All in One PC Review for HP MS235-On-Sale by JohnHKeasler


									When it comes to computer gadgetry, this unit has the best of the best. This is the reason that the HP
MS235-on-sale all in one desktop PC should be on your shopping list. This desktop PC will surely add a
touch of elegance to an ordinary room. The set up is easy, the design is out of this world and the features are
completely satisfying. Continue reading to know more about the HP MS235 all-in-one computer.

This computer is packaged with the powerful AMD Athlon 11 dual core 250 processor pegged at an
impressive 1.60GHz, 3600MHz System Bus and 2MB L2 Cache. If you know your computers well then this
in itself should be a clear indication of how quickly commands are executed. Most computers these days can
be extremely slow and irritating at the expense of work, business and the operator. So if you are looking for
a computer that will never let you down and complete every transaction at the speed of light, then this
desktop PC is surely the one for you.

The system memory is 4GB DDR2. Sometimes people are of the wrong impression that the processor
determines the speed at which commands are executed. The truth is the larger your DDR system memory,
the faster your computer will be. Power hungry applications can be handled with ease when you have good
RAM, and of course, multimedia tasks like video processing, music production and gaming will be hassle

When it comes to storage, space there is none like it. Boasting of a 320GB SATA hard drive, this desktop
PC can store over 200 000 pictures/photos and more than 91,000 songs. In addition, when you wish to watch
videos you can rest assured in the knowledge that you will be able to watch 168 hours of HD videos.
However, there is a lot more to expect from this computer than what is mentioned above.

With the MS235-on-sale you will get a spectacular slim tray that comes with a SuperMulti DVD burner.
However, this is no ordinary DVD burner. Apart from burning CD's you are at liberty to print designs on
CD's owing to flawless Lightscribe technology. With this MS235-on-sale all in one you are going to be able
to watch DVD movies, write, and read CDs that come in various formats. Apart from this, there is also the
10/100Base-T Ethernet and 802.11/g/n Wi-Fi. By virtue of this connecting to a broadband modem or wired
broadband router with Ethernet is going to be possible.

The LCD widescreen has a more than ample 18.5 inch viewing area. This widescreen display comes with
ATI Radeon HD 3200 integrated graphics for ultimate video viewing. There is also a builtin Webcam that
works with a microphone and a 6 in one digital media card reader. 6 USB ports, a head phone jack, a
microphone jack and an Ethernet port that makes all kinds of connectivity a reality.

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