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					                                ENC 1101 ONLINE
                          SESSION I, FALL 2009
                  Instructor:               Daniel Lawless
                    Phone:                  727-822-7165
                               lawless.danny@spcollege.edu (ONLY
               E-mail Address:
                                  IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY)
                   Office:             LA 222/Gibbs Campus
                  College          6605 5th Ave N., Saint Petersburg,
                  Address:                       FL
                                          Mondays 4:00-7:00 PM

                                         Tuesdays 4:30-8:30 PM
                Office Hours:
                                       Wednesdays 4:00-7:00 PM

Course Description
      This course is designed to develop composition skills. It emphasizes the development of
      the multi-paragraph essay and includes practice in the selection, restriction, organization
      and development of topics. It also offers the student opportunities to improve abilities
      with sentence structure, diction, and mechanics.

Course Information
Required Textbook:


Course Prerequisite:

Satisfactory score on college placement test or successful completion of ENC 0020.

Course Assignments:

Please follow the weekly assignments for week-by-week information.

Course Policies:

        1.        All assignments/papers/postings are due by Sunday at 10 PM.

        2.        Late papers WILL NOT be accepted.

        3.        Late assignments WILL NOT be accepted.

Course Objective:

You will write rhetorically effective expository multi-paragraph compositions employing
Standard American English.

Helpful Web Sites:

SPC Library Online: <http://www.spcollege.edu/central/libonline>

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab: <http://owl.english.purdue.edu/>

Course Grade:

Course letter grades will be determined based on the following scale:

         Grade Percentage

             A   90 - 100

             B   80 - 89

             C   70 - 79

             D   60 - 69
          F    Below 60

     calculating grade point averages (GPAs).

Total course grade points will consist of an aggregate of points from the following areas:

ASSIGNMENTS                                 POINTS
Writing Assignment 1 (NARRATION)            100
Writing Assignment 2 (CAUSE AND EFFECT)     100
Writing Assignment 3 (COMPARE and CONTRAST) 100
Writing Assignment 4 (ARGUING)              200
Writing Assignment 5 (PROBLEM and SOLUTION) 100
assignments; 10 points each)
QUIZZES (10 quizzes; 10 pts. each)                     100
assignments; 10 pts. each)
FINAL EXAM                                             100

Paper Information: All papers must be sent as attachments if you want me to read and
comment on them. The attachments MUST be in .doc, .docx, or .rtf. If you do not
attach papers, label them correctly, or send them in a readable format, you will lose
points. For more information about papers and point deductions, see #1 below. Only
papers 4 and 5 allow for research, so the others should be based totally on your ideas and
experiences. I will have papers graded within TEN days of submission.

Drop Box Assignments: There are fifteen Drop Box assignments this semester. Most of
them are responses from the readings, but a few involve other activities. You may write
the responses in the message box or attach the assignment. If you attach the assignment,
I also ask that you copy and paste into the message box. I will grade these on
completion of the assignment, clarity, and development (that you have met the minimum
word requirements). I will have Drop Box assignments graded within ONE week of

Quizzes: There are ten quizzes (that count) this semester. You may take each quiz
once. The quiz is automatically scored.

Discussion Board Assignments: You will post five DB assignments this semester, one
for each paper. Each posting should have an introduction paragraph, thesis (marked as
such), and an outline. You will lose points for missing parts, lack of development, and
errors in sentence structure, word choice, mechanics, and grammar. While you may
continue to comment on and revise your posting, I will only grade the first posting.
I will post comments back to the DB, so you will need to look there for a response.
While I will read these postings as they come in and comment on them as quickly as
possible (you will see feedback on the DB usually within THREE days), your scores will
not be uploaded until all of the postings have been read.

Participation Policy:

This is a communication class; therefore, it is important that you log onto ANGEL
regularly, complete assignments and communicate with me regularly. To pass this class,
you must:

       1.      Log on weekly. You must log on every week and complete assignments
       (minimum). If you miss more than one week, it will be assumed that you are no
       longer participating and indicated at the 60% mark of the course as a WF.

