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									                        THE JACKSON LEGACY              A PUBLICATION OF THE         HENRY    M.   JACKSON FOUNDATION

                                                        “The Foundation continues to serve the goals to which Scoop
                                                        was dedicated throughout his life.”

F   A L L     2 0 0 5    F R O M    T H E   C H A I R M A N

                                              ith this fall newsletter, I am pleased to bring you up to
                                              date on some of the grants and programs that the Foun-
                                              dation is most proud of. Looking back on our progress
                                              over the past several months, I believe that the Founda-
                        tion continues to serve the goals to which Scoop was dedicated throughout
                        his life: international affairs education, human rights, natural resource

                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Chris Bennion
                        management and public service.
                            We were saddened to learn of the recent passing of a dear friend, Lloyd
                        Meeds. Congressman Meeds was a founding Board member and recipient
                        of the Jackson Distinguished Public Service Award in 2004. On page six
                        you will find a tribute to him.                                                    Helen Jackson and Charles F. Luce
                            In this issue of The Jackson Legacy, you will read about the most recent
                        recipient of the Henry M. Jackson Award for Distinguished Public Service,
                                                                                                          Jackson Award
                        Charles F. Luce. Chuck is a truly remarkable leader, lawyer, public servant,      Is Presented to
                        and dedicated member of the board of the Jackson Foundation.                      Charles F. Luce
                            We also highlight two stimulating programs held jointly by the Founda-
                                                                                                          Charles F. Luce received the Henry
                        tion and the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the Uni-         M. Jackson Award for Distin-
                        versity of Washington. One is a three-day Russian Studies Symposium cele-         guished Public Service on March
                        brating the new, endowed Herbert J. Ellison Center for Russian, East Eu-          17, 2005. In presenting the award,
                        ropean, and Central Asian Studies.The second is a major national confer-          Helen H. Jackson, chairman of the
                        ence planned for the fall of 2006 that will highlight Senator Jackson’s lega-     Henry M. Jackson Foundation,
                        cy in foreign policy. Most sessions in this program will be open to the pub-      praised Luce for his extraordinary
                                                                                                          vision and integrity, his steadfast
                        lic and we hope that many of you will be able to attend.
                                                                                                          commitment to changing the world
                           You will also have the opportunity to read about the Foundation’s most
                                                                                                          for the better, and for exemplifying
                        recent work in its Russian human rights program, derived from our execu-          the Jackson tradition at its best. A
                        tive director’s annual site-visit.                                                dinner and reception was held in
                            Finally, we are pleased to report on a very timely series of legislative      his honor in Seattle where more
                        briefings that the Foundation is sponsoring in partnership with the Wash-         than 50 guests celebrated Luce’s
                        ington, D.C.-based Resources for the Future.The series will inform poli-          record of leadership and dedicated
                        cymakers about U.S. and international energy supply needs and alternative         public service.
                                                                                                            Bill Van Ness, president of the
                        sources to the year 2050.
                                                                                                          Henry M. Jackson Foundation, be-
                            I hope that you enjoy this issue of The Jackson Legacy.Thank you for your     gan the program with welcoming
                        continued interest in and generous support of the Foundation’s work.              remarks and read several tributes
                                                                                                          from guests who were unable to at-
                        Warm regards,                                                                     tend. John T. Conway, chairman of
                                                                                                          the U.S. Defense Nuclear Facilities
                                                                                                          Safety Board, wrote, “The selection
                                                                                                          of Charles F. Luce for the Henry
    V   O L U M E   9
    N   U M B E R   1   Helen H. Jackson, Chairman of the Board                                                           continued on page 3
                  THE JACKSON LEGACY
                                  A PUBLICATION OF THE           HENRY   M.   JACKSON FOUNDATION

