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					       Sales Coordinator ( Part Time ) for SOHA

Role: The Sales coordinator will assist the school to process enquires by phone, fax, email
and manage lead generation via the internet, phone fax or email.

Responsibilities:       The Sales coordinator is responsible for coordinating sales-related
details before and after the sale. You are not required to handle any contracts. However it
may include, but is not limited to scheduling meetings and preparing bilingual presentations
for our TCM courses and classes. 100% desk based.

Qualifications: No experience is needed, preferbly 'N' level and above.

IT Skills:  Ability to work with Windows based Office PC applications like Microsoft Word,
Excel or sometimes Powerpoint.

Personal Qualities: Enthusiastic, hard working, well organised and able to prioritise.

Salary: $7.00 Hourly rated. Full Time Sales Coordinators    will receive a bonus if the sales
department performs well on a quarterly basis.

Working Hours :       30 hours a week / 6 hours per day.

Shift Timing One: 10.00am - 5.00pm (1 hour Lunch Break)
Shift Timing Two: 3.00pm - 10.00pm (1 hour Dinner Break)

Job Objective: To maintain good relations with our customers and grow our customer
database for TCM courses offered by our school.

Age Limit: Our institute supports integenerational activities. Applicant should be between
16 years old to 64 years old.

Please contact our office for an interview session
at 63362868 or email to

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