spi secretariat follow up letter mr momcilovic by s6Op1J7


									        Convergence Romania Financial Sector Modernization
                   Special Projects Initiative Public-Private Steering Committee

Mr. Igor Momcilovic
Assistant Minister
Ministry of Finance
20 Kneža Miloša Street
11000 Belgrade

Dear Mr. Momcilovic,
                               SPI Romania Secretariat visit to Serbia

       We would like to thank you very much for having had the opportunity to provide you and your
colleagues with more insights about the SPI Romania activities and accomplishments.

       As we could all notice during our meeting, there are a lot of commonalities between the Serbian
and the Romanian financial sectors in terms of modernization needs.

         In Romania, the SPI has proven to be a successful platform for tackling legislative and
institutional micro-reforms through a close cooperation between relevant authorities and market

       Therefore, we believe that many synergies could be created between the SPI initiatives in our
countries should you decide to build the SPI in Serbia.

        We remain open to provide the Serbian Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Serbia and
the Serbian Banking Association with further support and involvement in helping them implement the
SPI initiative.


            Ramona Vali Bratu                                        Oana Maria Nedelescu
       SPI Romania Director of Bank                              SPI Romania Director of Analytics
            Products and Services                                         and Policy

cc: Radovan Marinkovic, Head of Unit, Serbian Ministry of Finance; Radovan Medic, Junior
Economist, Serbian Ministry of Finance; Luigi Passamonti, Convergence Head.

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