                  Chairman’ Fund                                                                                  A series of briefings co-spon-
                                                                                                                  sored by Resources for the
                  Awards Grants                                                                                   Future and the Jackson Foun-
                                                                                                                  dation will inform policymak-
                  The Chairman’s Fund, established in                                                             ers on energy-related topics.
                  1992 in honor of Helen Jackson, chair-                                                          Speakers at the first briefing
                  man of the Henry M. Jackson Founda-                                                             included (from left) Dan
                  tion, continues to be active in support-                                                        Arvizu, director of the Nation-
                                                                                                                  al Renewable Energy Labora-
                  ing noteworthy programs in the Puget                                                            tory; Paul Portney, the presi-
                  Sound region, particularly in areas close                                                       dent of Resources for the Fu-
                  to the Jackson home in Everett,Washing-                                                         ture; and Rep. Roscoe Bartlett
                  ton.With the advice and leadership of                                                           (R-Md.), a senior member of
                  the Jackson family, the Foundation                                                              the House Science Committee
                                                                                                                  (see story on page 5).
                  makes small grants of $500 to $2,500
                  (totalling $30,000 annually) to sup-
                  port local non-profit organizations         children, youth and families are of     • Everett Community College
                  working to benefit the community.           high importance to Helen Jackson,         Fund
                  MOHAI’s Speaking of Seattle
                                                              and in this light, the Foundation       • Facing the Future: People and
                  The Seattle-based Museum of His-            was impressed with the wide spec-         the Planet
                  tory and Industry (MOHAI) was               trum of resources that the shelter      • Museum of History and Industry
                  awarded a Chairman’s Fund grant             provides to homeless young people       • Music of Remembrance
                  for its Speaking of Seattle pro-            and the crucial community service       • Operational Emergency Center
                  gram—a project to record historic           gap it fills in the city of Seattle.    • ROOTS – Rising out of the
                                                              Casa Latina’s Volunteer                   Shadows
                  moments by transcribing existing
                                                              Training Program                        • Snohomish County Red Cross
                  oral history interviews and collect-
                                                              Casa Latina, a Seattle-based, non-      • University of Washington
                  ing oral histories from prominent
                                                              profit organization serving Latino        Libraries
                  Washington State, Seattle, and met-
                                                              immigrants, received a chairman’s       • Washington State Holocaust Ed-
                  ropolitan King County politicians.
                                                              grant to support the organization’s       ucation Resource Center
                     The Museum plans to collect oral
                  histories from key individuals who          efforts to train volunteers to pro-
                                                              vide language, leadership, and em-
                  have played important roles in local
                                                              ployment education for Latino im-
                                                                                                       THE JACKSON LEGACY
                  and state politics.The Foundation is
                  proud to support MOHAI as it                migrants. Helen Jackson has always       The Jackson Legacy: A Publication of the Henry M.
                                                              taken an interest in volunteering        Jackson Foundation is distributed each fall and
                  plays a critical role in informing fu-                                               spring.
                  ture generations of leaders through         and making a difference in the
                                                              community.The Foundation be-             The Henry M. Jackson Foundation is a pub-
                  its impressive collection and                                                        licly supported tax-exempt organization un-
                  programming.                                lieves that Casa Latina plays a vital
                                                                                                       der Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue
                                                              role in improving the lives of Latino    Code to which tax-deductible contributions
                  ROOTS – Rising Out of the
                  Shadows – Youth Shelter
                                                              families by providing programs for       may be made under Section 170 of the Code.
                  The Chairman’s Fund awarded a               women and families, English class-
                                                                                                       Helen H. Jackson, Chairman of the Board
                  small grant to ROOTS - Rising out           es, and information about health,        William J. Van Ness, Jr., President
                                                              housing, and education.
                  of the Shadows, the only shelter in                                                  Staff
                  the city of Seattle providing               Grant Recipients 2004-05                 Lara Iglitzin, Executive Director
                  overnight shelter to homeless youth         • Adventures of a Lifetime               Neelima Shah, Program Officer
                  (ages 18-25). Housed in a church                                                     Jelena Jurkovic, Office Manager
                                                              • Allied Arts of Seattle
                  basement in the University district         • American Heart Association             Henry M. Jackson Foundation
                  of Seattle, ROOTS serves nearly                                                      1001 Fourth Avenue, Suite 3317
                                                              • Beckwith-Wiedemann Children's
                                                                                                       Seattle, Washington 98154-1101
                  300 young people each year, pro-              Foundation
                                                                                                       Tel. 206.682.8565 Fax. 206.682.8961
                  viding them with a safe, dry place          • Boy Scouts of America                  E-mail.
                  to sleep, showers, food, and laun-          • Casa Latina                            Website.
P A G E   T W O   dry facilities. Programs that impact        • City Year Seattle/King County
Jackson Foundation Pays Tribute to Charles F. Luce
continued from page 1                                                                                                     Gordon C. Culp, a
M. Jackson Award for Distinguished Public Service is more than                                                            Foundation board
                                                                                                                          member and Jack-
appropriate and would have been, I am sure, the personal choice
                                                                                                                          son Award recipi-
of Senator Jackson. I once heard Scoop describe Chuck as ‘the                                                             ent, provided high-
smartest lawyer I know.’” Senator Stewart L. Udall also shared his                                                        lights of Charles
praise for Luce by letter. “The quality of leadership and counsel                                                         Luce’s career in the
provided by Senator Jackson’s inner circle was truly remark-                                                              public and private
able—and no one exemplified that reality more than Chuck

