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									             Cycling Around The Globe

The Team standing with Civil Aviation & Tourism Minister of Bangladesh
                         Background of the Event
                            Activities on Tour
                           Participants Profile
                           Possible Route Map
                            Why Global Tour
                              Why Cycling
                           Slogans of the tour
                      Nations benefit from this tour
      How Government of Bangladesh can associate with the program
     How Tourism related organizations can associate with the program
                     Budget & Fund rising of the tour
                    Future-plan of the Team Members
                   Previous Documents of the Cyclists
                       Contributing or Advertising
                          Media Partners:
                            Background of the Trip
All it takes is BELIEVE. If one will believe something strongly it will happen no matter what's the
odd against him. These Bangladeshi ANGELA, DIPU & SAYED had this thirst to see the unseen.
So, due to fate they met each other and find that they are having the same goal. They decided that
someday they will TOUR AROUND THE GLOBE. To check their qualifications for that tour, they
planned to cycle the Districts of our country. That's how they started the tour “CYCLING to ALL 64

They had no previous experiences of cycling. So, none helped them at their planning. They started to
plan a route-map and saving money to meet the expenses on the road. When Mr. Masum of Dhaka
Cycling Club heard that they have fixed the date to start the tour and managed everything by
themselves, he proposed them to be member of his club. He presented the document that, the club
had launched Bangladesh Tour twice previously. Mr. Masum participated at both of them. But none
of these teams were able to complete all the 64 districts as a team or individually due to various
reasons. So, if they will declare this tour as the 3RD BANGLADESH TOUR of his club then he
would try to help this three cyclists. Moreover this would encourage young generation of our society
to have the habit of cycling. For sake of cycling-promotion they agreed and their tour was named as
3RD BANGLADESH TOUR of Dhaka Cycling Club.

In year 2005, 8th September they started their tour from the ZERO POINT of Dhaka, The CAPITAL
CITY of BANGLADESH. The inauguration ceremony took place at the Outer Stadium of Dhaka at
7th September. The President of Dhaka Cycling Club, Ms. Zobera Rahman Linu and the General
Secretary of the club Mr. Azharul Islam Masum was present there with a huge numbers of well-
wisher. Ms. Linu cut the ribbon to declare the tour officially. After a small round up they went to our
house to start a new day. The next day, all of them gathered at the Zero Point of Dhaka at early
morning to see their motherland by bicycle. By this time they had another cyclist RANA as their
partner in this tour.

They have started and continued touring them all. The day when they completed the 34th district
Noakhali, the month of Ramadan started. Parents of Angela, Dipu and Rana requested to have a
pause in the tour. By this time they had experienced many things and understand that they can
complete any cycle-tour of any duration. So, they wanted to keep their parents happy. But Angela and
Dipu encouraged Sayed to continue the tour to complete rest of those districts. So, when they
returned Sayed finished rest of the route on behalf of the team.

Later the team contacted many organizations to help them achieve their Dream but couldn’t find
anyone that much helpful to declare it nationally. Recently a few organizations as well as their family
decided to stand beside them. So, they are ready to start this historical tour CYCLING AROUND
THE GLOBE on behalf of their nation they love.

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                                  Activities on tour
They have fixed some regular activities on their tour. These are as follows……

Meeting Bangladeshi Missions & Communities:
Whenever they will get any Bangladeshi Diplomatic Missions, Bangladeshi Communities or any
other organizations related with the name of Bangladesh they will stop there. They will use this
opportunity to share their experiences with that organization and that society.

Meet the Press:
They will meet all the local and central Press-club on their route. They will share their experiences of
the road with reporters and ready to represent their country to them with pride.

Meet the Student:
They will meet the students and trainees at various schools, colleges & other educational institutions
to share the “Views & Visions” of their tour. They will encourage students to follow their dream and
positive goals. They will spread the words of friendship among them on behalf of the nation.

