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					                                                      David M. Sterling
            Direct/Worldwide: +1 704-202-2282 - Office: 888-847-3679 x 704 -

                        Enterprise Information, Corporate Networking and Collaboration Systems Architect

                   A Global Leading Expert in SharePoint and Corporate Networking/Collaboration Technologies
                                     US Citizen – available for engagements worldwide
                         Corp-to-Corp/SOW basis only - no employment contracts/employee agreements

Professional Background and Technical Inventory Profile
Current to Third Quarter 2010

Profile Summary:
          Enterprise Information Architect and Global Deployment Expert
          Corporate and C-Level Program, Analysis and Technical Advisor
          SharePoint Technologies Subject Matter Expert (2003/2007/2010)
          Enterprise Content Management Topology/Taxonomy expert
          Corporate Social Networking, Document Management and Collaboration Systems Expert
          Author, Speaker, Instructor

Current Engagements
         06/2010-Present: Architect, Designer – ExxonMobil Corporation, Lubes & Specialties Division – Development of a
          Worldwide Business Continuity Program management tool designed for use in SharePoint 2003, 2007 and 2010
          environments utilizing InfoPath.

Recent Accomplishments
        October 2009: Personally awarded the BAE Systems “Chairman’s Bronze Award” in recognition for excellence and
        “Transferring Best Practice” in the architecture, taxonomy, branding design, development and deployment of the
        Armament’s Division worldwide collaboration intranet. Launched as “BAE’s OneSpace”, the architecture and design I
        provided included best practice repeatable models for the conversion of all BAE intra and internet sites now underway.

Recent Engagements

Architect, Implementation and Governance Planning – Lash Group (AmerisourceBergin Specialty Group)
06/2010-08/2010: Handled the creation of the overall architecture of an intranet implementation SharePoint including current state,
initial deployment and future planning. Included development of a complete enterprise level plan covering Business Analysis,
Information Architecture, Taxonomy, Topology and creation of a complete Governance and Security Plan combined with a fast-track
rollout schedule for deployment. The plan also included considerations on deployment platform (2007/2010), integration with Project
Server 2007 and 2010, development and presentation of a Governance Planning workshop for senior management and hand-off
assistance in developing the deployment effort and content migration.

Architect, Implementation and Governance Planning – Incepture Corporation (Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida)
05/2010-07/2010: Development of the architecture for a conversion of an existing set of 2007 “team sites” into a comprehensive
intranet/extranet using Office SharePoint Server 2010. This included development of a complete enterprise level plan covering
Business Analysis, Information Architecture, Taxonomy, Topology, Governance and Security, fast-track rollout schedule for
deployment and assistance in development the actual technical architecture/content deployment plan.

Architect, Designer – Canal Insurance
05/2010-08/2010: Development of an external (public) centralized information and networking ‘portal’ for use by General Agents and
their support staff based on SharePoint 2007/2010 using WCF/Silverlight components. Incorporated a custom security model to
provide content based on agent profiles and content targeting based on State(s) serviced by the agent office.

Architect, Designer – Pentair Corporation
02/2010-06/2010: Provided architecture, design and hands on development and re-engineering of an internal intranet in preparation
for migration to SharePoint 2010 from a dual 2007/2003 platform (this included replacement of a custom built process (2003 Web
Parts) with a Silverlight/WCF solution) and training in Silverlight/WCF, SP 2010 concepts.

Technical Advisor – Tanner Corporation
01/2010-05/2010: Providing architecture and development expertise to a fast-growing clothing manufacturer in the complete
overhaul of all internal systems and devise/deploy a new platform utilizing hosted solutions to include SharePoint 2010,
development of a custom commerce solution (using SharePoint) and integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