                                                                      Photos by Chris Bennion
Luce. He was a standout by every yardstick one might use.” Gor-
don C. Culp, a Foundation board member, provided highlights of
Luce’s career in the public and private sectors. “Chuck immedi-
ately went to the top of everything he undertook…he was a lead-
ing light in the legal field…he has unwavering good
judgment…everyone trusts Chuck and that’s how he got things
done,” said Culp.                                                                                                         Other tributes
   Charles Luce earned his law degree from the University of                                                              were presented by
Wisconsin in Madison. After clerking for U.S. Supreme Court                                                               Antone Minthorn,
Justice Hugo Black, he practiced law in Walla Walla,Washington,                                                           chairman of the
                                                                                                                          Board of Trustees
from 1946 to1961. During that time, Luce drafted a constitution                                                           of the Confederat-
and bylaws for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian                                                             ed Tribes of the
Reservation that helped create an effective tribal government, re-                                                        Umatilla Indian
cover large claims, and successfully protect treaty-fishing rights.                                                       Reservation (left)
At Senator Jackson’s request, Luce was appointed Bonneville                                                               and Roberta Con-
                                                                                                                          ner, director of the
Power Administrator in 1961. In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson                                                            Tamastslikt Cultur-
appointed Luce Undersecretary of the Department of Interior. In                                                           al Institute in
1967, Luce became chairman and CEO of Con Edison in New                                                                   Pendleton, Oregon
York. Chuck Luce has been an active board member for promi-                                                               (below).
nent nonprofits and educational institutions, including the Henry
M. Jackson Foundation, serving on its Board of Governors and
Executive Committee since its inception.
  The Henry M. Jackson Award for Distinguished Public Service
was established in 1988 to honor individuals who have made im-
portant contributions to the nation through their service and who
share qualities of leadership exemplified by Senator Jackson.

                                                                                                Charles and Peggy Luce   P A G E   T H R E E
Carlson Center’ Sterling Munro Awards Promote Public Service
In keeping with its goal of encour-      each youth I talk with understand                                                                   UW political sci-
aging young people to pursue ca-         that they have been placed on this                                                                  ence professor
reers in public service, the Jackson     planet for a purpose with all the                                                                   David Olson re-
                                                                                                                                             ceived the Ster-
Foundation continues to provide          necessary tools, to accomplish                                                                      ling Munro Facul-
annual support to the Edward Carl-       whatever it is they desire,” said                                                                   ty Award for facil-
son Leadership and Public Service        Stogsdill after receiving the Munro                                                                 itating internships
Center at the University of Wash-        scholarship.                                                                                        and promoting
ington. In 1993, the Foundation es-                                                                                                          active citizenship.
                                         Other 2004 Sterling Munro
tablished the Sterling Munro Public      Scholarship Recipients Include:

