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									DeviceWall 4.5
Protect data and
networks from internal
security threats

You’ve spent millions keeping your data safe from hackers
outside the organization. But thanks to the popularity of small
data storage devices such as USB flash drives, MP3 players and
PDAs, it’s now easier to steal data from the inside than it is to
break in to your IT systems across the internet.

DeviceWall® from Centennial            Securing data in transit                  Total visibility
Software helps protect your data,      Nearly two-thirds of all USB drives are   You can’t manage security if you
both on and off the network, by:       lost by their owners. Without the right   can’t see what’s being connected
                                       protection, what’s to stop that data      to the network, what files are being
   preventing the transfer of
                                       ending up in the wrong hands?             accessed and how the security policy
   files to or from unauthorized
                                                                                 is being applied.
   portable devices                    DeviceWall can automatically
                                       encrypt all data copied to authorized     DeviceWall provides complete
   automatically encrypting data
                                       storage devices such as USB flash          visibility of all user and administrator
   copied to approved devices
                                       drives. Using the latest Blowfish and      actions, recording everything from
   providing complete visibility       AES 256-bit ciphers, DeviceWall           individual device connections to
   of device and file accesses          ensures that even if data is lost in      the most popular files read from or
                                       transit, it won’t create a costly and     copied to portable devices. A full
Maintaining the integrity              embarrassing security breach.             audit trail of administrator actions
of the network                                                                   completes the range of forensics
                                                                                 available. (See reporting factsheet
Whether it’s an opportunist taking       DeviceWall prevents the
                                                                                 for more information).
documents to a competitor or a           unwanted connection of all
well-meaning employee copying an         common device types                     Regardless of whether the device
infected file to the network, leaving                                             is connected locally or wirelessly, if
portable device use unchecked is an                                              the PC is on the corporate network
invitation to disaster.                                                          or offline, DeviceWall constantly
                                                                                 manages device connections to
DeviceWall prevents the unwanted
                                                                                 ensure the integrity of your network
transfer of data to or from portable
                                                                                 is not compromised.
devices by automatically enforcing
security policies based on a user’s                                              Through it’s combination of strong
legitimate need to access specific                                                security and flexible management
device types. User access can be                                                 capabilities, DeviceWall prevents
blocked, limited to read-only or                                                 both malicious and accidental security
left unrestricted according to the                                               breaches, keeping data safe, both on
individual’s security privileges and                                             and off the network.
device type in use.
DeviceWall 4.5
                                                                                Advanced device granularity                                 Super-strength encryption
                                                                                DeviceWall can manage both                                  256-bit AES and Blowfish ciphers are
                                                                                entire device ‘classes’ as well                             the strongest available, ensuring that
                                                                                as specific devices. Using the                               any data carried offsite is protected
                                                                                Policy Customizer, it is easy to                            against misuse by unauthorized
                                                                                create white lists of corporate-                            third parties. The choice of global or
                                                                                approved devices.                                           personal keys give maximum flexibility
                                                                                                                                            for security management.
                                                                             Total visibility
                                                                             DeviceWall automatically                                       User education
                                                                             records device connections, file                                DeviceWall’s configurable dialogs help
                                                                             accesses and policy changes.                                   organizations ensure that employees
Single-screen admin                                                          These forensics can be viewed                                  are informed about security policies,
All administration, including                                         directly from the main Control Center                                 reducing help desk calls and
creating, modifying and deploying                                     in tabular or in graphical form, or can                               improving user acceptance.
security policies can be done in                                      be exported into CSV format.
DeviceWall’s single-screen Policy
Control Center. There is no need                                      Intuitive processes & wizards
to repeatedly switch back and forth                                   Designed to work the way
between multiple windows.                                             you want to, DeviceWall
                                                                      features wizards which will
One-click deployment                                                  help you create and deploy
Client agents can be deployed and                                     security policies faster than
updated across Active Directory                                       ever. Intuitive processes
and NT domains from within the                                        make changing permissions
DeviceWall Control Center, without                                    or updating policies an easy
third-party software distribution tools.                              task for any authorized user
                                                                      without the need for specialist

    System requirements
    Supported clients                                                Database
    Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/XP                                DeviceWall is shipped with a default
                                                                     installation of MDSE which is the
    Policy Control Center                                            recommended database. SQL is
    Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP                                   supported for customers who prefer
    Apache Web Server* or IIS                                        this format.
    DeviceWall requires a domain-based
    Windows network.                                                 * Shipped with product

   About Centennial Software

    With nearly five million licenses sold to customers in 42 countries around the world, Centennial
    Software develops asset management and security solutions which help organizations achieve
    their IT governance goals. Headquartered in the UK and USA, Centennial Software also maintains
    regional operations in Europe, Asia Pacific and South Africa. An extensive network of accredited
    VAR partners ensures that Centennial Software’s solutions are sold and supported in all major
    markets worldwide.
2006 Centennial Software Limited. DeviceWall is a registered trademark of Centennial Software Limited. All other trademarks are acknowledged.

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