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Civic duty double up


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                           Serving the South Shore from West Islip to Great River since 1949.
60th Year - Issue No. 17                                             January 15, 2009                                                                     75¢

                                                                                           Civic duty
                                                                                           double up
                                                                                                   Saltaire inhabitants vote twice
                                                                                               By JEFFREY BESSEN              Anderson, who admitted to living
                                                                                                                              fulltime in Manhattan and voting
                                                                                          SALTAIRE VILLAGE — One              in the borough of New York
                                                                                        person, one vote. One individual,     City, known legally as New York
                                                                                        one legal residence. That is the      County.
                                                                                        way it is supposed to be for            “I pay plenty of taxes to Suffolk,
                                                                                        taxpaying U.S. citizens of whatever   town of Islip and Saltaire,”
                                                                                        municipality one lives in.            Anderson said, when asked if she
                                                                                          But it appears that in Saltaire     thought it was fair that she voted
                                                                                        Village, a small community of         in two locales.
                                                                                        46 year-round residents on Fire         Suffolk County Board of
                                                                                        Island, one person, one vote has      Elections (BOE) Commissioner
                                                                                        given way to one person and I will    Anita Katz noted that villages in
                                                                                        vote here and where I actually        New York State run their own
                                                                                        live.                                 elections, but typically purchase
                                                                                          A list of voters in last May’s      a certified list of registered voters
                                                                                        village election (always held the     from the local BOE.
                                                                                        Friday before Memorial Day)             “You can only declare one legal
                                                                                        shows that 15 people who voted        domicile, you cannot vote twice
                                                                                        that day actually hold permanent      in two places, you declare a
                                                                                        residence in other municipalities     residence, pay taxes and have a
                                                                                        as close as Bay Shore and as far      driver’s license (in one place),”
                                                                                        way as Santa Barbara, California.     said Katz, who added that after
                                                                                          Additional Board of Elections       a local BOE registers voters,
                                                                                        documentation from New York           the information is collected
                                                                                        City and Nassau County shows          and uploaded to the statewide
                                                                                        that many more list their actual      database. “The presumption is
                                                                                        addresses      being    Manhattan,    the voter told the truth, there are
                                                                                        Brooklyn and Rockville Centre.        no checks on a house,” she said.
                                                                                          “It is a rogue government,” said    “A dual registration is kicked
                                                                                        Saltaire landowner Noel Feustel,      out by the New York statewide
                                                                                        who has continued a running legal     database.”
                                                                                        battle against the elected village      There is one caveat. It appears
                                                                                        government comprised of a mayor       that one can begin living in a
                                                                                        and four trustees. Feustel has run    municipality such as Saltaire 30
                                                                                        for public office in Saltaire but is   days prior to an election and vote.
                                                                                        now registered to vote in Bayport.    How to monitor and enforce the
                                                                                          “It is the inequity of situation    full 30-day standard appears to be
                                                                                        that people with money can afford     troublesome.
                                                                                        multiple residences and have more       However the Albany-based New
                                                                                        clout over less affluent people,”      York State Conference of Mayors
                                                                                        Feustel added. “It disregards, the    and Municipal Officials told the
                                                                                        ‘one person, one vote’ concept of     municipality more than 10 years
                                                                                        our democracy.”                       ago that the practice of “personal
                                                                                          People that list multiple legal     registration” is archaic.
                                                                                        residences and are voting in two        Whenever there is a change to
                                                                                        places could also be receiving        a voter’s record, that amended
                                                                                        more than one School Tax Relief       information is sent to the New
                                                                                        (STAR) deduction, and not paying      York State Board of Elections and
                                                                                        sales tax regarding such items        that new information is inputted
Welcome home                                                                            as cars and probate for wills, he     by name and date-of-birth for
                                                                                                                              potential duplication, said Bob
Bay Shore resident Sergeant John Wallis with his children, Kristen and Sean, at the     noted.
Bay Shore Armory on Wednesday, Jan. 7 following his return home from Afghanistan,         Of the 15 people whose names        Brehm, a state BOE spokesman,
where he spent nearly a year training the Afghan National Army and Police. See story    were on the May, 2008 personal        who added that under the Help
on page 3                                                         IB/Emily Portoghese   voter registration list, the Islip
                                                                                        Bulletin     spoke    with    Ellen            See SALTAIRE on page 18

Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009     Inside
                                    Police Blotter...................... 4
                                    Dining & Entertainment ..... 6                                                                   Community News
                                    Editorial............................... 8           In College
                                                                                           Bay Shore resident Christopher A.
                                    Letters ................................. 8          Arroyo received a bachelor of arts in
                                                                                         modern languages, cum laude, from
                                    Around Town ....................... 9                the College of Arts & Sciences at Seton
                                                                                         Hall University.
                                    Obituaries..........................12                 Named to the dean’s list at Quinnipi-
                                                                                         ac University for the Fall 2008 semester
                                    Public Notices...................13                  are: Bradley Bory of West Islip, Kim-
                                                                                         berly Brohan of West Islip, Christo-
                                    Classifieds.........................17               pher Gloor of Bay Shore, Ken Hana-
                                                                                         bergh of East Islip, John Klein of
                                    Sports ................................19            East Islip, Jillian Laufer of West Islip,
                                                 Published every Thursday                Jennifer Lawrence of East Islip, Jac-
                                    Publication Office, Suffolk County News Building     lyn Machowicz of West Islip, Brian
                                             23 Candee Avenue/P.O. Box 367               McKelvey of East Islip and Katherine
                                                 Sayville, New York 11782                Schneller of West Islip.
                                    Phone: (631) 589-6200          Fax: (631) 589-3246     Named to the dean’s list for the fall
                                    Advertising e-mail: LIAproduction@optonline.net      semester at SUNY Oswego are: Mat-
                                    Letters to the Editor: SCNIBLetter@optonline.net     thew Colon of Bay Shore, a senior
                                        POSTMASTER: Send address changes to              art major; Ashley A. Spinello of Islip,
                                                Islip Bulletin, P.O. Box 367             a senior elementary education major;        Pictured are (front, left to right) EIHS students: John Bullis, Owen Murphy,
                                                                                         Sabrina M. Huff of Bay Shore, a senior      Ashley Virga, Megan Morici, Justine Deisu, Katie Snyder, Michael Fischer;
                                                 Sayville, NY 11782-0367
                                                                                         secondary education major; Alyssa D.        Frank Labella, teacher; (back, left to right) Shannon Behrhof, English teacher;
                                               USPS No. 270-540                          Sicinski of East Islip, a junior ele-       Miriam Flynn, principal; Carl Fraser, assistant superintendent of business;
                                            SUBSCRIPTION RATES                           mentary education major; Kaitlin M.         Alise Becker Santa, assistant superintendent of curriculum; Wendell Chu,
                                       $29.00 per year In Suffolk County                 Lycke of Islip Terrace, a sophomore         superintendent of East Islip School District; Israel Malinowitzer, director of
                                     $36.00 per year Out of Suffolk County               elementary education major; Rebecca         careers and student services; Debbie Smith, director of humanities; Council-
                                     $28.00 9 Month Student Subscription                                                             man Edwards; Terri Drossos, business teacher; Matt Apicella, math teacher;
                                                                                         L. Crossley of Bay Shore, a freshman
                                          Armed Forces - Same as above                                                               and Jim Marino, science teacher.
                                                                                         technology education major; and Shea
                                      Foreign Countries - Rates upon request
                                                                                         M. O’Connell of Bay Shore, a freshman
                                        75¢ per single copy $4.00 by mail
                                                                                         broadcasting and mass communication
                                                       BACK ISSUES                       major.                                      Councilman Edwards visits
                                    Back Copies of Islip Bulletin are charged at a
                                    cost of 75¢ per copy for the current month plus
                                                                                           Named to the president’s list for
                                                                                         the fall semester at SUNY Oswego
                                                                                                                                     Environmental Career Fair
                                                                                                                                       Islip Town Councilman John Edwards (back, fourth from right) recently visited
                                    an additional 75¢ for each preceding month.          are: Drew D. Ireland of West Islip,
                                                                                                                                     a career fair at East Islip High School that focused on careers in environmental
                                    Entered as a periodical matter at the post office    a senior secondary education major;
                                                                                                                                     science and other “green” careers. Edwards met with a group of students who
                                    at Sayville, N.Y. 11782 under the act of March       and Alicia R. Casieri of Bay Shore, a
                                                                                                                                     are interested in environmental careers. ■
                                    3, 1879.                                             senior art major. ■

                                                                                  From Afghanistan to Bay Shore

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
 Rodriguez recognized
                                                                                                                            A warm welcome home
   BAY SHORE — The National                                                             By EMILY PORTOGHESE
 Hispanic     Recognition       Program
 (NHRP) recognized senior David                                                   BAY SHORE — After a nearly year-
 Rodriguez of Bay Shore High                                                    long stint in Afghanistan, the 27th
 School based on his critical reading,                                          Infantry Brigade Combat Team of
 mathematics, and writing skill scores                                          the New York Army National Guard
 on the PSAT/NMSQT. A minimum                                                   returned to Bay Shore, where friends
 grade point average of 3.0 is required.                                        and family welcomed them at the
   Nearly 5,000 outstanding Hispanic/                                           armory lat week.
 Latino students are identified by the                                             Mobilized     for   deployment       to
 NHRP each year. This College Board                                             Afghanistan in January, 2008, this team
 initiative highlights outstanding                                              was sent as part of Combined Security
 Hispanic seniors and identifies them                                            Transition Command-Afghanistan with
 for post-secondary institutions.                                               the mission to mentor and train the
                                                                                Afghan National Army and Police and
                                                                                provide assistance to the government
 College sports                                                                 of Afghanistan and its people. A total
   SOUTH SHORE — West Islip
                                                                                of 1,700 soldiers were called for the
 graduate Carson Niehoff, a senior at
 Cortland State, scored a game high 19
                                                                                  Fire trucks with lights flashing and
 points on 8-for-15 shooting for the Red
                                                                                sirens blasting were parked in front of
 Dragons in a 66-59 loss to SUNTAC
                                                                                the armory. An American flag hung from
 rival Oneonta State last month.
                                                                                a connector between the two trucks
   Bard College sophomore Latiqua
                                                                                during the Wednesday welcome home.
 Williams was the eighth woman in
                                                                                  As they waited for the bus carting
 NCAA basketball history to record
                                                                                the brigade members to arrive, family
 a quadruple-double as the Bay
                                                                                and friends of the team lined the walls
 Shore native notched 21 points, 13
                                                                                of the armory with their cameras at
 rebounds, 11 steals and 10 assists in
                                                                                the ready and homemade banners
 a 75-28 victory over New Rochelle in
                                                                                welcoming their soldier home clutched
 the Bard Tip-Off Tournament. In the
                                                                                in their hands.                             Manorville resident Sergeant Steve D’Agostino at the Bay Shore Armory on
 opening game, Williams registered
                                                                                  With many of the brigade members          January 7 with his children, Emma and Thomas, and his wife, Tricia.
 18 points and 13 boards, a double-
                                                                                having young children who are                                                                             IB/Portoghese
                                                                                growing every day, being home, even
                                                                                if only to be deployed again, is of         home. “We support them 100 percent,”      be deployed again and noted he was
 Meeting postponed                                                              utmost importance. Raymond and              Past Commander Ken D’Maia said of         happy to be home. “It feels great, it is
    SALTAIRE — The village of                                                   Madelyn D’Agostino of Ronkonkoma            the men who needed to hold meetings       indescribable,” he said about returning
 Saltaire postponed its scheduled                                               could not wait for their son, Steven of     at the legion several times. “They do     to Long Island. “It was overwhelming
 monthly meeting on Jan. 13 due                                                 Manorville, to come home, and neither       the business of America.”                 (to see his family). I fell apart.”
 to a legal claim brought about by                                              could Steven’s wife, Tricia, and his two      Sergeant John Wallis, a Bay Shore         Debbie and Al Dieumegard were
 residents Noel Feutstel and Vicki                                              children, Emma, 5, and Thomas, 1.           resident, was ecstatic to see his         anxiously awaiting the arrival of their
 Peterson to hold a board meeting in a                                            D’Agostino noted her son had gone         children upon his return home; his kids   son, Sergeant Dieumegard, as was his
 building located at 1177 Avenue of the                                         to Kuwait with the Marines in 1991.         felt the same way about reuniting with    fiancé, Jackie. This was the third time
 Americas in New York City instead of                                           “We were younger then,” she joked.          their father. “It feels better now that   he was deployed, Debbie Dieumegard
 within the village.                                                            “We’re just so glad he will be where he     he’s back,” Wallis’ daughter, Kristen,    said. “We’re excited he’s going to be
    Attorney Barry Kamen noted that                                             belongs, with his family,” she said.        said. “I missed him.”                     home.” Al Dieumegard added to his
 holding a village board meeting                                                  The Bay Shore American Legion               Wallis said this was his first combat    wife’s statement, “And just knowing
 outside the municipality’s confines is                                          was there to welcome those returning        trip, but he is “more than likely” to     he’s safe.” ■
 illegal based on state law. In addition,
 the meeting was not publicized within
 the proper time frame in the village’s
 official newspaper, the Islip Bulletin.
 A new date for the meeting has yet to
 be set.
                                                                                  Crabby about Eaton Lane
                                                                                          By JEFFREY BESSEN
 Boyle appointed
   ALBANY — Assemblyman Phil                                                      WEST ISLIP — The neighborhood
 Boyle (R-Bay Shore) has been                                                   south of Montauk Highway, down Ea-
 appointed to serve on the Assembly                                             ton and Sequams lanes, sits close to
 Ways and Means Committee.                                                      a canal and the Great South Bay, and
 Responsibilities on the committee                                              due to its proximity to the water, the
 will include helping to shape the                                              area roads consistently flood.
 state’s finances and working to bring                                             Noting a post on the Web site,
 an on-time, balanced budget.                                                   631politics, in the Islip forum, an un-
   “I’m honored to be given the                                                 identified individual said he lives north
 opportunity      to   represent   my                                           of Montauk Highway and used to fish
 conference on the Ways and Means                                               and crab down on Eaton Lane. “Then
 Committee and to have the ability to                                           the town invested a lot of money and
 bring a fiscally conservative approach                                          repaired it, fixed it all up, then put up
 to the table when it comes to shaping                                          barricades and no parking signs all
 the state budget,” Boyle said. ■                                               over!!!!! Talk about waste of money,
                      — Jeffrey Bessen                                          you live one mile away and cannot get
                                                                                access to the water. Everyone north of
It’s Easy To Reach Us!                                                          Main Street pays taxes too!!”
                                                                                  Based on information from the town
The telephone number of
                                                                                of Islip, work at the terminus of Eaton
The Islip Bulletin is                                                           Lane between the residential house on
589-6200                                                                        the east and the Babylon Yacht Club
                                                                                on the west was completed approxi-
We have an automated system with most
employees having an extension number:                                           mately 10 years ago.
                                                                                  A pump-out station with three pipes       The power hut and pump-out pipes installed a decade ago by Islip Town at the
Classified Advertising ... Michael Leonardi ............ Ext. 1                  that are components of the mechanism        south terminus of Eaton Lane in West Islip.                       IB/Bessen
Display Advertising ....... Ginny LiPuma ................. Ext. 3               were installed to alleviate flooding. The
Display Advertising ....... Monica Musetti-Carlin .... Ext. 2
Subscriptions/Billing .... Michael Leonardi ............ Ext. 1                 hut-like structure houses the electricity   and “No trespassing, Islip Town Prop-     Monday to correct flooding problems
Legal Notices ................ Michael Leonardi ............ Ext. 1             that powers the pump-out station. The       erty, Violators Will be Prosecuted.”      on Sequams Lane. More than half the
Editor ............................ Jeff Bessen ...................... Ext. 5   project’s cost was $250,000 and covered     The signs were installed due to resi-     money is coming from a discretionary
Reporter ........................ Emily Portoghese ............ Ext. 4          by grants, according to town officials.      dent complaints, sources noted.           grant from Rep. Peter King (R-Sea-
Editorial e-mail: SCNIBLetter@optonline.net                                       There are also a few street signs that      Another project, this one costing Is-   ford) and the remainder is expected to
Advertising e-mail: LIAproduction@optonline.net                                 read “No Parking Here to the Corner,”       lip Town $928,000 (Islip Bulletin, Oct.   be paid by funds from the town’s capi-
                                                                                “No Stopping Nightly 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.”      30), was expected to get underway on      tal budget. ■

Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
                                                 Bay Shore
                                      At 1:15 a.m. on Jan. 4, a woman in-
                                    formed police about an incident of ha-
                                    rassment that occurred on Brentwood
                                                                                       On Jan. 3 at 11 p.m., a man told po-
                                                                                     lice about an assault that occurred on
                                                                                     Udall Road.
                                                                                       At 6:45 a.m. on Jan. 6, a woman in-
                                                                                     formed police about damage to prop-
                                                                                                                                 At 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 5, a woman in-
                                                                                                                               formed police about items missing
                                                                                                                               from a property on Islip Avenue.
                                                                                                                                 On Jan. 3 at noon, a man contacted
                                                                                                                               police about items missing from a ve-
                                                                                                                                                                                   This 2-year-old, white male poo-
                                      On Jan. 3 at 12 a.m., a woman noti-            erty on Hemlock Drive.                    hicle on Commack Road.                            dle, tag No. 5348, has no name, but
                                    fied police about damage to a vehicle               On Jan. 4 at 1 a.m., a man reported                                                       would make a good pet for a senior
                                    on East Main Street.                             a vehicle missing from North Gardiner                Islip Terrace                          citizen. ■
                                      At 3 a.m. on Jan. 4, a woman contact-          Drive to police.                            At 9:30 a.m. on Jan. 5, a man told po-
                                    ed police about an incident of harass-             At 11 a.m. on Jan. 5, a woman noti-     lice about an incident of harassment                       To view other animals
                                    ment that occurred on Front Street.              fied police about an incident of harass-   that occurred on Sunrise Highway.                      available for adoption at the
                                      On Jan. 3 at 5 p.m., a woman told              ment that occurred between spouses          On Jan. 6 at 7 p.m., a woman notified                  Islip Town Animal Shelter,
                                    police about damage to a property on             on Baldwin Boulevard.                     police about items missing from a ve-                  log onto www.petfinder.org
                                    Maple Avenue.                                                                              hicle on Sunrise Highway.
                                      At 7:30 a.m. on Jan. 8, a woman re-                    Brightwaters
                                    ported damage to and items missing                 On Jan. 6 at 6 p.m., a woman informed        North Bay Shore
                                    from a vehicle on Lakeside Lane.                 police about items missing from a ve-       At 7 a.m. on Jan. 4, a man alerted
                                      On Jan. 6 at 3 p.m., a man contacted           hicle on Ackerson Boulevard.              police to a vehicle missing from Wal-
                                    police about items missing from a ve-              At 6 p.m. on Jan. 6, a man contacted    bridge Avenue.
                                    hicle on East Main Street.                       police about damage to a property on        On Jan. 5 at 2:30 p.m., a woman in-
                                      At 2:15 p.m. on Jan. 3, a woman                Concourse East.                           formed police about an incident of
                                    contacted police about an incident of              On Jan. 6 at 6:15 p.m., a man report-   harassment that occurred by a known
                                    harassment that occurred on Howells              ed an incident of harassment that oc-     youth on Heckscher Avenue.
                                    Road.                                            curred on Sunrise Highway.                  At 8 a.m. on Jan. 8, a woman reported
                                                                                                                               items missing from a vehicle on Cen-
                                             Specialized                                        East Islip                     tral Boulevard.

