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          T H E M A G A Z I N E F O R T O D AY ’ S D I G I TA L L E A D E R S .

Issue 5

            CUSES ON P2 HD
     The World News about P2

                Center TV, Russia
    Center TV was really on of the first European
broadcasters, who started to use tape less (format less)
production technologies (studio production) since early of                           Vladimir Ignatov
Year 2000. Production environmental was upgraded even                    Center TV, Technical director
earlier, since 1998, by installing Leitch servers. Surely we ve
been pioneers in Russia (& CIS) & one of first comer in                As we ve bought brilliant picture quality multiformat (50
Europe (after RAI, Italy). So, tape less technology for all steps    Mbit/s, 25 Mbit/s) camcorders (AJ-SPX800E) we may use
of production (including video gathering) was our clear              them even for wider application: TV drama production,
trend, just depends on technological progress & offers from          documentary, music, etc. We ve noticed, we ve bought two
manufactures.                                                        cameras in price of one: AJ-SPX800E offers 14 A/D signal
    We liked Panasonic s P2-clever technological idea about          processing-it s even better what we had before, it s offer 25p
solid state memory, liked in all kind of thinking, but not of it s   mode, plus Cinegamma.
memory market price. Obvious benefits are attracting a lot of          Our future is obviously tape less production, so after 20
professionals, these are: no moving parts in recording unit.         P2 camera (SDTV) purchase, we ve made step forward to be
It s great; all technicians may understand why it s great-no         prepared to HDTV era.
useless power consumption. From other (economical) side
it s also great: there will be no remarkable maintenance
investments during all product use.
    As I ve pointed out, we liked on all, but not in it s memory
price. But after analysis, we ve found P2 memory will cover
its cost within two years of use; compare with traditional
tape media.
    We re using DVCPRO (25 Mbit/s) for news production
since 1998, so tape DVCPRO (mainly AJ-D610W) & tape less
DVCPRO merge was just easy to do (no investments for other

2 Beyond/Issue 5.
                                                                              The World News about P2

      “WE THINK, WITH P2,                                          Moreover we think, with P2, we are able to guarantee a
                                                                best product to our customers. Our customers are car and
 WE ARE ABLE TO GUARANTEE                                       moto manufacturer: for both of them speed, performance
                                                                and reliability are key for success! In order to be more close
     A BEST PRODUCT”                                            to them, we decided to purchase technologically advanced
       AGM Comunicazione, Italy                                 products that will allow us to be fast & reliable in the
                                                                production of videos for them.
                                                                   In addition to the above, we also considered the cost to
   “AGM Comunicazione is the greatest TV production             performance ratio, saving for consumables and service: this is
company concerning motors in the whole Europe. We also          one of the most heavy cost which a production company
produce TV programs about travels, enogastronomy and pets       have to face with and have to try to minimize as much as
for national and SAT TVs. Nowadays we have produced more        possible. P2 products, thank to the lack of any moving parts,
than 3000 TV programs. Moreover, we are also the inventors      are offering this advantage. P2 cards are forever: ones we
of an entire SAT TV totally dedicated to motors. In all these   made the investment, we only have to get advantage from it.”
years we have realized that the support of our cameras is          For Further informations and photos and videos about Us,
now over. Then, we chose P2, that we think is practically       You can go to <>
correct and of a superior quality. And it needs less time
during editing. The only doubt regarded travelling outside
                                                                                                             Giorgio Bungaro
Italy for more than one or two days. How about memory of
                                                                                                       AGM Comunicazione SPA
P2? But this is now over thank to P2 Store, Portable Hard
Disk Unit. So, no more problems to resolve.

                                                                                                              Beyond/Issue 5. 3
     The World News about P2

                                                 “THE ITALIAN PRODUCTION COMPANY
                                                        HAS PURCHASED THE P2 CAM”
                                                                                              Digivideo s.n.c., Italy

