donald the Dolphin woke
Dorothy up. She sat straight up and looked for the floor of her room. But there was no floor. Under her
were crayon colored waves of water but not water because she was walking on them. She panicked and
spun around and everywhere she looked, it was the cartoon world.

“Where am I?†she said frantically trying to grab a hold of something. But everything was cartoon
reality so it just squished through her hands.

“Why you are here with me Dorothy." said Donald the Dolphin doing a huge leap from the Skalley
Walley Ocean and coming down with a huge SPLASH. Dorothy actually saw the word SPLASH appear
above the cartoon water and then it splattered everywhere. It got on her but she wasn’t wet, just covered
in cartoon goo that quickly disappeared in the next frame.

“Donald, where is my dad and mom, where is my brother?†Dorothy asked trying to figure out right
away how to get back to real life and out of the cartoon.

“But I thought you wanted to be in a cartoon, Dorothy. Ahoy, Chester the Chicken!†Dorothy turned
around and she was scooped up on a huge orange and yellow cartoon jet ski. Chester the Chicken was
driving and laughing wildly. The jet ski took off into the sky with just a swirl of exhaust and then landed on
the road near Skalley Wumpkum Town where Chester the Chicken was mayor.

“We know you are mad at Angelo, Dorothy. Here in cartoon land, we can give you lots of funny ways to
get back at him.†Chester said in a voice that was always too high and too low but never in the middle.
‘SHALZOOM!†Chester said and a cartoon version of Angelo appeared. Dorothy almost ran to him
until he started popping his eyes out and turning his feet into springs. Then she knew he was just a cartoon.

“As mayor of Shalley Wumpkum Town, you are guilty of making Dorothy mad Angelo and so your
sentence is SHALZOOM!†All of a sudden, a massive rock dropped form nowhere and squished the
cartoon Angelo. Dorothy screamed but then he oozed out the side of the rock and popped right back into the
shape of cartoon Angelo.

“Wowzie Zowzie, that stung!†Cartoon Angelo said laughing.

“Now you get to try one Dorothy. Make Angelo pay for making you mad.†Chester insisted.

“But I don’t want Angelo to get hurt!†She insisted.

“Well then I will do it!†Chester said and he opened a wood door in his chicken belly and said

An angry swarm of cartoon insects surged out of the door and went directly toward Angelo. Each one did
two loop-de-loops and then stung him in the behind. Angelo started running down the road whooping and
jumping. Dorothy didn’t know what to do. This is all so silly and meaningless. What she needed was
some real wisdom from someone she trusted to help her with her anger at Angelo.

“Oh I wish I was with someone wise.†She said as she began to run at super fast speed on her cartoon
legs that had turned into wheels and she passed Angelo but then shot off a huge cliff and was falling, falling

“Oh!†she awoke with a start.

“Are you ok sweetie?†she heard a very real human voice. It was Grandpa. She was dozing on his lap.
“I think you had a nightmare.â€

“I did Grandpa. I was a cartoon in the Donald the Dolphin show and I was mad at Angelo and they were
making me do awful things to him and and and…†she started to pour out what she saw there.

“Shush little girl†Grandpa said as only he could do. “You are safe here now. You are angry at
Angelo and you don’t know what to do?†He asked.

“Yes and I said some terrible things to him before I went to my room and pouted and went into the
cartoon world and I felt just terrible and I don’t know hot to forgive him and I know I need to ask his
forgiveness and, and and….†She continued demonstrating that she had not yet learned to talk in more than
one sentence.
“Dorothy,†said Grandpa. “You don’t need the magic of cartoons to make everything right. You
have a secret super power. It’s called forgiveness. If you will forgive Angelo, your heart will fill with
love for him again and all those awful feelings will go away.†He told her giving her that wisdom she had
been begging Chester the Chicken for.

“But how Grandpa?†Dorothy said confused.

“You know how Jesus forgave you of all your sins and came into your heart?†Grandpa said.

“Oh yes Grandpa. He forgave me of everything and made me clean inside.â€

“Well just go to that place in your heart where Jesus is and ask him to help you give the forgiveness to
Angelo that he gave to you when he died for you and rose again. The Holy Spirit will throw that resentment
and anger right out of your heart and you will forgive him in a deep place and then it will be easy to go ask
him to forgive you.â€

“I can feel it already Grandpa. I think Jesus has already given me the secret super power of forgiveness.
I am going to go make up with Angelo right now. Thank you Grandpa.†She said happily hugging his neck
and she hopped down and ran to the door.

“Isn’t there one more thing you need to do today after you make up with Angelo?†Grandpa called
to her. Dorothy stopped and thought about it and then laughed her happy little girl giggle.

“There sure is Grandpa.†She said. “I am going to quit watching the Donald the Dolphin cartoon
show right away!’

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