                                                                                  Photo by Mary Levin
Service Scholarship, administered
                                         Chau Dang, a senior in Social
by the Carlson Center, to instill a
                                         Work at UW, immigrated from
life-long commitment to public
                                         Vietnam 12 years ago. She works
service by providing outstanding
                                         with refugees and immigrants at
undergraduate students with the
                                         the Asian Counseling and Referral                              cently retired from teaching, he
opportunity to explore their poten-
                                         Service.                                                       will continue his involvement with
tial for service and leadership in the
                                         Michael Pope is a UW senior                                    this program.
                                         majoring in law, societies and jus-                               “Professor Olson has exemplified
   In addition to student support,
                                         tice and sociology. He leads a pro-                            leadership in service learning, pub-
each year an award is made to a fac-
                                         gram called “Young Life Open                                   lic service internships and commu-
ulty member who has demonstrat-
                                         Door,” which helps young people                                nity partnership projects. . .and the
ed exemplary leadership in com-
                                         with mental and physical handicaps.                            results of his dedication: genera-
munity-based instruction, including
                                                                                                        tions of students who have gone on
service learning, public service in-     Kam Yee,is a UW Bothell junior
                                                                                                        to become community leaders who
ternships and community partner-         majoring in Interdisciplinary Stud-                            are now bringing up the next gen-
ship projects.                           ies. She started a student organiza-                           eration of active citizens and social-
   The Foundation has awarded over       tion called Community Science                                  change agents,” said a former stu-
$125,000 in grants since the estab-      Connection to encourage student                                dent in a recent issue of the Univer-
lishment of these awards in honor        participation in a prestigious NASA                            sity’s alumni magazine, Columns.
of S. Sterling Munro, a former se-       competition.                                                      “I am deeply and profoundly
nior aide to Senator Jackson.            UW Professor David Olson                                       honored to receive the S. Sterling
Student Scholarship Awarded              Receives Faculty Award                                         Munro Award,” said Olson at the
to Brandon Stogsdill                     This year the S. Sterling Munro                                award presentation. He reminded
A 2005 student scholarship recipi-       Public Service Faculty Award was                               those assembled of the accomplish-
ent, Brandon Stogsdill exemplifies       given to Political Science Professor                           ments of S. Sterling Munro and his
the high caliber of Munro student        David Olson who has taught at the                              link to the legacy of Senator Jack-
scholarship recipients. Stogsdill, a     University of Washington for over                              son. “While current policymakers
junior at the University Washing-        thirty years in the areas of state and                         spurn conservation, it was Sterling
ton, is involved in two nonprofit        local government, city politics, and                           and Scoop who pioneered the ‘Land
organizations that work with at-risk     the politics of public reform.                                 and Conservation Act.’ It was Ster-
children. Growing up in difficult           Through his work in the public                              ling and Scoop who brought us the
conditions himself, Brandon was          sector—the Port of Seattle and                                 Redwoods National Park,” said Ol-
able to turn his life around, gradu-     Metro—Olson has helped facilitate                              son, “and it was Sterling and Scoop
ating with honors from a communi-        hundreds of student internships. He                            who created The North Cascades
ty college. He now attends the Uni-      is credited with being the driving                             National Park. As a society, we
versity of Washington and wants to       force behind the Olympia Intern-                               ought not to forget what they be-
share his experience to help chil-       ship Program in which 15 to 20                                 quested to us.”
dren with similar life situations        students work in the Washington
make the right choices. “I try to let    State Legislature. Although he re-                                                                            P A G E     S E V E N
 P R O G R A M S     &   A C T I V I T I E S

