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									Ajay Kumar (MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008)
Mobile:- +91-9686578939

Ajay Kumar (MCP, MCSA MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008)

Experience Summary                5+ years of experience in IIS, Windows 2003
                                   administration including Active Directory, DHCP, DNS,
                                   include proficiency in all aspects of application, live
                                   portal deployment and integration, system monitoring,
                                   administration, and security.
                                  Strong experience performing in delivery of Microsoft
                                   Enterprise Implementations. Experienced in upgrading
                                   all Microsoft application platforms to latest versions.
                                  Integrate Microsoft technology to external systems,
                                   e.g., LDAP, Active Directory and others. Enhance
                                   existing architecture by implementing high availability
                                   components for all Microsoft platforms.
                                  Expertise in Remote administration via Team Viewer,
                                   Goto Meeting, Goto Assist and WebEx.
                                  Training requirements and Knowledge acquiring and
                                  Experience in the IT infrastructure support worked in
                                   various roles providing -Data center services, Windows
                                   Server Administration.
                                  Familiar with troubleshooting principles, methodologies,
                                   and issue resolution techniques.
                                  Maintain system documentation as systems change.
                                  Ability to work with little direction or supervision and
                                   deliver results that are on-time and 'First time right'.

Technology Experience

                                 Windows server 2003 server installation, configuration
Expertise                         and administration.
                                 Experience of design & implementation of windows server
                                  based infrastructure solution.
                                 Installation & maintenance of windows server as domain
                                  Controller & Configuration of Active Directory Services
                                  including monitoring, replication, backup.
                                 Configuration of DNS & DHCP services.
                                 Hosting websites/portals/ ASP.NET applications in IIS 6.0
                                  in intranet as well as in internet widely.
                                 IIS Administration (IIS Authentication, Access Control with
                                  IIS, IIS Certificates, Auditing IIS, Metabase)
                                 Performance Tuning in IIS, Logging activity in IIS,

Ajay Kumar (MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008)                                                    1
Ajay Kumar (MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008)
Mobile:- +91-9686578939

                                      Scalability in IIS.
                                     Monitoring & Managing Site activity, Working with virtual
                                      directories in IIS
                                     Deploying SSL certificates to the existing applications,
                                      portals and web sites, Securing portals, web sites and
                                      applications in IIS 6.0 using security certificate (SSL)
                                     Deploying & managing secure IIS 6.0 solutions, Performing
                                      & optimizing IIS 6.0 performance
                                     Windows Patch Management through Software Update
                                      Services (SUS) WSUS 3.0
                                     Managing Volume Shadow Copy
                                     Remote Administration

                                     Windows 2003 Administration
                                     SQL Administration & Maintenance.
                                     Symantec Cooperate 10.1 Administration

Professional Memberships / Certifications
Professional Certification
MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008 Certified with MCP ID 5666030

Experience Profile – Key Projects

 AFFILIATED COMPUTER SERVICES PVT. LTD.                               Duration: Aug 2009 to till date

ACS is a premier provider of diversified business process outsourcing BPO, ITO, Application Services,
Finance & Accounting and information technology (IT) services and solutions to commercial and
government clients worldwide. ACS is recognized as one of the best performing companies. As a
FORTUNE 500 company with people and facilities worldwide, ACS teams with clients daily to capably
and consistently consolidate IT environments, address technology challenges and provide our clients
with additional opportunities.

Role Description: Infrastructure Management Analyst

Carried out the following activities:
   Administer Active Directory, file and print sharing, and user access to shared folders, user
    account creation, Group Policy creation and troubleshooting.
   Citrix administration and application installation in the Enterprise level environment.
   Hands-on knowledge of Citrix administration tools, publishing applications, URL’s and resources.
   MS OCS 2007 R2 Instant messaging & web conferencing installation and administration,

Ajay Kumar (MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008)                                                            2
Ajay Kumar (MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008)
Mobile:- +91-9686578939

   Resolving potential issues; and participating in team support rotation.
   Responsible for day-to-day support of MS OCS 2007 R2 implementation as well as delivering new
    functionality via project work.
   MS SQL 2000/2005 installation, administration, backups and troubleshooting.
   Good working knowledge of application integration and testing.
   Web Services administration and SSL certificate installation.
   IIS Administration (IIS Authentication, Access Control with IIS, IIS Certificates, Auditing IIS)
   Performance Tuning in IIS, Logging activity in IIS, Scalability in IIS, Monitoring & Managing Site
    activity, working with virtual directories in IIS
   Planning, implementing and managing Active Directory, Disaster recovery plan for Active
   Windows patch management through Software Update Services (WSUS 3.0)
   Working in ticketing system tool e.g Remedy (Action Request System) 6.0
   Stay current on new MS technologies and present forward-thinking technical
    solutions/enhancements to the team/customer for approval/implementation
   Maintain and work in a test environment that closely emulates customer’s actual environment –
    utilize this for change control and testing prior to rolling into production environment.
   Ensure customer systems are protected through latest patch management and anti-virus
   Respond to customer tickets promptly – completely document issues to successful resolution.

