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                                                                  w                                                                                            Harrington is lone
                                                                                                                                                              senior. See page 6.

                                                  January 29, 2002 - Issue 13 - Volume 87

                   TU athletes sport diplomas
                                                    Despite common misconceptions about the
                             The choice between being a stu-
Stephanie Ellis                               academic capabilities of athletes, TU graduates a
                             dent and an athlete is sometimes
 Sports Editor                                higher percentage of athletes than it does tradition-
                             difficult. Sophomore Maria
                                              al students.
                             Bergmann, a former member of
                                                    According to the National Collegiate Athletic
The University of Tulsa rowing team, prefers to be a stu-
dent.                                         Association Graduation Rates Report, TU graduat-
                                              ed 58 percent of its athletes compared to 53 percent
       "I prefer to be a student because I can be an athlete
                                              of non-athlete students.
and enjoy it without it being contingent on winning,"
                                                    This percentage is based on the total number
Bergmann said. "I can have a social life and I have more
time."                                        of students enrolled at the university over a six-year
                                              period. Dating back to the 1994-95 school year, the
       Before quitting the rowing team last semester,
                                              total number of students that graduated by the year
Bergmann faced the daily strains of rigorous workouts and
little time for homework.                     2000 was taken into account.
                                                    However, TU Academics Coordinator Michael
       "I had to manage my time more," Bergmann said. "I
couldn’t stay up all night and do homework."  Stevenson said in all actuality TU graduates 91 per-
                                              cent of all their athletes. Every time an athlete
       Bergmann said quitting the team had nothing to do
                                              leaves, whether they transfer to another school or
with her academics. She said rowing was not as fun after
last year’s coach resigned.                   they leave for personal reasons, it counts against
                                                             the school’s graduation percentage.
                                                                  "I think it is misleading [NCAA
                                                             graduation rates]," Stevenson said.
                                                             "Kids leave all the time and it doesn’t
                                                             always have to do with athletics or
                                                             academics. It could have to do with
                                                             financial aid, they’re homesick, or
                                                             they have a girlfriend or they don’t
                                                             want to go through the rigors of play-
                                                             ing a sport. Anytime they leave, it
                                                             counts against our graduation rate."
                                                                  The athlete has six years to grad-
                                                             uate before it counts against the uni-
                                                             versity. However, TU will only pay for
                                                             five years of schooling if the athlete
                                                             competes for four years.
                                                                  The NCAA sets up guidelines so
                                                             that an athlete must have 25 percent
                                                             of their credits completed after two
                                                             years, 50 percent completed after                                                         photo by Heather Neary/ Collegian
                                                             three years and 75 percent of their
                         photo by Heather Neary / Collegian credits after their playing eligibility is
                                                              over.                                                             Former football player Drew
 (l-r) Junior Julie Twellman and senior Kara                      "Realistically it is hard to graduate                       McLaughlin will graduate in May.
   Heer, both soccer players, will graduate                   in fours years playing a sport,"
                                                              Stevenson said.
            after four years at TU.                               TU has a special program in place                                                   Rates, continued on page 3

 School of Nursing has new online program
                  The University of Tulsa School of                  Every semester students will invest two days on cam-      Hillcrest Medical Center, Saint Francis Hospital, St. John
Wes Kane          Nursing has a new online program called       pus, when the faculty will administer training and assis-      Medical Center and Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and
 Staff Writer RN to BSN. The Internet-mediated                  tance of technology used during the semester.                  Hospital.
                  Bachelor of Science in Nursing allows              In Chapman Hall there are twelve bed skills laborato-          Students are required to have access to a computer
Registered Nurses to earn their bachelor’s degree within        ries designed for students to practice what they have          with the current version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft
one year of study by taking one or two online classes at a      learned in class to simulate problems of health care in the    Office, Microsoft Windows and an Internet connection.
time online.                                                    real world.                                                         Applicants for the nursing program are required to
    Students communicate with each other and faculty                 Nurses are taught the Calista Roy model, which devel-     have a cumulative 2.5 grade point average, complete crim-
through e-mail, the program’s websites and online discus-       ops broad comprehension and skills into the health field.      inal background check forms, provide proof of current
sions. The program concentrates on one course at a time         The model’s overall purpose achieves a better patient out-     enrollment, transcripts, essay, nursing application and
over a five-to six-week period. Classes begin in May.           come by addressing cultural, socio-economic, physiologic       proof of current Oklahoma licensure.
Students will take three courses per semester and those         and psychological factors.                                          Students interested in this program should download
qualifying students can complete their nursing require-              Once completing the basic skills, students continue       program requirements and descriptions of the major from
ments in one year.                                              their clinical practices in local Tulsa hospitals including    www.utulsa.edu/bulletins/.
     news                                                                                                                                       the collegian
        Symphonies and sweets:                                                                                                    Music fraternity rushes
                           For a student walking      day is an experience that I will never for-    highlight of my col-
      Elisa Diehl          through Tyrrell Hall, it   get and will always cherish."                  lege experience."
                           is not uncommon or              Sigma Gamma volunteers annually                 Sigma Gamma
       Staff Writer        surprising to see a        for the Tulsa Philharmonic’s "lollypop"        also sponsored a
                           bake sale table set up     concerts program by running workshops          skating party for the
      on the first floor, surrounded by good-         with kids that provide an introduction to      entire TU School of
      natured camaraderie, laughter and often,        various musical instruments. The girls in      Music last spring,
      several customers.                              Sigma Gamma also carol during the holi-        and hopes to plan
           Last week’s goodie table was run by        days at the Tulsa adult day care center        some sort of similar
      Sigma Gamma. Sigma Gamma is The                 and other similar places.                      social event this
      University of Tulsa chapter of Sigma Alpha           On     a     broader     scale,     SAI   year.
      Iota, an International Greek Music              Philanthropies Inc. uses donations toward            "We have at
      Fraternity for Women that strives to bring      projects that make music more accessible       least one philan-
      music into the lives of not only TU stu-        to the visually/hearing impaired. The          thropy, one fund
      dents, but the lives of people in the Tulsa     money is used in part to create Braille        raiser and one
      community and all around the world.             music or sheet music with a larger note        social event every
           "Being involved in the Sigma Gamma         size for those who have poor eyesight.         semester,"        SG
      chapter of SAI here at The University of             Sigma Alpha Iota is not limited to        president       Emily                             photos by Janae Givens / Collegian
      Tulsa has been a wonderful experience           music majors. In fact, any TU student who      Dofter says. "But
      for me," Sarah Bishop, editor of the organ-     has taken a music class, has a 2.75 GPA        the     organization
      ization, said. "I have met so many great        and has a teacher recommendation can           means much more
                                                                                                                                Elizabeth Hille, a member of Sigma
      girls that love music, and love to share        join. The Sigma Gamma chapter rushes           to me than just the      Alpha Iota, worked at the bake sale.
      music with others. Not only do we create        every semester.                                functions. Through
      strong friendships, but we also help others          "You don’t need to be a music major       SAI, I have gained
                                                                                                                                               opportunities to promote music all over
      in the community by visiting hospitals,         to join and it’s so neat to be able to share   life-long friendships and strengthened my
                                                                                                                                               the world."
      singing at nursing homes and even col-          your own talent with others who have the       love for music by working together with
                                                                                                                                                   For more information, Sigma Gamma
      lecting food for the needy. Just seeing         same love and interest in music," sopho-       others who share my same passion. SAI
                                                                                                                                               has a website at www.orgs.utulsa.edu/sai.
      how music can brighten up someone’s             more Kenda Bennett said. "It has been the      is an amazing organization with many

     Business and music                                                                                                           Tutorial Center opens:

