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                  MICHIGAN ARTISAN
           '---------1                                     NOVEMBER 25, 1906                        1--------'

                                of the GREATEST MANUFACTURERS of

                      CHAMBER FURNITURE                                                                                                                          .   ~



                                     Every Dealer Wants It
                                                  Because Everybody Buys It

                  SLIGH FURNITURE                  Manufacturers
                                                                       of Bedroom. Furniture Exclusively
                             GRAND RAPIDS,                                                             MICH.
           \New Spring Line Ready January 1, 1907.                 .                                                                            r

     '      ,-

           '#<,   •     _ _                                                                                _.~."C_~~.·            :'                       ,0.
                 ,   ,   .,


                              THE MOST COMPLETE LINE

                 EXTENSION TABLES
                              . SHOWN IN JANUARY, WILL BE SHOWN

                 IMPERIAL FURNITURE CO.
                                       GRAND RAPIDS. MICH.

                               AT THEIR FACTORY, 750 BROADWAY ST.

                         TABLES OF ALL KINDS.
                                       OVER 700 SAMPLES.
GRAND RAPIDS CHAIR CO.,         GRAND     RAPIDS.            MICH.

                                      iginutors .~
                                      . not

  STRICTLY                                                                                 AT
HIGH-GRADE                                                                              MEDIUM
 FURNITURE                                                                               PRICES

                                        HALL SEAT No. 314.

    Desks                                                                                 Tables
    Buffets                                                                            Hall Seats
    Sideboards                                                                         Cellarettes
    Hall Racks                                                                        Book Ca""s
    China Cabinets                                                                   Hall G1~~~es
    Music Cabinets                                                              Chests and BOIes

                                     SIDEBOARD   No. 1161.

Goods shown at our sample rooms at factory only.              Full line will be ready Jan. 1st, 1907.


                                         D. IL. IConrey Furniture Company
                                                                         SHELBYVILLE, INDIANA.

                                                    Makers of             _

                                                             COMBINATION, LIBRARt and
                                                             SECTIONAL CASES,
                                                             CHINA CLOSETS,
                                                             MUSIC CABINETS and BENCHES.

                                                                              Send for CatalOI!.

                No. 40.

                              (TWILL PAY YOU TO SEEOUR LINE
                 Shown onlyat GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., TOP FLOOR EXHIBITION BLDG.

                                                             SHELBYVILLE, IND.
                                                                                             Mfg. CO.
                                    ,--------                     MANUFACTURERS           OF ------,

                                        Costumers,                                Medicine Cabinets,
                                        Umbrella Stands,                          Bath Room Mirrors,
                                        Plate Racks,                              Coat Hangers,
                                        Wall Cabinets,                            Directors' Tables,
                                        Book Shelves,                             Cafe Tables,
                                        Butler's Tray and Stands,                 Extension Tables,
                                        Mission Extension Tables,                 Pedestal Extension Tables.

                                                                         WE USE THE
                                                             INVINCIBLE LEG FASTENER
                                                                           ON ALL OUR
                                                                FIVE LEGGED TABLES,

                                  OUR COMPLETE UNES WILL BE READY JANUARY 1st
                                at GRAND RAPIDS-----                             -and-    - ----------at       CHICAGO
                          Top Floor Furniture   Exhibition   Building.                                 8th Fioor, 1319 Michigan Ave.

     No. 33 Costumer.

MANUFACTURERS·                                                 FURNITURE EXCHANGE
                       Selling Agents for CHICAGO                           Furniture Manufacturers

                                            Handling   Exclusively the F urmture Products of


             THE NEW FIRE PROOF FURNITURE        EXCHANGE.      WABASH     AVE.   AND   14TH ST.   READY JANUARY   1, 1907.

CHICAGO made furniture, constituting CHICAGO shipments with CHICAGO promptness from
          CHICAGO factories with CHICAGO freights. CHICAGO always

And exhibiting in the New Furniture Exchange, th.e home of the visiting buyer. and illustrated. in one catalog,               A necessity
to every retail furniture dealer.   CJJ This building will be ready January         I. 1907.       Onr catalog, however, is ready now,
and we want to send it to you so that we may become acquainted and renew the acquaintancewhen you visit the market.
                                               Write ror catalog; DO IT NOW.

                               Temporary Offices: 3Hi Dearborn St., CH'ICAGO, ILLINOIS.

                                   FOURTH FLOOR, KLINGMAN BUILDING.
                          Last call for holiday trade. PRICES ate RIGHT and QUALITY second 10 none.

                                                         Li n es

                                                      Library Suiles,
                                                      Ladies     Desks,
                                                      Music Cabinets,

                                                       Book Cases,


                                                      Folding Tables,

                                                      Write TODAY
                                                      for Catalog and
                                                      Stock Sheet.
                5080 Book Calle.                                                            5082 I>f,.k.,

        THE UDELL WORKS,                        1236w~~;:.~ty_E;ghth      Indianapolis, Ind., U. S. A.

        Rockford Chair and Furniture Co.,                                                           Rockford, III.
                                                     SPRING LINE

                                                       On Sale at

        BlodJrett Block, CRAND RAPIDS, MICH., DurinJr January, 1907

  27th Year-No.        10.                GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., NOVEMBER                          25, 1906.                         $1.00 per Year.

                   EVERLASTINGLY              AT IT.                           suile, carpe1;;, rugs, and china for their new home.     These in-
                                                                                                                            . ho
                                                                               ducements attracted two young people \·... consented to be
Why a Lively City on the Ohio is Famous as a Furniture                         hoisted to the top of the stack and they were married there
                                  Center.                                      on a platform especially constructed        for the purpose and
    Evansville, Ind.) Ko\'. 22.- That Evans-..,ille is the most                on which there \vas no extra floor spact-~)llly       enough for
widely knmvn furniture center in the United States is due e,!-                 the minister and the brid21 couple.         This Ullusual circum-
tirely to the foresight and liberality of the m<t1ll1factufcrs.                stance was talked about through the southern part of Indiana
The reader need only take up anyone             of the eight prominent         for weeks before and after the event occurred.
furniture trade nC\vspapers and examine its pages for proof
of the above ."UtemenL              It is fai,. to assume that every                          Undertakers May Shave Corpses.
dealer in tile United States i:~often reminded of the impor-                       The \Viscol1sin Board of Barber Examiners, having re-
tance of Evansville and her manufactures through these im-                     ceived a protest 2g"ainst undertakers      being allowed to en-
portant agencies.       Evansville fllrnitttre is consistently, per-           croach upon the field of the tonsorial artists by shaving
sistently and uninterruptedly          exploited.     There is l1cver a        corpses, has decided that undertakers have the right to shave
"let up" in their campaign 01 pronlOtion.             In this the ma11U-       corpses, b~1t must not charge lOT the service.       The boards'
facturers are not like those of other centers whose expendi-                   an1lual report recently filed says:
tures for advertising Bre limited to brief announcements                 of        "VVe l12ve many inquiries regarding the shaving of a
their plans at the opening of each season.                   Evansville's      corpse by the undertaker, and the Question is, has be a right
claims are well backed up by the goods her nnnLl{acturers                      to do it? In answer ,ve \vill say that if the undertaker makes
produce.       Everything    needed in furniture of medium and                 a specif1c charge for shaving the corpse he will be liable to
low price is manufactured, and to this fact the city is indebt-                prosecution and fine for the violation of the barber law, but
ed for its immense mixcd car business.                 The products of         the fact is that the undertaker makes no specific charge for
thirty factories are not infrequently represented in a single                  'shaving,' but he puts in his bill for 'preparing the corpse for
car and dealers appreciate the advantag-es of sucb important                   burial,' and therefore he cannot be fined for shaving the
facilities.                                                                    corpse as long as you cannot prove that he has made a specific
     Evansville is 110t entirely dependent Upon the railroads for              charge for that part of the work."
shipping her products.          From her -wharves steamers depart
daily for points on the Ohio, the Mississippi, the Cumber-
land, tbe Tennessee and the (ireen rivers, carrying to many
citics goods made in E\'ansville.
    /\ vast 2l110unt of money has beell expended in the recent
years of the \)2st in the erection of factories and in extension_~
to the old plants.      Among the companies that have made
large expenditnres for the purpose l11ClltiO'ledare the Bosse
Furniture Company, the Evansvil1e Bookc2se & Table Com-
                                                                                                     THE CORRECT
pany, t\le E,;,m",·",mc "\{ct;'ll t'nrnitnre   Company,    1-:.h n. ~lil1c:r
& Co., and the Specialty Ti'urniture Company.                The output
of several of these factories has been donb1ed in the past
two years.      The Standard Chair Company bas a new factory                         Stains and Fillers.
of large dimensions in course of erection.
     In almost every factory new lines have been prcpJfcd for
the spring- season of trade and catalogues illustrating and de-                                        THE MOST
scribing the same "vi11soon he ready for distribution. Among                                         SATISF ACTORY
those \'dlO ",.. 11be prepared to respond to calls for these im-
port2nt sources of information, "not yet, but soon," are the
Globe Furniture Company, the Karges Furniture Company,
the Evansville Desk Compctl1y, Stoltz, Schmitt & Co.. the
                                                                                     first         Coaters and
Bosse Furniture Company, the Evansville Bookcase & Table
Company and the Crescent Furniture Company.

                       An Elevated Wedding.
   A numher of furniture houses in Evansville, Ind., received
a lot of free advertising a few years ago in rather a uniq\.le                                     "A~UFAC"TUR~D    ",.,LY   u"-
"\vay.  The Evansville Electric Power Company had just
completed a t211 smokestack and the house furnishing firms                           CHICAGO WOOD FINISHING CO.
in Evansville offered to give the y01.11lgpeople who ,,,'-ould                             ZS9·63 ELSTONAVE."'Z·16 SLOAN ST.
consent to be married Bt the tOIl of that stack a bedroom                                           CH I CAGO.
     The Club Table That Sa tisfies Every bod y

        SIMPLE                                                                                                  EASILY
                 STRONG                                                                                                      FOLDED

                                                              Size 32 In. IODIt; a1 in. wide; 17 In. billb
                                                                    Co,.ered wltb Leath ... or Felt

     COOK'S PATENT FOLDING ATTACHMENT                                                                                        1~~:::s~~Sle~t~1~~c~
                                                                                                                of the table, as shown III
     the illustration.  Our tables are made of hardwood, and covered with green-felt and leather. The cross_piece or cleaton end of
     table keeps the top from warping, and is so arranged that a person elln sit close to the table without crampin~ the knees. The
     felt used on this table is of extra thickness and made special. and is much better than padded tables where cotton batting is useq
     and inferior Quality of felt. Very useful and convenient, for card parties, children's games, ladies fancy work, or tea table.

                                                                           BELDING. MICHIGAN
                                    WAREHOUSES-I                   % Monroe Street, Chicago.    213 Canal Street, New York



               No. 304.   QuarteredOak, 44x48 io.   lop,   9 in. Pillar.

                                                                                    FURNITURE FACTORY
                                                                                  Excellent opportunities for furniture factories exist in
                                                                             cities and towns of the Southwest along the lines of the

                                                                                  An ample supply of hardwood timber, besides most of
                                                                             the soft woods, are procurable at low cost and within a short
                                                                             distance of these locations. Full particulars upon application.
                                                                                        8endfor booklet about factory openings along the
                                                                                                          Rock Island-FriSco,
                                                                                                             M. SCHULTER. Industrial   Commissioner.
                                                                             Frisco Building.                                              ST. lOUIS,Mo.

                                                                                                       Fine Service
                                                                                      MICHIGAN                          CENTRAL
                      PATENTEO   JUl.Y   29,   1902.                              Grand Rapids"                        Detroit .. Toledo
 The best FASTENER                                                                                   THROUGH CAR LINE

                                                                                  Solid train service with Broiler Parlor cars and Cafe
 for Five Legged Tables                                                      coaches running on rapid schedule.
                                                                                  Through sleeping car to New York on the "\Volverine/'
                  Write/o/' Pria, and Infoymatjot\                           making the run in nineteen hours and fifty minutes: For
                                                                             full particulars see Michigan Central Agents. Or

    Invincible Table Fastener Co..                                                E· W. Covert. C. P. A.                o. W.    k\1ggle., G. P. A.
                        Shelbyville~ Ind~                                            Grand .'I\aplds.                              Chlca;:o.

                                                               MAKERS        OF

                                                       METAL                 BEDS
                                                       WITH       STANDARD

                                                       REVERSIBLE              RAILS
                                                                                                      Standard Reversible Rail
No, 691      $12.25 net                                SOLID     ..     .,     RIGID
                                                                                                            Patented   lu1y 15, 191)1, No. 704"101.

2 inch pillars made   of seamless tubing'.                                                                This rail is reversible in the true ~,ense
          Filling Ji and .% inch.                                                                     of the word-can be used either side up
              Head 64 inches.
                                                          REVERSIBLE                                  and enables the dealer to make one set
                                                                                                      of rails answer instead of having two
              Foot 40 inches.              1                                                    -'    stocks, one of regular, the other inve:rted.

Smith & Davis Mfg. Co.
                                                   ST. LOUIS, MO.

    6            ~MI9JiIG-r.rN                                          ,
              FURNITURE TREATED UNFAIRLY.                                   out the stock and dropping the furniture entirely.       In speak-
                                                                            ing of his experience the new manager said:            "I've been
                                                                            here about eight months now.            All that time I've been
    Department    Managers Stinted on Advertising           Space and
                                                                            trying to get a better show for my department, but all I've
                      Show Room Facilities.
                                                                            been able to do is to get a little space on the first floor down
        Readers interested in the furniture business frequently no-         near the front. I have had that only a month, but I have used
    tice that department stores, carpet dealers and others who              it carefully, changing the display twice every week, though
    sell furniture in connection with other goods, usually treat            it's something of a job to move furniture from this 'loft' down
    the furniture department unfairly in their advertisements.              there and up again.      That little improvement, however, has
                                                                            had a decided effect. . That little show down there made a
                                                                            sale the very first day it was pla:ed.     A lady, passing, got a
                         ~.   B. Co" of f~rnft,:,re and                     glimpse of it, and came in to investigate.       As a result she
                               stove eCOnOmle3
                                                                            found her way up to the 'loft,' where I sold her something
                                                                            like $150 worth of furniture, which pleased the proprietors
                                                                            almost as much as it did me.       I had been given the little eor-
                                                                            Iler down there as an experiment and that sale settled it.        I
                                                                             think I will hold it permanently and I hope to have it en-
                                                                            larged.    I haven't heard any talk about closing out the furni-
                                                                            ture department since that first day's experience and my sales
                                                                            are picking up nicely."

                                                                                                   Horses on the Side.
                                                                                One of the big department stores in New York does a very
                                                                            profitable business in horses on the side.   According to one
                                                                            of the horse dealers of the city the store will only buy hand-
                                                                            some, perfectly matched teams for its delivery wagons, and
                                                                            the drivers arc men of experiell~e and discretion-which      is
                                                                            rarely the case with delivery wagon drivers.     The handsome
                                                                            teams arc all used in the uptown residence district, where
                                                                            fine horses are in demand.      The equine beauties attract a
                                                                            great deal of attention as they prance and cavort in front of
    EvelJ the hOllse furnishillg h011ses, whose stock in trade is           the varnished wagons, and sooner or later some one who
    three-fourths furniture, use at least three-fourths of the space        wants a trappy team is certain to inquire the price.      They
    ill advertising other lines.      Indeed the ~l11anager of the fur-     are always for sale, and, being perfectly city broken, C0111-
    niture department is lucky if he is allowed to use one-fourth
    of the space.      It is not unusual to see a page advertisement,
    embellished with cuts and price figures of everything in the
    store except the furniture, which is given a lower corner or,
    perhaps, only a few inches in a single column.            J \.1st why
    this condition prevails is not clear unless it is because furni-
    ture sells itself while the other goods must be pushed. How-
    ever, it is a fact that furniture is generally slighted in the
    matter of advertising and thcrefore the furniture dcpartment
    managers find it l:ecessary to make the most of the small al-
    lowance of space.         How one of thcm managed to do so i.3
    shown by the accompanying cut reproduced from an adver-
    tisement written and arranged by J. Harry Steiner, buyer for
    Hillman's, Chicago.
         Not only is furniture given "the worst of it" in ad\'ertis-
    ing, but it is frequently abused in the allotment of window
    display and floor space. Some of the gennal managers seem
    to think that "any old place" is good enough for the furnitme
    department-that       people who want furniture '''"ilt ask for it.
    An example of this ktlld of management was found by the
     \vriter in a Grand Rapids, Mich., department store the other
    day.     Having occasion to go through the "tore, he was sur-
    prised to Jlnd .a large. ano wett selected stock of furniture on
    the fourth floor, away back in that part of the building farth-
    est from tbe CJltrance.        He had not noticed any allusion to
    such an elaborate stock in the advertisements of the house
     \~'hich l1S'CS printer's ink qtlite liberally and he was bold
    enough to suggest that such a stock ought to be given a het-
    ter sho"~/. The manager of the furniture department heartily
    endorsed the suggestion and confidentially admitted that he                      Made by Roddord   Chair and Furniture   Co., Roekford.   Ill.
    had been discouraged in his efforts to secure more prominence
    for his department.        It appears that two men who had pre-         mand a good price.     It is said that the store makes a very
    ceded him, having failed to induce the mana.ger to give them            handsome profit out of this branch of its business annually,
    "a fair show,'" had become disgusted and thrown up their                and in addition its handsome turnouts attract a great deal ,of
    jobs.     When the present furniture department manager was             favorable attention, which ought to go to the credit of the
    engaged, the owners of the store were talking about closing             advertising account.


        WOODARD FURNITURE                                                                                    ftil(~tn
                                         MICH.                                                               of
                                                                                                              Sell   at   .ghl,
                                     Our New                                                               and make       a
                                                                                                           greater profit
                                         Fall Line                                                         than other lines
                                     of Bedroom Furni·                                                     of kilchen cab-
                                     ture is unusually                                                     inets. Send for
                                     atfractive both in                                                    catalogue.
                                     design and price,
                                     made in aU the
                                     fancy woods and                                                          T~, BBST
                                     finishes.                                                                       of

                                         Dressers                                                           QUALITY
                                                                                                            least    mOlJey.

                                                                                                           We bave dnuhled
                                     in single pieces or
                                                                                                           our capacity and
                                     in suits to match.
                                                                                                           will be belief ahle
                                                                                                           to take care of our
                                          SEND FOR
                                                                                                           IMe than before.
                                                                                                           We loHc:ityour
                                     NEW CATALOGUE                                                         patronage.
                                                                                  MAlL ORDERS TO

                                                                    C. F. SCHMOE & CO.
         WOODARD FURNITURE CO.                                                        IND.

        The Ford & Johnson Company
                               "EVERYTHING IN CHAIRS"
                                                When in Chicago do not fail to see our im-
                                                mense display at our Salesrooms, 1435·37
                                                Wabash Ave. Many new patterns.
                                                                      SEE OUR
                                         Complete Dining Room Suites-Oak and Solid Mahogany.
                                         Chairs and Rockers···All Kinds.
                                         Mission Furniture-All Finishes.
                                         Children's Go-Carts and Carriages.-1907 Line Now Ready.
                                         Reed.and Rattan Chair.. ··a Complete Line.
                                         Fibre Rush and Malacca--the Ideal Furniture.