Last year, the Foundation adopted a new        Energy 2050 Series Informs Policymaking
Programs and Activities strategy that
has since become as important as its           The Henry M. Jackson Foundation          able energy, the series will also ex-     RESOURCES FOR
                                               is partnering with the independent,      amine petroleum, alternative fuels,       THE FUTURE (RFF),
grantmaking efforts. Its goal is to lever-
                                               nonpartisan,Washington, D.C.-            coal, natural gas, and nuclear pow-       an independent and
age additional resources for issues that                                                                                          nonpartisan think
are central to the Jackson legacy by con-      based Resources for the Future           er. “The United States is at a critical   tank, improves envi-
vening leaders in each field, providing        (RFF) to hold a series of six brief-     juncture in terms of energy policy,”      ronmental, energy,
opportunities for public dialogue, and         ings entitled “Energy 2050” to in-       said Paul Portney, president and se-      and natural resource
organizing forums for in-depth analysis        form policymakers and explore pol-       nior fellow at RFF. “Decisions we         policymaking world-
                                               icy options to address U.S. and in-      make now will not only affect our         wide through objec-
on critical and timely issues.The Foun-                                                                                           tive, high-caliber re-
dation’s partnership with national orga-       ternational energy supply needs          own energy production and con-
                                                                                                                                  search that is root-
nizations such as Resources for the Fu-        throughout the next several              sumption, but will also shape inter-      ed primarily in eco-
ture and the Jackson School are recent         decades.The Henry M. Jackson             national politics for decades.”           nomics and other
outgrowths of this new strategy.               Foundation is the lead sponsor of           Lara Iglitzin, the Foundation’s        social sciences. Re-
                                               this energy series.                      executive director, commented on          sources for the Fu-
                                                  Each of the six briefings will be     the importance of such a program.         ture has made the
                                                                                                                                  sessions available
                                               held in Washington, D.C., and will       “It is vital for policymakers today to    on its website at
                                               be hosted by a member of Con-            have an opportunity for in-depth,
                                               gress.The sessions will bring to-        nonpartisan discussion of the key
                                               gether legislators, scholars, and rep-   energy challenges facing our nation
                                               resentatives from the corporate and      over the next several decades,” she
                                               public sectors. In addition to renew-    said.

Symposium Launches New Herbert J. Ellison Center
The Herbert J. Ellison Center for              lison Center Director Stephen Han-       pleased to honor Professor Ellison,
Russian and East European Studies              son, Boeing International Professor      who played a major role in develop-
was formally launched at the Uni-              of Political Science at the Jackson      ing this excellent program,” said
versity of Washington’s Henry M.               School; Lara Iglitzin, executive di-     Foundation Chairman Helen Jack-
Jackson School of International                rector of the Henry M. Jackson           son. “We greatly value Herb’s advice
Studies with a major, national sym-            Foundation; Jack Matlock, former         and have relied on it many times
posium funded by the Jackson                   Ambassador to the USSR; Blair            over the years—as Scoop himself
Foundation.The Jackson School                  Ruble, director of the Kennan Insti-     did—and we are grateful that he has
worked closely with Jackson Foun-              tute of the Woodrow Wilson Cen-          been such a wonderful friend to the
dation staff to craft this significant         ter; and Angela Stent, National In-      Jackson Foundation, the Jackson
conference in November, 2004,                  telligence Officer for Russia and        School, and the entire community.”
partnering with the D.C.-based                 Eurasia.                                    Professor Ellison is a highly re-
Kennan Institute for Advanced                  New Center Provides                      spected and nationally known spe-
Russian Studies.The event was en-              Resources, Honors Professor              cialist on the history and politics in
titled “The Russian Studies Sympo-             The Herbert J. Ellison Center for        Russia and the Soviet Union and in-
sium: Opening Doors in the                     Russian, East European, and Central      ternational relations in East Asia.
Decade Ahead,” and examined the                Asian Studies was established at the        According to Ellison Center Di-
Russian studies field since the fall of        Henry M. Jackson School of Inter-        rector Stephen Hanson, “We hope
the Soviet Union.                              national Studies at the University of    that the Ellison Center will have a
   Some of the speakers at the event           Washington to provide permanent          major impact on the entire field of
included Herbert J. Ellison, profes-           resources for the School’s critically    post-communist studies.We are
sor emeritus of Russian history and            important Russian Studies program.       now poised to become the leading
international studies at the Jackson             “By supporting the formal launch       center in the United States for the
School of International Studies; El-           of the Ellison Center, we are            study of this region.”                             P A G E   F I V E
Foundation Mourns Passing of Lloyd Meeds
The Board and staff of the Jackson Foundation were saddened to learn of the passing of
Lloyd Meeds, a distinguished seven-term congressman from Everett,Washington, and a
partner at the law firm Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds. He was also a founding
member of the Foundation’s Board of Governors and Executive Committee and played a
critical role in establishing the mission and direction of the Jackson Foundation. He was a
very close and dear colleague of Senator Jackson.
   As reported in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Meeds forged one of the most enduring leg-
islative records in Washington political history. He was known for his fierce interest in
Native American issues, education, and federal land issues. He played an instrumental
role in establishing Head Start and the Youth Conservation Corps. He was an early sup-
porter of Title IX, the landmark 1972 law that bans sex discrimination in schools,             Lloyd Meeds
whether in academics or athletics.
   “When people talk about a person’s legacy, they talk about personal qualities, about
the character of the person. Lloyd had those. But he had an effect on people’s lives.The
lives of a lot of people are better for his work,” said Thomas Foley, former Speaker of the
U.S. House of Representatives.
   Lloyd Meeds passed away on August 17, 2005, at his home in Church Creek, Mary-
land, leaving his beloved wife, Mary, several children and grandchildren. He was 77.
   He will be remembered dearly by the Jackson family and the Foundation.