     class hosts ‘Naturally                                         C           ampus
                                                                                    Wa t c h
                                                                                                                                  Blazing the Northwest Passage
                                                                                                                                   Mary McGlohon
                                                                                                                                                                 The     Center      for   Student
     Seven’ at TU Friday                                          The following incidents were reported to Campus
                                                                                                                                    Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                                 Academic Support opened a
                                                                                                                                                                 station Monday that has been a
                                     This weekend, mix busi-      Security. Anyone with information that could assist in the
                                                                                                                                                                 decade in the making.
     Veronica Hefner                 ness with pleasure.          investigation of these incidents is encouraged to call 631-
                                                                                                                                       "We’ve been planning this for over ten years,"
      Editor in Chief                        The Arts and         5555. This release is provided as a public service to pro-
                                                                                                                                  Coordinator of Student Services Guy Gaylor said. "We’ve
                                     Management Class at          mote safety awareness on campus.
                                                                                                                                  been bumped from a variety of places, looking for a place on
     The University of Tulsa will sponsor a concert at 8:15                                                                       campus with high visibility."
                                                                 Jan. 21
     p.m. Friday in the Tyrrell Hall Auditorium. Naturally                                                                             They found the newly christened "Northwest Passage,"
                                                                 4:15 p.m. – A staff member at the Mary K. Chapman
     Seven, a seven-member a cappella gospel group hail-                                                                          located on the northwest corner of ACAC next to the book-
                                                                 Center reported a theft of personal property. Investigation
     ing from New York City, will perform.                                                                                        store. Formerly a temporary law library and more recently a
                                                                 revealed that between Dec. 8 and Dec. 10 person(s)
           "The Arts and Management Class is a new major                                                                          lounge area, Northwest Passage was transformed into a
                                                                 unknown removed her university identification card and
     that is only three years old," said sophomore Chanelle                                                                       study center with computers for Internet and word process-
                                                                 Palm Pilot from the desk in her office. At this time there are
     Ford, who helped organize the event. "The major                                                                              ing, tables for group study and tutoring and comfortable
                                                                 no known suspects.
     mixes business with music."                                                                                                  chairs for reading during passing time between classes. The
                                                                 11:10 p.m. – A student reported that her car was burglar-
           Ford said the new major works to bring in a dif-                                                                       coordinators hope to create a sociable yet studious atmos-
                                                                 ized while it was parked and unattended on the Delaware
     ferent musical group every semester. Last year, the                                                                          phere.
                                                                 parking lot. Investigation revealed that between 10:15 and
     group organized the visits of the American Boy Choir,                                                                             "It’s a library plus," Gaylor said. "It’s not as loud as the
                                                                 11 p.m. person(s) unknown forced entry into the victim’s
     Tim Reece, Walter White and Donna Cox. But this                                                                              cafeteria, but not as quiet as the library."
                                                                 Jeep Cherokee by breaking out a side window. Once
     year, only Naturally Seven will come to TU.                                                                                       One goal of Northwest Passage is to increase aware-
                                                                 inside the suspect(s) removed a stereo amplifier. Tulsa
           "This year, we just brought one," Ford said. "We                                                                       ness of the campus tutoring program- a service of which
                                                                 Police were called to the scene to assist with the investi-
     felt this group was excellent, and they were much                                                                            many students are not aware.
     more expensive, so we only scheduled them."                                                                                       "I think it’s going to let more students know we have
                                                                 Jan. 23.
           With the new major, students who love music can                                                                        tutoring services," Gaylor said. "I have seen some students
                                                                 4:40 p.m. – Security responded to the Allen Chapman
     learn the business side of a production. Public rela-                                                                        declare pass/fail on a course because they didn’t know we
                                                                 Activity Center after a staff member reported that there
     tions, fundraising and organization are all jobs the stu-                                                                    [tutoring services] were here."
                                                                 was a suspicious person loitering inside the building.
     dents perform.                                                                                                                    Northwest Passage utilizes the expensive wiring the law
                                                                 When officers arrived they located the person. After being
           "We get a lot of hands-on experience," Ford said.                                                                      library had installed but left useless after moving. There are
                                                                 identified as a non-student without any authorized reason
     "You have to know business to do all of this. We’re not                                                                      no printers available yet; however, students may type papers
                                                                 for being on campus he was escorted from university prop-
     just in a classroom."                                                                                                        and projects to save onto diskette.
                                                                 erty and warned about trespassing.
           In addition to the concert, Naturally Seven will                                                                            Representatives from the Student Center will be avail-
                                                                 7:35 p.m. – A student reported that his vehicle was stolen
     also be available to meet fans at 10 a.m. Friday in                                                                          able to refer tutors to students and vice versa. Current hours
                                                                 from a campus parking lot. Investigation revealed that
     Tyrrell and will participate at the 11 a.m. Sunday morn-                                                                     are 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
                                                                 between 10:30 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. person(s) unknown
     ing church service at Sharp Chapel. The Raymond                                                                              Monday and Thursday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday and Sunday 4
                                                                 stole the victim’s 1993 Chevrolet Silverado pickup from the
     and Bessie Kravis Foundation and Sharp Chapel                                                                                p.m.-late evening. Hours of operation will expand over the
                                                                 Engineering North Parking Lot. Tulsa Police were called
     helped sponsor the event.                                                                                                    semester, with more open hours in the fall.
                                                                 to assist with the investigation.

          SA urges organizations to fill out form on back of “The Collegian”
                              The form on the         be recognized will not be able to apply for    bill to the Financial Appropriations            office. Next, bills are either tabled or
     Staff Report             back page of Issue      allocations. They will also be denied privi-   Committee Jan. 22 at the Senate meeting.        approved, then brought before Senate the
     The Collegian            12 of The Collegian     leges of recognized organizations like              The bill must first be brought to          following Tuesday.
                              is SA’s effort to       reserving rooms for activities in ACAC for     Senate and read aloud, then a represen-              Any organization that brought a bill
     keep track of all the student organizations      free.                                          tative from the organization must attend        before Senate that has been tabled must
     on campus. All organizations that do not              Senator Carrie Richardson outlined        the FAC committee meeting the following         attend an FAC meeting to discuss the bill.
     fill out this form or do not respond to SA to    the process for writing and presenting a       Friday at noon in the Student Association
issue 13 - 1.29.02                                                                                                                                                         news
                                       Campus Events Calendar                                                                                                                              03
Tuesday, Jan. 29                                             -Soulforce, a support group for BLGTA students, meets at      Saturday, Feb. 2
-Student Association Cabinet meets at 5 p.m. in the          1 p.m. at United Campus Ministry.                             -Alpha Phi Alpha will host its Miss Black and Gold
Cabinet Conference Room in the Allen Chapman Activity        -Wesley Foundation presents Basketball and the Bible at       Pageant at Shaw Alumni Center at 7:06 p.m. Open to all.
Center. All students are welcome.                            the Mabee Gym South Court at 7 p.m.                           -Alpha Phi Alpha will have their after - Pageant "Pajamie
-Hurricane Toastmasters meets at 6:15 p.m. in the            Thursday, Jan. 31                                             Jam," at 10:06 p.m. in Mabee Gym. The cost is $2 for
Dean’s Conference Room of John Rogers Hall. Call Keith       -Women’s Bible Study meets at the Wesley Foundation           Greeks, $3 for non-Greeks, and $5 for anyone who does-
Hahn at 599-7894 for more information.                       at 6 p.m.                                                     n’t come in pajamas.
-Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship has their worship service    -EarthMatters, an environmental club, meets at 7 p.m. at      Sunday, Feb. 3
at 8 p.m. in the Shaw Alumni Center.                         United Campus Ministry.                                       -John Mabee Hall hosts a Super Bowl party beginning at
-SA Senate meets at 9 p.m. in John Rogers Hall, Rm.          -Student-led fellowship meets at Wesley at 9 p.m.             5 p.m., open to all. Call 631-2320 for details.
201. All are welcome.                                        -Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity will meet for their informa-      -The Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Gay and Transgendered
-Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority will meet for their informa-       tional meeting at 8:06 p.m. at 327 S. Delaware, #617.         Alliance (BLGTA) meets at the United Campus Ministry at
tional meeting at 7:30-8:30 p.m. in The University Club at   -TU Theatre presents, "Bigger Isn’t Always Better," a         8 p.m.
Allen Chapman Activity Center. Call Millicent Delany at      revue of musicals through Sunday, Feb. 3. For more            -BSU hosts a Super Bowl Party at the gametime.
599-7972 for details.                                        information, call 631-2567.                                   -Newman Theological Forum meets at noon in the
Wednesday, Jan. 30                                           Friday, Feb. 1                                                Faculty Study of McFarlin Library. Fr. Francis Maloney,
-The United Campus Ministry meets at noon for a free         -Association of Women in Communications meets at              SDB, professor of New Testament at Catholic University
vegetarian lunch. For more information on this or any        noon in the Collegian Office, located on the first floor of   of America speaks. Maloney is the president of The
United Campus Ministry event, call Rev. Brenda Booth at      Oliphant Hall.                                                Catholic Biblical Association of America and a member of
583-9780.                                                    -Friday Noon Lunch is scheduled at Wesley from noon-          the Commission to Holy USA See.
- FOCUS meets at the Baptist Student Union at 710 S.         12:50 p.m.                                                    -Self-defense Kenpo classes begin today. For more infor-
College at noon. For information on this or any BSU          -International Bible Study meets at 1:05 p.m. at Wesley.      mation about classes or time offered, call 631-2679.
event, call Steve Lewis at 592-1500.                                                                                                          compiled by Gabbie Gibson / Collegian