                                         =====GENERAL                           OFFICES =====
                                         Sixteenth Street and Indiana Avenue, Chicago.
                                                                     SALESROOMS            ========
                                         1433-35.37 Wabash Avenue     BOSTON, MASS.                ATLANTA.       GA.
                                                 CHICAGO                90 Canal Stred:       Marielta and Bartow Streets
          No. 92-7. Solid Mahogany
                                               NEW YORK               CINONNATl. O.            FRANKFORT, KY.
                                              202 Canal Streot         47 E. SDcth SIre"

                                        "This Trade Mark Guaranteeslhe best,"                             No. 525.
         No. 526.

                                                                                   Oak and Mahogany

                                                                                Arc Best Made. Best Finished V.dues. All
                                                                                Made from Thoroughly Seasoned Stock.

                                                                                  No. 495 Dining Table
                                                                                    Top 48x:+8.     Made in Q!arter-
                                                                                     cd Oak.      W cachered Finish.
                                                                                               Nickel Casters.

                                                                                TABLE                            CO.
                                                                                NASHVILLE,                MICHIGAN
                            No. 495 Dining Table.

                                                                                         Please Send for
                                                                                      Catalogue and Prices

                                                                                   WILLOW and RATTAN
                                                                                   I manufacture the Finest Clothes
                                                                                      Hamper or Bedroom Basket

                                                                                      THE      AMERICAN          MARKET
                                                                                                  AU Kinds of
                                                                                   BASKET       WARE MADE TO           ORDER

F. PARTH I E R, Manufacturer of Willow and Ratian Ware,        No. 209 GRAND AVE., CHICAGO, ILLS.
10            ·~MI9]-IIG7J-N
           "GRAND RAPIDS          OF YORK STATE."                        plicity" sofa beds.      This company, known      all over "furni-
                                                                         turedom" for the excellence of its product, realizes that dis-
Jamestown's   Ambition and Remarkable        Ratio of Factories    to    criminating buyers are after quality even more than price,
                         Inhabitants.                                    and consequently with th~m "only the best is cheap."
                                                                              Shearman Brothers, who for some years have exhibited
    Jamestown, N. Y., Nov. 22.-This busy little city of 30,000           their line in Chicago, will return to Grand Rapids in Janu-
might, not inappropriately, be styled the "Grand Rap:ds of               ary, and will occupy one-half of the sixth floor of the new
York State."      There are nearly forty furniture factories here,       )'-lanufacturers' building and will make a large'!: and [mer dis-
and including all other manufacturing establishments there               play than they have ever before attempted.        They will sho-....\'
is an average of more than one factory for every 500 inhabi-             a full line of Universal sofa beds, davenports, couches, ward-
tants.      When you come to take (llIt the school children, the         robe couches and adjustable couches.         Also a large line of
teachers, doctors, dentists, lawyers, preachers and other pro-           l\Iission sofa beds, davenports and couches,       There will be
fessional men, and then deduct those cngaged in mercantile               100 new patterns.        There will be seventy Universal sofa
pursuits, railroading, and various other occupations, prac-              beds in this display, and a very large line of leather goods.
tically all the rest of the inhabitants must be at work in the           The exhibit will be in charge of Frank Shearman, hi~ son,
factories.     In other words, there is a factory of son:e kind          Frank Shearman, Jr., Wm. F. Walsh, Ed. J. IVIcGeeand 'E. W.
for every 150 people who can be depended on for labor to                 Hawkins.
keep them in operation.        Some of the factories employ sev-              The Bailey-Jones Company will make their customary
eral hundred hands, which means that a great many more                   fine display of parlor and library table'S in the Furniture Exhi-
must employ but very few.                                                bition building, Grand Rapids,       Buyers know that it is al-
     Still, Jamestown is a great furniture town. Hardly a                ways a treat to go into this display.
month passes without one or two new ventures in the furni-                    Glenn Brown, so long with Skinner & Steenman, is to
ture manufacturing business.         As for variety, it is only nec-     take a bunch of Jamestown lines to Grand Rapids and show
essary to say that chamber and dining room furniture, parlor             them on the third floor of the Blodgett block.        This display
and library fumiture, chairs, lounges, couches and davenport             will consist of the lines of the Liberty Furniture Company,
sofa beds are made in large quantities.             In conversation      Alliancc Furniture Company and Himebaugh Brothers. L. C.
with the manager of one of the leading furniture factories               StC\vart of the Liberty, will be with Mr. Brown.        This com-
he wc,nt carefully over the list, and from his own books made            pany has had a very prosperous year and is now adding to the
<Ieakulation that the average hand in the furniture factories            plant a four story brick building 36 x 65 feet, which will in-
here produces from $1,800 to $2,000 a year.              That is the     crease their floor space fifty per cent.      It will be used for
highest estimate of any city that I have heard of.                       finishing, storage and shipping.      The entire plant is to be
     As to quality, .some of the factories 'are turning out as fine      equipped with automatic sprinklers.         The line consists of
goods as are to be found anywhere in the country.            One en-     dressers and chiffoniers in oak, mahogany, bird's-eye maple
thusiastic Jamestownian       said:     "In five years instead of        and curly birch.
Jamestown manufacturers going to Grand Rapids to show                         The Alliance Furniture Corr:pany's line consists of china
their goods, Grand Rapids will be coming to Jamestown."              I   closets and combination buffets, while Himebaugh Brothers'
asked him if be had ever been to Gt-and Rapids. He admitted              line is made up of sideboards and buffets in quartered oak
he had not, but was confident that with Jamestown adding                 only-a     medium and fine grade.       This company has just
three or four furniture factories. to everyone being added to            completed a new imu story brick factory 160x 60 feet.            It
Grand Rapids, this city cannot help but distance her big                 is fully equipped with the best of everything, and no doubt
~l-'1ichiganrival in a very few years.        Indeed, there is some      will turn out a line of winners.
talk of pooling their issues, building a large exposition build-              The Atlas Furniture Company, manufacturers of dressers
ing here, and makillg a strenuous effort to attract the furni-           and chiffoniers in oak, mahogany, curly birch and bird's-eye
ture buyers to this market.         While nothing has really ma-         maplc, will exhibit on the second floor of the Furniture Ex-
terialized along this line as yet" it is this spirit of zeal and         l:ibition building with H. L. Chamberlain and Emil Johnson
enthusiasm that makes things go-that         accomplishes great re-      in charge.
sults.     At the present rate of increase before the c1os~ of the            The Morgan 1\·1anufacturing Company has been re-incor-
year 1907 Jamestown is likely to have fifty or more furniture            porated, under the name of the Jamestown Table Company.
factories.     That must certainly bring Jamestown into the              Capital stock $120,000.       The incorporators    are Cyrus E.
very front rank of furniture cities of the country.                      Jones, L. C. Jagger, Chas. L Moore, Thos. E. Pcrkins- and
     There will be some notable changes in the Jamestown                 Richard Peart.      The company will continue parlor and li-
lines in Grand Rapids, ill January.           Among them is the          brary tables, and will at once build to double the size of the
Maddox Table Company, who leave the Blodgett block and                   plant.
t:1ke the entire fifth floor of the new Manufacturers' building               TIle Jamestown Panel & Vcneer Company are having a
on Ionia street, comprising 12,000 square feet.         This room is     \'ery extensive trade in all kinds of furniture panels and table
to be beautifully decorated and lighted, and it is the intention         tops.
of the TVraddox Table Company and the Jamestown Chair                         The Diamond Furniture Company are having a fine cata-
Con~pany, who show with them, to have one of the finest fur-             logue engraved in Grand Rapids, which will not be ready for
niture salesrooms a buyer ever set foot into.           It will be in    mailing until early in January.
charge of Jolly Tom Crane and a corps of the best known
salesmen in the furniture business.
                                                                             Gcorge W. Vanderbilt is reported to have abandoned his
     The exhibitors in the Manufacturers' building are to keep
                                                                         chicken farm at Biltmore, N. c., because he found it unprofit-
open house New Year's day.          It will be a full dress reception
                                                                         able.    Perhaps Mr. Vanderbilt did not understand the busi-
with pletlty of music, flowers, feasting, good cheer for ev-
                                                                         ness, but it is more likely that his failure was due to his hav-
erybody, but no business.        Every order book will be locked
                                                                         ing located his project among p'eople who are experts in
up, but bright and early vVednesday morning, J anttary 2, the
                                                                         "raising" all kinds of poultry.
doors will be flung open to the buyers and business will
start with a bang.
     The Jamestown Lounge Company will make a good dis-                     Evansville (Ind.) has a "Merchants' Rebate Association."
play in the Furniture Exhibition building, GTand Rapids, con-            Money paid for transportation is refunded to out-of-town pur-
::;isting of their famous line of couches, lounges and "Sim-             chasers.
--------------------------------------                                                                                                                      --      -            -     -

                                                                                                                                          7IRTI.sA~                                                                                                                                        11
                                                                                                                                      .#?                                                   $ ,..t#

                                                                         Perfect Baking                                                                          Assured on Our
                                                              l\elth~, the pr(jl~"\(ln~' nor 'he "1lla,e''''- ",II ~,,,l ,!\~ lea." '>'oud" 'n f!:n~'ng gO<>li
                                                              r~ul,-, Irom tn,." I"<:h',/!'I'arlc, range
                                                              Ull' e,l'- ha"~ hougln :\\'\\ \'''lor,
                                                              ~l\av"fi~ ramilies
                                                                                     New Victor Range
                                                              \~,t1I\nd Ih"l ,he,- <I",ak
                                                              '\ncf belore <la'" faTlge
                                                                                         'h~.        ju"t
                                                                                                              ThE' ""","
                                                                                                           tor "'" ", thelf 110:rne<,

                                                                                                    r"M~ htghl,
                                                                                                               ",I.: (/;\.
                                                                                                                        '~:')II''''''/ .>Il"
                                                                                                                              ni [I"',' ,,f tlie [)HJln)ne"t ~{II"\' ,n

                                                                                                                          the :':ew "'~""
                                                                                                               "Iu,',,,, ~,.eL).... {'ered ;tl

                                                                                                                                                       Th.,.. ~l'e :;,50(, Ind'
                                                                                                                                                     ,iJ      '''',I'le, ~",\ I"{lU
                                                                                                                                                                    'Il~n ·,rr ~{\
                                                                                                                                                                 /'_'W                 (I"'" ",,,,
                                                              "1]  _,,,,h ea.',' CfoJ"      "'n,,,\Vh,-   00\      sr,
                                                                                                                     {mc "".,      "ntO"     \;'-",'"               c'J()kq! ~" ,1

                                                                                           New Victor Steel Ringe
                                                                                                     $1.00 Casb. SOt \Veekly
                                                                                              A.RE:OUk -TERMS 0101 TIfll ,l"1l.MOlJS HtGH·GRADE                                       RANG~
                                                                                          MORE       THAN     ~,50Q IN        USE iN INOlANAPOJ..IS                                  ASK    '{QUI!

                                                                                     Sommers Three-Room
                                                                                                      A Handsome               \Verl(Hn~ rr<:~cnL Fr<:~ \Vlth Every Outfit
                                                                                         'y< _iww ,Qmpo,'e                                                                                                    I~~      .!b!~E'",~~~~!,~
                                                                                     ':"·",,.moIU ou,f,t>
                                                                                      ";"w ~,                                                                                                                       "':;i:n:..\;,,~, """ f','.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .'~;;~::j',    n~D~l',:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sommers          KitChen

       Sommers Complete Bcd Outfit                                                                                                                                                                                                                .0 "".'" "","ri,," "   '.owe,   "'iced

                                                                                                                                                                    57               Cash:              51a Week                                  ,"""'0" '·a'''""', WE .HOW SOME
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  M L"w M H .. .     W

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cold Coin                                                      •
            rcrm~ 51.00   Cash,        SOt a                Week
       C"  '0" "e"";'.·
       A~ ~1.~1.
                                       Leather                    Kocker
                                  ""       """ .... 1l,> '''"0           ~M   ,,,"
                                  ",,"      p;,.'"     "r 'u,";" ...          ",,"
                                              ."''''''0"'''''''' 0''
                                         'M,,"<(I , •• "" .0. -"~,h
                                  c·o,,,,.,.         "1"'. '".,      I.   ""'co oC                                                                                                                     $2.611 C,sh -SUIO W~kly
                                  'olloi     '<"       "",,,     •• d ",."."
                                  "'0""".," of 0<, ...... ",."                                                                                                                                                         " lDw", .'!oM ~",d
                                  "0".'.0 ,..i. <~'" w,,"'d ...
                                  ,ono"'.                                                                                                                                                                     ,J,'".""
                                              ,,,,,,,",,", '"
                                                         ,,,                                                                                                                                         ,·0.,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ,,",     W~   'HOW    00 ...   ~s lO'li;
                                  :\,':"';: ,~,~:,I, ", .,,101. ,,' ,.,

                                         'ror"." $1.00 C"~<h,

                                             SOe W<*kly
                                            .,""0< ."it<"" • "'~"r
                                                .-oc"",.           WE      S .. OW
                                                                                     'l'o "(>B'
                                                                                                                  Casli, baLal'ce flayahk
                                                                                                                  v"«'       5<"    I) ••••   ~,,·,.   W~    SHOW
                                                                                                                                                                 750t     \\'ec~l)
                                                                                                                                                                        ~'~~,. M  ~a,"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sun Hot
                                  SD.,E        >Is LOW             >,s   U.oo.                                           A.$       ~I:'I.~Q.

                                                                                      11 and J 3 East Washlllgon                                                                           Sf.

                                                                                            SAMPLE OF GOOD ADVERTISING.
,--   --   -   -   - -   --

                                                                                                                                         ;                   ZT·

                                                                                                                                         HALL'S, the Polish thaI is Making Evansville Famous.
                                   UNION FURNITURE                                                               CO.                                                                   Nall's Red Stal' Polish dries instaJltly
                                                                                                                                                                                    and never softens or gums.        No dis--
                                                                                            ROCKFORD, ILL.                                                                          agreeable or offensive odor. Never set-
                                                                                                                                                                                    tles or ~apon\tf:S. A trial ()fdeTg,lways
                                                                                                                                                                                         K~~~;~~J ?i1e~~
                                                                                                                                                                                    :u"t~~b: cUi~:~~w
                                                                                           Buffets                                                                                  furni.ture. ThiS Polis&is free from add.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Can be used by any child. Guaranteed
                                                                                                                                                                                    to give salisfactloll.
                                                                                           Bookcases                                                                                  Sold in 1,2, Sand 10 gallon cans and
                                                                                                                                                                                    in barrels, also put up in l.· 3 and 6 oz,
                                                                                                                                                                                    bottles retailing for 10c, 15e aDd
                                                                                           China Closets                                                                            ZSc., altowin~ a liberal profit to the
                                                                                                                                                                                    retailer.   Write for prices and state
                                                                                                                                                                                    qu~ntity wallt~d.
                                                                                                                                          A pcrfeel Polish and Cleaner for FurnUure.     Office and Ba.r. Fix-
                                                                                       We~in&~,~~~~ooaM                               ture •• Pianos, Organa. Bleyel., •• lrot'l bedfl. Cal'l' and
                                                                                     Finilh. S(le our Caul~e_                         Automoblhlls.
                                                                                                                                          We rejlJ1' '!IOUto tlu Orucent Furniture 00., The 1J}van$ViUlJIJlJ8k Co.,
                                                                                       Our lineaD PetmaIlentshibitioll 7th             The Bll D. Muter           Folding     Bed   00., and   th,e. City    Nationat     Bank   of
                                                                                     Floor. New ManufactureD' BuiJdirul.              ./!hJafl,81JUle.
                                                                                     G<>nd RoPido.                                    AMERICANPHARMACALCO., •• s uPP'....                           s' s."     EvanSlille, Ind

                                                                                                                                The New Banquet Table Top
                                                                                                                                all   well tli OFFiCE. DINING and. DIRECTORS'                    T A.BLFS ue        OUT    ~ecia1t,...

                                                                                                                                            --~-'_   -

                                                                                                                                                          ....-    "-"- -   ~
                                                                                                                                          I                           ' _
                                                                                                                                          "" .
                                                                                                                                STOW & DAVIS FURNITURE CO.• ~~p;,j"
                                                                                                                                              Write (or Csla!oi\le'         Get samp!ell of BANQUET         TABLE   TOP.

                                                                                                                                     E manufacture the larg-
                                                                                                                                W     est line of FOLDING
                                                                                                                                eRA IRS       in the United
                                            "Row, Styk" "" Drop  e.m.,., Em""-'<l Mouidna. P• ..J.. Ek.                         States, suitable for Sunday
                                            I:MBOSSING and DROP CARVING MAC"INI:S                                               Schools, Halla, Steamers and
                                        Machinea for all pu~, aIl0 at prn:es withUl !he read! of aU, Every Machine              all Public Resort •.
                                   hall our lI:llaranteh ~t     breaka.~ fot one   yeaJ.
                                                                                                                                We also maaufacture     Brass
                                                                                                                                Trimmed Iron Beds, Spring
                                                                                                                                Beds, Cot. and Cribs in a.
                                                                                                                                lar~ variety. . . •
                                                                                                                                               Send for CataJO&'Ue
                                                                                                                                         ud Prlcn·to

                                                                                                                                Kauffman Mfg. Co.
                                                                                                                                               UnLAND. onlo

                                                                                                                                      Morton House                                                                    P
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ...... lan
                                                                                                                                                           Rates $2.50 and Up

                                                                                                                                      Hotel PanUind                                                         European
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ...... lan
                                                                                                                                                           Rates $1.00 and Up
                                                                                                                                                            GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.

                                                                                                                                                     The Noon Dinner Served at the Pantlind
                                         "Loldol Slyle ......   Luae e-dtY H~vy e.m... ..d 0... Em"""'-
                                                                                                                                                     ror 50c ~ the FINEST IN THE WORLD
                               We have !he Machine)'eu waul ala ",tiIfactory Price.           Write fur de.aiPtn'ecitaala.r&.
                               Alto make die. for .n make. of Mac:hinet.
                                                                                                                                                                              J. BOYD PANTLIND.                            Pl"Op.
                               UNION EMBOSSING MACHINE CO., Indianapolis, Ind.

                                                                      DURING THE

                                  JULY. 1906. SgASON

            HIGHEST                                                                         I
            QUALITY                                THE REASONS                                                       VALUES

                         T"E YEAGERFURNITURECO~,Allentown, Pa.
                                   cnlCAGO -Furniture Manufacturers' Exhibition Building, 7th Floor, 1319 Michigan Ave.
                                   NEW YORK-(Salesroom)  333-341 Fourth Ave., Cor. 25th St. ~d Floor.