   Digivideo s.n.c. – an independent production company               - absence of mechanics and relative maintenances and
based in Termoli – has purchased its first unit of the P2         calibrations costs
camcorder AJ-SPX800E to be used for their activity.                   - no problems for defective tape use (drop out) or head
   This company was established in 1995 from an idea of           clogging
Gianfranco Primerano and Francesco Morello.                           - it can start recording as soon as powered on
   Gianfranco Primerano - after several years experience in           - possibility to create on an optional SD card (by using the
Rome working for the most important companies in the field        proxi video optional card) of Mpeg4 files that can be
of professional audiovisual service - moved in the Molise and     visualized from the journalist on a pocket PC during the trip
there He found its own company with the cooperation of            back to the station and eventually to be transmitted through
Francesco Morello, an expert in computer science and              UMTS,
multimedia technologies.                                              We believe that in a near future the P2 camcorder could
   At the beginning the company was taking care of the            be connected directly with digital nets via modem
production of industrial video and press article to support       (integrated in the same camcorder).
the development of companies and enterprises based in                 Also the deck AJ-SPD850E demonstrates its usefullness in
Molise then, in 1998 it begins an effective collaboration with    this phase of technological pass, and is the only machine that
RAI the Italian Radio Broadcasting and Television Company,        allows the transcoding of analog component signal in 50Mb/s
mostly in the field of news and later for the production of       firewire.
programs for several thematic channels.
   In 2002 it begins also a collaboration with the newly
established Broadcast Center - based in Pescara - where
Gianfranco Primerano gave its contribution of technical
advising in the field of digital IT systems to them. The choice
of the P2 technology is matured after several test carried out
from Gianfranco Primerano on P2 set - Camcorder & Deck –
supplied from Panasonic Italia to its dealer Broadcast Center.
   Together with Roberto Battaglia - the President of
Broadcast Center - Digivideo had the chance to enjoy the
exceptional quality of the images supplied from the P2
camcorder AJ-SPX800E (even at 25mb/s) and its great
versatility. According to Gianfranco Primerano Panasonic,
with the P2 system, has put to point a plan where they have
been studied the real necessities in the field of the news.
Infact, the camcorder AJ-SPX800E has all the unique features                     Left: Mr. Gianfranco Primerano, owner of Digivideo s.n.c.
that a news operator is looking for:                                              Right: Mr. Roberto Battaglia, owner of BroadcastCenter

4 Beyond/Issue 5.
                                                                           The World News about P2
                                                               • Because the P2 camcorder itself can handle simple
                                                                 editing tasks such as continual clip playback, news
                                                                 production is faster and more efficient.
                                                               • The P2 card also offers a number of advantages in
                                                                 managing content. Future system changes at Xiamen
                                                                 TV would benefit greatly by using P2 cards to
                                                                 centrally control news programming.
                                                                 At the signing ceremony, Panasonic executives thanked
                                                              Xiamen TV for choosing P2. Also at the event, information
                                                              was presented about how China’s CCTV Economic Channel
                                                              is using the P2 system and about P2’s use at the 2004
                                                              Olympic Games in Athens.

              Xiamen TV, China
   Xiamen TV in China concluded an agreement to purchase
a large number of Panasonic P2 products and Dayang
nonlinear editing equipment. The agreement, signed in
December 2004, was reached after extensive negotiations. In
the end, Xiamen TV placed considerable weight on the
superior quality and performance P2 equipment is known
   The order calls for Panasonic to deliver 10 AJ-SPX900 P2
camcorders, six P2 drives, and a number of P2 cards. This
equipment will be combined with Dayang nonlinear editing             “WE MOVED TO P2”
equipment, which is compatible with both conventional 50M                    Alpha TV, Greece
systems and HD systems, to form an efficient, full-scale
                                                                 “We moved our facility in only two months, which
nonlinear production system. At Xiamen TV, the broadcast
                                                              allowed us to do in-house design, integration and
equipment will be used for news production by a new TV
                                                              commissioning. This made us the first television station in
channel the company is launching.
                                                              Greece to use audio and AES/EBU in our full line of
   Executives from Xiamen TV, Panasonic and Dayang
gathered for a signing ceremony on December 8. At the
                                                                 We were also the first station in the country to produce
event, a Xiamen TV executive involved in technology
                                                              news with an AVID nonlinear system. By the end of August,
outlined the reasons why his company selected P2.
                                                              tapes will be a thing of the past for our ENG crews.
 • First is that P2 is an IT-based system, and its high-
                                                                 Our cameramen are delighted by the quality we get with
   speed data transfer and PC compatibility will
                                                              our P2 cameras. The easy operation and outstanding picture
   facilitate the company’s move to digital production.
                                                              quality combine with the product's solid overall quality to
 • Second is P2’s high digitizing speed, which saves time
                                                              make this an investment we will appreciate for years.”
   and boosts work efficiency.
 • Another factor was P2’s low operating costs. Because                                         Mr. Constantinos Colombus
   P2 equipment has no moving video mechanism,                                                  Technical Director, Alpha TV
   maintenance costs are lower. Running costs are lower
   too, for a variety of reasons, including that P2 cards
   can be used repeatedly. Moreover, the price of P2
   cards is expected to drop in the future in line with the
   price of SD Memory Cards.

