An-Eye-for-an-Eye by huanghengdong


									                                   An Eye for an Eye

Read and interpret the following quotations. Do you agree or disagree with them? Fill
in the following chart. Then, complete the writing assignment about revenge.

Quotation              Interpretation of    Agree/   Reason for Agreement/
                       Quote                Disagree Disagreement
“An eye for an eye
only ends up making
the whole world
-Mahatma Gandhi
“Don’t get mad, get
-Robert Kennedy
“She got even in a
way that was almost
cruel. She forgave
-Ralph McGill (about
Eleanor Roosevelt
“Success is the
sweetest revenge.”
-Vanessa Williams
“Revenge is often
like biting a dog
because the dog bit
-Austin O’Malley

Reflect: To which of these quotes might you want to respond? Why? Which quotes
have striking imagery, and how does that imagery affect your response?

Writing Prompt: Draft a personal response in which you express your feelings about
revenge. Include a personal reflection about a time when you had a choice about taking
revenge or when you were the recipient of someone’s vengeful attitude or action.
Consider using one of the quotations in your essay, crediting the author of the quote.

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