Best Practices Break-Out Session by Biq8bO8


									                                 Best Practices Session
                               Westin O’Hare – Chicago, IL
                                      April 19, 2006

                                         Street & Road


Mike O’Neill  
Max Lewels    
Carl Heinlein 
Geoff Schrader
Michael Overholt

Dean Bernal             J.D. Abrams, L.P.


1.      Cell phone use - Mike O’Neill to ask members for copies of cell phone policies. Send
        out best of best procedures to attendees. - All attendees

2.      William Charles and Ajax to send their respective Illinois and Florida state procedures to
        ACIG regarding enforcement during work zone projects for dissemination to attendees. -
        William Charles and Ajax

3.      Investigate a possible group purchasing agreement with WorkSTEPS. - ACIG

4.      Check on group purchasing agreement for SAMBA. - ACIG

5.      Send out information on virtual driver training to attendees. Review for group
        purchasing agreement. - ACIG

6.      Carl Heinlein is working with Ajax on white paper regarding videotaping worksites.
        Include post-accident videotaping. - Carl/Ajax

7.      Get a list of vehicles that have black box availability, and determine how data is
        downloaded - software and reader. - ACIG

8.      Dan’s to share their internal employee evaluation form. - Dan’s Excavating

9.      Distribute credible connections website and contact information from McGeorge to all
        attendees.; Jim Karger, Labor Attorney & Employee
        Consultant; (214) 432-5701;

10.     Evaluate the need for design/build session at a future workshop with (Professional
        Liability experts) Ames & Gough. - ACIG

11.     Reflective vests - How to meet the type III requirements/specifications. Gather
        information from all members. - ACIG

12.     What companies are performing background checks? Gather information on which
        members are performing them. - ACIG

13.     Lynx technology. - ACIG

                            American Contractors Insurance Group

                                 Street & Road Responses

Meeting Room: Grand Ballroom Salon B

Suggested Agenda Topics by ACIG Members
 Auto liability - fleet safety
 Continuing information on the WorkSTEPS program
 Performing behavior based auditing and using the data
 Every task planning/using the JHA to develop task specific "best practices"
 Risk management - identifying risks & developing plans to manage each
 Subcontractor safety
 Safety in project planning
 Daily pre-task planning
 New-hire training programs

What You Do Well                                   What You Want to Know More About
 Return to work program                            Effective return to work programs
 Claims management/light duty                      Supervisor training – safety or otherwise
 Annual winter safety training for                 Craft/Safety training
  supervision                                       Subcontractor prequalification and
 Subcontractor certificate of insurance -           liability exposures
  Risk Management practices                         Contractor/subcontractor management
 Pre-placement physicals and drug                  New hire screening and orientations
  screening program                                 Effective hiring/firing smart practices
 Project videotaping                               Project safety planning
 Aerial photography of projects                    Work zone safety practices
 New employee orientation and                      Equipment recovery (after theft)
  identification                                    Theft prevention
 Drug testing                                      Auto liability
 Substance abuse program                           General liability
 Hiring, evaluation, and rating of                 Time management
  employees two times a year                        Vehicle sensory/black box data/airbag
 Jobsite safety audits and trend analysis           chips – who is using it and how can you
 Accident/incident/SWAT investigations              gain access? How does privacy effect the
 Safety recognition, rewards, and                   information?
  incentives                                        Behavior-based safety
 Newsletter and communications                     Worker involvement
 Claims management                                 Hearing conservation practices to reduce
 Pre-task planning – daily job briefings            risk in hearing loss claims
 Site specific safety plans                        Establishing employee accountability

                                 Best Practices Session
                               Westin O’Hare – Chicago, IL
                                      April 19, 2006

                                         Street & Road



      Discuss specific topics regarding material operations.

      Follow-up on re-constructionists. List of re-constructionist experts to be distributed to all
        attendees. - ACIG

      Key topic: Work Zone Program

      Sukut - welding on fuel tanks - what are the best practices on which other members rely?

      Ongoing training regarding promotions.

      Cell phone use in vehicles.