Meeting Cycling Clubs:
Upon contacting for last 5 years they have established relation with many cycling clubs around the
globe. These clubs have been eagerly waiting to meet them. So, they will stop at all those clubs and
possibly take part at some regular ride of them. Many of them will accompany this team to some
distances in those countries. Many clubs will also declare them as honorary member.

Meeting other organizations:
Besides cycling clubs, they have also contacted many other organizations around the world to share
their visions and discussed how they can be benefited mutually for positive changes. So, they will
also meet those organizations too.

Visiting Museums:
They intend to visit important Museums at various city of the world. Moreover there is a possible
chance that we will be representing a Bangladeshi Museum. Thus they will be upholding the image of
our country.

Planting Trees:
They wish to plant at trees at many countries with the co-operation of their friends & sponsors.

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                                Participants Profile
Angela Chowdhury, Dipu Chowdhury & Khondoker Ahammad Ali are the participants of this
program. You may have a look at their personal profiles below……………..

Angela Chowdhury: She born in year 1988 and passed his educational life’s listed as
Ranibazar Girls High School,
Oxford International School &
Private Student to appear GCE Exams.

She was bright in cultural activities in his educational institutes and awarded many times in the
category of following subjects……….
Sprint (Short Run),
Acting &
Skipping Ropes.

Upon those days she liked and participated at following sports with her friends
Cricket &
Table Tennis

Her hobbies are……..
Having Pets (Tortoise, Cats, Birds, Fishes, etc)
Painting & Drawing
Listening to music
Organizing events
Reading books
Writing Poems
Skating &
Playing TV Games (Connected with TV and the Handheld ones)

                                         Media Partners:
She has attended many cultural events that took place at
Bangladesh Television,
ATN Bangla,
Bangladesh Shishu Academy,
Charukola Institute &
Lots of locally organized program at neighborhood.

She has been involved with few organizations such as
Bangladesh Karate-Do
Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts (BAFA)
Cricket Coaching Center (CCS), Abahani
British Council
Dhaka Cycling Club

After completing her educational life she started to dream to see his country as well as the world.
This is because she has this dream and a tremendous desire within her from her childhood. So, she
started to plan how to fulfill this dream and shared it with Dipu. Later they met Sayed and together
they started their Cycle-Tour of 64 districts.

After completing the tour she started a new life by getting married with Dipu. Then they started to
dream for their ultimate dream much strongly.

For last 5 years she was playing her role strongly with Dipu & Sayed to arrange this “Cycle-Tour
Around Globe”.

                                        Media Partners:
Dipu Chowdhury: He born in year 1984 and passed his educational life’s listed as below……..
Polashi Government Primary School
Westin High School &
Sheikh Borhanuddin Post Graduate College.

He was bright in cultural activities in his educational institutes and awarded many times in the
category of following subjects……….
Art (Painting, Sculpturing, Pencil Sketch & Oil Painting)

Upon those days he was less involved in sports yet took participated in following sports often
Body Building

His hobbies are……..
Collecting Coins,
Listening to music,
Planning Adventures,
Browsing Google Earth,
Visiting un-explored places,
Assembling/fixing mechanical objects,
Having Pets (Tortoise, Cats, Birds, Fishes, etc),
Decorating Places at events with “Paints & Plants”,
Playing TV Games (Connected with TV and the Handheld ones)
Doing Exercise at Gymnasium (Freehand & with Equipments both) &

He has been involved with many organizations such as
Bulbul Academy Fine Arts (BAFA)
EBL (A chain of Gymnasium at Dhaka)
Dhaka Cycling Club

While passing his educational life he finds his interests at Body Building & all fields of Fine Arts.
After joining at BAFA he met Angela. Angela shared her dream and he finds that he has the similar
dream at his heart too. So, he started to plan the route map of Bangladesh. Soon he met Sayed and
accepted him as a partner of their dream. Later he started their Cycle-Tour of 64 districts.

