BISWAS Introduction by HAp6B4R0



 Billing Information System
 for Water And Sewer
Preparation of bills
                             Complex procedure
                             Lengthy calculations
                             Cross reference
                             between earlier Bills
                             and Receipts
                             Repetitive nature of
                             work (error prone)

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Problems with Manual System
   Complex calculations of bills and surcharge.
   Large no. of calculations.
   Receipts are to be matched with bills
   Calculation of arrears is again calculation
   intensive and time consuming.

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Problems with Manual System - II
   Customer queries regarding their bills take
   too long to answer.
   Customer grievances regarding bills and
   receipts are not efficient.
   Preparation of summary reports is time
   consuming and error prone due to repetitive

2/8/2012          BISWAS-An Introduction         4
 First Step towards IT
      Sh. Khetrapal S.E. Public Health Dept.
(earlier XEN PH KRK). initiated to use
Information Technology for increasing
efficiency and to effectively solve associated
      Sh. Khetrapal started use of Foxbase to
store data and to prepare bills at Public
Health Deptt. Kurukshetra and he also
trained his staff for operating this system
Problems with the software
   No Data security. Foxbase provided no
   security feature.
   A number of different files need to be
   handled. (one each for every ward &
   every village)
   Same sheet of paper is used for printing
   four times. Which is prone to getting
   spoiled anytime.

2/8/2012        BISWAS-An Introduction    6
Problems (for user/operator)
   Software is not user friendly.
   Operation of software is not easy.
   Hence, it is difficult to learn operation
   It takes too much time & practice to
   learn operation
   GUI is required for faster user learning
   and successful implementation at all

2/8/2012         BISWAS-An Introduction        7
Problems in Enhancements
   Expectations of Public has increased
          Want instant reply to queries, not possible in
           present system
   Management’s information expectations have
             Need report of demand & receipt at various parameters.
             Need reports for Decision Making.
   Future Demands
          Internet access to public to enquire about billing
          Online Payment gateways may provide online
           payment of bills.

2/8/2012                    BISWAS-An Introduction                     8
Initiation for BISWAS
  Keeping above in view,
  State Informatics Officer,
  NIC directed DIO Karnal; to
  study, design & develop a
  system taking care of these.
Development of BISWAS

      DIO Karnal developed the
     desired software system, in
     close co-ordination with then
     XEN, PH Kurukshetra, Shri

2/8/2012       BISWAS-An Introduction   10
Salient Features of BISWAS
    Graphical User Interface.
    User friendly design, easy to learn & operate.
    User is relieved from all calculations.
    Password security for all users.
    No access allowed to system without proper
    Strict checking and validation during data
    User actions are recorded along with the data
    operated by authorized users.

2/8/2012           BISWAS-An Introduction       11
   Three levels of users, Administrator,
   Supervisor and Operator/Clerk.
   User is relieved from managing multiple data
   files. Data for all wards & villages is stored
   Extensive query system to search data and
   answer customer queries.
   Extensive reports for different usage.
   Data backup facility from within the S/W.
   Modules have been developed to import
   existing Foxbase data to save on re-entry.
   Designed to upgrade Database to SQL Server.

2/8/2012          BISWAS-An Introduction       12
Hardware Configuration
•   Pentium III Processor or higher
•   64 MB RAM
•   Min. 1 GB free hard disk space
•   VGA Monitor
•   CD ROM drive
•   Any backup device (CD Writer/ZIP
    drive/Tape Drive, Pen Drive)

2/8/2012        BISWAS-An Introduction   13
Software Configuration

 • WINDOWS 2000 or above
 • MDAC 2.6 or above
 • No need for Installing MS Access

2/8/2012       BISWAS-An Introduction   14
State Informatics Officer, NIC Haryana

District Inofrmatics Officer, NIC Karnal

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