      Remote jobsites - no cell reception/satellite communication in non-receptive areas.


Cell phone Usage in Vehicles

      Hand-Held vs. Hands-Free.

      Hands-Free - not necessarily the solution.

McGeorge:       No cell phone use in heavy equipment.

California Law: For nonessential tasks cannot pull off the road to use cell phones.

Herzog:         Good for laydown crews, etc.

No cell phone use policies.

Nextel use: phone and radio

No personal phones: enforcement - Danella, Williams Brothers.
Yes, you can have personal cell phones, but they must stop the task they are doing to “take a
call” - Dan’s.

1.       ACTION ITEM: Collect cell phone policies and distribute “best of the best” to all
         attendees. - Send policies into ACIG staff for distribution.

         Hired Trucks - what do you do - Nextel for supervisors.

         Bluetooth hands-free technology.

Work Zones

Duininck                       -   Operator shortage
                               -   Truck driver training
                               -   Seminars for flaggers - industry-specific

William Charles                -   Enforcement by unmanned and unmarked vans
                               -   Get a ticket in the mail
                               -   $375 fine - first offense while speeding in work zones - IL

Herzog                         -   Various studies have been conducted within the work zone
                                   with our own vehicles. - Back-up accidents, crash into, etc.
                               -   NIOSH - is developing a contractor internal traffic control plan
                                   within a work zone.
                               -   “INTERNAL TRAFFIC CONTROL PLANS”

Williams Brothers              Enforcement of the law - uniformed policemen

Ajax                           FL yes. Uniformed police officers, set-up cameras, “radar boards”,
                               “motorists awareness system”, “flashing speed limit signs”, Light
                               Paks, signs and officers, set-up and take-down, state (FL) is paying
                               for it.

Wagman                         The hazard is the speed.

Question: Get your police involved?

Superior Bowen                 Hire off-duty officers for night-shift work.

2.       ACTION ITEM: Florida - Ajax to send to ACIG the motorist awareness
                      monitoring system. - Ajax

                            Illinois - William Charles to send to ACIG the state law
                            regarding tickets and unmarked and unmanned vans in work
                            zones. - William Charles
Scenario                       If we act as a subcontractor and the prime is in control of the traffic
                               control, how do you handle? Language in your standard

Reflective Vests               -   Orange vs. Green
                            -   Florida has adopted the ANSI standard if it meets ANSI and
                                high visibility apparel specifications.

Ajax                        Employees feel that lime green retro-reflective apparel is more
                            visible. The 3M Co. If your people wear green and the barrels,
                            cones are orange, etc. then your people do not “blend in”. June 1,
                            FDOT - any color employer wants.

Abrams                      Reflective 3M material. All around the hard hat or as a stripe.

Herzog                      Reflective tape on the hard hat or “build-in” the material to the
                            hard hat. For all R.R. work, must wear orange.

Vests                       -   Sleeves vs. Sleeveless
                            -   Sleeveless with pants meet Class III requirements square inch
                                of the total garment.

Ajax                        All new employees must wear the green vests to identify new
                            employees that have been hired within 90 days.

William Charles             Halogen balloon lights. Light paks different light stand.

Ajax                        Putting the halogen balloon lights on the pavers. Halogen balloon
                            - move ambient lighting.

Ajax and Duininck           PPE - baseball caps vs. hard hats. Soft caps allowed.

                            Asphalt paving - allow soft baseball type reflective caps.

Williams Brothers           100% hard hats is mandatory and provides a sense that we are a
                            safety-conscious company.

Herzog                      Felony within last 7 years. Homeland Security statute. Railroad
                            requirements in the prime contract.

                            Criminal background checks, drug charges, judgment vs.
                            mandatory policy.

                            Operating Engineers in Southern California
                            - Urine test.
                            - Time loss by employee going to the clinic.
                            - Union includes that they can use the oral drug screen vs. urine.
                               Also have an “instant urine” collection system. Voluntary test
                               with our unions. Most everyone is accepting the oral test.

                            -   American Screening Corp.

