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									Re: Performance Trends Newsletter (updates)
To: Visitors to Performance Trends Website
Subject: Product News/Updates, October, 2003
1) Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show
2) Updated Engine Analyzer Pro v3.3
3) Spring Tester Electronics for Rimac (tm) Testers
4) 'Mini' Pitot Tubes for Flow Bench
5) Switch Inputs for Practice Tree
6) New Phone System and Tech Help Coming
7) New RPM and Torque Adapters for Stuska Dynos
8) 'Legends' Car Example in Suspension Analyzer
9) Recent Media Coverage
10) Last August's Newsletter
1) Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show This is the only trade show Performance
Trends attends, as it is the biggest and best "hardcore" racing show in the US, and probably the
world. The show runs from December 4-6 in Indianapolis, Indiana. We're in booths 829 and 831.
Check us out for the latest literature and products. Please don't expect to purchase a product, as
we don't bring products to sell. However, we do take orders and follow up when the show is over.
Important: You must make arrangements with PRI at 949-499-5413 before you can attend.
Hope to see you there.
2) Updated Engine Analyzer Pro v3.3 An Updated Engine Analyzer Pro v3.3 demo has been
added to the website, v3.3 A.007. It has several bugs fixed, about 300 example head files added,
and much more. Thanks to all our testers who've contributed great ideas and feedback. If
you've called about this update, and we've said to wait until we get a more "production ready"
version, this is it. There are still some features we want to add, but this one should run relatively
"bug free". Click here to the Engine Analyzer Pro v3.3 page on our website where you can
download the complete demo, an Update Only file (much smaller) if you already have an earlier
demo, or read the Readme.doc file about what has been changed:
3) Spring Tester Electronics for Rimac (tm) Testers We have just developed a "retro-fit" kit for
the old, reliable Rimac spring tester. Even we were amazed at how accurate, repeatable and
fast these testers can be when fitted with our electronics and software. Spring forces at, say,
Seated or Open Heights easily repeat within 1 lb, and Spring Rates can repeat within 2-4 lbs/inch.
Check out this kit at:
4) 'Mini' Pitot Tubes for Flow Bench We can now offer "mini" intake pitot tubes for mapping out
intake port velocity when doing flow bench testing. The new "mini" tubes have a VERY tight and
short bend let you work in smaller and shorter ports, or let you get into tight areas on standard
ports that were "reachable" before. Check these out at:
5) Switch Inputs for Practice Tree Our Practice Tree software now has options for using
external switches to activate the tree in addition to the keyboard. You can use our hand or foot
switches, or you can just get the "pig tail" to add your own switches. These switches connect to
your computer's COM serial port, or can also be used via a USB port using our USB-Com
converter DT2-USB. Click here for details:
6) New Phone System and Tech Help Coming Starting around November 1 we will install a new
phone system and add another technician to our phone support system. Don't be put off by having
to choose one of the menu options, as now you will be even more likely to get to a "real person".
Mark (our new tech) specializes in engine building, flow bench and dyno testing, head porting and
suspension tuning.
7) New RPM and Torque Adapters for Stuska Dynos We've installed several DataMite systems
on Stuska (tm) dynos over the past few years, both the small 4 channel DataMite and the larger
30 channel DataMite II. Some users have wanted a simpler, quicker installation, so we developed
adapters for recording dyno RPM and dyno torque. You can see these new DataMite options at:
<http://www.performancetrends.com/DataMitePricesOnly.htm> Look for part #s DTM-SKT and
DTM-SRPM and click on the "Click Here" for Picture to see what these look like and for a price.
8) 'Legends' Car Example in Suspension Analyzer Our Suspension Analyzer now has a
complete front and rear suspension file example for a "Legends" car courtesy of the University of
North Carolina-Charlotte. Thanks UNCC. You can download this demo at:
<http://www.performancetrends.com/SuspAnzr.htm> You can review the Readme.doc file of
recent changes at our Products Updates page at:
9) Recent Media Coverage The August issue of Corvette Enthusiast (pages 60-61) has the
article "Virtual 'Vetting" by Dave Emanuel of Random Technology where he uses the Drag Racing
Analyzer Pro to simulate performance improvements for Corvettes. Thanks Dave.
10) Last August's Newsletter Here are the topics covered in our previous newsletter. If you
would like another copy of August 2003's newsletter for detail on these topics, email us requesting
1) Preliminary Engine Analyzer Pro v3.3
2) EZ Flow System - Affordable Electronic Flow Bench
3) Viruses & "The Blackout"
4) Last July's Newsletter
If you do not want further updates on Performance Trends products for racing and engine
building, reply to this letter with REMOVE in the subject.

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