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                                                        Minutes of Meeting
                                                   Thursday, September 15, 2011
       MEMBERSHIP                                              IN ATTENDANCE                                                   REGRETS

Local Associations –              Association for Bright Children – Kathleen Keane, Dina Quigg
Representatives with Alternates   Autism Society of Ontario – Valerie Price
                                  Community Living – Rosemary Couture
                                  Council for Exceptional Children, Chapter 81 – Jacqui Specht
                                  Epilepsy Support Centre – Mary McDonald
                                  Learning Disabilities Association London Region – Tracy Fawdry
                                  London Down Syndrome Association –                                             Jennifer Shields
                                  Ontario Association for Families of Children With Communication Disorders –
                                  Michelle Ryan
                                  Parents for Children’s Mental Health –                                         G. Wass
                                  Views for the Visually Impaired –
Community Representatives         Thames Valley Children’s Centre – Carrie Laskey
                                  Children’s Aid Society – Kim Bond
District School Council Liaison                                                                                  Diane Patterson
System Representatives            Marlene Hanna, Patrick Gilson, Evelyn Paparella

Administration                    Tamara Nugent, Gary O’Donnell
Trustees                                                                                                         Roy Mantle, Sandra Cruz
Recorder                          Loretta Beaver
Prayer                            All

Standing Items                                              Discussion                                          Action               Responsibility/

    1. Opening Prayer and                                                                          That the agenda be approved.
       Approval of Agenda                                                                          Moved by: Rosemary Couture
                                                                                                   Seconded by: Dina Quigg
    2. Approval of Minutes of                                                                      That the minutes be approved.
       Thursday, June 10,                                                                          Moved by: Valerie Price
       2011                                                                                        Seconded by: Michelle Ryan
3. Business Arising from   Special Education Plan
   the Minutes
                           Jacqui Specht attended the Board meeting in August and presented the
                           Special Education Plan to the Board of Trustees.
                           The Report to the Board recommended approval of the 2010-11 Special
                           Education Plan and Report.
                           The plan was approved and is posted the SEAC and Special Education
                           Sharepoint sites.

                           The Board also requested that Senior Administration prepare a             Prepare response to Minority   T. Nugent
                           response to the Minority Report from ABC.                                 Report.                        November 2011.
                           The response will be prepared by Tamara Nugent, placed on SEAC
                           agenda in November 2011, and the response provided to the Board of
                           Trustees in December 2011.

4. Chair’s Report          Welcome
                           New Membership
                           New members of SEAC were welcomed.

                           Representative changes for the LDAO and CAS were noted.
                           A motion to approve the new reps was made by Michelle Ryan and
                           seconded by Mary McDonald.

                           A motion to approve submission of the Revised SEAC membership to          Add to Board Agenda.           T. Nugent by
                           trustees for approval was made by Michelle Ryan and seconded by                                          October 11, 2011.
                           Mary McDonald.

                           Notification was received from Jennifer Shields, representative for the   Forward a letter to DSA to     T. Nugent and J.
                           Downs Syndrome Association that she will be completing her term.          solicit a representative.      Specht by
                                                                                                                                    September 30, 2011.
                           SEAC Orientation
                           Links to the SEAC Sharepoint site and the SEAC Learning Site were
                           requested to be included in the minutes.

                           SEAC Sharepoint Site:

                           SEAC Learning Site:

                           SEAC Membership Contact Information
                           A SEAC membership list of e-mail, home address and phone contact
                           was circulated for everyone to update their information. This is an
                           internal document only available to other members of SEAC.
Annual Working Calendar:

Special Education Plan 2011-12
The Chair requested a person from finance meet with SEAC to discuss
the budget and answer any questions from SEAC members. Tamara
Nugent indicated that she has extended an invitation to Jacquie
Davison, Superintendent of Finance, to attend the next meeting of
SEAC in October in order to provide an orientation to SEAC members
and review Financial Statements. This is also included in the Strategic
Priorities for Special Education for 2011-12.

Special Education Plan review process for 2011-12. SEAC members
were asked to look at the big picture when reviewing the Special
Education Plan. Some guiding questions include: Does it make sense?
Does it line up with our knowledge of what is happening in the district?

