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All applicants must complete the Trainee Solicitor version of our Equality and Diversity Questionnaire -

Information on the deadline for applications can be found on

Preferred location             Glasgow / Edinburgh / London / Aberdeen / Manchester (Please delete as appropriate)
                               Applicants for a Training Contract based in Belfast must complete the specific application form.

Preferred start year                                                 If you have made a previous application to
                                                                     McGrigors LLP please state when:

Personal Details

First Name                                                              Title

Last Name                                                               Place of Birth

Mobile No.                                                              Email address

Home address                                                            Address for correspondence (if different)

Telephone                                                               Telephone

Entitlement to Work on the UK

Do you have the right to take up employment in the UK? (Please delete as appropriate)

Yes, as a British National.                                             Yes, as an EU national.

Yes, through another route (please provide details, including the expiry date of any work permit)

If you do not have the right to take up employment in the UK, how do you anticipate obtaining permission to work in the UK?

Health: Are there any health limitations or special needs                   Languages: Please indicate your level of fluency in any
affecting your application of which McGrigors should be aware?              language other than English
Secondary Education (Full Time)

Name of School                                                           Town and country

Qualifications Gained

     Subject           Qualification   Year    No. of Grade & %                 Subject         Qualification Level   Year     No. of  Grade & %
                          Level               Attempts  mark                                     (Higher/ A / AS              attempts   mark
                    (GCSE, Standard                    awarded                                   level or similar)                      awarded
                     Grade or similar)

Higher Education (please include all universities attended, including current one)
 From      To       Name of College or University         Course                                    Qualification (indicate class

Details of degree course subjects for all years                        Year            No of       % mark (indicate Merit Distinction etc. where
(including current and proposed subjects)                                            attempts      relevant)

Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary
 Please provide details of when and where do you intend to do your Diploma in Legal Practice/GDL and/ or LPC?
 From      To        Name of College or University       Course                                 Results

Details of Diploma in Legal Practice/GDL/LPC if already               Year            No of    % mark (indicate Merit Distinction etc.
taken or studying towards                                                           attempts   where relevant)
(including current and proposed subjects)

 Do you consider all of the above academic results to be a fair reflection of your performance?           Yes              No

 If no, please explain why not

 Explain any gap periods in your education (e.g. year out travelling) unless covered in Employment below
 From      To     Activity

 Employment (include vacation work, voluntary service or other work experience)

 From       To       Name / location of Employer       Type of work/Position held          Salary         Reason for leaving
Other Interests
What are your main spare time interests? (max. 150 words)

Please indicate any positions of responsibility held (max. 150 words)

Describe the significant achievements in your life and why they are special to you (max. 150 words)

Problem Solving
Describe the most interesting problem (non-legal) you have ever had to discuss or solve (max. 150 words)
Career Aims
Please explain how you arrived at your decision to pursue a career in commercial law (max. 150 words)

Please explain why you have decided to apply to McGrigors. (max. 150 words)

Please give the names, addresses and occupations of two referees; one personal, one academic
(McGrigors may contact either or both of these referees without further notice)

Please indicate where you initially heard of McGrigors (e.g. law fair, graduate publication, a personal contact)
 Chambers                                                                 Graduate publication (please specify)

 Training contract and Pupillage handbook                                 Personal Contact (please specify)

 Law fair (please specify)                                                Other (please specify)

By signing this application form in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, I hereby consent to the Firm holding, using, disclosing and
processing both electronically and in hard copy form any personal and sensitive data relating to me for the purposes of employee-related
administration, personnel and business records and may use such data in the course of the Firm's business.

I agree that the Firm may disclose such information to third parties in the event that such disclosure is in the Firm's view required for the proper
conduct of the Firm's business.

Signature                                                                                        Date

All applicants should undertake our Equality and Diversity Questionnaire -

Completed applications should be emailed to, using the office you wish to apply for as the subject of the
email. Hard copy applications can be sent to Fiona Baillie at McGrigors, 141 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 7EQ.

Applications for Training Contracts in Belfast should be made using the specific application form.

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