Senior Consultant, SharePoint SME, Technical & Development Advisor – Accenture/Avanade
05/09-05/10: Assist in the architecture, design and development of the “Accenture Intelligent Digital Platform” (IDP), a
comprehensive Marketing-based ecommerce platform product utilizing a platform of SharePoint Technologies, Silverlight,
Commerce Server, SQL Server and Windows Server 2008. Architect, developer and advisor on the platform’s first release as well
as hands on development of the first of approximately 800 high-volume public facing sites for Accenture’s client Procter & Gamble
( Technical and Business Analysis Advisor on the entire platform architecture, development of content management
functionality, site migration and upgrades, automated site and platform provisioning, development methods and best practices in all
aspects of SharePoint Technologies. Development advisor and trainer providing functional extensions for SharePoint (controls, web
parts and customized content rendering) used within the platform as well as in the commercial deployment. Subject matter expert
and technical advisor in code development on the platform (including creation of best practice examples), technical (and practical)
review of requirements and assistance in conversion of requirements into functional development.
          Advisor to all levels of the project senior management team
          Advisor/consultant to the product sponsor (Senior Partner)
          Development of multiple custom extensions, utilities, components and web parts to fulfill necessary requirements in the
           product design
          Subject matter expert to all teams involved in the project including business and architectural analysis, technical design
           and development and architecture to support millions of users
          Provided direct advice, development expertise and training to both the entire team of Accenture and Avanade managers
           and developers

Custom Software Development – US Marines Corps
09/09-10/09: Development of a custom printing component to provide the ability to compose and print documents from SharePoint
publishing content and custom list content. Built with an intuitive user interface, the component provides secured access to content
and provides the ability to save resulting (combined) content as Word Documents, HTML or Text Files.

Technical Information Architect and Designer - Confidential
04/09-09/09: Development of a national marketing/lecture management site for a major book publisher involving re-design of a
legacy Lotus Notes application to utilize SharePoint Technologies and .NET.

Corporate Advisor/Technical & Information Architect - BAE Systems, Armament Division
07/08-06/09: Provided global information architecture and advisory services to a major defense manufacturer in architecture, design
and development of a worldwide corporate networking intranet site utilizing SharePoint Technologies. Included advising on design
and deployment approach with the division CIO and all members of the team (C level, area managers and stakeholders and
developers); providing guidance, instruction and examples of best practices in all aspects (content, organization, topology and
usability), assistance in branding and content development (information architecture), development training and organization wide
forward planning for adoption and utilization. Significant contributions included:
           Complete redesign and development of the systems and content within a six week period from a failed 11 month effort
            (deploy on originally scheduled date)
           Complete rebranding of the site (within 1 week of scheduled deployment)
           Successful launch of the platform worldwide (support over 40,000 users) servicing Sweden, UK, US and South Africa
           Redesign/build of BAE based components to reduce response time from 5-10 to 1 second
           Trained staff and external consultants in SharePoint Technologies including development, administration and content
           Development of a customized solution to deal with Active Directory Trusts to accommodate worldwide access (and
            specialized security per country) of multiple domains outside of the normal SharePoint import utilizing standard ports open
            by the firewall
           Established a complete re-usable architecture to deployment model the entire corporation is using to replace all internet,
            extranet and intranet sites worldwide
           October 2009: Awarded the “Chairman’s Bronze Award” in recognition for Excellence in Innovation to the company
            worldwide in the architecture, design, development and deployment of Armament Division worldwide collaboration

Project Advisor – Frederick County, Maryland
04/09: Project Advisor for the deployment of a county-wide intranet utilizing MOSS. Involved review of the current initiative and
development of an extensive recommendation and planning steps for ensuring an effective launch.

Information/Technical Architect – Babcock & Wilcox
10/08-04/09: Custom development for a SOX/Representation Letter application converting from Plumtree/Oracle basis to MOSS
2007; involved re-engineering of the application using Web Part technology and integration with SharePoint user and group
management and utilizing SharePoint lists as a pseudo database relational structure. Built as a best practice example and
orientation for the developers in the company.

Advisor/SME - TruVista Corporation
10/08: Advisor, SME and training for deployment of WSS technology as a backbone project management tool and corporate wide

Technical Advisor/Trainer – Softek Corporation
09/08: Technical and training advisor in development and deployment of a pilot Sales and Marketing Portal project.

Technical Architect - Railinc Corporation
07/08-09/08: Providing development expertise and training in the use of MOSS/WSS internals for workflow, event handling and best
practices in development analysis; also providing transition services to a new hire.

Architect - Mohawk Industries
08/07-09/08: Architecture, design and team-wide training in MOSS 2007 and development of multiple projects in an organization-
wide effort to convert all web based systems to SharePoint. This has included: a Gross Profit Calculation and reporting engine for
dealers; an Accounts Receivable Check Imaging System based on SharePoint and a Knowledge Base/Ecommerce application and
a corporate “University” site (eCommerce functionality layered on top of MOSS 2007).