THE ONLY CASTER CUP THAT Will                    NOT MAR OR SWEAT                                                              The New
       A.   NewCaster CUP.a' Furniture Protector and a Rest
                                               W:e guarantee
                                                                perfect satis-
                                                        We know we have
                                             the only perf~t caster cup ever                                     FOLDING                  CHAIR
                                             made. This cup is in two sizes,
                                             as follows: ~J4 inch and 3 inch.
                                             and we use the cork bottom.                                                  PATENTED OCT. 20, 1903.
                                             You know the rest.
                                                Small sixe, $3.60 lI'er 100                                        Comfortable             Durable
                                                Large size,   4.60 per 100                                         Simple                  Neat
                                               F O. B. Grand Rapids.                                                The Acme of Perfection in the line of
                                               Try it and be convinced.                                          Foldina: Chairs. PERFECT COMPACTNKSS
                                                OUf Concave Bottom Card                                          when folded.
                                              Block. does not touch the sur-                                        Hard maple, natural finish.
                                              face but upon the rim, permit.                                               WRlTH   FOR PRICES.
ting a circulation of air under the block, thereby preventing moisture or
marks of any kind. This is the only card block of its kind on the market.                                                          oh~
                             Pric!!, $3.00 per 100
                                                                                                                 PEABODY SCHOOL
Grand Rapids Casler Cup Co"        2   .,,'woo' A" .. Grand Rapids, Mich.                                         FURNITURE CO.
Also can be had at LUSSKY. WHnE        " COOLIDGE. 111.113Lake St., Chicaao                                      North Manchester.               Indiana

                     MANUFACTURERS                  OF
                                                                                            NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA,
HARDWOOD ~~~~~~~                                                                                        Via
                                                                                        GR~ND TRUNK·LEHIGH VALLEY ROUTE.
                                                                                                          Two Fast Trains
~'l~'fE[j                                                                                                        Daily Except Sunday.            Daily.

     MAHOGANY                               VENEERS                               Leave   Od  Rapids                  2:45 p. m.  7:05 p. m
                                                                                  Ar Philadelphia                    3:40 p. m.    7:25 p. m.
                                                                                  Ar Ne~ york                        +:30 p. m.    8:40 p. ,m.
                   HOFFMAN                                                          Servic~ unsurpassed.   For further information apply· at
              BROTHERS COMPANY                                                    City Oflire, Morton House Block.

804 W. Main Sf"          FORT WAYNE, INDIANA                                                                      C. A. JUSTIN, C. P. & T. A.

                                  ESTABLISHED             1880                       tion on the increased cost of raw materials-particularly   mer-
                                                                                     cury-and higher freight -rates.      The mirror men were' prob-
                                                                                     ably justifie.d in advancing prices, but they seem to have made
                                                                                     a blunder in giving reasons for their action.      Some of their
                                                                                     members declare that very little mercury is used on the backs
                                                                                     of mirrors nowadays-that        it has been supplanted by the
                                                                                     patent back-and as for freight rates, it is generally expected
                                                                                     that the new rate law will effect a reduction instead of a raise.
                                        P'U!lLI5HED     BY

                     MiCHIGAN                    ARTISAN            CO.
                                                                                     Can it be possible that the mirror glass makers have been re-
              ON THE 10TH AND                25TH     OF EACH          MONTH         ceiving rebates on their sand freight bills?
           OFFICE-2-20            LYON     ST., GRANO            RAPIOS.     MICH.
                                                                                                            *1' *1* *1* *j'
                   E!'ITERi':!l    AS   MATTER   Of   THE .6ECOND    OLM.S               Charles E. Spratt of New York is authority for the state-
                                                                                     ment that the furniture dealers of the country pay, annually,
                                                                                     in fire insurance premiums at least $27,000,000 more than is
     Sharp advances in iron ore and in iron and steel products,
                                                                                     required to pay their losses by fire.      He also states that
advances in wages by railroads and other corporations have
                                                                                     forty-eight per cent-almost    half-of   the .losses are due to
been prominent features in the industrial field during the
                                                                                     dishonesty-in    other words to incendiarism.     If Mr. Spratt's
past month.     At the same time scarcity of money, especially
                                                                                     figures are right, it ought to be an easy matter to induce
in ,Vall street, has been a feature in the financial world.
                                                                                     the furniture dealers to organize· a mutual company, carry
Advances in wages and in the value' of staple commodities
                                                                                     their o-wn risks and quit supporting the fire-bugs.
do not usually occur at the same time with financial strin-
gency.     In fact, this is the first time recalled in the history                                           *1* *1* *1* *1*
                                                                                         An advance in wholesale prices of furniture does not al-
of the country, that advances in prices of iron and steel and
                                                                                     ways mean additional profit for the manufacturers.        The
a general rise in "vages have come during financial stringen-
                                                                                     manufacturers are frequently forced to raise prices in order
cy in Wall street.      This unusual occurrence has caused con-
                                                                                     to avoid actual losses.   The advances are usually due to an
siderable thought and speculation as to its effect-as to what
                                                                                     increase in the cost of labor and materials and under present
developments may be expected in the near future,          In some
                                                                                     conditions the men who furnish the materials are able to
quarters there is a disposition to fear that the country has
                                                                                     gobble up all, or nearly all, of any advance that the manufac-
reached the crest of the long wave of prosperity and that re-
                                                                                     turers may make.
etction is due to set in during the coming year.      Similar pre-
dictions havc becn made again and again during the past two                                                  *1* *1* *1* *1"
                                                                                        New factory projects in Rockford, Ill., have been so num~
 years.   They were not fulfilled and there is no reason for be-
                                                                                     erous of late that it is difficult to keep track of them and,
 lieving that the current croakers are wiser than their prede-
                                                                                     owing to contradictory reports as to who the promoters are,
 cessors.    On the contrary, there is every reason to believe
                                                                                     it is impossiblc to distinguish the real projects from the
 that they are false prophets.    The apparently inconsistent de-
                                                                                     imaginary anticipations.    However, .there is no doubt that
 velopments of the past month only emphasize the fact that
                                                                                     the furniture manufacturing business is having an unpreced-
 the country has been divorced from Vi/all street-that          the
 country's welfare and prosperity no longer depends on the                           ented boom in Rockford.
 success or failure of the financial speculators.        With the                                            'j*   *1* '1* *1*
                                                                                         Clean furniture, rugs and draperies favorably impress the
 railroads placing unprecedented ordcrs for new equipment to
                                                                                     ladics, who buy most of the furnishings for the household.
 be delivered in 1907, with factories running night and day in
                                                                                     The duster should be used as often as the business of the
 order to meet thc demand for their products, with the great
                                                                                     store will permit, and the same is true of the furniture pol-
 steel companies six months behind their orders and at the
                                                                                     ish.   Clean, frcsh looking stock commands attention.
 same time Alaska, South Africa, Australia and the United
 States rapidly incrcasing their gold production; there is no                                                *!* *1* *1* *1*
                                                                                         A considerable number of man'Jhcturers                goods,
                                                                                                                                    of <,-,;'Ise
 chance for reaction in business affairs.       Nothing less than
                                                                                     having withdrawn from Grand Rapids for the purpose of tr>5t-
 em absolute failure of crops <:an mar the prosperity of the
 country during the coming year. Ylerchandise, materials and                         ing the claims of other markets, are returning to Grand Rap-
 supplies for the year 1907 will he bought on rising markets,                        i~s. There are no doubts in their minds in regard to the lo-
  and unless some unforeseen issue arises in the presidential                        cation of the most important case goods market in the world.
  campaigl1 the same conditions will prevail in 1908.                                                        *1* *1* *1* *1*
                                                                                        With the approach of the holid<lYs merchants will find
                                  *1'" *i* *1* *1*                                   profit and satisfaction  in devising atttactiOllls for their
         An exchange remarks that the price cutter would gain                        show '\'v·indows. It is the season of the year wl~en every
 ;;1 commanding    position in trade if he could stay ill business                   buyer is a Missourian and must be shown.
 long enough.      The truth of this statemcnt was demonstrated
 in the history of a dealcr in furniture in Evansville, Ind.,                                                *1* *1* *1* *i*
                                                                                         From the decision of the \Visconsin Barber Board, as
 who cut his prices so often and so deeply that he cut himself
                                                                                      given on another page of this number of the Artisan, it ap-
 out of business· in a comparatively short time. When his
                                                                                      pears that a man must die before he can legally get a free
  successor took hold of the business, customc-rs of the house
                                                                                      shave in the Badger state.
  demanded the cut prices they werc accustomed to, but the
  new owner calmly and patiently maintained that he was not                                                              *
                                                                                                             *1* *1* 11<1*1*
  in business for his health and eventually gained a foothold                             Grand Rapids will be able to better accommodate the trav-
  in the community by steadfastly adhering to prices that re-                         eling and sojourning furniture men in future.     Boyd Pant-
  turned a profit.   Selling goods for less than cost may enable                      lind has addcd the Park to his string of hotels,
  dealers to pose as public benefactors for a short timc and                                                 *1* *1* *1* *1*
  gain distinction in that large class of failures usually desig-                        Early English is moving but moderately.   The Colonials,
  nated as fools with a profane prefix.                                               the French lines and to a less extent the Mission, have the
                                  *1' '1* *1* 'I'                                     call.
     At a meeting of the Western Mirror Manufacturers' As~                                                   *1* *1* *1* *1*
                                                                                         A few pieces of pyrography linger in the furniture stores.
 ,;ociation in Chicago 011 November 15, it was decided to ad·
                                                                                      This fad received its deathblow from the hands of women.
 vance prices twenty or- twenty-five per cent, basing their ac-

                                                             "Un()reaka()l~Beds--Do They Co.rt More 1"
                                                                           HERE IS A', SAMPLE ONE FOR YOUR INSPECTION.

                                                                                                               Hel"lu 50 inclies.      Widdis 4 ([. 6 in.,
                                                                                                               4 ft •• 3 ft. 6 in., or 3 ft. Posts seam_
                                                                                                               less welded pipe I J -16 in. <liameter.
                                                                                                               Finisltes 1 1-8 in. Rods 5-16 in. and
                                                                                                               3-8 in.

                                                                                                            All  caslings malleable iron. This
                                                                                                         bed   is guaranteed    25 years against
                                                                                                         breakage. It is dean and neat in ap~
                                                                                                         pearance,      If the Michigan Artisan is
                                                                                                         mentioned we will letouch castings in
                                                                                                         gold without extra charge.
                                                                                                             ~rice (frei?;ht allowed up tc New York City
                                                                                                        or Chlcago rate) $3.75.      Dark or light green or
                                                                                                        blue at same price.: Dired auached springs, wood
                                                                                                        frames $1.25 extra or steel frames $2 extra. Try

                                                                                                            HARD MANUFACTURING CO.
                                                                                                                    D,p •. A. BUFFALO, N.         r.
                 NORTHWESTERN               DEALERS.                       goods. . The lines carried include carpets, rugs, stoves, a
                                                                           china de,Jartll1ent and recently a ladies' '!"eady-made garmellt
                                                                           departm¢nt has been added.                   Mr. Nettleton kindly spared an
 Observations Taken at Spokane, Portland, Seattle, Victoria
                                                                           hour of pis time to shmN the visitors around,                        I-Ie said that
                              and Vancouver.                               Ci'!"cassi;m walnut is in great demand and sells very well. The
      A recent viiiit in the far northwest disclosed the fact that         dull of. furniture 'is very popular. Washington fir, spok-
 the furniture dealers of that section are prosperous and their            en of above, IS mueh used for the woodwork in Seattle homes
 business rapidly ill creasing.       The iitores of Spokane and Se-       10 tlpholttery green is the only color the public seem to 111,'a11t:
 attle were explored by the writer as \'\lell as a fc,w in Victoria       A large upholstery department is kept busy on orders. The
 and Vancouver, British Columbia.              In Spokane two-thirds       white w(~odwO'l"kand green walls of the store are very rest-
 of the b1.-1SillcSS done on the installment plan.
                      is                                     The stores    ful to the eye.            One very much appreciated feature of this
 there arc all large aud 'wel1 lighted.          That of Goble, Pratt      immeuse :store is the tea-room for public use, with its green
 & Robbins is the nC\vest and has a corner outlook ''lith large           w~lls anq ntgs and mahogany furniture.                          The capacity of
 windows for displaying goods effect'ively.                               thIS roon!: has been doubled since the flrst of October.                        Fred-
     Tull & Gibbs and the Grote-Rankin Company also have                  erick & Nelson have in twelve years gro"..-n to the present size
 large stores very artistically arranged.         Besides a quantity of   from a secoJld hand store on this same site.                          One side of
 furniture from Grand Rapids factories, Chicago, Rockford and             the building was occupied by a clothing store and that was
 other eastern cities wcre well represented by their products             crowded out to give more room for the furniture business.
in the same line.                                                         1h. Nettl~ton is a believer in special sales.
     The western fir is quite extensively used in the ITlanufac-               III Vic~oria \Veiler Brothers' store was visited and there
 ture of cheap bedroom a1ld other furniwre by western fac-                the furnitpre from the iitates is decidedly scarce.                        One sees
tories and with the weathef(~d oak fmi5h makes quite a                    a11Yql\an~jty of Canadian manufacture, however.                            The Ma-
good substitute for oak.                                                  cey sectio~1al bookca!'ies shown were made in Seaforth, On-
     Tull & Gibbs also have a larg-e store in Portland and the            t,lr10, and !uot in C-rand Rapid:;.
Grote-Rankin Company have al\other in Seattle..               The 1''\111      The Hhdson Day Company have ~llarge piece of land ad-
 & Gibbs store in Spokane covers ~) square feet of Hoot'             joining their present location ill Vancouver and in COUrse of
space, four stories and sixty-five mell fi.11d     employemcnt there,     time will nave a much larger store.                     Their present quarters
Mr. Hebard, the 1ll;l1l.lger, was ill ill a hospital in Portland          are very 11,1uch       too small and it v.rilt b(~ a great help to them
and Mr. Jones gave all the information wanted.                            to have the congestion               relieved.      Goods of Canadian mall11-
     The Grote-Ranki.n Com-p<m)"occupy a three story buildtllg            facttlrc ....vere 'ill the majority llerc as well as in Victoria, one
and annex with 110,000 square feet of space and employ sev-               of the ex~eIJtions being a library suite in silve'!" gray, up~
enty-two men.           There are h",·o basen~ellts.    Jlr. Hall is the  holstered in green, C011sisting of an arm chair, two others alld
manager.        He is also buyer for the china department.        1I<m}' a desk frotH J. & ]. Kohll.                 1h. ""Vittner sa'iu the call tllere is
handsome pieces of Gral1d Rapids and Chicago furniture were               for the golden oak fiuisll, whicr sells ill preference to any
seen.     They have an upholstery department.                             other.       Tl~e dull finish is not appreciated by the majority in
     The Goble, Pratt & l~obbins store, of \vhich 1fr. Rogers,            VancouverJ
formerly of the l-Iastillgs. l\lich., Tahle Company, is a stock-               Taken tltogther,           it w;tS a treat to be able to visit other
holde'!", has only been (''ighteen montl1S in busilless.           Tbey   cit'ies and frct a new point of view on the subject of furniture
occUpy a modern three story and basement building.                        and house· furnishings.
     The store of the Stal1dard Furniture Compally was being                              ,
torn down and a new one will he erected.
                                                                               Hiram Slete of Hamilton, believed to have been the oldest
     Frederick & Nelson have a line store in Seattle with 1(;8,-
                                                                          und('.rtaker ~n Ohio, died on October 29, aged 81.years.
000 square feet of floor space consisting of five floors and two
basements.         The store covers a block on Second and one-
                                                                               . .          iTHE HAWKEylt KITCHEN CABINET
half block on the side streets.            A very small investmellt         OngUlal feat*res.     Desl.'l:D.finish and cabinet work the hest 011earth.  Prices
half block en the side streets. /\ small installment business is            rQt.we.irom $;l.25 to $60.00. ~xclusive sale given. Sold to dealers only.
                                                                            PrIce IS a good salesman.       QualIty is a better one.    We have them both
dOlle.     :r...fostof the trade bUYii only tbe medium <lnd fine            Catalo.ltue on: application.      Union FUl'nUu,"4,') Co•• Rmn ..T!'lCT(,}~,IOWA:

                                            HORN BROS. MFG. CO.
                                               281 to 291 W. Superior St.. CHICAGO. ILL.
                                                                   MANUFACTURERS    OF

                                            Chamber Suites. Odd Dressers. Chiffoniers
                                                  UDiES' DRESSINGTABLES to match
                                              Made in Golden Oak, Genuine Mabo~hY Veneered, BIrdseye Maple,
                                                        White Enamel Highly Poltshed or Dull Finish.

                                            We also make a liRe of PRINCESSDRf:SSfRS from $13.00 up. In
                                             Quarter-Sawed Oak, Mahogany and Birdseye Maple, Veneered
                                                  rr you have not received our. Spring supplement, uk for it.
                                            SAMPLES    SHOWN BY pECK & HILLS         1319 Micbi,g:ab Avnue,   and
                                                      HALL &: KNAPP, 187 Michigan    Avenue, Cbu:ago.


         Chair                  Co.
               RICHMOND, IND.

         The Standard line of Double Cane

             CHAIRS and

         Menti()O MICHIGAN     ARTISAN

      The Luce Fumiture Co.

     Bed Room and Dining Room
      GRAND              RAPIDS,                      MICHIGAN
                      SALESROOM AT fACTORY ONLY.

            Big Profit in DininJ Room Suites
              The latest money-maker in furr:iture has beer! the dining room suite that costs $25
     and looks worth $100.
              We originated these suites not long ago andi they have been among our heaviest
     sellers the past year.                                I
               One dealer tells us that a salesman got $140 for a suite that cost $35. It had
     not been marked and the salesman did not know the Iretailprice, but the finish was so good
     the customer was satisfied..
              One dealer in Philadelphia sold 54 suites in sixty days.


             At the winter resorts in the South, at the summer resorts in the North, in California,
     in hundreds of cities where refined and modest homes:are furnished and people appreciate
     good style though they have not the money to pay high prices, Dining Room Suites sell
     steadily, profitably. You can always make a good pJ>fit on them.
              Nos. 5020, 5026, 5036 and 5038 have b~en exceedingly popular sellers, and
     we strongly recommend them---the cheaper ones for t~mporary homes, at resorts, etc., East
     West, North, South (they go in all parts of the country), and the higher priced for per-
     manent homes in the larger cities outside of New Y or~ and Chicago.

              NORTHERN FURNITUkE COMPANY                    ,
                                         SHEBOYGAN, WIS.
     Klingman Building, GRAND RAl'IDS.                      I            Furniture Exchan\l<l, NEW YORK.

