REGISTRATION FORM
                                               Canadian Valley Technology Center/Chickasha Campus

Please ask your instructor to put a check mark next to the courses you will complete this semester.
Business Office Technology/Medical Office/Health Careers Program

_____ ACCT/2213 Computerized Acct             _____AMT/1043 Document Formatting                       _____AMT/2153 Word Processing

_____AMT/2303 Desktop Publishing              _____BUS/2093 Business Communications                   _____CMSC/1233 Spreadsheet Apps

_____CMSC/1243 Database Apps                  _____CMSC/1373 Operating Systems                        _____CMSC/1223 Bus Apps Software

_____AHS/1123 Medical Terminology             _____AMT/2233 Medical Transcription

Early Care & Education Program

_____CD/2053 Child Growth & Dvlpmt            _____CD/2063 Behavior & Guidance                        _____CD/2203 Program Plan & Eval

_____CD/2223 Professionalism in CD            _____CD/2023 Nutrition, Health & Safety                 _____CD/2043 Parent/Community Relations

_____CD/2073 Music, Mvmt, Creative Arts

Computer Aided Drafting & Design Program

_____CAD 1024 Introduction to CAD             _____CAD 1114 Basic Drafting                            _____CAD/2034 Advanced CAD

_____CAD 2124 Residential Arch Drafting _____CAD 2133 Commercial Arch Drafting                        _____CAD 2394 Specialty Design Project

_____CAD 2294 Adv Spec Design Project

Computer Information Systems Program

_____ITEC/1016 PC Hrdwr & Sftwr               _____ITEC/1113 Fundamentals of UNIX/LINUX               _____ITEC/1353 Ntwk Oprtng Systems

_____ITEC/2113 Windows Wkstation OS           _____ITEC/2123 Windows Server OS                        _____ITEC/2313 CCNA I

_____ITEC/2323 CCNA II                        _____ITEC/2333 CCNAIII                                  _____ITEC/2343 CCNA IV

_____ITEC/1513 Programming Fund               _____ITEC/1613 Computer Programming I                   _____ITEC/2613 Comp Programming II

_____ITEC/2513 Visual Programming             _____ITEC/2633 JAVA Programming                         _____ITEC/2653 Database Programming

_____ITEC/2423 Security+                      _____ITEC/2363 Windows Network Infrastructure           _____ITEC/1413 Prin of Info Assurance

_____ITEC/2413 Network Security               _____ITEC/2433 Enterprise Security Management           _____ITEC/2453 Digital Forensics

_____ITEC/2473 Secure Elec Commerce           _____ITEC/1223 Microsoft Cert Desktop Tech MCTS

Interactive Media & Web Design

_____ITEC/1216 Fund of Dig Media Tech         _____ITEC/1213 Color & Design Theory                    _____ITEC/1313 Web Programming

_____ITEC/2223 Web Design I                   _____ITEC/2233 Web Design II                            _____ITEC/2243 Dig Web Animation Design

_____ITEC/2263 Digital Web Presentations _____ITEC/2283 Web Marketing & Dig Advertising               _____ITEC/1543 Fund of Video Production

_____ITEC/2543 Digital Video Editing          _____ITEC/2553 Digital Media Production                 _____ITEC/2563 Digital Video Anim Design

_____ITEC/2573 Dig Video Presentations        _____ITEC/2583 Dig Video Marketing & Advertising
I understand the following items as they relate to college transcripts:
           College credit is granted through Redlands Community College (RCC) through a cooperative enrollment alliance with Canadian Valley
           Technology Center (CVTC).
           Final grades submitted by the CVTC instructor will become part of the student’s official college transcript.
           Once the student is officially enrolled in a college course, if necessary, the student must drop that course within the college’s designated
           time frame. If the student does not drop the course within the designated time frame, the grade he/she earns will appear on his/her official
           college transcript.
           There will be an $8 per credit hour academic services fee assessed by RCC. The student is responsible for paying this fee at the time of
           enrollment. This fee will vary based on the number of courses in which the student is enrolled.

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