Architect, Advisor – Hendrick Motor Sports
08/07-05/08: Consulting and advisory services converting the corporate intranet portal (SharePoint 2003) to MOSS 2007 with
integration of Microsoft ISA Server 2006, MS Project 2007 and the Business Data Catalog for use in race team coordination, driver
promotional time management, corporate collaboration and aviation services management.

Advisor – Golfnet
08/07-09/07: Architecture and design of a MOSS 2007 deployment for a corporate intranet portal for enterprise content
management and project management.

Architect, Designer – Fluor Corporation
06/07-08/07: Design and complete hands-on development of an equipment reservations management system for a multi-client
extranet/portal using MOSS 2007 as the base. Also included design of the user interface, advising on the overall data management
and design of key elements for business intelligence reporting.

Architect – Time Warner Cable
04/07-07/07: Project management and technical architecture of a MOSS 2007 rollout for a Knowledge Management application.
Included all aspects of design and development, installation, deployment and oversight management of Microsoft Consulting
Services. Also development of a tailored repeatable process for additional deployments. Initial phase for internal use between first
and second-tier (Regional/National) support.

Architect – GroupM Advertising, MindShare
03/07-05/07: Complete review and audit of architecture and deployment of MOSS 2007 as an intranet for corporate locations in New
York City, London and Hong Kong. Provide recommendations on multi-farm usage, provide training in use of publishing;
development of a custom navigation tool (driven by SharePoint lists) and development of a custom search tool to support multi-
farm/global search with independent indexing.

Advisor, Architect – ICF International
03/07: Architecture design and analysis consulting for a planned world-wide implementation of MOSS 2007 (Intranet and Extranet).

Advisor – MoneyGram-USA/Advance America
02/07: Design and development of a multi-tiered transaction coordination system for 500+ branch locations consolidating and
converting into database format in the corporate headquarters.

Architect, Designer - Royal College of Physicians
10/06-03/07: Advisor on architecture (on-going), topology, enterprise content management, information architecture and knowledge
management design for implementation of multiple content heavy extranets (including one specializing in use of the My Site features
for individual physicians) utilizing MOSS 2007, MOSS work flow and SQL Server 2005.

Architect, Custom Development - TIAA-CREF
06/06-03/07: Architecture, design and development of a complete Task Management and Calendaring solution for compliance and
risk management between the various compliance/risk group, business entities and third party accounting firms (covering
compliance to SOX to audit). Complete integration with MOSS 2007, Office 2007, customized Web Parts, InfoPath Forms and
customized workflow and event handling.

Strategic Architect, Development Trainer for Deployment Execution - Booz Allen Hamilton
07/06-11/06: Re-architecture, re-design and creation of all custom components for a firm wide rollout of a 30k+ user Extranet Portal
(SharePoint 2003). Included hands on design, development and implementation of multiple components: Branding, End User
Agreement and Legal Notice management, Site and User Provisioning automation and Access Controls. Provided training in
topology development, analysis, implementation of a full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for portal development and
implementation, implementation of a web part development SDLC for implementation throughout the development groups,
management of intellectual property and information asset management.

SharePoint Architect, Business Development Advisor - RMK Timberline
03/06-05/06: SharePoint Architect and business development advisor for the complete deployment of a multi-division/multi-office
SharePoint implementation – included branding customization of SharePoint, corporate-wide use analysis, development of several
custom web parts, administrative training and on-going advisory services.

Strategic Architect, SharePoint Deployment & Customization - Hendrick Motor Sports
12/05-06/07: Strategic architect, hands-on development, trainer and on-going advisor on the design, customization and deployment
of a SharePoint Intranet Portal solution. Included detailed design and development of several custom features including a complete
Sponsor Contract Work Flow solution, Driver/Team Contract Time Allocation and Management (appearances, media days, etc),
complete custom branding of SharePoint, integration of multiple custom web parts (Active Directory Lookup, automated site creation
and others).

