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									          D, E, K Vitamins In Skin Beauty Care Products
Previously I wrote about the magical effect of A, B, C vitamins in skin beauty care
products. Time to learn about the benefits of other vitamins.

Lack of vitamins can make your skin look lifeless and dull, so make sure you supply your
skin with the right amount of different vitamins.

      Vitamin D: This vitamin is produced by skin-sunlight interaction. It is a strong
       antioxidant and anticarcinogen and regulates skin pigmentation. The best way to
       get vitamin D is through sun bathing. Remember vitamin D is toxic and mega-
       doses should be avoided.
      Vitamin E: Vitamin E, also referred to as tocopherol, is a strong antioxidant and
       helps prevent free radical damage. But this is not the only reason why vitamin E is
       widely used in top skin care products. Vitamin E is a good moisturizer too, and
       usually counteracts the dryness Vitamin C causes.
      Vitamin K: Vitamin K known as phytonadione is another strong vitamin used in
       rejuvenating beauty care products. The dark circles under the eyes caused by
       bruising and broken capillaries are the target points of vitamin K creams and
       beauty care products. The combination of Vitamin K and retinol effectively
       treats many skin pigmentation problems.
      Omega-3: Best skin care can’t go without Omega-3 vitamins. Omega-3 vitamins
       keep the skin lubricated and establish cell membrane integrity. Omega-3 healthy
       fat also protects the skin from sun damage.

Always make sure the beauty and top skin care products you use contain these essential
vitamins, which have all the necessary capacities to make you most beautiful and
attractive despite your age.

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