                                                   rates, continued from front                   Currently, there are 106 athletes in academically at TU.
                                                                                            study hall, and freshmen account for 68 of          "We had a kid once who graduated
 to help the incoming freshman get accli-     [grad students] for 30 minutes once a         those students.                                third in his class and then flunked out his
 mated to college and perform well in their   week," Stevenson said.                             For the past several years, the freshman year," Stevenson said.
 studies.                                          Freshmen are also required to attend     women’s rowing team, the men’s and                  According to the NCAA graduation
     The Hurricane Academic Support           a minimum of eight hours of study hall        women’s         soccer                                                rates report, 58 per-
 Program requires all freshman and new        each week.                                    programs, and the                                                     cent of the male TU
 students to meet with a grad student              "We feel that their freshman year is     women’s golf team                                                     athletes graduate in
 through the athletic department and the      the most difficult. We want to get a good     and the volleyball                                                    comparison to just
 Center for Student Academic Support.         jump-start," Stevenson said. "Anyone that     team have had                                                         56 percent of TU
 The athletes ask any questions they have     is below a 2.5 after their freshman year      excellent graduation                                                  female athletes.
 about classes, professors or homework.       has to go to study hall. To me that’s         rates.                                                                        The     NCAA
     "They are required to meet with them     enough incentive to keep a good GPA."              "A couple of                                                     has a GPA require-
                                                                                              years ago volley-                                                   ment for athlete par-
                                                                                              ball had one of the                                                 ticipation.
                                                                                              top five GPA’s in                                                           "After   their
                                                                                              the          nation,"                                               first year they have
                                                                                              Stevenson said.                                                     to have a minimum
                                                                                                 While most of                                                    of 1.7," Stevenson
                                                                                              TU’s teams gradu-                                                   said. "We at the uni-
                                                                                              ate a high percent-                                                 versity say that they
                                                                                              age of their ath-                                                   have to have a 2.0. If
                                                                                              letes, the football                                                 they do not achieve
                                                                                              team has the low-                                                   a 2.0 they will be put
                                                                                              est       graduation           photo by Abby Helman / Collegian on academic proba-
                                                                                              rate at 72 percent.                                               tion at the university.
                                                                                                 According          to    Former rower Maria                    Two         consecutive
                                                                                              Stevenson, only two                                               semesters under a
                                                                                              of the players in the Bergmann now has more 2.0 constitutes sub-
                                                                                              last six years left time to study at home. ject for dismissal."
                                                                                              due to academics.                                                           Stevenson
                                                                                                 "It is only because                                            said that very few ath-
                                                                                              their [football] class comes in every letes stay under a 2.0.
                                                                                              year with 20-30 kids," Stevenson said.            "Schools will be entirely athletic or
                                                                                              "There are more walk-ons and they entirely academic," Stevenson said. "We
                                                                                              probably won’t get much playing time have run against the gamut because we
                                                                                              so they end up leaving."                     are competitive in all our sports and we
                                                                                                 Political science professor Eldon graduate all of our people. We don’t have
                                                                                              Eisenach said he has had several smart a lot of players that go pro but we are
                                                                                              football players in his classes.             competitive in WAC [Western Athletic
                                                                                                 "I remember having three or four Conference] championships."
                                                                                              football players in one of my classes             Stevenson said it is a priority to the
                                                                                              one summer," Eisenach said. "Their university that athletes get their degrees.
                                                                                              average grades were higher [than the              "There’s more to it than just the grad-
                                                                                              rest of the class]."                         uation rate," Stevenson said. "I care
                                                                                                 Stevenson said there is no way of about our kids and their accomplish-
                                                                                              forecasting how a student will perform ments. I want them to get their degrees."

                                                                                                                                          EARN $1000 FOR YOUR GROUP
                                                                                                CLASSIFIED                                 Work on campus to raise money
                                                                                                                                        For your student group or organization.
                                                                                                                                          Make your own schedule and earn
                                                                                                            ADS                                   $5 per application.
                                                                                                                                             Please call 1-800-808-7450
                                           January 29, 2002 - Issue 13 - Volume 87
 Movie review:                                            A walk to forget
 Rachel Sherrill              It seems that    already annoyed at the film even before I  tutoring sessions and janitorial work. It is       opinion of the movie, which would be
                              one of these     saw it. My pre-movie suspicions were       at these punishment sights that he meets           mostly right, but not completely. As hard
 Staff Writer                 days movie pro-  quickly verified as the film began ticking good girl (Mandy Moore) who surprise,              as it is for me to admit, I actually liked the
                              ducers would     one scene after another off my mental pre- surprise ends up helping him with his lines movie just a bit. First of all, Shane West is
finally get it, especially after the recent    dictability list.                          for the drama club’s latest theater produc-        extremely good looking, and hot guys can
release of the film "Not Another Teen               Here’s the short version of the plot: tion. Even to the disarray of his "bad"            make even the worst of movies work.
Movie." As hard as it is for                                                                                  friends, bad boy finds         Second, I am a complete and total sap.
producers to believe,                                                                                         himself falling in love        This is why I found myself with teary eyes
teenagers have actually                                                                                       with good girl. This good as the movie drew to a close, even though
caught on. They have figured                                                                                  girl just happens to be        I knew exactly what was going to happen
out the basic teen film sce-                                                                                  the unpopular rev-             from the moment I walked in the theater.
nario and it is time to move                                                                                  erend’s daughter who           And finally, the reason that this movie was
on. Sure, we all have come to                                                                                 never succumbs to high         not a total flop was because there will
appreciate a little Hollywood                                                                                 school peer                                                   always be peo-
predictability, but is it too                                                                                 pressure.             ‘"A Walk to Remember’ ple who no
much too ask to actually want                                                                                 She changes                                                   matter how
to not know the next line that                                                                                his life, he             gets two Kleenex                     many times
an actor is going to say                                                                                      changes her             boxes out of five.”                   they see the
before he actually says it?                                                                                   life, and they                                                same old movie
      Warner Brother’s "A Walk                                                                                fall in love                                                  formula end up
to Remember," starring heart-                                                                                 and hit a few problems         feeling better about the world after they
throb Shane West and                                                                                          with the parents and the       see it. They will find themselves day-
Neutrogena princess Mandy                                                                                     friends. So what’s new?        dreaming about romance and sappy love
Moore, is the latest teen film                                                                                             Now this may      stories, completely forgetting that the
to hit the stage with the age-                                                                                sound way too easy,            movie wasn’t all that good because their
old formula of bad boy meets                                                                                  even for Hollywood, and        faith in the power of love was renewed.
good girl. Based on the best                                                                                  it actually is. Yes, that’s         So, I’m not going to tell anyone to go
selling novel by author                                                                                       right, there is a surprise     see this movie, but I’m not going to tell
Nicholas Sparks, "A Walk to                    Mandy Moore and Shane West                                     ending! This almost            anyone not to either. If it is possible to
Remember" hits more than a                                                                                    renewed my faith in            look past the screenplay, acting and large
few roadblocks.                             experience a summer of love with an                               movies until I discovered degree of predictability, then go and cry
      The worst part of the                                                                                   that even the surprise         and have a grand time. However, if this
whole movie was that the                                  unexpected twist.                                   ending was actually on         sounds like a waste of $5, then it may be
film’s producers actually                                                                                     my mental predictability       best to wait and see it until it comes out
thought that they were being                                                                                  list (I’ll let you figure that on video. For all of the reasons listed
creative. It seemed as if they truly thought   bad boy (Shane West) is angry at the       one out). So, the movie consists of a pre-         above, "A Walk to Remember" gets two
that they were the first ones to ever try      world and gets in trouble. As part of his  dictable story line, not so great actors, and Kleenex boxes out of five.
this age-old movie formula. This is part of    punishment, he must help out around the    an ending that just tries way too hard.
the reason that I walked into the theater      school with the drama club, after school   These elements would seem to taint my