SharePoint Architect, Technical Architect - Muzak
12/05-02/06: SharePoint Architect and Technical Architect for the complete custom deployment of a SharePoint Portal solution for
use as the corporate intranet and customer extranet. Project included custom branding, custom template development, custom site
definitions, deployment of multiple web parts, hands-on deployment of the server farm/portal environment and providing training to
both Muzak individuals and their Microsoft Partner.

Strategic Architect, SharePoint Extranet/Intranet Deployment - Booz Allen Hamilton
11/05-04/06: Strategic architect and advisor of BAH’s consultant/client extranet and advisor to the intranet combined over 19,000
seats. Included complete architecture of the 24/7 Extranet including deployment planning, configuration and high availability design
of both hardware and software. Advisor for “all things SharePoint” for both the Extranet and Intranet development groups, project
managers, planners and business analysts.

Strategic Architect, Portal Technologies Advisor - Southern Company
09/05-11/05: Advisor for the overall strategic architecture and design of a Corporate and sixteen Division portal deployments
(architecture through pilot through final deployment); provided training of a complete business thru technical project methodology to
provide repeatable practices for future deployments; provided guidance and training in the management of Portal Applications
deployment covering branding, use of the technology, search and relational content mapping (business owners to end users).

Windows SharePoint Services Enterprise Integrator - Hospital Partners
08/05: Design, development and deployment of a customized solution using Windows SharePoint Services to support a multi-
division organization (including individualized branding).

Portal and Collaboration Systems Designer, Technical Architect, Advisor - Indiana University Medical Group
02/05-10/05: Business/technical architect and Project Leader for the deployment of Public Intranet and university wide intranet
(using SICG’s Portal Deployment Methodology). This included customized branding of SharePoint (two distinct template groups),
integration of customized features (menu dropdowns, etc.), development of multiple custom web parts and work flows including
automated report distribution and user management. Also included training of multiple Haverstick consultants in Project
Methodologies and Project Management in a portal environment and extensive training in the use of SharePoint Technologies.

SharePoint Technologies, Collaboration Technical Architect, Designer - The Lash Group
04/05-05/05: Technical architect for deployment of a Business Intelligence Customer Information Portal (customization, branding,
integration with BI components and deployment).

Portal Technical Architect, Content Management Systems Architect, Advisor - Wake Forest Baptist Memorial Hospital
11/04-11/05: Phase 1 involved the architecture, design and deployment project coordination of a massive conversion of existing
sites to a new platform based on Microsoft Content Management Server – Phase 2 involved business and technical architecture and
design of a commercial endeavor for “My Best Health” using SharePoint Portal Server. In conjunction with this project also provided
extensive in-depth training of several consultants in the use of Microsoft Content Management Server, .NET components and
SharePoint Technologies including very detailed customization, branding and web part development.

Portal and Collaboration Systems Designer, Technical Architect, Advisor - RJR/Reynolds American, Inc.
04/05-09/05: Business/technical architect and Project Leader for the deployment of an enterprise/world wide intranet information
portal based on SharePoint Portal Server and Live Communications Server. This included the complete life cycle of the project
process (using SICG’s Portal Deployment Methodology) from the kick off inception to final deployment, including custom
development of multiple features. As a “phase 2”, established the design and integration of a new vendor facing Sales Portal for
release in late 2005. In conjunction with this project also provided extensive in-depth training of the entire staff of Eastridge
Technology in Project Methodologies and Project Management in a portal environment, general Portal Technologies, use of
SharePoint Technologies including customization, branding and web part development. Note: this project was an extension on an
initial Proof of Concept that included design and deployment of two Proof of Concept portals focused on BI, technical extension via
.NET, Web Parts, Content Management, Office 2003 Integration, InfoPath and work flow management.

