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									The Global C2/C4ISR Market 2011–2021

 In such situations, C2/C4ISR systems are considered by most nations to be the most important tools for
victory. The market which consists of land, space, naval and airborne systems, is expected to increase
from US$16.2 billion in 2011, to US$21.8 billion by 2021 increasing at a CAGR of 2.98%. This is primarily
because key markets, such as the US, are expected to prioritize spending on C2/C4ISR systems; an
element of defense spending that was not given much importance until the Afghan and Iraqi conflicts.
Land-based systems are expected to account for the majority of the global C2/C4ISR market, followed by
airborne, naval and space systems. Over the forecast period, cumulative global expenditure on C2/C4ISR
systems is forecast to value US$209.1 billion.

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                        Global C2/C4ISR Market

    Top level overview of the global C2/C4ISR market
    A breakdown of the regional spending patterns for C2/C4ISR programs over the forecast period
       2011 through 2021
    A breakdown of the C2/C4ISR market by segment forecasted from 2011 through 2021
    Insights on the armed forces modernization and defense spending pattern by region
    Extensive analysis on the emerging technological and market trends in the global C2/C4ISR
    Insights on the segment wise spending pattern in the C2/C4ISR sector by country
    Comprehensive analysis of the top C2/C4ISR programs pursued by nations across the forecast
       period 2011-2021.
    Details of top companies active across the global C2/C4ISR market

Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:
    Global C2/C4ISR Market Size and Drivers
    Industry Trends, Recent Developments and Challenges
    SWOT Analysis of the C2/C4ISR Market
    Country Analysis – C2/C4ISR Market
    Key C2/C4ISR Programs
    Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights

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