                                     Insurance & Services                              At 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 3, a man notified
                                                                                     police about damage to the window of                  West Islip
                                                                                     a property on East Madison Street.          On Jan. 3 at 10 a.m., a man notified
                                            Auto     Boat                              On Jan. 3 at 2:30 p.m., a woman ad-     police about credit cards missing from
                                            Home     Flood                           vised police of an incident of harass-    a property on Ward Street.
                                                                                                                                 At 10 a.m. on Jan. 4, a man contacted             Everyone wants a good pet/person match and
                                          Commercial, Business                       ment that occurred by a known male                                                         there is a possibility the pets featured from the
                                                                                     on Wantagh Avenue South.                  police about an incident of harassment           Islip Town Animal Shelter in this column may
                                              Aflac, etc.                                                                      that occurred on Sunrise Highway.                already be adopted. But there are other sweet
                                                                                                                                 On Jan. 5 at 2 p.m., a woman in-               creatures just waiting for a good home. Some
                                      AIG, Hartford, Met, Travelers, Farmers, etc.                  Islip                      formed police about items missing                Islip Town Animal Shelter adoptees have even
                                        We shop over 40 different companies            At 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 5, a man notified                                                    gone on to become Sayville Pet Parade winners.
                                                                                                                               from a property on Union Boulevard.                 There is a nominal adoption fee that includes
                                       for you to insure you get the best rate!      police about items missing from a job       At 5 p.m. on Jan. 7, a man reported an         a certificate for free spaying or neutering. The
                                        204 Route 112 • Patchogue                    site on Main Street.                      incident of harassment that occurred             Islip Town Animal Shelter is located at 210 South
                                         www.specializedinsurance.com                  On Jan. 5 at 9:30 a.m., a man report-   on Higbie Lane to police.                        Denver Avenue in Bay Shore. For directions or
                                                   758-6780                          ed damage to a building on Montauk                                                         questions, call 224-5660.
                                                                                     Highway to police.                                       See BLOTTER on page 16

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                          Little kids, big program

                                                                                                                                                                                     Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
                                                     Islip’s ISACC school child care program
               By EMILY PORTOGHESE

  ISLIP — Many working parents have found solace
in knowing their children are safe before and after
school at Islip School Age Child Care (ISACC), which
was established in 1986.
  Community members formed ISACC when they
saw the need for before and after school child care
for working families. Licensed by the New York State
Office of Child and Family Services, ISACC must
adhere to strict regulations imposed by the state.
  Each employee is required to complete training in
areas such as first aid and recognizing the signs of
child abuse and neglect. The state also mandates that
one staff member is required for every 10 children.
  Program Director Tracey Schaper, who also teaches
at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue and is the mother
of three teenaged boys, noted the staff of 27 exceeds
the aforementioned requirement, and said they have
about two staff members for every 10 children. “We
want them (the children) to be comfortable and have
one-on-one time with the staff,” she said.
  The staff is comprised of certified teachers, college    Wing Elementary School located on Winganhauppauge Road in Islip hamlet is home to the community-based
students who are majoring in education, parents,          Islip School Age Child Care (ISACC) program.                                                IB/Bessen
grandparents and high school students interested in
pursuing a career in education.                           Schaper noted the space issue is always in the backs      does a marvelous job and keeps us well informed.”
  ISACC, a program geared for children of working         of their minds.                                             Karen Menechino, a parent, no longer requires
families in grades kindergarten through fifth grade,         Children in the ISACC program are not idle,             ISACC’s services for her son, who began the program
operates in the Islip School District’s Wing Elementary   although they settle into a sort of routine, they have    in kindergarten and is now in fifth grade. Menechino
School, which is home to kindergarten and first-grade      the opportunity to do arts and crafts, board games,       was very inquisitive about the staff when her son first
students.                                                 play indoors or outdoors, weather permitting, and         began ISACC, but she said she saw the quality of the
  This non-profit program is only for children in the      homework with the help of the staff, if needed.           staff right away.
Islip School District, but, Schaper emphasized, it          Schaper noted she invites special programs to come        “The main thing I have noticed over the years is their
is not connected with the school. ISACC is tuition-       and entertain the kids, such as reptile shows and         (the staff’s) professionalism and how they always
based and tuition aid can be granted to those who         magicians, and the children get to participate in their   give of themselves,” Menechino said. “You can see
are eligible.                                             own talent show and field day.                             they have an obvious love for the children.”
  Schaper noted the only negative for ISACC is that         Irene Brown, who was replaced by Schaper eight            Cheryl Rambler-Govea’s daughter also started the
from year to year, they do not know how much space        years ago as director, is now president of the board.     program in kindergarten and is now in fourth grade.
they will have to run the program. In 1986, there         During the board meetings, Brown noted they discuss       Rambler-Govea noted ISACC is “a blessing” for her.
were 16 children in the program, now there are 156        problems that may arise and review the program            “Knowing my daughter’s safe, I can breathe a sigh of
children and a waiting list. Wing Elementary has been     activities to ensure everything is running well.          relief. It’s like I left her with aunts and uncles,” she said.
ISACC’s home for the last couple of years; however,       “Tracey is a wonderful director,” Brown said. “She        For more information about ISACC, call 581-6041. ■

   A halted
Furniture not being furnished
               By EMILY PORTOGHESE

  OAKDALE — Seeking to restore the Southside
Sportsmen’s Club at Connetquot River State Park
Preserve, the park and Friends of Connetquot (FOC)
have been working steadily for the last nine years to
obtain items auctioned off in 1973.
  Gil Bergen, manager of the Connetquot River
State Park Preserve, Richard Remmer, director of
the FOC, and Robert Labuski, president of the FOC,
have worked together to spread the word about the
restoration of the club and the necessity for the items
that made the club special.
  The FOC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to
the preservation, conservation and continuation for
future generations of the Connetquot River State
Park Preserve, as stated on its Web site.                 Connetquot River State Park Preserve officials and Friends of Connetquot continue to search for original
  Assisting in the revitalization of the Sportsmen’s      items to restore the Southside Sportsmen’s Club (rear left).               Photo from NYS Parks Web site
Club fits right in with the FOC’s mission, as the
protection and restoration of historic buildings found    the missing pieces in antique shops. The group found      minimal charge.
in the park is one of the initiatives of the group.       a furniture maker in Pennsylvania that by using the         Labuski noted that the FOC has not received any
  The state purchased a 10-year lease on the property     one restored chair as a template was able to replicate    items from the Sportsmen’s Club from the legatees
from the members of the club in 1963. At that point,      six rocking chairs that had once furnished the billiard   in the last year. “If they (legatees) have items, they
the members wanted to dispose of items from the           room of the club.                                         either don’t want to release them or maybe they’ve
fully furnished rooms.                                      The restored chair dates back to the 1860s and          already sold them off to auction houses or antique
  There are an extensive number of prints, paintings,     prominent people such as Presidents Teddy Roosevelt       dealers,” he said.
furniture and appliances that are needed to be            and Grover Cleveland have most likely sat on it,            Remmer agreed there were no returns, but noted the
returned so the club can return to the kind of place it   Remmer said.                                              FOC has been busy lately with the restoration of the
once was, or at least look the part, Remmer noted.          FOC also makes sure to check venues like The New        grist mill at the park and also are struggling to keep
  Being that a large number of items were sold off,       York Historical Society, where legatees may have          the fish hatchery there open. “This (the Sportsmen’s
Bergen and the FOC are attempting to spread word          donated unwanted furniture, unaware of its historical     Club) will probably be back up on the board agenda
to legatees, which are descendants of the original        relevance.                                                by February or March,” he said.
and later members of the club, through a variety of         The Franklin stove, which dates back to the 1830s         Any legatee wishing to return items to the club’s
methods.                                                  and was also originally in the billiard room, was         rooms can contact Friends of Connetquot at 589-
  In addition to communicating with legatees, FOC         auctioned off and then donated to the historical          0628, or Gil Bergen at 581-1005. ■
has attempted to find duplicates or replicas of some of    society, who agreed to lease it back to FOC for a

Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
                                                  Testing the South Shore waters
                                                      Sierra Club joins data collection project to monitor local bays
                                            By EMILY PORTOGHESE                                                                                                                              basis. The Long Island Sierra Club is set
                                                                                                                                                                                             to purchase one kit within this month
                                      OAKDALE — The Long Island Sierra                                                                                                                       and is fundraising to buy at least one if
                                    Club unveiled a new campaign to get                                                                                                                      not two more. The groups first place to
                                    involved with the South Shore Estuary                                                                                                                    test is Ketchums Creek in Amityville,
                                    Learning Facilitator (sSELF) Project                                                                                                                     said Jane Fasullo, outreach chair for
                                    last week, as community participation                                                                                                                    the club.
                                    is key in collecting data on South Shore                                                                                                                   Fasullo noted environmental groups
                                    bays and tributaries.                                                                                                                                    in the area used to be more independent,
                                      Lou Siegel, who serves as the Estuary                                                                                                                  “Now we work together because of
                                    Learning Facilitator (ELF), heads the                                                                                                                    mutual concerns,” she said.
                                    program in which the Sierra Club will                                                                                                                      Linda Freilich, coastal chair for the
                                    participate, sSELF. Siegel is also the                                                                                                                   Long Island Sierra Club, noted the
                                    science coordinator for the South Shore                                                                                                                  local chapter of the organization’s
                                    Estuary Reserve (SSER) office and an                                                                                                                      number one priority was to purchase
                                    adjunct professor at Dowling College.                                                                                                                    as many test kits as they could by
                                      Siegel visits schools and works with                                                                                                                   raising money through raffles, such
                                    groups to facilitate the sSELF program,                                                                                                                  as signed pins reading “Clean Water”
                                    which empowers these groups to be                                                                                                                        signed by Freilich’s relative and Law
                                    active stewards of their local estuarine                                                                                                                 and Order: Special Victim’s Unit star,
                                    environment through education and                                                                                                                        Christopher Meloni. Freilich would
                                    monitoring, he noted at the Wednesday                                                                                                                    like to see all bays and tributaries on
                                    meeting.                                                                                                                                                 the South Shore monitored.
                                      New York State Marine Education               This testing kit will allow the Long Island Sierra Club to collect data on local bays
                                                                                                                                                                                               Sierra Club officials called this their
                                    Association (NYSMEA) received a                 and tributaries for valid future comparisons. Photo from nysmea.org/sSelf Web site
                                                                                                                                                                                             “most aggressive, hands-on campaign
                                    grant for the South Shore Estuary                                                                                                                        yet,” and because of polluted waters
                                    Learning Facilitator Program from the             Siegel, the grant writer and longtime                      Islip, North Babylon, Farmingdale, Bay      in the area, baseline data is needed for
                                    Environmental Resource Management               NYSMEA board member, coordinated                             Shore and East Islip Middle School’s        future comparisons.
                                    (ERM) Foundation, a globally active             activities under the grant as the                            research class.                               Siegel noted entities such as the
                                    consulting firm.                                 project ELF. Ten schools participated                          These groups have recorded more           county have limited staff with limited
                                      This $8,000 grant, initially granted for      in the program in the 2007-08 school                         than 300 data sets of chemical and          time to dedicate to endeavors such
                                    2007, and re-granted in 2008, provided          year, with several groups conducting                         atmospheric data at 15 different            as this, and getting the schools and
                                    guidance to several schools and/or              tests over the summer and continuing                         stations. Data is included on a database    community members involved is
                                    environmentally oriented groups on              through the new school year.                                 available on the Web at www.nysmea.         necessary in gathering data.
                                    stewardship projects within the SSER.             Training programs were presented                           org/sSELF.                                    “We use this program as a handle to
                                    NYSMEA has recently been notified                to high school science students in                             The Sierra Club has joined the South      get kids and the community interested
                                    that the ERM Foundation has funded              the districts of Bayport-Blue Point,                         Shore Estuary Reserve Office in testing      in the environment, and also to extend
                                    the program again for $7,000 for 2009.          Sayville, Patchogue-Medford, West                            the South Shore waters on a consistent      the monitoring capabilities,” he said. ■

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                                                                                                                                                      Wine Dinner
                                                                                                    Live Entertainment
                                                                                                    Every Friday & Saturday Night
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                                             Patchogue                                              1 First Street, Patchogue
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      Islip forum of

                                                                                                                                                                                    Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
   school project vote
     The Islip School District Board of                Most districts on Long Island have
Education and administration invite all           already conducted successful public votes
local residents to attend a community             to obtain this money. In order for the Islip
forum on Thursday, Jan. 29 at 7:30 p.m. in        School District to receive this grant, voters
the middle school auditorium to learn about       must approve a Capital Project proposition.
the proposed New York State-funded Capital             Board of Education President Catherine
Improvement Project vote.                         Romano said, “Due to the poor fiscal
     District voters will have the opportunity    condition of the state, there is no assurance
to vote on a state-funded Capital Improvement     that this money will be available to us in
Project proposition on Tuesday, Feb. 10. The      the future. We want to capitalize on this
project, if approved, will allow the district     opportunity now.”
to complete approximately $3.6 million                 If approved by voters, the district would
in infrastructure, security and technology        combine the grant money with state building
improvements at a very minimal cost to the        aid for completion of community-approved
local taxpayer. The project would use two         Capital Improvement projects.
forms of state funding to offset the majority          These two sources of state funding will
of the cost of the work.                          cover the principal cost of the project. There
     The project calls for improvements to        is only a $174,898 local cost to complete
enhance security at every school, added           $3,588,950 of much-needed improvement
technology for student use and upgrades to        projects.
school facilities where needed, as prioritized         This equates to a cost of only $23 for
by the district’s architect, board of education   the first year for the average household
and administration.                               and only 15 cents per year for the average
     Through the Expanding our Children’s
Education and Learning (EXCEL) program,
                                                  household in the years following, for a total
                                                  cost of $25.
                                                                                                       Local guard
the state is offering a one-time grant to              “We encourage all Islip residents to              Islip native Private First Class Nicholas Cerbone stands guard
all school districts in the state. Projects       attend the community forum on January                outside a primary school in the Saydiyah community of the Rashid
must be geared toward improving health            29 to learn how our district can make these          District in southern Baghdad last Friday.
and safety, educational technology, energy        improvements at a very minimal cost,”                  PFC Cerbone is currently serving in Iraq as a M249 Squad Automatic
efficiency, or Americans with Disabilities         Romano said. ■                                       Weapon gunner assigned to Company B, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry
Act compliance.                                                                                        Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Multi-
                                                                                                       National Division-Baghdad.

   SHOULD you
   Why                                              Award-Winning LOCAL news that                        The Soldiers of “Bear” Company partnered with the Iraqi army
                                                                                                       soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 24th Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Div., to
                                                        affects YOUR everyday life.
SUBSCRIBE to the                                     Also, sports, health, dining and
                                                                                                       assess potential polling sites for the upcoming provincial elections
                                                                                                       scheduled for Jan. 31.
    ISLIP                                          entertainment, classifieds and more!
                                                                                                         The coalition forces are assisting their Iraqi security forces coun-
                                                                                                       terparts to identify threats and develop force protection measures in
                                                                                                       preparation for the milestone elections. ■
 BULLETIN?                                                  Subscribe to
                                                          The Islip Bulletin!
                                                                                                                  Photo courtesy of Digital Video and Imagery Distribution System
   Call 589-6200 for more information.

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Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
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                                       counts                                                To the Editor:
                                                                                               I would like to applaud Susan
                                                                                             Sessa for her insightful review of
                                                                                                                                           and often wasteful spending; es-
                                                                                                                                           pecially with a plan by the gov-
                                                                                                                                           ernor to relieve schools of many
                                                                                                                                                                                         It is unconscionable that, in the
                                                                                                                                                                                      face of the most severe budget situ-
                                                                                                                                                                                      ations most of us have faced in our
                                                                                             Slumdog Millionaire.                          of the onerous mandate burdens             lifetime, school districts will insist
                                      If humankinds’ ability to reason is                      Not only do I agree with her                they claim give them “no choice”           on continuing out-of-control spend-
                                    what elevates us from lower forms of                     assessment of the film, which is               but to raise taxes?                        ing practices, enriching themselves
                                    animal life, then the right to vote is what              indeed Oscar-worthy, but I also                 If there is any doubt our school         and passing along the costs to be-
                                    separates democracies from totalitarian                  enjoyed how she described the                 districts spend too much, simply           leaguered taxpayers who have
                                    governments, where voting is a punch                     key elements of plot and charac-              look at what is being paid to su-          been so beaten down knowing that
                                    line to a joke.                                          ter without giving away any of the            perintendents and bloated, high-           even defeating a school budget will
                                                                                             important story lines.                        level administrators and teachers.         not dampen the schools’ gluttonous
                                      However, it appears that some                                                                        Long Islanders pay the highest             appetite for spending.
                                                                                               I will make it a point to check
                                    homeowners in Saltaire Village on Fire                   further reviews of her films in                taxes in the country because we               Opponents of the tax cap are
                                    Island live and vote throughout the                      your newspaper online.                        are home to $300,000 superinten-           wrong. Governor Paterson is right.
                                    year in locales from Bay Shore to Santa                    Good job, Susan. Keep it up.                dents, $200,000 administrators and         Tom Suozzi is right. The overbur-
                                    Barbara, California, but they vote in                                            Jim Reese             $150,000 teachers.                         dened taxpayers of Long Island
                                    the village elections held annually the                                     Tampa, Florida               Look at the results of audits            are right. Enough is enough. We
                                    Friday before Memorial Day.                                                                            done by the NYS Comptroller’s              will be watching for, and we will
                                                                                                                                           Office which clearly demonstrate            not forget, any elected officials
                                      Voting in two places not only expands                  To the Editor:                                that for years millions in excess          who show themselves to be ene-
                                    an individual’s sphere of influence and                     With Governor Paterson’s re-                funds were squirreled away while           mies of the taxpayer by opposing
                                    devalues the power of another’s vote,                    newed call in his State of the State          districts have needlessly over-            the tax cap. We want a tax cap,
                                    but there is also something ethically                    address for a property tax cap,               taxed hard-pressed homeowners              and we want it now!
                                                                                             opponents of this cap are already             to keep those salaries growing by             Taxpayers should call and e-mail
                                    wrong with five elected officials, four of                 lining up to sabotage the effort.
                                    whom are attorneys, either participating                                                               6 to 9 percent each year, all the          their representatives in the state
                                                                                               This time, they are saying that             while claiming it is “for the kids.”       legislature and their own district
                                    in such a sham, or condoning others’                     because of a proposed reduction                 Look at the pension scandals.            school board members. Tell them
                                    shenanigans by counting those votes to                   in the already generous increases             The outrage of our already over-           that they will be held responsible
                                    their total.                                             districts were to receive in state            compensated educators further en-          for increased taxes if they refuse to
                                      There is nothing against enjoying the                  aid, schools will have “no choice”            riching themselves along with their        support the governor’s tax cap. If
                                    fruits of one’s labors by owning multiple                but to raise property taxes to                cohorts, the school lawyers and the        they do nothing, they have chosen.
                                                                                             make up the difference. This begs             State Education Department, who                                Andrea Vecchio
                                    residences and taking advantage of                       the question: Why?
                                    what other communities have to offer                                                                   helped them game the system for                                       East Islip
                                                                                               Why do schools need to con-                 years without any regard for what                           Long Islanders for
                                    as a part-time resident.                                 tinue their addiction to excessive            is right and what is wrong.                               Educational Reform
                                      Casting a ballot is a right and privilege
                                    that many in this country’s history have
                                    shed blood for; their own and their
                                    enemies. It is not to be taken lightly, nor
                                                                                                                             Movie Review                                      with Susan Sessa
                                      While this ongoing “live here, vote
                                    there” ethos may appear trite to some,
                                    for others it is an attack on the one                                 By SUSAN SESSA
                                                                                                                                                   Milk                           courageously fought for equality.
                                                                                                                                                                                    The cast was wonderful. James
                                    person, one vote law and a slap at                                                                                                            Franco (Spiderman) was sweet and
                                                                                               Let me recruit you to see this movie.
                                    the equality that voting is expected to                    This biopic movie takes place in the                                               endearing as Milk’s love interest. Emile
                                    create, whether someone is affluent and                   1960s and’70s. This was a time when                                                  Hirsch (Into the Wild, Alpha Dog and
                                    can afford two homes, or one is living in                people danced to the beat of a different                                             The Girl Next Door) and Josh Brolin
                                    affordable housing.                                      drummer and stood up and marched                                                     (No Country for Old Men) were both
                                      As it now stands, those that live                      for their rights.                                                                    wonderful. I immediately recognized
                                    somewhere else and are registered to                       There are many people in society who                                               Diego Luna from Y tu Mama Tambien
                                                                                             believe that only they know the truth.                                               (if you like foreign films, this one’s a
                                    vote somewhere else, then vote where                                                                                                          must) and Dirty Dancing: Havana
                                                                                             For them, the truth is always seen
                                    they do not live permanently, are in                     in sharply defined black and white,                                                   Nights.
                                    violation of the election law.                           good and evil, right and wrong. To many others, me                                     Harvey Milk’s life changed history.
                                      But homeowners that pay taxes in                       included, we see truth more often as colors of the                      I know the big talk now is the Academy Awards
                                    small, seasonal municipalities should                    rainbow.                                                              nominations. Let me give you my choices:
                                    have a say in what transpires and vote                     Sean Penn’s performance is certainly worthy of                        For Best Movie: Slumdog Millionaire. Best Actor:
                                    in the municipal election. These types                   Oscar consideration. I’m not saying this because it’s                 Sean Penn (Milk). Best Actress: Angelina Jolie (The
                                                                                             the buzz around town, but I truly believe that Penn                   Changling). Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger
                                    of communities should be permitted to                                                                                          (The Dark Knight).
                                                                                             well deserves a major award for his portrayal of this
                                    operate their own Board of Elections                     dynamic, good and soulful man. It was amazing to                        Best Supporting Actress: Taraji P. Henson (The
                                    with oversight.                                          see him wrapped in a cocoon and gradually emerging                    Curious Case of Benjamin Button). Of course
                                      What is needed is for the state                        into the courageous Harvey Milk.                                      there are several films I haven’t yet seen, so some of
                                    legislature to remedy this legal situation                 This is a wonderful tribute to a very brave person.                 these choices are likely to be altered. I also reserve
                                    and ensure that voting counts once in                    Milk becomes the first openly gay man to become a                      the eternal right granted to all women: The right to
                                    the community where the vote should                      powerful political figure in San Francisco. That he                    change my mind.
                                                                                             was an elected, rather than an appointed, official                       Also note that I had to go to the Farmingdale
                                    count. ■                                                                                                                       Multiplex on Route 110 to see this movie. I was
                                                                                             speaks well of the citizens of San Francisco.
                                                                                               Milk was someone I wish I had known. He was                         very impressed with the theater. The seats were
                                                                                             charismatic and his enthusiasm seemed contagious.                     comfortable, the screen was large and the picture
                                                                                             He gave hope to people who seemed lost. He                            was clear and bright. ■

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managing partner of Century 21 Ameri-         New Orleans R&B in their music. Tickets                                                     the library. All district residents are wel-
                                                                                             can Legion will host a breakfast from
can Homes Real Estate, will be held at        are $35. Tickets for this performance                                                       come. Call 661-7080 for information.
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discussion at the West Islip Library will                                                       Monday, January 19                        Call 376-4444 to register or get more
be on Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for          Saturday, January 17                         Community Outreach Dinner will be            information.
Old Men at 7:30 p.m. Open to the public       Jonathan Edwards will perform at the           held at Westminster United Presbyterian
but registration is required. Call 661-       YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing         Church, 109 Udall Road in West Islip, at     Free Responsible Dog Ownership Class
7080 for information and registration.        Arts in Bay Shore at 8 p.m. Tickets are        4 p.m. All welcome. Call 661-6740 for        The Town of Islip offers this class twice
                                              $30. Tickets for this performance are          information.                                 a month to all residents with the next
The Islip Arts Council, in conjunction        available at www.boultoncenter.org or                                                       class being held today, Jan. 21 from 6-8
with the East Islip Library, presents its     by calling toll-free 866-811-4111 or at                                                     p.m. People only, leave your pets home
Discover Music Series with a presen-
tation of “The History of the Guitar”
                                              the box office: 37 West Main Street, Bay          Tuesday, January 20                       please. Children ages 10 and up are
                                              Shore, 969-1101.                               Ongoing “Drop In” Bereavement Sup-           welcome. Call 224-5660 or e-mail Nan-
by Harris Becker at 7 p.m. Seating is                                                        port Group at Good Samaritan Hospital        cy1272@yahoo.com for reservations or
limited. Call 224-5420 or e-mail info@        Big Brother/Big Sister Class will meet         Medical Center in West Islip from 6:30-8     information.
islipartscouncil.org for information.         at Good Samaritan Hospital in West             p.m. on Jan. 20, Feb. 3, 17, March 3,
                                              Islip from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Class         17 and April 7 and 21. Call 376-4444 to      Twilight Tales, family evening storytime,
Family Game Night at the Bay Shore-           is for children ages 3 and up. $20 per         register or get more information.            on Wednesdays through March 25 at
Brightwaters Library from 7-8:30 p.m.         family. Call 376-4444 to register or get                                                    the Bay Shore-Brightwaters Library from
through Feb. 26. Stop by and enjoy an         more information.                              Early Pregnancy Class will meet at           7-7:45 p.m. Bring your library card and
evening of fun, learning and laughter.                                                       Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip        your favorite blanket and stuffed animal.
Call 665-4350 for information.                Defensive Driving Course at the West           from 7-9:30 p.m. Free. Helps expectant       Call 665-4350 for information.
                                              Islip Library from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30           couples learn how to manage their preg-
                                                                                             nancy. Call 376-4444 to register or get
           January 23                         p.m. Pick up a course application at the
                                              library or go online to wipublib.org and       more information.
                                                                                                                                          Wednesday’s with Corporal - Now
                                                                                                                                          through March 25 from 2-4 p.m. at the
Railroad Earth will perform Bluegrass,
rock, Celtic and folk music at the YMCA       click on adult services. This form and                                                      Bay Shore-Brightwaters Library. Families
                                              the $40 course fee must be received            Get a Patent and Start a Business -          are invited to bring their independent
Boulton Center for the Performing Arts at                                                    Jason Wen of the Office of Technology
8 p.m. Tickets: $35. Tickets available at     by the auto school prior to the begin-                                                      reader to read to registered therapy dog,
                                              ning of the course. Call 661-7080 for          Transfer at the Cold Spring Harbor Labo-     Corporal. Sign up at the children’s desk.
www.boultoncenter.org or by calling 866-                                                     ratories will teach you how to protect
811-4111 or at the box office at 37 West      information.                                                                                Call 665-4350 for information.
Main Street in Bay Shore (969-1101).