Recent Publications and Speaking Engagements
         Author, speaker, presenter and trainer:
                o    Portal and Collaboration Systems Architecture
                o    Portal Project Management and Integration
                o    Infrastructure and Collaboration Analysis
                o    Portal Business Analysis and Design
                o    Implementation and Deployment Methodology
         09/07: Author – Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 The Complete Reference (Osborne/McGraw-Hill) - The
          definitive guide to implementation, installation and use of both Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 and Windows
          SharePoint® Services Version 3; covers the SharePoint Technologies platform from setup and administration to use and
          extension. Also features detailed use of the Enterprise Content Management and advanced features of MOSS including
          the Business Data Catalog and KPI’s and technical development including creation of Event Receivers and Web Parts.
          Available in bookstores worldwide and on all major online retailers including and – rated as one
          of the most useful books on the overall use of SharePoint. Now in use as a college text in several universities (contact
          McGraw-Hill for visual training materials).
         03/06: Author “The Definitive Guide to SharePoint Logging” – a comprehensive guide to the data extraction of
          SharePoint Logs and IIS Logs information for reporting, monitoring and usage statistics
         06/05: Developed the Portal Architecture and Deployment Management Methodology – A complete guide to
          management of Portal Applications deployment
         07/04: Author “The MCMS 2002 Primer” - a “hands on” guide to the installation and implementation of Microsoft Content
          Management Server (MCMS).
         03/04-06/04: Co-Author: Microsoft Press® SharePoint Products and Technologies Resource Kit
         03/04: Author/Presenter, ( Straight Talk Series program “Selecting a Portal – The
          Next Application Platform”; Game Plan Series “Selecting a Portal – Turning Plan Into Action” (April 04); Several White
          Papers including “Getting Down to Business – Designing a Portal” (a business view)
         02-08/04: Multiple speaking engagements and presentations collaboration, content and document management:
          SharePoint Portal Server, Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft Content Management Server and Microsoft Project
          Server; Microsoft Partner Technical Briefings (Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Charlotte, NC)
         07/04-Present: Creator and Presenter of multiple Microsoft Technologies Technical training programs: Creation
          and presentation of two training courses (user based and developer) covering all aspects of SharePoint Technologies and
          implementation. This included best practices in architecture and hands on training in .NET, Component Development and
          Web Part Development
         01/04: Completed Deployment and Administration and Certification in Plumtree Enterprise Portal v5
         09/03: Test Validation consultant - BrainBench® Certification Test – Microsoft Commerce Server 2002

Recent SME/Legal Work

Bryan Cave, LLP – Legal Expert
03/09-11/09: Providing expert opinion involving a Patent infringement case involving a technical patent on ‘cookie’ technology.
Representing the defense, I provided expert technical opinion and rebuttal reports around “Markman” (terminology and intent) and
worked with the attorneys in preparation and interpretation of briefs, depositions and rebuttals. Case settled.

ThinkFire Services USA, LTD – Product and Process Patent Review
02/07: Review of multiple product and process patents to evaluate the uniqueness, ability to prove claims, related industry
standards and general use.

Baker & Daniels, LLP – Subject Matter Expert, Ecommerce Systems/Patents
12/04-02/06: Industry eCommerce SME; Document Discovery Project Manager, evidence team coordinator – Specifics: Direct
evidence discovery in preparation for a Patent Lawsuit including organization and selection of discovery team technical members,
supervising and overall technical expert/advisor, extensive code reviews of multiple platforms, compilation of evidentiary facts to
prepare the designated testifying expert for trial and summarization of detailed reviews of complete corporate histories in
ecommerce development for several of the defendants. Case was successfully settled for the Plaintiff.

Bose, McKinney & Evans, LLP – Subject Matter Expert, Ecommerce Systems/Patents
12/02-11/04: Industry SME providing detailed architecture, design and development expertise and analysis for eCommerce

Stevens Financial Group – Legal Expert Services
07/00-08/01: Investigation and comprehensive evaluation and problem determination of a commercial software product designed for
consumer loan processing, tracking and payment monitoring. Through 8/01, advisor to the interim transition management team
through chapter 11/reorganization proceedings.

Past Engagements (1999-2006; 1984 to 1999 on request)

