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					                                                                                                     July 2011

                                                                                       Volume 1, Issue 1

Inside this issue:        The best of times, the worst of times...
Facing the Fu-       2    We are really proud to work with a wide range of smaller housing and support provid-
ture                      ers across the country, and we believe we support and celebrate your existence in dif-
                          ferent ways. We know that the services you provide are local, responsive, specialist and
Small is        3         personal. In the years to come, there will be great challenges upon you to demonstrate
beautiful                 efficiencies — a hard ask when economies of scale are less straightforward to attain.
Mission control           Forming partnerships and alliances is something that the best among you have long been
                          accomplished in doing, but this is a time for liaisons to have teeth and for you to be
Unleashing           4    bolder in what you seek from them. It‘s not a time for treading water.
your potential
We are family             With rising inflation, dire forecasts for growth in fuel poverty and further inequalities to
                          come, we want to support you in tackling the difficult challenges that face many of the
Small support        5    poorest communities. Welcome to our bulletin and the start of a long conversation.
perfect storm

Robust self-         6
                          Welfare reform—waiting for the wave
                          Changes are already taking place, with more       people. Such case studies serve as a powerful
                          to come. How are you (and your residents)         reminder of the real face of reform. You can
Scrutinising         7    preparing? Many providers are struggling to       read more about some work we did with
Cym D’Souza               get a clear picture of the impact of proposed     Housing for Women in their annual report
                          changes to welfare benefits, rent and tenure.     here:
                          The scale of the changes and the complex          hfw2010web.pdf
Governance           8    circumstances of individuals‘ lives can make it
                                                                           You may also wish to access a report, Unrav-
spotlight—the             difficult to really understand the potential
                                                                           elling Equality (containing some excellent hy-
CHISEL view               impact on the ground.
                                                                           pothetical case studies), published by the
                          Individual lives are complex and rarely fit into Centre for Human Rights in Practice and
An exciting          9    neat categories. Because of this it is challeng- Coventry Women‘s Voices—we think it de-
new offer                 ing to get a clear picture of how people will serves some wide publicity: http://
                          be affected by the changes. Selecting a num-
Outsourced HR
                          ber of case studies, chosen for particular       projectss/humanrightsimpactassessments/
                          characteristics or experiences, is one way to cwv/report.
                          begin connecting abstract reforms with real
The Top 5            10
Page 2                                                                                      Connected

                   Facing the Future—James Tickell

                   In 1966, Chairman Mao
                   launched his now notori-
                   ous ‗Cultural Revolution‘
                   in China. It created huge
                   upheavals, with long-
 James Tickell     standing institutions be-
“Although our      ing abolished, challenge
                   to the order of society,
own Coalition      and the eventual building
                   of a new order over the
government is
                   following ten years.
 politically far   Much power was handed
                   to local people, to make      of new homes has been         But on the down side, it
from Maoist, it    local decisions. Many of      hurriedly introduced.         will be much harder for
                   those in authority lost       This, together with           them to develop new
 has launched                                    benefit changes and cuts      homes under the 80%
                   their positions, and
its own cultural   ended up in far humbler       will indeed push poorer       market rent system, with
                   jobs (if they survived).      and younger people            its emphasis on volume,
 revolution, at    Much of the population        away from living in bet-      and on higher borrowing
                   was displaced, with           ter-off areas. Meanwhile,     and gearing levels. They
least so far as                                                                also may be more vul-
                   younger people in par-        the Conservative‘s much
    housing        ticular having to leave       loved Big Society idea is     nerable to income fluc-
                   their homes. Although         focused on devolving          tuations as tenants be-
 associations      our own Coalition gov-        power to local people,        come poorer, and the
                   ernment is politically far    and away from existing        benefit system changes.
                   from Maoist, it has           institutions. Housing‘s       The government‘s new
 concerned.”       launched its own cultural     cultural revolution is just   policy framework is
                   revolution, at least so far   getting under way.            largely experimental at
                   as housing associations                                     this stage, with new
                                                 What does this all mean
                   are concerned. Our                                          ideas being added almost
                                                 for smaller housing asso-
                   regulators, the Audit                                       daily, some promising,
                                                 ciations? Uncertain times
                   Commission and the                                          others that may never
                                                 for sure, and the prom-
                   Tenant Services Author-                                     work. It‘s important to
                                                 ise of being pulled in sev-
                   ity, have been summarily                                    remember that the Coa-
                                                 eral directions at once.
                   abolished, casting dozens                                   lition, like Chairman
                                                 Good news to the ex-
                   upon an uncertain job                                       Mao, will come and go,
                                                 tent that they have a real
                   market. Senior officials in                                 but associations will still
                                                 local focus; good news
                   local authorities and lar-                                  be around in 2014, not
                                                 too that they are a less
                   ger housing associations                                    to mention 2114 as well.
                                                 attractive target for gov-
                   have been subject to                                        The Big Society idea can
                                                 ernment meddling and
                   intense personal criti-                                     play to the strengths of
  James Tickell                                  ‗reform‘, being further
                   cism over their salaries.                                   smaller associations, and
                                                 below the radar than the
                                                                               that‘s probably their best
                   A completely new sys-         larger associations.
                                                                               game in town.
                   tem for the development
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                             Page 3