                                                                                                             Seattle, WA 98154
                                                                                                                Suite 3317
                                                                                                         1001 Fourth Avenue

                                                                                                              F OUNDATION
NON-PROFIT ORG.                                                       THE JACKSON LEGACY                H ENRY M. J ACKSON
                  THE JACKSON LEGACY
                                   A PUBLICATION OF THE        HENRY   M.   JACKSON FOUNDATION

                  Conference to Examine Jackson’ Legacy in Foreign Policy
                  The Jackson School of International      long-term impact on U.S. foreign        to set up a senior course that re-
                  Studies at the University of Wash-       policy and still influences decisions   quires students to work in teams to
                  ington was awarded a major grant         today.                                  research a specific policy issue and
                  to work in partnership with the          Students to Get Hands-on                provide recommendations and re-
                  Jackson Foundation to hold a forum       Public Policy Experience                ports that are evaluated by an expe-
                  examining Senator Jackson’s legacy       The conference will provide several     rienced policymaker. Prior to the
                  in foreign policy.The conference is      opportunities for students to gain      conference, the Jackson School will
                  currently planned for fall 2006 in       hands-on policy experience and          also hold a seminar devoted to Sen-
                  Seattle.                                 learn about Senator Jackson’s in-       ator Jackson’s legacy.
                     This two-day conference for           volvement in groundbreaking for-           The conference is expected to re-
                  scholars, students, and the commu-       eign policy issues and legislation.     ceive regional and national media
                  nity will explore the ways in which      Students will meet with scholars        coverage. Many sessions will be
                  Senator Jackson’s leadership and ac-     and policymakers in small group         open to the public.
                  tive role in foreign policy has had a    discussions.The School also plans

                   S C O O P   ’   S   T R O O P S   N E W S

                  Former staffers of Senator Jackson and their fami-

                  lies joined with Jackson Foundation board mem-

                  bers and staff to celebrate in the annual birthday

                                                                                                                                    Photo by Michael Feinstein
                  Scoop’s Troops picnic on Saturday June 4, 2005,

                  at Salty’s Restaurant on Alki Beach in Seattle. The

                  new location proved a success. Those who could

                  not attend were missed. . .John Hempelmann,
                                                                                   Anne and Kenneth Pyle
                  Cairncross & Hempelmann, has been named a
                                                                                   Professorship Established
                  vice president of the Foundation’s board. He will                at the Jackson School
                  be sharing in the leadership of this post with Vice               The Henry M. Jackson Foundation is pleased to
                                                                                    announce a gift of $250,000 to the Henry M.
                  President Jim Wickwire. . .The Foundation added
                                                                                    Jackson School of International Studies to es-
                  two new members, Jim Berry, former special as-                    tablish the Anne H.H. and Kenneth B. Pyle
                                                                                    Professorship in American Foreign Policy in
                  sistant to Senator Jackson, and Eileen Grevey                     honor of Kenneth and Anne Pyle. Dr. Pyle is
                                                                                    recognized as a leader in international affairs
                  Hillson, a natural resource and energy specialist,                education. Senator Jackson’s most trusted advi-
                                                                                    sor on Asia policy, he is a former director of the
                  to its Program Committee. . .Peter Jackson was                    Jackson School and founding president of the
                  elected to the Foundation’s Finance Committee                     National Bureau of Asian Research. Excerpts
                                                                                    from a speech by Dr. Pyle and the expected im-
                  . . .Linda Mason Wilgis was elected to the Foun-                  pact of this gift will be featured in the Jackson
                                                                                    Foundation’s 2005 Annual Report.
P A G E   S I X   dation’s Nominating Committee.
                    THE JACKSON LEGACY
                                   A PUBLICATION OF THE        HENRY   M.   JACKSON FOUNDATION

