Exam 4 by wangping12


									Exam 4
    1.   Which of the following versions supports 16-bit applications?
         A.    32-bit Windows 7
         B.    64-bit Windows 7
         C.    32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7
         D.    None of the above

    2.   Which feature in Windows 7 enables you to flip through all open
         windows in a three-dimensional stack?
         A.    Aero Peek
         B.    Aero Snap
         C.    Aero Flip 3D
         D.    Aero Shake

    3.   Where do you place your gadgets?
         A.    Task Bar
         B.    The Desktop
         C.    Notification Area
         D.    Quick List

    4.   What is the minimum amount of memory needed to install a 64-bit
         version of Windows 7 Ultimate edition?
         A.    512 MB
         B.    1 GB
         C.    2 GB
         D.    4 GB
5.   What kind of upgrade can you perform from Windows Vista Home
     Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium that maintains application
     and user settings?
     A.    In-Place Upgrade
     B.    Custom Install
     C.    Replace Upgrade
     D.    Enhanced Upgrade

6.   You work for a large corporation, and you just installed Windows.
     You try to check for Windows updates, but you cannot access the
     Windows update website. What should you do?
     A.    Be sure you are logged in as a domain administrator.
     B.    Add yourself to the Windows Update local group.
     C.    Activate Windows.
     D.    Check your proxy settings in Internet Explorer.

7.   You have a Windows XP computer that you need to upgrade to
     Windows 7, but you are not sure if the older video card is
     compatible with Windows 7. What should you do?
     A.    Run the Windows 7 Program Compatibility Assistant tool.
     B.    Run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.
     C.    Run Windows update.
     D.    Open the device manager and update its drivers.

8.   When using USMT, which file is used to migrate user folders, files,
     and file types to computers running 7?
     A.    MigApp.xml
     B.    MigUser.xml
     C.    MigDocs.xml
     D.    MigSet.xml
9.    When using USMT, which option should you use to include the EFS
      files and digital certificates?
      A.    /key
      B.    /nocompress
      C.    /encrypt
      D.    /efs:copyraw

10.   What do you use to validate a Windows 7 answer file?
      A.    Scanstate
      B.    Windows SIM
      C.    DISM
      D.    SMS

11.   What command can you use to view the contents of a WIM file?
      A.    Syspep
      B.    Windows SIM
      C.    WINPE
      D.    ImageX

12.   What tool would you use to create a VHD file?
      A.    BCDBoot
      B.    BCDEdit
      C.    ImageX.exe
      D.    Disk Management console.

13.   Where do you check to see how much memory your system has?
      A.    Device Manager
      B.    Hardware console
      C.    System applet in the Control Panel
      D.    Display settings
14.   You just started Device Manager. How can you determine if a
      device is disabled?
      A.    There is a red X.
      B.    It is grayed out.
      C.    There is a down arrow.
      D.    It is flashing.

15.   Where can you manage all your devices that are connected through
      your USB ports?
      A.    Devices folder
      B.    Devices and Printers folder
      C.    USB folder
      D.    Plug and Play folder

16.   How do scan for new devices with Windows 7?
      A.    Run the sigverif.exe command.
      B.    Run the Scandisk.exe command.
      C.    Click Hardware and Sound in the Control Panel and select
            Add a device under the Devices and Printers section.
      D.    Run the scanhw.exe command.

17.   To support Windows Aero, which of the following is not true?
      A.    You need to have a color depth of 32 bits per pixel.
      B.    You need to have a refresh rate of less than 10 hertz.
      C.    You need to set a Windows Aero theme.
      D.    You need to have Windows frame transparency on.
18.   What is the minimum WEI score for your system to support
      Windows Aero?
      A.    1.0
      B.    2.0
      C.    3.0
      D.    4.0

19.   Which command enables you to manage your partitions and
      A.    diskpart
      B.    scandisk
      C.    defrag
      D.    fdisk

20.   Which of the following describes the system volume?
      A.    The volume that contains the Windows boot files
      B.    The volume that contains the Windows operating system
      C.    The Z drive
      D.    The fastest drive

21.   How many disks do you need to create RAID0?
      A.    One
      B.    Two
      C.    Three
      D.    Four

22.   How many drive letters can Windows 7 support for disks, excluding
      the floppy disks?
      A.    8
      B.    16
      C.    24
      D.    32
23.   How can you ensure that a single user does not use too much disk
      A.    Defrag the hard drive.
      B.    Establish disk quotas.
      C.    Run the disk cleanup tool.
      D.    Schedule the disk cleanup tool with the /q option.

