Successfully Implementing CPOE in the March to Meaningful Use by paragonsystems


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Paragon® HIS

Twin County Regional Healthcare
Galax, Va.

                                                                  Janet Richardson, RN
                                                                  Clinical Systems Coordinator

Successfully Implementing CPOE
in the March to Meaningful Use

“Perhaps the biggest physician satisfier I have seen with
Paragon is its flexibility. I am fond of saying that the way
Paragon is designed, if you can think of it, you can build it!”

                   -Janet Richardson
                                     Successfully Implementing
                                     CPOE in the March to
                                     Meaningful Use
                                     by Janet Richardson, RN

                                     Everyone in healthcare these days            meeting meaningful use to our rural,
                                     seems to be focused on reaching              independent community hospital. Upon
                                     Stage 1 meaningful use by the 2013           certification, Twin County would qualify
                                     deadline. Aside from cost, one of the        for somewhere in the neighborhood of
                                     biggest hurdles may be successfully          $5 million in incentive payments. Those
                                     implementing a computerized physician        dollars will go a long way in enabling
                                     order entry (CPOE) system and achieving      us to provide new additional services
                                     the utilization levels required by the       to our community and acquire needed
                                     American Recovery and Reinvestment           equipment for several departments
                                     Act (ARRA) incentive program. At             to provide our patients the best care
                                     Twin County Regional Healthcare, we          possible.
                                     realized that this alone would require
                                     a significant change in how physicians       Helping physicians understand the
At a Glance                          and other caregivers have always             bigger impact on the organization, their
                                     practiced medicine, so we decided to         patients and the community in which
Organization                         take the challenge head on and have          they live really started knocking down
                                     been very pleased with the results.          any initial resistance. Another key is
Twin County Regional Healthcare
                                     Along the way, we’ve learned a lot.          setting realistic expectations because as
Galax, Va.                                                                        Dr. Pemberton also observed, “Rolling
                                     We’ve managed to make great strides          out any new computer system is not
- 141 beds                           and our hospitalists hit 30% CPOE            going to be as convenient for physicians
                                     utilization for total orders by the second   and nurses for quite a while.” But we
- Recognized in 2009 as a “Most      month after roll-out and have exceeded       thought if the system satisfied our
  Improved” Hospital in ‘Most        that threshold for the subsequent four       hospitalists, our other physicians would
  Wired’ Survey1                     months. We will continue to expand to        be much more willing to adopt CPOE.
                                     more of our physicians, and we expect
- Named a 2010 Top Performing        to begin applying for our incentive          That’s where the technological
  Hospital on Quality Measures by    payments by the first half of 2012.          capabilities of Paragon started to shine.
  the Joint Commission2
                                     We think there are two key factors           Simplifying the Transition
Critical Issues                      that have led to accomplishing our           One important measure I have used
                                     CPOE utilization success so quickly:         when rolling out any new system or
- Achieving meaningful use           1) Establishing the right attitude and       application is how easy the intended
                                     involvement among our physician-users        users can learn and understand how
                                     and 2) The integration and capabilities      to work it into their normal day-to-day
- Implementing CPOE successfully
                                     of the Paragon® HIS.                         care of patients. If it is not complicated
                                                                                  to understand and use, that will
- Providing excellent patient care
                                     Getting the Players on Board                 facilitate uptake and adoption. It is also
                                     According to Art Pemberton, M.D., our        a pretty good indicator of long-term
                                     Hospitalist Director at Twin County,         success.
                                     getting physicians to see beyond
- Rapid achievement of >30%
                                     themselves as part of a bigger picture of    The Windows®-based, point-and-click
  CPOE utilization of total orders
                                     the organization and of where national       operation CPOE module in Paragon is
  by hospitalists
                                     healthcare is going is most important to     both familiar and intuitive to physicians.
                                     establishing the right attitude.             In my experience in training physicians
- Physician buy-in and acceptance
                                                                                  to use it, they adapt to it pretty quickly.
  of CPOE
                                     Jack Roberts, Director of Information        In rolling out Paragon CPOE, physicians
                                     Systems, and my supervisor, often            got an hour of training from the
- Well-positioned for
                                     points out the importance of                 implementation specialist and then I
  demonstrating meaningful use
was available to answer questions or         For example, we can customize
assist if necessary. Our hospitalists        order sets as we need to so that our
quickly learned the system and were          physicians are comfortable and satisfied.
able to place electronic orders with just    I am fond of saying that the way
a couple of follow-up questions after        Paragon is designed, if you can think of
the initial training ... they just took it   it, you can build it!
and ran with it. It was almost effortless!
                                             We have been able to easily convert
One of our hospitalists actually             existing protocols and standing order
compares it to shopping online.              sets for physicians so what they are
You pick out orders, put them in a           ordering is familiar to them, and the       “We have found that the
basket and at the end when you have          same Windows-based structure that           flexibility and customization
everything you need, you submit them.        enables ease of training also facilitates   you can do in Paragon is
So using it is not something that is         incorporation of the CPOE system into       a real bright spot and a
complicated or unfamiliar to them.           their day-to-day care of patients.          particular strength of the
                                                                                         system. We’re able to easily
                                                                                         suggest improvements or
                                                                                         modifications and get those
                                                                                         implemented that same day.”