                          H U M A N    R I G H T S

                    Foundation Stays the Course on Human Rights Efforts
                    Lara Iglitzin, the Jackson Founda-      philanthropy, Charities Aid Founda-     tional field and the non-profit and
                    tion’s executive director, travels to   tion (CAF), to hold a series of dis-    philanthropic sectors.The Jackson
                    Russia annually for a series of         cussions to raise awareness among       Foundation also gathered a small
                    meetings with nongovernmental           Russian private businesses and phil-    group of Seattle foundation execu-
                    and philanthropic organizations,        anthropists on issues of human          tives to meet with the Russian dele-
                    academics, and journalists. During      rights and civil society. CAF is con-   gation to exchange information on
                    this trip, Iglitzin gathers in-depth    sidered one of the most successful      Western and Russian philanthropy.
                    information on and builds relation-     European funding organizations          The Foundation has awarded over
                    ships with prospective and current      working in the area of corporate        $1.2 million in grants in the Russ-
                    grantees, analyzes current human        social responsibility.                  ian human rights field since 1993.
                    rights trends, and assesses the needs   Russian Delegation
                    and capacity of NGOs working in         Visits the United States                “It was a very valuable ex-
                    the field.These trips help the Foun-    To complement this program in
                    dation ensure that it continues to      Moscow, the Foundation also spon-       perience to meet with foun-
                    work with key players to make a         sored a small delegation of repre-      dation and NGO leaders in
                    valuable contribution to the process    sentatives from Russian foundations
                    of democratic transition and civil      to the United States to engage in       the United States and dis-
                    society in Russia.                      informational exchanges with their      cuss the best ways to develop
                       Based on program ideas that are      counterparts.The delegation gave
                    generated on these annual site vis-     presentations in Washington, D.C.,      our private philanthropies
                    its, the Foundation supports pro-       at the Kennan Institute for Ad-         in Russia. We are thankful
                    jects that are timely and address the   vanced Russian Studies, and also
                    current needs of the human rights       met with foundation colleagues in       for this opportunity.”
                    sector.This year, when western          New York, Seattle, and San Francis-           –Elena Topoleva-Soldunova,
                    sources of funding are scarce, the      co. In Seattle, the Foundation held a          Agency for Social
                    Jackson Foundation worked with          forum on civil society that was at-            Information (Moscow)
                    the Moscow staff of the European        tended by leaders in the interna-

                    Institute Develops Mock Trial Program
                    With a grant from the Henry M.          established in 1992 as one of the
                    Jackson Foundation, the St. Peters-     first private Russian law schools to
                    burg Institute of Law launched an       encourage Russia’s transition to a
                    innovative, mock trial program in       democratic society and to foster ac-
                    St. Petersburg, Russia to educate       tive citizenship.The Living Law
                    youth about ethnic and religious in-    Center, housed at the school, devel-
                    tolerance, repression, and human        ops modern textbooks on practical
                    rights.The program teaches stu-         law including constitutional law,
                    dents about existing laws and polit-    criminal and procedural law, human
                    ical rights through in-depth analysis   rights, democracy and civic society.
                    of actual legal cases and mock liti-    The school also teaches practical le-
                    gation.This grant is one of several     gal skills to high school students
                    the Foundation awards to human          and provides training for teachers.
                    rights organizations each year
                    working in Russia to combat na-
                                                                                                    Above is a poster promoting a new,
                    tionalist extremism, anti-Semitism,                                             Foundation-supported mock trial
                    and xenophobia.                                                                 program at the St. Petersburg Insti-
P A G E   F O U R      The St. Petersburg Institute was                                             tute of Law in Russia.

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