                            -   Swab for incidents/for cause. Avitar Co. approximately

      Clarkson
      William Charles: 6% failure rate
      Wagman: Starting to implement.
      McGeorge
       Danella is reviewing.

Concentra clinics in lieu of WorkSTEPS.

3.      ACTION ITEM: Send to street and road attendees general WorkSTEPS
        information and review group purchasing agreement. - ACIG

Auto Liability

Williams Brothers            “1-800 safe driver” bumper sticker program.

Wagman                       “1-800 safe driver” bumper sticker program.

Danella                      MVR check or run a new one if a call comes in on a driver via the
                             1-800-call-in system.

                             Fleet hawk units. SAMBA - background checks, twice a year.

4.      ACTION ITEM: Review group purchasing agreement with SAMBA. - ACIG

Allowance Vs. Company Vehicle

Williams Brothers            -   Allowance varies based on employee level.
                             -   Change out vehicles every 3 years.
                             -   750 supervisors - must carry certain levels of insurance
                             -   MVR’s on new hires.
                             -   Every 3 months we verify the insurance of all employees.
                             -   “Hard sell” - the advantage is it is “their” vehicle and alleviates
                                 the liquor store stops in a “company vehicle”
                             -   Williams pays for all the maintenance and up-keep - oil
                                 change, filters, tires, etc.

McCarthy-Bush                -   Allowance system has been very beneficial since
                             -   3 local dealers to get “trade-in” pricing when the time comes to
                                 get a new vehicle.

J. D Abrams                  -   Virtual Driver.
                             -   3-panel computer screen.
                             -   Virtual defensive driving program.
                             -   Simulator.
                             -   $249/unit. Sell the units to teach - 8 hours in the simulator.
                             -   Pass/fail - retake each unit if you fail.
                             -   $99 per person if 50 or more.

5.      ACTION ITEM: Send out information on the virtual driving training program to
        the attendees. - ACIG

Duininck                     -   Own truck in a closed driving course.

Danella                      -   Driver orientation with the Smith System.
                             -   Rotate every 2 years with behind the wheel orientation.

Daily Pre-Task Planning

Abrams                       -   Crews send in to Jon Abrams their daily pre-task initiatives
                                 (back of time cards) for his review on the items they reviewed.
                             -   5 minute pre-task.
                             -   One “area” sending the plans to Jon via fax to review.

Ajax - FL                    -   “Take 5” start of every day to review what has changed.
                             -   No documentation - more of a habit.

Wagman                       -   “Activity Hazard Analysis” (“AHA”)
                             -   Then the “AHA’s” are used for the daily safety planning
                                 meetings with the foremen to get superintendents, project
                                 managers and crews involved.
                             -   A side benefit is it gets personnel involved in the safety

Phillips and Jordan          -   For two years have been doing pre-task planning.
                             -   How do you manage the documentation and related hazards to
                                 manage them?
                                 - “Bible”
                                 - “Sign-up Sheets”

Danella                      -   Very formalized and documented.
                             -   Are the foremen delivering the information effectively?
                             -   Observe and train.

Project Videotaping

What are you implementing?

Clarkson & Superior          -   Once a month drive through each project or if a major change
                             -   In-house program.
                             -   Aerial photography benefits PM’s regarding weekly meetings.
                             -   Camera mount in the vehicle.

McCarthy-Bush                -   Every 2 weeks or a traffic control switch.
                             -   Tape it and burn it to a DVD.

Williams Brothers            Prior to start and use it during supervisor training meetings.

General Discussion

       Only 1 or 2 individuals are the narrator(s).
       Retain the videos indefinitely.
       Statute of limitations vary by state.
       Narrate as you go through the worksite.
       Narrator reads each sign and message boards.

6.      ACTION ITEM: Working on a best practice white paper regarding project
        videotaping. - ACIG (Carl Heinlein and Ajax)

Phillips and Jordan          -   For P&J’s current New Orleans project.
                             -   GPS and videotaping of each project prior to starting work.
                             -   GPS plotting maps.
                             -   After substantial completion, go back in to videotape and GPS

General Discussion

       LYNX Technology
       Attorney on retainer.
       Attorney client privileged to direct the investigation.
       Attorney work product is privilege information. There are some instances where the
        work product can force you to turn it over to the other party.