New Mothers’ Support Group will meet
                                             (1948-1954) for a slide presentation. No        The Friendship Force of Long Island is                   Of Note …
                                             charge. Program begins at 1 p.m. Call           holding a general meeting at 7 p.m. in       Extraordinary Self-Mastery Program - Learn
at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip     669-4876 or visit www.fireislandlight-          the Greek Village Restaurant, 44 Veter-      self-value and make decisions that create
from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. $50 per           house.com for information.                      ans Memorial Highway in Commack. The         success in life and business. Introductory
family - 5 sessions. Call 376-4444 to                                                        Force is a multi-generational group that     sessions will be held on Jan. 20, Feb. 2,
register or get more information.            The Planning Board of the Incorporated          enjoys getting together for trips, dinners   18 or 23 in Melville from 7-9 p.m. A $15
                                             Village of Ocean Beach will meet at 11          and outings. If you like people and trav-    donation is requested. For reservations,
Pain Management Support Group will           a.m. in the Ocean Beach boat house.             eling, come to this informative meeting.     call Diane Kramer at 630-0570, ext. 20 or
meet in the Guild Conference Room at         Call 583-5940 for information or visit          Call Frances Neyer at 547-6702 and join      e-mail at dkramer@peakskillslearning.com
Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip at     www.villageofoceanbeach.org.                    us at our monthly meeting.                   or visit www.extraordinaryself.com.
2 p.m. on Jan. 23, Feb. 27 and March
27. Call 376-4444 to register or get         NY State Pre-licensing Course - The West        The Bay Shore-Brightwaters board meet-       Sneaker Recycling Drive - Keep Islip
more information.                            Islip Library will hold this course from 9:30   ing will be held at 7 p.m. Call 665-4350     Clean is collecting used sneakers of any
                                             a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Open to the general           for information.                             brand that do not contain metal. Sneak-
Computer 5th Grade for Grownups will         public. You must show your valid learner’s                                                   ers will be shipped to NIKE where they will
meet at the Bay Shore-Brightwaters Library   permit. Registration and the $40 course                                                      be recycled into running tracks and other
from 2-4 p.m. Non-refundable fee of $10.     fee will be taken at the door. Call 661-                   January 27                        athletic surfaces and then donated to
Saving files to the desktop, moving to       7080 and ask for the reference desk.            The Fire Island UFSD Board of Educa-         underserved schools. Drop sneakers off
and from My Documents and Recycle Bin,                                                       tion will meet at 4:30 p.m. for an educa-    at the KIC office, 660 Main Street, Islip.
creating folders and more. Call 665-4350                 January 25                          tion meeting in the lunch room of the        Call 224-2627 for more information.
for information or to register.              Islip Arts Council presents the Prevailing      Woodhull School.
                                             Winds wind ensemble at the Bayard Cut-                                                       Volunteers Needed - Suffolk County
Plaza Productions presents “Why Oh           ting Arboretum Carriage House in Great          The Chamber of Commerce of Greater           Helen Keller Services for the blind is
Why Can’t I? The Music of Judy Gar-          River at 2 p.m. Call 224-5420 or e-mail         Bay Shore will meet at 7 p.m. in the         seeking volunteers in all areas of Suf-
land” at Islip Town Hall West, 401 Main      info@islipartscouncil.org for information.      auditorium of the Bay Shore/Brightwa-        folk County to spend one or two hours
Street in Islip, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are                                                    ters Library. Call 665-7003 for informa-     a week visiting blind, elderly people who
$18 each and proceeds benefit Suffolk                                                        tion.                                        are homebound. For more information on
AHRC. Tickets may be purchased at the                    January 26                                                                       volunteering, call 424-0022.
door or in advance at AHRC, 2900 Veter-      Infant Massage Class will meet at Good
                                             Samaritan Hospital in West Islip from                      January 29                        HomeShare Long Island is celebrating its
ans Memorial Highway in Bohemia. Call                                                                                                     third anniversary. HomeShare Long Island
585-0100 for information.                    7-8:30 p.m. $50 per person or $70 per           Safe and Healthy Kids - Lectures and
                                             couple - 4 sessions. Call 376-4444 to           presentations for parents and children       is a program that links older homeown-
                                             register or get more information.               of all ages at Good Samaritan Hospital in    ers who have available bedrooms with
           January 24                                                                        West Islip from 6-8 p.m. Call 376-4444       other adults who need affordable housing.
The Old Lamplighter - Join Gottfried                                                                                                      Interested homeowners or home seekers
Mahler, former keeper, and his wife          Bay Shore-Brightwaters Library - The            for information.
                                             board of trustees will meet at 7 p.m. Call                                                   should contact Family Service League at
Marilyn at the Fire Island Lighthouse
                                             665-4350 for information.                                                                    647-3100 ext. 228 for information. ■

              Deadline for submission of Calendar of Events items is noon on the Monday before publication. Please submit all entries in typewritten form.

Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009               Sharing a home and experiences
                                                                            FSL’s HomeShare program matches residential partners
                                                By LIZ FINNEGAN                  future matches as they are needed.          exchanges services for a place to live     ing forward to retirement, not having
                                                                                   The matches meet before the home          at a lesser price.                         to be at my desk every day,” Mary said.
                                      BAY SHORE — Since 1926, the Family         seeker moves in, once with Davidson           Davidson cited one such case she         “Now, I have to worry about the oil bill
                                    Service League (FSL) has been providing      to introduce each party. Davidson then      found particularly poignant where a        and LIPA raising its rates. That light at
                                    a plethora of services to Long Islanders     follows up the match with a phone call      student nurse helps a disabled individ-    the end of the tunnel had diminished.
                                    in need. Three years ago, they expanded      once they are settled.                      ual with daily physical therapy while      My dignity was at stake.”
                                    those services to include the program,         “If a match doesn’t work out,” David-     his family is at work.                       She called FSL HomeShare after see-
                                    HomeShare Long Island, uniting home          son explained, “then we do our best to        “She has her own room in an exqui-       ing an article about in a church bulle-
                                    owners and home seekers alike.               find a better one. But so far, all of them   site house for just $300 month and her     tin. The program matched her up with
                                      Doreen Davidson, coordinator of the        have been successful.”                      only responsibility is to help the owner   Joan, a retired woman in her 60s who
                                    FSL HomeShare Long Island program,             Last year, there were between 25 and      stand once a day,” she said.               was looking for affordable housing.
                                    works out of the Bay Shore and Hun-          30 matches made all over Suffolk Coun-        Another successful match that was        The match worked out perfectly. “They
                                    tington offices. She said the program         ty. Davidson said that a similar pro-       made last September brought together       are having a blast,” Davidson noted.
                                    has been a success.                          gram in Nassau, the county-run Family       two senior citizens who were alone.          “We are lucky,” Mary remarked regard-
                                      “I think it could be even more suc-        and Children’s Services, will exchange      Joan and Mary, whose names have been       ing hers and Joan’s experience with the
                                    cessful if more people know about it,”       matches with HomeShare for people           altered for anonymity, are now finding it   program. “But,” she added irately, “the
                                    she added.                                   who want to live in either county. “We      a little easier to live on Long Island.    real question here is, why are these pro-
                                      The program is designed to address         don’t compete with them,” Davidson            Homeowner Mary is a retired sep-         grams necessary on Long Island?”
                                    the needs of homeowners who are feel-        said. “We support one another.”             tuagenarian who was having trouble           The HomeShare Long Island program
                                    ing squeezed by the increasing costs of        Another way the FSL HomeShare             making ends meet. “There are a lot of      in our area is based out of the Iovino
                                    living on Long Island, and for people        program provides support is by offer-       people my age and even younger who         South Shore Family Center, 1444 Fifth
                                    who are seeking a place to live yet          ing a barter system to certain appli-       are having a hard time too,” she said.     Avenue, Bay Shore. For more informa-
                                    dealing with similar financial issues.        cants. In that case, the home seeker          “After working 23 years I was look-      tion, call: 647-3100, ext. 228. ■
                                    The average cost of this arrangement
                                    for the home seeker is approximately
                                    $300 to $600 a month in rent.
                                      Davidson said some home seekers are
                                    young persons who do not have the mon-
                                    ey to rent an apartment. They are often
                                    matched with senior citizen homeown-
                                                                                                                                                                                 Thru art
                                                                                                                                                                                 The Historical Society of Islip
                                    ers who are looking for companionship                                                                                                        Hamlet hosted a program by
                                    with an opportunity to earn money to                                                                                                         Eva Greguski of the Long
                                    supplement a fixed income. That match                                                                                                         Island Museum titled “A Cel-
                                    has the potential for other advantages.                                                                                                      ebration of Long Island Thru
                                      “I think those young people can learn                                                                                                      Art.” From left are board mem-
                                    a lot from their elders, too. It’s a great
                                                                                                                                                                                 bers Victoria Berger, Elaine
                                    opportunity,” Davidson said.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Schill Kurka, Colleen Kurka,
                                      However, Davison added that many
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sheila Farrer, Susan Hantz-
                                    seniors are matched with their peers as
                                                                                                                                                                                 West, Greguski, Nancy Porta
                                    well. The minimum age for homeowners
                                    in this program is 60. Individuals who are                                                                                                   Libert, Arlene Goldman, Joan
                                    seeking a place to live must be at least                                                                                                     Sullivan, Kay Poro Erwood
                                    18, employed or enrolled in school.                                                                                                          and Roberta Drake. For more
                                      There is a one time fee of $200 per                                                                                                        information about the society
                                    homeowner and home seeker. These                                                                                                             or the upcoming 15th Holiday
                                    fees cover the necessary background                                                                                                          House tour, please call 277-
                                    and reference checks, interviews, and                                                                                                        4895 or visit www.islipham-
                                    evaluation process and to locate any                                                                                                         lethistory.org.

                                      Play Review
                                                       Evita Eva Peron
                                          The rise and fall of Argentina’s
                                             By EMILY PORTOGHESE                 the first time, Eva reveals her hopes
                                                                                 and ambitions and soon forgets about
                                      EAST ISLIP — Broadhollow                   Magaldi. Eva and the dancers sing
                                    Theatre Company premiered their              “Buenos Aires,” in which she sings
                                    production of the timeless musical           about becoming a star.
                                    Evita to audiences this past weekend           Ché relates the story of how Eva
                                    at Bayway Arts Center last Saturday.         “slept” her way up the ladder, becoming
                                      Evita, with lyrics by Tim Rice and         a model, radio star, and actress. Eva
                                    music by Andrew Lloyd Webber,                moves into high social circles with
                                                                                 Peron, and Ché shows the disdain the        The Broadhollow Theatre Company’s production of Evita is on stage through
                                    opened at the Broadway Theater in
                                    September of 1979. The show closed           upper class feels towards Eva. Ladies       Feb. 1 at BayWay Arts Center in East Islip. From left are: Joe Mankowski (Juan
                                    in the summer of 1983 after more than        of the upper class called her a few         Peron), Jennifer Hope (Eva Peron) and Donald J. Dowdell (Ché).
                                                                                 choice names throughout the play that                                              Photo courtesy of Broadhollow Theatre Company
                                    1,000 performances.
                                      This musical focuses on the life of Eva    alluded to her past and how she used
                                    Peron, the second wife of Argentinean        her body to get ahead.                      portrayed in the movie version of           and LiLi Costumes; sound design,
                                    President Juan Peron, and follows Eva’s        The talent of the cast was evident in     the musical by Banderas. With all the       Gary Haglich; video editing, Michael
                                    acting career, rise to power, charity        their spectacular portrayal of this story   charm of Banderas, Dowdell depicted         Schisano; musical direction, Gary
                                    work, feminist involvement and death.        and the people involved. Hope’s strong      the story of the life of Eva Peron          Eisele; choreography, Kevin Wallace;
                                    A major motion picture of the musical        vocals and emotion-filled performance        clearly to the audience as the narrator.    stage manager, Lori Stein; and assistant
                                    was made in 1996, which starred              as Eva Peron complemented the               His participation in the majority of the    stage manager, Shasha Davis.
                                    Madonna and Antonio Banderas.                wonderful portrayal of Juan Peron by        songs in the play was not unnoticed,          Broadhollow Theatre Company is
                                      Ché, the narrator of the story, played     Joe Mankowski.                              for at times he stole the show.             headed by Executive Producer Jerry
                                    by Donald Dowdell, introduces the              In the well known, “Don’t Cry for           With detailed sets and a variety          Zaback, Artistic Director Patricia
                                    audience to fifteen-year-old Eva, in          Me Argentina,” Hope delivered the           of costumes, Broadhollow Theatre            Zaback and Associate Artistic Director
                                    1936. Tango singer Agustín Magaldi,          song flawlessly and looked radiant in        Company showed their ability to pull        Glen Beck, along with Wallace-
                                    played by David Groeger, and Eva,            a sparkling white gown. Mankowski           off a show as well known as Evita.          Rhodes.
                                    played by Jennifer Hope, have a short        and Hope sang the sad but beautiful         This production was directed by Laura         Evita runs through Sunday, Feb. 1 at
                                    love affair, and she blackmails Magaldi      song, “You Must Love Me,” towards the       Wallace-Rhodes, who is associate            the Bayway Arts Center, 265 East Main
                                    into taking her with him to Buenos           end of the play, and appeared as if they    artistic director, with scenic design by    Street in East Islip. Call 581-2700 for
                                    Aires.                                       were a real husband and wife.               Brian Howard; lighting design, Josh         more information. ■
                                      After arriving in Buenos Aires for           Dowdell shone as Ché, who was             Starr; costume design, Julia Brennan

                                                                                                                                                                                  Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
                         News                                                                             Food donation
                                                                                                            To give back to the community that supports their education,
                                                                                                          the students and staff at Islip Middle School collected nonperish-
                                                                                                          able food items in time for the holiday season.
                                                                                                            Students, teachers, parents and staff members brought in hundreds
                                                                                                          of cans and boxes of nonperishable food, which were then donated
                                                                                                          to the Islip Methodist Church on Main Street in Islip hamlet.
                                                                                                            The Builders Club, a community-service organization, arranged
                                                                                                          the food drive, while students in Beth Matthews’ advisory donated
                                                                                                          the most items—an amazing 322 cans and boxes.
                                                                                                            Pictured club members are advisors Mary Carroll and Kimberly
                                                                                                          Striplin, Dean of Students Joe Modica, Assistant Principal Chad
                                                                                                          Walerstein and Principal Timothy Martin.

                                                                                        Musicians of note
                                                                                          The West Islip Board of Education recognized high school students for their musi-
                                                                                        cal accomplishments last month. In the front row from left are: Melissa Gedney, Nas-
                                                                                        sau/Suffolk Performing Arts Concert Band; Caitlin Cawley, Nassau/Suffolk Performing
                                                                                        Arts Wind Symphony, Gemini Youth Orchestra and Youth Symphony; Victoria Astuto,
                                                                                        All County Band, All State Wind Ensemble and Nassau/Suffolk Performing Arts Wind
                                                                                        Symphony; Marianna Albanese, Gemini Youth Orchestra; Miranda Cawley, Long Island
                                                                                        String Festival and Gemini Youth Symphony; and Emily Brodtman, Metropolitan Youth
                                                                                          In the back row from left are: Douglas Bruno, All County Band, All State Wind Ensem-
                                                                                        ble and Nassau/Suffolk Performing Arts Wind Symphony; Vincent Melia, Long Island
                                                                                        String Festival; Rob Dolan, Nassau/Suffolk Performing Arts Concert Band; Matthew
                                                                                        Carlin, All County Band, All State Band, All County Chorus, All State Chorus, Juilliard
                                                                                        Pre-College Orchestra and the Long Island Youth Orchestra; Andrew Weinstein, Long
                                                                                        Island String Festival and Gemini Youth Orchestra; Cortlandt Matthews, All County, All
                                                                                        State Chorus and All Eastern Chorus; Amanda Corey, All County and All State Chorus;
                                                                                        Michael Sigouros, Nassau/Suffolk Performing Arts Concert Band; Bevin Flemming, Nas-
                                                                                        sau/Suffolk Performing Arts Wind Symphony; High School Orchestra Director Judith
                                                                                               Hayes, High School Band Director David Kaufman and West Islip Director of Art,
                                                                                               Dance and Music Education Bernie Jones.
                                                                                                Not pictured: Matthew Stewart, All County Band and Nassau/Suffolk Performing
                                   Above par teacher                                           Arts Wind Symphony; Rebecca O’Connor, All County Chorus; and Brittany Wan-
                                                                                               ner, All County Band, Nassau/Suffolk Performing Arts Concert Band.
                                     The first vacation day from school is actually
                                   the first day of work for Fifth Avenue School
                                   physical education teacher Chris Cascio, who
                                   sidelines as a professional golfer.
                                     Cascio played in an 18-hole qualifying round
                                   of golf at Indian Hills Country Club in East
                                   Northport. It was an opportunity for him to
                                   qualify to play in the New York State Open.
                                     That event is being held on the famously diffi-
                                   cult black course at Bethpage State Park, home
                                   of the 2002 and 2009 U.S. Open. Before compet-
                                   ing in this tournament, he had to complete a
                                   round plus four additional holes at Indian Hills
                                   to secure a spot in the New York State Open.

Yuletide tunes
  The East Islip High School Chamber Orchestra recently lifted the holiday spirits
of those residing at the Little Flower Nursing Home in East Islip. Under the guid-
ance of high school orchestra director Susan Rydzeski, this group of approxi-
mately 40 students performed various holiday classics for all to enjoy.
  This is the 25th year the orchestra has been visiting Little Flower residents dur-
ing the holiday season and is only one of the many community service projects
they participate in throughout the school year. Some of the other projects include
a mentoring program for the elementary students and playing at various different
community functions.                                        Photo by Danielle Lambert
                                                                               born in Oceanside.                                Maurice Farley                        Anthony, Joseph and Nicholas; parents,

Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
                                    Obituaries                                   Mr. Burgess is survived by his wife,
                                                                               Rochelle “Shelli”; sons, Bryan and Todd;
                                                                                                                            Maurice Farley, 85, of Islip, died on
                                                                                                                          December 25, 2008. He was born in
                                                                                                                                                                       Michael and Marie; sister, Valerie Fahie
                                                                                                                                                                       and her husband, Bob; and grandson,
                                                                               daughter, Holli Strazza; sister, Donna     Brooklyn.                                    Michael.
                                           By BRENDA BIEDENKAPP                Milford; and grandchildren, Amanda,                                                       Funeral arrangements were entrusted
                                                                                                                            Mr. Farley is survived by his wife,
                                                                               Victoria and Jackson.                                                                   to Overton Funeral Home in Islip. A
                                                                                                                          Patricia; sons, Thomas and Patrick; and
                                                                                 Funeral arrangements were entrusted                                                   funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Mary’s
                                          Robert Burgess                       to Overton Funeral Home in Islip, where
                                                                                                                          daughters, Nora, Eileen and Maeve.
                                                                                                                                                                       R.C. Church in East Islip. Interment was
                                     Robert Burgess, 55, of Manheim,           services were held. Interment was in         Funeral arrangements were entrusted        in St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Bay Shore.
                                    Pennsylvania, died on January 2. He was    Pinelawn Memorial Park.                    to Overton Funeral Home in Islip. A
                                                                                                                          funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Mary’s
                                                                                                                          R.C. Church in East Islip. Cremation            Caroline Strasinger
                                                                                                                          was held at L.I. Cremation Co. in West         Caroline J. Strasinger, 78, of Bay Shore,
                                                                                                                          Babylon.                                     died on January 4. She was born in
                                                                                                                                                                         Ms. Strasinger is survived by her
                                                                                                                                   Anne Hafele                         daughter, Karen Lozano; son, John;
                                                                                                                            Anne M. Hafele, 89, of Bay Shore,          sister, Florence Liquori; brother, Walter
                                                                                                                          died on January 7. She was born in           Hilland; granddaughters, Heather and
                                                                                                                          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.                  Hailey; and godchildren, Janet Tedia,
                                                                                                                            Ms. Hafele is survived by her daughters,   Meredith Noone and Ed Tedla.
                                                                                                                          Jeanne Seymour and her husband, James,         Funeral arrangements were entrusted
                                                                                                                          Margaret, Nancy, and Mary Magee and          to Overton Funeral Home in Islip, where
                                                                                                                          her husband, Brian; son, George and his      services were held. Interment was in
                                                                                                                          wife, Gaye; sister, Sister Marie Melton;     Oakwood Cemetery in Bay Shore.
                                                                                                                          and grandchildren, Matthew, Patrick,
                                                                                                                          Kathleen, Andrew and Meghan.
                                                                                                                            Funeral arrangements were entrusted to                 Mary Voss
                                                                                                                          Overton Funeral Home in Islip. A funeral       Mary Esther Voss, 101, of Bay Shore,
                                                                                                                          Mass was celebrated at St. Patrick’s         died on January 1. She was born in Bay
                                                                                                                          R.C. Church in Bay Shore, followed by        Shore.
                                                                                                                          interment in the parish cemetery.              Ms. Voss is survived by her niece, Judy
                                                                                                                                                                       Gunther and her husband, Dick; nephew,
                                                                                                                                                                       Alan Mowbray; and many great-nieces
                                                                                                                               Ronald Lopergalo                        and great-nephews.
                                                                                                                            Ronald Lopergalo, 60, of East Islip,         Funeral arrangements were entrusted
                                                                                                                          died on December 31, 2008. He was born       to Overton Funeral Home in Islip. A
                                                                                                                          in Brooklyn.                                 graveside service was held at Oakwood
                                                                                                                            Mr. Lopergalo is survived by his wife,     Cemetery in Bay Shore, followed by
                                                                                                                          Kathy; daughter, Dana Sukow; sons,           interment. ■

                                                                                                                            Be smart! Start the New Year off right
                                      Overcoming “I’m                                                                             with a dental check-up.