Small is beautiful: working with the North River
Alliance—Clare Thomson, Chief Executive at ISHA
Islington and Shoreditch Housing        housing association meeting the needs of
Association has doubled in size         Vietnamese and SE Asian communities in
over the last ten years and now         North London. The benefits of being in the
has just under two thousand             ISHA group have been both ways. ISHA
homes. ISHA‘s Board is committed        provides specialist support and financial
to the organisation remaining lo-       security, and in turn Lien Viet has assisted
cally focused, and partnership          in strengthening ISHA‘s services to SE
working with other local housing        Asian residents. Lien Viet launched the
associations has been the key to        findings of a Housing Needs survey in June
ISHA‘s success.                         2011, which highlights the housing needs          Clare
                                        of the Vietnamese, Chinese & SE Asian
The greatest alliance has been          communities and is now being shared with        Thomson,
through the North River Alliance.       stakeholders to better shape services for
The NRA is led by ISHA, and is a                                                       “Partnership
                                        these communities.
development consortium of ISHA,                                                        working with
Gateway HA, Christian Action HA         There are obvious constraints on being a
and Tower Hamlets Community             smaller housing association, but at ISHA        other local
Housing. Smaller non-developing         we believe our strengths of being accessi-
HAs are also members, including         ble and quick to respond to the changing         housing
Bangla HA, North London Muslim          needs of our communities far outweigh          associations
HAHA, Providence Row, Spital-           the draw-backs.
fields HA and Lien Viet HA.             The alliance allows us to achieve more         has been the
By combining the development            than we would as individual organisations –    key to ISHA’s
aspirations of local and specialist     we can ‗punch above our weight‘ – but
housing associations, the Alliance      there are also benefits in specialisms and       success.”
has been able to compete to gain        expertise that the smallest associations can
Partnering Status with the HCA.         offer to the collective. Making sure we
Last financial year just under 500      make best use of
affordable homes started on site,       all our strengths
which meant that the NRA ex-            is a continuous
ceeded its development target of        challenge to us all,
1000 new homes over the last            but a challenge
three years by 121 homes.               that is definitely
                                        worth taking.
In 2008, Lien Viet became a sub-
sidiary of ISHA. Lien Viet is a small