An inquiry was made as to whether we would be scheduling one of the         Confirm with staff and then          G. O Donnell by
SEAC meetings off-site in a School to Community Pathways classroom.         follow-up with SEAC.                 October 2011.

A portion of SEAC meetings in 2011-12 will be devoted to Review of the
Special Education Plan as well as other areas requiring input. The Chair
noted the responsibilities of SEAC members to review information prior
to meetings. Given the priorities for the year it was suggested that SEAC
meetings are extended by 30 minutes, from 6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Association Reports:
October 20 – Presently there is not a scheduled association report.         Representatives wishing to
                                                                            provide and Association report
                                                                            can make this request via the
November 17 – TVCC: Carrie Laskey.                                          Chair.

                                                                            If SEAC members have specific
                                                                            info that they would like to learn
                                                                            or know more about with
                                                                            respect to TVCC, please notify
                                                                            Carrie Laskey in advance.
5. Superintendent’s Report   Welcome / New Staff

                             New members were welcomed, members leaving were thanked. Letters
                             of thanks will be sent to the departing members on behalf of SEAC.

                             New Program Department Staff
                             Staff newly hired or in new positions in the Program Department
                             Learning Services were identified. These include: Teacher of Deaf and
                             Hard of Hearing, Affiliate Liaison Teacher for the east families of schools
                             and two Positive Behaviour Support Education al Assistants.

                             Budget & Staffing
                             The process of reviewing the staffing of EAs based September
                             transitions is underway. This will be completed next week and the
                             adjustments to EA staffing will be communicated to the schools the last
                             week of September.

                             Temporary EAs have been assigned to schools to bridge the transition
                             of newly arrived students, not previously known to the school.

                             Invitation to Finance/Business Department to assist with Orientation of
                             SEAC to Budget and Financial Statements has been extended.

                             Draft Strategic Priorities
                             This document is a work in progress. Tamara Nugent highlighted new            Provide additional feedback to    SEAC Members by
                             priorities for 2011-12.                                                       Tamara Nugent via e-mail.         September 21, 2011.
                             Feedback was requested at the SEAC meeting.

                             Suggestions generated for the Public Consultation included:                   Extend discussion on the Public
                             broaden communication to families to increase the participation rate,         Consultation in the context of
                             send notice about Consultation home with the IEPs.                            the Special Education Plan

                             Public Consultation is currently advertised in newspapers, Parent
                             Connection Newsletter, school newsletters and the SPST sends a notice
                             home to each family of identified students.

                             Consider other ways to gather information i.e. surveys

                             Draft Annual Board Accessibility Plan (AAP)
                             Tamara Nugent presented the AAP. The Draft Plan was provided to               Revise to include information     T. Nugent by
                             SEAC members electronically in advance of the meeting.                        on the use of equipment and       October 11, 2011.
                                                                                                           technology as supported
                             The report generally rolls over one year to the next with some additions.     through TVCC.
                               Draft Board Improvement Plan

                               The Board Improvement Plan for 2011-12 is in the process of being            Carry forward to October SEAC   T. Nugent
                               reviewed and updated. The plan is due to the Ministry in October.            Agenda.
                               EQAO results of achievement specific to students who are identified
                               were shared. The board has seen a reduction in exemption rates and a
                               positive trend in the achievement of students in primary and junior
                               reading and writing. There was a decline in the area of mathematics,
                               consistent with the overall trend in the province. We will continue to set
                               ambitious targets for our students who are identified and embed them in
                               the Board Improvement Plan in order to have an integrated plan for faith
                               formation, student learning and achievement. An update will be
                               provided to SEAC at the October meeting.

   6. Association Reports      Dina Quigg presented on behalf of ABC.
                               ABC’s website was shown.


                               PowerPoint presentation was provided and is attached.

Program Items                                                 Discussion                                               Action               Responsibility/

   7. Special Education Plan   Copies of Section 1 were distributed for review prior to next meeting.       E-mail guiding questions to     J. Specht
      (Section 1, Review)      The full document can be found on the SEAC sharepoint site.                  SEAC members to help with the   By September 19,
                               Feedback from members to be brought forth at next meeting.                   review.                         2011.