     Destiny's Child to D'Angelo:
                       Almost everyone is             This is exactly
                                                                                  What is this musiq?                                                   often difficult to classify
Heather Hale           familiar with the soft   why the new "neosoul"                                                                                   this type of music, since
 Variety Editor        and sexy voices of       movement is so                                                                                          some of its main facets
                       R&B singers such as      refreshing. Roughly                                                                                     are self expression and
R. Kelly and Toni Braxton. These singers,       five years ago, a new                                                                                   lyrical freedom.
along with Tyrese, Joe, and groups like         group of artists                                                                                          One of the first precur-
Jagged Edge have helped to popularize           emerged on the music                                                                                    sors to neosoul was
this music genre. Jagged Edge’s recent hit      scene and received                                                                                      D’Angelo, who emerged
"Where the Party At" and R&B girl group         airplay from hip hop                                                                                    on the scene with his first
Destiny’s Child recent rise to stardom have     radio stations. Music                                                                                   album "Brown Sugar"
broken down many of the boundaries              critics quickly noted                                                                                   roughly five years ago. He
between hip hop and pop music.                  that these musicians                                                                                    had a voice unlike any
     However, a closer examination of this      had a sound that was                                                                                    other male R&B singer at
music reveals that its sole purpose is          uniquely different than                                                                                 that time, and one critic
entertainment and it does not really serve      the typical R&B artists.                                                                                stated that D’Angelo is
any deeper musical truths. There is rarely      The singers had true                                                                                    "100 percent extraordi-
any lyrical depth or emotion. This, howev-      soul in their voices;                                                                                   nary, the definition of soul
er, does not mean that these performers         they were able to con-                Artists like Erykah Badu and Maxwell                              made flesh." With "Brown
are not capable of this. The women in           vey deep heartache                  offer an alternative to the predictable                             Sugar," he ushered in a
Destiny’s Child, believe it or not, have        and pain and make the                                                                                   new type of music and set
extremely powerful voices, especially when      listener understand                            formula of R&B music.                                    the standards for what
performing a string of gospel songs live.       what this felt like, even                                                                               R&B and soul music
And don’t get me wrong; there is absolute-      if he had never experienced it himself. In   tain genre, so when this innovative sound  should be. His sinewy voice and funky
ly nothing wrong with listening to 112 or       short, these artists are in touch with the   materialized, record executives scrambled  grooves fuse to create a deep and pas-
Usher, who will always be R&B favorites.        true originators of soul music, such as      to categorize it. It was music that tapped sionate sound. His long awaited follow-up
But for the most part, the world of R&B         Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, and             into the rich soul of the 1970’s but man-
music too often consists of disposable pre-     Aretha Franklin. In the music world today,   aged to add a contemporary feel; they
packaged acts.                                  everything is classified and put into a cer- quickly dubbed it neosoul. However, it is
                                                                                                                                              neosoul, continued on page 5
issue 13 - 1.29.02                                                                                                                                                 variety
The Emperor would approve                                                                                                                    Movies, continued from page 4
                                                                                                              album, "Voodoo," came five years later and was recorded live in
                                                                                                              the studio and involved a lot of spontaneity. Voodoo drips with raw
                            am from
Emily Lampert IMo., homeSpringfield,   of cashew
                                                        dishes from sweet and sour chicken to broccoli
                                                        beef along with the less-expected shrimp, Korean      emotion and power, and this is evident in his video, "Untitled" (How
Asst. Bus. Manager chicken and Brad Pitt.               barbecue and jalapeño chicken. They also have         Does It Feel), which is a perfect example of this, along with unre-
                           Although I have never        chicken and beef shish kabob style, which             leased songs such as "One Mo’Gin" and "Send It On."
actually seen Brad Pitt in our hometown, I did          offered a fun alternative to eating it with a fork          Another neosoul artist who appeared a few years back is
grow up eating Chinese food at least once a             and knife.                                            Erykah Badu. Her debut album, Baduizm, got her the name "earth
week during my entire childhood. There is an                 After my friends and I finished piling our       mother" of the neosoul movement. On her second album, Mama’s
Oriental restaurant on almost every corner, one         plates full for the second time, we noticed yet       Gun, the hip hop spin that was felt on her first album is further
of them boasting the invention of modern cashew         another buffet line full of shrimp cocktail and       diluted. She instead focuses on soft 70’s soul and sultry jazz and
and sweet and sour chicken.                             other seafood, including fresh crab legs. Although    concentrates on sharp and often biting lyrics. Another neosoul artist
      One can only imagine my quest to find satis-      they did not have the proper tools to eat the crab    who emerged in 1996 was Maxwell, who was also one of the pio-
faction in Chinese food following my transition         legs with, we found that they were still delicious.   neers of the neosoul movement. With a falsetto voice that resem-
from Springfield to Tulsa in the fall of 2000. I             The broccoli beef was especially flavorsome,     bles Prince’s and a true passion for music, Maxwell creates songs
have spent the past three semesters looking for a       as it seemed sweeter than I am used to. It tasted     that result in sensual and dream-like records. He has the ability to
good Chinese restaurant.                                almost as though they put brown sugar in the          evoke such deep feelings of passion, pain, and hope that most
      I must admit that I have not yet found            sauce. Although it was different from what I am       singers are not capable of. "This Woman’s Work," off his 1997
Chinese food that can compete with the innumer-         used to, it was still a pleasant surprise. My         "Unplugged" album, clearly illustrates his emotional capacity for
able restaurants located in my hometown.                friends also enjoyed the sesame chicken, which        this.
However, my friends and I did happen to stumble         was dipped in a somewhat sweet sauce and had                Other neosoul musicians that have cropped up more recently
upon a very impressive restaurant called The            small sesame seeds sprinkled on top.                  include Musiq Soul Child, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, and India Arie.
Emperor’s Super Buffet.                                      The only complaint I could come up with was      Although Musiq Soul Child sometimes errs more on the R&B side,
      The Emperor’s Super Buffet is located at          that the lo mein noodles were a little too mushy      his debut album, Aijuswanaseing (I Just Want to Sing) contains
7104 Memorial and is open for a lunch and din-          and even had a slight seafood taste. Besides          songs such as "Mary Go Round" and the hit single "Love" that illus-
ner buffet seven days a week. The service is            that, the food was more than satisfying.              trate his neosoul tendencies. Jill Scott is arguably one of the
friendly with a very clean atmosphere. Even for              A very important aspect of this restaurant’s     biggest neosoul women on the scene today due to her skillful amal-
someone unfamiliar with Chinese cuisine, it is not      service was obviously their attention to detail.      gamation of rap, poetry, soul, jazz and blues. Her breezy voice
difficult to find something tasty with the wide vari-   There was always someone monitoring the buffet        makes her melodies enticing, and the way she easily blends music
ety of dishes offered.                                  lines, stirring and refilling the food as the need    and poetry to create soulful love odes is irresistible.
      They have four different buffet lines stacked     arose. In fact, this was the most fresh and clean           The world of R&B music is taking a poignant and much need-
with many different foods. The first contains egg       Chinese buffet line I have ever seen.                 ed turn towards true soul with talented musicians such as
drop and hot and sour soup as well as fruit and a            The prices were also very reasonable. For a      D’Angelo, Maxwell and Jill Scott. These artists are producing songs
soft serve ice cream machine and many top-              lunch buffet, the cost is $5.79 while the dinner      that are not only heartfelt but also full of poetic depth; in addition,
pings. The fresh fruit on this bar ranged from          buffet is $7.99. I would definitely recommend this    they actually evoke an emotional reaction from the listener, which
kiwis to cantaloupe, and they also had a tray of        as an option to satisfy a Chinese food craving        is not too common in the majority of today’s music. Neosoul’s invig-
cherry Jell-O.                                          instantly.                                            orating perspective on music is providing the world with a taste of
      Two of the other lines include traditional                                                              how music really should be.
                                            January 29, 2002 - Issue 13 - Volume 87

                       Signature senior
Stephanie Ellis              With a black T-shirt pulled over
                             his jersey and socks pulled to his
Sports Editor                knees, senior Greg Harrington
                             leads The University of Tulsa
men’s basketball team through warm-up drills before
every game.
      While the rest of his team is dressed in the standard
warm-up shirts, Harrington is wearing a black shirt. He
said the other shirts are uncomfortable.
      "I wear it [the black shirt] for no real reason,"
Harrington said. "It’s just that the blue warm-up jerseys
are uncomfortable. So I told the trainers that I needed a T-
      Harrington has also started wearing his socks to his
knees this season, something he attributes to his senior
year in high school.
      "I wore them [long socks] my senior in high school, so
I thought I would go ahead and wear them my senior year
in college," Harrington said.
      Harrington is the lone senior this year and is the team
      "He’s become a leader," junior Kevin Johnson said.
"He’s the one who will get in our faces and yell at us,
telling us what we need to do."
      Harrington said he has felt no added pressure to this
season, despite being the only senior.
      "I know we have a lot of guys who are capable of
stepping up," Harrington said. "I’ve been here for four
years and KJ [Johnson] has too. He’s basically a senior.
He just sat out a year. I just want to help the team win."
      Head coach John Phillips has noticed that Harrington
                                                                                                                                                          photos by Heather Neary / Collegian
has matured over the past four years.
      "He came to us as a mature young man," Phillips
said. "He had been really well coached. I think he was
                                                                                     Greg Harrington, the lone senior, stands out during
raised, as a young person, to have a great work ethic. He                                      warmup with his black T-shirt.
learned how to fit into a team situation."
      Phillips said Harrington’s desire to be a team player
                                                                  willing to do it so I should too.’ I think that’s really helped         "He is a team player who
has had a huge effect on the team and is one of the rea-
                                                                  us as coaches in convincing the guys that that is the way         is willing to do whatever it
sons for the strong play from all the players.
                                                                  the game needs to be played. Greg is the ultimate team            takes to be successful,"
      "I think we have an unselfish team because he is the
                                                                  player."                                                          Phillips said. "He could’ve
senior leader," Phillips said. "When they see him passing
                                                                        Harrington broke the school record for assists two          scored a lot more points over
the basketball, they say ‘well it’s his senior year and he’s
                                                                        weeks ago. This record demonstrates the unselfish           the last four years but he was
                                                                        play of Harrington.                                         always a team player, and he
                                                                              "As a coach, to have your player that is the sen-     always wanted to help his
                                                                        ior leader achieve something that is such an                team win in whichever way he
                                                                        unselfish act can only help you," Phillips said.            could."
                                                                        "Unselfish acts on the floor spread; selfish acts                 Throughout his career at
                                                                        spread. As a coach, once the selfish acts start taking      TU, Harrington has been an
                                                                        place, it’s hard to stop it."                               unselfish and dedicated play-
                                                                              However, Harrington still hasn’t had time to think    er, Phillips said. Even break-
                                                                        about at his accomplishment.                                ing the school assist record
                                                                              "Right now, it hasn’t meant too much," Harrington     has had little effect on him.
                                                                        said. "I think that when I get older it’ll mean more to           "I know its special [the
                                                                        me."                                                        assist record] but I’m sure
                                                                              During a timeout of the Boise State game, it was      that someone will come along
                                                                        announced that Harrington broke the school record           and break it someday,"
                                                                        for assists. After coming out of the huddle, Harrington     Harrington said.
                                                                        made a motion to quiet the crowd who was giving
                                                                        him a standing ovation.
                                                                              "It was special, I felt kind of funny with everyone       Harrington's
                                                                        cheering," Harrington said. "I’ve never been one for
                                                                        attention I guess that’s why I felt kind of weird. It’s        long socks are
                                                                        been fun seeing how much people appreciate it. The
                                                                        fans have been great ever since I’ve been here."               a new addition
                                                                              Phillips also added Harrington could’ve been the         to his uniform
    Harrington had 13 points and two                                    all-time scorer if he had wanted to, but he always
                                                                        wanted to help his team win, even if that meant scor-            this season.
         assists against Hawai'i.                                       ing less.
issue 13 - 1.29.02                                                                                                                                                     sports
  Men's basketball:                                                      Fresh on the court

