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Survival Strategies



Humpty Dumpty couldn't get back together again, but you can. Here are four survival strategies for happenings. Discover why you are unhappy: Feeelings of gloom are often based in beleiving things that simply are not true. For example , if you have been made redundant in these raw economic times, it doesn't mean you are unless. you could be just unlucky-- or the victim of a bigger problem. Challenge your beliefs: Many people believe irrational things unconsciously, like "Relationship don't last" yet assumptions like this can make it hard for you recover from a setback. And while you are at it ditch Freud. However bad things were in your past, they needn't affect your future. Watch what you say (to yourself): How often do you tell yourself,"i m a failure just because a project didn't succeed. Next time you have a negatively attack, give yourself the advice, such as:"Yes it did go wrong, but you don't have to repeat the mistake again." Fantasies: It is easy to imagine the worst-"He's left me, is I'll die alone and be eaten by my cats." Dream of the best instead:"Now I'm not tied down I can accept that dinner invitation from the cute guy living in the apartment next door."

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