For last 5 years he is working with Angela & Sayed to arrange this “Cycle-Tour Around Globe”. He
was the planner of many things at the “Cycle-Tour of 64 districts” and also he will lead the team of
this tour too.

                                         Media Partners:
Khondoker Ahammad Ali: He born in year 1973 and passed his educational life’s listed as
Rayer Bazar High School,
Tally office High School,
Mohammadpur Government Primary School,
The Bengali Medium High School (Mohammadpur) &
Mohammadpur Central College & University.

He was bright in cultural activities in his educational institutes and awarded many times in the
category of following subjects……….
Reciting Poem,
Instant Speech,
General Knowledge,

Upon those days he was less involved in physical activities yet took part in indoor games and
awarded at
Karom &
Table Tennis

Often he took part at long distance run (Full and Half Marathon) and completed them without any

He also led his college-team of Chess and Debate at various competitions as well as inter-college
competitions. He also played a role of organizer at various events.

His hobbies are……..
Listening to music
Organizing events
Acting as a guide to foreign people
Reading books
Browsing through Google Search and Google Earth

                                         Media Partners:
He has been involved with many organizations such as
Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (Youth)
Bangladesh Photographic Society
Bangladesh Astronomical Association
British Council
United States Information Service (Currently known as “American Center”)
Dhaka Cycling Club
Udayachal Sporting Club
Bondhushova (Dhaka Mohanogori) and many more.

After completing his educational life he started his profession as a Printer and successfully carried on
at printing profession for 10 years. To seek new challenges he kept this profession temporarily while
started searching for some new. He finds interests at computers and started to train up himself.

Meanwhile he met Angela & Dipu Chowdhury and at someday they have started to plan how to make
their dreams come true. Soon they pulled out all the barriers on their way and started their Cycle-
Tour of 64 districts.

For last 5 years He was working with Angela & Dipu to arrange this “Cycle-Tour Around Globe”. He
is good at giving speeches and that’s why he is selected as the Spokesperson of the team.

                                         Media Partners:
                         Possible Route-map

Phase 1:   Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, & Turkey.

Phase 2:   Cyprus, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya,
           Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique, Swaziland, South
           Africa, Namibia, Angola, Dem Rep Congo, Rep Congo, Gabon, Malabo, Cameroon,
           Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leon, Guinea, Guinea
           Bissau, Senegal, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria

Phase 3:   Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia,
           Bosnia, (Crossing Adriatic) Italy, (Crossing Ionian) Greece, Bulgaria, Romania,
           Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, (Crossing Baltic) Sweden,
           Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, (Crossing North) Norway, (Crossing
           North) United Kingdom, Ireland.

Phase 4:   Canada, USA, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Cuba, Jamaica,
           Haiti, (Crossing Caribbean) Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil,
           Uruguay, Argentina, Chile

Phase 5:   New Zealand, (Crossing Tasman) Australia,

Phase 6:   Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, S
           Korea, N Korea, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

                                    Media Partners:
                                  Why Global Tour
Everyone has one/some dream. We dream to see the world. To see the world we have participated in
  the cycle tour of Bangladesh. After completing that when we have found ourselves ready to start a
bigger tour we have settled it globally. We don’t have unlimited time to reach our dream very slowly.
So each time we will set a little bigger goal to achieve we are actually wasting our times. So, we have
   fixed it as per our ultimate dream. Moreover we know that a cycle-tour around the globe can’t be
measured or compared with any other cycle-tour. So, why not choosing the best when we are capable
 to achieve? Moreover, many cyclists from many nations is doing “Cycling Around The Globe” and
  getting respects from other nations. From Bangladesh there has been no such respective event was
 attempted with proper documentation. By “documentation” we meant transparency and honesty of a
 cyclist about his tour, route-map, activities, etc. Without these the tour can defame not only his tour
but also his nation. We have fixed a possible route-map of our tour. We will try to follow that always.
  But if we will require any changes on the road, we will discuss the reason and the next plans at our
  daily website. Thus everyone interested about our tour will be notified. We will even describe each
                                day separately. So, we have decided for it.