                                                                                                           Beyond/Issue 5. 5
     The World News about P2
    FISHER COMMUNICATIONS’ STATIONS KATU AND                    drive, an ENG crew can clean out its camera, move on to the
KVAL CONVERT NEWS OPERATIONS TO PANASONIC P2                    next story and continue shooting.”
SOLID-STATE MEMORY SYSTEM                                          The AJ-PCS060 portable drive stores 60GB of DVCPRO
    SECAUCUS, NJ (August 11, 2005) – Panasonic Broadcast        footage on a 1.4-pound, ultra-rugged internal hard drive that
announced today that Seattle-based Fisher Communications,       simplifies ENG workflow. A P2 card plugs into the drive and
Inc. has purchased DVCPRO P2 series solid-state memory          the DVCPRO contents transfers at faster than real time. With
format products for news operations at ABC affiliate KATU       AJ-PCS060, news crews need fewer reusable P2 cards in the
(Portland, OR) and CBS affiliate KVAL-TV (Eugene, OR) in a      field since the Store drive holds the contents of up to 15
sale valued at more than $850,000. Fisher operates 10           (4GB) P2 cards. A user can connect a P2-compatible edit
television and 27 radio stations throughout the Northwest.      system to the P2 Store’s 2.0 port for instant access to
    In total, KATU and KVAL-TV are currently taking delivery    content.
of 29 fully-equipped AJ-SPX800 P2 cameras, 29 AJ-PCS060 P2         Panasonic’s DVCPRO P2 series products — adopted by
Store drives, seven AJ-SDP850 decks with built-in DVD           more than 70 U.S. TV stations — are fully compatible with
recorders, 17 AJ-PCD10 drives and a large number of 4GB P2      DVCPRO, the industry’s standard for digital newsgathering,
cards.                                                          and provide a seamless migration path to DVCPRO HD.
    Kelly Alford, Director of Engineering, Fisher               DVCPRO P2 offers nonlinear acquisition and instant access to
Communications, said, “At KATU and KVAL, we were faced          material, high-speed file transfer, laptop field editing without
with an immediate need to                                                                        requirement for proxy videos,
replacing aging analog gear,                                                                     and compatibility with off-the-
and the decision to go tape-                                                                     shelf data storage drives for
                                                                                                 low-cost archiving, while
less was driven by the desire
to move closer to more IT-          “WE CHOSE P2 BASED ON                                        eliminating         traditional
related systems, in keeping          ITS TOTAL ABSENCE OF                                        digitizing and ingesting
with Fisher’s overall file-                                                                      operations. Core DVCPRO P2
based infrastructure.” He                MOVING PARTS”                                           products – AJ-SPX800
continued, “We chose P2                                                                          camcorder, new AJ-SPC700,
based on its total absence of                                                                    AJ-SPD850 recorder and AJ-
any moving parts and its                 Fisher Communications, USA                              PCD10 drive — eliminate
ability to treat everything as a                                                                 transports and mechanisms,
file.                                                                                            resulting in a significant
    The formats extremely fast                                                                   maintenance cost-savings
file transfer rate is a huge competitive advantage — it’s all   because of the absence of any moving parts that can break
about getting stories on the air faster. “P2 likewise provides  down or wear out from repetitive use. Moreover, DVCPRO
seamless integration with our existing BitCentral media asset   P2 products are resistant to environmental extremes
management system, which also features Canopus editing          including shock, vibration, and humidity. The P2 card is re-
tools.                                                          usable, allowing a station to substantially reduce its media
    With P2, we can file transfer directly into the BitCentral  budget.
system, and either play out to air or even move news content       About Fisher Communications, Inc.
in a file format across our network of stations. Ultimately, we    Fisher Communications, Inc. is a Seattle-based integrated
view these P2 installations at KATU and KVAL as trial           media company. Its nine network-affiliated television
balloons gauging our ability to transition to IT/file-based     stations, and a tenth station 50% owned by Fisher
news operations at all our stations.”                           Communications, are located in Washington, Oregon, and
    Commenting on the purchase of ultra-rugged AJ-PCS060        Idaho, and its 27 radio stations broadcast in Washington and
portable 60GB drives, Alford said, “The introduction of the     Montana. It also owns and operates Fisher Plaza, a facility
P2 Store drive allayed any concerns we had about moving         located near downtown Seattle.
files off the cameras in the field. Equipped with the rugged

