Fancy Envelopes Word by 6NaX84


									Microsoft Word has many powerful features including the ability to semi-automatically
generate envelopes. Often Word will recognize a “letter format” and install the address
straight off of the typed letter and use a pre-entered return address.
     To make an envelope after typing a letter click on
       the Tools pop down menu and then click on
       Envelopes & Labels. The dialog box below
       appears with the computer’s guess as to the proper
       delivery address and return address.
     If you are using a machine that is public, it is
       unlikely that the return address will be correct.
       Either address may be modified, corrected or
       formatted in this dialog box for plain envelopes.

   For Fancy Envelopes click on
Add to Document.

                                                           envelope to

                  After adding
                   envelope to
                                                                   The envelope may be
                                                                     treated as a sheet of
                                                                     paper of envelope size
                                                                     once it has been added
                                                                     to the document. This
                                                                     would include
     inserting graphics, WordArt, pictures, watermarks, logos, and scanned images.

   The envelope flyer for this workshop used several of the above elements to achieve the
    final product as shown.

                       ClipArt stretched & made a
                        “watermark” background


Staff Professionals
Maidu/Chana High School                     Typed in the upper left just as if it were a simple Word
                                           document. Large margin at the left is due to the Printer’s
Auburn, CA 95736                              requirements. This will vary according to printer.

     Text box as provided automatically from the                     Room 17
     computer. The top line was deleted to allow
                                                                     3775 Richardson Drive
     the WordArt “Fancy Envelopes”. This may
     be moved and modified like any text box.                        Auburn, CA 95736

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