                                                                        and library bookcases in the Blodgett block, Grand Rapids, in
                                                                        January will be one that will please every buyer who calls to
                                                                        inspect them."     Well, that is no exaggeration, and every
                                                                        buycr will say so who sees them.
                                                                            The Royal 11antel & Furniture Company has started an
                                                                        addition 80 x 112 feet, four stories high, for finishing, shipping
                                                                        and storage.    It is expected to have this building ready for
                                                                        occupancy early in the spring.      Trade is good-never     better.
                                                                        The line will be on exhibition in January on the sixth floor,
     Rockford, IlL, Nov. 22.-Rockford      is one of the most thriv-    1319 Michigan avenue, Chicago, in which will be shown a
ing manufacturing      towns in the great state of Illinois.       In   large number of new patterns of china closets and buffets.
Ofle respect it is different from ma.ny other cities, and that is           The Rockford Frame & Fixture Company will show a finc
this:    In the twenty-odd years 1 have been visiting this city         line of new patterns of fancy furniture in January on the top
I cannot recall a single instance where a manufacturing es-             floor of the new Furniture Exchange building, Fourteenth
tablishment has wound up its business and moved to some                 street and V\Tabash avenue, Chicago, with Peck & Hills, also
other town to hetter its condition.         To be sure, tbere have      in Grand Rapids in the Furniture Exhibition building, am} ill
been some fires and some failures, but I know of no one who             the New York Furniture Exchange.         This is one of the larg-
has moved from Rockford to some other place because he                  est and most beautiful lines of fancy- furniture on the market,
could not succeed here.                                                 and never fails to attract the attention of the best buyers.
     Then, again, there are very few cities that have made                  Oscar Bergquist, as "head push" of the Rockford Desk
greatcr proportionate       strides in manufacturing      than Rock-    Company, seems to find no time_ for anything but work, and
ford.     I think there were but five furniture factories here
at the time of my first visit, viz: The Union, Forest City,
Central, Co-operative and Excelsior-the          latter in the uphol-
stering business.      All of them but the latter are still in busi-
ness, and there are two of them, either of which is nearly or
quite as large as the whole five.        Today there are at least a
dozen that would he figured among thc largest furniture fac-
tories in any city in the country.        And still they are build-
 mg more.      Two very large ones are now under way, while
 several others have recently finished or are about to start
large <ldditions.
     And so Rockford bids fair to become the greatest furni-
 ture manufacturing       city in the west, if its present rapid
 growth continues,       But furniture is not the only manufactur-
 ing industry here.      Indeed it is doubtful if the furniture busi-
 ness is as much as fifty per cent of the aggregate manufac-
 tures of the city.
      Every manufacturer of furniture visited said he was having
 a great business year.        Trade never was better.       The Cen-
 tral Furniture Company will not show at any of the furniture
 expositions in January.          That is a pretty good indication
 that they are not suffering for business, and have not been for
 many years.      Their line consists of combination bookcases,
 china closets and bUffets.         These are all well made from
 good styles, and are popular with the trade everywhere.
     The Mechanics' Furniture Company has long been famous
 for the beauty of design and excellence of construction of its
 goods.     A number of new china closets and buffets wiH be
 added to the line and shown in January on the third floor of
 the Manufacturers'      Exhibition building, 1319 Michigan ave-
                                                                                 Made by Rockford   Chair and Furnitu-re Co., Rockford.   Ill.
 nue, Chicago, in charge of S. J. LeRoy and J. E. Hanvey, the
 latter their western representative.                                   he just lives on it, and grows happy and prosperous day by
     The Standard Furniture Company has nearly completed                day.    Oscar has got into the habit of making nice china <clos-
 an addition 80 x 96 feet, four stories and basement, to be used        ets, ladies' desks, parlor and music cabinets, and M. L. N el-
 for offices, finishing and storage.       The new officcs will be      son & Co" 1.411 Michigan avenue, Chicago, (who show the
 finished in quartered oak and will be among the most attrac-           line the year round), have got into such a habit of selling
tive in the city. The factory is now about a block long with the        them that they can't stop.
 exception of a small space between the two main buildings,
                                                                            The Rockford Palace Furniture Company show their line
 which only breaks a solid brick wall the entire distance.
                                                                        with Hall & Kna.pp, 187·Michigan avenue (Karpen building),
 There .. ill be thirty-five or forty new patterns of china clos-
                                                                        Chicago, the year round.      It consists of buffets, sideboards,
 ets, buffets and bookcases added to the line, which will be
                                                                        china closets, combination aJJd library bookcaseSt ladies' desks
 shown as usual on the first floor, opposite the elevator, of
                                                                        and music cabinets in oak and mahogany finish.         Its a good
  1319 Michigan avenue, Chicago, in charge of "Yohnny Yohn-
                                                                        line and puts money in the pocket of the merchant who
 son and assistants.

     The Rockford Chair & Furniture Company has in courSe               handles it.
 of erection a very large addition to the factory, and the fin-             The West End Furniture Company will make a fine dis-
 est factory office building in the city.       But Robert C. Lind,     play of furniture in January on the'sixth floor of the Blod-
 the secretary and manager, said:           "Don't say much about       gett block, Gr311d Rapids, also with Peck & Hills in the new
 that.    We don't want to sell the factory, but just tell the          Furniture Exchange, Fourteenth street and Wabash avenue,
 people tha.t our display of china closets, buffets, combination        Chicago.     The line consists of china closets, buffets, combi-

nation and library cases, and every buyer in both markets                              Corpse Can Not Be Replevined.
will do well to give it a careinl inspection.                              Two greedy undertakers of Superior, Wis., got into a dis-
    Rig, fat, jolly Buell Pease will show a ful! line of the           pute, both claiming the right to take charge of a corpse and
Union Furniture Company on the top floor of the ':Vlanufac-            prepare it for burial.   By a shrewd move one obtained pos-
tnrers' building, Ionia street, Grand Rapids, where he was             session and the other sought it on a writ of replevin issued
kept so busy last July.     The -Union line of chinas, buffets,        by a justice of the peace.   The case was appealed to the cir-
combination and library cases is one of the big ones and               cuit court, where it was dismissed, the judge holding that a
among the great sellers.     Pease and his line are always at          writ of replevin will not hold a eorpse because it is not prop-
the top.                                                              erty in the ordinary sense.
    The Larson & Hult Company is the name of the latest                   This decision was based on an opinion given in a similar
firm of dealers and 11lldcrtakers in Rockford.      They have a        case by the supreme court of Michigan.       It was the case of
fine store well stocked with all kinds of furniture, mattresses,       Keyes vs. Hanke, in which the plaintiff was suing for the re-
                                                                      covery of the body of his brother.     It seems that the brother
                                                                       had died at a hospital and the defendant took the body and
                                                                      began to prepare it for burial.    The plaintiff got out a writ
                                                                      of replevin to secure the body and when the case came up
                                                                      the judge decided that a human corpse was not property and,
                                                                      as it is given in the report "a writ of replevin will not lie
                                                                      for its return."
                                                                          The Vlisconsin judge, in discussing his ruling, suggested
                                                                      that the proper move to have been made by the aggrieved
                                                                      party ,vas to apply for an injunction restraining his oppo-
                                                                      nent from acting.

                                                                          Owners of factories located at Holland, Muskegon, Man-
                                                                      istee and other points on the big lakes of the state of Michi-
                                                                      gan enjoy a decided advantage in these days of scarcity of
                                                                      freight cars.   The big steamers crossing the lakes carry
                                                                      heavy shipments of furniture from the lake ports daily.

                                                                         The business of Edward J. Kjolseth, Stoughton, Wis., has
                                                                      been taken over by the E. ]. Kjolseth Company, which has
                                                                      been incorporated with a capital stock of $3,000. The incor-
                                                                      porators are C. J. and J. E. Melaas and Mr. Kjolseth.

                                                                                                        Mr. Dealer:
        Made by Roc.kford Chair and Furniture   Co., Rockford. III,
                                                                                                           If you want your
                                                                                                       oreler filled promptly
pillows and beddinl< at 420-422 Seventh ,tceet,         Aug. W,
Larson, the president, has been in other lines of business for                                         and want goods that
several years, ".,..hilcCharles A. Hult, the secretary and treas-
urer, has been intimately connected with the manufacture of
                                                                                                       you can make good
furniture in Rockford for many years.       He has been the sec-                                       profits on during the
retary and manager of three of the leading furniture compan-
ies at different times, and is thoroughly posted in all the de-                                        coming holiday sea-
tails of the trade.      They report having a good business,                                           son, mail your orders
'''"hic.h lS rapidly growtng, alHl the Artisan wishes then) all
kinds of good luck and prosperity.                                                                     to us, We solicit
                                                                                                       trial orders.
               Different   Qualities   of Mahogany.
     To those who are not in close touch with the furniture
business and even to many of those who handle the finished
product, mahogany is mahogany, whether it comes from
Cuba, South or Central America or Africa.        To the factory                                           Novelty
men, however, there is a great difference in the qualities of
the wood.     The toughest mahogany comes from Cuba, but,                                                 Company
like that from Mexico, it has little figure-it     is very plain.           No. 244 Muaie Cabinet.
The African mahogany has the best figure, but it is too brittle.                          ---Manufacturers of---
The laying of veneers made from African crotch mahogany
                                                                              BOOKCASF.S, LADIES' DF.SKS,
is considered a good test of a cabinet maker's skill and abil-
ity.   Comparatively few men are able to do it successfully.              COMBINATION CASES, MUSIC CABINETS,
Few dealers or users of furniture have anything like an ade-                      and CHINA CLOSETS.
quate idea of the difficulties encountered in making a perfect                       New Catalogue   ready for mailing.
piece of furniture and the time, expense and perseverance
that have been put into experimenting ....dth different methods         =,=~SHEBOYGAN, WISCONSIN~=,=
in order to attain the desired results.

           OVERLAND                          FREIGHT                               TRANSFER                              COMPANY,
                                                           SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA.

     make a specialty of distributing pool cars 01 all kinds and PARTICULARLY,          furniture, carpets, linoleum
     and interior finish. Referellces, Bradstreet's or Dun's and any bank in San Francisco, and the trade.
                      Cadoader in Chicago                                                         Carloaderin Grand Rapids
              j. W. Welling, 633 So. JeffersonSueet                                     Gelock Transfer Company, 108 So. IoniaStreet

     TEAMING                                                   FORWARDING                                                                  STORAGE

     five Complete Lines of Refrigerators

                                                                        Opalite Lined
                                                                       Enameled       Lined

                                                                  Charcoal Filled and
                                                                         Zinc Lined
                                                                       Zinc Lined with
                                                                            Ice Tank
                                                                       Galvanized Iron
                                                                        Stationary Ice

                                                                         Send for new
                                                                   CATALOGUf Bnd let
                                                                         us nllme you

                                                                  Challenge Refrigerator Co.  GRAND HAVEN, MICH., U. S. A.

                       fOUR TRAINS to and from CHICAGO                                           Factory Locations

                        Lv Gd Rpds 7:10 am Ar Chicago          1:15 pm
                        I,v Gd Bpds 12:06 pm AI" Chicago
                         Lv Gd Rpds   1:25 pm   Ar   Chicago   10:55   pm
                          "Lv Gd Rpds 11:3"0 pm Ar Chicago 6':55.tun                       There is in the various offices of the Land and In-
                              * Daily.                                                   dustrial Departments    of the Southern Railway and
      Pullma.n Sleeper, on 11:30 train open 9:00 pm. A la carte Cafe                     Mobile & Ohio Railroad late information regarding a
                         service on all day trains.
      Pere Marquette ParlfJr cars on all day trains,   Rates reduced                     number of first class locations for Furniture, Chair and
                                 to 50 cents,
                                                                                         other Woodworking Factories, which will be furnished
     THREE TRAINS to and from DETROIT and TOLEOO                                         Manufacturers upon application.      An invitation is ex-
     Lv Gd Rapids 7:12 am Ar Detroit11:55 am Ar Toledo 1:00pm                            tended to all who use wood in their plants to write
     *Lv Gd Rapids 11:10 am Ar Detroit 3:05 pm Ar Toledo 4:15 pm
     Lv Gd Rapids 5:20 pm Ar Detroit 9:20 pm Ar Toledo 10:45 pm                          about the timber supply, good sites and markets avail-
         • Dally.
        Note Fast Time Made by Both Midday and Evening Train.                            able in our territory..  Address your nearest agent.
     Meals served a la carte on trains leaving Grand Rapids at 11:10
     am and 5:20 pm..      Pere Marquette Parlor Cars on aU trains.                                                  M. V. RICHARDS.
     Seat rates, 25 cents.                                                                                      Land and Industrial   Agent.
                        uALL   OVE-R MICHICAN"                                                                     WASHINGTON.D. C.
               H, J. GRAY. DJstrlct     .P.lUI.!wnguAgent.                                     CHAS. S. CHASE, "pnt. 624 Ch8m~.1 BvlJdi.D. St. Louis. Mo.
     Phone 1168.                                  Grand Rapids, Mich.

                                                                   Muskegon Valley Furniture Co.
The Sargent Mfg. Co.                                                                      MuskeilOD
                                                                                          Mich •••
                MUSKEGON, MICH.
          Bachelors' Cabinets                                                             Wardrobes
             Ladies' Desks                                                                Ladies·
        Extra Large Chiffoniers                                                           Dressing
___             Also Manufacturefll and Exporters of ---
      ROLLING                           CHAIRS                                            Goods
        Chails adapted to all kinds of invalidism, both for
                       house and street use.

Moon Desk Co.
         Mnskegon,        Mich.


              See our new


                                                                                   HIGH GRADE
  White Printing Co.                                                               CATALOGS
  =~=====GRAND                                                 MICH.,~=~===
  Stafford Makes Upholstered Furniture
          Send for our new Catalogue showing a full line of up-to-date Couches, Sofa
  Beds and Parlor Suites. t.ll Prices on Lodge Furniture and Book Fixtures quoted 011

                                                      No. 22S Leather   Couch.

           We also make School Furniture, Church Pews and Opera Chairs.                                                  t.ll Every
   furniture dealer should sell all of the above lines.

   Visit our Exhibit at 1323 and 1325 Mlchi~an     E. H. STAFFORD MFG. Co.,
   Ave., Chical!<>,with Geo. D. Williams Co.                                      262-264 Wabash Ave., CHICAGO.

             Little Things of Great Importance.                                  Milwaukee   May Make School        Desks.
    A pull, knob or toilet screw on a door, drawer or toilet            Milwaukee newspapers state that the school authorities
standard is a little thing, but it is a matter of great import-     of that city have decided to manufacture school desks in
ance.   Many a piece of furniture has been marred, damaged          order to protect the city from paying extortionate prices that
or converted into a nuisance because the knobs or pulls were        are being asked by the manufacturers.         It is the opinion of
not properly fastened.     Nearly all housewives have had such      the officials that an understanding at least exists between a
                                                                    number of the manufacturers and that they 50 control the
                                                                    market that it is impossible for the city to secure anywhere
                                                                    near a price that is right.
                                                                        Secretary Harbach of the school board advertised for bids
                                                                    on 1,000 desks twice.       The best offer received so far was
                                                                    $3,287.22, or $3.28 a desk.    1\:lr. Harbach has investigated the
                                                                    matter to some extent and he is confident that the repair de-
                                                                    partment for the schools can t'urn out a satisfactory desk
                                                                    for $2 at the outside.

                                                                       The Standard Upholstering Company of Topeka, Kan.,
                                                                    has been placed in the hands of a receiver.      The company
                                                                    was arganized at Abilene and later moved to Topeka.     It has
experience, hence when they buy furniture about the first           never been considered a success.   Liabilities about $8,000.
thing they inspect is the fastening of the knobs, and not in-
frequently they find them loose or easily loosened.     Such a
discovery places the salesman at a disadvantage.      He may                                            "enry Schmit &. Co.
explain that the defect will be made good, bl1~instead of sat-                                              l10pklhl IRd l1arrlet SU.
isfying the customer the fact that an excuse is necessary is
                                                                                                                 Cincinnati, O.
more likely to spoil a sale.     Such a condition of affairs is
entirely unnecessary.    Let the retailer insist that all his                                                     MAII:BRS   011'

purchases shall be equipped with the Tower Patent fasten-
ers, made under the Tower patents, by the Grand Rapids                                                   UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE
(Mich.) Brass Company, and he will never be troubled with
a loose knob or pull.   There is no extra charge for the "N 0-                                          WDDf   AND PULPIT. PARLOR
Kum-Loose" fasteners on any piece of furniture.      They are                                                 UKRARY. HOTEL
furnished to manufacturers free of cost, hence retailers may                                                 AND CLUB ROOM
have them for the asking.

                                                                             display with the Palmer Manufacturing           Company in Chi-
                                                                             cago and will show a fine line of reed rockers, baby carriages
                                                                             and go-carts.
                                                                                  The \Vo[verine Manufacturing         Company the Cadillac
                                                                             Cabillet Company and J. C. vVidrnan & Co. will make their
                                                                             usual magnificent joint display on the seventh floor of 1.319
                                                                             i\Iichigan avenue, Chicago.      Tll{~jrs will be one of the larg-
    Detroit, 1\lich., l\'ov. 23.-The   Possdius Brothers FUnli-              est and finest displays in Chicago,
ture )'Jallufacll1ring Company will have a finer show room                        Retail trade in Detroit is good.    The Grand Upholstering
and a hettel· ;:wd larger lilJe thaJl ever before    in the -5011th-         Company, 125-12·7 Gratiot avenue; George J. Reindel &
east corner of the second floor of the Furniture )i1anufactur-               Bra" 17cJ-176 vVoodward avenue; "V. E. Barker>i's two stores
ers' Exhibition huilding at 1319 :11ichigan avenue, Chicago, in              on \Voodward and Michigan aVel1lleS, aU report excellent
January.      Everything "viii be in readiness when the exhibi-              business, and as these stores are all the three great shopping
tion opens, and everything points to immense sales.                          streets of Detroit, they arc a fair criterion of the state of
    The Falmer },Tanufacturing C01Tipal1Y    have eomll1ellced the           trade in gel\eraL
erection of a fine brick building ,,:~x 50 feet, three stories awl
basen:Ctit, which "vill greatly relieve the congestion in the                                         The Rosewood Fad.
factory.     \Vhen cOly.pleted the office will be moved from                     "The letters written by a cherished hand" must be taken
the present building, and the cabinet makers, rUbbcrs and IJol-              out of the "little rosewood casket which is sitting on the
ishers will he lEaved into it.       They will also have sample              stand.-'-' Perhaps the rest of the song \"lill be heeded and the
and stock rounts in the new building, which it is expected to                sister, having brought them, will "read them everyone to me,
have ready for occupancy early in January.              They will            who have often tried to read them, but for tears I could not
make tllcir usual fine display On the second floor of the Fur-               see,"     But the letters are not the chief thing.    It is the rose-
niture Manufacturers' Exhibition building, 1319 11ichigan ave-               wood casket ,vhich counts and the reason it counts is because
11l1e, hicago, in the space vacated by the Posselius Brothers'               it is rosewood, says the writer, in the Chicago Post, The
Furniture \hnuiacturillg     Company,     A large number of new              wood is coming back into favor. That is why old attks arc
pattems of parlor and library tables and pedestals will be                   being ransacked for pieces of it, and why those people who
added to the already large line.                                             possess it are accounting themselves fortunate.
    The .Pioneer l'vIanllfacturing Company will make a joint                     Beds and tables and sofas and chairs of the wood are the
                                                                             fad of the hour, and even caskets smaH enough to "sit upon
                                                                             a stand" arc dragged forth from their hiding places, glued

                                              Pioneer                        together and exposed to the gaze of those unfortunate ones
                                                                             who possess nothing       more lraluable than 11CW mahogany.
                                                                                 As yet, the demand for rosewood furniture has not grown
                                              Mfg. Co ...                    beyond the supply, althoug·h d~ale1"s in thE higher grades of
                                                DETROIT. MICH.               fl1rniture say it is the fad of the haUL At the present writ-
                                                                             ing-, therefore, the fortunate oues who own rosewood would
                                                                             do better to keep it for the cnvy of their less fortunate friends
                                               Rccd furniturc                who possess new mahogany, rather than trying to sell.
                                              Babu Garriagcs                     "\\T e are not making any special efforts to buy rosewood,"
                                                                             said one furniture dealer this morning," although we may
                                                 Go-Garts                    have to do so soon if the demand C(mtinues, We always have
                                                                             picked up any pieces we could find, for it always has been a
                                                                             safe investment.
                                                                                 "RosC\'vood grows in South America but y~ars ago the
                                                                             forests were almost exhausted.          For tkit reason most rose-
                                                                             wood furniture is really antique,"
                                                 Full line sbown        on
                                              second    floor,   ]    3 19       Frederick K. Rockwell, the pioneer fttrniture dealer and
                                              Micbillan Aye.,         Cbl.   undertaker of \iVilliamston, 11ich" was found dead in his bed
                                              cago, in Janu.lll")",          on November 15, a victim of heart disease.   He was 81 years

                                       ROOK WOOD                                Murphy Chair Co.
                                           and a general line of

                                       F#\N6Y Tf\8LES
                                         \Vrite for Cuts and Prices

                                                                                 MANUFACTURERS                               DETROIT, MICH.
                                         Manufacturing Co.
                                       1015 to 103.5Palmer Ave.
                                          DETROIT, MICH.
                                         Full line shown on second
                                       flO<lor. 1319 Michigan
                                       Chicago. in January.
                                                              Ave.,             A COMPLE.TE                                     LINE.
       c--------ARE                                    ---------,

                              FOR THE MONEY

                                  GE'I OUR CATALOGUE.
                              Menti'n the MICHIGAN   ARTISAN   when writing.