24.   What is the default subnet mask for the host address of

25.   What is the CIDR notation for the subnet mask?
      A.    /18
      B.    /20
      C.    /22
      D.    /24

26.   Which of the following is NOT a private address?

27.   What service can you use that translates from computer/NetBIOS
      names to IP addresses?
      A.    DNS
      B.    WINS
      C.    DHCP
      D.    NAT
28.   Which command is used to show all TCP/IP configurations
      including the DNS and WINS servers used by the host?
      A.     ipconfig
      B.     ipconfig /all
      C.     ipconfig /flushdns
      D.     ipconfig /registerdns

29.   What command would you use to release the IPv6 address handed
      out by a DHCP server?
      A.     ipconfig /all
      B.     ipconfig /release
      C.     ipconfig /release 6
      D.     ipconfig /flushdns

30.   If you have a wireless access point configured to use Temporary Key
      Integrity Protocol (TKIP) security and you are using pre-shared
      keys, which option should you choose to connect to the wireless
      access point?
      A.     WPA2-Enterprise
      B.     WPA2-Personal
      C.     WPA-Enterprise
      D.     WPA-Personal

31.   A user connects to your corporate network using a VPN. What do
      you call it when the user can access an intranet resource through the
      VPN while surfing the Internet without going through the corporate
      VPN but while connected through the VPN?
      A.     Split tunneling
      B.     NAT
      C.     Name resolution
      D.     DHCP
32.   You need to configure multiple computers with the least amount of
      administrative effort to connect to your wireless network. What
      should you do?
      A.    Manually configure each computer’s wireless adapters.
      B.    Save the wireless network settings to a USB device and apply
            it to each computer.
      C.    Copy the wireless network settings to a shared folder and
            access the configuration from the share folder on each laptop.
      D.    Copy the wireless network settings to the hard disk of each of
            the new computers.

33.   Which account is automatically created and disabled when you
      install a fresh copy of Windows 7?
      A.    Administrator
      B.    Administrators
      C.    RemoteIdentity
      D.    PowerUser

34.   What enables you to store credentials such as user names and
      passwords that you use to log on to a website or other computers and
      that can be used to log you in automatically?
      A.    Password Cache
      B.    DLL Library
      C.    Credential Manager
      D.    Password Capture

35.   What is the first thing you need to do to enable auditing on some
      A.    Enable user auditing.
      B.    Enable user quotas.
      C.    Enable object auditing.
      D.    Enable ACL auditing.
36.   Which of the following file systems is the most secure?
      A.    FAT
      B.    FAT32
      C.    NTFS
      D.    VFAT

37.   Which permission always wins out?
      A.    Explicit
      B.    Inherited
      C.    Full Control
      D.    Deny

38.   How do you prevent someone from connecting a USB drive to a
      corporate laptop and copying sensitive data to the USB drive?
      A.    Use group policies.
      B.    Use NTFS permissions.
      C.    Use disk quotas.
      D.    Use rights.

39.   In which folder do you find x86 programs on a 32-bit version of
      A.    C:\Program Files
      B.    C:\Program Files (x86)
      C.    C:\Windows
      D.    C:\Windows\System32

40.   What enables you to encrypt an entire volume?
      A.    BitLocker
      B.    FAT32
      C.    EFS
      D.    PAP
41.   The Documents library includes the My Documents folder and
      A.    The All Documents folder
      B.    Public Documents
      C.    Favorites
      D.    The Administrator folder

42.   Which of the following is NOT a folder-sharing technology
      available in Windows 7?
      A.    Public Sharing
      B.    Basic Sharing
      C.    NFS
      D.    Advanced Sharing

43.   You share a couple of folders in your Windows 7 computer.
      Unfortunately, they are not visible on anyone’s network map so that
      users can find the shares easily. What is most likely the problem?
      A.    You need to enable the Network Discovery service.
      B.    You did not give the proper NTFS permissions.
      C.    You did not give the proper Share permissions.
      D.    You did not register your system in your DNS server.