6 Beyond/Issue 5.
                                                                                The World News about P2

                     ON THE
               PANASONIC P2 TYPE CAMERAS.”
       Jefferson-Pilot Communications, USA

   Television broadcast stations with news operations are         camera. When used in combination with the new AJ-
always looking for better efficiency, whether that involves       PCS060G portable storage drive it substantially increases a
getting news stories on the air quickly or whether saving         photographer s ability to stay in the field. These devices,
money without sacrificing quality of the product. I first saw     which are ruggedized for field use, presently hold
the Panasonic P2 technology at NAB in 2003 and thought at         approximately 60 gigabytes of storage. With five 8 gigabyte
that time that there was potential to address both of these       memory cards configured in the new cameras our base
areas, but I also felt that the technology was several years      recording time at DVCPRO 25 will give us approximately 160
away.                                                             minutes of recording time before having to transfer data to
   In 2005 Jefferson-Pilot Communications Company was             the field storage units. Additionally, there are other internal
given a preview of the new AJ-SPC700 P2 camera. I felt that       ways to manage memory usage, such as deleting unusable
we were now at that point and it was the right time to move       clips and in using “loop” type recordings. We particularly
our group into this new technology and exploit these              like the fact that the P2's have no moving parts, expect the
efficiencies. The RAM memory storage capacity of the              lens, which should greatly reduce the amount of
camera when using new 8 Gigabyte PCMCIA RAM storage               maintenance required of the cameras.
cards substantially increases the recording time of the

                         Media General Stations, USA
    In spring 2004, in one of the first and most expansive        WRBL-TV (Columbus, GA), WJTV-TV (Jackson, MS), WJHL-TV
investments in Panasonic’s DVCPRO P2 series solid-state           (Johnson City, TN), NBC affiliate WSAV-TV (Savannah, GA)
memory format, Media General, Inc. committed to convert           and ABC affiliate WMBB-TV (Panama City, FL).
newsgathering operations at its 19 television stations that
produce news to DVCPRO P2 series solid-state memory
    Since that time, 10 Media General stations have been
equipped with DVCPRO P2 product, including WFLA-TV
(NBC affiliate in Tampa, FL), WKRG-TV (CBS affiliate in
Mobile, AL), WNCT-TV (CBS affiliate in Greenville, NC),
WTVQ (ABC affiliate in Lexington, KY), WJBF-TV (ABC
affiliate in Augusta, GA), KWCH-TV (CBS affiliate in Wichita,
KS), KALB-TV (NBC affiliate in Alexandria, VA), WDEF-TV
(CBS affiliate in Chattanooga, TN), WSPA-TV (CBS affiliate in
Greenville, SC) and WSLS-TV (NBC affiliate in Roanoke, VA).
    Plans are underway to transition to P2 to an additional six
stations in 2006: CBS affiliates WIAT-TV (Birmingham, AL),

                                                                  KWCH, Wichita, Kansas, shooting with a AJ-SPX800

                                                                                                                Beyond/Issue 5. 7
     The World News about P2

          SHINES ON
       THE NEW HD P2
                               NAB2005, USA

8 Beyond/Issue 5.
                                                                            The World News about P2
    With its theme of "Defining Ideas" and newly
unveiled P2 equipment, Panasonic was a powerful
presence at NAB2005, held from April 18 to 21 in Las
Vegas. More than 104,000 visitors saw exhibits from
some 1,379 companies, both figures up from last year.
    The underlying trends common across the
broadcast industr y and evident in nearly ever y
company's exhibits were HD and IT. As terrestrial
digital broadcasting and the HD infrastructure continue
to make headway around the world, HD program
production is fast becoming the norm.
    In IT, the fusion of video equipment and PC-based            The Panasonic booth attracted a non-stop flow of visitors.
network processing is helping to further revolutionize
the production workflow. All indications suggest that
the industry is on the verge of making a major leap
    Against this background, the Panasonic booth was
packed with visitors throughout the exhibition period.
The newly developed AG-HVX200 P2 handheld camera-
recorder drew particularly keen interest. Expectations
are clearly running high that the P2 format will make a
concrete advance into HD production.
    Other favorable points for P2 include the growing
                                                          A P2 demo was held at a press conference. The new AG-HVX200
number of companies around the world now using P2         P2 handheld camera-recorder drew particularly strong attention.
products, the release of the low-cost AJ-SPC700 P2
camera-recorder and the AJ-PCS060 P2 store (storage
memory), and the growing alliance with makers of
nonlinear editors. Visitors expressed widespread
support for the progress these developments reflect.
    Trade publications have lavished a combined total
of nine awards on the AG-HVX200 P2 handheld camera-
recorder and AJ-PCS060 P2 Store, drawing further
attention to P2.

