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									Tishomingo County:
School Attendance

      Larry Burcham
      School Attendance Officer

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   Purpose: To describe the basic
              responsibilities of the
              School Attendance
   Location: Tishomingo County
              Technology Center

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Topics of Discussion
   I.     MDE Office of Compulsory
           School Attendance (Structure)
   II.    Mississippi Compulsory
           Attendance Law (Summary)
   III.   SAO Duties / Responsibilities
   IV.    Contact Information
   V.     Conclusion

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Topic One
   The Mississippi Department of Education
    Structure Regarding School Attendance:

       State Board of Education
       State Superintendent of Education
       Deputy Superintendent of Education
       Office of Drop Out Prevention
       Office of Compulsory School Attendance
       Tishomingo County School Attendance

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Topic Two
   Mississippi Compulsory Attendance Law Summary:

        Under the Mississippi Compulsory School Attendance law, a
         parent, guardian, or custodian of a compulsory school age
         child in this state shall cause such child to enroll in and
         attend a public school or legitimate non-public school. Under
         the provisions of this law, “compulsory-school-age child”
         means a child who has attained or will attain the age of six
         (6) years on or before September 1 of the calendar year and
         who has not attained the age of seventeen (17) years on or
         before September 1 of the calendar year, and shall include
         any child who has attained or will attain the age of five (5)
         years on or before September 1 and has enrolled in a full-
         day public school kindergarten program. Provided, however,
         that the parent or guardian of any child enrolled in a full-day
         public school kindergarten program shall be allowed to un-
         enroll the child from the program on a one-time basis, and
         such child shall not be deemed a compulsory-school-age
         child until the child attains the age of six (6) years.

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Topic Three
   School Attendance Officer Duties /

       The School Attendance Officer receives
        referrals from each of the schools in
        Tishomingo County.
       The Attendance Officer works with
        students / parents / other agencies to
        correct attendance problems.
       Student / Parents appear in Tishomingo
        County Youth Court if other efforts fail.

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Topic Four
   Contact Information:

     Phone / Fax: (662) 438-8173
     E-Mail:
     WEB: www.tishomingo.k12.ms.us

         Select District Resources
         Select School Attendance Officer

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Topic Five
   Conclusion:

       There is a direct relationship between
        student achievement / success and
       Students are less likely to get into trouble
        when they stay in school until graduation.
       Students who graduate have many more
        options available to them for future
        advancement and success.

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Thank You For Viewing
      – Larry Burcham, SAO
      – 2006-2007 Presentation

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