44.   You have a shared folder on an NTFS volume. What is the best way
      to share folders and lock it down?
      A.    Set Everyone to have full control share permissions and lock
            it down with NTFS permission.
      B.    Set Everyone to have full control NTFS permissions and lock
            it down with Share permissions.
      C.    Set Everyone to have full control NTFS and share
            permissions and lock it down with file attributes.
      D.    Lock it down with both share and NTFS permissions.
45.   What do you call the component that holds and forwards the print
      jobs that are sent to the physical printer?
      A.     The printer driver
      B.     The spooler
      C.     The PrintTemp folder
      D.     The Processor area

46.   You have a print job that you cannot delete, and it does not finish.
      What should you try?
      A.     Restart the printer.
      B.     Restart the Server service.
      C.     Restart the print spooler.
      D.     Make sure the printer is connected.

47.   What do you call a package of multiple SHIMs bundled together by
      A.     An MSI package
      B.     An XP Package
      C.     A Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit
      D.     A Microsoft Application Reconfig Kit

48.   You upgraded your computer running Windows XP with SP2 to
      Windows 7 Professional. What should you do when you run the
      PickUp.exe program and you receive the following error: This
      application is only designed to run on Windows XP or later.
      A.     You should run the application with elevated privileges.
      B.     You should run the application in VGA mode.
      C.     You should install Windows XP mode and run the application
             under Windows XP mode.
      D.     You should make sure your machine has all the Windows
49.   What can you use to easily invoke an online service by using only
      the mouse?
      A.     Cookies
      B.     ActiveX
      C.     Accelerators
      D.     SmartScreen Filter

50.   How do you remove the stored passwords from a computer?
      A.     On the Security tab in Internet Options, set the Internet zone
             security to High.
      B.     On the Privacy tab in Internet Explorer, set the level to
      C.     On the Privacy tab in Internet Options, set the level to High.
      D.     In Explorer, click Tools, and then click Delete Browsing
             History. Click Delete passwords.

51.   What technology in Internet Explorer is used to protect you from
      spoofed sites that might try to trick you into divulging confidential
      A.     Protected mode
      B.     Phishing filter
      C.     Junk mail filter
      D.     Fake Site filter

52.   Which edition of Windows 7 enables you to sync with network
      A.     Windows 7 Home Basic
      B.     Windows 7 Starter
      C.     Windows 7 Professional
      D.     Windows 7 Home Premium
53.   You want to view someone’s Event Viewer without logging directly
      onto that person’s computer. What option should you use?
      A.    System Information
      B.    Computer Management console
      C.    System Information tool
      D.    Remote Management console

54.   You need to give a presentation using your mobile computer. When
      you connect the project to the computer with an S-Video cable, how
      do you get the Desktop to display on the projector?
      A.    Open Display Settings. Select the icon that represents the
            project. Then, select the This is my main monitor option.
      B.    Open Display Settings. Select the icon that represents the
            laptop display. Then, clear the Extend the desktop onto this
            monitor option.
      C.    Clear the Lock the taskbar option of the taskbar’s context
            menu. Drag the taskbar as far to the right as possible.
      D.    Clear the Lock the taskbar option of the taskbar’s context
            menu. Drag the taskbar as far to the left as possible.

55.   What program is used to directly connect to a network projector?
      A.    Remote Desktop
      B.    Remote Assistance
      C.    Remote Projector
      D.    Remote SideShow

56.   How large does your USB drive have to be to make use of
      A.    256 MB
      B.    512 MB
      C.    1 GB
      D.    2 GB
57.   What should the minimum WEI be if you want to support
      multiplayer 3-D gaming and recording and playback of HDTV?
      A.    2.0
      B.    3.0
      C.    4.0
      D.    6.0

58.   What tool can you use to increase the number of processors used
      during boot?
      A.    Computer Management Console
      B.    System Information
      C.    System Configuration
      D.    IIS

59.   You are going to upgrade a couple of applications, and you want to
      backup all system and data files. What should you use?
      A.    Create a System Image Backup.
      B.    Use System Restore.
      C.    Use previous versions of files.
      D.    Use System Configuration.

60.   You have a computer running Windows 7 with C and D drives. Both
      hard drives are formatted with NTFS file system. You need to
      disable the previous versions on the D drive. What should you do?
      A.    Modify the Quota settings.
      B.    Modify the Sharing settings.
      C.    Use the Disk Management snap-in.
      D.    Modify the System protection settings from System

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