                                                                Charles L. Smith, Vice President and General Manager, Avid
                                                                   Video., a P2 partner, spoke in support of the new format.

                                                          The AG-HVX200 has received six trade publication awards:
                                                          Government's "Video Salute 2005," Videography's "Vidy Award
                                                          2005," Television Broadcast's "Top Innovation Award 2005," TV
                                                          Technology's "STAR Award 2005," Broadcast Engineering's
                                                          "Pick Hit Award 2005," and Video Systems' "Making the Cut"
                                                          The AJ-PCS060 has received three trade publication awards.
                                                          Government's "Video Salute 2005," Videography's "Vidy Award
                                                          2005," and Television Broadcast's "Top Innovation Award 2005."

                                                                                                              Beyond/Issue 5. 9
     The World News about P2
    In addition to bringing the world's broadcasters
together each year, NAB ser ves as a venue for
conferences and business negotiations. At NAB2005,
broadcast companies and production professionals
from all over the globe left little doubt about their
interest in P2, as a large number of purchase contracts
were concluded.
    The four-day event made it crystal clear that more
and more of the industr y is climbing aboard as
Panasonic and P2 move steadily forward.                           Signing a purchase agreement with MDR Television of Germany.

                                                                           Signing a purchase agreement with Russia's Center TV.

   cheer vigorously
                                                                 card can be directly mounted inside the editor. We already
                                                                 have many customers — such as Cox and Sinclair in the
                                                                 US, and ZDF in Germany — that use Panasonic and Avid
      Good afternoon everyone.                                   tools and integrated workflows.
      It s a pleasure to be here to talk with you on behalf of      And Avid and Panasonic s sales teams are working very
   Avid and find to talk with you on behalf of all the P2        closely to ensure we can show many customers the
   partners.                                                     benefit of our workflow. Additionally, Avid has qualified
      There re some of you may be confused or may be             TOUGHBOOK CF-51 for NewsCutter XP, and P2
   wondering why are someone from Avid happy to be here          workflows, so now you can really enjoy a complete
   to talk about not only our work, but the work of potential    Panasonic and Avid solution.
   competitors.                                                      Many of the partners here have P2 solutions of
      The reality as we could see as a customers move from a     shipping to this NAB. You can see them all over the
   signal based world to an IT Infrastructure, there are often   booth as well as seat, many of them here in the Panasonic
   the problems of old are being replaced by new                 booth. And the Avid as well as show you P2, we are going
   unexpected challenges. Challenges like different media        to show you solutions based on the DVCPRO HD. And we
   types, different media wrappers. Even the way the             very much look forward to get introduction of new P2 HD
   standards are adopted, can cause compatibility and            camcorder which will bring our users affordable
   interoperability problems.                                    production quality DVCPRO HD solutions.
      Avid, we firmly believe in an open standard space              NAB 2005 is going to be a great show that I m sure.
   world and with Panasonic, we found a partner who shares       Sure I speak for all of the
   that same belief.                                             partners when I say, P2 would
       Avid and Panasonic engineers work very closely            be a very big partner for us.
   together to ensure the native compatibility between our                            Mr. Chas Smith
   products. For example, we both use the same flavor of          Vice President and General Manager,
   MXF, OP-Atom, that ensures that we can provide our                                     Avid Video.
   customers seamless interoperability and enable workflows
   that don't require the transfer of media because the P2