    Globe Furniture Company                                                    EVANSVILLE,
                                                                               INDIANA ..

    Bockstege Fumiture
                                                                                  are Good Wardrobes

              Makers of the

                                                                                  PRICES RIGHT
                                                                                   Write jor Catalogue

                                                                                  Karges Furniture
      --lGET   ONE.--
                                                                                   EVANSVILLE,   INI).

                                             The "Ell"          fOLDING BEDS ~~~frTR~'':.N~~~
                                                No Stock complete   without   the Eli Beds in Mantd    and Upright

                                             ELI. 0 M ILLER &. Co . Evaa5vUJe.                                 JDdJana
                                                                                                Write for cuts and prices

                                                   1858                                                    1906
MAKE MONEY                                   E. Q. SMITU                                         CUAIR
                   MR. DEALER
                                             === COMPANY ===        MANUFACTURERS          OF
                             SELLING         WOOD, DOUBLE CANE, CANE, COBBLER
                               THE              TUfTED  LEATHER AND VENEER
                                                  SEAT C"AIRS  AND ROCKERS

                              KITCHEN                                                        No.H5
                             CABINETS                                                  Rec::eption Rocker

                            CUPBOARDS                                                   Veneered Rolled Seat
                                                                                           Quartered Oak
                            SAFES and                                                     Finished Golden


                             Best Goods
                            Lowesl Prices
                                                Office and Warerooms, Cor. Third and Division 518.
                                                      Factory and Supply Mill, Foot of Oak St.
                                             ______           EVANSV1LLE,IND.,------
BOSSE FURNITURE CO., Evansville,       Ind

     Libt'1U'Y   Suite Made by the Udell Worb,lndiaDapolU. huI.-Librar:r Table. Bookcase, De.k, M•• a%ineC.billet and Lamp Table.
               ~MI:?PIG7fN                                                                                                                                      27

            Ralph P. Tietsort's Beautiful Home.                                     The rooms are finished with fine imported cabinet woods,
   During the past year Ralph P. Tiet"orl, treasurer                  of the    their cheerful colors and beautiful figures contributing largely
Royal   Furniture   Company,     Grand   Rapids,   devoted     milch    time    to the adornment    of the apartments,
to the erection and furnishing of a home, located on Madison                        In selecting the furniture  for his home Mr. Tietsort adopt-

                               ENTRANCE.                                                                          UBRARY.
avenue, one of the most beautiful    thoroughfares             in the city.
                                                                                the slyle of thc colonies,       <lnd some of the pieces are of great
The hOU3e is in the Colonial  style, constructed             of brick and
                                                                                value on account         of their history    and the events     associated
                                                                                with them.       :rvIc and Mrs. Tictsort      are not alone in the en~
                                                                                joyment     of their lovely home.         The rising generation     is well
                                                                                represented     therein,   their presenc.e    contributing  to the ever-
                                                                                reigning    joy of the household.

                                                                                                     Had to EJ1large Their Plant.
                                                                                      Hubbard,     Eldredge        & Miller of Rochester,       N. Y., are just
                                                                                llJlishing a fine five story brick addition           to their factory, which
                                                                                v·,:ill give them 30,000 square feet of floor space, to be used fol'
                                                                                on-ices and warerooms.               \iVhen completed      this will be onc of
                                                                                the very largest        factories      in the country     making    fille chairs.
                                                                                Trade      has been so heavy all this year that this new building
                                                                                became       an imperative        necessity.    They will make an unusu-
                                                                                ally fine display         in the big Furniture           Exhibition     building,
                                                                                Grand Rapids, in January.                  The display will be very stmng
                                                                                in solid mahogany,            vith a great line of Mission
                                                                                                             ....                                    styles and
                                                                                medium priced wood scat chairs and rockers.
                                                                                      Langslo\v-Fmvler          & Co. witt make their customary                fine
                                                                                display      of upholstered         chairs   in J auuary    at 1319 Michigan
                                                                                avenue,       Chicago.
                        DRAWING     ROOM,
surmounts     an eminence   overlooking    the avenue.     In fitting                                    Forced to Raise Prices.
up and furnishing     this home ]\,1r. Tietsort   has made liberal
                                                                                     "The advance     of ten per cent on case goods was impera-
expenditures,    and it la{:ks nothi:~.;' that is required   by the
                                                                                tive," said John A. Covode,          secretary      of the Berkey        & Gay
well-ta-do house owner in the way at fitments necessary                   for   Furniture     Company,     Grand Rapids,        :rvlich., after the Chicago
convenience or comfort.                                                         conference     had taken action.         "Recent      advances    in raw ma-
                                                                                terials   made that action       absolutely      necessary,     and there      is
                                                                                likely to be further      advances,    for materials       are going higher
                                                                                and higher.
                                                                                     "Yes, I notice the railroa~s        afe raising wages,"         continued
                                                                                ~dr. Covode.       "That's    all right;    the men deserve         it and it's
                                                                                very nice in the railroad       managers      to raise wages voluntarily.
                                                                                They can do it very easily for the increase                  in business     has
                                                                 II             increased
                                                                                             their net profits.
                                                                                           They simply      handle
                                                                                                                      the products
                                                                                                                                      do not produce
                                                                                                                                          of others
                                                                                                                                                       and the
                                                                                cost of those products        cuts no figure in the profits           on haul-

                                                                  I             ing them to market.
                                                                                affect non-producers
                                                                                                               The cost of raw materials
                                                                                                           as it does the manufacturers."
                                                                                                                                                      does not

                                                                                    Norman    Roos has resigned    his position  as manager   of
                                                                                the RaGS Furnjture    Company,   South  Bend, Ind., and will go
                                                                                into business  on his own account.     He is succeeded  by J. A.
                                                                                Smyth     of Grand     Rapids,    Mich.

                 DOWN       AMONG      THE    BUCKEYES.

     News and Comment From the Ohio Furniture Making Cities.
          Cleveland, 0., November 22.-0hio is a big, rich, prosper-
     ous state, full of big cities, big industries, and big men.         To
     be a Buckeye is considered by everyone            01: her people as
     great an honor as being a Roman citizen in the palmiest days
     of the Caesars.        Ohio is a state where they do things~

I'   make things go.        If they prosecute John D.'s octopus they
     bring it in guilty; if they lay for the railroads they compel
     them to give a. universal two-cent fare-which proves to he
     a great boon to the railroads as well as the people.          Politics,
     like' chestnuts, seem to grow on the trees, and the harvest is
     always abundant.        There is never a time when the Buckeye
     is not ready to drop everything and rush to the political de-
                                                                               MR. DEALER:
     fense of his beloved country.                                                   Think of the trouble you've had
          Cleveland is one of the big tOW11S Ohio; famous as the
     home of John D. and of Mayor Tom L. Johnson.                     After    with other Sofa Beds---the break-downs
     Chicago it is the largest of the lake cities and is growing
     very rapidly.      O. K. Wheelock & Co., the Beelmen Cabinet
                                                                               ---the disgusted customers.
     Company, the D. T. Owen Company, the Forest City Bed-                           Think of the sales you've lost on
     stead Company and lvIarble & Shattuck Company will show
     their lines of furniture in Grand Rapids in January_            These     account of the dissatisfaction of the pro-
     lines will do their fuH share in making Grand Rapids the                  spective purchaser with the crudities of
     great central market for exhibiting and selling furniture.
          Bedford is a suburb of Cleveland, twelve miles south and             design---or the frame construction---or
     reached by two railroads and a trolley line.         It is a prosper-
     ous little place, the home of the B. L. Marble Chair Company,             finish---or the hard upholstery---or the
     which has been doubled in size this year! and the Taylor                  wide opening between the upholstery
     Chair Company, wTiich is now erecting an addition to the
     storage and finishing building, 80 x 84, three stories and base-          and the ends---or the unsightly fixture in
     ment.      Both of these prosperous       chair 'lOuses will make         the box---or the noisy action---or the
     their cl1stomary semi-annual       exhibits in Grand Rapids in
     January.                                                                  narrow seat---or absurdly high back---
          Akron, the home of Senator Dick and the Goodyear Rub-
     ber Company, famous also for its sewer pipe industries, al-
                                                                               and so on, ad infinitum.
     though forty miles south of Cleveland, I discovered was a
     great seaport.      The only evidence I have for this statement,               IT'S DIFFERENT WHEN YOU
     however, is a sign which read:      "Wanted-500        men to unload
     schooners."                                                                            HANDLE THE
          Canton, the home of President         McKinley and still the
     home of his much loved widow, is famous for its watches and
     watch cases.      It is also the home of the John DanuerManu-
     facturing Company, manufacturers           of sectional bookcases,
     whose line is regularly shown in Grand Rapids as it will
                                                                                           Easy Sales. Big P""fits.
     be in January.                                                              Satisfied Customers. And "It Stays Put."
          Delaware, the home of the Delaware Chair Company, is
     also the home of the great Methodist college.           It is a hand-
     some little city of 20,000 prosperous, contented and happy
                                                                                     Our new "SIMPLICITl'D        CAtalogshows thi largest
                                                                               and hest stlling line of Davenport Beds you ever saw. A
     people, about twenty-five miles north of Columbus.                 The
     Delaware Chair Company has a new catalogue l"eady for mail-               p~stt1'gets it.
     ing and will make a fine display of chairs and rockers in
     January on the first floor of the big Furniture            Exhibition
     building in Grand Rapids.
           The Columbus Couch Company is a new but decidedly
                                                                               Jamestown Lounge Co.
                                                                                                 World's Largest Makers   if
     vigorous concern, which proposes to make its mark in the                                        Davenpurt   Beds,
     furniture worhL
          Columbus, the home of the E. M. Hulse Company, and sev-                            JAMESTOWN, N. Y.
     eral other important industries, including the big law factory
      sometimes called the state capitol, is in a <;trugg1e with To-
     ledo for third place among the big cities of Ohio.           The city
     is growing rapidly, has an immense busines3 and will always
     be among th~ great commercial cities of the west.              The E.
      1-1. Hulse Company now bas a well equipped frame factory
     which became l1ecessary in order to keep the upholsterers
      supplied with frames.       E. M, Hulse is a jolly good fellow.
      But for his everlasting good nature he would die about twen-
     ty years before his time, for he does enough work '(all head
     work; the hardest kind of work) to wear out two ordinary
     men.      He will tell more stories (and good ones, too) and
     answer more questions and give morc directions, and find out
                                                                     7I R'T' I oS' 7I..l'\I                                       29
                                                                          1l           7   m   tM

   REX [::;::d] MATTRESS
           CHAS. A. FISHER & CO.,
                1319 Michigan Ave., Chicago.

                        WRITE FOR

                          W a.rehOU8e!l~
          PEORIA, JLL   UNCOLN, ILL.       CHICAGO, ILL.

more of what the other fellow is doing than any other man in                        FROM AWAY OUT WEST.
the business.      His big line of couches will be on exhibition
in January, as usual, at 1319 ~'1ichigan avenue, Chicago.
     Cincinnati, the Queen City-the city of business and beer;       Mr. Sligh Talks of a Recent       Trip on the Northern   Pacific
art and music; machinery and furniture; lumber and varnish;
the home of "Alice and Nick," and George B. Cox; the city
of narrow streets and tall buildinp;s, and "the Rhine" running            Charles R. Sligh .. president of the Sligh Furniture Com-
through the center; next to Milwaukee probably the most              pany, Grand Rapids, Mich., spent most of the month of Oc-
pronounced German city in the United States, is always in-           tober, with .M. J. Clark, also of Grand Rapids, in Oregon,
teresting, picturesque, and, smoky.       The writer of the his-     \Vashington and :Northern California) looking for timber in-
tory of the furniture industry of Cincinnati would require to        vestments.      While talking of their trip, llt. Sligh said:
trace the growth and progress of the city for nlore than half             "We fouod plenty of timber, there·'s lots of it out there,
a century.     At one time the greatest furniture manufacturing      but most of it has been pjcked up by investors or speculators,
 city in the west, if not in the whole country, it still maintains   Eastern or Northern.lumbermen         and other capitalists have
a high place in the furniture world because of the excellent         bought immense tracts and the price of stumpage has doubled
quality and variety of furniture made. Here are manufactured         or wore in the past year or two,       Of course, a large number
large quantities of office chairs, chamber furniture, uphol-         of homesteaders have taken up claims in the past few years
 stered furniture, including church and lodge furniture, dining      and there is a large amount of valuable timber on their
 room furniture, hat racks and fancy cabinet \varei folding          holdings, but it will not come into the market right away-
 beds and wire mattresses, pillows and cotton felt mattresses,       they will require from fourteen months to five years to prove
 hall and mantel clocks, and a great variety of other house-         up and secure their titles.      Timber conditions out there are
 hold goods.      1.fany of these concems make semi-annual ex-       much the same as they were here twenty-five or thirty years
 hibits either in Grand Rapids. Chicago or New York. Among           ago, except that the country is over-run with land-lookers
 those who will exhibit in Grand Rapids in January are Stille         and the timber is being picked up much more rapidly than it
 & Duhlmeier, \vhose line will contain many fine specimens of        ever was in Michigan.
 Colonial designs in chamber suitesJ"W'ardrobes, chiffoniers and           "The coast cities of Oregon and Washington are having
 toilet tables in mahogany, oak, bird's-eye maple, Circassian         more than their share of the country's prosperity.       The San
 \valnut and other popular woods.        The exhibits will be on      Francisco disaster has thrown a large amount of business
 the fourth floor of the Furniture Exhibition building, in            to Portland and Seattle that they would not have gotten but
 charge of Mr. Frederkk Stille.      His brother George will also     for the earthquake and fire. Several San Francisco wholesale
 spend a few days in Grand Rapids if business will spare him,         houses have established branches or moved temporarily to
     Steinman & Meyer, the Standard Furniture Company) the            the northern c1des and they are doing enormous business.
 Phoenix ·Manufacturing Company and others will be repre-             They intended to stay there only until they could rebuild in
sented in Grand Rapids.                                               San Francisco, but the chances arc that most of them wilJ
    Portsmouth, one of the most thriving cities of southern           become permanent fixtures in Portland and Seattle,
Ohio, has two prosperous furnitnre compar,es, the Vlait Fur-               "Seattle is having a great boom.      They now claim over
niture Company and the Wait-:Ful1er Cabinet Company.                  200,000 inhabitants and real estate is sold at New York prices.
Both of these are engaged in manufacturing sideboards, and             r saw a piece of property that was sold rec.e.ntly for $3,000
the fanner "''''111 show in Grand Rapids as usual, being an im-       per foot ·frontage, and it is not on a main street either.   The
portant part of the McVey aggregation,         in the Furniture       town is certainly wild onreal estate values, but it is claimed
Exhibition building.                                                  that present conditions and indication for the future justify
    Gallipolis has three furniture factories under one manage-         the enormous prices set on all kinds of property.
ment, al1d a fourth in Charleston, \Vest Virginia.         It has          "Vole did not go down to San Francisco, but judging from
been decided 110t to show at any of the furniture exhibitions          \",hat we heard from there I think it will take twetlty-five
this year, but to depend upon their salesmen, catalogues and           years to rebuild that town, or even make it what it was in
advertising in the trade papers for business.       If they have       the way of business before the earthquake.      They have built
the right kind of salesmen and advertise judiciously, they are         a large number of 'shacks' and it will he hard to get rid' of
not likely to be disappointed.                                        them."
30   -~MIF                                      H
                                               .. IG7fN

                                                            - ~=~a;
                                                            ~ ~

                                                                 ~! .....

                                                            1:= ~i.f
                                                                   "    "
                                                                   ~ , , .:5                        r
                                                            .... !{] • " ."
                                                                 . 8 ~.? ~


                                                            .... 6~]~~ i~
                                                                 ~    ~.~

                                                                          i~ "
                                                            =               0:::'" %_:>:~   ",;...:t:'--

     ,I   l H~Tf
                nH~ ~r~
              i~'::~1   .'.
                        ,       ;.'3'
      I         !Htii "," !.P~
          H!~JjH!~~l    U
                -::-in~         u       !it!


         mm j:H;i  ,..   :<'"


                     WE MANUFACTURE                         AN EXTENSIVE                     LINE OF

             Zinc Lined, White Enamel, OpaIite Lined
             and Porcelain Lined Refrigerators of every
             desirable size.

                                          Exclusive Refrigerator Manufacturers,
             New York Ollice, 35 Warren St                                     MUSKEGON, MICH.