                                                                                         - Arthur Pemberton, M.D.
                                                                                           Hospitalist Director

A telling example of this simplicity and     Dr. Pemberton and the other hospitalists    “Our mission is to serve the
familiarity is a locum tenens physician      have acknowledged that a more
                                                                                         healthcare needs of our
who had never seen our CPOE system           rigid system would have faced more
before and was filling in for one of our     resistance. “We have found that the
                                                                                         community and provide the
staff. After 30 minutes of training and a    flexibility and customization you can do    highest quality of care in the
couple follow-up phone calls, he began       in Paragon is a real bright spot and a      most cost-effective manner.
admitting patients and placing orders        particular strength of the system,” he      The Paragon information
on the system that same evening.             has noted. “We’re able to easily suggest    system is well-designed for
                                             improvements or modifications and get       community hospitals like ours
Technology that Works with                   those implemented that same day.” I         with a mission like ours.”
Prescribers, not Against Them                think that customization has given our
Perhaps the biggest physician satisfier I    physicians greater ownership in the         - Jon Applebaum
have seen with Paragon is its flexibility.   success of our CPOE initiative and as a       President & CEO
                                             result played a significant part in their             As Jon Applebaum, our president and
                                             uptake and utilization.                               CEO puts it, “Our mission is to serve
                                                                                                   the healthcare needs of our community
                                             The fact that Paragon is fully integrated             and provide the highest quality of care
                                             and that all of the information is                    in the most cost-effective manner. The
                                             available via the Paragon WebStation                  Paragon information system is well-
                                             portal is another huge plus. Being able               designed for community hospitals like
                                             to view a patient’s chart, diagnostic                 ours with a mission like ours.”
                                             images and labs and now being able to
                                             place orders with CPOE through a single               Successful CPOE Achievement is
                                             access point – even remotely from                     not a Straight Line
“Paragon CPOE was built to                   home or office – has increased physician              As noted earlier, we hit and maintained
be pretty flexible, and we                   buy-in and acceptance.                                30% CPOE utilization for total orders
took advantage of that. The                                                                        by the second month after roll out
implementation was a very                    Everyone Pulling in the Same                          and have exceeded it for the four
smooth one for the hospital”                 Direction                                             months since. We expect adoption
                                             When it comes right down to it,                       and utilization by our hospitalists to
- Jack Roberts                               everything we do should be about                      continue to grow as CPOE becomes
                                             patient care — how to improve it, how                 ingrained into their day-to-day practice
  Director of Information
                                             to make it safer, how to make it more                 of caring for patients and we are well
  Systems                                    efficient and cost effective. For that                under way to meet the meaningful use
                                             to be accomplished, everyone that is                  requirements. And as we anticipated,
                                             directly or indirectly involved in the care           the experience with our hospitalists thus
                                             of our patients needs to be aligned.                  far has been good enough that other
                                             Since we first became a customer of                   physicians not involved in the initial
                                             McKesson in 1998 right on up to CPOE                  rollout are asking to participate in the
                                             and beyond, the whole organization                    next phase.
                                             has always been there to assist us in
                                             aligning and improving the care we                    Like any initiatives that require
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                                             provide to our community.                             human involvement and cooperation,
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                                             a big part in that accomplishment.                    grow. Our experience tells me that
PRT478-10/11                                 That recognition was great                            we made the right choice, that CPOE
                                             acknowledgement for our executive                     on the Paragon platform has a bright
                                             team and our board members that we                    future here at Twin County, and that
                                             were headed in the right direction with               it will be an important factor in our
                                             the hospital information system.                      achievement of meaningful use and
                                                                                                   beyond as the delivery of healthcare
Paragon HIS                                                                                        continues to evolve.
McKesson Provider Technologies
5995 Windward Parkway
Alpharettta, GA 30005                        1
                                               2009 Most Wired Survey and Benchmarking Study, Hospitals & Health Networks, American Hospital
                                              Association, July 2009
                                                Improving America’s Hospitals: The Joint Commission’s Annual Report on Quality and Safety, 2011,                     

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