10 Beyond/Issue 5.
                                                                            The World News about P2

DVCPRO P2 to Team with DVCPRO50 and                            Winter Games. The Panasonic’s video equipment will be
DVCPRO HD Equipment to Deliver                                 used during the 2006 Games at the International
Standard and High Definition Coverage of                       Broadcasting Centre and throughout the various athletic
2006 Olympic Games                                             venues.
                                                                  Panasonic supplied broadcast video equipment and
                                                               maintenance support to the host broadcaster during the
   The host broadcaster for the Torino Olympic Games has
                                                               Barcelona’92, Atlanta’96, Nagano’98, Sydney 2000, Salt Lake
selected Panasonic as its supplier of standard and high
                                                               City 2002 and has provided similar services for the Olympic
definition recording equipment for the 2006 Olympic Winter
                                                               Games in Athens, Greece last summer. For the Athens
                                                               Games, Panasonic’s 4:2:2, 50Mbps DVCPRO50 equipment
   According to the agreement between the Organizing
                                                               was the official video recording format. Panasonic’s
Committee of XX Olympic Winter Games Torino 2006,
                                                               DVCPRO50 VTRs as well as new “P2” camcorders and decks
TOBO (Torino Olympic Broadcasting Organization) Division
                                                               covered over 3,200 hours of live sporting competitions
and Panasonic, Panasonic DVCPRO P2 solid-state memory as
                                                               during 17 days, from August 13 to 29, of the Olympic Games.
well as DVCPRO HD and DVCPRO50 recording equipment
will be used for the Torino Games.
   Since they have no moving parts and record on solid-state                                                              es
                                                                                                                   ter Gam
P2 cards, Panasonic DVCPRO P2 camcorders are extremely                                                ke   City Win
                                                                                               Salt La
                                                                                       O HD in
reliable and resistant to extreme weather, which make                             DVCPR
them an ideal choice for the possible severe weather of the