                             Mission Control

James Tickell, Radojka Miljevic and Peter Davey recently revamped the NHF‘s
governance manual for Board members. It‘s a tome that Board members can
dip in and out of.
The NHF also offers a free governance code compliance checklist — de-
signed by James: see where you
can download a free copy.
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                     Unleashing your potential
                                                               Campbell Tickell can support your devel-
                      Campbell Tickell and our Associate
                                                               opment as a leader through a variety of
                      Philomena Hayward have an exciting
                                                               methods, including:
                      offer for Chief Executives or senior
                      staff of London-based organisations.      Personal coaching—a series of ses-
                      If you‘re thinking about that next         sions tailored around your leadership
                      step in developing your leadership         goals
                      skills, you can apply for a grant for
                                                                Bite-sized leadership—a programme
                      up to £1,000 from the government‘s
                                                                 of four 2-hour workshops to learn how
                      Leadership and Management Advi-
We can help you                                                  you impact on other, build on what
                      sory Service—and then your organi-
lead well and face                                               works well and improve what doesn‘t
                      zation needs to match fund that
the challenges                                                   work so well
ahead of you.                                                   Personal leadership programme—
                                                                 an intense 3-day programme to help
                                                                 you identify and address blockages to

                                                                 achieving your potential. You will feel
                                                                 differently about yourself and will be
                                                                 able to take that change back into your
  “The task of                    Government                     work environment in a positive way.
                                 matched funding                   To be eligible, your organization will
the leader is to
                                                                be based in London, with 2-249 full-time
   get people                                                   equivalent employees—and with the po-
                                                                tential for high/fast growth (we think you
  from where                                                    can argue this one). You‘ll need to be
  they are to         As part of the      process, you get a    the CEO or MD—or if you have more
                      free skills diagnostic from a skills      than 50 employees a key director or
  where they          advisor. They will work with you to       manager in a strategic decision-making
                      identify the leadership and manage-       role. Note that VAT for half of the costs is
    have not                                                    also payable and not covered by the grant.
                      ment development you need and
     been.”           agree a development plan.                 Contact
                                                                for more information.

                      We are family...
                      A place where people have pride in what they do, trust the organisation they
                      work for and enjoy working with their colleagues, according to the Great Place
                      to Work Institute. Their research suggests that the best small workplaces out-
                      perform the best large ones on key areas such as culture – smaller organisations
                      tend to have a closer team environment and less formal management structures
                      where employees are more likely to be involved in decision-making. Smaller or-
                      ganisations also treat employees as people and individuals, not as a ‗numbers‘.
                      The best small workplaces are well-placed to create an environment where
                      trust, pride and camaraderie can flourish. These aren‘t ‗nice to haves‘ – research
                      indicates that organisations that get these right have greater productivity and
                      profitability. (‘Good things come in small packages’, Great Place to Work Special Re-
                      port 2011)
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                    Page 5

