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									                     Chapter 12: Gothic Art
                   Key Terms, Places, & Names
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     Abbot Suger                      grisaille                plate tracery
       bar tracery                    lancets                    quatrefoil
      bas-de-page                   manuscript                 rose window
     book of hours                 illumination                    Spires
   flying buttresses                 pinnacles                 stained glass
                                  Key Images
                    CHAPTER TWELVE GOTHIC ART
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Early Gothic Art in France
Ambulatory, Abbey Church of Saint-Denis, p. 389, 12.2
West façade, Abbey Church of Saint-Denis, p. 391, 12.3
West façade, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Chartres, p. 392, 12.4
West portal (Royal Portal), Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Chartres, p. 392, 12.5
Jamb statues, west portal, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Chartres, p. 393, 12.6
Nave, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Laon, p. 394, 12.7
Nave, Cathedral dame-Dame, Paris, p. 395, 12.9
West façade, Cathedral dame-Dame, Paris, p. 396, 12.10
High Gothic Art in France
Nave and choir, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Chartres, p. 397, 12.12
Cathedral dame-Dame, Chartres, p. 398, 12.15
Flying buttresses, Cathedral dame-Dame, Chartres, p. 399, 12.17
North transept, Cathedral dame-Dame, Chartres, p. 400, 12.18
Notre Dame de fa Belle Verriere, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Chartres, p. 401,
Portals, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Chartres, p. 404, 12.22
Coronation of the Virgin (tympanum), Dormition and Assumption of the Virgin
(lintel), Cathedral dame-Dame, Chartres, p. 404, 12.23
Jamb statues, Cathedral dame-Dame, Chartres, p. 405, 12.24
Nave and side aisle, Cathedral dame-Dame, Amiens, p. 406, 12.26
Cathedral dame-Dame, Reims, p. 407, 12.29
Annunciation and Visitation, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Reims, p. 408, 12.30
Mefchizedek and Abraham, Cathedral dame-Dame, Reims, p. 409, 12.31
Signs of the Zodiac and Labors of the Months, Amiens Cathedral, p. 409, 12.32
Rayonnant or Court Style
Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, p. 410, 12.33
Interior of upper chapel, Sainte-Chapelle, p. 411, 12.34
Saint-Urbain, Troyes, p. 412, 12.35
Interior, Saint-Urbain, Troyes, p. 413, 12.36
Crucifixion and Deposition, from the Psalter of Blanche of Castile, p. 413,12.37
Scenes from the Apocalypse, from a Bible moralisee, p. 414,12.38
Nahash the Ammonite Threatening the Jews at Jabesh, from the Psalter of St.
Louis, p. 414, 12.39
Late Gothic Art in France
Master Honore, David and Goliath, from The Prayer Book of Philip IV the Fair, p.
415, 12.40
Jeap Pucelle, The Betrayal of Christ and Annunciation, from the Hours of Jeanne
d’Evreux, p. 416, 12.41
Virgin of Jeanne d’Evreux, p. 417, 12.42
Virgin of Paris, p. 418,12.43
Siege of the Castle of Love, p. 418, 12.44
Pierre Robin and Ambroise Harel, West façade, Saint-Maclou, Rouen, p. 419,
The Spread of Gothic Art
Salisbury Cathedral, p. 421, 12.47
Nave Salisbury Cathedral, p. 421, 12.48
Choir, Gloucester Cathedral, p. 422, 12.49
Chapel of Henry VII, Westminster Abbey, p. 422, 12.50
Jesus Teaching in the Temple and Hunting Scene, from the Queen Mary Psalter, p.
423, 12.51
Heinrich Parler the Elder and Peter Parler (?), Heiligenkreuz, Schwabish-Gmiind,
Germany, p. 424, 12.52
Naumburg Master, Crucifixion, on the choir screen, and the Virgin and Saint John
the Evangelist, Naumberg Cathedral, p. 426, 12.53
Naumburg Master, The Kiss of Judas, Naumburg Cathedral, p. 426, 12.54
Ekkehard and Uta, Naumburg Cathedral, p. 427, 12.55
Roettgen Piela, p. 427, 12.56
Exterior, Cathedral of Santa Maria, Leon, p. 428, 12.58
Interior, Cathedral of Santa Maria, Leon, p. 429, 12.59
Jamb statue of Simeon, Cathedral of Santa Maria, Leon, p. 430, 12.

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