On-the-bike Clothing:
Cycling helmet, Touring shoes (Good for walking as well as riding), Cycling gloves, Cycling shorts,
Socks, Short-sleeved shirts, Light, long-sleeved shirt for layering and sun protection, Rain gear,
Jackets, Pants, etc.

Off-the-Bike Clothing:
Comfortable pants, Underwear, Sandals, Cap, Wool sweater or fleece jacket, Gloves, etc.

Toiletries, Towel, Pocket knife, Lightweight lock and cable, Basic first-aid kit, Sunglasses,
Flashlight/headlamp and candle, Sewing kit, Insect repellent, Nylon cord, etc

Tools and Spare Parts:
Spare tube, Mini-pump, Electrical tape, Spare spokes, Brake cable, Bicycle light, Spare brake pads,
Duct tape, etc.

Electronic Items:
Laptop/Notebook, Digital Camera, Handy-cam, EDGE Modem for Internet connection, Handheld
GPS, Cell phone, Charger for various types of batteries, etc.

                                         Media Partners:
                                     Why Cycling
There might be someone who would ask this question. We can easily ask them in return “Why Not”?
We know that we can defend all of their suggestions with possibly output to convince them but here
are some reasons below why we are choosing Bicycle as our vehicle.

Good for us...
Good for HEALTH...
   Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equal to that of a person ten years younger. (Source:
      National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Foundation, Sharp)
   Cycling at least twenty miles a week reduces the risk of heart disease to less than half that for
      non-cyclists who take no other exercise (Source: British Heart Foundation, Morris)
   If one third of all short car journeys were made by bike, national heart disease rates would fall
      by between 5 and 10 percent (Bikes not Fumes, CTC, 1992). Info from BikeBiz, with thanks.
   During rush-hour, a bicycle is about twice as fast as a car - good if you hate traffic jams!

Good for Your Wallet...
   Bicycles require no road tax, no MOT, no insurance, no licensing, no breakdown recovery
      services, and above all no fuel bills.
   A good bicycle needs at most about Tk. 3000-worth of maintenance a year - less if you do a
      bit yourself. You know how much does rest of the vehicles need?
   A bicycle can be parked just about anywhere, so no more expensive car park bills or being a
      disturbance for other people for parking it at a public space.

Good for Your World...
   Twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space taken up by one car.
   To make a bicycle requires only a fraction of the materials and energy needed to make a car.
   Bicycles produce absolutely no pollution - while other vehicles will participate more or less
      creating Air, Water, Noise Pollution.
   Till now we haven't found any death-record of any person after being hit by Bicycle.

 Moreover if you will be asked to utter one single vehicle by which a person can interact with most
        people on his way, you will never be able to utter anything else than BICYCLE.

                                        Media Partners:
                                 Slogans of the tour
Slogans of this tour could be more than one and they are

Along with the declaration of “Millennium Development Goals” the following slogans can be used at

Visit Bangladesh; The biggest Delta of the Earth
Cycling; a better way to help the Earth
Save Climate; save yourself
Travelling; Be the Habit
Save Our Sphere
Even without Drugs life can be enjoyable

Moreover if they will find any Major Sponsor they will be given preferences to choose a slogan

Please let them know, if you have any more suggestions.

                                   Nations Benefits
Having a new image:
The team will be meeting lots of people around the globe when they will be cycling at remote
roads/locations of any country. Some of them might never hear of anything about Bangladesh as it is
such a small country of Asia. But when they will know about Bangladesh from these cyclists they
will remember this name Bangladesh for their lifetime. Moreover they will always talk about
Bangladesh whenever they will discuss about any nation who loves to tour……………..

