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									Settlement Agreement

__________________, referred to as PLAINTIFF, and _________________, referred to as
The parties have been engaged in litigation before the _____________Court of ___________, case
number ____________, styled _________________ vs. ___________________.
On _________________, the Court rendered a decision in the matter. The parties desire by this
agreement to reach a final and complete settlement of the dispute.
All parties hereto waive the right to file any Motions or other legal process to request that the judgment
be modified, vacated or appealed in any way.
In full and complete settlement of the disputes litigated and which could have been litigated, the
following settlement shall occur:
CASH AWARD TO PLAINTIFF OF $____________________.
Said settlement shall be consummated no later than ______________. The parties shall execute such
dismissals as may be required to effect this agreement. In the event that either party fails to
consummate the settlement, the parties may apply to the Court stated above to enforce this agreement.
Upon the consummation of the settlement, the parties shall exchange releases in the form attached
The terms of the settlement shall be confidential and no party hereto shall reveal the terms of the
settlement. However, the parties may state that the matter has been amicably resolved.
Dated: ________________________
Reviewed and approved by counsel for Plaintiff:
Reviewed and approved by counsel for Defendant:

Settlement Agreement
Review List
This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you with its
preparation. This settlement agreement is intended to end the dispute without further judicial appeals or
motions. It can be adapted to a variety of settlement situations.
1. Make multiple copies. Give one to each signatory. Keep one with the transaction file.

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