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Alaska by yurtgc548


									     SC ALASKA
My Place by
Jaron Clinton
      Top 10 reasons why Alaska is special to me

1.     The relative seclusion one feels
2.    Being in Americas Last Frontier
3.    The vastness
4.    Being at peace with myself
5.    The Pictures
6.    I get to bond with my father
7.    The wildlife
8.    The Landscape
9.    The people
10.   Fishing!
             Denali NP

  • One of Americas Largest National Parks
  • Visited by over 400,000 people annually
• Offers visitors a great chance to view wildlife
                              My Best Friend
                                 Gary and I attended the
                                 same high school where
                                 we lettered together for
                                 basketball, football and

Top: 3am on the way to                                      Top: 12pm Fishing in
Fairbanks                                                   Valdez
Bottom: 11pm fishing in the                                 Bottom: 6pm mine was
Klutina River                                               the biggest

                                Top: Richardson
                                Highway, one of the
                                most amazing drives
                                in the country
         Facts about SC Alaska
• SC Alaska is about as large as Arizona and is a
  very lush green beautiful mountainous terrain
• SC Alaska spawns the 11 highest peaks in the
  America and the temp. range is -76* to 95*

Top:                                          Top:
Dad with King Salmon                          Me Fly Fishing in Denali
Bottom:                                       Bottom:
Gary fighting first King                      Gary Fly Fishing in Denali
Salmon                                        NP

                            50 plus pounder
                       SC Alaska and Me
            I first visited SC Alaska in the summer of 2004
            I have visited every summer since
            Gary got pulled in by a King Salmon
            Almost fishtailed off the Denali Highway 1st time driving
            Grizzly snuck out behind me while fishing thought I was dead
            Mostly fishing, hiking and sight seeing

What Reminds me of SC Alaska
• Rocky Mountain High by
  John Denver
• Starry Starry Night by Van

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