Small support providers: a perfect storm—Sue Harvey

Providers of accommodation-based support
                                                    is not a good time for a head-in-
services are living through the perfect storm.
                                                    the-sand approach. The world
The tightest cuts to public expenditure since
                                                    has changed and all providers,
WW2 have come on the back of over five
                                                    none more so than those with-
years of continual pressure on margins in Sup-
                                                    out the shelter of a large diversi-
porting People (SP).
                                                    fied group, need to pose some            Sue Harvey
The protection for our client groups has been       hard questions of their Boards
further weakened by the removal of the sec-         and leadership teams.
ond ring-fence, leaving vulnerable SP projects
                                                    In this environment, understanding your costs and
fully exposed to the unknown priorities of
                                                    their drivers, investing in bidding and in contract
Adult Social Care commissioning. We are al-
                                                    negotiating skills, ensuring that the appropriate HR
ready seeing very dramatic cuts in some loca-
                                                                                 skills are available to de-
tions where the
                                                                                 liver TUPE or redun-
worst effects of the
                                                                                 dancy processes and
change in the distri-
                                                                                 challenging your own
bution formula could
                                                                                 growth assumptions will
not be softened by
                                                                                 always pay dividends.
diverting funds from
                                                                                 Being clear about your
other hard-pressed
                                                                                 business‘s appetite for
areas. And we know
                                                                                 risk will enable you to
that commissioners
                                                                                 walk away from con-
are comparing hourly
                                                                                 tracts only winnable on
rates for floating sup-
                                                                                 terms that could seri-
port to those of do-
                                                                                 ously damage your long-
miciliary care and
                                                                                 term viability. Detailed
asking what are they
                                                                                 financial analysis will
getting for their £8-
                                                                                 highlight any require-
£10 per hour pre-
                                                                                 ment to trim central
                                                    costs if project income is lost, or the investment
A secondary wave of change is approaching our       required from reserves to support corporate ser-
clients from another direction, that of welfare     vices through the storm.
reform. Housing benefit is being subject to all
                                                    Debating all the options, even the unpalatable ones,
manner of changing criteria, caps, deductions,
                                                    will ensure that the resulting consensus is strong
penalties, re-calibrations and down-grades of
                                                    and that all parts of the organisation can pull in the
up-lifts. The migration of existing Incapacity
                                                    same direction. Clear and evidenced campaigning
Benefit recipients to Employment Support Al-
                                                    messages about the value of prevention will be
lowance is just coming ashore, the introduction
                                                    heard above the roar of the gales.
of Universal Credit is gusting out at sea and the
bulwark of advice services has been severely        Email:
breached by the cuts. Together these repre-
sent the biggest cuts to working-age benefits
                                                     “Together these represent the biggest cuts
Living in ‗exciting‘ times, with volatile budgets
and non-stop fire fighting is perhaps not un-                to working-age benefits ever.”
usual for smaller support providers. But how-
ever well it may have worked in the past, now
  Page 6                                                                                            Connected

                            Robust Self-regulation—Jenny Preece

                            Landlords are now being challenged          of the organisation, which they may not
                            to become self-regulating and self-         feel equipped to meet. Organisations
                            inspecting organisations. When it           can help by supporting training to fill
                            takes over the regulatory function,         any skill gaps. Smaller organisations can
                            the Homes and Communities                   take advantage of joint-purchasing to
                            Agency‘s focus will be firmly on eco-       spread the costs and enable residents of
                            nomic regulation – whether an or-           different landlords to share experiences.
                            ganisation is in sound financial health     How can we encourage residents to get
                            – rather than regulation of the ser-        involved?
                            vices received by residents.
                                                                        All providers struggle with this ques-
                            A partnership between landlords,            tion. Here are our top tips:
                            Boards and residents is the corner-
                                                                         Vary the means of communication
                            stone of co-regulation. Effective chal-
                            lenge from Boards and focused, pow-             to reach different audiences
                            erful scrutiny from residents has the        Have a diverse range of ways to get
                            potential to create a new framework             involved with varying levels of com-
                            for improvement.                                mitment that occur at different
                                                                            times of day—tell people the time
                            Common concerns about self-                     involved
                                                                         Set involvement in a broader con-
      “Embed a              Will staff have the capacity to develop         text, e.g. developing skills that can
    culture that            and maintain scrutiny arrangements?             develop confidence and be used in
                            To hold people and organisations to             other areas
      values the                                                         Show that involvement makes a dif-
                            account effectively, we require infor-
    contribution            mation. For residents involved in               ference
                            scrutiny arrangements, this may mean         Set up a buddy system so that new
       made by              seeing the latest resident satisfaction         faces are shown the ropes by an-
     residents.”            data or contractor performance sta-             other resident
                            tistics. Making sure that these needs        Embed a culture that values the
                            are met will take staff time, as will           contribution made by residents.
                            implementing any improvements. The
                            key question for staff and residents is:    Does scrutiny mean the Board loses
                            ‗what is it realistic to achieve with the   some of its direction and control?
                            capacity that we have?‘
                                                                        In short, no. Enabling residents to scru-
                            How can we effectively support resi-        tinise and challenge is about adding to
                            dents?                                      the governance framework, not about
                            Just as staff capacity needs careful        removing power from Boards. Being
                            consideration, so too does the time         open to constructive challenge im-
                            of residents. They are often already        proves Board performance and demon-
                            ‗involved‘ with the organisation by
                                                                        strates willingness to learn and reflect
                            filling in surveys, being part of a resi-
                            dents‘ association or participating in a    on how decisions are made. Staff and
                            forum. It is important to make sure         Board members need to work with
    Jenny Preece   that people aren‘t over-burdened.           residents to develop something that
                            Residents can also feel anxious that        feels right for them – there is no ‗one-
                            co-regulation places significant re-        size-fits-all‘ approach.
                            sponsibility on them for the success
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                     Page 7

