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Richard Martin Doering


I am a highly motivated data professional, passionate about database technologies and the Microsoft platform.
I blog at and regularly contribute scripts to I also attend
conferences and user group meetings to keep my knowledge current and myself challenged.

Date of Birth         20 November 1976                   Health                 Excellent (Non Smoker)
Marital Status        Single                             Driving Licence        Full/Clean
Nationality           British


2010                 Microsoft Certified IT Professional – MCITP SQL 2008 Business Intelligence Developer

2009                 Microsoft Certified IT Professional – MCITP SQL 2008 Database Developer
                     Microsoft Certified IT Professional – MCITP SQL 2008 Database Administrator
                     Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA, SQL 2000)
                     Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE, Windows 2000)

1997                 HND Computing - Guildford College of Technology


2007                  Designing a High Availability Database Solution Using MS SQL Server 2005
                      Troubleshooting & Optimising Database Servers Using MS SQL Server 2005


Databases            Microsoft SQL Server (6.5, 7, 2000, 2005, 2008)

Planning             Database design & modelling utilising Erwin, Power Designer & Visio.

Development          Transact SQL (Functions, Views, Stored Procedures)
                     CLR Assemblies (VB.NET)

BI Development       Integration Services (SSIS) – 2005, 2008
                     Reporting Services (SSRS) – 2005, 2008
                     Analysis Services (SSAS) - 2008

Administration       Installation, Configuration, Maintenance
                     Backup & Restore
                     Troubleshooting & Performance Tuning


Platforms            Windows Server 2000 , 2003, 2008

Roles                Backup, Hardware & Software upgrades
                     OS installation and configuration.
                     Implementing and administering Active Directory.
                     Virtualisation implementation using Hyper-V.

September 2008   Senior SQL Server DBA / Developer – Jellyfish Online Marketing
- Date
                 Initially an administration and development role, rapid growth has led to me becoming
                 responsible for architecting a new Data Warehouse solution in SQL Server 2008.
                 This has encompassed planning, SQL development and ETL development in addition
                 to the traditional DBA role of SQL and Windows Administration.

                  SQL queries for an in-house application.
                  SQL functions, views and stored procedures for the new infrastructure.
                  CLR Functions (VB.NET)
                  Integration Services 2008 (SSIS) packages for new infrastructure.
                  Reporting Services 2008 (SSRS) reports for business reporting.
                  Maintenance of existing Integration Services 2005 solution.

                 Business Support
                  Ad-hoc reporting of business statistics.

                 Systems Administration
                  Implementation of Windows 2008 Domain across physical hosts and Hyper-V guests
                  Migration of Database Environment from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008
                  Maintain security and user access levels to SQL servers.
                  Configuration of Backups and Maintenance.

May 2007 –       SQL Server DBA – Berkeley Group Plc
August 2008
                 Member of the development team, responsible for all database activity in the group.

                  Creation of stored procedures for Data warehouse.
                  TSQL Reports for Sharepoint & Crystal Reports
                  Data migration processes for internal applications.
                  Reporting Services (SSRS) custom reports for management studio

                 Business Support
                  Troubleshooting data issues in financial applications.

                 Systems Administration
                  Maintain security and user access levels to SQL servers.
                  Configuration of SQL Backups, Clustering & Replication.
                  Migration of Database Environment from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005

Oct 2003 –       SQL Server DBA – CMP Information
April 2007
                 Responsible for managing web application and internal databases for the built
                 environment sector of CMPI.

                 This involved the development, maintenance and running of the feed processes for 2
                 secure web applications and 8 further SQL Server driven websites.

                  Developed and maintained the product schemas and associated documentation
                  Developed and maintained data feed processes from production to live systems
                  Liaised with the in-house development team to ensure application continuity.
                  Advised subsequent offshore team on product development

                 Business Support
                  Extract & manipulate data extract from core systems
                  Technical Lead for developing ‘web v2’ projects
                  Evaluated outsourcing providers in Bangalore, India

                 Systems Administration
                  Maintain security and user access levels to SQL servers.
                  Configuration of SQL Backups, Clustering & Replication
                  Roll outs of SQL, ASP & COM+ code to live environment.
Sept 2002 -     IT Manager – YourInsurance (formerly Internet Insurance Consultants)
July 2003
                Responsible for overseeing the IT infrastructure of an insurance brokership.
                Roles included :

                 IT Strategy
                  Managing a team of developers.
                  Evaluating new technologies.
                  Issuing & implementing coding standards.
                  IT Planning including disaster recovery, network expansion
                  Recommending and purchasing Hardware & Software.
                  Recruitment of IT staff.
                  Organizing the telecoms & network for the company relocation.

                 Network Management
                  Antivirus & Backup implementations.
                  Exchange 2000 & Microsoft ISA server implementation and administration.
                  Implementation of Broadband including NAT Firewall & Router configuration.
                  SQL Server 2000 Database Administration including backup, linked servers,
                   performance troubleshooting and replication.
                  System Security utilizing groups & NTFS permissions.
                  Windows 2000, Windows XP (Active Directory, DNS & DHCP Domain).

Apr 2000 –       Senior Software Engineer - Silicon Valley Systems
Aug 2002
                 Development role in an IT consultancy.

                 Based on a client site in Windsor, I worked on the implementation of an internet portal.
                 The client was a publishing house responsible for providing electronic and printed copy
                 to architects, engineers, the construction & leisure industries. I subsequently was
                 employed by them directly in 2003 (CMP Information).

                 My role encompassed SQL Server 7, ASP, HTML and Visual Basic 6 skills to develop
                 searching, statistics, security & content management functionality. I also integrated
                 Convera Retrievalware, a search engine solution to provide free text searching of the
                 12,000 page site.

Feb 1999 -       Developer – Manpower Software Ltd (formerly MSW Technology Ltd)
Apr 2000
                 I was responsible for developing reports using Transact SQL (views & stored
                 procedures) on SQL 6.5 / 7 and Crystal Reports 7 / 8. These ranged from personnel &
                 financial reports for the Government and Military to Photo ID security passes for use on
                 P & O Cruise liners.

Sep 1997 –       Support Engineer - Activ Communications
Jan 1999
                 In a new telecommunications company, my role was varied. Having started with
                 support, it progressed to development.
                 I created 2 projects using Visual Basic 5, Access ‘97 and Crystal Reports 6 -
                  A billing system for the processing and invoicing of call data.
                  A data service, responsible for collecting and analysing UDP status messages from
                    internet fax servers around the world.


Family life (in the form of entertaining 2 rather adventurous preschool boys) pretty much accounts for my time outside of work, but
when time allows I try to go swimming or to the gym. I have always listened to commercial music and occasionally Dj. I have dj-ed
for the past 18 years. I really enjoy this work which reflects well my love of a challenge.

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