                            Every guy who           "I love Coach                                                                           season playing against some of the
Sam Threadgill              has ever          Phillips to death,"                                                                           Western Athletic Conference’s top
 Staff Writer               played high       Blankenship said. "He                                                                         teams.
                            school basket-    and his staff impressed                                                                             "From as long as I can remember, I
ball has always thought about playing         me from the very begin-                                                                       have always loved the game," Glenn
college basketball to a certain extent, but   ning."                                                                                        said. "I always knew, one way or anoth-
the truth is, this dream is only achieved           Throughout his first                                                                    er, I would play for a university some-
by a select few.                              season, guard Trevor                                                                          day."
      This season, you might have             Meier decided it would                                                                              Glenn feels he has a lot of room to
noticed that the University of Tulsa men's    be best if he red-shirted                                                                     still grow as a player and is extremely
basketball team has a few new names           (sat out the season)                                                                          impressed so far with the basketball pro-
on the roster.                                instead of playing. This                                                                      gram and especially with Phillips.
      This year, TU is proud to welcome       way he could still learn                                                                            "We have one of the top programs
freshman Jarius Glenn of Decatur,             and practice while stay-                                                                      in the country and I know we all have
Georgia, Kyle Blankenship of                  ing eligible for future                                                                       what it takes to be successful as a
Shreveport, Louisiana, and Trevor Meier       seasons.                                                                                      team," Glenn said.
of Alva, Oklahoma. Before entirely decid-           "I really don't mind                                                                           The upperclassmen on the team
ing on TU, they considered such schools       sitting out on the side-                                                                      and the coaching staff are considered to
as Princeton, Southern Mississippi,           lines," Meier said. "Even                                                                     be a second family by Glenn,
Sanford, Stephen F. Austin, Alabama,          though I'm not playing,                                                                       Blankenship and Meier. They believe
and Richmond University, just to name a       I'm still constantly learn-                             photo by Heather Neary / Collegian    that everyone going the extra mile for
few.                                          ing and trying to mold                                                                       them has really made a great difference
      Guard Kyle Blankenship has been         myself into a better over-                                                                   in their college experience.
very pleased, yet grateful to be part of      all player."                         (l-r) Trevor Meier and Kyle                                    "When we first got here, they really
such an outstanding team.                           Just like Glenn and                                                                    welcomed us and made us feel good,"
      "Playing basketball at the college      Blankenship, Meier can
                                                                             Blankenship are two of the three                              Blankenship said. "We all are honored
level is everything I expected plus a lot     remember playing bas-            new freshmen on the TU men's                                that they have let us become a part of
more," Blankenship said. "The speed of        ketball from a very early                                                                    their family here at TU."
the game is much faster, and the compe-       age. He has come to                        basketball team.                                          The freshman trio's goals for this
tition is harder than I ever could have       learn that you get out of                                                                    year range from hoping to win a national
imagined."                                    basketball exactly what you put into it.    "When I'm at practice, I'm always trying         championship to just trying to get better
      Like Glenn and Meier, Blankenship's           "Not only has basketball made me      to push myself to the limit."                    and perfect their overall game with their
main reason for coming to TU was the          physically stronger, but it has also made        Small forward/guard Jarius Glenn            new team, or rather, family.
new head coach, John Phillips.                me stronger emotionally," Meier said.       has been a familiar face on the court this

     Nowhere to run                                                                                           Weekly Wrap-up
                                                                                                             – Sophomore Shana Robinson won the 200-meter dash at the Red
                                Despite not having    Paula Richardson from Dallas, is making a
Brock Blackburn                 a track to practice   splash in the sprints. She posted an impressive
                                                                                                             Raider Invitational on Jan. 26 with a NCAA Provisional qualifying
                                                                                                             time of 24.21 seconds. Robinson broke the school record in the 200
 Asst. Sports Editor            on, The University    fifth place finish in the 200-meters at the            and the 55-meter dash where she finished third. Junior Monica
                                of Tulsa track        Missouri Invitational, beating Robinson by one-        Joannes also broke her own school record on her way to winning
team is excelling early in the indoor season.         tenth of a second.                                     the 800-meter run in a time of 2:13.17.
     While many collegiate track teams have an              "[Richardson] has done very well in the          – Sophomore Derek Smith finished third in the 5,000 meter run for
indoor track for the winter months, the weather       sprints and surprised us a lot," Gulley said. "She     the men and junior Derek Sparks placed sixth in the 800. High
dictates much of the training schedule for TU.        going to help us in the 2 and the 4."                  jumpers Jason Kruger and Heston King tied for fourth by clearing
Coach Steve Gulley, however, refuses to use let             Junior Jamese James has finished second          2.01m (6’7").
that be an excuse.                                    in the 600-yard run twice. She is a leader on the      Women’s Basketball
     "It does make a difference, but we’re not        talented 4x400-meter relay team that has fin-          – The University of Tulsa fell to Louisiana Tech 77-46 on Jan. 24,
going to use that as an Achilles heel," Gulley        ished first, second and third in three races this      but they bounced back to defeat Southern Methodist 76-62 on Jan.
said. "We’ll do the best job we can and over-         season.                                                26.
come the situation."                                        "The girls’ mile relay was good last year        Even though, junior Alyssa Shriver scored 18 points and blocked
     The women’s team returns two athletes,           and we could be better this year," Gulley said.        nine shots, the Golden Hurricane fell short against Louisiana Tech,
sophomore Shana Robinson and senior                         The men’s team returns sophomore high            who is the eighth ranked team nationally.
Charlotte Sanderson, that competed in last            jumper Jason Krueger who was runner-up at              – Senior Carla Morrow buried SMU with seven three-pointers on her
year’s NCAA championships.                            the WAC championships last season. Another             way to a game-high 25 points. Tulsa also got a boost off the bench
Robinson, who was Western Athletic                    high jumper, freshman Heston King, has already         from sophomore Becky Heidotten who finished the game with 14
Conference Freshman of the Year last season,          won the event at the Oklahoma All-Comers               points on 7-of-9 shooting.
picked up right where she left off, winning two       Meet, and he has finished one place behind             Men’s Basketball
races in the first three meets.                       Krueger twice. King won the 5A State                   – TU defeated San Jose State 78-54 on Jan. 24 but came up short
     Sanderson, an All-American last year, has        Championship in Texas last year with a leap of         against conference leader Hawaii 90-82 on Jan. 26.
been slowed by bursitis in her heel. She has not      7’0".                                                  – Forward Kevin Johnson posted a game-high of 20 points against
competed in a meet yet, but she is still doing              Junior Derek Sparks is a consistent scorer       San Jose State, and guards Jason Parker and Antonio Reed con-
everything possible to be ready for the more          in the 800-meter run and red-shirt freshman            tributed 13 each in the winning effort.
important meets later in the season.                  Blake Carpenter has placed fourth twice and            – Tulsa came out strong against the Warriors but was outscored by
     "Charlotte is banged up from training. She       sixth once in the one-mile run.                        15 points in the second half. Charlie Davis scored 15 points on 7-of-
trains very hard and isn’t the type to back off,"           "Carpenter has shown some promise in the         8 shooting and had 11 rebounds for a
Gulley said.                                          distance events," Gulley said. "He’s been a big        double-double.                                compiled by Brock Blackburn
     With Sanderson out, junior April Johnson         surprise as a freshman, and he’s doing a good
stepped up and broke the school record in the
1000-meter run at the Missouri Invitational.
                                                            Gulley is also optimistic about freshman            Check out the best
Senior Debbie Cardenas also provides valuable         sprinter Adrian Young. Young, a transfer student
leadership among the distance corps.
     Andrea McGillen, a freshman from Clinton,
                                                      from Wayland Baptist (NAIA) won the 200-meter
                                                      dash at the Missouri Invitational.
                                                                                                                seat in the house.
Washington, is the first pole-vaulter at Tulsa.       Additionally, senior Donald Shoals, better known
She has cleared 2.80 meters this year, which is
near to her personal best. Another freshman,
                                                      as a wide receiver on the football team, will
                                                      compete in the sprint events.
                                                                                                              Write for the Collegian.
     sports                                                                                                                        the collegian
         There's no place like home
                                   What Dorothy exclaimed,             The main reason TU received the opportunity
     Michelle Snider               clicking her heels together,   to anticipate and realize this magnificent facility is
     Staff Writer                  mirrors exactly what The       Tulsa developer and philanthropist Mike Case.
                                   University of Tulsa men’s      One of the main benefactors, Case donated a
     and women’s tennis teams have to say about their             major percentage of the funds and raised the
     new home, the Michael D. Case Tennis Center.                 remaining backing for the center. And for a univer-
     The new tennis facility, located at 8th and Delaware,        sity of this size such a project would have been
     received its christening at the men’s tennis game            more than a small feat.
     against Oral Roberts on Jan.19. Breaking ground                   Yet this development will not just affect this
     almost two years ago, this 54,000-square-foot facility       season or only the tennis teams, but the university
     stands proud as one of the best college tennis facility      may experience an onslaught of the best tennis
     in the nation.                                               players from around the nation and world fighting to
     The center has six indoor courts, 12 outdoor courts,         get into the tennis program at TU. In other words,
     spectator seating, electronic scoreboards, lighting for      this center could increase the quality of the teams
     night competitions, conditioning training facilities,        and improve enrollment.
     locker rooms, staff offices, lounges and a pro shop.              Quite possibly the prospects of this facility
           In fact, a writer from The New York Times John         have geared up both teams and coaches for a
     McEnroe was quoted as saying, "[The Michael D.               great season. McMurray and men’s tennis coach
     Case Tennis Center] is the nicest college tennis facil-      Vince Westbrook both have great expectations for
     ity in the nation, and for its size, it is the best in the   their teams, such as winning the Western Athletic
     world."                                                      Conference Championships. The women are also
           Not only does the tennis center exceed all other       playing for a berth in the NCAA tournament. "This
     colleges concerning the size, but it also allows TU’s        is probably the best team in the ten years that I’ve
     teams to start back to practice right after break            been here. Our strength is in doubles and the num-                                      photo by Abby Helman / Collegian
     instead of trying to schedule a convenient time at           ber one team in regions, and then singles one
     clubs. In addition, there will not be quite as much          through eight are solid as a rock," Westbrook said.             Men's and women's tennis
     traveling in the coming seasons as in the past, which             While expansive facilities will not directly affect
     allows for a home court advantage, and in a home             the overall performance of the tennis teams, it does              teams are 9-1 at the
     unlike any other.                                            wonders for morale and confidence. And it definitely
           "It’s unbelievable and a great asset," Coach           gives them a reason to say, "there’s no place like            Michael D. Case Tennis Center.
     Paige McMurray said. "We’ve been looking forward             home" court advantage.
     to it for years."