Scrutinising Cym d’Souza,
Chief Executive of Arawak Walton Housing
Which achievements are you most proud of
for Arawak Walton HA?
Maintaining AW‘s independence despite the chal-
lenging economic climate. The recognition of
AW‘s strategic role in facilitating good practice in
relation to creating diverse communities in the 3
local authorities (Manchester, Stockport & Traf-
ford) we work in. We are members of the strategic
housing partnerships in all 3 local authorities.
Achieving and retaining the government‘s Cus-            What’s the hardest lesson that you’ve
tomer Service Excellence Standard for over 10            learnt in housing?
years.                                                   That everything works in cycles, so make sure
What do you see as the main challenges fac-              you learn from your mistakes and your successes
ing you as an organisation?                              – you can guarantee what comes round goes
Addressing our stock condition requirements over
the next 10 years. The majority of AW‘s stock has        What would be your Top 3 Tips for other
been built or refurbished over a relatively short        Chief Executives of smaller organisations?
time period i.e. 5-10 years ago. Therefore key com-      Be prepared to be Jack/Jill of all trades. Maintain
ponents need to be replaced at the same time, cre-       good networks and relationships with key stake-
ating peaks of high spend. While we don‘t need to        holders. Cash flow is everything, understand the
grow, accessing opportunities to grow continues to       finances and what lies ahead in terms of income
diminish in the new SHG regime. This reduces our         and expenditure.
ability to deliver quality housing options to our cus-
tomers.                                                  Finally, are there any guilty pleasures or
                                                         little known facts about you that you’re
How can smaller organisations make sure                  willing to share?!
that they continue to improve?
                                                         After a great week at work, I love my Friday
We put our customers at the heart of everything          nights in front of the box watching ―weepies‖
we do. This means we constantly have to challenge/       with a glass (or two) of wine, a bag of Bombay
streamline our systems and procedures to meet            mix and box of tissues at the ready. After a bad
our customers‘ expectations. We‘ve embraced this         week, it has to be the Star Wars trilogy – no
as a good opportunity to challenge the way be            tissues required!
work, making us more efficient and effective.

 Performance healthchecks
                                      We have a good knowledge of ‗what works‘ for different organisa-
                                      tions and come armed with our experience of good practice more
                                      widely. There are great benefits in an independent reality checking
                                      process and external validation of your performance, both in terms
                                      of your accountability to your Board and to your residents.
                                      Our health-checks can be carried out quickly to help generate mo-
                                      mentum around change. Our focus will be firmly on enhancing effi-
                                      ciency and what you can do to ‗work smarter‘ while still adopting
                                      good practice. Email us at, or ring 020
                                      8830 6777 if you‘d like to know more.
Page 8                                                                                     Connected