 Pyramid IT Inc Pvt. Ltd. CMMi Level 4                  Duration May 2008 – 10 Aug 2009 (1.5 Years)

Pyramid Consulting Inc. provides a variety of portfolio offerings for Information Technology
organizations including IT staffing, offshore development, business intelligence, ERP customization,
document management and data warehousing. These solutions are targeted to corporations in the
Global 1000, government, and mid-sized markets with the goal of assisting IT groups to achieve
operational optimization.,
Project Description:
    a) FineDocs - Document Management System (DMS)
FineDocs is a robust, yet easy to use web-based Document Management Software built on the
scalable and secure Microsoft .Net platform. The state of art technology comes with an integrated
scanning, document management, business process workflow and form processing software enabling
enterprises to digitize documents and automate manual processes, thus adding agility and flexibility
for quick decision making on ever-changing market dynamics.

    b) FineFlow –Business Process Management System (BPM)
FineFlow is a .Net based enterprise business process workflow solution to Design, implement,
manage and optimize business processes. FineFlow is comprehensive business process management
software that helps business users & IT staff to collaborate to solve complex business situations. In
short it is basically related to the generation of form and its approval and rejection on various level
of employee in the company.

Role Description: Server Support Engineer/Software Implementation Executive

Ajay Kumar (MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008)                                                              3
Ajay Kumar (MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008)
Mobile:- +91-9686578939

Carried out the following activities:
   Experience in exceptional consulting and client management skills, including network designing,
      server administration, program management organization, project planning etc.
   Exposures in Product implementation, customization, debugging, user acceptant testing and
   Active Directory Backup, Restore and disaster recovery, AD Deployment, AD Replication, AD
      Restore, FSMO Roles, Group Policy.
   Maintaining File servers, File Replication Service, Disk quotas, Volume shadow copy.
    Installing, configuring & administering Microsoft DHCP server.
    Installing, configuring & administering Microsoft DNS server.
    Periodic review of server performance parameters, Managing disaster recovery process and periodic
    IIS (Internet Information Server) 5.0/ 6.0/ 7.0 architecture and troubleshooting issues.
    Deploying/Publishing website of ASP.NET, creating FTP servers in IIS 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 widely
     Intranet/Internet. Hosting websites in IIS in intranet as well as in internet.
    IIS Administration (IIS Authentication, Access Control with IIS, Certificates, Auditing.
    Performance Tuning in IIS, Logging activity in IIS, Scalability in IIS.
    Monitoring & Managing Site activity, Working with virtual directories in IIS, Managing IIS
     Metabase, Working with SSL Certificates
    Database SQL 2000/2005 server regarding installation, troubleshooting, creating database, backup,
     restore, scripts, functions, import, export etc.
    Provide on-site/remote administration via citrix production support applications during 24/7 model
     with the occasional need for the support outside of the regular working hours. Installing patches for
     new customization as & when needed or required by client.
    Determine the probable cause and logically take the caller through a step-by-step problem
     determination procedure, using telephone support.
    Ability to diffuse volatile situations when distressed or irate customers call for support. Use
     initiative to find ways of solving incidents issues.

Sunrise Institute of Education & Technology                 Duration Jun 2005 – May 2008 (3 Years)

Role Description: System Administrator
Carried out the following activities:
      Experience in deploying, maintaining and supporting windows 2003 server and domain
       infrastructure and network.
      Implement secure group policies/procedures to ensure information confidentiality and
      Implementing Active directory infrastructure including security, policies, working on
       Win 2003 Server.
      Installation/configuring, maintenance of DHCP, DNS, Active Directory backups etc.
      Monitor network to ensure network availability to all users and performance necessary.
      Maintenance of server workstations, LAN, WAN maintenance of IT infrastructure like
       PC’s, Switches, LAN cabling networking, and system recovery procedures etc.
      Deploying/Publishing website of ASP.NET, creating FTP servers in IIS 5.0, 6.0, on

Ajay Kumar (MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008)                                                                 4
Ajay Kumar (MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008)
Mobile:- +91-9686578939

       Virtualization using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.
       Database SQL 2000/2005 server installation, creating database, backup, restore, scripts,
        function & troubleshooting on the same.
       Installing, configuring network printers and desktop printer for the users & internet
Technical Certifications/Diploma’s
02 year HDSE (Honors Diploma in Software Engineering) from Aptech Computer Education 2001-2002.

MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) from Microsoft with ID 5666030
MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator) from Microsoft with ID 5666030
MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) from Microsoft with ID 5666030
MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) from Microsoft with ID 5666030

Personal Details

Date of birth:      30th Oct 1982
Martial status:     Married
Languages known: Hindi, English
Nationality :       Indian
Passport No.:       H 3816 288
Mobile No:-         +91-9686578939
E-mail Id:-

*Note: - You can check my Microsoft certifications status using my transcript ID: - 765041 and access
code: - ajayg885

Ajay Kumar (MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, MCTS 2008)                                                       5

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