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                 What is Homosexuality? Is homosexuality is immoral? Homosexuality means that men

are sexually and emotionally attracted to men, and women are sexually and emotionally attracted to

women. This is also called same-sex attraction. This issue is much known for all of us. Some took it as a

big deal but some are already accepted this issue. Some asking is it right or wrong? I think it is depend

upon whose answering the question. Some looking on the Christian point of view they know that in the

word of god that this kind of issue doesn’t exist so it is morally wrong because God only created two

genders the man and woman. In the Old Testament, homosexual behavior is considered one of the most

heinous of sins. In fact, it is one of the sins that carry the punishment of the death penalty. It is referred to

as an “abomination.” The Hebrew word (towebah) implies a very gross sin. A sin that is especially

detestable and disgusting. It is considered to be extreme wickedness. While in In science point of view

being a gay are causes in the genes of a human. The majority of homosexuals believe they were born

"gay." This belief often supplies them with comfort, relieving them of any responsibility to change.

However, there is no solid scientific evidence that people are born homosexual. The overwhelming

majority of gay people are completely normal genetically. They are fully male or female. Or it has been

past it from old generation to new generation. But some of them realize when they are already old. So we

can say that being a gay or a lesbian is a choice. Every man changes their point of view every now and

then. And we can’t ever blame them because they have their own choice on how to prove on their selves.

On how they will deal on this kind of issue in our society. Because society tells us what is acceptable and

what is not. In the early years, gays and lesbians kept their sexuality in their closest because they are

afraid that people might discriminate them and they are not accepted in the society. But years have been

past and this issue has been much accepted.

        For me being a gay or lesbian is not immoral since it can’t hurt anyone. Gays and lesbians are

also a human that needs also a respect like other gender. In our country gays and lesbians are already

accepted in our society but having a marriage on both sexes are not legal in our country. Some countries

widely accepted this issue. Gay marriages are legal in the other countries. Why it can’t be in our country?

Is it because of our religion? Other countries are Catholic also and gay marriages are widely accepted.
Though in the bible saying that Homosexual behavior is a sin. When two people in the same gender have

sex in the Christian world this is immoral. Some religions continue to teach that homosexuality is immoral,

and other spiritual communities and faiths accept people of all ages who are gay, lesbian and bisexual.

No matter what your religious beliefs, a key value to share with the society is to treat all people with

respect. Is homosexual is unhealthy? All sexual behaviors have health risks, and it’s important for society

to know this. But being gay does not make someone unhealthy or unhappy. What is unhealthy is

prejudice against gays and lesbians. This prejudice can be especially damaging for young gay people

who are often harassed and made to feel ashamed of who they are. But everyone is capable of doing

mistakes. Nobody is perfect right? For my experience, I have a lot of people known that are homosexual.

And it is not a very big deal for me because in the Philippines, this issue is widely accepted. And there’s

nothing wrong about it. I also have two brothers who are gays though they are still young and they can

have their own choices in becoming a gay or not. But I don’t force them to become straight because that’s

what they are. I don’t have the right to say what is good and what is bad for them. All I know is, I have to

accept the fact that they are gays. And that’s what makes them happy. I’m not disregarding the word of

God but in our society today gays and lesbians are widely accepted by the society. They are humans too.

It is their own choice to become who they are and what they want to be. God has proven over and over

again that He can give victory over every kind of sin, including homosexual behavior. He loves

homosexual sinners as He loves all sinners, and as all Christians should love them. He stands ready to

forgive. He simply requires that we agree with him about our sin, instead of excusing it, rationalizing it,

and arguing with Him about it. When we agree with Him, and humbly come to Him in genuine repentance,

He always forgives and pours out His grace on us, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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