                   Governance spotlight— the CHISEL view—Wendy Newell
                   Chisel is a small housing association       doing but this didn‘t generate anything
                   with roots in the Co-op movement.           like the levels of involvement achieved
                   We pioneered self-build for rent in the     in the past. We have gone back to
                   1990s. Today, over a quarter of our         scheme-based representation and invite
                   225 homes are self-build and another        tenants to put proposals to us about
                   third are managed for us by local ten-      who they want to represent, what they
                   ant controlled organisations. This com-     want to do and how they want to be
                   plexity makes us an interesting organi-     involved with us. Each arrangement we
                   sation and also means tough decisions       agree is a one-off. The only criterion is
                   about prioritising our resources.           that they add value for the time in-
A window on                                                    vested. Our current aim is to harness
governance         What do you think makes for great
                                                               the energy, time and skill of our ten-
from Wendy         governance?
                                                               ants, staff and Board members and in-
Newell, Chair      Investing time in agreeing direction,       crease our capacity through collabora-
of CHISEL          priorities and plans, plus sufficient ex-   tive working.
                   pertise, representation, trust and
                                                               What is your Board preoccupied
                   streamlined controls to work collabo-
                                                               with at the moment?
                   ratively and efficiently together. We
                   regularly tweak arrangements to find        Streamlining Board demands on staff
                   the right balance between scrutiny and      time. Our staff team is half the size of
“Streamlining      trust, to watch the right things and        our Board. We do not have the capac-
                   free up time for more innovation and        ity to review and report on everything
 what we look      new initiatives.                            that matters as frequently as larger as-
 at to match                                                   sociations. We are thinking about mov-
                   How does your Board make sure it
                                                               ing to a 3-year reporting cycle for
our capacity to    listens to residents?
                                                               some activities and accepting that we
                   Crises always encourage people to           cannot review all policies regularly, let
take action is a
                   step up and we‘ve had a few in our          alone within good practice timescales.
   constant        short history - mostly involving the
                                                               Is there a bit of good governance
                   Housing Corporation. Our tenants are
   theme.”                                                     practice you can share with others?
                   used to coming out to support us to
                   ensure the organisation survives. They      We have the same obligations and aspi-
                   are not used to doing so when there is      rations to implement good practice as
                   no pressing need or demonstrable            other responsible associa-
                   benefit. For most, engaging at scheme       tions. Streamlining what we look at to
                   level is what provides the demonstra-       match our capacity to take action is a
                   ble benefit. Each summer, we run a          constant theme. One long standing ex-
                   series of publicised Board member vis-      ample is our approach to annual collec-
                   its to individual homes and                 tive Board appraisal. We ask all mem-
                   schemes. These are a welcome oppor-         bers to score our performance over
                   tunity to meet tenants face to face,        the year against 9 agreed criteria but
                   look at our buildings and increase our      we only collate and consider members‘
                   understanding of tenants experiences        top and bottom scores. We do not
                   and aspirations. We put aside a small       have the capacity to action any issues
 Wendy Newell      budget to cover some necessary or           arising from middling results so we
                   desirable expenditure that is usually       don‘t spend time considering them. A
                   identified. By the end of this summer,      surprising level of clarity and consensus
                   Board members will have visited all of      about priorities emerges from this
                   our homes during the last 3 years.          process which takes only 30 minutes or
                                                               so of Board time to complete each
                   We tried to define structures with
                   easy ways to influence what we are
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                      Page 9