Promoting Business Organizations of Bangladesh:
The team will carry Logo of various companies on the official T-shirt of the program. So, this is
going to be a great opportunity for any organization to promote their logo as well as business through
this team.

Establishing Tourism Sector Firmly:
We will be spreading information about our country on our tour. After this program many people of
the world will remember about Bangladesh. Thus a huge number of tourists will be visiting
Bangladesh. So, this huge number of tourists will play a vital role to establish Tourism Sector a better
source of generating Foreign Currency.

Ultimately the nation will find some new citizen to pride on………………….

                                         Media Partners:
            Associating Government of Bangladesh
              (The Ministries) with the program
A lot of Ministries and other department of our Government may benefit from this tour. Bangladesh
has its High Commission or Embassies at many countries of the world due to strong relation. As the
cyclists will be touring most of those countries, through The Foreign Ministry the government can
arrange a program to gather NRB (Non-Resident Bangladeshi) & Prominent Persons of that country
to Promote various information of Bangladesh. Due to this exceptional event, many people will
attend the event regardless of Religion, Political Choice, Social Status, etc. Following Ministries and
Departments of Bangladesh Government can spread their information especially for NRB thus
creating a bridge between them with the Government. Here is a list of possible Ministries and their
Departments who will be benefited from promoting information while introducing the cyclists.

Prime Minister's Office:
This office can highlight the information’s needed for a possible investors and about the
facilities of EPZ’s at various location of Bangladesh.

Ministry of Agriculture:
They can highlight about the Research & Developments about various crops and the facilities
of their departments.

Ministry of Food and Disaster Management:
They can inform about their role for Bangladeshi People at Disaster. They can describe the
procedures of Distributing Relief & Rehabilitation of the affected people at Disaster.

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications:
Bangladesh Post Office

Ministry of Information:
They can describe about the departments of them such as PID, BTV, Radio, FDC, etc. Also
they can describe role of government at the transparency of news and rights about freedom of

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
They can provide info about the services provided by them for NRB and touring Bangladeshis
through all the High Commissions, Embassies and Consulate Offices located worldwide.

Ministry of Environment and Forests:
They can provide information related with Environment and Forests along with various
projects about them.

                                         Media Partners:
Ministry of Housing and Public Works:
They can provide info about RAJUK, various housing Authorities and other Divisional
Development Authorities.

Ministry of Commerce:
They can provide info about their services and how NRB’s can involved themselves with this
Ministry for better future of Bangladesh.

Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism:
They can provide info about their services through Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation & Biman
Bangladesh Airlines.

Ministry of Communications:
They can provide the information about the Roads and Highways as well as Railway of the

Ministry of Education
They can provide the information about various kinds of Education systems of the country.

Ministry of Cultural Affairs:
They can promote the rich cultural treasures of our country to everyone at this event.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare:
They can describe about various projects related with Health & Family welfare as well as the
Nutrition Program and how NRB can involved themselves in those projects.

Ministry of Liberation War Affairs:
They can provide the information related with the birth of our beloved country.

Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare & Overseas Employment:
They can provide the information on Manpower of Bangladesh and their Overseas
Employments, Training, etc.

Bangladesh Election Commission:
They can provide about the right of NRB’s at time of Election and other services provided by

                                      Media Partners:
                How Tourism related organizations
                 can associate with the program
There is no doubt that even without being involved with the program all the Tourism related
organizations will be benefited. As this team will be touring and highlighting about their country’s
Geography, Culture, History and Heritage, Many tourists will be interested to visit Bangladesh.
Arriving at Bangladesh many of them will receive services from various tourism related
organizations such as Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Tour Guides, Tourism Developers, Rent-a-cars,
Hotels & Restaurants, etc. Thus all of these organizations will earn foreign currency not only for
them but also on behalf of country. Impact of this tour will be seen within 5 years after the tour as
Tourism Sectors will not only earn more by quantity but also the earning will raise more than the
regular percentages of increasing.
By getting involved with the program:
By placing a web banner of their own respective firm any Tourism Related Organizations can start
promoting them through this tour while showing their friendliness to the cyclists. There are many
option how an organization can promote their company through this program and don’t hesitate to
call them to discuss about these, if you are interested.