       2.       Complete assignments. You will not be an active member of this class
       unless you have submitted all of the five papers on time. If you have not
       submitted all five papers on time, it will be assumed that you are no longer
       participating and indicated at the 60% mark of the course as a WF.


You may withdraw yourself with a "W" on or before October 29, 2009. During the
week following October 29, if you are identified as not actively participating in the
course as defined in your syllabus, you will be withdrawn with a "WF." (See Special
Notes for additional information.).

If you wish to withdraw from the course, you must do so online in the MY SPC
registration area found at
edu .

If this is your third time taking the course, you cannot withdraw (State of Florida
regulation), and not meeting the attendance requirement will result in a grade of F. If
you abandon the course or do not withdraw by October 29th, you are subject to receive a
grade of F.

Academic Honesty:

Cheating during tests or plagiarism (intentional or unintentional) in essays will result in a
zero on the test, paper, and/or assignment. For some assignments, you may borrow ideas
or knowledge from outside experts; however, you must give credit to that source.
Intentional plagiarism will be reported to the college. Academic Assistance:

SPC offers free tutoring to students. For more information on tutoring at the TS campus,
please see http://www.spcollege.edu/tsc/info_commons.htm. You may also get free
tutoring at all SPC sites.

Writing Requirement:

This course is designed to meet the college writing requirement. Therefore, you are
expected to write at least 6,000 words to fulfill the expectations set forth by the college.

By state law, a passing grade CANNOT be awarded to those students who do not
fulfill the writing requirements for this course. You MUST complete ALL papers
assigned, even if they are too late to receive a passing grade.

Class Expectations:

What I Should Expect from You:

Your participation in this class is critical for the learning process.

You should come to class ready to engage in meaningful, substantive discussion of the issues.
You should treat the opinions of others with respect and tolerance.
You should complete all assignments on time and with thoughtfulness.
You should practice academic honesty in all your work.
You should contact me promptly if there is a problem requiring my attention.
What You Can Expect from Me:
I will give you meaningful assignments designed to broaden your knowledge and help improve your
ability to communicate.
I will be available to address any concerns or issues that may interfere with the learning process--online or
on campus!
I will move at a reasonable class pace that will satisfy the course objectives.
I will provide thoughtful and critical responses to your written assignments to enhance your understanding
of the subject.

Helpful Reminders:

1. Labeling, Formatting, and Submitting Papers

Your papers MUST be submitted as attachments (Microsoft Word, otherwise known as .doc files or .docx
files through the course drop box. If you don't have Word, please change file to .rtf (rich text format), so I
can open your documents. When you save your paper, please save as First name last initial...draft or
final...and paper number. So, if your name is Bob Smith and you are sending the final copy of paper 3,
please label your file the following way: BobSfinal3. In your subject line, please write the essay and
number followed by Final essay. For instance, if you are sending in the final paper of Essay 2, your
subject line might look like Essay 2 Final Paper.

***If you fail to save your papers correctly or do not submit your papers as attachments (and I have to ask
you to resubmit), you will receive an automatic grade deduction (usually ten points). If you fail to attach
correctly, you may receive a zero for that assignment. You MUST complete all papers if you want to
pass the class. Failure to submit all five papers will result in a WF or F in the course.

***Remember that I will only be able to read attachments with the file extension .rtf (rich text
format) or .doc or .docx (Word).
Although I am not grading on format, all papers should contain the following information:


Class (ENC 1101 online)

My name (Prof. Lawless)


Word Count


MLA suggests putting the first five items in the upper left-hand corner. In the right-hand corner, you
should put last name and page number (on each page including the first). The title should be centered.
NO COVER PAGES. Also, the paper should be double spaced.

2. Submitting Assignments, Posting Discussion Board Messages, and Sending E-

Before you submit an assignment--through the drop box or on the Discussion Board--make sure to spell
check and proofread carefully. You will lose points for sloppy work. Also, you should read the
assigned material before you submit the work. This material will often help you to understand the work
for that week. Finally, make sure to place the assignment in the correct place! I will try to respond to
assignments as soon as possible.