An exciting new offer for smaller housing providers
                                                         planning a strategy.
                                                         If it is about growth or joining a strategic alliance
                                                         – what are the principles and risks in going about
                                                         such a venture? We can help you understand the
                                                         process and what you need to ask and prepare.
                                                         We don‘t set out to make decisions for our cli-
                                                         ents or to impose ‗ready-made‘ solutions. Our
                                                         role is as facilitator, ensuring that you are making
                                                         decisions in the best possible way, involving the
                                                         right people at the right stages and in the inter-
                                                         ests of your residents. We help you to have a
                                                         different conversation with yourselves. For
                                                         £1,000 per annum, we offer a presentation by a
Smaller housing associations can hold their own,         Senior Consultant on the external operating en-
even in the most daunting circumstances, but the         vironment or on the area of strategy that inter-
current economic environment presents challenges         ests you (e.g. care and support or strategic part-
that few will not be concerned about.                    nerships) and what it means for your organisa-
                                                         tion—whether to your Board or your senior
Our strategic retainer service is designed to help
                                                         team. We also offer a facilitated discussion fol-
smaller associations face the future with confidence
                                                         lowing the presentation, and half a day‘s support
and take charge of their destiny. Planning needs to
                                                         (whether face to face or by telephone or email)
be proactive, you can‘t just wait for it to happen.
                                                         throughout the course of that year. To discuss
If it is understanding what all of the external change   further, email:
(a new government, changes to investment, welfare
                                                         This offer is only available at this price for
reform) means for your organisation, and what you
                                                         organisations with fewer than 1,000 units
need to be planning for, we can help.
                                                         and a turnover of less than £8m per annum
If it is about moving your governance up a gear and      and will run until the end of March 2012.
reinvigorating your Board, we can support you in

Outsourced HR Services

Whether you are looking to fully         ciplinary matters, we under-
outsource your HR service or just        stand the pressure on your
looking for a little bit of assistance   resources.
a couple of times a month, we‘re
ready to help. Alternatively you         Our promise: we won‘t over-
may have a tricky staff problem          load you with pages of jargon-
that won‘t go away and requires          filled guidance, and you won‘t
straight talking guidance.               have to negotiate an imper-
                                         sonal call centre when you ring
Whatever the need, we are ready          us. You‘ll have a dedicated and    For a confidential discussion,
to respond regardless of the level       experienced advisor to work        contact      Gera        Patel:
of assistance needed. From getting       with you, with a common- ; tel.
HR admin systems organised or            sense approach that is clear       020 8830 6777.
functioning, designing policies or       and honest.
working with you on high level dis-
                                   Campbell Tickell Ltd

  CAMPELL TICKELL                  This Bulletin’s Top 5
         Olympic Office Centre
                 8 Fulton Road
                     HA9 0NU
            Phone: 020 8830 6777
              Fax: 020 8450 9777

                                   This is an important time to en-
                                                                          Taking some action
                                   sure that you have indepth knowl-
                                   edge of your resident profile and      Read Campbell Tickell‘s report, com-
                                   can model and plan for change.         missioned by the Housing Corpora-
                                                                          tion, on Support and Guidance to
  We‘re on the web!                Two                                    Smaller Housing Associations. If you‘d            Be professional in how you recruit     like access to this report and the tool-
                                   Board members—this is a long-          kits, please contact Jenny Preece—
                                   term commitment. Use competen-
                                   cies and a proper selection proc-  As part of our work with the TSA on
                                   ess.                               how organisations improve, we devel-
                                                                          oped a toolkit for involved residents
                                   Three                                  to rate their
                                   Start to plan for the impact of wel-   involvement
                                                                          in different
                                   fare reform on your residents by
                                                                          areas. We
                                   looking to understand which cate-      also devel-
                                   gories of residents are most likely    oped a tool-
                                   to be affected.                        kit for sen-
                                   Four                                   ior teams to
                                                                          assess them-
                                   Invest in staff learning and devel-    selves.
                                   opment. Smaller organisations of-
                                                                          Read Better
                                   ten benefit from lower staff turn-     than Before,
                                   over—but this can be a double-         a study
                                   edged sword, with new ideas fail-      commis-
                                   ing to penetrate the organisation.     sioned by
                                   Encourage learning so that you         the TSA on how housing providers
                                   stay facing outwards.                  improve their performance—http://
                                   Five                                   server/show/ConWebDoc.20607
                                   Don‘t let HR problems fester.          Read Making Voices Count, another
                                   Tackle them or seek help if it feels   TSA-commissioned study, reviewing
                                   like an intractable situation.         practice in tenant involvement, avail-
                                                                          able on the TSA website.

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