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California Physical Fitness Test FITNESSGRAM February 9_ 2010


									California Physical Fitness
       March 17, 2010
FITNESSGRAM is a health related
physical fitness assessment. Each of
the test items was selected to assess
important aspects of a student’s health
related fitness, not skill or agility.
Students are compared not to each
other, but to health fitness standards,
carefully established for each age and
gender, that indicate good health.
 Test Administration Window

February 22 - March 17, 2010
       Student Participation
• All students in grades five and seven must
  take the PFT.
• Students with disabilities who are unable to
  take the entire PFT should take as much of
  the test as conditions permit. The IEP or
  Section 504 Plan team is responsible for
  deciding how these students will participate in
  the PFT.
FITNESSGRAM assessments
focus on health-related fitness

  Aerobic Capacity

                       Body Composition
  Muscle Strength,
 Muscular Endurance,
   and Flexibility
        Aerobic Capacity
• One-mile Run-Walk
• Walk Test (ONLY for ages 13+)
            Muscle Strength
Both tests are required-system will not
        accept just one score.

• Abdominal Curl-up –
  Complete as many curl-
  ups as possible up to a
                            • Trunk Lift – Score is
  maximum of 75.              recorded in inches.
                              Distances above 12
                              inches to be
                              recorded as 12.
        Abdominal Strength
 Curl-up
     Trunk Extensor Strength
 Trunk   Lift
     Strength & Endurance
          Upper Body
Select one of the following options:
• 90° Push-ups
• Modified Pull-ups
• Flexed Arm Hang (recorded in seconds)
         Upper Body Strength
 900   Push-up
        Body Composition
Select one process only:
• Body Mass Index from Height and
• Percent Body Fat from Skinfold
• Percent Body Fat from Bioelectric
  Impedance Analysis (BIA) Device
    Try your best and
remember, you never know
 what you can do until you

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