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           香港口腔種植學會                                                                                      Date                  1st and 8th November 2010 (Monday)
                                                                                                         Place                 704 Takshing House, 20 Des Voeux Road, Central, HK
                                                                                                         CPD Hours             6

 Advanced Workshop on   [AWT1001]                                                                        Instructor            Dr. Caesar Wong
                                                                                                         Course Fee HK$600 for HKSOI member,
         Impacted Wisdom Tooth                                                                                      HK$800 for non-member

                                                     Course Outline                                Introduction of the Instructor
   This course o ers the opportunity for the general practitioners, whether they                 Dr. Caesar Wong is the President of the Hong Kong Society of Oral Implantology. He is
   are young or veteran, to review and re ect on all aspects of impacted wisdom                  in private practice and a registered Specialist in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery with
   tooth removal ranging from the basic anatomy, diagnosis and treatment                         the Dental Council of Hong Kong. He is doubly quali ed in Dentistry and Medicine.
   planning to surgical techniques, complications and medico-legal issue.                        He holds the following quali cations registered with the Dental Council of Hong Kong:
   Towards the end of the course, the participants will bring home useful                        MBBS(HK); FHKAM(Dental Surgery); FCDSHK(OMS); FRACDS; BScDent(Adel);
   knowledge and practical tips that can be of help in their daily practice of                   MDS (Adel); DDM (University of the Philippines).
                                                                                                 He holds the following quali cations registered with the Medical Council of Hong Kong:
   dentistry. This practical course will be heavily illustrated with clinical
                                                                                                 He holds the following quali cations quotable with the Medical Council of Hong Kong:
                                                                                                 Diploma in Practical Dermatology, University of Cardi ;
                                                                                                 Diploma in Clinical Dermatology, University of London.

                                                                                                                                                    The programme
  November 1, 2010                                                November 8, 2010
  7:30pm - 10:30pm                                                7:30pm - 10:30pm
                                                Part 1                                                           Part 2
  1. Applied anatomy and radiography :                            1. Surgical Case Demonstration :                                 6. Complications in wisdom tooth removal and
     - the anatomical variations of the various                      - Removal of impacted lower wisdom tooth                         their management :
       structures of the maxilla and mandible, in                    - Removal of impacted upper wisdom tooth                         - Bleeding, I.D. nerve damage and the
       particular the maxillary sinus, the inferior                                                                                     associate symptoms
       alveolar nerve and the lingual fossa that                  2. Pathological conditions / lesions that could develop             - Displacement of the whole tooth or
       are of clinical relevance to the removal of                   as a result of leaving impacted wisdom teeth in site               fragments of tooth into dangerous
       wisdom teeth                                                                                                                     anatomical areas such as the
     - the various anatomical positions of wisdom                 3. Anaesthesia techniques for wisdom tooth removal :                  pterygomaxillary space, the submandibular
       teeth and the various types of impaction                      - LA techniques for upper wisdom tooth                             space
     - the various relationships of the lower wisdom                 - LA techniques for lower wisdom tooth                           - Fractured jaw
       teeth with the inferior alveolar canal                        - Conscious sedation for wisdom tooth removal                    - Spread of infection
                                                                     - General anaesthesia for wisdom tooth removal                   - Surgical emphysema
  2. Clinical presentations of impacted wisdom                                                                                        - Failure of removal despite all efforts
     teeth                                                        4. Surgical techniques for removal of impacted wisdom               - Examples of serious complications
                                                                     teeth :
  3. The indications and contra-indications for                      - Flap designs                                                7. Medico-legal issue of wisdom tooth removal :
     wisdom tooth removal                                            - Osteotomy techniques                                           - The informed consent
                                                                     - Tooth splitting techniques                                     - Proper pre-op assessment
  4. Management of symptomatic wisdom                                - Tooth removal techniques                                       - Record keeping and documentation
     teeth in general dental practice, such as                       - Handling of the wisdom tooth socket                            - Complaint of inflication of undue suffering
     pain, pericoronitis and infection                               - Management of bleeding socket at surgery                         and pain by patient
                                                                     - The haemostatic agents                                         - Damages to the inferior alveolar nerve
  5. Case selection for the general dental                           - Suturing techniques                                              and the associated symptoms
     practitioner                                                                                                                     - Other psychological and physical damages
                                                                  5. Post-op management in wisdom tooth removal :                     - Compensations
  6. Pre-op medical evaluation                                       - Pain control and home care                                     - Case studies
                                                                     - Management of commonly seen post-op problems
  7. Discussion                                                        such as bleeding and severe pain and swelling               8. Discussion
                                                                     - Management of infection in wisdom tooth removal

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