If you have a question, you should do one of two things:

1. Submit a question to the Discussion Board Questions section found at the end (bottom) of each

2. E-mail me through the course site simply by choosing my name.

 I will usually respond to questions within 48 hours. If you don't hear from me within 48 hours, please
resend/repost. Use clear and appropriate subject lines when you send e-mails and post questions.

3. Writing and Returning Papers

When you write a paper, remember that you should always go through the writing process (even if you
don't each document). Begin with prewriting, followed by an outline, drafts, and final copy. Remember
to read the instructions for each paper carefully. Many papers DO NOT allow for research.

For each paper, I will grade the outline (which includes the introduction and thesis statement) and make
comments on the DB; then I will grade the final paper. I do not collect or grade drafts. However, I am
happy to answer questions or look at drafts if you come by my office.

I usually return papers within TEN DAYS. I will return the paper with general comments as well as an
attachment that includes specific comments. Please make sure to read the comments carefully and apply
them to future papers.
If for some reason I am not able to read and grade the papers within TEN DAYS, I will send out an e-mail
providing a date and time as to when the papers will be graded.

4. Working through the Modules

It is important to work through the module. You should begin with the readings and PPs. Then, you can
submit assignments and papers and take quizzes. Much of the information that you will need to complete
the modules can be found in the readings and PPs.

5. Accepting Late Work and Working Ahead

Remember that I do not accept any late papers or assignments. If for some reason you have an extenuating
circumstance (hospitalization, etc), you must submit a format request to me (via e-mail) (preferably before
the module is due) accompanied by documentation. I will review the paperwork and get back to you
within two days.

All assignments are due by Sunday by 10 PM. I will, however, accept assignments/papers early.

If you want to work ahead, that is fine. However, you MUST work in order of the Modules. For instance,
don't complete an assignment in Module 3 before you finish Module 1. If you don't follow the modules in
order, you will receive a zero on any assignments completed out of order.

6. Getting Extra Points

There will be no extra credit in this class; however, up to 10 extra points may be added at the end for
participation. Participation includes responding (with specific comments) to outlines, papers, and other
assignments. Participation points will be added at the instructor's discretion.

7. Viewing PowerPoint

If you do not have PowerPoint, you can download the Viewer for free. See link below for information:


8. Getting Technical Help and Using the Library

If you need any technical support, remember that you can contact the SPC Help Desk at (727) 341-4357 or

If you want to browse the on-line library, you can do so at http://www.spcollege.edu/central/libonline/ .

9. Responding to Papers and Assignments

I will respond to all of your papers and assignments. I read and comment on each paper an and assignment
that you send, so be patient.

10. Taking the Final Exam

At the end of the semester, you will take a final exam ONLINE.      You can see Modules 15-16 for more

                 The exam is based on the information that you have learned throughout the semester
                 (50 multiple choice question; 75 minutes).

**** This exam is challenging and requires a strong understanding of grammar and writing. Practice by
        taking the diagnostic test or other practice tests.

NOTE: Cheating/plagiarism will result in an automatic F in the course and a
        referral to the college.

Weekly Assignments:

Weekly Assignments are due by Sunday by 10 PM. Work is to be turned in on time if you want
to receive credit.

See below for general deadlines. The calendar has specific dates!

Week 1                                                 Module 1 due (by 10 PM)

Week 2                                                 Module 2 due (by 10 PM)

Week 3                                                 Module 3 due (by 10 PM)
Week 4                                                 Module 4 due (by 10 PM)
Week 5                                                 Module 5 due (by 10 PM)
Week 6                                                 Module 6 due (by 10 PM)
Week 7                                                 Module 7 due (by 10 PM)
Week 8                                                 Module 8 due (by 10 PM)
Week 9                                                 Module 9 due (by 10 PM)
Week 10                                                Module 10 due (by 10 PM)
Week 11                                                Module 11 due (by 10 PM)
Week 12                                                Module 12 due (by 10 PM)
Week 13                                                Module 13 due (by 10 PM)
Week 14                                                Module 14 due (by 10PM)
Week 15                                                Module 15 due (by 10 PM)
Week 16                                                Module 16 due (by 10 PM)

Attention Students:

The Special Notes are an important part of your syllabus
and can be easily accessed by using the link below. Do
take the time to read this very important information—

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