            New coaches blow into town                                                                                                      Sports in Seven
                                                                                                                                         Thursday, Jan. 31:
                                                                                                                                         - The men’s basketball team will play Fresno
     Brock Blackburn After a disappointing football will be He has coached football for 26 years at Texas, at
                                     season, Head Coach Keith        Tulsa.
                                                                             the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach
                                                                                                                                         State at 7:05 p.m. at the Donald W. Reynolds
     Asst. Sports Editor             Burns wasted no time bring-     Purdue, Kentucky, Houston and other smaller colleges.               Center in Tulsa.
                                     ing in new faces for next year. Lounsbury also spent time coaching professionally in the            - The women’s basketball team will play Fresno
          In less than two months, Burns has hired two coaches       Canadian Football League. His experience includes coach-            State at 9 p.m. in Fresno, Calif.
     and has secured four transfers from junior and division I-AA ing quarterbacks, wide receivers and special teams, and he
     colleges. Bill Keopple will coach the defensive line, and       has been the head coach of two teams and offensive coor-            Friday, Feb. 1:
     Dan Lounsbury is the new offensive coordinator.                 dinator of four.                                                    - The track and field team will compete in the
          Keopple coached the defensive line at Arkansas for               Other additions to the offense include offensive line-        Tyson Invitational in Fayetteville, Ark., all day.
     two years while Burns was the defensive coordinator for         man Ashcon Madjid from Cal-State Northridge, and
     the Razorbacks. In his 20 years of coaching experience,         receivers Romby Bryant from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M               Saturday, Feb. 2:
     Keopple has served as offensive                                                                         and Jerome Janet from       - The men’s basketball team will play Nevada
     line coach and offensive coordi-                                                                        Union High School via       at 7:05 p.m. at the Donald W. Reynolds Center.
     nator at Central Arkansas where         "Bill was our defensive line coach                              Kansas State                - The women’s basketball team will play
     the Bears won three NAIA nation-        at Arkansas, so it’s great to have                              University.                 Nevada at 9 p.m. in Reno, Nev.
     al championships and 10 confer-                                                                                   Madjid (6’4",     - The track and field team will compete in the
                                             someone that I’ve worked with before,
     ence titles. He then spent a year                                                                       300) comes to Tulsa         Tyson Invitational.
     as head coach at Newport High           and know what to expect. I believe                              after Cal-State             - The track and field team will compete in the
     School before coaching the              Bill will have a great impact on                                Northridge discontin-       Oklahoma Invitational in Norman, Okla., all day.
     defensive line for Boise State                                                                          ued their football pro-     - The women’s tennis team will play Colorado
                                             improving our defense."
     and Arkansas.                                                                                           gram. He started nine       State at 11 a.m. at the Donna J. Hardesty
          "It will be great to have Bill           -Head football coach Keith Burns games as a red-shirt                                 Complex in Tulsa.
     and his family as part of TU foot-                                                                      freshman and the first      - The men’s tennis team will play Michigan at
     ball," Burns said. "Bill was our defensive line coach at        three games of the 2001 season before breaking a foot.              noon in Ann Arbor, Mich.
     Arkansas, so it’s great to have someone that I’ve worked              Bryant (6’2", 180) caught 20 passes for 401 yards and
     with before, and know what to expect. I believe Bill will       two touchdowns in his sophomore season at NEO.                      Sunday, Feb. 3:
     have a great impact on improving our defense."                        Janet originally signed a letter-of-intent to attend KSU,     - The men’s tennis team will play Michigan
          Keopple will take over the nation’s 107th ranked rush-     but he left the school in August 2001. As a high school sen-        State at noon in East Lansing, Mich.
     ing defense, and he will have two junior college players to     ior Janet was the eighth-ranked receiver prospect by                - The women’s tennis team will play SW
     bolster the defensive line. The newcomers are Wil Goff          Rivals.com and the fourth overall prospect in the Midlands          Missouri State at noon at the Donna J.
     (6’6", 275) from Riverside Community College and Shay           area by SuperPrep Magazine. He was recently granted four            Hardesty Complex.
     Ogisi (6’2", 285) from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M.               years of eligibility by the National Letter-of-Intent office, and
          Goff is a first-team Mission conference All-Northern       will be eligible for competition in the 2002 season.                Monday, Feb. 4:
     Division selection; he made 48 tackles, including six for             These new players fill holes in key positions caused by       - The men’s golf team will compete in the Ping
     negative yardage, and had 2.5 quarterback sacks in 2001.        graduation. Defensive lineman Drew McLaughlin, offensive            Arizona Intercollegiate in Tucson, Ariz., all day.
          Ogisi was a two-year letter winner and All-Southwest       lineman Kevin Shaffer, and receiver Donald Shoals were
     Junior College Conference honorable mention selection at        integral parts of the offense, defense and special teams            Tuesday, Feb. 5:
     NEO. Last season Ogisi accounted for 57 tackles, two            last season.                                                        - The men’s golf team will compete in the Ping
     sacks and one forced fumble.                                                                                                        Arizona Intercollegiate, all day.
          Lounsbury, who comes from Texas Christian University,
                                           January 29, 2002 - Issue 13 - Volume 87