                  Budget & Fund rising of the tour
The Budget:
The estimated budget of this tour has been calculated as Taka 2 Crore. This has been estimated at an
average of 1 lakh taka for each country thus cycling to minimum 100 countries and more. This
Amount includes Visa Fees, Meals, Accommodations, First-Aid Supplies, etc.

Personal Cash:
Provided by Family & Friends.

Current Sponsorship:
Name will be declared on the official opening of the T-Shirt.

Expected Sponsorship:
All the Travel & Tourism related organization and company having multinational business who
values Corporate Social Responsibility.

Other Sources:
We have formed a few supporters community in many educational institutes in country. They will be
raising funds for the team even when we will be CYCLING AROUND THE GLOBE.

Organizational Co-operations:
We have been member to many organizations and will be honored and served by many others, thus
reducing down the costs of the tour.

                                        Media Partners:
                Future-plan of the Team Members
After achieving such huge Experience main intension of these three cyclists are focused to engage
themselves at the Tourism Sector of Bangladesh. Depending upon the available scopes they would
like to work along with the governmental bodies for development of this industry. They believe that
Bangladesh has all the necessary potentials to earn huge revenue of foreign currency from Tourism

They have plans to involve in following sectors whichever suits most for them at that time………..

   1.      Tourism Development Sector (Working with Government)
   2.      Tourism Operational Sector (Working Independently)
   3.      Community Service
   4.      Working for Media
   5.      Social Welfare & many more……………..

                                The day when this team started their
                               Cycling Tour of 64 District

                                        Media Partners:
They were selected as only guests to participate in the Live Interview by ATN
BANGLA at “World Tourism Day” of 2010 in the talk-show “Asian
City:Vision 2020” Anchored by “Dr. Anupam Hossain.”

Moreover all the Newspaper mentioned below published News & Articles about
our tour but we are unable to provide them here as it would make the attachment
difficult to download.

                     THE DAILY SHAMOKAL
                     THE DAILY JUGANTOR
                    THE DAILY JANAKANTHA
                      DAILY PROTHOM ALO
                       THE DAILY ITTEFAQ
                     THE DAILY AMAR DESH
                   THE DAILY BHORER KAGOJ
                    THE DAILY MANABZAMIN

To see all of those articles you are requested to visit the link below……………

                               Media Partners:
               The estimated total budget (Not Accurate)
The estimated time of this tour is a minimum time of 3 to 4 years. The time duration can be more less
due to the following factors.

   1.   Improper conditions of Weather (Heavy Rain, Snowfall, Landslide, Flood)
   2.   Improper conditions of Cyclists (Being injured from any accident or illness)
   3.   Improper conditions of any country (Sudden unstable political situations)
   4.   Improper conditions of Roads (Raw tracks or trails, Too high to paddle)
   5.   Crossing Oceans & Seas by Ship (Team might decide to ride on ship for a rest or change)
   6.   Visiting all/most the states of USA (Currently the possible route map within USA is entering
        there by New York, we will go towards Mexico by cycling at Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana,
        Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma & Texas States. If situation supports we wish to cycle
        most of the states there).

Thus here is a possible budget without 100% accuracy. It could be a part more or less depending
upon the flows of helps from other local sources as well as time gaps.

Total duration over here is calculated as 3 years = 1096 days

Name                           Explanation                        Monthly               Total
The Visa Fees                  Considered 6,000.00 as an        ---------------          25,715 US$
(Official Friend)              average Visa Fees at 100                           18,00,000.00 Taka
                               countries for 3 cyclists
Accommodation                  45 US $ as an average             1370 US $              49,320 US$
(Official Accommodator)        accommodation costs daily        95,900 Taka       34,52,400.00 Taka
Ships/Aircrafts                                                 ---------------         59,090 US$
(Official Transporter)                                                            41,36,328.00 Taka
Meals                          72 US $ as an average              2192 US$              78,912 US$
(Official Energizer)           meals costs daily for 3          1,53,440 Taka     55,23,840.00 Taka

In case the Expenses are more or less the Sponsors will not be responsible once they have transferred
the fund.

