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Baby Video Monitors

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There are many different types of baby monitors on the market today. It can be a daunting task in choosing
one that is right for you. Here we provide you with the basic information you need to consider before
purchasing one.

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Baby monitors are designed to give parents peace of mind, and if used correctly they do just that. It is
virtually impossible to stay with your new baby every moment of the day and night, and by having a baby
monitor nearby you can hear your baby’s every breath and movement. The monitor operates much like a
cordless cell phone and has multiple channels so there is always a clear frequency. Each monitor comes with
a receiver that can go with you around the house, so where ever you, you can hear your baby. Baby monitors
will not take away your worries and apprehensions as a new parent completely, but they sure do alleviate a
lot of it, giving you more freedom as well.

There are many different baby monitors on the market, and all are very similar. Some baby monitors operate
on AC and/or battery. Those models with a battery back up provide parents with added assurance in case of
a power failure. Most baby monitors have a lighted display that coordinates with the level of sound the
monitor picks up. The baby monitor is placed near the baby attached to the crib so that the sensitive
transmitter picks up only the sounds of the baby, and not background noise. The baby’s sounds are then
transmitted through the receiver to the parents as long as the receiver is within range of the monitor, which
is usually conveyed to the parent by an out of range indicator light. Most models also come with a low
battery indicator as well to let you know its time to change the batteries.

Baby monitors average $40 in price, some more, some less. It just depends on the manufacturer and what
features the baby monitor has. You can shop online and compare prices and features of various baby
monitors and buy there, or you can buy at most discount stores, or any store that carries baby products.
There are also sights that compare models and are rated by consumer review which should help you decide
which baby monitor is the best to buy. After all, you are entrusting the safety of your baby to the monitor
when you are not right in the nursery, and you want to make sure that you purchase a reliable unit. Baby
monitors make great gifts at baby showers also, you don’t have to be the one expecting, but you can give the
gift of added assurance to your friend or family member. Baby monitors can save baby’s lives.

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