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					hi                                                                                               FACULTY OF NURSING

                                     POST-MASTER’S NURSE PRACTITIONER DIPLOMA PROGRAM

Program Requirements

Program Prerequisite Courses

Nursing 661                  Advanced Pathophysiology and Therapeutics                    H(4S-0)
Nursing 663                  Pharmacotherapeutics in Advanced Nursing Practice            H(3S-0)
Nursing 665                  Advanced Health Assessment                                   H(3S-3)

Program Required Courses

Nursing 641                  Nurse Practitioner Practicum I                               H(24S-68 within 6-week block)
Nursing 644                  Nurse Practitioner Practicum II                              F(52S-180 within 6-week block)
Nursing 646                  Nurse Practitioner Practicum III                             F(52S-180 within 6-week block)
Nursing 650                  Nurse Practitioner Practicum IV                              F(16S-292 within 8-week block)
Nursing 667                  Nurse Practitioner Practice Issues and Role Integration      H(3S-0 within 3-week block)


           Fall                        Winter                     Spring                     Summer
Prerequisite courses to be taken prior to commencement of the first NP practicum include the following:
                                    Nursing 661                               Nursing 663
                                                                              Nursing 665

                                                          NP Diploma Program

         Year 2 – Fall                          Year 2 – Winter        Year 2 – Spring              Year 2 – Summer
         Nursing 641                             Nursing 646             Nursing 650
                                                                            
         Nursing 644                             Nursing 667          NP Comprehensives

INTEGRATED MASTER OF NURSING/NURSE PRACTITIONER (Final year must be completed full-time)

         Year 1 – Fall                          Year 1 – Winter        Year 1 – Spring           Year 1 – Summer
         Nursing 605                             Nursing 661                           Nursing 663
                                                                                       Nursing 665
         Nursing 683                             Nursing 621            Statistics 603
         Nursing 611                             Nursing 675
         Year 2 – Fall                          Year 2 – Winter       Year 2 – Spring               Year 2 – Summer
         Nursing 641                             Nursing 646         MN Comprehensives
                                                                           
         Nursing 644                             Nursing 667            Nursing 650
                                                                     NP Comprehensives


Note: All graduate students will be required to meet the U of C immunization standards (Link to Nursing Graduate
Immunization form). Out of province/country students who may require the N95 fit testing should wait until their
arrival in Alberta to obtain this (Link to N95 Fit Testing).

Phone: 403-220-6241
E - m a i l : n u r s g r a d @ u c a l g a r y. c a                                                     1

        Participation of NP students in all activities that are related to clinical courses is mandatory.
        NP students’ clinical experience may be scheduled at various hours, including evenings, nights and weekends.
         Clinical experiences may also extend outside the normal academic term.
        Normally, a student will not be permitted to withdraw from an NP clinical course in order to avoid a failing grade
         in that course.

Supervisory Requirements

        Normally the Faculty of Nursing supervisor for an NP student is a member of the Nurse Practitioner Committee.
        The supervisor from the health region (i.e., a physician or nurse practitioner) for NP students will be determined
         prior to the commencement of the first NP practicum (normally, by the end of the first academic year for students
         in the MN/NP Program).

Required Examinations

        The NP Diploma program requires a final comprehensive examination that consists of a practical and an oral
         examination to be completed within one day. The oral examination will be based on the practical examination.
        The examining committee for the NP comprehensive exam will consist of the Faculty of Nursing supervisor, the
         Health Region supervisor, and one additional member who may be a nurse practitioner, a physician, or another
         faculty member from the Faculty of Nursing.

Program Fees

An annual program fee equivalent to a graduate level half-course tuition fee will be levied at the beginning of each
annual registration. That is, the fee will be charged each year the student is in program, whether the student is in the
NP Diploma program or the integrated MN/NP program.

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the applicant must:
    1. Hold a master’s degree, normally in nursing
    2. Have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in the master’s degree, or 3.0 on the last 20 half-course
          equivalents in the baccalaureate degree if applying to the MN/NP program;
    3. Have a minimum of 3 years full-time clinical practice (or equivalent) in the area appropriate to the proposed
          Nurse Practitioner (NP) focus. Exceptions may be considered by the Faculty of Nursing Graduate Admissions and
          Academic Review Committee (GAARC), but the onus is on the applicant to provide sufficient evidence to warrant
    4. Applicants to the NP Diploma program must provide documentation from Human Resources department of their
          employer confirming the number of practice hours completed.
    5. Complete the Faculty of Graduate Studies Application for Admission to Certificate and Diploma Programs form;
    6. Complete the Faculty of Nursing Application for Admission form. This form includes the completion of a 500-word
          essay on rationale for admission to program;
    7. Have successfully completed one graduate level half-course equivalent to the University of Calgary Nursing 661;
          one equivalent to Nursing 663; and one equivalent to Nursing 665;
    8. Provide confirmation of eligibility for active nursing registration in Alberta;
    9. Provide confirmation of current CPR Certification at the Basic Rescuer or Basic Cardiac Life Support or “C” level.
    10. Provide a security clearance from the applicant’s local police department in order to undertake clinical with Alberta
          Health Services. This document will be returned to the applicant.
    11. Provide a letter of reference from a person in authority who can attest to current clinical competence and
          suitability for the nurse practitioner role.
    12. Provide the Clinical Supervision Confirmation form from a physician or credentialed nurse practitioner indicating the
          availability of clinical experience in the area of focus (i.e., Nursing 650). Note, the person providing this information
          can be the same person who is providing the letter of reference (above). That person could provide both the letter
          of reference and the Clinical Supervision Confirmation form.
    13. If the application is complete and deemed eligible, an interview will be scheduled with a Nurse Practitioner
          Committee member.
    14. The NPC member will provide a letter to GAARC with an assessment and recommendation to admit/not admit.
The application is self-managed, that means that the applicant must collect all documents and submit them as one
complete package to the Faculty of Nursing Graduate Program Office.

Normally, the application deadline is December 1 (for early bird admission) or February 1 for the following September
to the post-master’s NP Diploma if the prerequisite courses are completed. If the prerequisite courses are not
completed, applications may be submitted by September 15 for admission to the Winter, Spring or Summer semesters
as appropriate.

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