Welding On Fuel Tanks

                                Protocols on welding activities with equipment.

                                Fatigue cracks in fuel tanks.

                                Outsource the welding activities.

Williams Brothers               No welding - we replace the fuel tank.

Sukut                        -   The CAT dealership really didn’t have a welding policy.
                             -   Issue is on scrapers. The fuel tank is built into the frame.
                               -   Chemist comes out and says it is combustible free.

Pose the question to the Industrial/Specialty group if they have any best practices regarding
Welding or Fuel Tanks.

       Accident Investigation - Black box/readers in the vehicles.
       Plaintiff attorney’s can ask for the black box data to use against a contractor.

7.      ACTION ITEM: What vehicles have the black box data? Where can we purchase
        the reader and software. - ACIG

How are you evaluating your employees?

       Point system rating on employee for management purposes only. All field
        operations/hourly employees.

8.      ACTION ITEM: Employee evaluation form - Dan’s to share their form with
        attendees. - ACIG to distribute

Retaining Employees

Abrams                         -   With new engineers - evaluate twice a year.
McGeorge                       -   Consultant has assisted “pendulum swing” - getting employees
                                   to get more out of their jobs.
                               -   Credible connections - develop a bond with

9.      ACTION ITEM: Distribute the “credible connections” website to all attendees -
        McGeorge to send to ACIG for distribution

Wagman                         -   Birthday/Christmas cards.
                               -   Annual employee surveys.

Promotion Training

       Modules or structured training program.
       KSI has a great program.
       AGC has their STP program.
       JJW has a formal program.
       NSC - book - you’ve just been made a supervisor, now what?

Theft Prevention

Anyone using Lo-Jack?

Fleet Hawk (GPS) - Danella -      Recovery and tracking mechanism.
                           -      Not just speed monitoring, but tracking and recovery.

                              -   24/7 hour security personnel when projects are not working.

“Exact Track”                 -   Lithium back-up battery.
                              -   Dealerships install.
                              -   Employer does not know where the unit is installed.

    Move towards D/B - best practices.
    JV’s/mega projects.
    State agencies moving towards larger projects and outsourcing the standards/
     specifications to the contractor level.
    Developing guide-specs on what risks should be transferred.
    Identification of risk exposures.

IRMI Conference               Encourage attendance at the conference for ACIG members.

Texas                         -   Solicited proposal.
                              -   Then an industry review on what risks are identified.

Ames Gough                    -   Auditing the GC’s professional liability policies.
                              -   May want to have them conduct a presentation at a future

Haskell                       -   Help to identify risks as our newest member and premier D/B

10.     ACTION ITEM: Evaluate the need for a design/build session at a future workshop
        with Ames & Gough. - ACIG

Remote Communication

       Notify fire departments ahead of time.
       Repeaters and “old fashion” radios.
       Point-to-point repeaters.
       Contract with a med-flight service vs. over-the-road ambulance.
       Satellite phones - can they work - test ahead of project start.


Williams Brothers
      Talk with the care providers ahead of time.
      Malingerer vs. improvement.
      Supervisor communication and counseling.
      Communication with the treating doctors.
      Care about the employee.
      Supervisor or lead-man attend the doctor visits with the injured employee.

     Handicap facilities that employees can contribute to his progress towards full-time non-
      restrictive work.

What types of programs/software to track safety statistics, etc?

        -       In-house RiskMaster program.
        -       By superintendent/by foreman
                -      Manhours

Project Lifesaver Report

        -       Ranking is currently blinded.
        -       J.D. Abrams doesn’t have a problem with them being shown on a non-blinded
        -       Purpose would be to encourage one-on-one contact between members who are
                ranked high to see what programs, best practices they are using.
        -       The CEO of each member would have to sign-off on a non-blinded distribution of
                the Street and Road rankings.
        -       Upgrades will be updated by ACIG for PLS 4.


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