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The Indian market is currently cash
transactions of the best markets in the
world due to the stability of India and
the rise of the Indian economy and
increased confidence in the Indian stock
exchange in the field of global economic

Below is a list of my latest stock picks
India for the year 2012. These Home
2012 Archive Selections India are my
shares to buy and some of the
populations to be personal business.
Several populations of India have
already started functioning in January
2012. This indicates that the population
of India is hot in 2012 and could even
surpass the U.S. markets. Two of the
best stocks India in late December 2010
were REDF and SIFY.
Hot India Stocks 2012 - Stocks to Buy -
Indian Stocks - India Ltd.
(REDF) - India Ltd (REDF) is
my top India Stock Pick for 2012. India Limited provides online
Internet based services with a focus on
India and the global Indian community.
Its Websites consist of interest specific
channels relevant to Indian interests,
including cricket; astrology; matchmaker
and movies; content on various matters,
such as news and finance; search
facilities; a range of community features
comprising e-mail, chat, messenger, and
e-commerce; and broadband wireless
content, as well as short messaging
services for the mobile phone subscribers
in India.

REDF stock has been active over the
past three months and trades $5.20 in
the first trading day of 2012. I have
been trading REDF since the stock
spiked from $2 to $6 during the fall of
2010. While this is a risky stock to
buy, I feel best owning REDF below
$5.00 per share. An even better buy
would be below $4.00 which I would
feel very good about owning this
stock. has a 52 week high
located at $6.25 and if the stock breaks
above that, It could easily trade $8-$10
sometime in 2012. Watch REDF in

#2 Top India Stock Pick 2012 - India
Stocks - Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.
(RDY) - Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
Ltd. (RDY) stock ranks high on my
watchlist in 2012. Dr. Reddy's
Laboratories Limited, together with
its subsidiaries, operates as a
pharmaceutical company. It produces
finished dosage forms, active
pharmaceutical ingredients and
intermediates, and biotechnology
products. The company also conducts
research in the areas of cancer,
diabetes, cardiovascular,
inflammation, and bacterial infection.
In addition, it involves in the contract
manufacture generic prescription and
over-the-counter products for branded
and generic companies in the United
Pullbacks below $34 are very
attractive and if RDY breaks above
$42, it could easily run toward $50 in

#3 Top India Stock to Buy - India
Stocks - Tata Motors Ltd. (TTM) -
Tata Motors Ltd. (TTM) is the leading
car production company in India.
TTM stock is currently trading at $30
which is pricey but a pullback below
$25 would be attractive.

Tata Motors Limited, an
automobile company, engages in
the manufacture and sale of
commercial and passenger
vehicles primarily in India. The
company offers cars, utility
vehicles, trucks, buses, and
defense vehicles, as well as
develops electric and hybrid
vehicles for personal and public
transportation .

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