If sponsors want to provide the fund based upon-demand theory then they will be responsible for any
extra expenses related with the budget.

                                        Media Partners:
By providing the expenses of our accommodation will be named as Official Accommodator of the
tour and logo of that organization will be marked all over our tent.

The one who would bear the expenses of Airfare will get their logo at the two sleeves of our Official
T-shirts and will be named as Official Transporter of the tour.

By providing the Meal Costs name of the sponsors will be Official Energizer for supplying our
energy to live. Their logo will be placed on our Helmets & Caps.

Provider of the Visa Fees will be named as Official Friend of the tour. We will carry our Passport in
a cover marked with only their logo. Either the organization can supply us the cover to carry our
passport where the “logo of Bangladesh Government” and one line of text marking “Bangladesh
Passport” should be visible at front side.

The logo of these major sponsors will be there at the front side of the official T-shirt of the tour. The
logo of the Official Media partners will be placed at the bottom of the T-shirt along with other
official sponsors.

Any sponsor who will provide the top two expenses (Meals + Ship/Aircraft Ticket) or contribute
amount equivalent to it will get the honor to name our tour according to their organizations name.
Two logo of their company will be placed at the beginning and end of the name of this tour. This
could occur at any point of the tour.

The Web-banner: The sponsors will also get web banner displayed at various pages at our daily
websites. The amount of web-banners will be as per their amount contributed towards our tour. One
banner of 720px X 80px for a year @ 10,000.00 taka will be considered.
Thus Amount of 1,00,000.00 taka will be equivalent to 10 banners for a year.

Moreover the logo of all official sponsors will be there at the banner we will display at all the press
conference and meeting Non-resident Bangladeshi.

            Mode of Payments: Will be fixed upon negotiation………

                                          Media Partners:
                                                             evsjv‡`kx mvB‡Kj
                                            M.R.Center, 6th Floor, House 49, Road 17, Banani Bazar, Dhaka 1213
                                                 Mobile: 01552498804, E-mail-bangladeshi_tourist@yahoo.com



Subject: Applying to get your support in our endeavor to uphold image of Bangladesh

We three Cycle-tourists of Bangladesh is starting a tour “CYCLING AROUND THE GLOBE” on February
2011 after finishing “CYCLING TO ALL 64 DISTRICTS”. The slogan of this tour will be related with
Global Climate Changes. We have been nominated by Bangladesh Liberation War Museum to uphold the
image of Bangladesh and to visit all the Museums they are affiliated with. Also we will be visiting many Press
Clubs, Educational Institutes, Diplomatic Missions of Bangladesh, Bangladeshi Communities abroad and
many other organizations.
We need your best support to complete this tour successfully. Below is the lists of output you will be getting as
per your contribution.
Option         Amount              *Logo At Back of         **Logo on Banner of       ***Web Banner at
                                    Official T-Shirt          Meet The Press           Official Website
  A        1,00,000.00 Taka           For Life Time            For Life Time                 200
  B         75.000.00 Taka              For a Year               For a Year                  170
  C         50,000.00 Taka          For Six Months            For Six Months                 120
  D         30,000.00 Taka           ------------------       For Six Months                  70
  E         20,000.00 Taka           ------------------       ------------------              50
  F         10,000.00 Taka          -------------------       ------------------              20
*       A Logo of 1 Square Inch At the back of Official T-Shirt.
**      A Logo of 2 Square Inch At the foreground of the Banner displayed at our meetings.
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        Official Website.
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