Action Item                                                   Discussion                                               Action               Responsibility/
8. Public Consultation      Do we want to continue with the same process?                                  Review Section 1. Theme     All SEAC members
                            In the past there were satellite sites hosted in each of the four affiliates   suggestions according to:   by October 20, 2011.
                            but the attendance was low so it was decided to host it at a central           Format
                            location.                                                                      Inclusion
                            It was noted that without the satellite sites the consultation is              Communication
                            inaccessible for many parents. Web conferencing technology was                 Other
                            discussed as one possible alternative. Concern was expressed in the
                            technology didn’t work at the time it is needed.

                            Suggestions to capture family input:
                                  Survey
                            Suggestions for getting the word out about the Public Consultation:
                                  Include a notice with the IEPs when they go home that includes
                                     highlights of changes that have resulted from the Public
                            Suggestions for of the Public Consultation:
                                  Include information booths for each of the associations
                                  Focus on success stories, maybe have a keynote speaker of a
                                     student who has graduated from our system.
                                     (TVCC has a program we could maybe link with in regards to
9. Draft Problem Solving    Several working groups have been in place over the past year. The
   Service Delivery –       culmination of their work has resulted in the articulation of a Problem
   Positive Behaviour       Solving Service Delivery Model for Behaviour, Early Literacy, and IEPs
   Support for all          for non-identified students. The goal is to achieve greater clarity in the
   Students                 application of the problem solving service delivery and consistency
                            across the district. These documents were provided to SEAC for input.

10. Draft Problem Solving   Program Department staff which includes Curriculum and Special
    Service Delivery –      Education staff, select Principals, Vice Principals and Student Program
    Literacy Success for    Support Teachers have been involved in the working groups.
    all Students
                            Capacity will be built through Professional Development and the Positive
                            Behaviour Support Team going to schools and coaching the classroom


                            Will this model be provided for each exceptionality?
                                 A. No, all identified exceptionalities and disorders fall within the
                                      tiered response provided in this document.

                            Why is there more focus on reading then math?
                                 A. Literacy is fundamental to success in all curriculum areas.

                             Will half time SPSTs have enough time to work with the teachers on this
                                  A. The role of the SPST is shaped by board priorities and
                                      individual student need. Outcomes of an emphasis on a
                                      response to intervention and instruction in the early years will
                                      most likely result in the number of students identified and
                                      requiring special education resources and supports over the
                                      long term. Where there are .5 FTE SPSTs there are also fewer
                                      identified students.

                             This document is an internal document for staff of LDCSB and not for
                             parents. The question was raised if there would be a similar document
                             provided for parents because it is critical that the parents work with the
                             same strategies at home that are in place at the school for consistency.
                             This request will be considered. The change will be reflected in the
                             Special Education Plan 2011-12.

11. Draft Problem Solving    LDCSB is one of very few boards in the province that does not currently
    Service Delivery – IEP   implement IEPs for non-identified students, with the exception of
    Protocol for Non-        students in grades 7 and 8 who are considered at risk. The Draft
    Identified Students      Protocol for the Development of an IEP for Non-identified students was
                             shared with SEAC for input.

                             SEAC members were supportive of this change in practice.

12. Draft IEP Resource       As a result of the 2011 Public Consultation an IEP Resource Guide for        Revise the Guide.          T. Nugent by
    Guide for Parents        Parents was developed. The DRAFT Guide was provided to SEAC                  Coordinate distribution.   October 2011.
                             members for their review and input.

                             Suggestions provided included:
                                 Less text, add visuals if possible
                                 Inclusion of sample IEPs or links to other information on IEPs

                             The Resource will be introduced to the Program Department and
                             Principals the week of September 26, 2011.

                             The goal is to have it ready to be sent home with the first IEP for 2011-
    13. Coaching to Inclusion   Jacqui Specht distributed Conference flyers.                            E-mail G. O Donnell if you wish
        Conference              LDCSB will cover the cost for any SEAC member who would like to         to attend. Registration will be
                                attend.                                                                 submitted as a group from
                                There is limited enrolment.                                             LDCSB.
                                October 28 the winner of the Champion of Inclusion will be announced.

Information Items                                           Discussion                                              Action                Responsibility/

Next Meeting:
Thursday, October 20, 2011
Catholic Education Centre

Adjourned: Michelle Ryan
Seconded: Mary McDonald

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