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									       If you have been
         involved in an
               we can help
  Have you been involved in an
  accident in the last 3 years, which
  wasn’t your fault?
  If so, you may be eligible for compensation relating to your
  injury and/or financial loss.
  When considering a claim, you may have been put off by the
  marketing methods and poor press of some large claims
  companies, but you still feel you need help.

  So what should you do?
  Contact Swift Medical for help and advice. With ten years
  experience in the medico-legal field, Swift Medical is soundly
  based with a professional medical background and working
  relationships with solicitors whom we trust. We pride ourselves
  on our ability to help and advise you. We will introduce you to
  solicitors experienced in handling all types of personal injury
  cases. The solicitors will arrange insurance to cover all outgoings
  and expenses in your case at no cost to you whether you win or
  lose the case.
  Swift Medical may even be able to arrange for you to benefit
  from early private medical treatment, paid for by the third
  party‘s insurers.

        Contact us on 0118 931 1696
                  Swift Medical Ltd
   Annexe House, 6 Shinfield Road, Reading RG2 7BW
             ACCIDENT RECORD
If you have been injured in an accident,
record all details as soon as possible.
• Get names and addresses of any witnesses.
• Get name and insurance details of other party.
• Note the time and date of the incident.
• Make a note of the location and how the incident was
• Take photographs or make sketches if necessary.
• Seek medical advice, however minor the injury.
• Keep a detailed record of your injuries and progress
  during treatment.
• List all expenditure incurred as a result of the accident
  and keep all receipts.
• List all property damaged in the incident.

Use the space below for basic details then call us.

      Swift Medical 0118 931 1696
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