                   The commercial generation
James Hart             A recent article in Newsweek referred Amazon.com. The last book any of us read for enjoyment       classic VW ads, or even LIFE cereal’s "Hey Mikey!" cam-
                       to our generation as "Generation      was, I’m willing to bet, a Harry Potter novel. Personally,   paign, can compare to the artistic offerings of our genera-
Staff Writer           9/11," as the attacks were obviously  I’m not a fan, but I’m not going to argue that Harry Potter  tion’s commercial world.
                       the single most defining moment any   has done some great things for literature. The point is that      The Car Commercial: As far as a visual art goes, car
of us had ever witnessed. Before the attacks, our genera-    no piece of literature has inspired us to do anything, to    commercials are the best, especially SUVs. Not only are
tion, those roughly in their latter years of high school and support a cause; and outside of fiction, there hasn’t been   we treated to smooth, sleek, powerful automobiles doing a
those around the average college age,                                                                                                    countless number of things that would, in
had been labeled as "Generation Why?"                                                                                                    actual practice, void the warranty, but they
We were the generation of consumers, the                                                                                                 often provide a gorgeous backdrop some-
generation that had to be marketed to. The                                                                                               where deep in the mountains. As an added
corporations listened to this new market                                                                                                 bonus, some even throw in a pretty girl.
demand and, in my eyes, created our gen-                                                                                                      The Shoe Commercial: Hard bodies, a
eration’s original art form, the commercial.                                                                                             lot of sweat, athletics, and somewhere
      Our generation doesn’t have an                                                                                                     amidst it all can be found the shoe that will
encompassing musical movement. Don’t                                                                                                     make it all happen. Along with the image of
get me wrong; I like modern music just as                                                                                                a tall-tale like athlete is always that perfect
much as the next guy. The point I’m mak-                                                                                                 voice over which reminds us, "It’s gotta be
ing is that no one genre has prevailed. Our                                                                                              the shoes."
musical tastes are split between punk,                                                                                                        The Great American Beer Commercial:
pop, rap and all variations. We don’t have                                                                                               Even Dave Barry recognizes the perfect
Jazz. We don’t have a Rock ‘n’ Roll. No                                                                                                  execution of the beer commercial in his
specific kind of music is really "ours."                                                                                                 essay "Red, White, and Beer." These com-
      There is no artistic movement in terms                                                                                             mercials offer us everything we need to see.
of painting or sculpture that has captured                                                                                               Young people come together and have fun.
the imagination of our generation. I say                                                                                                 Everyone is gorgeous. The setting is always
this, admittedly, as someone who is very                                                                                                 beautiful, whether it be the great Rocky
ignorant to most modern art. Honestly, I                                                                                                 Mountains or a bar that is actually clean and
just don’t get it. However, if there were an
                                                     Bud...weis...er: One of the great American beer commercials                         not full of smoke. All of this is, of course,
artist that our generation could call "ours"                                                                                             because of the beer.
then even the ignorant could be impassioned. For an          much literature that even made us want to read it.                Victoria’s Secret Commercials: No explanation
artist, or even a style of art to be a symbol for a genera-       Luckily for us we have the commercial. That’s right, if required.
tion, then it would be displayed on the corners, it would be our generation has anything that we can call our own it           Our Generation may not have high art, we don’t have
discussed in the locker rooms and it would have meaning      has to be the commercial. True, we may not be the ones       a defining musical movement, and we certainly lack com-
for all of us.                                               making them, but we’re the ones they’re made for.            pelling, impassioned literature. However, that’s OK,
      The idea of our generation having an author to whom         It’s important that I don’t neglect to mention that the because I can say "Whassup" in ten different languages, I
we can all relate is almost preposterous. Our generation     generations before us did have memorable commercials         know about the wonders of living the "High Life," Drivers
isn’t exactly known as the driving force behind              to their name, but nothing they offer up, whether it be the  are wanted, and gosh darn it, I am Tiger Woods.

                               Dressing for success at TU
                             Someone, somewhere, not so          dents are accomplishing more than ever before. Granted,        part of the admissions process. These elite schools incor-
David McCrary                long ago told me that one of the    the school is successfully shifting from the status of a       porate the interview process into the admissions proceed-
Opinion Editor               keys to achievement is to project   commuter college to that of a respected residential cam-       ings because it accomplishes multiple goals.
                             an image of success. I believe      pus. But there is still much more that needs to be done.             First and foremost, an interview is just another way,
the concept it called something like "Dressing for                    One of the primary goals of this university over the      just like the admissions essay, to shed further light on the
Success" in many business self-help manuals. The theory          next several years should not just be to obtain a better       applicant. It is difficult at best to be able to pick out people
itself is very sound, actually. If one portrays an image of      quality of student, but to do so in a way that makes those     who will not only be productive academic members of the
success, eliteness or whatever quality one desires, peo-         students view attending this university as an achievement.     campus, but productive civic and cultural members as
ple, on a subconscious level, begin to associate that quali-     Lawless and the university need to instill in this campus      well, from a series of numbers and lists. An interview will
ty with that person.                                             an attitude of success and a sense of prestige that will       give the university further insight into the more intangible
      It’s time for The University of Tulsa to begin to dress    draw the more sought-after student here to TU.                 qualities of the prospective student.
for success, at least figuratively speaking. Dressing for              There are many ways to infuse this new attitude into           Secondly, a required interview makes admission into
success, you see, is more than just a change in aesthet-         the campus, but a good place to start is in the Admissions     the university more of an accomplishment. The interview
ics; it’s a change in attitude.                                  Office. The Admissions Office has done a wonderful job in      sets that particular admissions process apart from the
      President Bob Lawless has made academic advance-           recent years of selecting qualified applicants to come to      seemingly endless series of similar forms and requests
ment at TU his signature call to arms since arriving on          this school. Continuing to raise the bar each and every        made by countless other schools. It makes it feel as
campus. Through a variety of different methods, Lawless          year is a must, but perhaps one of the most important          though the applicant was selected more for their whole
has increased the academic standards and achievements            ways the Admissions Office could help the university raise     person rather than just what they can put down on paper.
of the student body in his short time here. His efforts were     its prestige in the eyes of its potential applicants and the         Thirdly, the interview process is usually done, at least
rewarded recently when TU was moved by the U.S. News             academic community is through adding a mandatory inter-        away from the university itself, by alumni of the university
and World Report into the second tier of institutions of         view to the application process.                               living in the city of the applicant, thus bringing graduates
higher education in the United States.                                It seems too simple, right? Admittedly, adding an         into a closer relationship with their alma mater. Having
      While that achievement is outstanding and deserves         interview is a small step, but it is one that could possibly   alumni do interviews is a brilliant way to get them to main-
to be recognized, the university can hardly afford to rest       yield immeasurable rewards.                                    tain close ties to the university, which undoubtedly will
on its laurels. Sure, we have a higher caliber of student             Many of the most competitive universities in the
coming here today than five years ago. Yes, today’s stu-         nation offer, if not require where available, interviews as                            Success continued on page 11
     opinion                                                                                                                    the collegian
         Guantanamo: Another Cuban crisis?
     Orly Shoham              There has been a great deal of      explains, "They [the prisoners] are criminals. If they're worst, who are being detained because of ... their will-
                              uproar recently in regards to the   in chains, it's because they're violent. If they are made ingness, their training to go out and kill, destroy and
     Staff Writer             treatment that the captured         to kneel down, it's because of security concerns." It is  engage in suicide if they can take others with them."
                              Taliban fighters are receiving at   clear that the detainees should not be brutalized, but    House Speaker and lawmaker Dennis Hastert echoes
     the U.S. naval base in Cuba. The United States is now        they should also not be allowed to feel wholly comfort-   Fleischer, "Quite frankly, most of these prisoners are al
     dealing with the accusation that it is being inhumane to     able either. They shouldn’t                                                               Qaida, they're terrorists,
     the prisoners that it has taken captive. Photos from the     be given much, just the                                                                   they're people who, with-
     U.S. base depicting the prisoners kneeling before their      bare minimum. We cannot            It is clear that the detainees                         out conscience, took over
     captors, their legs in shackles, their hands bound in        afford to forget who they           should not be brutalized, but                         2,000 lives. I think they
     manacles, their mouths covered by surgical masks and         are, and what they have                                                                   need to be dealt with on
     their eyes blinded by large goggles with black tape          been a part of. O’Reilly         they should also not be allowed                          a very severe basis, yet
     have furthered the international outcry.                     also brings up an interest-           to feel wholly comfortable                          fair.''
          The U.S. is not abusing detainees. The terrorists       ing point when he sug-                                                                            The people who
     are allowed "warm showers, toiletries, water, clean          gests that the U.S. has           either. They shouldn’t be given                         criticize the U.S. don’t
     clothes, blankets, regular, culturally appropriate meals,    really been too soft on the            much...We cannot afford to                         seem to understand this
     prayer mats and the right to practice their religions," as   prisoners. The captured                                                                   simple fact. For example,
     well as writing materials, medical care and visits from      terrorists are getting much                  forget who they are.                         the European countries
     the International Committee of the Red Cross said            better treatment than the                                                                 and human rights groups
     Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Indeed, as is          Taliban provided them.                                                                    who have disapproved of
     evident in the photographs, the captured terrorists are           O’Reilly further points out what Paul Harvey, an     the U.S. treatment of the detainees assert that the ter-
     blindfolded, shackled and forced to wear surgical            ABC commentator, had to say about the criticism           rorists must be given the same rights as prisoners of
     masks. But they are only forced to do this when they         against the U.S. Harvey questioned why it took the Red war. But what they fail to recognize is that the
     are moved, and it is evident that such precautions are a     Cross months before it got some of the donated money      detainees are not prisoners of war; they are criminals
     necessity for the U.S. We must ensure that the prison-       to the victims’ families, but only took days before it    and should be treated as such.
     ers don’t have the capability to create a plot, or absorb    began criticizing America's treatment of the Muslim            President Bush told lawmakers that they "should
     U.S. information. Another reason for this course of          criminals. This type of reaction to Sept. 11 and all the  be proud'' of the U.S. treatment of terrorism suspects
     action is born out of the concern that U.S. soldiers         events that surround it is something that must be ques-   held at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay. The
     guarding the prisoners might be hurt in uprisings (like      tioned and analyzed.                                      U.S. has and will continue to protect itself in this war
     what occurred in November near Mazar-e-Sharif in                  The prisoners support the destruction of America     against terrorism. We must defend ourselves. After
     which a CIA operative was killed). The United States is      and the cruel killings of U.S. citizens. "These are not   Sept. 11 we cannot afford to do anything but send out
     using these precautions as self-defense mechanisms.          mere innocents," said Ari Fleischer, the White House      the message loud and clear: terrorists who murder
          Bill O’Reilly, the anchorman of the O’Reilly Factor,    Press Secretary, "these are among the worst of the        innocent civilians will pay a huge price.