                                    afraid of the dentist”                                                                         Toothaches don’t
                                       If you or someone you know is
                                     “afraid of the dentist,” here are a few
                                     steps to help ease those with dental
                                                                               you understand, the less you will be
                                                                                  During the procedure, a simple
                                                                                                                                   have to happen!
                                     anxiety and even those with a dental      raising of your hand will help com-
                                     phobia.                                   municate to the dentist that you are
                                       Today’s dentistry, with the use of      having a problem. They need to stop
                                     newer techniques, can be virtually        the procedure and discuss it. If you
                                     painless. It’s important to visit the     are having pain, you may only need a
                                     dentist before dental discomfort          little more anesthetic. Having a mode
                                     forces you to seek treatment. It is       of communication during a dental
                                     easier to relieve the anxiety when        procedure puts you in control.
                                     you are not in pain.                         As with any professional relation-
                                       Don’t worry about the dentist being     ship, you must have trust in the den-
                                     critical of you not seeking dental        tist treating you not only for dental
                                     care for a long time. No matter how       care, but also for the anxiety care.
                                     bad you may think your situation is,      Start out with simple appointments
                                     the dentist has probably seen worse,      such as an exam. That way, commu-
                                     much worse.                               nication, understanding and trust can                    Stay One Step Ahead Of
                                       One of the most important stress        be built up with each visit. Remem-
                                     relievers is communication. Ask           ber, knowledge and trust give you                  Toothaches With Regular Check-Ups.
                                     questions and tell the dentist what       the power to overcome “being afraid             General/Cosmetic Dentistry • Implant Restoration
                                     you are anxious or phobic about. He       of the dentist,” and reward you with
                                     or she is a professional and is there     a lifetime of smiles.                           We invite you to visit our NEW dental office and inspect our
                                     to listen and help you overcome your         If you have more questions or want
                                     anxiety or phobia, so you can have a      more information, call The Bellport              modern facilities. You will be pleasantly surprised at how
                                     peaceful dental visit. By telling the     Village Dentist, at 286-4243.                   comfortable a dental visit can be with the “state of the art”
                                     dentist what your biggest fear is, he                                                    equipment including digital x-rays available to you, the patient.
                                     or she will be able to discuss it and       This information has been provid-
                                     help you understand it. The more          ed by Dr. Joseph P. Graskemper.                                      Most Insurance Accepted

                                          The Family Medical Page runs once a month in the
                                                                                                                          JOSEPH P. GRASKEMPER, D.D.S.
                                      Long Island Advance, Suffolk County News and Islip Bulletin.                                     The Bellport Village Dentist
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Public Notices                                                                                                                          Islip Bulletin                                                        13

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
      NOTICE OF SALE              I will sell at public auction     mate amount of judgment           THE FORECLOSURE PRO-                                                  interest and costs. Premises
SUPREME COURT: SUF-               at the Islip Town Hall, 655       $328,761.43 plus interest and     CESS. PLEASE READ IT                PROBATE CITATION                  will be sold subject to provi-
FOLK COUNTY. ROSSROCK             Main St., Islip, NY on Jan. 28,   costs. Premises will be sold      CAREFULLY. MORTGAGE                            File No. 2113P2008     sions of filed Judgment Index
FUND II LLP, Pltf. vs. JON        2009 at 9:00 a.m., prem. k/a      subject to provisions of filed    FORECLOSURE IS A COM-                  SURROGATE’S COURT -            #9717/07. Paul M. Dechance,
MAYER, et al, Defts. Index        80 Redington St., Bay Shore,      Judgment Index #22028/07.         PLEX PROCESS. SOME                       SUFFOLK COUNTY               Esq., Referee,
#27994/06. Pursuant to judg-      NY A/K/A District 0500, Sec-      Philip Goglas, Referee,           PEOPLE MAY APPROACH                           CITATION                Steven J. Baum PC, Attor-
ment of foreclosure and sale      tion 368, Block 01, Lot #049      Steven J. Baum PC, Attor-         YOU ABOUT “SAVING”                      THE PEOPLE OF THE             neys for Plaintiff, P.O. Box
entered Oct. 14, 2008, I will     & 050. Lot #49 – All that         neys for Plaintiff, P.O. Box      YOUR        HOME.       YOU            STATE OF NEW YORK,             1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291
sell at public auction at Islip   certain plot, piece or parcel     1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291      SHOULD BE EXTREMELY                   By the Grace of God Free        Dated: 12/23/2008
Town Hall, 655 Main St., Islip,   of land, with the buildings       Dated: 12/19/2008                 CAREFUL ABOUT ANY                          and Independent            IB, 23943, 1/1, 8, 15, 22
NY on Jan. 28, 2009 at 10:00      and improvements thereon          IB, 23935, 12/25 - 1/1, 8,        SUCH PROMISES. THE                  TO: The distributees, heirs at
a.m. prem. k/a 22 2nd Ave.,       erected, situate, lying and       15                                STATE ENCOURAGES YOU                law and next of kin of HER-             NOTICE OF SALE
Bayshore, NY a/k/a lying and      being in the Hamlet of Bay                                          TO BECOME INFORMED                  MAN OHLAND, a/k/a HER-                 SUPREME COURT:
being in the westerly side of     Shore, Town of Islip, County      SUMMONS AND NOTICE                ABOUT YOUR OPTIONS IN               MAN C. OHLAND, deceased,               SUFFOLK COUNTY
Second Ave. at Bay Shore,         of Suffolk and State of NY,       OF OBJECT OF ACTION               FORECLOSURE. THERE                  if any be living; and if any be   U.S. Bank National Associa-
Town of Islip, County of Suf-     known and designated as Lot       STATE OF NEW YORK                 ARE GOVERNMENT AGEN-                dead, their respective dis-       tion, et al., Plaintiff(s)
folk and State of New York,       31, Block 1, on a certain map     SUPREME COURT: COUN-              CIES, LEGAL AID ENTITIES            tributees, heirs at law, next     vs. Carlos Pineda, et al.,
bounded and described as          entitled, “Map of Emma L.         TY OF SUFFOLK ACTION              AND OTHER NON-PROFIT                of kin, legatees, devisees,       Defendant(s)
follows: BEGINNING at a           Lockwood”, and filed in the       TO FORECLOSE A MORT-              ORGANIZATIONS THAT                  executors, administrators,        Attorney (s) for Plaintiff
point on the westerly side        Office of the Clerk of the        GAGE INDEX NO.: 8121/08           YOU MAY CONTACT FOR                 assignees and successors in       (s): ROSICKI, ROSICKI &
of Second Ave., 487.94 ft.        County of Suffolk on Apr. 5,      HOMECOMINGS FINAN-                INFORMATION          ABOUT          interest, all of whose names,     ASSOCIATES, P.C., 2 Sum-
north of the Northerly side       1910 as map # 394. Lot #50        CIAL NETWORK, INC.                FORECLOSURE WHILE YOU               whereabouts and addresses         mit Court, Suite 301, Fishkill
of Montauk Hwy, which said        – Said property located at        Plaintiff, vs. GREGORIO           ARE WORKING WITH YOUR               are unknown and cannot            New York 12524 (845) 897-
point of beginning is also        the NE corner thereof, on         SANCHEZ Defendant(s).             LENDER DURING THIS                  be ascertained with due           1600
the Northeasterly corner          the south side of Redington       Mortgaged Premises: 73            PROCESS. TO LOCATE AN               diligence, being the persons      Pursuant to judgment of
of land now or formerly of        St., 406.92 ft. easterly from     MORTON STREET, BRENT-             ENTITY NEAR YOU, YOU                interested in the estate of       foreclosure and sale entered
Minnie Davidson; RUNNING          the intersection of the south     WOOD, NY 11717 SBL #:             MAY CALL THE TOLL-FREE              HERMAN OHLAND, a/k/               herein on or about December
THENCE from said point of         side of Redington St. and         74.00-4-66 TO THE ABOVE           HELPLINE MAINTAINED                 a HERMAN C. OHLAND,               8, 2008, I will sell at Public
beginning and along lands         the east side of Penataquit       NAMED          DEFENDANT:         BY THE NEW YORK STATE               deceased, as distributees or      Auction to the highest bidder
now or formerly of Minnie         Ave. (legal size of Avenue        You are hereby summoned           BANKING DEPARTMENT                  otherwise.                        at Islip Town Hall, 655 Main
Davidson, South 54 degrees        66.00 ft. wide), being a plot     to answer the Complaint in        AT 1-877-BANK-NYS OR 1-             ATTORNEY GENERAL OF               Street, Islip, NY 11751.
49 minutes 30 seconds west,       90.42 ft. x 125.09 ft. x 85.73    this action, and to serve a       877-226-5697 OR VISIT THE           NEW YORK STATE                    On February 4, 2009 at 10:00
136 ft. to land now or former-    ft. x 125. 00 ft. The above       copy of your answer, or, if       DEPARTMENT’S WEB SITE                   A petition having been        AM
ly of Rushmeyer; THENCE           comprises Lots #27 to 30,         the Complaint is not served       AT WWW.BANKING. STATE.              duly filed by ROBERT M.           Premises known as 15 2nd
along lands now or formerly       inclusive. Approx. amt. of        with this Summons, to serve       NY.US/. THE STATE DOES              FARRELL, SR., who is domi-        Avenue, Central Islip, NY
of Rushmeyer and lands now        judgment is $321,965.18 plus      a notice of appearance, on        NOT GUARANTEE THE                   ciled at 104 Alco Court,          ALL THAT CERTAIN PLOT,
or formerly of Anzel, North       costs and interest. Sold sub-     the Plaintiff(s) attorney(s)      ADVICE OF THESE AGEN-               Stewartstown, Pennsylvania        PIECE, OR PARCEL OF
30 degrees 07 minutes West,       ject to terms and conditions      within twenty days after the      CIES. NOTICE YOU ARE IN             17363-8341.                       LAND, situate, lying and
27.44 ft. to a point; THENCE      of filed judgment and terms       service of this Summons,          DANGER OF LOSING YOUR                   YOU ARE HEREBY CIT-           being in the Town of Islip,
along lands now or formerly       of sale. LOUIS C. ENGLAND,        exclusive of the day of ser-      HOME If you do not respond          ED TO SHOW CAUSE before           County of Suffolk and State
of Anzel, North 43 degrees        Referee. LONG, TUMINEL-           vice (or within 30 days after     to this summons and com-            the Surrogate’s Court, Suf-       of New York, known and
16 minutes 30 seconds West,       LO, BESSO, SELIGMAN &             the service is complete if this   plaint by serving a copy of         folk County, at Riverhead,        designated as Lot Numbers
50.46 ft. to a point; THENCE      WERNER, Attys. for Pltf.,         Summons is not personally         the answer on the attorney          New York, on February 10,         131 and 132 as shown on a
and still along lands now         120 Fourth Ave., Bay Shore,       delivered to you within the       for the mortgage company            2009, at 9:30 o’clock in the      certain map entitled, “Map
or formerly of Anzel, North       NY. #73892                        State of New York). In case       who filed this foreclosure          forenoon of that day, why a       of Slater Park, Central Islip,
41 degrees 12 minutes 30          IB, 23930, 12/25 - 1/1, 8,        of your failure to appear or      proceeding against you and          decree should not be made         Suffolk County, New York,
seconds West, 11.87 ft. to        15                                answer, judgment will be          filing the answer with the          in the estate of HERMAN           owned and developed by
a point and lands now or                                            taken against you by default      court, a default judgment           OHLAND, a/k/a HERMAN              the Suffolk Realty Company,
formerly of Alan John Law-              NOTICE OF SALE              for the relief demanded in        may be entered and you can          C. OHLAND lately domi-            Islip, New York, made by
rence; THENCE along               SUPREME COURT: COUN-              the Complaint. The Attorney       lose your home. Speak to an         ciled at 16 Half Circle Drive,    Claire D. Schlemmer, E.E.,
said land now or formerly         TY OF SUFFOLK - WELLS             for Plaintiff has an office       attorney or go to the court         Holbrook, New York 11741          Islip, New York, and filed in
of Alan John Lawrence,            FARGO BANK, N.A. D/B/             for business in the County        where your case is pending          admitting to probate a Will       the Suffolk County Clerk’s
North 69 degrees 01 minute        A AMERICA’S SERVIC-               of Erie. Trial to be held in      for further information on          dated May 25, 2004, a copy        Office as Map Number 267
East, 147.35 ft. to the West-     ING COMPANY , Plaintiff,          the County of SUFFOLK.            how to answer the summons           of which is attached, as the      on April 30, 1913.
erly side of Second Ave.;         AGAINST RAVIN ROBIN-              The basis of the venue des-       and protect your property.          Will of HERMAN OHLAND,            District: 0500 Section: 120.00
THENCE along the Westerly         SON, ET AL., Defendant(s).        ignated above is the loca-        Sending a payment to your           a/k/a HERMAN C. OHLAND            Block: 04.00 Lot: 017.000
side of Second Ave., South        Pursuant to a judgment of         tion of the Mortgaged Prem-       mortgage company will not           deceased, relating to real        As      more       particularly
34 degrees 18 minutes East,       foreclosure and sale duly         ises. Dated this 17th day of      stop this foreclosure action.       and personal property, and        described in the judgment of
52.97 ft. to the point or place   dated 9/4/2008, I, the under-     December, 2008, Steven J.         YOU MUST RESPOND BY                 directing that Letters Testa-     foreclosure and sale.
of BEGINNING. EXCEPT-             signed Referee will sell at       Baum, P.C., Attorney(s) For       SERVING A COPY OF THE               mentary issue to: ROBERT          Sold subject to all of the
ING therefrom the following       public auction at the Front       Plaintiff(s), 220 Northpointe     ANSWER ON THE ATTOR-                M. FARRELL, SR.                   terms and conditions con-
described parcel: BEGIN-          Steps of Islip Town Hall, 655     Parkway, Suite G, Amherst,        NEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF               Dated, Attested and Sealed        tained in said judgment and
NING at a point on the            Main Street, Islip, NY 11751,     NY 14228 TO: GREGORIO             (MORTGAGE COMPANY)                  December 10, 2008                 terms of sale.
Southerly side of lands for-      New York, on 1/23/2009 at         SANCHEZ, Defendant(s) In          AND FILING THE ANSWER               (Seal)                            Approximate amount of
merly of W.W. Barto Estate,       10:00 AM, premises known          this Action. The foregoing        WITH THE COURT. DATED:                             HON. JOHN M.       judgment $302,776.84 plus
now or formerly Alan John         as 12 KAYMAC STREET,              Summons is served upon            December 17, 2008 Steven J.                         CZYGIER, JR.,     interest and costs.
Lawrence, which said point        BRENTWOOD, NY 11717. All          you by publication, pursuant      Baum, P.C., Attorney(s) For                              Surrogate    INDEX NO. 15526/07
of beginning is distant, South    that certain plot piece or par-   to an order of HON. JOAN          Plaintiff(s), 220 Northpointe                 /s/ Michael Cipillino   Jane E. Conway, Esq.,
69 degrees 01 minute West,        cel of land, with the buildings   M. GENCHI of the Supreme          Parkway, Suite G, Amherst,                MICHAEL CIPOLLINO,          REFEREE
110.80 ft. from the point of      and improvements thereon          Court of the State of New         NY 14228                                               Chief Clerk    IB, 23946, 1/1, 8, 15, 22
intersection of the South-        erected, situate, lying and       York, dated the 24th day of       IB, 23936, 12/25 - 1/1, 8,          EDWIN MILLER, ESQ.
easterly corner of land now       being in the Town of Islip,       September, 2008, and filed        15                                  Attorney for Petitioner                  NOTICE OF SALE
or formerly of Alan John          County of Suffolk and State       with the Complaint in the                                             (631) 265-3960                         SUPREME COURT:
Lawrence and the Westerly         of New York, Section, Block       Office of the SUFFOLK             SUPREME COURT –                     Telephone Number                       SUFFOLK COUNTY
side of Second Ave.; RUN-         and Lot: 163-2-40. Approxi-       County Clerk, in the City         COUNTY OF SUFFOLK                   94 Maple Avenue, P.O. Box         Chase Home Finance, LLC,
NING THENCE from said             mate amount of judgment           of Riverhead. The object of       WELLS FARGO BANK MIN-               901, Smithtown, New York          et al., Plaintiff(s)
point of beginning Southerly      $250,088.91 plus interest and     this action is to foreclose a     NESOTA, NATIONAL ASSO-              11787                             vs. Leo E. Tedesco A/K/A Leo
and along the Easterly side       costs. Premises will be sold      mortgage upon the premises        CIATION, AS TRUSTEE FOR             Address of Attorney               Tedesco, et al., Defendant(s)
of land of Richard Rhodes,        subject to provisions of filed    described below, executed         DELTA FUNDING HOME                  [NOTE: This citation is           Attorney (s) for Plaintiff
19.6 ft. to a point; THENCE       Judgment Index #12027/07.         by GREGORIO SANCHEZ               EQUITY LOAN TRUST 1998-             served upon you as required       (s): ROSICKI, ROSICKI &
Westerly along the South-         Danielle I. Schwager, Esq.,       dated the 30th day of Novem-      3, Plaintiff against                by law. You are not required      ASSOCIATES, P.C., 2 Sum-
erly side of said lands last      Referee,                          ber, 2006, to secure the sum      DENNIS O’ROURKE AND                 to appear. If you fail to         mit Court, Suite 301, Fishkill
mentioned, 20 ft. to a point;     Steven J. Baum PC, Attor-         of $267,200.00, and recorded      ELIZABETH O’ROURKE,                 appear it will be assumed         New York 12524 (845) 897-
THENCE Northerly along            neys for Plaintiff, P.O. Box      at Liber 21465 of Mortgages       Defendant(s).                       you do not object to the          1600
the Westerly side of lands        1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291      at Page 500 in the Office         Pursuant to a Judgment of           relief requested. You have        Pursuant to judgment of
of Richard Rhodes, 19.9 ft.       Dated: 12/18/2008                 of the Clerk of the County        Foreclosure and Sale entered        a right to have an attorney       foreclosure and sale entered
to a point; THENCE Easterly       IB, 23934, 12/25 - 1/1, 8,        of SUFFOLK, on the 29th           on December 3, 2002.                appear for you.]                  herein on or about April 16,
along said lands of Richard       15                                day of January, 2007; which       I, the undersigned Referee          IB, 23938, 1/1, 8, 15, 22         2008, I will sell at Public
Rhodes, 14 ft. to a point;                                          mortgage was duly assigned        will sell at public auction                                           Auction to the highest bidder
THENCE Northerly in a                   NOTICE OF SALE              by an assignment dated Feb-       at the Islip Town Hall, 655               NOTICE OF SALE              at Islip Town Hall, 655 Main
straight line to the South-       SUPREME COURT: COUN-              ruary 22, 2008 and sent for       Main Street, Islip, N.Y. on the     SUPREME COURT: COUN-              Street, Islip, NY 11751.
erly side of lands now or         TY OF SUFFOLK - LASALLE           recording in the Office of        2nd day of February, 2009 at        TY OF SUFFOLK - WELLS             On February 4, 2009 at 10:00
formerly of W.W. Barto, now       BANK NATIONAL ASSOCI-             the Suffolk County Clerk.         11:00 a.m. premises                 FARGO BANK NATION-                AM
or formerly of Alan John          ATION, AS TRUSTEE FOR             The property in question          Beginning at a point on the         AL ASSOCIATION, AS                Premises known as 220
Lawrence; THENCE along            CERTIFICATEHOLDERS                is described as follows: 73       westerly side of Smithtown          TRUSTEE FOR FREMONT               South Gillette Avenue, Bay-
said last mentioned land,         OF BEAR STEARNS ASSET             MORTON STREET, BRENT-             Avenue distant 302.00 feet          INVESTMENT AND LOAN               port, NY
North 69 degrees 01 minute        BACKED SECURITIES I               WOOD, NY 11717 SEE FOL-           northerly from the corner           SABR 2005-FR1 C/O SAXON           ALL that certain plot, piece
East, 5.55 ft. to the point       LLC, ASSET BACKED CER-            LOWING         DESCRIPTION        formed by the intersection          MORTGAGE         SERVICES,        or parcel of land, with the
or place of BEGINNING.            TIFICATES, SERIES 2006-           District 0500, Section 074.00,    of the northerly side of Pearl      INC., Plaintiff, AGAINST          buildings and improvements
Approx. amt. of judgment          HE10 C/O EMC MORTGAGE             Block 04.00 and Lot 066.000       Street with the westerly            PATRICIA HEINS, ET AL.,           thereon erected, situate,
is $304,050.43, plus costs        CORPORATION, Plaintiff,           ALL that certain plot, piece      side of Smithtown Avenue            Defendant(s). Pursuant to a       lying and being in the Ham-
and interest. Sold subject to     AGAINST TODD ROOT, ET             or parcel of land, with the       being a plot of 184.00 feet by      judgment of foreclosure and       let of Bayport, Town of Islip,
terms and conditions of filed     AL., Defendant(s). Pursuant       buildings and improvements        109.34 feet by 184.00 feet by       sale duly dated 9/15/2008, I,     County of Suffolk and State
judgment and terms of sale.       to a judgment of foreclosure      thereon erected, situate, lying   109.00 feet.                        the undersigned Referee will      of New York.
JAMES T. REYNOLDS, Ref-           and sale duly dated 9/23/2008,    and being in the Town of          Said premises known as              sell at public auction at the     District: 0500 Section: 412.00
eree. CULLEN AND DYK-             I, the undersigned Referee        Islip, County of Suffolk and      1000 Smithtown Avenue,              Front Steps of Islip Town         Block: 04.00 Lot: 007.000
MAN LLP, Attys. for Pltf.,        will sell at public auction at    State of New York, known          Bohemia, N.Y.                       Hall, 655 Main Street, Islip,     As      more       particularly
100 Quentin Roosevelt Blvd.,      the Front Steps of Islip Town     and designated as Lots 56,        (Section: 234.00, Block:            NY 11751, New York, on            described in the judgment of
Garden City, NY. File No.         Hall, 655 Main Street, Islip,     57 and 58, Block 123 on a         01.00, Lot: 022.002).               2/4/2009 at 12:30 PM, prem-       foreclosure and sale.
1407056462 - #73949               NY 11751, New York, on            certain map entitled, “Map        Approximate amount of lien          ises known as 130 BROOK           Sold subject to all of the
IB, 23926, 12/25 - 1/1, 8,        1/26/2009 at 9:30 AM, prem-       of Brentwood Park Improve-        $ 148,050.48 plus interest          STREET, BAY SHORE, NY             terms and conditions con-
15                                ises known as 14 ACADE-           ment Company” and filed in        and costs.                          11706. All that certain plot      tained in said judgment and
                                  MY LANE, OAKDALE, NY              the Office of the Clerk of the    Premises will be sold subject       piece or parcel of land, with     terms of sale.
     NOTICE OF SALE               11769. All that certain plot      County of Suffolk on Febru-       to provisions of filed judg-        the buildings and improve-        Approximate amount of
SUPREME COURT: SUF-               piece or parcel of land, with     ary 5,1889 as Map No. 45.         ment and terms of sale.             ments thereon erected, situ-      judgment $351,247.27 plus
FOLK COUNTY. WALTER               the buildings and improve-        Premises known as 73 Mor-         Index No. 04134/02. Annette         ate, lying and being in the       interest and costs.
HAWRYS AND SHIRLEY                ments thereon erected, situ-      ton Street, Brentwood, New        Eaderesto, Esq., Referee.           Town of ISLIP, County of          INDEX NO. 9332/07
LONG, Pltf. vs. VCH CON-          ate, lying and being in the       York HELP FOR HOMEOWN-            DeRose & Surico                     Suffolk and State of New          Nicole A. Palumbo, Esq.,
TRACTING LLC, et al Defts.        Town of ISLIP, County of          ERS IN FORECLOSURE                Attorney(s) for Plaintiff           York, Section, Block and          REFEREE
Index #06-16988. Pursuant         Suffolk and State of New          NEW YORK STATE LAW                213-44 38th Avenue                  Lot: 293.00-01.00-133.000.        IB, 23947, 1/1, 8, 15, 22
to judgment of foreclosure        York, Section, Block and          REQUIRES THAT WE SEND             Bayside, N.Y. 11361                 Approximate amount of
and sale dated Feb. 20, 2008,     Lot: 380.00-01-127. Approxi-      YOU THIS NOTICE ABOUT             IB, 23937, 1/1, 8, 15, 22           judgment $331,235.79 plus           Please turn to next page
14 Public Notices                                                                                                                                                          Islip Bulletin

Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
                                          NOTICE OF SALE                        CITATION                 DON, LLP, Attys. for Pltf.,      Judgment Index #11847/07.          IB, 23970, 1/15                      II. General Information
                                         SUPREME COURT:                   THE PEOPLE OF THE              20 West Main St., Bay Shore,     Wayne J. Schaefer, Esq., Ref-                                           III. The Selection Pro-
                                         SUFFOLK COUNTY                  STATE OF NEW YORK,              NY. File No. 22296 - #74024      eree,                                    NOTICE OF SALE                 cess
                                    WELLS FARGO BANK                    By the Grace of God Free         IB, 23957, 1/8, 15, 22, 29       Steven J. Baum PC, Attor-          SUPREME COURT: SUF-                  IV. RFP Procedures
                                    NA TRUSTEE POOLING                       and Independent                                              neys for Plaintiff, P.O. Box       FOLK COUNTY. GRP LOAN,               V. Proposal Format and
                                    AND SERVICING AGREE-                           FILED                       NOTICE OF SALE             1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291       LLC, Pltf. vs. JEROME PIC-           Contents
                                    MENT DATED AS OF MAY                 SURROGATE’S COURT               SUPREME COURT: COUN-             Dated: 12/29/2008                  CIONE, et al, Defts. Index           APPENDIX A: New York
                                    1, 2005 ASSET-BACKED                   SUFFOLK COUNTY                TY OF SUFFOLK - BANK OF          IB, 23960, 1/8, 15, 22, 29         #07-10377. Pursuant to judg-         State Energy Law
                                    PASS- THROUGH CERTIFI-                     DEC. 19 2008              NEW YORK AS TRUSTEE                                                 ment of foreclosure and sale         APPENDIX B: Chapter
                                    CATES SERIES 2005-WHQ3,               MICHAEL CIPOLLINO              FOR THE CERTIFICATE-                   NOTICE OF SALE               dated July 30, 2008, I will          436 of the Laws of 1997
                                    Plaintiff(s)                              CHIEF CLERK                HOLDERS OF CWABS, INC.           SUPREME COURT: COUN-               sell at public auction at Is-        APPENDIX C: Regula-
                                    vs. BRIAN EBBECKE, et al.,        TO the distributees, heirs at      ASSET-BACKED CERTIFI-            TY OF SUFFOLK - U.S. BANK          lip Town Hall, 655 Main St.,         tions of the Commis-
                                    Defendant(s)                      law and next of kin of Wil-        CATES, SERIES 2006-14 ,          NATIONAL ASSOCIATION               Islip, NY on Feb. 19, 2009           sioner of Education
                                    Attorney (s) for Plaintiff (s):   liam C. McGann a/k/a Wil-          Plaintiff, AGAINST RICK          C/O AMERICA’S SERVIC-              at 9:00 a.m. prem. k/a 175           (8NYCRR §155.20)
                                    ROSICKI, ROSICKI & ASSO-          liam McGann, deceased, if          KLEMME, A/K/A RICK               ING COMPANY, Plaintiff,            Dougherty Ave., Holbrook,            APPENDIX D: Energy
                                    CIATES, P.C., 51 E. Beth-         any be living; and if any be       KLEMME, III, ET AL. ,            AGAINST DIANE THOMAS,              NY. Said property located on         Data
                                    page Road, Plainview New          dead, their respective dis-        Defendant(s). Pursuant to a      ET AL., Defendant(s). Pursu-       the northerly side of Dough-         APPENDIX E: 2007-2008
                                    York 11803 516-741-2585           tributees, heirs at law, next      judgment of foreclosure and      ant to a judgment of fore-         erty Ave. 100 ft. westerly           Five Year Capital Facili-
                                    Pursuant to judgment of           of kin, legatees, devisees,        sale duly dated 10/6/2008, I,    closure and sale duly dated        from its intersection with the       ties Plan
                                    foreclosure and sale granted      executors, administrators,         the undersigned Referee will     9/30/2008, I, the undersigned      westerly side of Coates Ave.,        APPENDIX F: AHERA
                                    herein on or about Septem-        assigns and successors in          sell at public auction at the    Referee will sell at public        and from said point of begin-        Triennial Reports
                                    ber 29, 2008, I will sell at      interest, all of whose names,      Islip Town Hall, 655 Main        auction at the Front Steps         ning, being a plot 60 ft. x 100      APPENDIX G: General
                                    Public Auction to the high-       whereabouts and addresses          Street, Islip, New York, on      of Islip Town Hall, 655 Main       ft. Approx. amt. of judgment         Information
                                    est bidder at ISLIP TOWN          are unknown and cannot be          2/5/2009 at 1:15 PM, prem-       Street, Islip, NY 11751, New       is $395,349.12 plus costs and     IB, 23972, 1/15
                                    HALL, 655 MAIN STREET,            ascertained with due dili-         ises known as 447 BAYPORT        York, on 2/5/2009 at 10:00         interest. Sold subject to
                                    ISLIP, NY 11751.                  gence, being any persons           AVENUE, BAYPORT, NY              AM, premises known as              terms and conditions of filed      SUPREME COURT –
                                    On February 4, 2009 at 9:00       interested in the estate of        11705. All that certain plot     1289 Connetquot Avenue,            judgment and terms of sale.       COUNTY OF SUFFOLK
                                    AM                                William C. McGann a/k/a            piece or parcel of land, with    CENTRAL ISLIP, NY 11722.           PHILIP GOGLAS, Referee.           HOUSEHOLD FINANCE RE-
                                    Premises known as 458 Rich-       William McGann, deceased,          the buildings and improve-       All that certain plot piece        SOLFERINO & SOLFERINO,            ALTY CORPORATION OF
                                    mond Boulevard, Ronkonko-         as distributees or otherwise.      ments thereon erected, situ-     or parcel of land, with the        LLP, Attys. for Pltf., 15 Ros-    NEW YORK, Plaintiff against
                                    ma, NY 11779                          A petition having been         ate, lying and being in the      buildings and improvements         lyn Rd., Mineola, NY. #74041      MIGDALIA RIVERA A/K/A
                                    ALL that certain plot, par-       duly filed by John F. Castel-      Town of ISLIP, County of         thereon erected, situate,          IB, 23971, 1/15, 22, 29 -         MIGDALIA VACA; JUAN J.
                                    cel, piece of land with the       lano, who is domiciled at 52       Suffolk and State of New         lying and being in Central         2/5                               VACA A/K/A JUAN VACA, et
                                    buildings and improvements        Meadow Street, Garden City,        York, Section, Block and Lot:    Islip, in the Town of Islip,                                         al Defendant(s).
                                    thereon erected, situate, lying   NY 11530.                          309.00-04-80.001. Approxi-       County of Suffolk and State            CENTRAL ISLIP UFSD            Pursuant to a Judgment of
                                    and being at Lake Ronkonk-            YOU ARE HEREBY CIT-            mate amount of judgment          of New York, Section, Block         NOTICE TO ENERGY SER-            Foreclosure and Sale entered
                                    oma, Town of Islip, County        ED TO SHOW CAUSE before            $461,296.88 plus interest and    and Lot: 101.00-02.00-016.002.          VICES COMPANIES              on October 5, 2007.
                                    of Suffolk and State of New       the Surrogate’s Court, SUF-        costs. Premises will be sold     Approximate amount of               GENERAL INFORMATION              I, the undersigned Referee
                                    York, and being a part of         FOLK County, at 320 CEN-           subject to provisions of filed   judgment $373,552.02 plus           AND REQUEST FOR PRO-             will sell at public auction
                                    Lot Number 6, on a certain        TER DR., RIVERHEAD, NY             Judgment Index #11460/07.        interest and costs. Premises                   POSALS                at the Islip Town Hall, 655
                                    map entitled, “Map of Lake        11935, New York, on Febru-         Donald S. Sullivan, Referee,     will be sold subject to pro-       FOR AN ENERGY PROJECT             Main Street, Islip, N.Y. on the
                                    Ronkonkoma Farms” and             ary 24, 2009, at 9:30 o’clock      Steven J. Baum PC, Attor-        visions of filed Judgment          The Central Islip UFSD is         19th day of February, 2009 at
                                    Lots #17, 18, 19 and part of      in the forenoon of that day,       neys for Plaintiff, P.O. Box     Index #18240/07. Ralph W.          issuing this Request for Pro-     2:30 p.m. premises
                                    20 Block 1, on a certain map      why a decree should not be         1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291     Crafa Esq, Referee,                posals (RFP) for the selec-       Beginning at the corner
                                    entitled, “Map of Lakeview        made in the estate of William      Dated: 12/29/2008                Steven J. Baum PC, Attor-          tion of an energy services        formed by the intersection of
                                    Terrace, a Richmond Gar-          C. McGann lately domiciled         IB, 23958, 1/8, 15, 22, 29       neys for Plaintiff, P.O. Box       company (ESCO) to imple-          the northerly side of Philip
                                    dens Development,” which          at 27 Chase Lane, Sayville,                                         1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291       ment a comprehensive ener-        Street with the westerly side
                                    map was filed in the Suffolk      NY 11782 admitting to pro-               NOTICE OF SALE             Dated: 12/29/2008                  gy plan for the Public School     of Coates Avenue; being a
                                    County Clerk’s Office as Map      bate a Will dated February         SUPREME COURT: COUN-             IB, 23961, 1/8, 15, 22, 29         District facilities identified     plot 100 feet by 100 feet by
                                    Number 126 on the 18th of         8, 2006 (a Codicil dated___,       TY OF SUFFOLK - LASALLE                                             below.                            100 feet by 100 feet.
                                    November, 1926.                   a copy of which is attached,       BANK, N.A., AS TRUSTEE                 NOTICE OF SALE               Sealed Proposals must be re-      Said premises known as 199
                                    District: 0500 Section: 010.00    as the Will of William C.          FOR THE MLMI TRUST               SUPREME COURT. SUF-                ceived no later than:             Philip Street, Holbrook, N.Y.
                                    Block: 02.00 Lot: 046.008         McGann deceased, relating          SERIES 2007-HE1 C/O              FOLK COUNTY.          WELLS           Tuesday, March 17, 2009        Tax account number: SBL
                                    As     more      particularly     to real and personal prop-         WILSHIRE CREDIT CORPO-           FARGO BANK, N.A., AS                          – 3:00 P.M.            # : 107.00-03.00-089.001, Dis-
                                    described in the judgment of      erty, and directing that           RATION, Plaintiff, AGAINST       TRUSTEE FOR MASTR                  An original and four (4) cop-     trict: 089.001.
                                    foreclosure and sale.             [X] Letters Testamentary           TERESA FLORES, ET AL. ,          ASSET BACKED SECURI-               ies of the proposal are re-       Approximate amount of lien
                                    Sold subject to all of the        Issue to: John F. Castellano       Defendant(s). Pursuant to a      TIES TRUST 2004-OPT2,              quired. To prevent opening        $ 349,561.73 plus interest and
                                    terms and conditions con-         & Jeanne Marie Lynch               judgment of foreclosure and      Pltf. vs. MARY ABRAHAM             by unauthorized individuals,      costs.
                                    tained in said judgment and       Dated, Attested and Sealed         sale duly dated 8/21/2008, I,    AS SOLE HEIR TO THE                your proposal should be           Premises will be sold subject
                                    terms of sale.                    December 19, 2008                  the undersigned Referee will     ESTATE OF LUCIENE                  identified on the envelope or      to provisions of filed judg-
                                    Approximate amount of             [SEAL]                             sell at public auction at the    ABRAHAM, et al, Defts.             other wrapper as follows:         ment and terms of sale.
                                    judgment $464,692.04 plus                        HON. JOHN M.        Islip Town Hall, 655 Main        Index #06-04835. Pursuant            Proposal - Energy Project       Index No. 06-13606. Armand
                                    interest and costs.                               CZYGIER, JR.,      Street, Islip, New York, on      to judgment of foreclosure           for the Central Islip UFSD      Araujo, Esq., Referee.
                                    INDEX NO. 6029/07                                     Surrogate      2/10/2009 at 11:00 AM, prem-     and sale dated Sept. 2, 2008,          Proposals should be ad-       McCabe, Weisberg, & Con-
                                    GARY WALDVOGEL, Esq.,                      /s/ Michael Cipollino     ises known as 415 AMERI-         I will sell at public auction          dressed to:                   way
                                    REFEREE                                 MICHAEL CIPOLLINO,           CAN BOULEVARD, BRENT-            at Islip Town Hall, 655 Main           Mr. Norman Wagner             Attorney(s) for Plaintiff
                                    IB, 23948, 1/1, 8, 15, 22                                  Clerk     WOOD, NY 11717. All that         St., Islip, on Feb. 6, 2009            Administrative Assistant      145 Huguenot Street - Suite
                                                                      Henry C. Tanck,                    certain plot piece or parcel     at 9:30 a.m. prem. k/a 172             for Operations                401
                                           NOTICE OF SALE             Vollmer & Tanck, P.C.              of land, with the buildings      Timberline Dr., Brentwood,             Central Islip UFSD            New Rochelle, New York
                                         SUPREME COURT:               Attorney for Petitioner            and improvements thereon         NY a/k/a Section 185.00,               50 Wheeler Road               10801
                                         SUFFOLK COUNTY               516 870-0335                       erected, situate, lying and      Block 01.00, Lot 057.000,              Central Islip, NY 11722       (914) 636-8900
                                    JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.,        Telephone Number                   being in the Town of ISLIP,      District 0500. Approx. amt.         Proposals may be mailed or       IB, 23973, 1/15, 22, 29 -
                                    et al., Plaintiff(s)              500 North Broadway, Suite          County of Suffolk and State      of judgment is $230,359.73                 hand delivered.           2/5
                                    vs. Hector G. Soto, et al.,       149, Jericho, NY 11753             of New York, Section, Block      plus costs and interest. Sold      The District will conduct a
                                    Defendant(s)                      Address of Attorney                and Lot: 203.00-3-14. Approx-    subject to terms and condi-        kick-off meeting and discus-      SUPREME COURT –
                                    Attorney (s) for Plaintiff        [NOTE: This citation is            imate amount of judgment         tions of filed judgment and        sion of the facilities included   COUNTY OF SUFFOLK
                                    (s): ROSICKI, ROSICKI &           served upon you as required        $384,544.12 plus interest and    terms of sale and the right of     in this RFP on Thursday, Jan-     WELLS FARGO BANK, NA-
                                    ASSOCIATES, P.C., 2 Sum-          by law. You are not required       costs. Premises will be sold     the United States of America       uary 22, 2009. The pre-pro-       TIONAL ASSOCIATION, AS
                                    mit Court, Suite 301, Fishkill    to appear. If you fail to          subject to provisions of filed   to redeem within 120 days          posal conference will be held     TRUSTEE FOR HSBC BANK
                                    New York 12524 (845) 897-         appear it will be assumed          Judgment Index #9715/07.         from the sale as provided by       at 50 Wheeler Road, Central       USA, NA 2005-HE1 BY: SAX-
                                    1600                              you do not object to the           Victor Levin, Referee,           law. PHILIP GOGLAS, Ref-           Islip, NY 11722. District of-     ON MORTGAGE SERVICES,
                                    Pursuant to judgment of           relief requested. You have         Steven J. Baum PC, Attor-        eree. FRENKEL LAMBERT              ficials will be present to an-     INC. F/K/A MERITECH
                                    foreclosure and sale entered      a right to have an attorney        neys for Plaintiff, P.O. Box     WEISS WEISMAN & GOR-               swer questions regarding the      MORTGAGE           SERVICES,
                                    herein on or about October        appear for you.]                   1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291     DON, LLP, Attys. for Pltf.,        RFP and the project. ESCOs        INC. AS THEIR ATTORNEY-
                                    28, 2008, I will sell at Public   IB, 23950, 1/8, 15, 22, 29         Dated: 12/29/2008                20 West Main St., Bay Shore,       interested in obtaining a set     IN-FACT, Plaintiff against
                                    Auction to the highest bidder                                        IB, 23959, 1/8, 15, 22, 29       NY. File #20133 #73991             of the Proposal documents         RUDOLPH NAVARRO, et al
                                    at Islip Town Hall, 655 Main            NOTICE OF SALE                                                IB, 23962, 1/8, 15, 22, 29         (Instructions and Condi-          Defendant(s).
                                    Street, Islip, NY 11751.          SUPREME COURT: SUF-                       NOTICE OF SALE                                               tions) attending the confer-      Pursuant to a Judgment of
                                    On January 29, 2009 at 3:00       FOLK COUNTY. DEUTSCHE              SUPREME COURT: COUNTY             INCORPORATED VILLAGE              ence should contact ECG           Foreclosure and Sale en-
                                    PM                                BANK NATIONAL TRUST                OF SUFFOLK - DEUTSCHE                 OF OCEAN BEACH                Engineering, at (631) 360-        tered on May 21, 2008.
                                    Premises known as 15 Haw-         COMPANY, AS TRUSTEE                BANK NATIONAL TRUST                  NOTICE TO BIDDERS              0006 no later than Wednes-        I, the undersigned Referee
                                    ley Avenue, West Islip, NY        OF AMERIQUEST MORT-                COMPANY, AS TRUSTEE                  NOTICE IS HEREBY               day, January 21, 2009.            will sell at public auction at
                                    ALL THAT CERTAIN PLOT,            GAGE SECURITIES, INC.              FOR ENCORE CREDIT                GIVEN that sealed bids will        Following the conference,         the front steps of the Islip
                                    PIECE, OR PARCEL OF               ASSET BACKED PASS                  RECEIVABLES           TRUST      be received and publicly           arrangements can be made          Town Hall, 655 Main Street,
                                    LAND, with the buildings          THROUGH CERTIFICATES               2005-4 C/O SELECT PORT-          read by the Incorporated Vil-      for additional visits to the      Islip, N.Y. on the 13th day of
                                    and improvements thereon          SERIES 2005-R1, UNDER              FOLIO SERVICING, Plain-          lage of Ocean Beach, Village       site for the purpose of gath-     February, 2009 at 9:00 a.m.
                                    erected, situate, lying and       THE POOLING AND SER-               tiff, AGAINST EVANGELINA         Office, Cottage Walk and Bay        ering additional information      premises Beginning at the
                                    being on the northerly side       VICING          AGREEMENT          CRUZ, ET AL., Defendant(s).      Walk, P.O. Box 457, Ocean          by contacting Mr. Norman          corner formed by this inter-
                                    of Hawley Avenue, West            DATED AS OF FEBRU-                 Pursuant to a judgment of        Beach, Suffolk County, New         Wagner, Administrative As-        section of the easterly side
                                    Islip, County of Suffolk and      ARY 1, 2005, WITHOUT               foreclosure and sale duly        York 11770, at 11:00 a.m. on       sistant for Operations at         of Lowell Avenue (Centre
                                    State of New York.                RECOURSE, Pltf. vs. TER-           dated 6/4/2008, I, the under-    Thursday, January 22, 2009         (631) 348-5013.                   Avenue) with the southerly
                                    District: 0500 Section: 454.00    RANCE KELLY, et al, Defts.         signed Referee will sell at      for the following:                 The District reserves the         side of Willow Street; being
                                    Block: 02.00 Lot: 009.000         Index #06-31756. Pursuant          public auction at the Front            1997 Ford Expedition,        right to amend the RFP            a plot 100 feet by 100 feet by
                                    As      more       particularly   to order vacating judgment         Steps of Islip Town Hall, 655     VIN #1FMFU18LOVLA91727            based on questions and is-        100 feet by 100 feet.
                                    described in the judgment of      of foreclosure and sale and        Main Street, Islip, NY 11751,         IN THE CONDITION AS           sues raised prior to and at       Said premises known as 2
                                    foreclosure and sale.             new judgment of foreclosure        New York, on 2/5/2009 at         IS AND FROM WHERE IT IS            the pre-proposal conference.      Willow Street, Central Islip,
                                    Sold subject to all of the        and sale dated Aug. 25, 2008,      11:00 AM, premises known            CURRENTLY LOCATED               ESCOs participating in the        N.Y. 11722.
                                    terms and conditions con-         I will sell at public auction at   as 225 HILLTOP DRIVE,            The vehicle can be viewed          RFP will receive any such         Tax account number: SBL
                                    tained in said judgment and       Islip Town Hall, 655 Main St.,     BRENTWOOD, NY 11717.             by contacting the Village          amendments in writing.            #: 142.00-02.00-060.000. Dis-
                                    terms of sale.                    Islip, NY on Feb. 11, 2009 at      All that certain plot piece      Administrator or the Super-        If you have any questions         trict: 0500.
                                    Approximate amount of             2:00 p.m. prem. k/a 3 Joyce        or parcel of land, with the      intendent of Public Works,         concerning this Request           Approximate amount of lien
                                    judgment $362,318.35 plus         Dr., Hauppauge, NY a/k/a           buildings and improvements       Village Hall, Ocean Beach,         for Proposal, or to reserve       $ 245,202.43 plus interest and
                                    interest and costs.               Section 040.00, Block 01.00,       thereon erected, situate,        631-583-5940. Payment for          a place at the pre-proposal       costs.
                                    INDEX NO. 15166/07                Lot 021.000, District 0500.        lying and being in the Town      the purchase of said vehicle       conference, please contact        Premises will be sold subject
                                    Elsie Acevedo, Esq.,              Approx. amt. of judgment is        of Islip, County of Suffolk      shall be cash or certified          Mr. David Newman of ECG           to provisions of filed judg-
                                    REFEREE                           $462,715.90 plus costs and         and State of New York, Sec-      check only. Purchaser shall        Engineering, LLC. at (631)        ment and terms of sale.
                                    IB, 23949, 1/1, 8, 15, 22         interest. Sold subject to          tion, Block and Lot: 203.00-     remove vehicle no later than       360-0006.                         Index No. 27736/07. Philip
                                                                      terms and conditions of filed      04.00-059.000.      Approxi-     11:00 a.m. on Friday, Febru-       Enclosures: PROPOSAL              Goglas, Esq., Referee.
                                    PROBATE CITATION                  judgment and terms of sale.        mate amount of judgment          ary 6, 2009.                       INSTRUCTIONS AND CON-             Fein Such & Crane, LLP
                                           File No. 2291P2008         KENNETH M. SEIDELL, Ref-           $336,565.87 plus interest and    Dated: December 18, 2008           DITIONS                           Attorney(s) for Plaintiff
                                     SURROGATE’S COURT-               eree. FRENKEL LAMBERT              costs. Premises will be sold     Mary Anne Minerva                      I. Introduction and Back-     747 Chestnut Ridge Road
                                       SUFFOLK COUNTY                 WEISS WEISMAN & GOR-               subject to provisions of filed   Administrator                          ground                          Please turn to next page
Public Notices                                                                                                                             Islip Bulletin                                                          15

