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					                                      Assignment - 3 (Microsoft Word)

                                           (Due Date : 29/10/11)

Circle the correct answer:

1.     To select a single word:
     a) One click on it
     b) Double click on it
     c) Triple click on it
     d) Shift + Home

2.     To start a new paragraph use
     a) Space key
     b) Enter key
     c) Shift + Enter
     d) None of the above

3.     To check the grammatical errors in a document use:
     a) Find and Replace
     b) Change style
     c) Spelling and Grammar
     d) Format Painter

4.     To copy the format of one text to another text, use:
     a) Find and Replace
     b) Change Style
     c) Spelling and Grammar
     d) Format Painter

5.     To move the text on a new page, we must
     a) Press enter
     b) Insert page break
     c) Double click on the work
     d) Insert section break

6.     To save an existing word document as a text file you must use:
     a) Save
     b) Rename
     c) Save As
     d) Copy

7.    To create small letters above the line of text, we must use:
       a)       (Correct Answer)




 8.      In a Word document, to change all the letters to Capital letters, we will select the
         option :
       a) Upper case
       b) Toggle case
       c) Lowercase
       d) Format Painter

 9.      Which of the following options can be used to show the text at the top and bottom of
         every page in the document:
       a) Find and Replace
       b) Spelling and Grammar
       c) Header and Footer
       d) Copy and Paste

 10.                      these buttons are used to __________
       a)   Change text direction
       b)   Change text size
       c)   Align text
       d)   Undeline text

 True or False:

1.     Spelling and Grammar command is used to format the text.                          [False]

2.           This button sets the direction of the text to be displayed from Left
       to Right. (right to Left)                                                         [False]
3.     Print Layout is used to view the orignal size of the page and its margins.        [True ]
4.     “Drop cap” function is used to zoom out the first letter of the first word in a
       paragraph.         (zoom in = enlarge = make bigger)                              [False]

5.     Pressing this button        will clear all the formats of the selected text.(copy) [False]

 Fill in the following blanks:
                 Insert        Zoom         Redo         Web layout         Replace
1. The ____Zoom___ function is used to increase or decrease the size of the page
    according to the user.
2. The ___Undo____ button is used to restore the last action.
3. To see how the document would look on a printed page, we use the __Print Layout__
4. The __Find___ function is most appropriate for searching for a certain text in a Word
5. The ___Title Bar____ displays the name of the document on which you are currently


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