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issue 13 - 1.29.02                                                                                                                                                                                    opinion
             The illogic of faith
                        How did the word "faith" get such a    miracles articled in all the many religions of the world.
Paul Crider             positive connotation? Whenever one     When asked for proof of these supernatural claims,

Staff Writer            hears the word, he is expected to      believers invariably can only offer the texts on which

                                                                                                                                                                    T                           n
                        think of goodness, godliness and       their particular religion is based. Of course, the cleverest
the image of some benevolent force that has carefully          of the religious rhetoricians can effectively use logic to
crafted a plan for the world and all its inhabitants. But      support their claims and can manipulate arguments like
what is faith? And does it deserve the rosy connotation        any strong debater; but when they meet their equal on
accorded it?
      Faith is belief without evidence. The concept most
                                                               the debating field, even these giants are compelled to
                                                               admit that they hold to their faith only because of what is                                          C   o
commonly associated with faith is the faith in god. When       written in some religious writings, themselves conceived
one has faith in god, he believes in this god without per-     in faith. Thus, believers believe what they believe
ceiving it with any of his senses. In the same way, one        because what they believe tells them to believe it. It is a
who has faith in god believes in his god without deduc-        pretty catch-22, one that has caught billions. This cir-
ing this existence by any rational method. For if one          cumlocution acts as a fail-safe mechanism when the
does rationally, logically deduce the existence of god or      validity of faith is brought into question. When a believer
any other object of faith, then the term "faith" no longer     is confronted with proof that what they believe is false,
applies, because evidence has been found; logical              he will always counter the proof and its presenter with
deduction is a form of evidence. Therefore, faith is the       notions such as "God is merely testing the resolve of my
opposite of logic, which demands that one believe in           faith" or "You [the presenter] are deluded by the Devil,
                                                                                                                               editor in chief...................................................................veronica hefner
only those things he perceives with his senses or con-         my poor friend." This clever circumlocution not only
cludes through the integration of multiple sensory per-        defends believers against the assailers of faith; it also       managing editor..............................................................rachel mcconnell
ceptions. Because logic and faith are opposites, they          imprisons believers within their faith, because if and          business manager....................................................................jackie ickes
cannot coexist in the same subject; one cannot have            when they begin to doubt, they must consider the possi-         asst. business manager........................................................emily lampert
faith in god and logically ascertain the existence of god      bility that God is testing them or that the Devil is tricking   office manager......................................................................heather shije
simultaneously. Furthermore, faith and logic cannot            them. Unlike scientific theories or secular philosophies,       photo editor..........................................................................heather neary
coexist in the same entity. An individual who believes by      religions hold their adherents by a kind of rhetorical          news editor..........................................................................melissa gaines
faith undermines his rational faculty; he invalidates his      force. Theories and philosophies offer no resistance
                                                                                                                               variety editor.........................................................................heather hale
claim to logic because, by accepting one thing on faith,       when adherents find fault with the logic therein or when
he has necessarily forsaken for all things the require-        they find better, alternative ideas.                            opinion editor......................................................................david mccrary
ment of evidence for belief. It is either/or. One can live           So does faith deserve the praise it is rewarded from      sports editor.......................................................................stephanie ellis
and view reality by means of logic or by means of faith.       society? Faith is fundamentally anti-man, because it            asst. sports editor............................................................brock blackburn
      The facts of life dictate that man choose logic as his   rebels against man’s only means of interpreting reality         copy editors..............................................melissa gaines, mary mcglohon
means to interpret reality. No other means is really pos-      and thus his only means of survival. Rather than pro-           web editor.............................................................................mars sharief
sible, because even mere discussion of faith and other         mote or aid man in life, faith can only work for his ulti-      adviser..............................................................................nicole nascenzi
rebellions against logic actually requires logic. One can-     mate destruction. Moreover, faith acts as a psychological
not discuss the object faith without using logic, even         tyrant over man. It imprisons him in a shell of circular
                                                                                                                               photographers..................................................abby helman, janae givens
though the subject faith defies logic. Similarly, one can-     logic (or, more appropriately, illogic). Most individuals       writers.................................elisa diehl, gabbie gibson, mary mcglohon,
not discuss logic without using logic. It is impossible to     have little hope of avoiding this imprisonment because                                                    wes kane, michelle snider, sam threadgill,
get outside of the system; logic is the only thing the         they are suckered into it from the mother’s breast. Faith                              rachel sherrill, paul crider, james hart, orly shoham
human brain can use for an interpretive tool. Even the         is most commonly instilled in an individual when he is
irrational philosophers are bound to use logic, however        young and mentally, spiritually vulnerable. Faith shuns         The Collegian is the independent student newspaper of the
hard they try to corrupt and deny it. This almost gram-        the freedom that man’s mind needs to reach its greatest         University of Tulsa. It is distributed Tuesdays during the fall and
matical nitpicking may seem irrelevant, but it purposes to     potential. History has proven this fact indisputable; reli-     spring semesters except during holidays and final exam weeks.
illustrate the necessary monopoly logic has as man’s           gion has violently opposed every great scientific discov-
                                                                                                                               The University of Tulsa is an equal opportunity/affirmative action
method of interpreting reality. Therefore, as far as man is    ery throughout history. Of course the religious will            institution. For EEO/AA information, contact Susan Plake at the
concerned, only logic is valid; consequently, all illogical    declare that those cases were merely errors of the past,        Office of Personnel at 918.631.2423. For disability accommodation
claims are invalid. Furthermore, as man’s sole tool of         and have nothing to do with faith itself. Do not be duped.      information, contact Dr. Jane Corso at 918.631.2334.

interpreting reality, logic is also man’s sole tool of sur-          That opposition is the very essence of the relation-      Advertising Policy
vival. Man cannot exist successfully if he abandons the        ship between faith and logic. This historical conflict illus-   Advertising appearing in this publication does not imply approval or
only tool he has to interpret the world around him.            trates more eloquently than any words the fundamental           endorsement by the University of Tulsa or the products or services
      The incompatibility of faith and logic is evidenced by   incompatibility of faith and logic, ergo, faith and man.        advertised. For advertising information, call the Collegian Business
                                                                                                                               Office at 918.631.3084. The deadline for advertising is 12 p.m. on
the circumlocution of all religious faiths. Religion, by its   Faith deserves neither adulations nor even respect. Nay,
                                                                                                                               the Wednesday prior to publication.
very nature, always asserts supernatural claims, claims        faith deserves only the heated hatred of all men who
that defy physical sciences. These supernatural claims         would be men.                                                   Editorial Policy
include the existence of god as well as the countless                                                                          Columnists are solely responsible for the content of their columns.
                                                                                                                               Opinions expressed in columns may not represent the opinions of
                                                                                                                               the entire Collegian staff, the administrative policies of the
                                                                                success, continued from page 09                University of Tulsa or the views of the student body.
help pay off later during fundraising efforts and other             The logistics of a required interview is most likely
such things. As an interviewer, an alum would feel like        the biggest concern. With so many applicants from so            Letters Policy - Revised 3/15/99
                                                                                                                               Letters to the editor must be less than 500 words, typed and dou-
he or she is doing something to help better the universi-      many different cities, being able to interview presents a       ble-spaced. While we do not require it, letters saved as Word ‘98
ty.                                                            challenge. For people located out of reach of the univer-       document files on computer disks or sent via e-mail to the Collegian
     Finally, the interview process would put potential        sity and who don’t tour, excusing them from the inter-          are encouraged. Disks will be returned. A SIGNED hard-copy with a
students in touch with someone who is the product of           view might eventually be necessary. But for those peo-          telephone number is required. Under no circumstances will unsigned
that very school. This union would benefit both sides.         ple who tour or who live in a city with an active alum,         letters be published. The name of the person submitting the letter
                                                                                                                               must be published with the letter. We reserve the right to edit or
The interviewer knows the kind of student TU needs             and those especially who live in Tulsa and surrounding          reject all letters. The deadline for letters is 5 p.m. on the Thursday
because he or she was once a student there, and the            communities, it’s time that the university begin requiring      prior to publication.
prospective student is able to see the caliber of person       interviews.
that this university produces. Both sides would gain                Sure, it’s a small step. But even the little things        Academic Policy
invaluable insight through the process.                        matter when you’re trying to dress for success.                 The University of Tulsa does not discriminate on the basis of per-
                                                                                                                               sonal status or group characteristics including but not limited to the
                                                                                                                               classes protected under federal and state law. Questions regarding

         Got an opinion?                                                                                                       this policy may be addressed to the Office of Legal Compliance,
                                                                                                                               (918) 631-2423. For accommodation of disabilities, contact TU's
                                                                                                                               504 Coordinator, Dr. Jane Corso, (918) 631-2315. To ensure avail-
                                                                                                                               ability of an interpreter, five to seven days notice is needed; 48

        Tell us about it.                                                                                                      hours is recommended for all other accommodations.

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