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									72           T o D U K E O F B E D F O R D 22 J A N U A R Y 1752    OS

by the ministry, I shall be happy—at least I flatter myself you will
forgive a well-meant intention in your Grace's

Much obliged and most obedient servant

From     LORD CHESTERFIELD,1                 Thursday 2 April 1752 OS
Printed from the MS now WSL. First printed, Toynbee Supp. iii. 135-6; Ches-
terfield's Letters, ed. B o n a m y Dobree, 1932, v. 1855-6. Damer-Waller; the M S was
sold Sotheby's 5 Dec. 1921 (first Waller Sale), lot 104, to Maggs; offered by them,
Cat. N o . 433 (Christmas 1922), lot 3087; penes Capt. Frank L. Pleadwell, M.D.,
U S N , of Honolulu; resold Parke-Bernet Galleries 7 Oct. 1958 (Pleadwell Sale),
lot 90, to Seven Gables for W S L .
   T h e letter was apparently delivered by hand to H W ' s house in Arlington

Thursday morning, Apr. 2d 1752.2
I T IS very true that I told M r Mann3 some time ago, that I be-
   lieved I had in m y possession a counterpart of the late Lord Or-
ford's* marriage settlement. H e desired m e to look for it, and if I
could find it, to lend it him, as what might be of use to the family.
Accordingly I had it carefully looked for a m o n g m y writings, both in
town 5 and in Derbyshire.6 But in this search, I only found the cause
of m y mistake, which was this: m y grandfather had purchased two
small estates in Derbyshire of the Lady Philips8 and her sister the
Lady Rokesby,?1 which purchase deeds were signed as trustee by the
w h o wished to fix him against the Court,     4. Sir Robert Walpole, not H W ' s re-
and w h o wanted to engage him to speak      cently deceased brother (see below).
against the treaty' (Mem. Geo. II i. 242).     5. Chesterfield House, South Audley
   3. O n Tuesday, 28 Jan., when the         Street.
Treaty of Dresden was debated in the           6. Bretby, near Derby, the seat of Lord
House of Lords, Bedford opened the op-       Chesterfield.
position to i (ibid. i. 244-7; Cobbett,        7. Philip Stanhope (ca 1634-1714), 2d
Pari. Hist. xiv. 1175-84).                   E. of Chesterfield, 1656.
                                               8. Catharine Darcy (ca 1641-1713), m .
   1. Philip Dormer Stanhope (1694-1773),    (1660) Sir Erasmus Philipps, 3d Bt; grand-
4th E. of Chesterfield, 1726; diplomatist    daughter of Philip Stanhope, 1st E. of
and author.                                  Chesterfield; H W ' s great-grandmother.
   2. T h e date was added by H W .            9. Dorothy Darcy (d. 1729), m . 1 (ca
  3. Galfridus M a n n (1706-56), twin       1676) Sir William Rokeby, 2d Bt; m . 2
brother of Sir Horace Mann; army cloth-      Col. the Hon. Thomas Paston.

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