         04/06-11/06: Architecture of a client-extranet/corporate intranet based on SharePoint 2003 (Soft Computer Corporation,
          Clearwater, FL).
         03/06-03/07: Architecture and design of a public internet and extranet environment for based on SharePoint 2003
          technologies covering portal deployment and planning for Personalized customer use, CRM, Microsoft Project, BI and
          Balanced ScoreCard use. Also advisor on architecture and design of the intranet rollout of MOSS 2007, Windows
          SharePoint Services V3 and Office 2007 (Gregory Poole Equipment Corporation, Raleigh, NC).
         06/06-10/06: Architecture and design advisory services for an integrated intranet query and reporting solution based on
          SharePoint 2003 and BizTalk 2004 for a NYC web design firm (A&N, New York, NY)
         01/06: Training and deployment of a Microsoft Small Business Server hosted solution featuring Windows SharePoint
          Services – (Peak 10/Advanced Construction Consulting, Charlotte, NC)
         10/05-11/05: Review, analysis and best practice recommendations for corporate wide Business Intelligence model and
          initiatives, utilizing the new Microsoft Platform: SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SQL Design Studio/Visual Studio 2005 and
          “Maestro” (Recall Corporation, Atlanta, GA).
         10/05: Intensive hands-on corporate business analysis and technical training in Portal Architecture (general) and specific
          technical work with SharePoint and other Portal Technologies – (Harper Collins Publishing, New York, NY).
         09/05: Custom development of multiple web parts (multi-lingual) and tools for the Microsoft Exchange Users Group
          worldwide site using SharePoint Technologies (in partnership with Culminus, Charlotte, NC).
         08/05: In-depth branding and customization of a SharePoint Portal site (Scottish Reinsurance, Charlotte, NC).
        05/05: Training and business case analysis, design and development training in SharePoint Technologies (CECOM
         Central Command/U.S. Army, VA).
        02/05-05/05: Architecture, design and deployment of the statewide NCLGISA information portal (North Carolina League of
         Information Services Association) for Microsoft Corporation/Microsoft Consulting Services.
        03/05-05/05: Custom development of a Sarbanes-Oxley compliance application (the ettain group, Charlotte, NC).
        11/04-01/05: Development Mentor and Advisor: Marley Engineered Products – training in .NET technologies
        11/04-01/05: Development Mentor and Advisor: Pergo, Inc. – Ecommerce project design, planning and oversight
        01/05: Technical Advisor, SharePoint Technology and .NET – Customer Effective, Inc.
        11/04: SharePoint POC Architect – Allegacy Federal Credit Union; integration of SharePoint with Balanced Scorecard and
         Performance Indicator custom web parts
        10/04: SharePoint POC Architect – Setup/Training and POC execution; O’Neal Engineering
        10/04: SharePoint Technologies Technical Design & Architecture Advisor, Merck Pharmaceuticals (UHHS division)
        03-08/04: Setup and architect for an ISP to provide SharePoint Portal and Windows SharePoint Services including initial
         rollout for 3 ISP clients
        06/04: Advisor, consultant, trainer in use of Microsoft Content Management Server - University of Mary
        06/04: Advisor/Architect: Portal architectures and BI Reporting Systems selection – eBay, Inc. for IBM Global Services
        01/04-06/04: Deployment of a corporate-intranet SharePoint/Project Server for a Property Management firm
        03/04: MCMS Training, advisor for SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services; City of Charlotte, NC

Portal/Collaboration Technical Architect/Designer - Verso Technologies, Inc., 08/04-11/04

Technical Architect/Designer (SharePoint POC and Implementation) - Callidus Software, 03/04-07/04

Technical Architect/Designer (Content Management/Portal Design/POC Execution), Advisor - Pfizer Pharmaceuticals -
Business Edge Solutions (MS Gold Partner), 03/04-05/04

Technical Architect/Designer (Content Management/Portal Design/POC Execution) - Microsoft Corporation, 11/03-02/04

Chief Technical Architect (Portal/Collaboration mission critical systems) - Family Dollar Stores, 03/03-11/03

Technology Advisor – WorldBank, 08/03

ECommerce Architect/Designer - Nellebelle, Colorado (Priceless Rent-a-car), 07/03-12/03

Infrastructure Architect (Document Management/Imaging Systems) - Stock Building Supply, 05/03-07/03

Internet/Intranet Applications Architect/Advisor - The Ford Foundation, 04/03-07/03

Enterprise Reorganization Program Manager, Infrastructure & Collaboration Architect
Program Management and Turnaround Advisor – Provisioning Systems, EU rollout of iDTV (Interactive Digital Television)
– United Pan-Europe Communications, Netherlands – 07/01-12/02

Business and Technical Development Advisor – Air Moldova, Republic of Moldova, 06/02-09/02

Architect, Project Manager - STI PhoneCard, 10/01-11/02

Advisor, Architecture and Design Consultant - British Telecom/UK Government, 03/01-06/01