 P2 cam in
             Athens O
                     lympic   Games

                                                                                                           Beyond/Issue 5. 11
     The World News about P2

                                                                                     200                                          *AS OF AUGUST,2005

U.S.A.                                • WMBB-TV (Media General)            • WNYW-TV (FOX), New York, NY        GREECE
• KNVO-TV (Entravision) McAllen,        Panama City, FL                    • WPXI-TV (COX), Pittsburgh, PA      • Alpha TV
  TX                                  • WJTV-TV (Media General)            • WSOC-TV (COX), Charlotte, NC
• KBNT-TV (Entravision) San Diego,      Jackson, MS                        • WTOV-TV (Scripps), Steubenville,
                                                                                                                • ART
  CA                                  • WJHL-TV (Media General)              OH
                                                                                                                • ATV / Kanal 1
• KINC-TV (Entravision) Las Vegas,      Johnson, City, TN                  • WTOV-TV (COX) Steubenville, OH
                                                                                                                • FBTV
  NV                                  • WSAV-TV (Media General)            • WWOR-TV (FOX) Secaucus, NJ
                                                                                                                • TV Albacete
• KCEC-TV (Entravision) Denver, CO      Savannah, GA
• WMDO-TV (Entravision) Silver        • WXIX-TV (Raycom Media)                                                  RUSSIA
                                                                           • CHRO-TV, Ottawa, ON
  Springs, MD                           Cincinnati, OH                                                          • Center TV
• KLUZ-TV (Entravision)               • WTVR-TV (Raycom Media)             MEXICO
  Albuquerque, NM                       Richmond, VA                       • Multimedios Estrellas de Oro
                                                                                                                • AHTV
• WUNI-TV (Entravision) Needham,      • KRGV-TV Westlaco, TX               ECUADOR                              • BTV
  MA                                  • KTBC-TV (FOX) Austin, TX           • TC TV                              • CCTV
• KINT-TV (Entravision) El Paso, TX   • KWTV-TV (Griffin                                                        • CHMTV
                                                                           PUERTO RICO
• KOAA-TV (Evening                      Communications) Oklahoma City,                                          • CQTV
                                                                           • Univision
  Post/Cordillera) Pueblo, CO           OK                                                                      • CSTV
• KPAX-TV (Evening Post/Cordillera)   • KOTV-TV (Griffin Communications)   DENMARK                              • DGTV
  Missoula, MT                          Tulsa, OK                          • DR(Danish Broadcasting             • DQTV
• KRTV-TV (Evening Post/Cordillera)   • KALB-TV (Media General),             Corporation)                       • FJTV
  Black Eagle, MT                       Alexandria, LA                     SWEDEN                               • GANSU POWER
• KVOA-TV (Evening Post/Cordillera)   • KCBD-TV (Liberty Corp.),           • Ljud & BildMedia                   • GDTV
  Tucson, AZ                            Lubbock, TX                        • SVT                                • GOOD LUCK AD. GROUP
• KATU-TV (Fisher Communications)     • KFOX-TV (COX), El Paso, TX                                              • HBTV
  Portland, OR                        • KFTV-TV (Univision), Fresno, CA    NORWAY
                                                                                                                • HEFEI TV
• KVAL-TV (Fisher Communications)     • KIRO- TV (COX), Seattle, WA        • Woldcam
                                                                                                                • JIANSU POWER
  Eugene, OR                          • KNTV-TV (Journal Group), Las       UK                                   • JJBCTV
• KVVU-TV (Meredith) Las Vegas,         Vegas, NV                          • Army Media Ops Group               • JSTV
  NV                                  • KRON-TV (Young), San Francisco,                                         • NJBG
• WSMV-TV (Meredith) Nashville, TN      CA                                                                      • QHTV
                                                                           • DW(Deutsche Welle)
• SIX NEWS NOW (NY Times              • KTRE-TV (Liberty) Lufkin, TX                                            • SBS
                                                                           • IRT(Broadcast Technology
  Company) Sarasota, FL               • KTVI-TV (FOX), St. Louis, MO                                            • SD CATV
• WBNS-TV (Dispatch) Columbus,        • KTVU-TV (COX), Oakland, CA                                              • SDTV
                                                                           • MDR
  OH                                  • KWCH (Media General), Wichita,                                          • SKY NEWS
                                                                           • SWR (SUDWESTRUNDFUNK)
• KPLC-TV (Liberty) Lake Charles,       KS                                                                      • SXTVS
                                                                           • ZDF
  LA                                  • KXLN-TV (Univision), Houston, TX                                        • SZTV
• KAIT-TV (Liberty) Jonesboro, AR     • New York 1(Time Warner Cable),     FRANCE                               • WZTV
• WWAY-TV (Liberty) Wilmington,         New York, NY                       • RFO (Reseau France Outre-mer)      • XMTV
  NC                                  • WBNS-TV (Dispatch) Columbus,       ITALY                                • Xiamen TV
• WBTV-TV (Jefferson Pilot)             OH                                 • DigitalAdnKronos                   • YTTV
  Charlotte, NC                       • WDEF-TV (Media General),           • RTV38                              • YTV
• WCSC-TV (Jefferson Pilot)             Chattanooga, TN                    • RETE37                             • ZHJTV
  Charleston, NC                      • WEWS-TV (Scripps), Cleveland,      • TELE37                             JAPAN
• WWBT-TV (Jefferson Pilot)             OH                                 • RETE CAPRI                         • CCY
  Richmond, VA                        • WFLA-TV (Media General),           • TELE RAMA                          • JCN
• WTXF-TV (FOX) Philadelphia, PA        Columbus, OH                       • AGM COMUNICAZIONE                  • ONT
• WSPA-TV (Media General)             • WFTV- TV (COX), Orlando, FL        • DIGIVIDEO s.n.c.                   • SBC
  Spartanburg, SC                     • WHIO-TV (COX), Dayton, OH
                                      • WJBF-TV (Media General),
                                                                           SPAIN                                NEW ZEALAND
• WSLS-TV (Media General)
                                                                           • Mediapro                           • TV3
  Roanoke, VA                           Augusta, GA
                                                                           • Sogecable(CNN+)
• WAIT-TV (Media General)             • WKRG-TV (Media General),
                                                                           • Televisio de Catalunya (TV3)       • and many others...
  Birmingham, AL                        Mobile, AL
                                                                           • Television de Galicia (TVG)
• WRBL-TV (Media General)             • WLOX-TV (Liberty) Biloxi, MS
                                                                           • TV Castilla La Mancha
  Columbus, GA                        • WNYO-TV (Sinclair), Buffalo, NY

12 Beyond/Issue 5.
                                                                               P2 Review: Workflow Innovation