                      Comfort       Sacrified for Beauty.                                     built np a very large and successful            business    for the Lounge
                                                                                              company      and his resignation       was accepted      with much regret
    Is there ally real reason why fttrniture should not be com-
                                                                                              by the managers.           His many friends         will join in the wish
fortable?   This is a question that, like the refractory midrib
                                                                                              that he may meet with unlimited              prosperity    in his new ven-
in a mission       chair, bears hard on the average                     householder.
We have become            so arts~and-craftity          snobbish       about every-
thing nowadays         that even that great and beneficent                   invention
                                                                                                   ~Ir. Reilly's successor       will be Richard        Mahnke,    for the
of a noble friend of humanity,                 the 110rris chair, is getting
                                                                                              past seventeen      years with S. Karpen          & Bros. and their pres-
frigid, formal, and more a thing to he looked at than to be
                                                                                              ent eastern     reprcsentadve.        1Ir. Mahnke's      engagement     with
sat in.      TllC shape of nine out of ten pieces of furniture                          is    the Jamestown        company     will date from January        1, 1907. His
                                                                                              (ong experience       in the manl1fadure         and sale of upholstered
miserably      contrived     to exalt, if possible,        the reputation         of the
                                                                                              fnrniture    render him particularly        well fitted for his new posi-
owner for artistic        taste, not to make him or his friends feel
good and snoozy around the domestic                     fireside.                             tion.     In fact, he is regarded       as one of the best posted men
                                                                                              in the country      selling 11pholstered      goods.
     1t is said that our latest esthetic             rage, the Mission furni-
                                                                                                   Many of 1Ir. Reilly's cllstomers         are already well acquaint-
ture is modeled         after chairs, tables and benches                  left in the
                                                                                              ed with ::\.'!r. Mahnke        and those who are not so fortullate
ancient     Spanish     missions     of southern        California       when those
                                                                                              will soon have the opportunity             of making     his acquaintance.
outposts     of the church in a barbat·ous               land w"erc abandoned.
                                                                                              A brilliant    success for Mr. Mahnke           in his new position      is a
It is not stated whether            the Mission        furniture      had anything
                                                                                              foregone    COllChlsion.
to do with causing           the missions       to be abandoned.                It may
well be that they did.             In any case, it is known that several
                                                                                                  The Globe-Wernicke    Company    has declared              the regular
hair shirts      were found in the missions                   at the same time,
which is a most suggestive               circumstance.            It points unerr-            quarterly dividend  of one and one-half  per cent             payable  De-
                                                                                              cember 10.
ingly to the apparent           fact that the pious Franciscans                had the
chairs and benches          there for puqlOses           of penance.           Beyond
a doubt, something           of the penitential        character       of this furni-
                                                                                                                   Remo'Ye.SbippinS            Marksp
ture has survived in its commercial               representative         in the mar-
ket today.                                                                                                        Mars. Scratches,    Stains.                        I

     Some of the oldest of us can remember                         a kind of easy                                Cleans, Fills in and Polishes.                      I

chair used in the long ago which was built to fit a man's
back       It cunred jnv\"'ard a little bit where the back curves in,
bulged backward          and sideward         pleasantly       where the should-
ers expand, came forward             again in a nice little nip at the neck
and fltlally afforded          a comfortable        pillow-like       recession       for
the head to lie back upon.              One sat well down into this chair,
but at the fT{mt there \Vas a kind of San Juan hill that pre-
vented     one from slipping          forward.        The arms weore ample.
This     chair   had absolutely          no estllctie        qoalities      ·whatever.
There was no beauty about it, except the heauty of peace and
seretlity.      But to sit in it was a benediction,                not a 111orti11ca-
tiOl], of the flesh.
     \Vc helieve that this chair has its comfortable                       successors
in the market, htlt they are availahle only for millionaires,                          or
for presentation         purposes.          This    gennation         has acquired
altogether     too strong a sense of the picturesque                   to bc willing
to be merely comfortable             when it has a chance to be esthetic
at the sacriflce of its ease.-New                York Mail.

                          Mahnke       Succeeds      Reilly.
   Charles    F. Reilly, for the past six years representing      the
Jamestown     Lounge    Company      in the large cities of the east,
has resigned    his position   to enter ~l1siness for himself    as a
member     of the Miller     Cabit1et Company.        Mr. Reilly has

                                                                          SPRATT'S CHAIRS
       HIGH GRADE                                                               ARE THE JOy OF THE CHILDREN.
                                                                   Our new CHILD'S       MISSION      ROCKER was a winner from the start.

         BEDDING                                                   Write fcr   Catalogue and prias.   Our line is large and pril::es are eight.

                                                                                                                                  We make

        We Manufacture an Unsurpassed Line of                                                                                  CHAIRS

     MattressesL-DoWD_ Cushions                                                                                                  GROWN-
     Feathers and Feather Pillows
                                                                                                                                  as well as

                          -OUR-                                                                                                 CHILDREN.

          1906 CATALOGUE
                Gives you detailed information on                                                                               GEORGE
     GRADES, QUALITIES and PRICES                                                                                                 & CO.

        Schultz & Hirsch Co.                                                                                                      Say you   SQW

                                                                                                                               this ad in      tb~
                     260 South Desplaines St.
                                                                                                                               Michigan Arti-
                CHICAGO,               - • ILL.                                                                                san,

                                                                 Cal>inet Makers
                                                                        In these days of close competition,
                                                                        need the best posaible equipment,
                                                                        and this they can have in . . . .

                                                                                      Hand and Foot .

      Our New "end and Foot Power Circular Sa", No.4
       The strongest, most powerful. and in every way tbe best
              machine of its kind ever nuLdc, {or,                  Send for our New Catalogue.
                      cross-cutting, boring and grooving_

     "W. F. al JOHN BARNES CO.
                                              654 Ruby Street. Rochford, Ill.

              For the Holiday Trade
                                                                            A YOUTH'S
                                                               ANUAL TRAINING
                      Is an Article That CanJ Be Beat.
                                                         A Useful Article in Any Home.
                                          A erfect Gift for the Boy.

    The Same Bench we Fu nish the Best Manual Training Schools.
           Strictly high grade in every respect.  Sold at a price that places it within the reach of all.
           I! sold like "hot cakes" last Chris mas.   Get it on yonr list for this year.   Write for full
           information and prices.

        GRAND                       RAPIIDS HAND
                                            130 Sout~ Ionia St., Grand Rapids, Mich.
                                                                                                SCREW                           eo.
                              LARGEST       MANUFACTURERS       OF BENCHES IN THE                    WORLD.

                News, Notes and Comments.                                    ture business to Lee Campbell and Joseph Fellman, who will
    The South Side Furniture Company has             OPlt1ed   a ne\"        take possession January 1 under the name of Campbell &
store lt1 Youngstown, Ohio.                                                  Fellman.
     The \Vhlte l'ront         furniture   store at Orofino,  Idaho, was         A. A. Valentine, & Co., importers of oriental goods, )lew
 de<:troyed by fire on November             gLoss,     $3,500                York, have opened a branch store at 1624 Chestnut street,
     Hemy'\T. IIclge, for over lMlf a century a furnIture dealer             Philadelphia, which will be known as "The House of a Thou-
 in Louisville, Ky., dled N ovembmer 18, ag-cd 71 years.                     sand Lamps."
     The Bair Cabinet Company, rcccllt1:~; orgallifcd in Des                     Scranton ,Pa., had a half-million-dollar    fire on November
 l'vIoines, la., is turning out physicians'            a1d
                                                   cabinets      sectional   10. Among the losses arc ]. Scott Inglis & Co., furniture
bookcases.                                                                   dealers, whose loss was estimated at $90,000 to $100,000,
     Fire in the sho\v room of the IVlcLeod & Smifrh furniture               with about $75,000 insurance.
factory, I\'linneapolis, caused a loss of about $3'iIOO on N 0-                  John Bolhouer, a DClfoit butcher accused of buying furni-
vembe:r: 12.                                                                 ture on the installment 'plan, selling it and skipping out with
     The Deinzer Fumiture Company of Monroe, ?vliCh.,which                   the proceeds, "vas caught in ),Jitwaukee and is fighting against
also makes mirrors. has been obliged to enlarge the mirror                   being taken back to Michigan for triaL
department.               .              .                                       vv. J. Campbell, the Springfield, Ill., undertaker, who was
     The IVlanhattan Furniture Company of Los A geles, Ca1., too handy with his pen, has been convicted of forging

suffered a loss of $5, fire in the factory andl warehouse              checks and awaits sentence.        He is a cocaine fiend and has
on November 11.                              .                               been twice an inmate of the asylum at Jacksonville.
     Rockford, Ill., now has seventeen furniture factories for                   Fort y."T orth, Texas, is to have a wholesale furniture house
'which the payrolls, combined, amount to somdthing over                      owned by men who ha"'e recently sold out a similar business
$100.000 pcr w,,·k.                                                          in I\femphis, Tenn.      The Fort \Vorth concern will be known
   T.  he Tennessee Ch~ir Company's factory at Covington.                    as the Fort y."Torth Furniture Exposition Company.
Tenn., was totally destroyed by fire on Novembe                 14. Loss         The Buchanan Furniture & Cal·pet Company of Kansas
$12.000 with $4.000 il1sur~ncc.                                              City, ),Jo., has ()LltgrO\v~lits quarters in the "Old Rookery"
     The Sanitary Bedding Company of Louisvill . Ky., has                    building, and will mov~ to 1204-06 Main street.          The new
made an assignment for the beneflt of creditors.               Assets es-    quarters, which ,,",'ere fonnerly used as a furniture store, are
timated at $300; liabilities, $1,200.                                        being re-modeled and will be ready for occupancy hy Janu-
     11ilwaukee furniture men have organized the :r:v1ilwaukee ary 1.
l\'lanufacturers'    and Jobbers' Club for the 1>urplse of "de-                  Fire that started in the furniture warehouse of Owen &
veloping Milwaukee as a furniture cellter,"                                  Co., Detroit, Mich., November 21, caused the death of one
     V'l. T. Evans, fu 1iture dealer, "vas. 011('.of the losers by a         man a11(1 property loss, to the extent of $50,000 or $60,000.
fire that 'wiped ou several buildings in V·larrllton,                  Ga .. Frederick VIl. 1\fartindaIe, a furniture finisher, was the victim.
on November 9.              ·s loss was fully insured.                       He was at work on the; fourth floor and after appearing at a
     Herbert Gordon          f Eugene, Ore., has sold his etail fumi-        front window he fell back into the burning building.
34         ~MI9]iIG7fN
                    Theory   VB.   Practice.                          Ordinance 723, which has never been repealed, if enforced,
                                                                  would play havoc with the business of the town ,unless Mayor
    There was a clash between theory and practice at the re-
                                                                  McClellan dropped all other duties to sign exemptions.       It
cent meeting of the Case Goods Manufacturers' Association
                                                                  provides that no person shall' use or have on any street of
in Chicago.    The modern theory of figuring costs, as ap-
                                                                  New York any "calcium, Drummond or other light of intense
proved by experts, was illustrated by applyying it to a dresser
                                                                  brilliancy unless by the mayor's permission."   N,or shaH any
that manufacturers have been selling for $1.2. The experts
                                                                  person place any such light on any house in the city so that
proved beyond a doubt that the cost of the article was more
                                                                  the same shall reflect or shine upon any street or avenue.
than $12 and that those who had made and sold it at that fig-
                                                                  One can imagine the effect of the enforcement of this law
ure had been doing business at a loss.       In discussing the
                                                                  upon Sixth (lvenue or the Great White Way.
matter most of the speakers endorsed the theory, but <\1\
 old German, who had been in the business for years, and
                                                                                Carpet Dealers in a Buying Trust.
 whose chief output consisted of the $12-drcsser, expressed
 doubt as to the correctness of the conclusions reached by            Manufacturing    trusts, agricultural trusts, transportation
 the experts:   "I don't know ahout that," he said.     "I have   trusts and selling trusts and combines are so numeroUs now-
 made those dressers for a good many years.        I sold them    adays that their methods and operations cause little comment.

                                                                                            MADE BY
                                                                                            FANCY FURNITURE CO ..
                                                                                            GRAND RAPIDS. MICH.

for $12-sometimes     for less-and I didn't notice that I was      Buying trusts, however are rare, though there is apparently
losing money_     I didn't have much at first. but now I have      no reason why they should not flourish.       This seems to be
my factory, my machinery, my stock, my home, some bills            the idea of the great carpet dealers of the "Middle East,"
coming to me and some money in the bank.        Kow, if I have     who have formed a buying combination in which such houses
been losing money all these years, how did I get all my prop-      as House & Hermann of Wheeling; W. H. Keech Company
erty?    I think somebody must have made a mistake.       ~by      of Pittsburg; M. H. PiekeringCompally,     Pittsburg; House &
be their rules are wrong."                                         Herrmann, \Vashington, D. c.; Brown & Co., Cleveland, 0 ..
    The German's remarks are said to have dosed the dis-           and Kiplinger & Co., Baltimore, 1'ld., amI Lancaster, Pa" are
cussion of the subject.                                            represented.
                                                                       Buyers for the houses in this combine, instead of going
                                                                   abroad, have arranged to have the good brought to Pitts-
               New York's    Dead     Letter   Laws.               burg, where during the past two weeks th y have been exam-
    It may interest everyone of our department store dealers       ining- samples and buying stock for thei ~pring trade from
In furniture  and carpets to know that on each secular day of      reresentatives of the principal carpet man tfacturers of Amer~
the' year they are violating the la,...-, says the Furniture       ica and Europe.      The arrangement     w'Il undoubtedly cut
Trade Review. Ordinance 633 of the revised ordinances pro-         down expense accounts for both buyers a ld sellers.
vides that "articles of furniture may he exposed for sale and
sold" at six places only in the city,; viz., Peck Slip, Burling
Slip, Old Slip, Broad street, bet¥veen Front and South,               P. Weinberg & Son, Limited, have in orporated, to carry
and Vesey street, bctwe'en Church and Washington, and the         all a department store business at Elizab 'th, N. J. :The cap"-
square in front of Greenwich Market on a line with Christo-       itel stock is $10,000, and the incorporato s are Philip, Jessie
pher. street, west of Greenwich avenue.                           and Rose Weinberg.

                            ~HIS PUSH BUTTON distinguishes the
                            "ROYAL" Morris Chairs from the other kind
                                                                                                                       Six Years
                                                                                                                       of Test

                                                                                     THE"   ROYAL.'                    have
                                                                                     PUSHBUTTON                        Supremacy
                                                                                     MORRIS CHAIR

            MORRIS CHAIRS

               $6.00 to $30.00

   Royal Chair Co.
            STURGIS,         MICH.

             Higher Prices for Beds and Bedding.                      prices are unsettled.    The market is rising and every time
    Although advances have been Inade quite recently in the           an order is give.n -it lS taken only at higheT Tates than the
price of metal beds, fur:ther advances are looked for bdore           previous one.     'Manufacturers making woven wire springs
the end of the year.     This is due to the great increase marie      are now compelled to pay Jifty per cent over former prices
in the price of fa,,," materials, UpOll vv"llichthere seems to be     for the wooden parts of the same.      These and other recent
no settled prices.     According to the quotations puhlished in       Cidvances make it an almost absolute certainty that advanced
the American 11etal 1Iarkct, Daily Iron and Steel Reporter            prices in bedding may he looked for very shortly.
and tbe Iron Age, copper is now quoted at 23 cents, as against
17 cents last year and 14% cents in 1904. Pig iron is quot-                         Mr. Kremer    Quits the Factory.
ed as selling now for $22.50 per ton, as against $lG.~2;,"j    last
year.     Even at this it is more or less scarce and premil11ns           Edward .A. Kremer has resigned his position as vice pres-
are being paid for quick delivery. The price of spelter in 1903       ident and assistant superintendent  of thc V\Tinnebago Furni-
averaged about $5,50 and the present rate is $6.40.         \Vben     ture Company, Fond du Lac, \iVis, and is succeeded by Henry
it is taken into consider<\tion that brass is made of two-thirds      Ley, who bas been employed in the company's office for sev-
copper and Ii spelter, some idea of the increased cost of the         eral years.                   ·ill
                                                                                     Mr. Kremer "... devote his entire attention to
manufacture of heds may be inferred.                                  the retail furniture business of Kremcr Bros.    He has been
     Iron pipe has been advanced $3.50 per ton during the past        with the \Vinnebago company twenty-four years.
few weeks and foundry:coke         is now selling at $6.40 per tOll
delivered, in comparisoll'with $4.15, which was the price three
months ago.
    Varnish and gums arc always advancing in rates and this
makes the, cost of the enamels greater than before and the
price of bbor is also said to be advancing.
     Some of the 'ne(\ mallUIacturers have ad\'anced the price
of their beds about fifteen per cent during the past few weeks,
while others have found it \vise to discontinue the making
of certain patterns and filling only the orders received at the
new prices.
     Advances in the prices of mattresses and bedding may be
expected to take place at any time ill the immediate future,
which will be due to the scarcity of f,L"\V materials and the
 eontinual increasing prices of the same.        Tickings have ad-
vanced about twenty per cent quite recently and a scarcity
 of all grades is reported.       So far as cotton is concerned,



                                                                                      are now on display.      The big stores comtnenced weeks ago
                                                                                      to increase their help in order to accom odate what they
                                                THE LEXINGTON

                                                                                      declare will be the biggest holiday trade this city has ever
                                            MK-bisPm Blvd.              &: 22d 51
                                                           CHICAGO. ILL.
                                                                                          C. G. \-Vhite, se_cretary of the Manufa turers' Exhibition
                                                Refurnished              and    re-   building, 1319 IVlichigan avenue, reports     very foot of floor
                                            fitted throughout.                 New    space in the entire building subscribed fo,       A corps of in-
                                            Management.                        The    terior decorators, carpenters, and general utility men have
                                            furniture           dealers'    bead-     been at work for several weeks getting the big building in
                                            quarters.              Most con _.        shape for its eleventh season.       Mr. White promises more
                                            veniently             situated      to     exhibits and a greater variety of articles for this year than
                                            t   b   II!!    furniture      display     ever before and is preparing to accommodate a still larger
                                            houses.                                   number of visitors.
                                                                                          Although country dealers in all lines of goods have been
                                                                                      waging a fierce war against the mail order houses, the lat-
                                            Inler·Slale Hotel Co.
                                            OWNEIl             & PROPRIETOR
                                                                                      ter seem to be thriving.       An official of Sears, Roebuck &
                                              E. K, erHey. Pres.;                      Co. recently g'ave out the following statement:     "Our gross
                                            T. M. CrUey, V. Pres.;                     earnings this year will be considerably: more tban $54,000,000,
                                            L. H. Firey, Sec:-Tleas.                   and the increase ovcr last year will be more tban 337:3 per
                                                                                       ccnt    Profits have not increased in such a ratio during tbe
                                                                                       year, but they are entirely satisfactory.       Enough will be
                                                                                       earned over and above dividends on the preferred stock to
                                                                                       provide a surplus that will permit the payment of dividends
                                                                                       on the common stock in a few months."

