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					  Mousetrap Car

Step by Step Instructions
Preparing the rails.

  •Line up the rails side by side.
  •Tape them together.
  •Mark the axle holes one inch
  from the ends and middle of
  the rail.
  •Make a mark along the top of
  both rails every two inches.
     Mousetrap Placement
• The mousetrap spring should be 12”
  from the drive axle. The base plate
  should be glued to the rails at this
  point. Then glue the mousetrap to
  the top of the base plate with the
  effort arm facing away from the
  drive axle.
             Base Plate
• Decide how wide you want your car.
• Cut the base plate to this width.
• Place the base plate on the rails so
  that the edge is even with the same
  mark on the top of both rails.
• Line up the side edge of the plate
  with the top edge of the rails.
• Hot Glue base plate to top of rails.
    Modify the Mousetrap
• Holding the mousetrap with the bale
  pointing away from you. Find the top
  left corner of the bale. Cut the bale
  at this corner.
• Remove the parts of the trigger.
  Save the parts in a baggie
• If the hole of your wheels is bigger
  than the 1/8th inch axles you need an
  adapter. You can use a washer or
  small wheel hot glued to your wheel.
Insert the part from the bale in
   the top of the effort arm.
• You are given two 1/8th inch diameter
  axles, 4” long.
• Use a hammer to insert the axle into one
  of the adapters of a wheel. Repeat with
  the other axle.
• Insert the axle through the holes in the
• Lay the car down with the wheel against
  the table.
Axles continued…
Add cable tie to drive axle.

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