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
Suite 200                           at Liber 21271 of Mortgages      NEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF                    NOTICE OF SALE                     03.00-030.000)                     to leave 2 sheds; Shed
Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. 10977          at Page 441 in the Office of      (MORTGAGE COMPANY)                 SUPREME COURT: SUF-                  7:00 p.m. - THOMAS B. KEL-             1 - having zero building
“If the sale is set aside for any   the Clerk of the County of       AND FILING THE ANSWER              FOLK COUNTY. GRP LOAN,                   LY - permission to leave           separation instead of
reason, the Purchaser at the        SUFFOLK, on the 5th day          WITH THE COURT. DATED:             LLC, Pltf. vs. ANYELUZ                   pond having side yard              required 6 feet; Shed 2
sale shall be entitled only to      of April, 2006; Said mort-       January 7, 2009 Steven J.          GARCIA, et al, Defts. Index              of 13 feet and rear yard           - having side yard of 0.2
a return of the deposit paid.       gage is to be assigned by an     Baum, P.C., Attorney(s) For        #06-33740. Pursuant to judg-             of 16 feet instead of re-          foot and rear yard of 2
The Purchaser shall have no         Assignment to be recorded        Plaintiff(s), 220 Northpointe      ment of foreclosure and sale             quired 18 feet each, Res.          feet instead of required
further recourse against the        in the Office of the Clerk of     Parkway, Suite G, Amherst,         dated Dec. 12, 2008, I will              AA District, west side of          4 feet each, all having
Mortgagor, the Mortgagee, or        SUFFOLK County. The prop-        NY 14228                           sell at public auction at Is-            Greenbelt Parkway (#20)            floor area ratio of 35.2%
the Mortgagee’s attorney.”          erty in question is described    IB, 23976, 1/15, 22, 29 -          lip Town Hall, 655 Main St.,             808.51 feet south of Pa-           instead of permitted 25%,
IB, 23974, 1/15, 22, 29 -           as follows: 111 LOUISANA         2/5                                Islip, NY on Feb. 18, 2009               tchogue Holbrook Road,             Res. A District, west side
2/5                                 AVENUE, BAY SHORE, NY                                               at 2:00 p.m. prem. k/a 130               Holbrook, NY (0500-                of Mariner Circle (#18),
                                    11706 SEE FOLLOWING                    NOTICE OF SALE               Hilltop Dr., Brentwood, NY.              177.00-03.00-002.000)              329.61 feet south of Drift-
      NOTICE OF SALE                DESCRIPTION District 0500,       SUPREME COURT – COUN-              Said property located on             7:15 p.m. - ROBERT W. and              wood Drive, West Islip,
SUPREME COURT: COUN-                Section 269.00, Block 01.00      TY OF SUFFOLK. Mortgage            the westerly side of Hilltop             KRISTINE VONDERAHE                 NY (0500-478.00-03.00-
TY OF SUFFOLK - WELLS               and Lot 054.000 ALL that         Electronic         Registration    Dr. (Nobile Blvd.), 424.70 ft.           - permission to erect de-          063.000)
FARGO HOME MORTGAGE,                certain plot, piece or parcel    Systems, Inc. as nominee           southerly from the corner                tached garage having           7:30 p.m. - TITO and AMAN-
INC., Plaintiff, AGAINST            of land, with the buildings      for GreenPoint Mortgage            formed by the intersection of            floor area ratio of 28%             DA GARCIA - permis-
MARIO CONTRERAS, ET                 and improvements thereon         Funding,      Inc.,    Plaintiff   the westerly side of Hilltop             instead of permitted 25%,          sion to leave roofed-over
AL., Defendant(s). Pursuant         erected, situate, lying and      against Patricia Miller, et al.,   Dr. (Nobile Blvd.) with the              Res. B District, west side         porch having side yard
to a judgment of foreclosure        being in Bay Shore, Town of      Defendant(s). Pursuant to          southerly side of Robin Hill             of Monell Avenue (#42),            of 13.1 feet instead of
and sale entered herein and         Islip, County of Suffolk and     a judgment of foreclosure          Pl. (3rd St.), being a plot 90           410.28 feet south of               required 14 feet, to leave
dated November 26, 2008,            State of New York, known         and sale entered herein and        ft. x 100 ft. Approx. amt. of            Montauk Highway, Islip,            roofed-over patio addi-
I, the undersigned Referee          and designated as and by         dated July 15, 2005, I, the un-    judgment is $288,240.35 plus             NY (0500-370.00-03.00-             tion to detached garage
will sell at public auction at      the Lot No. 2287 to 2289         dersigned Referee will sell at     costs and interest. Sold sub-            047.000)                           having side yard of 4.3
the Front Steps of Islip Town       inclusive on a certain map       public auction at the front        ject to terms and conditions         7:15 p.m. - 2003 HEYWARD               feet instead of required
Hall, 655 Main Street, Islip,       entitled, “Map of Oakdale        steps of the Islip Town Hall,      of filed judgment and terms               STREET CORP. - permis-             10 feet, all having floor
County of SUFFOLK, State            Park, Section 3” and filed        655 Main Street, Islip, Coun-      of sale. LAURA EWALL, Ref-               sion to erect one story            area ratio of 33% instead
of New York, on February 18,        in the Office of the Clerk of     ty of SUFFOLK, State of New        eree. SOLFERINO & SOLF-                  building having front              of permitted 25%, Res.
2009 at 9:30 AM, premises on        the County of Suffolk on De-     York, on February 18, 2009 at      ERINO, LLP, Attys. for Pltf.,            yard setback of 15.5 feet          A District, east side of
the easterly side of Central        cember 12, 1903, as Map No.      9:00 AM, premises described        15 Roslyn Rd., Mineola, NY.              instead of required 25             Woodland Drive, (#39),
Avenue, 1971.75 feet north          480 bounded and described        as follows: ALL that certain       #74076                                   feet, Bus 1 District, south        109.04 feet north of Dixie
of Church Street, being a           as follows: BEGINNING at         plot, piece or parcel of land,     IB, 23978, 1/15, 22, 29 -                side of Heyward Street,            Lane, East Islip, NY (0500-
plot 91.00 feet by 239.00 feet      a point on the Northerly side    with the buildings and im-         2/5                                      (#2003), 100 feet east of          372.00-05.00-053.001)
and known as 299 Central            of Louisiana Avenue, distant     provements thereon erected,                                                 Jefferson Avenue, Brent-       7:45 p.m. - ROBERT A. and
Avenue, BOHEMIA, Town               125 feet Easterly from the       situate, lying and being in         INCORPORATED VILLAGE                    wood, NY (0500-074.00-             FAITH L. PITINO - per-
of Islip, State of New York.        corner formed by the inter-      the Town of Islip. County              OF BRIGHTWATERS                      01.00-030.001)                     mission to leave enclosed
Approximate amount of lien          section of the said Northerly    of Suffolk and State of New           NOTICE OF ADOPTION                7:15 p.m. - ROBERT and                 porch having rear yard of
$335,065.31 plus interest and       side of Louisiana Avenue         York, known and designated             NOTICE IS HEREBY                     GLADYS DECOSTANZO                  14 feet instead of required
costs. Premises will be sold        with the Easterly side of        as and by the Lot No. 56’ on       GIVEN that the Board of                  - permission to leave              25 feet, to leave shed hav-
subject to provisions of filed       Brentwood Road; RUNNING          a certain map entitled Park        Trustees of the Inc. Village             roofed over porch and              ing building separation of
Judgment Index Number               THENCE Easterly along the        Row Townhomes Section 1,           of Brightwaters held a public            deck having second front           1 foot instead of required
07/24882. Dated: January 5,         Northerly side of Louisiana      dated November 1990 and            hearing on Monday, January               yard of 16.85 feet instead         6 feet, to leave pool patio
2009. Keith O’Halloran, Esq.,       Avenue, 75 feet; THENCE          filed in the Office of the Clerk     5, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. at Village          of 30 feet and to leave            having rear yard of 1 foot
Referee,                            Northerly at right angles to     of the County of Suffolk on        Hall, 40 Seneca Drive, Bright-           shed having second front           instead of required 6 feet
ZAVATSKY, MENDELSOHN,               Louisiana Avenue, 100 feet;      March 19, 1991, as Map No.         waters, NY and adopted local             yard 32 feet instead of            and to leave 6-foot fence
GROSS, SAVINO & LEVY,               THENCE Westerly paral-           9077 and more particularly         law #1 of 2009 to amend sec-             required 35 feet, Res. A           having second front yard
LLP, Attorney for Plaintiff         lel with Louisiana Avenue,       described as follows: BE-          tion 128-3 of the Brightwa-              District, northwest cor-           of 0.8 foot instead of re-
P.O. Box 510, 33 Queens             75 feet; THENCE Southerly        GINNING at the southwest           ters Code to redefine a “sink”            ner of Pequot Lane (#90)           quired 10 feet, Res. A
Street, Syosset, NY 11791-          again at right angles to Loui-   corner of Lot 56 on the map        as constituting evidence of a            and Manistee Lane, East            District, northwest cor-
0510                                siana Avenue, 100 feet to the    herein are the following six       kitchen.                                 Islip, NY (0500-399.00-            ner of Nineteenth Avenue
IB, 23975, 1/15, 22, 29 -           Northerly side of Louisiana      courses and distances from             Interested persons may               02.00-058.000)                     (#4) and Peconic Street,
2/5                                 Avenue, the point or place       the corner formed by the           obtain a copy of the local           7:15 p.m. - PETER and DON-             Ronkonkoma, NY (0500-
                                    of BEGINNING. Premises           intersection of the southerly      law at the village office be-             NA RAIMONDI - permis-              102.00-01.00-068.000)
SUMMONS AND NOTICE                  known as 111 Louisiana Av-       side of Smith Street with the      tween the hours of 9 a.m.                sion to leave second sto-      7:45 p.m. - DENNIS G. and
OF OBJECT OF ACTION                 enue, Bay Shore, New York        easterly side of Carleton Av-      and 4 p.m.                               ry addition having side            THERESE REILLY - per-
STATE OF NEW YORK SU-               HELP FOR HOMEOWNERS              enue;                              BY ORDER OF THE BOARD                    yard of 13.83 feet instead         mission to leave pond
PREME COURT: COUNTY                 IN FORECLOSURE NEW               1. South 08 degrees 28 min-                       OF TRUSTEES               of required 14 feet, to            with waterfall having
OF SUFFOLK ACTION TO                YORK STATE LAW RE-                   utes 07 seconds East             INC. VILLAGE OF BRIGHT-                leave enclosed entrance            side yard of 6 feet instead
FORECLOSE A MORTGAGE                QUIRES THAT WE SEND                  along the easterly side of                          WATERS              having front yard of 37.95         of required 18 feet, to
INDEX NO.: 40314/07 INDY-           YOU THIS NOTICE ABOUT                Carleton Avenue, 302.85                     Christine O’Shea,           feet instead of required           leave in-ground pool hav-
MAC BANK F.S.B. Plaintiff,          THE FORECLOSURE PRO-                 feet to a point;                                Village Clerk           40 feet and to leave shed,         ing rear yard of 16 feet
vs. MARVIN M. APARICIO,             CESS. PLEASE READ IT             2. South 08 degrees 29 min-        Dated: January 8, 2009                   all having floor area ratio         instead of required 18
Defendant(s).       Mortgaged       CAREFULLY. MORTGAGE                  utes 23 seconds East and       IB, 23979, 1/15                          of 29.9% instead of per-           feet, to leave pool patio
Premises: 111 LOUISANA              FORECLOSURE IS A COM-                still along the easterly                                                mitted 25% and to leave            having rear yard of 1 foot
AVENUE, BAY SHORE, NY               PLEX PROCESS. SOME                   side of Carleton Avenue,              PUBLIC NOTICE                     above-ground pool hav-             instead of required 6 feet,
11706 SBL #: 269.00-01.00-          PEOPLE MAY APPROACH                  1039.91 feet;                      NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV-                ing side yard of 6 feet            to leave arbour on rear
054.000 TO THE ABOVE                YOU ABOUT “SAVING”               3. North 81 degrees 34 min-        EN that the Zoning Board of              instead of required 14             property line not having
NAMED DEFENDANT: You                YOUR HOME. YOU SHOULD                utes 14 seconds East,          Appeals of the Town of Islip             feet, Res. A District, west        required setback of 4
are hereby summoned to              BE EXTREMELY CARE-                   199.60 feet;                   will hold a public hearing on            side of Namdac Avenue              feet, to leave shed having
answer the Complaint in this        FUL ABOUT ANY SUCH               4. South 62 degrees 44 min-        Tuesday, January 20, 2009                (#1116A), 150 feet south           second front yard of 15.1
action, and to serve a copy         PROMISES. THE STATE                  utes 15 seconds East           at the Town Hall, 655 Main               of Runyon Street, Bay              feet instead of required
of your answer, or, if the          ENCOURAGES YOU TO BE-                277.98 feet;                   Street, Islip, NY on the fol-            Shore, NY (0500-390.00-            35 feet and to leave 6-foot
Complaint is not served with        COME INFORMED ABOUT              5. North 50 degrees 56 min-        lowing applications at the               01.00-033.000)                     fence on property line
this Summons, to serve a            YOUR OPTIONS IN FORE-                utes 38 seconds East,          times listed or as soon there-       7:30 p.m. - ZAIDA L. JI-               not having required sec-
notice of appearance, on the        CLOSURE. THERE ARE                   99.83 feet to the south-       after as they may be reached.            MENEZ - permission to              ond front yard setback
Plaintiff(s) attorney(s) within     GOVERNMENT AGENCIES,                 west corner of lot 59 on       At such time all interested              leave deck having front            of 10 feet, Res. AA Dis-
twenty days after the service       LEGAL AID ENTITIES AND               said map;                      parties will be given an op-             yard of 20.3 feet instead of       trict, northeast corner of
of this Summons, exclusive          OTHER NON-PROFIT OR-             6. North 68 degrees 24 min-        portunity to be heard.                   required 25 feet, to leave         Staint Marks Lane (#153)
of the day of service (or with-     GANIZATIONS THAT YOU                 utes 48 seconds East           Dated: January 6, 2009                   pool patio on property             and Maple Street, Islip,
in 30 days after the service is     MAY CONTACT FOR IN-                  along the southerly line       Islip, NY                                line, not having required          NY (0500-397.00-03.00-
complete if this Summons is         FORMATION ABOUT FORE-                of lots 57, 58 and 59 a dis-              Richard I. Scheyer,           side yard of 6 feet, hav-          021.000)
not personally delivered to         CLOSURE WHILE YOU ARE                tance of 75.25 feet to the                          Chairman            ing rear yard of 0.6 feet      7:45 p.m. - KENNETH M.
you within the State of New         WORKING WITH YOUR                    southwest corner of lot             Zoning Board of Appeals             instead of required 6 feet         CHAPEY - permission to
York). In case of your failure      LENDER DURING THIS                   56 to the actual point or      7:00 p.m. - MEDIEVAL                     and rear yard occupancy            erect 2 one story addi-
to appear or answer, judg-          PROCESS. TO LOCATE AN                place of BEGINNING.                BREWS, INC. - to renew               of 65% instead of permit-          tions (13.9’ x 3.8’ & 5.7’ x
ment will be taken against          ENTITY NEAR YOU, YOU             RUNNING THENCE North                   special permit for winery            ted 25%, Res. B District,          13.9’ Irreg.) leaving side
you by default for the relief       MAY CALL THE TOLL-FREE           21 degrees 35 minutes 12               operation pursuant to                north side of White Street         yards of 8.1 feet and 8.5
demanded in the Complaint.          HELPLINE        MAINTAINED       seconds West along the divi-           Islip Town Code Section              (#41), 150 feet west of            feet instead of required
The Attorney for Plaintiff has      BY THE NEW YORK STATE            sion line between lots 56 and          68-341 (A), Ind. 1 District,         Jefferson Avenue, Brent-           10 feet and 15 feet, total
an office for business in the        BANKING DEPARTMENT               57 50.50 feet;                         Ind 1 District, east side of         wood, NY (0500-051.00-             side yards of 16.6 feet in-
County of Erie. Trial to be         AT 1-877-BANK-NYS OR 1-          THENCE North 68 degrees                Lincoln Avenue (#1347),              01.00-089.003)                     stead of required 25 feet,
held in the County of SUF-          877-226-5697 OR VISIT THE        24 minutes 48 seconds EAST             579.98 feet north of Vet-        7:30     p.m.     -    MARION          to erect deck leaving side
FOLK. The basis of the ven-         DEPARTMENT’S WEB SITE            23.00 feet;                            erans Memorial Highway,              MAILAND - permission               yard of 1.1 foot instead of
ue designated above is the          AT WWW.BANKING.STATE.            THENCE South 21 degrees                Holbrook, NY (0500-                  to leave two story dwell-          5 feet, to leave outdoor
location of the Mortgaged           NY.US/. THE STATE DOES           35 minutes 12 seconds EAST             174.00-01.00-008.000)                ing having front yard of           shower having side yard
Premises. Dated this 7th day        NOT GUARANTEE THE                along the division line be-        7:00 p.m. - GUNTHER and                  36.8 feet instead of re-           of 4.6’ instead of required
of January, 2009, Steven J.         ADVICE OF THESE AGEN-            tween lots 55 and 56 a dis-            EVELYN LIPPA - permis-               quired 40 feet and side            10 feet, all having floor
Baum, P.C., Attorney(s) For         CIES. NOTICE YOU ARE IN          tance of 50.50 feet;                   sion to erect second story           yard of 16.7 feet instead          area ratio of 50.23% in-
Plaintiff(s), 220 Northpointe       DANGER OF LOSING YOUR            THENCE South 68 degrees                addition (10’ x 24’ Irrg.)           of required 18 feet, to            stead of permitted 30%,
Parkway, Suite G, Amherst,          HOME If you do not respond       24 minutes 48 seconds WEST             leaving side yard of 10              leave detached garage              Res. BAA District, east
NY 14228 TO: MARVIN M.              to this summons and com-         23.00 feet to the point or             feet instead of required 14          (24.7’ x 49’) having side          side of Oak Walk (#69),
APARICIO, Defendant(s) In           plaint by serving a copy of      place of BEGINNING.                    feet, Res. A District, east          yard of 2.5 feet instead           80 feet north of Central
this Action. The foregoing          the answer on the attorney       SAID      PREMISES        being        side of Gladstone Avenue             of required 10 feet and            Walk, Fair Harbor, Fire
Summons is served upon              for the mortgage company         known as 9 Sunburst Ter-               (#51), 204.64 feet north of          to leave shed having side          Island, NY (0500-493.00-
you by publication, pursuant        who filed this foreclosure        race, Central Islip, NY. Ap-           Third Street, West Islip,            yard of 3.6 feet and rear          03.00-008.000)
to an order of HON. MELVYN          proceeding against you and       proximate amount of lien               NY (0500-456.00-04.00-               yard of 1.8 feet instead of    7:45 p.m. - VIRGINIA RUE-
TANNENBAUM of the Su-               filing the answer with the        $217,610.18 plus interest and          028.000)                             required 4 feet each, Res.         DA - permission to use
preme Court of the State            court, a default judgment        costs. Premises will be sold       7:00 p.m. - THOMAS J. and                AA District, south side            dwelling for two-family,
of New York, dated the 1st          may be entered and you can       subject to provisions of filed          SANDRA CARTER - per-                 of Church Street (#960),           family use only pursuant
day of December, 2008, and          lose your home. Speak to an      judgment, Index Number                 mission to erect 2 one               237.93 feet east of Smith-         to Islip Town Code Sec-
filed with the Complaint in          attorney or go to the court      04-29420. Dated: January               story additions and a sec-           town Avenue, Bohemia,              tion 68-419.1; to leave
the Office of the SUFFOLK            where your case is pending       5, 2009. Marjorie E. Zuck-             ond story addition leav-             NY (0500-213.00-02.00-             above-ground pool hav-
County Clerk, in the City           for further information on       erman, Esq., Referee. Za-              ing side yard of 15 feet in-         045.000)                           ing front yard (through
of Riverhead. The object of         how to answer the summons        vatsky, Mendelsohn & Levy,             stead of 18 feet, to leave       7:30 p.m. - ROBERT and                 lot) of 1 foot instead of
this action is to foreclose a       and protect your property.       LLP, Attorneys for Plaintiff,          shed having side yard of             GLADYS          M.     VAN-        required 35 feet, to leave
mortgage upon the premises          Sending a payment to your        P.O. Box 510, 33 Queens                3.7 feet instead of 4 feet,          NOSTRAND - permission              pool deck having front
described below, executed           mortgage company will not        Street, Syosset, New York              Res. AA District, west               to leave deck having side          yard of 0.8 foot instead of
by MARVIN M. APARICIO,              stop this foreclosure action.    11791-0510.                            side of Fairview Avenue              yard of 1.4 feet instead           required 25 feet and side
dated the 20th day of March,        YOU MUST RESPOND BY              IB, 23977, 1/15, 22, 29 -              (#106), 525.44 feet north            of required 4 feet, to             yard of 0.5 foot instead of
2006, to secure the sum of          SERVING A COPY OF THE            2/5                                    of Cleveland Street, Bay-            leave boardwalk exceed-            required 10 feet, to leave
$316,000.00 and recorded            ANSWER ON THE ATTOR-                                                    port, NY (0500-360.00-               ing width of 4 feet and          Please turn to next page

Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009   Blotter                                                                         Library
                                    BLOTTER from page 4                                                             visit
                                                                                                                      State Senator Owen
                                                                                                                    Johnson (R-West Baby-
                                                                Burglaries                                          lon) recently visited
                                      On Jan. 6 at 2:30 p.m., a person reported a burglary on                       the Bay Shore-Bright-
                                    Rhode Island Avenue in North Bay Shore.                                         waters Public Library
                                      At 3 p.m. on Jan. 6, a man notified police about a burglary                    to view the completed
                                                                                                                    entrance to the new
                                    on Farrington Avenue in North Bay Shore.
                                                                                                                    children’s area, The
                                      On Jan. 6 at 4:30 p.m., a man contacted police about the
                                                                                                                    Magic Lives Here.
                                    burglary of a property on Farrington Avenue in Bay Shore.                         The arch is a confec-
                                      At 4 a.m. on Jan. 5, a woman reported the burglary of a                       tion of storybook char-
                                    property on Main Street in Islip to police.                                     acters and books cre-
                                      On Jan. 9 at 9:15 p.m., a person informed police about the                    ated by Janice Davis De-
                                    burglary of a property on King Street in Bay Shore.                             sign and constructed by
                                      At 11:30 p.m. on Jan. 6, a man notified police about the bur-                  Chris Howard of Spring-
                                    glary of a garage on Hemlock Lane in Bay Shore.                                 board Design, creators
                                      On Jan. 9 at 10 p.m., a man contacted police about a bur-                     of commercial displays,
                                    glary on Peters Boulevard in Brightwaters.                                      museum environments
                                      At 10:30 p.m. on Jan. 7, a man notified police about a bur-                    and theatrical sets.
                                    glary on Fifth Avenue in Bay Shore.                                               It is intended to ex-
                                      On Jan. 9 at 5:30 a.m., a person informed police about the                    cite the imagination of the children of the community and invite them into the new room designed just
                                    burglary of a property on Udall Road in West Islip. ■                           for them while encouraging them to meet the fictional characters through reading.
                                                                — Compiled by Emily Portoghese                        From left are: Bay Shore-Brightwaters Public Library with Children’s Librarian Lynne Chmurzynski,
                                                                                                                    Johnson and Head of Children’s Services Linda Clark.

                                    Public Notices                     (Continued from page 15)
                                        shed having front yard         RATION , Plaintiff, AGAINST        the Islip Town Hall, 655 Main         Permits for a vehicle re-        - Public Hearing              Saltaire, NY on Saturday,
                                        of 1.3 feet instead of 35      SONIA E. BENITEZ, ET AL.,          Street, Islip, New York to            pair shop, in the Indus-      8. St. Charles Place, LLC -      February 21, 2009 between
                                        feet and having side yard      Defendant(s). Pursuant to a        consider the merits and to            trial 1 District pursuant        CZ2008-36 (0500-393.00-       10:00AM and 12:00PM (date,
                                        of 3.7 feet instead of re-     judgment of foreclosure and        clarify the issues of the fol-        to zoning code section           01.00-001.000)                time and location subject
                                        quired 4 feet, all having      sale duly dated 9/29/2008,         lowing land use applications          68-340.1(B);       outdoor       North side of Rail Road       to change) to review all as-
                                        floor area ratio of 27.75%      I, the undersigned Referee         and to review the associated          parking pursuant to sec-         Avenue, approximately         sessment complaints filed
                                        instead of permitted 25%,      will sell at public auction at     environmental impacts.                tion 68-340.1(C); and for        160 feet west of Fourth       by February 17, 2009 and to
                                        to leave 6-foot fence on       the Front Steps of Islip Town      Anyone desiring any infor-            indoor sale of motor ve-         Avenue, between North         hear complaints of any per-
                                        property line (through         Hall, 655 Main Street, Islip,      mation pertaining to these            hicles pursuant to Town          Park Avenue and Burchell      son who has so filed and con-
                                        lot) not having front yard     NY 11751, New York, on             applications may write or             Code section 68-340.l(O)         Avenue, Bay Shore. Ap-        siders him/herself aggrieved.
                                        of 15 feet, Res. B District,   2/18/2009 at 11:30 AM, prem-       appear in person at that              Site plan modifications           plicant requests a modifi-                  Mario Posillico
                                        north side of Thomas           ises known as 320 CENTRAL          time. Any proposed zoning             are also requested as part       cation of deed covenants                      Village Clerk
                                        Street (#39), 313.25 feet      ISLIP BOULEVARD, ISLIP,            changes listed herein require         of this application.             and restrictions associat-                January 10, 2009
                                        east of Long Island Motor      NY 11779. All that certain         additional Town Board ap-             Planning Board Applica-          ed with TC 4741 to allow      IB, 23986, 1/15
                                        Parkway (through lot to        plot piece or parcel of land,      proval.                               tion - Public Hearing            all 26 residential units to
                                        Motor Parkway), Brent-         with the buildings and im-         This agenda is subject to         4. Porsia DiGesaro (Restau-          be used as rental apart-          NOTICE TO BIDDERS
                                        wood, NY (0500-035.00-         provements thereon erected,        change       without    notice.       rant) - PB2008-43 (0500-         ments. The covenants              PLEASE TAKE NOTICE
                                        01.00-019.000)                 situate, lying and being at        Please contact the Depart-            054.00-03.00-045.000)            currently limit the resi-     that pursuant to resolution
                                    8:00 p.m. - JOSE REYES -           Lake Ronkonkoma, in the            ment of Planning on the day           West side of Wheeler             dential use of the proper-    of the Board of Fire
                                        permission to establish        Town of Islip, County of Suf-      of the hearing to confirm ap-          Road approximately 104’          ty to 12 rental apartments    Commissioners of the East
                                        accessory apartment pur-       folk and State of New York,        plication scheduling.                 south of Motor Parkway,          and 14 owner-occupied         Islip Fire District, Suffolk
                                        suant to Islip Town Code       Section, Block and Lot: 20-4-      Any disabled person who               Central Islip. Applicant         units. There is no change     County, New York, sealed
                                        Section 68-602, Res. B         52. Approximate amount of          needs a sign language inter-          requests      a   Planning       proposed for the 2 office/     bids for the purchase of an
                                        District, northwest cor-       judgment $371,219.54 plus          preter, auxiliary aids or spe-        Board Special Permit for         retail units.                 ambulance will be received
                                        ner of Pineview Bou-           interest and costs. Premises       cial accommodations to at-            a restaurant in the Busi-        Town Board Application        at the office of the Board
                                        levard (#27) and Saint         will be sold subject to provi-     tend this meeting, please call        ness 2 district pursuant to      - Public Hearing              of Fire Commissioners at
                                        Johns Street, Central          sions of filed Judgment In-         - DIVISION OF SERVICES                Town Code 68-287.1(F).        9. Joseph F. Silhan Jr. -        6 Wyandanch Avenue, East
                                        Islip, NY (0500-120.00-        dex #33852/06. Louis Joseph        TO THE DISABLED - 224-                Parking and landscap-            CZ2008-38 (0500-179.00-       Islip, New York 11730 until
                                        02.00-030.000)                 Ohlig, Esq., Referee,              5335 or 224-5397 TDD.                 ing relaxations are also         02.00-039.000, 040.000 &      7:00 P.M. (prevailing time)
                                    IB, 23980, 1/15                    Steven J. Baum PC, Attor-                   PLANNING BOARD,              requested as part of this        041.000)                      on the 3rd day of February
                                                                       neys for Plaintiff, P.O. Box                     TOWN OF ISLIP           application.                     West side of Corbin Av-       2009, at which time they will
                                          NOTICE OF SALE               1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291                  FRANK TANTONE,             Planning Board Applica-          enue, 250 ft. north of Sec-   be publicly opened and read
                                    SUPREME COURT: COUN-               Dated: 1/9/2009                                       CHAIRMAN           tion - Public Hearing            ond Street, Bay Shore.        aloud.
                                    TY OF SUFFOLK - WELLS              IB, 23982, 1/15, 22, 29 -                    EUGENE MURPHY,          5. First Wireless Group, Inc         Applicant requests a              Detailed specifications
                                    FARGO BANK, N.A. ON                2/5                                             COMMISSIONER             (spray booth) - PB2008-          change of zone from In-       regarding      bidding      are
                                    BEHALF OF THE CER-                                                    Islip, New York                       44      (0500-127.00-01.00-      dustrial 1 to Industrial 2    available at the East Islip
                                    TIFICATEHOLDERS PARK                      NOTICE OF SALE              January 9, 2009                       005.016)                         District to allow outdoor     Firehouse, 30 East Main
                                    PLACE SECURITIES, INC.             SUPREME COURT: COUN-                   Planning Board Applica-           South side of Koehler            storage of trucks. Overall    Street, East Islip, New York,
                                    ASSET BACKED PASS-                 TY OF SUFFOLK - NEW                    tion - Public Hearing             Ave approx 353’ west of          and front yard landscap-      (631) 581-9768, between the
                                    THROUGH CERTIFICATES               CENTURY          MORTGAGE          1. Court Plaza Senior Apart-          Locust Ave, Ronkonko-            ing relaxations are also      hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00
                                    SERIES 2005- WCW1 C/O              CORPORATION C/O AMER-                  ments - REVCZ2001-26              ma. Applicant requests a         required as part of this      P.M., Monday through Friday,
                                    COUNTRYWIDE             HOME       ICA’S SERVICING COMPA-                 (0500-207.00-01.00-               Planning Board Special           application.                  at the Dispatcher’s Office.
                                    LOANS,      INC.,     Plaintiff,   NY, Plaintiff, AGAINST NA-             003.040)                          Permit for a spray booth      IB, 23984, 1/15                  Bids must be submitted
                                    AGAINST CYNTHIA SKIN-              DIA PERPIGNAND, ET AL.                 North side of Hoppin              as an accessory to a prin-                                     in sealed envelopes and
                                    NER, ET AL., Defendant(s).         , Defendant(s). Pursuant to a          Drive (#1), approximately         cipal permitted use in        Please take note that the        directed to the Board at 6
                                    Pursuant to a judgment of          judgment of foreclosure and            782’ east of Carleton Av-         the Industrial 1 district     Town of Islip Industrial         Wyandanch Avenue, East
                                    foreclosure and sale duly          sale duly dated 5/3/2007, I, the       enue (AKA #330 Carleton           pursuant to Town Code         Development Agency will          Islip, NY 11730 and shall
                                    dated 12/7/2007, I, the un-        undersigned Referee will sell          Avenue). The Planning             68-340.1(S). Parking and      hold a special meeting on        bear on the face thereof the
                                    dersigned Referee will sell        at public auction at the Islip         Board is requested to             landscaping relaxations       Tuesday January 27, 2009.        name and address of the
                                    at public auction at the Front     Town Hall, 655 Main Street,            consider the revocation           are also requested as part    The meeting will be held at      bidder and be marked “BID
                                    Steps of Islip Town Hall, 655      Islip, New York, on 2/13/2009          of Town approvals asso-           of this application.          Town Hall Board Room 655         FOR AMBULANCE”.
                                    Main Street, Islip, NY 11751,      at 9:30 AM, premises known             ciated with TC4589 with           Planning Board Applica-       Main Street, Islip NY and will       The contract for the above
                                    New York, on 2/13/2009 at          as 5 SATINWOOD STREET,                 regard to the approval            tion - Public Hearing         commence at 2:00 pm.             item will be awarded by the
                                    10:00 AM, premises known           CENTRAL ISLIP, NY 11722.               for senior citizen apart-     6. Mastid Darul Quran, Inc.       01-27-09                         Board of Fire Commissioners
                                    as 907 PEARL STREET, BO-           All that certain plot piece            ments due to violations           - PB2008-45 (0500-245.00-     IB, 23985, 1/15                  to the lowest responsible
                                    HEMIA, NY 11716. All that          or parcel of land, with the            of Town Code section 68-          03.00-036.003)                                                 bidder. In cases where two
                                    certain plot piece or parcel       buildings and improvements             324(E)(1)(b).                     Southwest corner of East       INCORPORATED VILLAGE            or more responsible bidders
                                    of land, with the buildings        thereon erected, situate, ly-          Major Subdivision Bond            Third Avenue and Far-                 OF SALTAIRE              submit identical bids as
                                    and improvements thereon           ing and being in the Town of           Reduction                         rington Ave, Brentwood.             PUBLIC NOTICE              to price, the Board of Fire
                                    erected, situate, lying and        ISLIP, County of Suffolk and       2. Zemi Acres (Helmig St),            Applicant seeks a Plan-       NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN           Commissioners may award
                                    being in the Town of Islip,        State of New York, Section,            Brentwood - MS2002-               ning Board Special Per-       that the assessor of the Inc.    the contract to either of such
                                    County of Suffolk and State        Block and Lot: 165.00-01.00-           39      (0500-203.00-03.00-       mit for a private school      Village of Saltaire has pre-     bidders. The Board of Fire
                                    of New York, Section, Block        024.00. Approximate amount             003.001)                          in the Residential AA         pared the tentative Assess-      Commissioners reserves the
                                    and Lot: 234.00-01.00-004.00.      of judgment $271,266.20 plus           Northerly terminus of             district subject to Town      ment Roll for the fiscal year     right to reject all bids and re-
                                    Approximate amount of              interest and costs. Premises           Helmig Street, 117.50             Code Section 68-61.1.         beginning June 1, 2009 and       advertise for new bids at its
                                    judgment $391,034.83 plus          will be sold subject to provi-         feet north of Bert Court,         Site plan modifications        ending May 31, 2010 and that     discretion.
                                    interest and costs. Premises       sions of filed Judgment Index           Brentwood. The Board              may be requested as part      the roll has been filed with          The bidder must submit
                                    will be sold subject to provi-     #23060/06. Frank M. Maffei,            is requested to consider          of this application.          the Village Clerk at the Vil-    a bid bond or certified check
                                    sions of filed Judgment Index       Jr., Referee,                          a bond reduction for the          Town Board Application        lage Office at 103 Broadway,      payable to the Fire District
                                    #2370/06. Robert L. Cicale,        Steven J. Baum PC, Attor-              above referenced subdi-           - Public Hearing              Saltaire, New York. It may       in the amount of five (5) per
                                    Esq., Referee,                     neys for Plaintiff, P.O. Box           vision.                       7. Gerald M. O’Shea - CZ2008-     be examined by any person        cent of the bid.
                                    Steven J. Baum PC, Attor-          1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291           Planning Board Applica-           40      (0500-100.00-02.00-   between the hours of 9AM         Dated: January 6, 2009
                                    neys for Plaintiff, P.O. Box       Dated: 1/9/2009                        tion - Public Hearing             080.007 & 081.008)            and 3PM, Monday through          BY ORDER OF THE BOARD
                                    1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291       IB, 23983, 1/15, 22, 29 -          3. 2222 Smithtown Realty              East side of Windsor          Friday.                          OF FIRE COMMISSIONERS
                                    Dated: 1/9/2009                    2/5                                    LLC - PB2008-41 (0500-            Place, Central Islip. Ap-     Assessment complaints must       OF THE EAST ISLIP FIRE
                                    IB, 23981, 1/15, 22, 29 -                                                 106.02-01.00-001.000)             plicant seeks a Change        be filed with the Village Clerk   DISTRICT, Town of Islip,
                                    2/5                                      PUBLIC NOTICE                    West side of Smithtown            of Zone from Industrial       in writing before February       Suffolk County, New York.
                                                                       NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN                 Avenue, approximately             1 District to Industrial 2    17, 2009. Complaint forms                       Laurel A. Leigh
                                        NOTICE OF SALE                 that the Town of Islip Plan-           1,544 south of Baeck              District in order to allow    are available at the Village                  District Secretary
                                    SUPREME COURT: COUN-               ning Board will hold a public          Street,      Ronkonkoma.          the outside storage of of-    office. The Board of Assess-      IB, 23987, 1/15
                                    TY OF SUFFOLK - OPTION             hearing on Thursday, Janu-             Applicant seeks three             fice trailers.                 ment review will meet in the
                                    ONE MORTGAGE CORPO-                ary 29, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. at           Planning Board Special            Town Board Application        Village office, 103 Broadway,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
           Realtors                                   Realtors                       Health Care Employment                     Health Care Employment                      Health Care Employment                 Health Care Employment

BELLPORT                                                                                                                              PER DIEM RN
Expanded Cape                   REDUCED!                                                                                              INSTRUCTOR
on fabulous                                                                                                                               Licensed Home Care
landscaped                                                                                                                                    Agency Servicing
property. This                                                                                                                           Suffolk County Needs
home features                                                                                 VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT                           RN with a heart to
4 bedrooms,                                                                               www.pthomecare.com                              join our caring team.
2 baths, formal                                                                         If you are tired of paperwork, working weekends
dining room,                                                                               and need a schedule that meets your needs:
eat-in kitchen,
family room                                                                                       Fax resume to Denise Sample
with fireplace, solar heated IGP with waterfall. Separate                                       631-234-1293 or Call 631-234-1121
cabana for entertaining. Walk to village, marina, shops and
restaurants. Just Reduced! Owners Motivated. $349,900.
                                                                                            Health/Medical                             Health/Medical
                                          To view this property please
                                           call Joanne Tuthill, Lic. RE
                                          Salesperson / Notary Public
66 Medford Avenue, Patchogue                                  289-4000