                                                                                                     Great Rush for Carpets and Rugs.
                                                                                           The demand for carpets an~ rugs has been so heavy since
                                                                                      the spring season opened that quite a few of the best selling
    Chicago, November 24.-"That country is most prosperous                            lines have now been withdrawn from the market.            IVIanufac-
in which the greatest number of the inhabitants shar~ in the                          turers state that their mills are sold up for the entire season
fruits of industry.    It is not the volume of business done by                       on these lines, and that there is no use in taking orders which
a nation, but the number in which the profits of business are                         cannot be delivered.      Rugs of all descriptions have been or-
divided that gives character and reality to prosperous con~                           dered in large quantities, buyers who balked at the advanced
clitions.       Measured by this standard, the United States at                       prices having returned later, eager to place large orders.
the present moment is more genuinely prosperous than at any                                Manufacturers ofAxminster     rugs state thatin spite of an
other time in its history.      Kever has the volume of business                      advance of 25 to 75 cents placed on' the goods, the orders
been so large; never has there been a wider or more liberal                           placed have been the largest in the history of the trade. Con-
division of profits.     As may he seen 'from a survey of the                         cerns handling Axminster and other goods have refused to
industrial field, there have been announced by railroads and                          sell buyers Axminster rugs unless they placed orders for
industrial interests, increases ill wages tbat will Tun iJlto the                     other goods as well.      They claim that this is due to the fact
hundreds of millions during the coming year,         And it is an                     that buyers have come into the market and placed their or-
advance due to natural economic laws and conditions. There                            ders with certain houses for general lines, and when un-
is an unprecedented demand for labor, a demand that labor is                          able to complete their orders for Axminsters have gone
not prepared fully to meet.        The supply being less than the                     through the market and purchased these goods wherever they
demand, the price advances automatically.            Every wage                       could secure them.      In this way, certain sellers find that they
earner who is receving more for his labor today than he was                           ate heavily oversold on Axminster fabrics, while the other
a year ago, does not need to be told the country is prosper-                          lines have not been touched.
ous, because he has come into intimate touch with prosper-                                 The Wilton rugs are running a close second with Axmill-
ity.    To him it is real."                                                            ters, as these goods have been in excellent .request in the 10.6
     The foregoing editorial which appeared last week in the                           x 12 sizes and 11.3 x 15 sizes,    The 6 x 9 sizes have become
 Chicago "Evening Post," best describes the present trade                             very popular and in some quarters further orders are refused.
 condition in Chicago as well as elsewhere.     In the same issue                      Manufacturers of tapestry rugs who found that these goods
appeared an extended article dealing with the "immense rise                            did not sell welt last season named slight reductions at the
in wages and the present l.1nparaJleled era of prosperity.                             opening of the present season.         These reductions on an
Most of the large railroad companies have re-adjusted their                            otherwise very stiff market seem to appeal to the buyer, and
scale of wages and other Chicago industrial firms have fallen                          the demand for tapestry rugs, especially in the 9 x 12 sizes,
ihto line and granted substantial increases.        At the same                        which were reduced 50 cents per rug, has been very heavy,
time the manufacturer and employer faced a labor shortage                              It is now 5tated that if this demand continues, prices will un-
 reaching a total _of between 300,000 and 500,000 men.                                 doubtedly be placed on the old basis at a very early date.
     A visit to the various factories in and around Chicago                               .Body Brussels and Smyrna rugs have also been very popu-
 proves that there is plenty "doing," as they are running to                           lar, and a large business has been put through.            The in~
 full capacity.    Many manufacturers declare that they could                          grain situation continues rather mixed, as some manufactur-
 run far into the spring or orders already in hand.                                    ers have advanced thcir prices, while others are holding their
     Retail business in Chicago was dulled somewhat by in-                             goods on the fall basis.
 clement weather.       The holiday season here, though, has                               The demand has not been large and it looks very much as
 opened earlier than in previous years, due in p<l;rt,no doubt,                        if the ingrain cal'pet is gradually being fon::ed out of exist~
 to the fact that retail merchants have used every effort pos-                         ence.    In certain sections of the country a fair demand con-
 sible to get peopJe t() their stores early and avoid the regu-                        tinues for goods of this description, especially for the rugs,
 lar holiday rush.      Practically all of the Christmas goods                         which are reversible, wear well and are cheap.
,------------------------------                                                   --


                          PRINTING             AS A SALESMAN.                                      once pleasing to the eye and accentuates the picture.         This
                                                                                                   must be most carefully done, however. No one realizes .better
                                                                                                   than a competent salesman that a photograph rarely pro-
       Must Be High Grade and Up-to-Date in Order to be Effec~                                     duces the desired impression if used for cut-making as it
                     tive in Securing Busines.s.                                                   comes from the photographer.       It must go through the hands
           The object in using printers' ink <111(1 the printing art,                              of an artist who retouches, in other words brings out by
       whether it be in the daily press, the magazine or by circulars,                             means of paints the details of the goods as they arc plainly
       is ob ....
               iously to create a market fwd sell goods. says Frank                                discerllable and obliterates all disfiguring features.
       Brown in the November number of Profitable Advertising.                                         A grc<it deal of the high-grade advertising of today is of
       As one of the principal factors, almost all advertisers today                               the ..Hissouri "shcl\v me" variety-illustrations    by living mo-
       realize the importance of bigh-grade printing.     They know                                dels actually llsing the article-and     there is no doubt that it
       that every circular, booklet or c;ltalogue sent out creates an                              is m.ost effective, at the same time being capable of very
       impression and that impression should al"ways b{~ the best.                                 artistic treatmellt.  Of necessity, illustrations of this charac~
       People like to trade with a fLrm that is prosperous and noth-                               ter must be finely printed in order that the story may be told
       ing   reflects   the   prosperity            of a firm   so unceasingly         as high-    in its most seductive manner.
       grade printing.                                                                                     Other firms, employ high-grade printing to the eXclusion
           before the developmellt of illustration, as it is practised                                 of samllles and almost to the exclusion of the personal sate,s-
       today, plain-type cmnOUllccl11enb;filkd the bill; but with the                                  man. This is done by the use of three or four color plates,
       rapid strides made in phntaengraving, color-making and com-                                     iaithfutly reproducing the colors of the goods. In time to
       mercial dra\;ving there has been constantly dema11ded of the                                    come this means of conveying to the purcl1aser a correct
       printc:r an art \,i\Torkmanshipin keeping with it and faithfully                                understanding    of the nature and quality of the goods will
       portraying to the prospective customer the value, adaptability                                  be more and more employed.       The demand of the public and
       or other de!:iirablc features of the advertised goods.                                          the efforts of the printing salesman will be a potent {actor in
           This has brought about a new printing salesman, One who                                     bringing this ahout,
       not only can give a reasonably close estimate of the cost, but                                      Higb~grade printing is not confined to the catalogue, al-
       can plan and suggest ,vays and IlJCaOS of interesting a pos-                                    though this is usually the most pretentious publication of a
       sible customer,        And to be successful he must be versatile.                               finn. Circulars have largely gone out of date for high-grade
       He must have a knowlc:dge of the various processes of C11-                                      advertising and have hettn supplanted by the booklet, which
       graving and the qualities of paper best adapted to the differ-                                  offers greater ovportunity for attradi~'encss   and creates a
       ent kinds of engraving.        He must be at least somewbnt of                                  better first impression.  The letter-head) invoice and state-
       all art critic: and familiar with the combination of colors, lIe                                ment should all bear out the good impression created by cata-
       must be prepared Hot only to suggest styles, arrangement and                                    logue or booklet.
       individuality, but also to furnish drawings, snpply Jiving                                         The true printing salesman recognizes the fact that high-
       models, if nccessary, "work tiP" the photographs cwd take                                       grade ptinting is not always, or even ofte.n, ornamentaL    It
       charge of the production of cuts and electrotypes.          Often-                              may be severely plain in its make-up. It is essential, how-
       times he is called npon to prepare the "copy" or text-matter                                    ever, that it should have character and be done in a studied,
       of a booklet or catalogue, and should be therefore a thorough                                   'workmanlike manner.    It may be artistic if plain.
       "ad" writer.                                                                                        As rdated to advertising·, printing is merely the dress in
           Printing salesmanship for high grade £inns means more                                       which it goes fonh) and high-grade printing is its best suit
       today than disposing of so much pl1per and ink.          It means                               of clothes. It is merely so mueh display, unless there is a
       keeping alive ,..... the times; it means a campaign of educa-                                   story behind it, and that !3tory 111Ustbe most convincingly
       tion toward a combination of the artistic and commercial.                                       told. A smart talker appropriately dressed will be a power
       And the salesman must l1ever sacrifice one for the other, to                                    in selling" goods. The Ulan behilJd the "mon" will entertain
       be successful, for the customer, while looking to him to pro-                                   a well dressed visitor,. but if he is going to purchase he wants
       duce something pleasing, is always after the dollar,                                            to knuw all about the goods and the values that are offered
           He is not in business far the encouragement of are al011e.                                  him.     Therefore it is essential that after the introduction
       The work mtlst sell goods. There is nothing, except showing                                     the information be complde and the argume1Jt convincing.
       the goods themsdves, that will d(l this so effecti~Tcly <IS well                                The salesman should sell high-grade printing with a view
       prepared ~l11dfinely printed illustrations.; or .• better still, a                              to properly introducing high-grade argument,           The result
       combination of illustration and harmony of colors which is at                                   cannot fail to be high-grade business,

                                           ii                   BERRY BROTHERS'
                                                      Rubbing and Polishing Varnishes
                                                                              MUST BE USED IN FURNITURE                WORK       TO BE APPRECIATED

                                                                THEY SETTLE THE VARNISH QUESTION WHEREVER TR'ED
                                           II                                             WRITE   TODAY     FOR INFORMATION       AND    PRICES

                                                                                            B'R'Ci YH'E RS,
                                                                                                                   M                 5

                                           11.        SERRY                                                                                       LIMITED
                                                      NEW'0"                       VARNISH                  MANUFACTURERS                                            CH'CAOO

                                                           BDS::~I\D!:LPHjA                            D ET R0 IT                                          ST~'~:~:NATI

                                           II                       ~I\LTlMORE              CANADIAN    FACTORY.   WALKERVILLE,    ONTARIO        SAN   FRANCI$CO

                                                                   .7IRTItS YI2'f
38                                                                                  se-
                       New Factories.
     Wilson's Automatic Musk. Leaf Furniture Company 15
a new corporation that will establish a plant in Portland,
     A. J. Kingsley, Margaret \rVhite and J. !or Teal have
organized the Oregon ChaiT Company at Portland, Or~g(J11
They have $75,000 capital.
     \Villiam Genge, E. F. Bean and David Herman have or-
ganized the Inland ~Iattress & Upholstering         Company at
Spokane, Wash.        They expect to begin business in Decem-
     Lincoln, Neb., is to have a new factory to make a patent
adjustable window shade.       L. E. Wrttling is the principal
promoter.       Several state officials are stockholders  in the
     B. O. Jackson, \V. W. and H. W. Ort have organized
the Jackson-Ort     Company with $5,000 capital stock, all paid
in, to establish a plant and make beds and mattresses in At-
lanta, Georgia.
     The Lake Geneva Piallo Stool Company is a new Illinois
corporation capitalized at $15,000, with the purpose of oper-
ating in \Visconsin.      The company will start business in
the old plant of tht, Lake Geneva (Wis.) Manufacturing Com-
pany, but will soon 'build a new factory.
     George F. Felker of Logansport has purchased a site of
thirteen acres and let contracts for buildings for a furniture
factory at Lebanon, 1no.      He has purchased the patents and
patterns of the kitchen cabinets formerly n)ade by H, C. Clark
and \vill conl1ne himself to that line at the start, but expects
to add other lines later.

              Big Business With Little Profit.
    Over sixty members attended the semi-annual meeting of
the National Association of Case Goods Manufacturers held
in Chicago during the second week of November.          Secre·
tary 1. S. Linton of Grand Rapids, J\.Iich., reported that,
judged from the olltput of the factories, the past year was
the most prosperous in the history of the association.   "The
capacity of all plants of the association was taxed to its ut-
most and the output shows an increase of over $5,000,000
over any previous year of our organization," he said.    "But
unless we can secure the proper kind of labor for our work
the business next year will be depreciated harmfully.   Every
member of the association needs lahar-men who can get the
timber out for us and men who can get out our products."
    However, the profits on the last year's business were not
in proportion to the amount of goods produced.     As a matter
of fact the mirgin between actual cost and selling prices had
been nearly wiped out by the increased cost of raw materials
and the lack of desirable labor.     Therefore an advance of
ten per cent in prices was ordered to take effect on January
1, 1.907.

                                                                     From the Unel of the Luce Funiiture Co., Graud Mich.

                    LIGHT FROM THE SOUTH.                                                       This   Chicago         catalogue      quotes     a plain,      double        cane
                                                                                         seat dillinglChair,  per set of six at..                                              . ,.$3.75
How a Kentucky           Furniture Dealer Meets Mail Order Com-                          "-dd frelgh     on 72 pounds..     .                                                  ... 1.25
                                                                                         Makl11g a           total    of                                                        ... $5.00
    }1erchants from the South are generally                        supposed   to be
                                                                                         Deduct  au           regular      PTlf:C                                                    3.50
slow-going,       lacking   in energy,   enterprise   and other qualities
that     contribute     to the success      of retail   business.       After
                                                                                         Leaves net gain to yon of., .                                                             . $1. 50
travelillg     through    the South,     men of the East,         North  and
                                                                                           They ma e a big howl about                     a cotton        felt mattress         at. $7.40
Great      \iVest frequently     declare   that what     the South      most
                                                                                         Add freigh  on 44 pDunds...                       .             ,.                             .80
needs is some of the "git-up and git" that                         is practiced     in
other sections    of the country.      Such has heen the condition
                                                                                         ]I.'fakes the cost to you at depot.                                              . ..... $8.20
for lllany years,    but it appears   that a change has been tak-
                                                                                         Our regut r price is".         .                            .                          . .. 8.00
ing place, or has already     bee1l effected, and that some of the

                                                                                         Here we s ve yOU __ .              .                         .            .... $ .20

                                        Why Not Order?                                      They gi e a glowing
                                                                                         The freigh
                                                                                                     on the bed is.,.
                                                                                                                                                 of an 1ron bed at. , .. $6.30
                                                                                                                                                                     . .. 1.07
                                    Say a dozeD, or more       Montgomery
                                    Iron Display Couch Trucks sent you
                                    on approval? If not satisfactory they can be         The cost t(              you ;1t depot is.                                       . .....    $7. J I
                                    retumed at no expense to you whatever,               \Ve give y(         t1    a better one for.                                                  7.25
                                    while the price asked is but a trifle, com-
                                    pared 10 the convenience they afford and
                                    the economy ,they represent in the saving             Leavillg    a let saving of.                 .                $ .12
                                    of floor space.                                            This catalogue    makes a big noise abont a solid oak
                                       Thirty_two couches mounted on the                 (-j foot  extet 5.ion tabte and quotes a price of.     . ..... $11.85
                                    Montgomery Iron Display Couch Trucks                  It weighs 2 [) pounds;     freight is.                          1.90
                                    occupy the same floor space as twelve dis-
                                    played in the usual manner.
                                       Wrile for catalogue giving full descrip_          And     it    CC\ts you ..                                                                 . $13.75
                                    tion and price in the different finishes, to·        Dedtlct       OUI  regular price.                                                             12.50
                                    gether with iliustrations demonstrating the
                                    use of the Giant Short Rail Bed Fastener
                                    fn Iron Beds. Manufactured by                        And we sa e you just                    ,                      $1.25
                                                                                             "\Ve COlli take up this whole pJ.per in giving comparisons,
                                        H. J. MONTGOMERY                                 and ill <'ve y instance     it would be in our favor.       We have

                                    Silver Creek,      New York, U~ S. A.                this cata1.o lC from one of the largest     concerns   in thc North,
                                       D"nnis Wire and lron Co., Canadian Manu-          and call 5h )V.... yOll the pages alld description   if you care to
                                                 facturers, London, Onto                 see.

merchants     at leas.t. arc now wide awake-fully                  \lP to dale in            The Sd wab & Trieber       Mirror    Manufacturing    Company,
their   business    mCthcds.           At any rate,       traveling       sales1llen     Brooklyn,       Y., h<15 been incorporated.       The capital stock
and others     who, a few years ago, had !liuch to say ~lbout the                        is $30,000, l1'd the il1Corporators    are L Schwab     and G. 1J.
lack of ellergy     and ambition          in the South,      no\v declare        that    Treiber   of rooklyn   and \iVilliam H. Ricdelt of Yonkers.
the SOtlthern      merchants        arc "coming       to the front"           in the
matter   of methods       and means for getting         trade and holding it.
     That the merchant!:; of the South h"ve made great progress
in the past fevv· years must be conceded.                  They are not only
alive to the advantages           of advertisilig,     but they seem to be
less worried     by competition          than those in other           sections     of
the country.        1\" orthern      merchallts    '1Nould hardly         think of
looking    to the South        for pointers      as to bow to meet mai1-
order competition,        but while many of them have been be\vail-
ing their prospective       toss of track a Kentucky fumlture                  dealer
seems to have found a way to convince                 the lleople in his field
that it is not to their advantage:             to patroni2e      the mail-order
bouses.      His method         is fully divulged       in an advertisement
which    he nsed recently          111 the   newspapers       and also in the
form of a cil'cu1ar letler, of ",,'hieb the fotlowillg              is a copy:

                        LET'S      ITAVE A TALK.
    Let us have       an honest,    eanlest    talk about your furniture
buying.        J--Tave yOU been buying         from Chicago        mail order
houses?         If so, read carefully       the comparisons         which     we
show belO\v.
    \\.Te have olle of these "Buyers'          Guides"     bdore    us in pre-
paring    tlyi5 c.opy, and the comparison          is not guesswork.        '.tVc
will show you where           you can save morey-say               nothing     of
building     up 1ll01lster railroad   companies        and belping    oat Chi-
cago buslness       houses,   which at the same time weakens               your
country     town, dr,l\C'v"sdowll the market         for your produ(~c, and
lcssens    the va1ne of your o\vn land in favor of real cstate                 in
the Korth,      and then these people don't credit anyone.                  Kat
one in a thous;md         has thought      of this, and if yoU will read
carefully    yon will see we can actually         save you moncy.                                                    by She.boygan   Nove.lty Co., Shebo.,.ZlII.n. Wis.
             -""1Vl.                    I

                    An Interesting Plant.

    On,e of the most interesting plants lately visited by a rep-
                                                                     7IR'T' I S' JI.l'1
                                                                           3   0/ ee

                                                                     stead of $5, the amount allowed by the county court for bur-
                                                                     ial of paupers.      The bill was presented immediately after
resentative of the Artisan is that of the Hard Manufacturing         the funeral, but was held up as the judges believed it was ex-
Company of Buffalo, N. Y.        They manufacture metal beds         cessive.
and a full line of bedding, employing over 200 hands, and                Hendershot, a farmhand, accidentally shot himself white
having more than two acres of floor space in their plant.            hunting on the Platte river, near Edgerton, and the body was
The interesting feature was that all their beds and cribs arc        turned over to the coroner of Platte county, who engaged
machine made instead of foundry made.         They have no cu-       Undertaker McComas.          After ,Mr. McComas' explanation
pola and do not use a pound of cast iron in their work. Ev-          the judges decided to pay the bilL
every casting is a piece of annealed malleable iron which is             "Yes, it's true,"said one of the judges, "that the country

ground and drilled to exactly fit the rods and pipe which go         people won't stand for the pauper burial as we know it here.
thtolIgh. A dozen or more huge presses are used to set these         And then, on the other hand, a person of means can die fifty
castings into place delivering" a pressure on thorn of from          per cent cheaper in a small country town than he can in the
twenty to thirty tons, depending on the size of the castings.        city, and get just as good a burial."
A lin'eof these presses is here illustrated at work and it is
eVideMt that 'the goods thus made are absolutely indestruc-
                                                                        The plant of the Standard Chair Company at Union City,
tible.    Oile can ta1.::ca.piece of this malleable iron and flat-
                                                                     Penn., was totally destroyed by fire November 14. The loss
ten it\'ut on an anvil, in the same way that you can wrought
                                                                     was over $100,000 with $70,000 insurance.  The owners, Roy
iron.     Their manager told the writer that every bed and
                                                                     Church, Ray Fenno and Orville Hatch, announce that the
crib that they send out had a !twenty-five years guarantee on
                                                                     plant will be rebuilt.
it and certainly they make-vbry, smooth, nice clean goods,
which ,we think it would pay   '~ur   readers to investigate.