Program Manager, Technical Advisor, Internet Architect - Ziff Davis Media, 11/00-02/01

Developer/Planner Business Intelligence initiatives - Arts & Entertainment Television Network, 08/00-03/01

Design and Business/Technical Architect - Bowne Digital Solutions, Inc., 08/00-12/00

EBusiness/ECommerce Architect, Site Designer-Project Manager - and Siebel Systems, Inc., 12/99-01/01

Technical Advisor/Vendor Liaison/Project Manager - United Pan-Europe Communications (chello broadband), 05/00-08/00

Acting CTO, EBusiness/ECommerce Architect - (Artnet Worldwide Corporation), 09/99-08/00

More on request…

Technical Inventory

Languages/Script/Development Technologies: C#, .NET 3.5/4.0, WCF, WPF, WWF, Silverlight, SOA, VB.NET, ASP.NET, RDL,
XML, Visual J#, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XBRL, SOAP, WAP/WML, Basic, Cobol, VBA, PowerBuilder, VBScript, Lingo,
ActionScript, Lisp, others
Developer Tools: Visual Studio, TFS, Expression Studio, Silverlight, SharePoint Designer (2007/2010), Visio, ColdFusion,
PageMill, HomeSite, UML, Ultradev, SiteSpring, Web Components (Web Parts, Gadgets and Portlets), Web Services,
Rational/UML, BEA WebLogic

Applications/App Servers: SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
(MOSS), Performance Point Server (2007), Search Server 2008, Office System, Windows SharePoint Services V3, Commerce
Server 2009, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Windows SharePoint Services V2, Content Management Server (MCMS), Internet
Information Server 6 (IIS), Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006, Identity Integration Server 2006, Commerce
Server 2002-2007, BizTalk 2006, InfoPath, MS Customer Relationship Management, Plumtree, Oracle Portal, LiveLink, Siebel
eAuction, Siebel 2000 (eService, eMarketing, eSales, eAdvisor), Commerce One, BroadVision, QPR, PBViews, Clarify, Remedy;
Working architectural understanding of Portal and Application Server technologies (Plumtree (Aqualogic), SharePoint, BEA
WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Documentum, FileNet, Sybase, Oracle, BroadVision, etc.).

OS: Vista, Windows Server, CE, VMS, Solaris (older versions)

Database/DB Tools/4GL: SQL Server 2005-2008 (SSIS, SSAS, SQL Server Studio), SQL Reporting Services, ADO.NET, ODBC,
Data Transformation Services (DTS), Sybase, Oracle, Access, DBWeb, WebSQL, RDB, MySQL, DB2, ANSI SQL, TransactSQL,
PL/SQL, SQL/DS, SQL Server Tools, DBArtisan, Rochade, System Architect, Erwin, Bachman Analyst, InstantSQL

Project Management Tools: Microsoft Project, Project Server, ProjectOffice, Project Workbench

Messaging/Middleware Systems: MSMQ, EMS (Sybase), NEON, DECMessageQ, MQSeries, WebMethods, Vitria, TIBCO

Mail/Fax Systems: MS Mail, Exchange, FaxSr, Microsoft Outlook, SMTP, OCXQMail, CDO

Graphics/Media/Publishing: Microsoft Office System 2003, Macromedia (Director, Flash), Adobe (Photoshop, Premier,
PageMaker), Microsoft Liquid Motion, Xres, SoundForge, Extreme 3D, Xara3D4, QuarkXpress, Video Vision, Video Design Studio,
Passport Producer

Memberships and Affiliations: USA: Microsoft Certified Partner (formerly Gold), Microsoft Software Advisor, Microsoft MVP,
Microsoft Independent Software Vendor, International Association of Computer Professionals and Independent Computer
Consultants Association. Former: Siebel Systems Professional Services Partner, integration beta tester for Sybase (up to version

Education: CLEP-BS/CS Northeastern University. Continuous training & executive management programs since 1976; technical
related training since 1973. Executive level training: Management, Organizational Development, Resource Management and
Corporate Acquisitions (Kenan-Flagler Business School and Stanford & Harvard extension programs). Awards: Who’s Who Global
Business (’92 – ’06), Who’s Who in International Finance & Industry 97/98/00/03/04/06/07, others

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