       Land for Sale                              Land for Sale

                                                                                          Houses for Rent                                      Land
                                                                                    PATCHOGUE RIVERFRONT, 2 BR, Lg.            Lake Country Absolute Land SALE! 23
                                                                                    LR w/FPL. 1 bath & 2 porches in small      Acres- $49,000. Water views, wood-                   Help Wanted                               Help Wanted
                                                                                    boatyard. Cat o.k. Ref. & credit check.    lands, hilltop setting overlooking
                                                                                    $1,285. (631-654-4327.)                    largest of NY’s Finger Lakes! 1,000’s
                                                                                                                               below market! Available for the first
                                                                                                                               time 1/24! EZ terms! Must have prior-
      Office Rentals                            Houses for Sale                       Apartments for Rent                      ity appointment 888-619-0712. {N}
                                                                                                                               ABANDONED FARM: 6 acres- $29,000.
                                                                                                                               Lake views, woods, minutes to Seneca
                                                                                                                                                                                Physical T herapist
  ONE/TWO                                        BLUE POINT SO.
                                                                                    BLUE POINT 2 BR apt. $1,000. per
                                                                                    month includes heat. Mint! N/P
                                                                                                                               Lake & wineries! $1000’s under priced!
                                                                                                                               Will sell absolute 1/24! Terms avail! For
                                                                                                                               priority appointment, call 888-384-
                                                                                                                                                                            Suffolk County long- and short-term care facility seeks
PERSON OFFICE                              Just listed! Mint, charming 3 BR
                                             Colonial/Cape! 2 Car, Home                       BROOKHAVEN                       3206. {N}
                                                                                                                               Golf Lot Bargain! NOW $39,900 (was            New York state licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
                                           Warranty! Much sought after area.          1 BR Apt. Central A/C, sunny,
      Patchogue Village                                                                                                        $139,900) Includes Membership! Rare                        for full-time staff position.
                                                                                              own entrance.                    opportunity to own homesite in upstate
                                              Must See! Asking $429,000.
Modest rental includes heat, A/C,                                                        Available immediately.                SC’s finest golf community- NOW for a                          Competitive salary and benefits.
 electric and janitorial service.              Saltbox 472-3300                                1 mo. sec. reqd.                fraction of it’s value. Paved rds, water,      Experience in LTC preferred, but new grads welcome to apply.
                                                                                           $1,000./mo. + utils.                sewer, all infrastructure completed. Low
  Located in Long Island                  Upstate, Narrowsburg- Charming Vil-
                                                                                                                               rate financing avail. Call now 1-866-
                                                                                                                               334-3253 x 2130. {N}
                                                                                                                                                                                FAX RESUME ATTN: DIR. OF REHAB
    Advance building,                     lage Farmhouse! Living Room, Dining
20 Medford Ave. (Rte. 112)                Room, EIK, Three Bedrooms, Two            E. PATCHOGUE, 1 BR, 2nd floor, pvt.                                                                             631-286-8272
                                          Baths, Den Wide-Plank Floors, Garage.     ent. 7 windows, Cathedral ceiling, A/C,
Call 475-1000 ext. 25                     Quaint Setting. $199,000 #6292            clean, quiet. Single occ. No smok-               Houses to Share
                                          www.eaglevalleyrealty.com. {N}            ing/pets. Refs. & sec. $950./all.
                                          ***FREE Foreclosures Listings***          516-901-0801.                                                                          Health Care Employment                             Help Wanted
PATCHOGUE VILLAGE OFFICE                  Over 200,000 properties nationwide.
                                          LOW Down Payment. Call NOW! 1-                EAST PATCHOGUE                                     SAYVILLE
  IN MALL ACROSS FROM THE                                                                                                                                                  BAYPORT LPN or RN wanted. 2 hr.
                                          800-658-1580. {N}
                                                                                        1 BR with office, kitchen,                        House Share                      shifts. 3 shifts a day. Per diem.        POSITION AVAILABLE
                                                                                         LR/DR combo, full bath.                       $850. PER MONTH                     631-871-5852.                            Community Development
         Inexpensive                                                                     2nd floor. Own entrance.                Nice bedroom in quiet scholarly                                                    Agency and Section 8 HCV for
                                                Houses for Rent                                                                 home. Use of kitchen, living room,           Certified Nurses Aides                 Village of Patchogue
         $300. & up                                                                            Available 2/1                    dining room, reading room. Close            Are you compassionate, reliable &
       (631) 758-7975                                                                       No smoking/pets.                     to village and LIRR. Phone and             dependable? Do you enjoy helping        Position:
                                                    BLUE POINT                                 No programs                         computer lines not included.             those in need? If yes, then join our
                                                                                                                                                                              family of dedicated caregivers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Part-Time Office/
                                                                                            1 mo. sec. + refs.                  Security and References required.
                                           WATERFRONT. 2 BR, 1.5 Bath,
                                                                                        $1,350. + elec. & phone.                        Call after 7 PM only.                Excellent salary, benefits & work      Public Outreach
    Houses for Sale                           DR, LR, FPL, Kitchen.                                                                                                              environment are offered.           Flexible Schedule
                                                                                                475-2405                                631-567-0365                            Bellhaven Nursing Center
                                                  $2,000. Per Month                                                                                                               110 Beaver Dam Road               Skills:
                                                                                                                                                                                     Brookhaven, NY                 • Office experience and bi-lingual
          BLUE POINT                              Call 363-7224 or                        EAST PATCHOGUE                                                                                                              Spanish speaking essential
                                                      553-4678                                                                   Commercial Rentals                               Phone (631) 286-8100
  Just Listed! Lovely 3-4 BR                                                          Beautiful 1 BR, Sunny LR, Kit.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    • Comfortable with Public
                                                                                                                                                                             info@bellhavennursing.com                Speaking and working with
   Country Cape Cod! Older                                                             & Bath, A/C. Quiet & Clean.
 Treed Neighborhood! Home                                                                                                                                                                                             the public
                                                 EAST PATCHOGUE                            N/S, N/P Carpeted.                        Bellport Village                                                               • Social work background helpful
  Warranty! Priced Right To                        3 BR, EIK, LR, FPL                    1 mo. rent, 1 mo. sec.
    Sell! Asking $329,000.                    Desirable Location. N/S, N/P.               $1,150. includes all.                        OFFICE SPACE                                Help Wanted                      Salary: Based on experience
   Saltbox 472-3300                          $1,500. Per Month + Utilities.                     286-8475                             Furnished or Unfurnished                                                       Apply via mail, fax or e-mail
                                           2 Months Security, References and                                                                                                                                        Marian H. Russo
                                                Credit Rating Required.             SAYVILLE New furn. studio. Full bath,
                                                                                    pvt. ent, N/S, N/P. $800. includes. all.
                                                                                                                                 Starting at $300./mo. includes all          MAINTENANCE                            14 Baker Street
                                                                                                                                                ALSO                                                                Patchogue, NY 11772
                                            Call George @ 472-1568                  567-8424.                                                                                       FULL-TIME                       Fax: 475-8903
                                          PATCHOGUE 3 BR, LR, DR, EIK, 1                WATERFRONT GROUND
                                                                                                                                    AVAILABLE MULTI-                                                                e-mail: mrusso@patchoguevillage.org
EQUAL HOUSING. Federal, New York
                                          bath. $1,450./mo. + util. + sec. + ref.       FLOOR APT. TO SUB-LET                         ROOM SUITES                                 MEDFORD OFFICE                   NOW AVAILABLE! 2009 POST OFFICE
                                          289-8319                                    Patchogue, 1 BR. Occupancy pos-
State, and local laws prohibit dis-                                                                                                Dental office ready to move in.                                                 JOBS. $18- $20/ HR. NO EXPERI-
crimination because of race, color,                                                    sible mid Jan.-Feb. 1st. Pets OK,                                                     Park General Maintenance,             ENCE, PAID TRAINING, FED BENE-
                                             SHIRLEY/SOUTHAVEN                             sec. & credit check req’d.                  Off-street parking, A/C                  light carpentry, basic             FITS, VACATIONS. CALL 1-800-910-
sex, religion, age, national origin,
marital status, familial status or dis-                                                          $1,385./mo.                                                                 plumbing & electric repairs.          9941 TODAY! REF #NY08. {N}
                                            4 BR Victorian with cathedral                                                                 ALL LIKE NEW
ability in connection with the sale or                                                    Heat & hot water included
                                             ceilings, 2.5 baths, walk-in                                                                                                        Experience required.
rental of residential real estate. This
                                               closet, LR, FR, DR, EIK,
                                                                                              631-714-5771                                  286-1102
newspaper does not knowingly                                                                                                                                                 Valid clean NYS driver’s lic.                Wanted to Buy
accept advertising in violation of            laundry room with W/D.
                                             Full basement, LARGE deck                                                                                                        Send resume & salary
these laws. When you suspect hous-
ing discrimination call the Long                      on 1 acre.                                   Land                         Business Opportunity                         req. to hr@northop.com                ANTIQUE TOOLS for my collection
Island Housing Services/Discrimi-                                                                                                                                            or fax to (631)207-5974               related to Agriculture, Blacksmithing,
nation Complaint Line at 800-660-              $2,600./month + sec.                                                                                                                                                Carpentry, Shellfish & Eel Harvesting.
                                                                                    NC Mountain Land 5+ acres w/ 10ft          100% RECESSION PROOF! Do you                $600 Weekly Potential$$$ Helping        Call Ronald Bush 631-472-0530
6920. (The LIHS is the Fair Housing                                                                                            earn $800 in a day? Your own local can-
                                                                                    waterfall in established community,                                                    the government PT. No Experience. No
Agency of Nassau and Suffolk Coun-                631-286-3204                      great views, lots of options, only         dy route. Includes 25 machines/candy.       Selling. Call: 1-888-213-5225 Ad
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   WILL BUY model trains, any gauge.
ties).                                                                                                                                                                                                             (631) 294-2322
                                                                                    $99,500. owner 866-789-8535. {N}           All for $9,995.CALL 888-771-3496. {N}       Code: R. {N}

Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009                            Civic duty
                                                             double up
                                    SALTAIRE from page 1                                               voting in two places has been noted
                                                                                                       before, including articles in the Islip
                                    America Voter Act, the state is required                           Bulletin in 2005, when current village
                                    to have what he termed a “clean list.”                             trustee Bruce Rich had his name
                                      The state monitors counties for                                  stricken from the ballot.
                                    compliance with state regulations and                                Then in 2006, when Feustel again
                                    the department will take a written                                 brought action, this time against
                                    complaint if there is possibly something                           present Saltaire Village Mayor Scott
                                    improper and there is a challenge to an                            Rosenblum, because a 2004 legal
                                    individual’s voter registration.                                   document supposedly showed that
                                      “Our complaint process reviews                                   Rosenblum’s legal residence is in
                                    complaints in the order that we receive                            Larchmont, not Saltaire.
                                    them,” Brehm said. “If the facts don’t                               On voter registration rolls dated Nov.
                                    support the complaint, it will get                                 18, 2008, Rosenblum’s mailing address
                                    dismissed if it is not a violation of                              is listed as a Larchmont address,
                                    election law. If there is a determination                          while his Saltaire Village residence is
                                    that a crime occurred, it is referred                              listed under that Westchester County
                                    to the local district attorney for                                 address.
                                    prosecution.”                                                        However, his fulltime position is as a
                                      Though some people, including                                    partner of the prestigious Manhattan-
                                    Feustel have pushed the Suffolk                                    based law firm of Kramer, Levin,
                                    County District Attorney’s Office to                                Naftalis, & Frankel, LLP. A phone call
                                    investigate the issue in Saltaire, office                           placed to Rosenblum on Monday went
                                    spokesman Robert Clifford said, “I                                 unreturned. So did a Friday call to
                                    can’t confirm or deny the existence of                              East Setauket-based attorney Joseph
                                    a criminal investigation.”                                         Prokop, who serves as the village’s
                                      This issue of living in two places and                           attorney. ■

                                        Winter Bridal issue coming soon!
                                       Celebration Announcements Wanted!
                                        Recently engaged? Getting married soon? We will print your notice for free. That’s right,
                                     free! Announcements will be published as space permits. Please supply only the information
                                     you wish to see published. The spelling of names and places and the legibility of handwriting
                                     are the responsibility of the person submitting the information. If you don’t quite know what
                                     to put in your announcement, we do have a form you can fill in. Call us at 475-1000 and we
                                     can fax a copy to you. For additional information, e-mail LIAproduction@optonline.net or call                              The personal voter registration list from Saltaire Village’s May, 2008 election.
                                     us at 475-1000.                                                                                                            Those listed are not registered to vote in Suffolk County.            IB/Bessen

                                      Miscellaneous Services                     Miscellaneous Services                         Home Improvement                     Home Improvement                             Home Improvement                       Home Improvement

                                                                                                                             INTERIORS                                               Owner/Operator

                                                                                                                             • Structural Changes • Kitchens                      Stephen McKernan                                                 Handyman Services
                                                                                                                             • Bathrooms • Doors • Mouldings                       Licensed / Insured                                                          • Repairs • Painting
                                                                                                                             • Basement Remodeling
                                                                                                                             • General Repairs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               to                    • Landscaping
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  • Snow Removal

                                                                                                                             EXTERIORS                                                                                                                  ENTERPRISES
                                                                                                                             • Dormers &
                                                                                                                             • Decks
                                                                                                                             • Siding
                                                                                                                             • Roofing       CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                                             • Windows
                                                                                                                             • Doors
                                                                                                                                             New Home Building & Custom Renovations                            Call Tony                                            No job too small
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              FREE ESTIMATES
                                                                                                                             • Gutters        631
                                                                                                                                                                                                               T o day!
                                                                                                                             • Basement                                                                                                                     Commercial / Residential
                                                                                                                               Entrances                                                                      289-0304                                        Licensed and Insured

                                        Financial Services                                 Education                                Estate Sale                      Medical Supplies                         Professional Services                    Home Improvement
                                    Private Funds available for refinance/     ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home.                                                 GET YOUR NEW POWER WHEEL-
                                    purchase, residential/ commercial.         *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal,                       BAY SHORE                 CHAIRS, power scooters and hospital
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  BOOKKEEPER                           DONNY’S HOME
                                    Bank turndowns welcome. Consolidate        *Computers, *Criminal Justice. Job                Sat. 1/17, 9-3PM and           beds at absolutely no cost to you!
                                    debt, modify mortgage if behind. 1-        placement assistance. Computer avail-              Sun 1/18, 11-2PM              Fastest delivery available. Call toll free          BY THE HOUR                        REPAIR SERVICE
                                    800-506-8620. Contour Mortgage,Lic.        able. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 866-                                      to quality. 1-800-470-7562. {N}
                                                                                                                               Waterfront Victorian. Antiques                                                  Bus./Personal. Pay Bills -
                                    Mortgage Banker, 1900 Hempstead
                                    Tpke, East Meadow, NY. {N}
                                                                               858-2121 www.CenturaOnline.com. {N}
                                                                                                                                Include Furn., Rugs, Prints,                                                  Bank Statements, Organize.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Interior Specialist/
                                                                                                                               Dishes, Silver & Silver Plate.
                                                                                                                              Still Unpacking. 56 Maple Ave,      Specialized Services                             Monthly/Weekly.                          Handyman”
                                                                                            Adoption                          Off Main St. Info 917-535-6464                                                          456-0528                         Paint, Tape/Spackle, Trim,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Carpentry, Moldings.
                                                                               ADOPT: Warm, very happily married
                                    $1000 GROCERY COUPONS CERTIFI-             couple will give your newborn a future                                                                                                                                     Call For Free Estimate
                                    CATE All Major Manufacturers’              full of love, security, support and           Miscellaneous for Sale                                                                    Automotive                          631-766-2386
                                    Coupons. Send $25 Cash/ Money              opportunity. Legally allowed expenses.
                                    Order With Your Return Address To:         Please call Laurel/ Adam 1-888-825-
                                    RLBaker, PO Box 570319SWC, Bronx,          0501. {N}                                                                                                                     DONATE VEHICLE: Receive $1,000            Sayville Resident/References.
                                    NY 10457-0957. {N}                                                                       FIREWOOD                                                                        grocery coupon. NOAH’S ARC support
                                                                                                                                                                                                             no kill shelters, research to advance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Suffolk County Consumer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Affairs License # 43980HS
                                                                                                                             ALL HARDWOOD SEASONED                                                           veterinary treatments. Free towing, tax
                                                                                               Legal                         FULL CORD $190.                                                                 deductible, non-runners accepted. 1-
                                               Education                                                                     HALF CORD $100.                    SELL YOUR CAR, TRUCK, VAN Your               866-912-GIVE. {N}
                                                                               OBTAIN A FAST DIVORCE IN AS LIT-                                                 ad could be here for only $19 for 1
                                    AIRLINES ARE HIRING- Train for high        TLE AS 24 HRS. PROCESS IS QUICK,                                                 week! Pay for 2 weeks ($38) and               Keep your phone ringing, put
                                    paying Aviation Maintenance Career.        EASY, LEGAL & AFFORDABLE. WE                  286-1054                           receive the 3rd and 4th weeks FREE!
                                                                                                                                                                Deadline is 11 a.m. Tuesday for Thurs-        your ad in the Classifieds!                            Call for
                                    FAA approved program. Financial aid if
                                    qualified. Aviation Institute of Mainte-
                                                                               ARE HERE TO HELP. 978-443-8387
                                                                               SERVICING COMMUNITY. WWW.                                                        day’s paper. CALL NOW! Call 475-
                                                                                                                                                                1000 or 589-6200.                            475-1000 OR 589-6200                                    details!
                                    nance (888)349-5387. {N}                   DIVORCEFAST.COM. {N}
   SPORTS                            SPORTS                        SPORTS                         SPORTS                         SPORTS

                                                                                                                                                                   Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009
    The teams are doing all right
         By JEFFREY BESSEN                It was Spillane’s third double-double     Kerri Duer scored 16 points and          Matt Donovan (119), Bryan Culkin
                                          of the season.                          Kara Rafferty contributed 9 as the       (125) and Greg Fernan (160), a pin in
  SOUTH SHORE — Bay Shore                   Jessica Calamusso nailed a free       Buccaneers dropped a 48-38 League        1:46, captured their matches, though
boys’ basketball is off to a fast start   throw with 1:24 left to give the Red-   V decision to Harborfields last Satur-    the Lions lost 57-12 to West Babylon.
under the guidance of coach Ken           men (2-1 League III) a 34-33 lead as    day. But the same duo posted 17 and      Donovan, Mitch Palminteri (140),
Parham, who returned to the pro-          Elizabeth Hand made a layup with 24     12 points respectively in a 38-26 win    Travis Murphy (152), Dan Malone
gram following two-year hiatus.           seconds to go in regulation later for   last Thursday.                           (189) and Anthony Caponnelli (210)
  Richard Hall, Jordan Allen and          the final total.                           Matt McPartland dropped in 19          were five of West Islip’s six winners
Brandon Turner combined for 44              In a 48-16 victory over Centereach    points and Terrence Dzus added 16        in a 31-30 loss to Cold Spring Harbor
points, with Hall having 17 and Al-       last Friday, Kyle Shevlin (96), David   in Islip’s 67-60 League V road loss to   on Monday.
len 14 as the Marauders (3-1 L-II)        Dellavecchia (103), Mike DiLiello       Harborfields last Saturday. However,        With his only three points of the
knocked off Northport 62-36 in a          (125), Rob Rossi (130), Vinny Cham-     Andrew Oberg (14), Tyler Murphy          game, Joe Wood hit the game-win-
League II road game last Friday.          bers (135), Alex Brown (140) and Ty-    (12), McPartland (11) and Dzuz (10)      ning shot that lifted the Lions (3-1,
  On the flip side of the ledger, the      ler Conway (145) were seven of the      tallied in double figures in the Bucs’    L-II) to a 44-43 League II home over-
girls’ squad took it on the chin 77-38    12 East Islip wrestlers to win their    61-49 League V home victory over         time win over Sachem North last
from Northport in a League II home        matches.                                Hauppauge last Thursday.                 Thursday.
game last Friday. Najia Bangs scored        Cameron Cullen knocked in 27            In a 49-33 League II road loss to        Nick Galasso made a pair of free
17 points for Bay Shore.                  points, which included five treys,       Sachem North last Thursday, West         throws with 20 seconds remaining
  Despite a 50-15 loss to Sachem          and collected 10 rebounds in a 51-33    Islip’s Jackie Morley scored 9 points    in regulation to knot the game at 36.
North in a match last Friday, heavy-      League III win over Centereach last     and Alyssa Pace had 8. Tonianne Ri-      Thirteen of Galasso’s team-high 19
weight Chris Young (275) pinned Nick      Thursday. The Redmen spurted out        portella tallied 13 and Julie Flaherty   points came in the second half and
Ciafone in 3:42 and senior Lou Morel-     to a 23-7 first quarter lead and never   knocked in 8 points in a 59-30 L-II      overtime as West Islip wiped out a
lo (119) pinned Frank Vescio in 3:53.     looked in the rearview mirror.          home loss last week.                     21-10 halftime deficit. ■
Morello missed his junior season.           Islip wrestling keyed by Frank
  East Islip’s Jeannette Spillane tal-    Provenzano (152), Dennis Purcell
lied 15 points, nearly half her team’s    (160), Steve Provenzano (171), Joe
total of 36 and 10 rebounds in a          Manna (210) and Cody Hinrichs (275)
three-point win over Centereach in a      defeated Eastport-South Manor 32-
League III road game last Thursday.       24 on Monday.

                                                                                   Ducky visit
                                                                                     A visit to Southside Hospital in Bay Shore by representatives of the Long
                                                                                   Island Ducks baseball team made people feel a bit warmer during this frigid
                                                                                     From left are: Ducks Co-owner Bud Harrelson, Frank and the Wiseman
                                                                                   from radio station B103.1 FM, Ducks mascot QuackerJack, Southside
                                                                                   Executive Director Winifred Mack, Ducks Executive Dave Lapoint and
                                                                                   Southside Director of Public Affairs Michael Sacca. ■
Islip Bulletin - January 15, 2009

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