             Country People Respect the Dead.
    "You see" we're in the coup try down -there, and we have
to give them a decent burial in the country. In the city, here,
it doesn't matter.     Nail fOUI1 boards together and another                                  Furniture Dealers need have no more
board at each end, dump 'em! in and cover 'em up-that's       a .                             fear. With the use of Cline's Caster
pauper burial in the city, but: in the country they wouldn't                                   Cup one table may be placed on top
stand for it for a minute.     If we buried a pauper like that                                 of another without injUry. Made in
down in Platte county they Jould run us out of town.         It         two sizes in the following finishes: Oak, Mahogany and
would make no difference whether the pauper was known or                Rosewood. Special prepared feet bottom, preventing sweat
not, or whether he had "any friends; they'd take up a collec-           marks, scratching, etc.
tion anyhow, and give him a decent buriaL"                              Price: 2]4:in. per 100. $3.50, 3)j in. per 100. $4.50
    These remarks were made recently to the county court
                                                                               We also manufacture the mo.t reliable Card Holder on
in St. Joseph, 1'10., by J. M. McComas, undertaker at Edger-                   the market. :: Write for our Dew 40 pUe ,CataloBue.
ton, Mo., in explaining why his bill against Buchanan county            L. Cline Mfg. Co ..           123. Wabash Ave.,    Chicago
for burial of Harvey Hendershot in April, 1,.905, as $22 in-
                             MICHIGAN                                                                                                41

Mechanics                                                                    nlture Co.,
                                                                                 Rochford, Ill.
                                                                            DR ENTIRE LINE (many of
                                                                           hem new patterns) of

                                                                                 Ina Closets

                                                                              ill be on exbibition on the Third
                                                                             loor of the

                                                             Furnit        re Manufacturers' Exhibition
                                                             Buildi        g, 1319 Michigan Avenue,
                                                             Chica         0, Ill.   "t('    "t('     "t('

                                                                           n charge of

                                                                                 s. J. Le   ROY9   J. E. Hanvey.
                   CHINA   CLOSET.

Ready for Delivery
             The White                                                           Made by Mechanics Furniture   Co., Rockford. III.

         Classified Directory                                                     Would Punish Railroads for Delays.
                                                                   The ::\Icrchants' & Travelers' Association of Pbiladelphia
                POCKET       EDITION
                                                               has ad pted Tcsoluti()Jls favoring the penalizing of railroads
    Manufacturers of Furniture, Pianos, Organs, Refrigera-
                                                               \vhere he delays in shipments exceed a reasonable           time.
tors, Interior Finishes, Bedding and kindred goods Classi-
                                                               The as ociation will join with I thirty-three other commercial
fied by states, towns and trades. Send in your order im-
mediately. Price $5,                                           bodies throug-hout t.he country, representing     a membership
                                                               of 200, 00, and institute a vigofollS crusade to enlist the sym-
         WI.ite Printing Co., Grand Rapid., Mivl..             pathy a HI support of congress for this rdorm in freight tranS-
                                                               port;:,ti   11.

                                                                                            ------"                                       A

                                New Style Folding Beds.                                                         which they noted a great falling off in the demand     for the
    "The old fashioned   upright folding   bed is out of date,"                                                 once-popular   piece of furniture. "I don't know that we afe
said Morris  Heyman    of the Heyman     Company,   Grand Rap-                                                  selling as mally folding heds as we did formerly, but that de-
                                                                                                                pends on how far back yot! go.                      vVe are certainly not selling
                                                                                                                as many as we did ten or twelve years ago, when there was
                                                                                                                a rage for foldillg beds, hut we are selling lots of sofa beds,
                                                                                                                sanitary couches, cOllvertible davenports and the like.                          The
                                                                                                                mantel  folding   bed is a gooQ. seiter and I think that taking
                                                                                                                all the new styles together    we are putting    out just as many
                                                                                                                folding beds as we did five or six years ago."
                                                                                                                    Owen; R.Chaffee     of the firm of Young & Chaffee, Grand
                                                                                                                Rapids,  discussing-  the same subject,    said:   "'1I,'e hay€ had

                                                                                                                               No. 309.         Made by Robbins Table Co.    OWOHO,   Micb.

                                                                                                                a good del11;twl for folding        beds during the past few months.
                                                                                                                The demand        sometimes     seel11s. to be spasmodic,   I suppose
                                                                                                                it is due to the season.        Rents are high and maliy people find
                                                                                                                it necessary     to economize      in the matter of space.    'J'he old
                   Made by Pioneer Manufacturing                      Co., Dettoit, Mich.                       fashioned     folding hed is out of style, but there are plenty of
ids, Mich., when· his                   attention was                    called to the      statement           substitutes.         The   'Silnplicity,' made by the Jamestown
credited  to Rosenthal                     & Gumberts                     of Evansville,       Ind., in         Lounge       COl11pany, is one of our best sellers."

                                                                                                                                            1        Woodard   Furniture   Co.                        8
                                                                                l\olfctrs'. Furn Ex., Chi(~lIgo.
INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS                                                         ~Ulchigan Centrlll R)·.
                                                                                Miller, Eli D., & (:0.
                                                                                                                                            5        Yeager  Furniture   Co ..                    . .13

 Ameril'<UDl'harmaeal        Co ...                                  .12        Montgllmt>ry, H. ,J.
 Alaska    Refrigerator      ClI.                                    .:n        ::\-[oon Desk (~o.                                      .21
lmrneK, W . .1<•• &. John, Co.                                      · .32       Morton Hou~e                                     .... 12
 Belding-Hall      Mfg. Co.                                             4       l\lobile &. Ohio R)·, .                                   20
 Berry nl."others                                                      3.       Murphy Chair ()o.                                        .23
BO('kstt'ge ]<Ul'1liture Co                                            24       l\[uMkegon "alley Furniture      Co.           . .... 21
 Bosj;;e Furniture     C(II.                        .                  ·~5      Xorth!."rn Flll."nitllre Co.                          . .1.
'Challengt' .Retrlgeratol." Co.                                     . .20       N"elson-3-1aUer Furniture      Co.            . .Cover
-ehfeftgo ""ood Fini!lhing Co.                                           3      Olsen, O. C. 8., 81; (~o.           . .. ~7·35-:~8-n
 Cline, L •• l'11g. Co.                                                40       Ovedllnd )<'reight Trandcr       Co.                . .. 20
'Conrey-Da,vi~ Mfg. Co.                                                b2       l"alme1' l\ltg. C(Io.                      .              2:~
 Conrll'!Y, n. L., FurnJtur!." Co..                                 . .112      Part-hier,    F.                                            9
Eva,ns,·tlle    "Metlll Bed ('0.                                     .25        Peabody      Scho(ll Furniture   Co.       .              13
 Fi!>her, C. A.,. & Co ..                                          . .. 29      Pere l'larquette      By..                            . .20
 :}'ord &. J ahnson Co.                                                  8      l"ionccl." Mfg. Co.                   .                   23
 'FrilWO Sy!ltem                                                         5      Richmond       Chair Co.                                  16
 Globe J<'urntture Co ...            .                               : .24      RobbiJl~ Tubl!." Co.                                        4
 G. R. Ca",tel."Cup Co.         ..................                      13      Rockford Chair & FuT'Diture Co.                             2
 G. R. Chair Co.                                                       .al       IWyal Cbat"1' Co.                                    . .85
 G. R. Hllm) Screw Co.                                                .3::1     Sargent :Mfg. Co..             .                          21
 Gl'IInd Trunk Ry.                                                 .. ,13        Schmit, Hen1')'. & Co.                                  .22
 Hal."dMfg. Co.                                                       .15        8chulh: 81; Hir!l('h Co.                           . .. 32
 Hasslel.", Owen C., Co.                                   .           :n        S(,hll1oe, C. F.. 81; Co.                                  8
 Hoffman Bl'others       Co.                                   .       IS        Sheboygan      Chair Co.                                   9
 Horn Bros. Mfg. Co.               .                                 16          Sheboygan Novelty Co.                                . .19
 Hotel rautUnd                           ..............               12         Sligh Furniture     Co.                         . Cover
Illinois   Central      Ry.                                       · .4-2         Smith, E. Q., Chair Co.                                 .25
Imperial     I"llrniture    Co.       .                        Cover             Smith &: Davilil Mfg Co.                                   5            Double daUy train service· to New Orleans.
Inter~State      Hotel Co.                                        · .36          Southern     RaHway Co.                     .            20          Send for a· free -descriptive booklet.
Invincible     Table Fastener     Co.                                  5         Spratt., Geu.. {£ Co.                .                   3::            Connects· with Southern Pacific ,Steamship
Jamestown       T.Olmge Co.                                       · .28          Stafford :Mfg. Co.                                    . .22          leaving every Wednesday afternoon feir Havana.
Karges     li'urniture     C9.                              . .... 24            Stow & DaviB l<'urulture Co                              12          Serid for free illustrated folder on Cuba.
Kauffman       "l1g. C(II..                                       .. 12          Udell 'Works, The.                                         2
Lentz Table Co.                                                        9         Uniun EmlKtM!linr.; Machine     Co                        12           Through tickets, rates, etc., of· I. C. R. R.
Luce )<'urnltnre Co.                                      .           16         Union Furniture      Co. (BUl"llngton).              . . 15          agents 1:'00 those of connecting lines.
Mfdnt'. Ex. Bldg. Co., Chicago                                 Cover             Union Furnitul"e Co. (Rockford)                  ,       12            A.   H. HANSON, PASS. TRAFFIC MOR., CHIOAOO.
Mecbanics'       J1'urnitul"e Co.                             . ... 41           White Print-lng Co.                           . .21-41                 B.   Q. HATCH, QI:HE""'L PASS. AoeNT, CHiCAGO.

                                                   11TH SEASON
                                           THE BIG BUILDINq;

            Thirteen Nineteen (319) Michi!an AvenuQ,CHICAGO.
                                                      PARTIAL LIST OF EXHIBITORS.                                                                    ,
  American       IfUrn. Co., l\IariinlwiUe,      Va.               Geng-e Co., }<' C., St. .'\ntbonyPnrk,                 'linn.
  AJnerican Metalware Co., Chicago, Ill.                                                                                             1~j)8BelillS~.""  FII~" MIg Co., De:troJt;. MJcili.
                                                                   Goshen No\'clty &; Brush Co., Gosheo, Ind.                        Probst ,F      • Co., Pomeroy, O.
  .Banta. Film. Cu., GGBhM, Ind.                                   HalYks ]<'U1'O,Co., GOljhen, Ind •
  Bassett fir:n. Co., Bassett, Ya.                                                                                                   Qneen Ch • -Co., TbolllfUlviJle. N. C.
                                                                   Heroy &; MatTeuner, Chicago, Ill.
  B'anchard·HaQliliolL         Furn. Co., ShelbYVille,                                                                               Banney          frlgerator Co., Greenville. :Mleb.
       Ind.                                                        l:lerzog Art .:truro. Co., Sllginaw, Mlcll.                        Richmond Ind • .Mfg. CIl)., Richimond, Iud.
                                                                   HilllolblJro Chair Coo, Jlin~boro. O.
  RiJlow·Lupfer       Co., Columblllol, O.                                                                                            Rishel Fn6I. Co., WtlUainsporl. Pa.
                                                                   Rodell Furn. Co., Shelbyville, Ind.                                Rockford Furn. Co., Rockford, 01.
  BuckeYe Chair Co., Ravenna, O.
                                                                   Hohensteln-lIllrtmetz         Furn. Co., EvamniiUe,                Rockford !:Standard Furn. Co., Rockford, Ill.
  Burkhardt        Furn •. Co., Dayton.      O.
  Bay View Furn. Co., lIoUand, ~h,                                                                                                    Hume .Me~Ilie Bed Co., Rome, N. Y.
                                                                   Hollatz Bros., .Chlcago, III.
  Cadillac Cabinet Co., Detrnit, l\lieh.                                                                                              RoIIJt ~.     Co., Shfllbyvllle. Ind.
                                                                  HOOD, F. L., & CO., l'IASHVILLE,                      TE:N:S.       Royal & Furn. Co., BuckfaM, III.
  Campbell, C. H., Cl)., Shelbyville,           Ind,
                                                                  Hulse, E. M., ClI., CliJumlms, O.                                   Sanltary ~teel C6ucb Co., Elkhart, IDd.
  Campbell, Sinith It Ritchie, Lebanon, Ind.
                                                                  Humph~y          Book Cll-lol\'lCo., Detroit, Mich.                 Sextro Mlk. Cu., Cincinnati, O.
  CnpUJI.l Rattan Co., Iodianapl.l'lilol, Ind.
  Cass, B. T., & Co., Cblcago, nl.                                IndianapoUs Chair &I Furn. Co." Indianapolis,                      Schnelder;&    Allmnuln" Chfcilgo. III.
                                                                         Ind.                                                        Schneider:&    Allman, Chicago,    m.
 Cates Chair Ce., Thomasville,             N. C.
 Central Bedding Co., Chicago, Ill.                               Indian Brass & Iron Bed Co., IndianapoUl'I,                        Shreve C~lr Co., Uniuu City, Pa.
 Century .Furn. Co., Jamestown.             N. \:<,                                                                                  Senors, Go: I., & SODS Co., Elwood,lnd.
                                                                  Jamestown        Tahle Co., Jamestown" N. Y.                       ShelbyvIlle Wardrobe Co., Shelbyrille, Ind.
 Chippewa       Falls Furn. Co., Chlpllewa            Malls,
       Wi".                                                       .,Johnson, A. J., &; Suns, Cbicago, Ill.                           .sikes Cha,r Co., BUWalD. N. Y•
 ConreY·Ul:rely Table Co., ShelbYville, Ind.                     Kelly, J. A., ,. Bros, Clinton, Ia.                                 Skandia   Jtoro. Co., Rockfo:rd, lll.
 Conrey·Davis        "Mfg. Co., Shelbyv1Jle, Ind.                }{elb'-SlireuBeu       l"nm. Co., Clinton,         la.              Smith RI~er Chair Co., Bassett, Va.
 Co~ope... Uve Furn. Co.,"·RlI(lktord, III.                      Kemn1t.z Furn. Co" Green Buy, Wis.                                  Spencer &Ii Bal'DeS Co., Beotoo Harbor, ~lieh.
 Cramer Furp. Co., TholnaOlville, N. C.                          Kincaid Furn. Co., Statesville,             N. C.
                                                                                                                                     Spiegel F"'rn. Co., Shelbyville, Ind.
 Cr(}well Furn. Co., Lexington,            N. C.                 Kindcl BeddIng Co" St. I,oni!,!, !I[o.                              Sprague &: Carleton, Keene, N. H.
 Davis, Horwich &; Steinman, Chicago, III.                       KD(t",'iIIe .Table         8;; Chair     Co., Knox\'ilIe.           Standard   Chah' Co., Thomasville,      N. C.
 DiUJngbam Mfg. Co., Sheboygan, \-ViR.                                  Tenn.
                                                                                                                                    Standard Furn. Co., Clndnnatt,        O.
 Dixie Mum; Co., J.exington,            N. C.                    Lamb. Geo. L., J"tiappanee, Ind.
                                                                 I.angslow-Fowler           Co., Rochester,       X. V.              Stiddey    & Brandt Chair Co., BinghamtoD,
 Eckhoff Furo. Co., J...e.dngton, N. C.                                                                                                   N. Y.:
 Elk Furn. Co., Lexington,           :N. C.                      I..ANDAY, JOS. I., ST. LOCIS, 1\10.
                                                                                                                                    Stromps-Bnrkhardt      Furn. Co., Dayton, O.
 Emmel'ieh, ebas... & Co., Chicago, fll.                         Lunday Steel Range ClI.• St. Louis, 1\10.                          8triet l\1f$' Co., C. F., CinClnnatJ, O.
 Empire Fnl'n. Co., Jam&>to\\'1l, N. Y,                          LATHROP, 'tHE, CO., CHICAGO, ILl •.
                                                                                                                                    Stnrkio-N:elson Furn. 0(1'., Logaospol't, Ind.
Empire Moulding ·Works. Chicago; Ill.                           Lust~r Chemical Co., ChillllKO, Ill.                                Snitt Rro~., Cambridge, O.
Emrich :t:'um. Co., Indianapolis,           Ind.                l\1anistee Mfg. Co., l\lanistce, .ilIieh.
                                                                                                                                    Swift It Co., Chicago, Ill.
Full Creekl\ltg,       Co., Moorollville, Ind.                  j)fu.,-hew l'llg. Co., Mllwankee,            n'i!!l.
                                                                                                                                    Toledo ]fetal ""heel Cn., Toledo, O.
Fenske Bros., Chicago, Ill.                                     McDougall, G. P., 8;; Sou, Indiana.polis,                  1011.    Thnyer, H. R., Co., Erie, Pa.
Ferguson Bros., Hoboken, N. J.                                  Mechanics' Forn. Co., Rockfol'd, IIi.
                                                                                                                                    Tbomajo;ville Chair Co., Thomasville,      :So c.
J-'inley Mfg. Co., .Jamestown, N. I'.                           .lleiel' & Pohlman Furn. Co., St. LlIUi~, )[0.
                                                                                                                                    Thomasville    Furn. Co., Th6masvllle,      N. C•
Fisher, Chas. A., & Co,; Chicago, Ill.                          Modern Furo. Co., Cineillhati,              O.
                                                                                                                                    Thompso~ Cluiir Co., Thomasville, N. C.
Fm'lter Bros. Mfg. Co., St. LOUis, Mo., and                     Napen'lll"        Lllnnge Co., Naperville,         III.
                                                                                                                                    IJnioo Fuvn. Co., JamestowD, N. Y.
      (Jtit~lI. N. Y.                                           National Carriage 8;; Reed Co" Clndnnati,                    O.
                                                                                                                                    U'el!ltern HdW• It Furn.        Co•., Milwaukee;
                                                                                                               )f. y.

Fuller &I "'arreo        Co., ilrthv.\l.lIkee, ""'Is.           Natilinal     'l.'abJe CO'., JUlllffljtown,                              ·Wis.
Freedman        Bros., Chicago, nl.                             NorqUist, A. C., & Co., JamelltowD, Y. Y                             Western furn.      Co., Indianapolis,   Ind.
aal'vy, The, Co.                                               Qbcrbed(" Bros.
                                                                                          JUg. Co., Grand            Rapids.        l¥hIte ·F'lm.   Co., Mebane, :N. C.
                                                                                                                                     \VidmaR, iJ. C., &; (A)., Detl'Qit; Mieh.
                                                               08<'ar, Onken Co., Cin('innlltti, O.
                                                                                                                                     lVtsconsbl Chair 01)., Port Washington,      Wilol.
                                                               Palmer Furn. Co., A. E., Adrian, l\lh~h.
                                                                                                                                    lVisconsin Furo. & :Mfg Co., Ne:iUsvlIle, Wis.
                                                               [»ulmer Mfg. Co" Detroit, 1\[i(')l.
                                                                                                                                    'Wolf & H:;raemer Furn. Co., St. LOUis, :Uo.
                                                               Panll )[etlll Bed Co., Pana, III.
                                                               J'T.T1\Il>TON, F. T" & CO., CHIC~fjO,
                                                                                                                         IT.T._ -            Frm.
                                                                                                                                    W 01\'erine l\Ifg. Co., Detroit, Mich.
                                                                                                                                    Yeuger           Co., Allentown,     Pa.

                                                               THE MANUFACTURE'RS' EXHIBITION
                                                                     BUILDING C0"'1lPANY
                                                                                    1319                MICHIGAN    ~. VENUE
                                                                                                          CHICAGO, I~.

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