P2 Support Program

Panasonic has won the customers’ confidence for outstanding             most adjustments and provides for speedy and low-cost repair.
DVCPRO Service around the world. As the P2 Series leads the             Panasonic’s P2 repair centers, equipped with special tools and skills,
Workflow Innovation from ENG to ING (IT News Gathering), DVCPRO         will target to complete repairs typically within 48 hours.
Service is now evolving to take advantage of IT technology. The P2
Support Program will blossom fully into an ‘ING’ style providing        P2 Support Desk (P2 Support Web Site)
GLOBAL, LOW-COST, and RAPID Service.                                    Panasonic opens the ‘P2 Support Desk’ in the Panasonic support
                                                                        web site. The ‘P2 Support Desk’ provides support information like
P2 Support Program                                                      FAQ as well as P2’s latest
Panasonic has won the customers’ confidence for outstanding             firmware (Optional). You can
DVCPRO Service around the world. As the P2 Series leads the             download the latest firmware
Workflow Innovation from ENG to ING (IT-Based News Gathering),          from the ‘P2 Support Desk’ to an
DVCPRO Service is now evolving to take advantage of IT technology.      SD card, put it into a P2
The P2 Support Program will blossom fully into an ‘ING’ style           equipment and updating is done
providing GLOBAL, LOW-COST, and RAPID Service.                          by a simple menu operation.
                                                                        Thus your P2 can always be up
P2 Global Support Network                                               to date.
Panasonic presents the P2 Global Support Network. Fifty-three(53)                        
support locations are ready to support P2 products as of April 2005.
Thirty-seven(37) will be established in 2005. In addition, (6) six of   P2 E-learning (Option)
these locations are capable of supporting both NTSC and PAL             Panasonic has held DVCPRO
systems and will provide ‘ING’ news crews support around the globe.     Web Based E-learning courses
For example, when you travel to Germany with NTSC equipment and         since 2001. The newly-offered P2
require service, the support center in Germany can provide a backup     course will help your smooth
unit. The crews in other countries will be supported by local support   transition to an ING environment.
locations cooperated with the above 6 locations.                        Panasonic staffs directly answer
                                                                        to your questions by e-mail.
P2 Low Running cost & 48 Hour Repair                                    • Course Contents: Features,
Unlike conventional VTRs, the P2 series doesn’t require mechanism         Operation, Basic Technology,
maintenance such as cleaning video heads, or replacing worn parts.        Circuit Description.
Furthermore, with it’s ‘No tape’ mechanism the P2 design eliminates     • Order Number: VVCS203A1KIT

                                                                                                                           Beyond/Issue 5. 13
     P2 Partners

    Panasonic has followed an "Open Market" concept in developing
nonlinear editing and servers, stressing the need for interoperability with
products from many other companies. This springs from our understanding
that users will benefit more from being able to continue using their present
hardware and software, or being able to select from a broad range of solution
providers than they would faced with a closed system limited to fewer
choices or only Panasonic products.
    As we created the P2 system, we actively provided information to other
manufacturers and solicited their input. The companies (and products) listed
on the page to the right either already support or are in the process of
implementing support for P2. We call them Panasonic P2 Partners.
    There were four P2 partners at the beginning of 2004. We continue to
inform our industry colleagues about P2 technology, and we feel confident
that the number of our P2 partners will continue to grow as more and more
manufacturers and suppliers join the P2 partnership.

14 Beyond/Issue 5.
                                                                                             P2 Partners

                                • CleanEdit
• Final Cut Pro       

                                                                           • MXFTk

                                • FireStore
                                • DV Conversion Suite

• NewsCutter® XP
• NewsCutter® Adrenaline™ FX
• Media Composer® Adrenaline™

                                • NewsEdit LT/SC/XT
                                       • Liquid Broadcast
                                                                           • Liquid Chrome HD
                                                                           • Liquid Blue


                                Products Supporting P2
                                • Nexio NewsFlash
                                • Nexio NewsFash FX
                                • Velocity-Q
                                                                           • sQ Edit Plus
• D3-Edit
• DP-Edit

                                • A full-featured MXF editor "theScribe"   • FlipFactory
                                            • MAP
                                                                           • Launch
• Mpegable DS Decoder                                            

                                                                                                 Beyond/Issue 5. 15
P2 Takes You to the Beyond

        Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
        Systems Business Group
        2-15 Matsuba-cho, Kadoma, Osaka 571-8503 Japan
        Tel. +81 6 6905 4650 Fax. +81 6 6908 5969

        Panasonic Broadcast & Television
        Systems Company
        A Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America
        1 Panasonic Way 4E-7, Secaucus, NJ 07094
        Tel. +1 201 348 5300

        Panasonic Broadcast Europe
        A Division of Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
        Hagenauer Str. 43
        65203 Wiesbaden, Germany
        Tel. +49 (0)611 235 401

        Panasonic Broadcast China
        A division of Matsushita Electric Industrial (China) Co.,Ltd.
        8/F Tower C, He Qiao Building, No. 8, Guanghua Road,
        Chao Yang District, Beijing, 100026
        Tel: (010) 6583-2361/2362/2363

        Panasonic Singapore
        A Division Comapny of Matsushita Electric Asia Pte Ltd
        2 Jalan Kilang Barat, Panasonic Building
        Singapore 159346
        Tel. +65 6270 0110


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